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Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts Unchained @ E3 2015!!!!

17 Jun

Yes, Kingdom Hearts fans and potential fans, KH3’s gameplay trailer has officially been released! Even in my adult years, this big kid has been waiting patiently for this game for 9 YEARS.

I’ve been waiting for this game for too long. We all have. And now, finally, Tetsuya Nomura has caved and teased us with an official, mouth-watering trailer.

It has been a while since the developers at Square-Enix gave us some footage or updates on the development. Finally, they have showed us what they have sharpened up on at E3 2015. I also hear there will be more gameplay trailers November 2015. So excited!

I just want to go over the things I noticed in this trailer with fellow readers and Kingdom Hearts fans.

1) The visuals-Despite doubters of the Unreal Engine 4, it has translated extremely well to Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts’s visuals have obviously improved over the years (I mean, 2002’s game and console had the best programming and technology for its time, but come on…). Most modern games that are based off of old-time games have a hard time appearing like an upgrade. But Kingdom Hearts managed to appear like an upgrade, and get this, without taking away the feeling of Kingdom Hearts.

Doubters of the Unreal Engine 4, including Nomura himself (one of the lead developers of the series), didn’t think that Kingdom Hearts could work with the new software. They were afraid it wouldn’t keep its feeling. Surprise! It did.

And that command list, though! It’s so not in the way like previous command lists.

The developers wanted the game to feel like a Disney movie, and it really shows. It really carries the same Disney magic and imagination. Yet, this looks like a game even a macho person would want to play.

2) Characters Present-We obviously know that Sora is returning as the lead character, along with Donald and Goofy. But we also see a younger Master Eraqus and a young Master Xehanort before they were masters themselves. They obviously know something about the future and it has to do with the darkness taking over. If you have played Kingdom Hearts X Chi, you might understand what they are talking about. If you haven’t, you may be in for a surprise or rude awakening, however you may see it.

We see that Eraqus wants to change the future predicted by the Foretellers. If you don’t know who they are, you might want to play KHX….

3) Worlds Present-So far, it’s already pretty confirmed that Hercules’s world is going to be in the game. This time, we’re visiting Mount Olympus.

Tangled’s world has been confirmed to be one of the worlds that will also be in Kingdom Hearts 3.

We are also returning to Twilight Town…

I just want to point out that the landscape and free playing field has always been the gem of the Kingdom Hearts series. That gem was highlighted in this trailer.

4) Gameplay-Now here comes the juicy part. The gameplay definitely looks interesting. Flowmotion (from KH Dream Drop Distance) looks like it has made a comeback. Bravo! But there are also some interesting commands and surprises that have improved the gaming experience in small, yet tremendous ways.

For starters, we have many moves that activate Disney World theme park rides. While fighting Rock Titan from Hercules, Sora activates some roller coaster. In Twilight Town, he’s seen fighting in what resembles the Tea Cup ride. And they didn’t make it look boring and cheesy. Just like they did with Mickey Mouse for Kingdom Hearts II, they made it look pretty darn epic.

In the world that seems to resemble Tangled, a boat ride is activated from the water, so perhaps many of these moves are activated according to the environment. Then again, a chariot was activated in Twilight Town…so…maybe we can use them anywhere. It’s pretty epic, I have to say.

Sora has come out as a true blue master in this trailer. He’s not holding back. He’s gotten good with his fighting techniques and he’s not afraid to flaunt it.

And since they never could improve on their crappy camera angles, it appears they found a better use for it: dizzying us with epic fighting techniques!

One thing I can say about this trailer is that the series has actually shown evolution through this one game. Through this one game, Kingdom Hearts has shown tremendous improvement and has reflected the hard work of all designers and developers. Despite the length of time it took, I have no doubts that the game won’t disappoint.

Of course, this is the hype of the trailer. I can’t wait to see the real thing.

5) Kingdom Hearts X Chi-Yes, everyone. KHX Chi is coming to mobile phone devices. So, if you haven’t played this game yet, I advise you do. Sure, you may have heard Nomura say that it’s not important to play if you want to progress to the next game. But ya’ll should know by now that Nomura is on some bull crap. Remember how Chain of Memories was not supposed to be so “important”? Or Kingdom Hearts Coded? Or Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days? Remember how Birth By Sleep was only supposed to be a side story? All of you unfortunate people who didn’t get those games were lost when the next major console game was released and will be lost when KH III is released. I realized early on how important each Kingdom Hearts game is to the entire story. X Chi is no exception.

