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“Black-washing”: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

14 Sep

                                               Halle Bailey as Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid

White-washing. I’m sure everyone has heard this word once or twice. Simply put, it’s a word used to describe when Hollywood casts White people or lighter people to play everyone, especially characters that were originally people of color. It has been seen as another term to describe “Blackface” in the modern era. White-washing has existed since the beginning of cinema, even when Black people were “allowed” to act in Hollywood. In fact, Whitewashing existed frequently up until as recently as 2017. It was around this time, in 2017, when Hollywood started to realize that casting White actors to play various ethnicities doesn’t always pay pockets in a modern society (Ghost in the Shell, 2017), even if the actor is well known and loved. They even recognized that it could be a career-killer for movie studios and actors alike. After complaints about the Oscars’ selection of nominees appearing as “White” as possible, the Oscars began to set new diversity standards of eligibility for Movie Academy Awards in 2020. The rules were as follows:
  1. At least one actor from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group must be cast in a significant role.
  2. The story must center on women, L.G.T.B.Q. people, a racial or ethnic group or the disabled.
  3. At least 30 percent of the cast must be actors from at least two of those four underrepresented categories.
This caused Hollywood to go through a frenzy of hiring people of color anywhere they could.  One way they have implemented this change is by casting Black people to play characters that were originally White, either by suddenly presenting them as Black…or actually calling them “White” (Hamilton-style) despite their race, with the audience having to suspend a bit of reality. This has been called in recent years “Black-washing”. Just like with White-washing, Black-washing has also had its share of controversy. Some people find it to be hypocritical that “Black-washing” is allowed culturally when White-washing often gets met with disdain and backlash. Others don’t like “Black-washing” because it makes everything feel less authentic or unrecognizable as the cast doesn’t match the character in the source or most familiar material. On the other hand, many like this type of casting choice because they feel it finally gives Black people and other people of color more representation. Some have even argued that blackwashing as an ideology doesn’t exist and that casting black people in these types of roles is simply another form of reparations for the mistreatment and erasure of Black people from media during the Golden Age Of Hollywood and during the days of the Hay’s Code (a time when Hollywood restricted what could be seen in cinema). What I aim to do is give a nuanced perspective about “Black-washing”. Regardless of whether I think the theory holds any merit, as a Black person myself, I want to discuss the good that could come with this idea or concept, the bad that could come with this idea or concept, and the ugly that can often surround this idea or concept. Let’s break it all down.

The Good: More Opportunities For Black People

We are beginning to see a rise in Black characters in every source of media. According to Diversity Inc, roles for black actors in a variety of tv series have increased post pandemic in which 65.8% of TV series featured a Black actor pre-pandemic and 70.5% featured at least one black person post-pandemic. Roles for Black actors in films particularly have increased overall from 56.1% to 58.7%. What this means is that Black-washing gives Black people an opportunity to be even more represented. That is a major feat, believe it or not. I actually remember a time when I went to Backstage.com to find auditions and many of the auditions would say “White-preferred”. As someone who used to be an aspiring actor, it was discouraging to say the least. This was in the early 2010s, not too long ago. Make no mistake. Almost every lead character is still white, but at least more of them are starting to be people of color. I no longer feel like I would automatically be rejected from an opportunity just because of the color of my skin. I feel like I can finally be recognized for my talent, the talents I’ve had since high school, if I choose acting as a career choice again. In a sense, this makes Black-washing different from White-washing. White people have never actually been barred from playing any roles in cinema. They have had plenty of opportunities; doors have been open to them from around the world and the doors still are open. Therefore, the effects of White-washing are actually a lot more harmful to Black people than Black-washing is to White people. Black-washing doesn’t bar White people from getting opportunities. Rather, it “evens” the playing field. Don’t misunderstand, I do see a lot of pitfalls that can come from “Black-washing” (which I will get into later in this article), but some of the arguments that many people make against “Black-washing” are usually based on misconceptions, bias, or racial prejudice. Here is a common argument for example:
“Black people only make up 19% of the population in America. White people are the majority so why should black people get an increase in roles?”
There are two problems with this statement. One problem is that there is a sense of American-centrism, basically Americans acting as if the entire world demographic begins and ends with America. In the entire world, there are more people of color then White people across continents. To be frank, many actors hired in Hollywood are not exactly from the USA. Many of them are from other countries. So this argument that having more Black people in Hollywood is somehow inaccurate or inauthentic is strange. Second, these kinds of arguments seem to assume that White people will not relate to characters that are of a different race, so by making more characters of color it will somehow push White people away from watching movies. However, people of color have had to relate to characters of various backgrounds for decades, due to the dominance of White actors in media, and are constantly told that it shouldn’t matter what color they are. So shouldn’t the same apply to White people? Furthermore, why is it that viewers must relate to what they see personally? Isn’t it great to learn about something new and imagine what that would be like? I don’t relate to Harry Potter as a wizard, but I like learning and imagining what it would be like to have wizarding powers. Why doesn’t this logic apply to movies featuring Black culture? To add, many of the characters that are accused of being “Black-washed” in a movie or a show are often played by mixed or biracial people. This makes the outrage a little more complex. We often have a tendency to see every mixed person that has a drop of black as ONLY black. I don’t think this is fair, especially if the actor in question is mixed with White ancestry and understands White culture. If they can act as Black characters, why shouldn’t someone of mixed ancestry be able to act as a White character? Sure, we can talk about how often times the mixed person doesn’t, in any way, resemble the character they are meant to portray. I think in some ways this is a valid criticism. But are you really mad just because they don’t look as you envisioned the part, or are you mad just because the person cast has a little bit of Black in them? Here is another common argument against Black-washing:
“It is culturally inauthentic to have Black mermaids, elves, fairies, black aristocracy, etc.  These things are based in White culture.”
To counter this, Folklore and other tales have existed all over the world.  Stories surrounding fantasy-like creatures didn’t start with the European diaspora.  Furthermore, Black people have existed in all classes of European society due to colonialism.  For example, many were upset that a Black man was cast to play Porthos in BBC’s The Musketeers.  But did anyone know that the original writer of The Three Musketeers novel, Alexander Dumas, was of Black heritage himself, as well as a General in Napoleon’s army?  I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded such a casting choice. Finally, here is another common argument against Black-washing:
“It is unfair because the actor is being given a role just for the sake of diversity or “woke points”, not because they actually can do the job.”
I can understand this frustration.  Even as Black people, we don’t just want to be chosen because we’re Black, becoming the “token” actor.  We want our talents to be respected. However, it is a broad assumption to assume that every Black person that was chosen for these roles were simply chosen because they are Black.  Furthermore, various people of a variety of racial backgrounds, especially White people, were and still are simply preferred because of their White features compared to talents across other racial backgrounds.  Therefore, this is not exclusively a Black-washing issue.  If anything, White-washing occurred as a result of this “White” preference in Hollywood; Black-washing is simply another way of giving Black people the same treatment Hollywood has been giving White people for many years. On the other hand, whether Black-washing exists or not, Black-washing as a strategy for diversity does have some major issues that I think needs to be discussed.