Though you’re only playing a made-up keyblade wielder, there is information throughout the game that tells us more about KH3 and the keyblade wars. So don’t you think for a second that you can just skip out on this game. You will be missing out on something.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you gathered from the Kingdom Hearts trailer and the confirmation of KH Chi!

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Kingdom Hearts 2.5 + Kingdom Hearts 3 HINTS REVEALED in the new E3 Trailer!

28 Jun


For all of you Kingdom Hearts lovers, three weeks ago, E3 released a trailer for Kingdom Heart‘s second “remix” called Kingdom Hearts 2.5, which has arrived in stores December 12, 2014.

But wait, it doesn’t STOP there.

At the end of the trailer is a small segment that hints towards KINGDOM HEARTS III, the highly anticipated “trilogy” to the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

For those who don’t know what Kingdom Hearts is, it is the joint project between Square-Enix and Disney that turned out to be a major success. The game centers on a young teenage boy (who basically would be a grown man by now) named Sora who lost his island and his friends one day, due to a “strange” storm. During this storm, Sora gets a strange, long key. Sora is then swept away in this storm to a different world. While in this world, he teams up with Donald and Goofy who had been looking for the “Keyblade Master”. Sora discovers that he’s the Keyblade Master, and is chosen to restore the worlds back to normal. Sora sets off on a journey to find his friends and to save the world. Thus, the story continues…

The series takes Sora through several Disney worlds, where the player gets to interact with Disney characters and fight Disney villains. And no, they aren’t weak. The game is praised for being one of the few role-playing games that adapts well to next-gen graphics. The story is engaging, and other installments constantly add to the story, making the players anticipate what will happen next. “You Never Know What Happens Next” was the original slogan for Kingdom Hearts because unexpected things would happen that would take players off-guard. Kingdom Hearts was also praised for it’s “free-playing field”.

Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002. The sequel was released in 2005. Ever since, fans have been waiting for the third part. After 2005, to tie fans over, Square-Enix and Disney released “side stories” to help fill in gaps and add to the overall twisted story. But fans still wanted that part three.

Then, last summer, Square-Enix shocked the pants off of everyone when they released a teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts III. Ever since, there has been much anticipation.

Last year, Disney grew as a huge phenomenon thanks to the movie Frozen and Disney’s success with Marvel. There has been a surge of interest in Disney’s classical movies lately, and there are tons of speculations about what worlds to expect in the next installment.

There are rumors that it is scheduled to come out early 2015. I simply can’t wait that long!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! What new worlds do you want to be in the next KH game? I’m hoping for Chronicles of Narnia, but since Fox bought the rights, my hopes are dim.

I’m just hoping they focus on the Disney movies and not too much on Marvel. Marvel would just feel awkward. Marvel worlds wouldn’t be very interesting, either. Unless, they use Thor…He and Hercules at it? Okay, that sounds awesome.

There are still some Disney movies left undone that I think the two companies should focus on. I also hope I never see Aladdin again. It looks like Hercules will return…AGAIN. I honestly don’t want to see Hercules again.


My thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 2.5?

You can’t get any better than two major role-playing games and a theater mode all in one game. And it’s half of the price it would’ve cost for each game. Perfection.


Kids’ Choice Awards 2014 is Coming This Weekend!

28 Mar


Click the Link Below:


Go online and vote! The line-up this year is better than it’s been in years! Actors and Actresses who can actually act, comedians who are actually funny, musical artists worthy of the attention, and movies that each deserve a blimp! Check it out!

KCA has always been a big event for kids. It was the first awards’ show where kids could have a voice in choosing what’s popular according to entertainment geared toward them. Of course, many teens and adults also vote. He he Guilty…

Let’s walk down Memory Lane…

So much nostalgia, I can’t breathe…cough…cough…

Let’s hope the performances are good this year, and hopefully it’s exciting…just as it used to be.

KCA will be held tomorrow, March 29, 2014, 8/7c so stay tuned!

You can also vote for Teen Nick’s Your Choice Awards!


The winning show will air TONIGHT!

Playstation 4: Next Gen or Getting by on XBox One’s Failures?

6 Jul

Recently, I did an article on Microsoft’s XBox One, so check that out before you read.


This time, I’m tackling the PS4.

Sony has been one happy camper following the recent backlash Microsoft has been receiving for it’s XBox One. Due to MS’s problems, Sony has found a way to advertise their system by trying to promote the EXACT opposite thing of MS. Sony is sitting back, laughing. You can take this as Sony actually listening to gamers, or Sony looking at XBox One’s response from gamers, and trying to further discourage Xbox One purchases. It doesn’t matter, either way Sony knows what not to do. However, Sony needs to slow down. While Sony doesn’t have the restrictions that MS’s XBox One has, their console isn’t what I would call up-to-par either. Don’t get me wrong, Sony is more flexible as a company. When they didn’t have backwards compatibility on the PS3, they soon adapted it on the console, knowing it was one of the failures of their system. They should have learned from the Ps3 that backwards compatibility was their main issue (along with others). But Is PS4 the next gen answer? Or is it just lucky XBox One has so many rules? I would like to discuss the pros and cons.

1) Backwards Compatibility

The #1 issue that is plaguing so many people about both the new consoles is that there is no backwards compatibility on either one. Sony isn’t as bad as MS. You will be able to play PS 1 and 2 games, but PS3 games won’t be able to play on Ps4 until 2014, where it will only be available for download. This is because Sony plans on releasing games for Ps3 for the next 10 years. To ensure that people who just bought the PS3 gets to have the gaming experience, and to gain revenue while the PS4 slowly begins to sell, Ps3 will be their fall-back just in case. If you could play it on Ps4, that wouldn’t be possible. And as Ps4 slowly sells, they wouldn’t be gaining much from it.

This is neither a pro or a con.It isn’t a good thing. If this were truly the ultimate next gen system, it would have backwards compatibility. But considering they’re at least trying to make up for it (unlike MS), it’s not hurting the PS4 either.

2) Playstation Plus

Before, online play on the PS3 was free. Now, on the Ps4, if you want to play online, you have to pay a monthly subscription on the Playstation Plus. Playstation Plus was once an option for online gaming, now IT is mandatory. This to me is almost like MS’s mandatory “rules”, and says to me that gamers are restricted from the gaming experience more and more lately. Thankfully, it isn’t mandatory to have internet, because I wouldn’t be buying anything for online play. If it isn’t free with my console, forget it.

While it isn’t as bad as MS’s restrictions (such as internet being mandatory and still paying for XBox Live), I wouldn’t call it an IMPROVEMENT. The problem with these companies is they think “progress” is becoming more robotic and letting computer own and run everything. They think “progress” is making everything more accessible and making games more life-like. And they are a part of progress. But true progress is when you IMPROVE on a mistake or problem that your system formerly had. The answer is not changing it to fit another vision. If it’s not broken, why change it?

If PS4 was truly an improvement from Ps3, online gaming would be free. This is what makes Ps3’s online experience simpler than XBox’s. Now, Sony wants to make it’s own “Live”. Really dumb idea. Who told them this was going to work? MS?

To add, you can’t play multi-player games without plus either. This restriction is not good. This sucks. This is it for my Street Fighter and Tekken games.

This is a MAJOR con.

3) Physical Look

This is where MS’s XBox One owns. Ps4’s system looks like they just added a layer to the Ps3 and called it Ps4. No improvements were made to the overall system. Nothing has really changed. While XBox has had plenty of changes and improvements (not all good), Ps4 has not changed from Ps3 really. Even though it has a streaming function, it can basically do the same things a PS3 could do. Or an XBox One could do. Or even a 360. It isn’t “OMG” amazing. It’s standard. At least the Wii U improved it’s controller with a touch screen pad. What has Ps3 brought to the table besides keeping gamer freedom that MS failed to do?

Even though the graphics are technically better, whether that shows up on-screen is left to be seen, and we know that history has shown Sony to fail in that regard.

This is a con.

4) Game Exclusives

It’s pretty obvious that more appealing games will be released on the One than the PS4. Sony hasn’t been releasing games that people can even take seriously. And so far, it doesn’t look like it will be any different this year. If PS4 could even suport games that people actually cared about, it would be better. This is a MAJOR con.

5) Downloadable Games

All PS4 games will be made for internet download, as most all consoles want to encourage online usage. They are trying to keep up with other media entertainment like movies, television, and music. But Sony has said they will continue to make hard copies. So if you want to buy at the store, re-sell, trade, share, or even display the game as part of your proud collection, you may. This is a MAJOR pro.

Looking at the PS4 for itself, especially comparing it to the PS3, it actually has more cons. But at least the difference isn’t as wide as XBox one’s to the 360. However, I wouldn’t yet call it “Next Gen”. With all the negativity going around about XBox One, people are ignoring the fact that the PS4 on it’s own is sub-par to anything with the name “next gen”. MS is a very good building that Sony can hide behind right now, but it doesn’t excuse their lack of quality in consoles and game exclusives. Sony is the longest console to exist, so I expect some bumps and bruises a long the way. But let’s try to actually improve the system next time, kay?

But hey, is next gen so important when you have freedom with your gaming console? Or is next gen very important because if it weren’t, you’d keep your old system? Those questions are left up to the consumer.

I don’t do “Adult” Stuff. I’m Just a BIG KID.

10 Feb

So recently I was attacked by my mother who feels that instead of doing the “adult” stuff she used to do in the ’80s, I enjoy stuff for kids. She tacks all kinds of “mental” disorders to my enjoyment of video games, toys, cartoons (Japanese anime, I try to explain the difference), sometimes reading children’s fiction and manga/comic books, and playing laser tag at my local bowling alley. Don’t get me wrong, I go to clubs to buy $10 dollar drinks. I’ve only been to one concert, and that was for Utada when she was in town. I prefer to spend my “happy time” doing things I love. I hang with friends, but I’m not always under them like she was. I need my space for introspection and relaxation. My more extroverted mother doesn’t get that. She can’t really understand people who think differently from her. Just like she can’t really understand my love for ALL KINDS of music. Every time I listen to rock music, or K-pop, I’m considered “weird” or demented because I’m a black girl who doesn’t care about Beyonce or the latest in wack rap music. I’m tired of being called the next Michael Jackson and  I’m tired of being pinned with the Peter Pan syndrome.

Not to unload my familial issues on everyone, because that’s not the point of this article.

The point is it’s ridiculous how there’s this “code” that defines you as an adult. Like you have to make these certain “rites of passage” to be considered a successful adult and your own personal quirks are not included. You’re not allowed to like what you like, regardless if what you like is timeless and wholesome. It’s as if what I like harms anyone, which it doesn’t. I do enjoy doing adult things like taking vacations, spending extra time with a lover, and partying all night, but why can’t I also enjoy a good Disney movie, an interesting video game, and a well-made toy also? I feel people who let go of their childhood interests are only making themselves older. Some of them even look older. My uncle gets the same hounding, and he’s 10 years older than me! He was working on being an entrepreneur, and what did my family tell him? Get a real job.

The thing that really fires me up is when people want to pin immaturity with interests. I always thought one’s “actions” defined maturity. And I can name many people who do “adult” things irresponsibly. Like drinking and driving…To me, THAT’S immaturity. Or drinking so much that you miss work altogether…Recently, something like this happened on youtube where a girl age 17 attacked my channel saying that I was in my 20s and liked kiddie things, calling me immature…but what kind of action was that?

To me, we are living in the 21st century and all kinds of “old” and  “outdated” rules are being demolished, especially the societal behavioral standards that are just outright dumb.

What “rites of passage” am I talking about? Some are very important, but some are downright stupid.

1) By age 8 you should know how to ride a bike and should know how to clean a home.

2) By age 12 you should have had a crush or boyfriend/girlfriend

3) By age 14 you should no longer be playing with toys (not even looking at them)

4) By age 17 you should have your driver’s license, and should be full-bodied

5) By age 25 you should have a job, college experience, or marriage with kids, and this is where you shouldn’t have time for cartoons and video games.

Well, I have a job and college experience, but I still like what I like. And what I choose to do with my money and time is my choice. Ya know, it’s as if  people don’t like to see others happy. When they’re miserable and lonely, they want you to feel their unhappiness.

BTW I can’t stand my family.

So have any of you had this experience where you’ve been pinned with the Peter Pan syndrome? Leave a comment and let me know! Shout out to all of my Big Kids!


2011-2012 Fashion Idea #2: Cyber Punk

1 Aug

This fashion idea, Cyberpunk, I discovered from researching Steampunk. It takes a more modern technological approach to punk. Unlike Steampunk, which borrows from the original technological age old, this one borrows from today’s technological age, and the way we see our future. We see ourselves similarly to how the Victorians saw themselves: as people on the turn of the Century, ready to advance. Quite fitting, as the new generation of teenagers are entering Aquarius in Neptune, which Aquarius rules the future and unusual fashion. Neptune rules escape and visual images. It also rules illusion. It also rules drugs or anything that helps us escape reality and how we want others to see our reality. Technology is their escape, and they want the world to visualize them as a technological generation. It’s why all of the music videos are seen at “clubs.” Aquarius rules the club. Nothing could’ve said it better than this caption:

Aquarius in Neptune

That’s why we see all of these movies that are competing to visualize the best technology. This generation escapes through it. Cyberpunk is a reflection of this generation and it’s standards. Also, while Steampunk encourages a Utopian dream, Cyberpunk is a bit Dystopian in it’s approach. Guess what? Aquarius rules the Utopian dream.


Archetypes from Movies, Video Games, and Shows: Ghost in the Shell, Tron: Legacy, The Matrix, Serial Experiments Lain, Paranoia Agent’s Soundtrack, Reboot, Dead Or Alive: Final, Sigma, Kingdom Hearts II’s The World That Never Was, Metropolis, NeoTokyo, Batman Beyond, Magnetic Rose, Ergo Proxy, Parasite Dolls, Spy Kids

I really love Cyberpunk Fashion. I wish I was a part of the generation when it comes to style. My generation was Neptune in Capricorn. I know, pretty boring, right? Well, at least we ruled the business suit.

Cyber Punk is slick, and really edgy. It gives you an Electronica feel to it. Think of being in a club, dimmed lights, and glow in the dark items everywhere and you’ve got Cyber punk. Or think of moving in leather battle gear, dark area, and neon lights charging up on your car. I get that same kind of strange mysterious feeling when I see it. It’s not the normal haunted house feeling, it’s like the extreme haunted smart house feeling. It’s hard to describe. But it rocks. Think of it this way: instead of wearing a lace shirt, wear a ripped black netted shirt. Instead of wearing aviator goggles, meant to bring out the fashion of driving an old-fashioned airplane, the goggles are made for someone meant to drive a turbo-speed jet plane, made for the future aviators. Wild neon hairdos, can add itself to the style, especially extreme colors either for the whole head or streaks. Under-bust corsets are good addition. They should be stretchable rather than Victorian, and strap and zip up most of the time.

Here’s some ideas

Cyber Punk Top

Complete Your Cyber Punk Look!

And for the men…

complete Your Cyber Punk Look!

Complete Your Cyber Punk Look!

Cyber punk is actually good for the summer to me! It has a red-hot feel to it. It’s perfect for going to a club, night-on-the-town, or even a concert. Hey, it’s even good for a Halloween costume. You can wow people when out with friends. It’s a fun and versatile style. I think it’s becoming quite common in almost any music video you see. You can use the style to decorate your house, or maybe use it as a party theme. make your house look like a club! Whatever you choose to do, it’s definitely, to me one of the hottest fashion scenes of this year and next year.

Pick Your Poison

11 Apr

Video Games are like crack?

Sure, everyone is addicted to something that isn’t good for them or their bodies. Everybody does something to harm Mother Earth and themselves. Whether it’s driving a car to pollute the air, smoking that cigar to pollute your body, getting intoxicated and wasting it, we all choose a poison, an addiction. A guy in my Political Science college class chews tobacco. One girl in the class remarked, “That’s disgusting”. His reply was “pick your poison” because naturally we’re all being poisoned by something, some of us recognize it some of us don’t. I like that phrase, which is why it is the title of this article.

My particular poison isn’t anything like drugs, alcohol, or driving, unfortunately. Mine is video games. Sure, I’m addicted to online games and regular old video games. Particularly two games: Kingdom Hearts and Wizard 101. When I come home from work, school, and religious obligations, or when I retreat into boredom, the thing that helps me escape reality is video games. It is a poison firstly because it is time consuming. When you could be doing somthing productive such as cleaning your house or letting the dog in when she knocks, you’re sitting around playing video games instead. When you could be applying to a better job or studying for that final exam, you’re sitting around playing a game. When everyone is calling you to see if you’re okay, and you ignore them because you know that you have to finally reach that last level, you’ve become a game addict.

Second, video games make you competitive and irritable. When you can’t make it to the final level, or when someone interupts you, it’s natural for a video game addict to get angry and irritable. Especially when you’ve finally reached that top level, and someone says “come here” and you know that leaving the game will cause your character to die and start over, it can make you one cranky person. See, people who don’t play video games or online games…they truly don’t understand. It’s a condition. Similar to a woman who needs her “drug” every week. It makes her competitive because she’s competing to get that drug before anyone else, and she’s irritable when she can’t get it or when it doesn’t help her “feel” the same. Moderation does need to happen.

But who moderates anymore? I mean who’s going to regulate how often they drive their car? Okay, maybe gas prices will…well, who’ll regulate how much you drink? Well, as long as you don’t drive…The point is we’re all addicted to something, and I can name a few things people have told me they’re addicted to: Drugs, alcohol, partying, sex, junk  food, drink especially but not always Pepsi or Coke, sports, fitness, health, hygiene, photography, talking, porn, being hateful, facebook, youtube, cell phones, bad relationships, biting toenails, nose picking, and facebook…again.

So the question is, what are you addicted to? Pick your poison.


This article isn’t in any way supporting alcohol consumption, drugs, or drinking and driving. Most are merely examples of addiction, not to say I encourage you to partake in any of the above addictions. This is also not designed to make fun of anyone or put anyone down, obviously, because I mentioned my own addiction that most people would frown upon. Plus, it’s all in good humor and sarcasm. Have a laugh thinking about your imperfections. Embrace them. 🙂 Don’t you enjoy when there’s a fine print in documents and on commercials? This is all a distraction and disguise to hide my real purpose for this article which was to make an excuse as to why I haven’t been on my wordpress in three weeks. Tee hee.

The Gregory Horror Show Review 9/10

3 Oct

I’m back with my anime reviews. YAY!

This is the Gregory Horror Show Review…yay!

For the following review, i will be talking about the story/plot, the characters,the design style, and other adaptations.

Story/Plot: There are about 4 seasons, and each episode is 2 minutes long. And yet, the episodes are so….unforgettable. For people who want a quick but fulfilling anime, this is the one for you. You also want horror and mystery? This is it. The stories are not horrific in a horrifying sense (like one seriously murderous villain, with blood and guts and everybody dies…well not COMPLETELY like that) . More like in a creepy way. I still think there’s satire behind it.
The first season called The Nightmare Begins is about a businessman arriving at the hotel, Gregory House, after taking a train home from work. There he meets Gregory Mouse, who insists that he stays. He is then taken through a wild time through the house through bizarre and creepy events as he tries to escape the purgatory.
The second season is called The Second Guest, and she is the second victim who stumbled upon The Gregory House after taking a taxi from her best friend’s wedding ceremony.
The third season is called The Last Train,and Gregory Mouse takes center stage here. Gregory takes a bizarre train ride.
The fourth season is called The Bloody Karte, and it focuses on Catherine, the weird and bloodthirsty nurse who is trying to find “balance” between her career and her love life…
Overall, the stories are creepy and really twisted, but nothing TOO gory…

Characters-The characters in the show are a wide range of interesting, weird, and just outright bizarre characters.
Gregory Mouse- He’s really the main guy here. He is the hotel’s innkeeper and he never fails to “teach” the audience something at the end. He’s slightly creepy, who is determined to keep his guests inside his hotel. He puts his guests through horrifying events. He is overall a pretty stupid mouse though, once you get to know him, and he loves to give in to his desires, which is reading dirty magazines. He is particularly scared of his mother, and he constantly disappoints her. Gregory is the narrator of some sort…He represents dreams and desires.
James-An obnoxious, annoying, and mischievous mouse. He is Gregory’s grandson. He is favorite of mine. He messes everything up for Gregory and pretty much anyone else. He loves to play pranks. He’s also exceptionally happy-go-lucky, and nothing frightens him…in fact, everything is a game to him.
Neko Zombie-A cat zombie, who lived with a family that stayed at Gregory hotel. He wanted to escape reality, and ended up at the hotel where Gregory, who hated cats, stitched up its eyes, moth, and ears. It usually helps the protagonists as it hates Gregory and his mother. It represents a broken heart,stitched up by anger and misery.
Catherine-A lizard nurse with a large syringe who likes to suck the blood of “healthy” veins…though it becomes clear, she just does it for personal pleasure. She nearly drains all the blood from her “patients”. She falls in love easily, and has fallen in love with all of the men in Gregory House. Most of her relationships end horribly.
Judgement Boy-Oh yes, my personal favorite. He is a set of anthropomorphic scales. He is the balance between love and money. He goes around the hotel judging the troubled souls of the hotel. He can see through anyone’s lies. It’s unclear whether his judgements are true. He likes to sing his chant “Do you know who I am, They call me judgment boy”. All judgment boys have a higher boss, the Golden Judgement boy. He trains them for the final judgement.
Hell’s Chef-He is the hotel chef who is very particular about his food. He looks like a large candle with a dark face and glowing red eyes. He has a giant knife with him all the time. If people refuse his food, even if that person isn’t hungry, he will either poison that person or cut them up with his knife, and serve that person to other guests. He doesn’t eat anyone’s cooking but his own, doesn’t like anyone in his kitchen, and hates people who smoke (He hates “puff puff” because it numbs the taste buds eventually).
Lost Doll-A girl with two faces looking for her lost doll. The one face is pinkish, like a little girl. The other face is blue…and is supposedly the doll. She always cries, but when you approach her, she gets violent and attacks. I believe her name at one time was Katie. Her only friend was a doll, but one day her parents got rid of the doll. The girl kept searching for her doll until she stumbled upon the Gregory House.
Mummy Papa and Mummy Dog-He’s a bandaged dog with a large saber in his head with blood trickling down. He constantly talking about how sick he is and how bad of a “headache” he has…his son is the same. He has an axe in his head…
Cactus Gunman and Cactus Girl-They are both cactus bandits. They wear sombrero. Gunman loves to challenge guests. He and his sister are known for their bad aim. Gunman is cowerd in any real danger, but his sister is fierce.
Roulette Boy-A small red-faced boy with a wheel around him. He loves to challenge guests to a game of chance and luck, usually the other players lose.
Death-He visits guests in his dreams with his scythe. He’s manic-depressive, and talks grimly most of the time. He wears a swedish flag in reference to the movie the Seventh Seal.
TV Fish-It floats around the hallways showing images of memories of guests. Because the guests are usually unsure of themselves, the memories fade in and out, which produces distorted images.
Clock Master and My Son-He has te face of a clock, and is able to go back in time, though it’s harder to do because he’s older now. He loves to drink. His son is learning how to travel in time and looks up to his father.
Dead Body-He lives under the Gregory cemetery and loves to drink. He’s a skeleton and is out to find a body to replace his fragile one. His body easily disintegrates in the wind and rain.
Angel Dog-Not really an “angel”. She has a Jekyll Hyde personality. She acts like an angel at first inviting you to be near her, and then turns into the Devil Dog, and invites you to hell.
So as you can see, the characters are quite colorful and vast. They make up the main force that pulls the story along. Other characters only in the anime are The prompters, the Stephen Haniwa Salaryman, Public Phone, Toilet Baby, Mirror Man, Kinko and Inko, Bonsai Kabuki, Sleepy Sheep, Hell’s Taxi, Poor Conductor, Umbaba, Mono Eye Wizard, Dr. Frtiz, Street Vendor, Pig Gentlemen, Musha Dokura, Bone Head, Speed Mouse, Trap Mouse, Fat Chicken,Egyptit, and Mummy Mama.

Anime style-When first watching this, you wouldn’t think this was a Jap anime. Most people are used to the traditional anime style. Well, this one is unique. Naomi Iwata, the creator, made this anime using CGI animation, as she is known for doing. In the age of technology, this anime is Next Gen. Most of all the animation is going 3-D. It’s an awkward CGI, as none of the characters are proportioned or look realistic, though this is said to be for a mature audience. Another one of her works of notice Midnight Horror School, the nxt Review.

Adaptation-There is a video game based on this, which is also popular. It is made by Capcom. There are slight differences. Certain characters don’t show up, and certain bizarre circumstances have either been altered or cut out of the game. The anime has more detail, obviously.

So overall, this anime is pretty good. I wanted a little more. I like that it is just 2 minutes per episode, but I would’ve wanted more detail, and also more about the Second Guest. Very interesting story. Hardly any music. I give this a 9/10.

Birth By Sleep on the PSP Review

12 Sep

This game…is awesome….

Did I finish it that fast? No. That’s how good this is. This game to me, is better than Kingdom Hearts 2, which despite it’s anticipation rate, didn’t deliver quite what everyone expected it to. Well, it was a great game, and delivered more than Kingdom Hearts 1 as far as gameplay. But it was much easier to beat and the story was more confusing. It just seemed to be trying to explain heavily what went on in Chain of Memories…which confused people who didn’t realize that Chain of Memories was a mandatory game. I mean, who would think a game where you go back to the same worlds you did in Kingdom Hearts would be so important? Even in 358/2 Days, a repeat of worlds and heavy dose of missions caused some exhasperation.

But Birth By Sleep is like a fresh spring of clear water. A brand new story, all new characters, multi-player modes, brand new worlds, and new gameplay and fighting styles….adding weapons. The music still has the same appeal as well. My favorite opening song, Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru, showed up on there too.  The bosses are challenging and fullfilling, and it takes about 4 days to beat one story….about as long, if not longer, than Kingdom Hearts 1. Well, the good thing is no Kingdom Hearts game takes just one day to beat. At least 3 daysof your time are mandatory. If someone says they beat it in two days, they are lying and never played the game. Even if you whipped bosses smoothly without dying, you couldn’t beat the game in 24 hours. Not even 48 hours.

I would say Birth By Sleep is everything I expected it to be. But I’m waiting for some surprises as I continue through the game. I know the storyline will definitely be a major plus of this game, as many questions that were left in the last four games will be answered. Maybe not all, but some will.

So, for all who want to know if they should get this game. This is a definite must. It’s a shame it’s only for the PSP. I think Square-Enix listened to the demand of the fans for this one. 10/10 From me.

I Need My Drugs….Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

11 Sep

Should I begin this post by explaning how much of a fanatic of Kingdom Hearts I am? This game was the game that transformed me into a serious gamer. I had always played games, such as Crash Bandicoot and Street Fighter, with my playstation since the age of 9. When I got my PS2, I was still playing other games religiously. But those games bored me. Maybe because I easily became good at them. Then I got my first RPG: Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts was no ordinary game. Aside from the fact it managed to successfully combine Disney with Final Fantasy (which I always loved the graphics but never bought the games for FF), but it also successfully managed to make the game long and challenging and complicated, but still understandable for kids my age. And now, I’m grown up….and I still love this game.

Of course, it has darkened in it’s tone. Apparently, the same kids who were playing it also grew up to love it because it seems the tones of the story get darker and more complicated. And trust me, this game is like a drug.

I think most video games are for people who love to play video games and know how to play them. But this game requires that you play religiously…well, because it entices you to play, even if you don’t want to. The story is so good and long, and the gameplay free and fun, that you just want to know what is going to happen next, what new boss you’re going to fight next, and what new weapon or style you will be using. It’s for a wide-ranged audience, which adds to it’s appeal. I mean, they have Disney and Square-Enix working on it, two companies that demand nothing but the best. Of course, some themes from both companies are ever present:

*Mickey Mouse, duh (Disney)

* Dudes with spikey hair (Square-Enix)

*Magic (Disney and Square-Enix)

*Odd, I’m sorry, original style, weapon blade choices (Square-Enix)

*Rivalry (Square-Enix)

*Romance (Disney)

*Journeys (Disney and Square-Enix)

*And finally….Villains with scheming purpose (Disney and Square-Enix)…often with silver hair, who have a hard time dying within the series…they just keep coming back in the next game! (Square-Enix)

There are more themes that are normally prevalant throughout Disney’s and Square-Enix’s series of themes, but these themes are the more obvious ones.

So, the next installment in the Kingdom Hearts series was released September 7, 2010! It is entitled Birth By Sleep. When I get to playing this game, I will do a thorough review of it. But for now, I will give you what I know about this game. It is supposed to take place 10 years before the start of Kingdom Hearts…in my opinion, it might have been longer than 10 years realistically, but we’ll go with 10 years. Well, this would mean that Sora is about 4 years old in Birth By Sleep….so, obviously he isn’t the main character yet. There are decidedly three main characters….One has blue hair, one has brunnette hair, and the other…looks oddly like Roxas…and the boy that Lexaeus saw in 358/2 Days. This game might be the game that reveals it all…and I’m too excited for this game…

I’m also jealous of everyone who has gotten it over the past few days. Even in my college classes, all I kept seeing was people playing that game. PSPs flopped everywhere…..and I have to wait to get mine…I have to wait until I get paid…Isn’t it sad how I would rather spend my next check on entertainment rather than paying off my bill for college?

See how video games can be addictive drugs? I recommend his drug though…it’s good.

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