The Bad: Race-baiting, Whiteface, and Blackface

Blackface is when a white person puts on dark make-up to mock Black people, particularly for comedic purposes. This form of entertainment has been popular for many years. White-washing was often compared to Blackface because many times Hollywood would cast White or lighter actors to play Black people or other people of color, which to many felt disrespectful and conflicted with the experiences of people of color. So what about “Black-washing”? We can see it as synonymous with Whiteface. Whiteface is a type of performance in which a person wears theatrical makeup in order to make themselves look like a White person. While it doesn’t have the same racist history as Blackface (nor does it have the same level of power or influence over how White people are seen overall), it is meant to represent a caricature of Whiteness and White people’s way of being. Whenever I watch movies that have a Black-washed cast, I can’t help but feel like the Black actors are playing a caricature of White people. There are certain mannerisms and ways of being that sometimes seem more in line with the way white people navigate society and respond to it. Although skin color doesn’t necessarily come with a set of personality traits, there are certain cultural differences between those across the Afro-diaspora and those within the Euro-diaspora, and that makes “Black-washing” so obvious to those who are viewing it. Another part of the issue comes with the demand for the Black actors to live up to the expectations of the public’s perception of Whiteness. When a Black person acts as a character that was once white, many people expect the Black actor to capture the White character from head to toe, and so Black actors are often forced to portray themselves EXACTLY as the White character would even without the nuance of the Black experience. They have to speak as a White person would (this is not necessarily about articulation but rather for environmental responses), behave as White people would in certain situations, and often times the nuances of being Black within the story is not mentioned because technically they are playing a White person. It’s as if they live in a post-racist world where they are celebrated. In theory, this is great news and not all stories featuring Black people should be about “the black experience”. Some people may even argue that’s the point of acting; to challenge yourself to behave as someone else. But it doesn’t come without feeling that this new-found celebration of Blackness in Hollywood is less about colorblindness and more about Black people playing the roles White people are comfortable with. It creates a Hollywood form of cultural assimilation. For example, when we think of a Black princess, what exactly comes to mind? To the eyes of Hollywood, a movie about princesses should include a person acting, dressing, and adorning their hair as a European-inspired princess would because that is what Hollywood’s perception of a princess is: White and/or European. I wouldn’t see a handful of Black girls in a lead role in cinema until my teens and early 20s. To make a comparison of the two movies I saw as a teen and young adult, one was Akeelah And The Bee (2006); the other was Annie (2014). Akeelah and the Bee was a story about a young girl who discovers she has a knack for spelling.  She beats the odds of her underprivileged background to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  In Annie, the movie follows the story of its predecessors where an orphan girl gets lucky enough to be chosen to live with the wealthy Daddy Warbucks, winning the hearts of many. Both actresses did a great job as far as acting goes, and both movies were mildly entertaining for me. When I watched Annie I admit I was excited to see a Black girl on screen as the lead (which I hadn’t seen since Roger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella). However, while watching Annie I couldn’t help but compare it to the original movie adaptation, Annie (1982), and all of the other Annie versions before it. While I understand it was meant to be a modern Annie, the only thing this movie had to offer was a “Black face”. I already had an Annie movie version that I had grown to love long before this new adaptation and I became more critical of the newer movie as a result. Whereas with Akeelah And The Bee, there was nothing compared to it. It was a one-of-a kind movie and, more importantly, it was an original Black story. You could feel the authenticity based on how it tied in Black culture in such a nuanced way and, yet, gave Akeelah her own personality and interests as an individual. People could watch it and enjoy it for what it was without making a comparison to anything else. Whereas with Annie (2014), if felt as if the Black actors were telling the story of a White girl who happens to have a Black face. I also wonder: What more does Black-washing offer to Black audiences outside of the skin color of the actors? What more does it showcase to audiences outside of our community about Black people? In the end, most people are going to end up sticking to the more popular “White” versions while the “Black” version of the movie will be wiped from memory as the “knock-off”. Even as I enjoyed “Black-washed” movies like Roger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1997) or The Wiz (1978), let’s be honest here, these movies are mostly remembered by the Black audience that tuned in to watch in their respective time periods during eras where Black people were a lot less visible than today in movies. To make multibillion dollar industries and bring in the big box office money, which would help continue Black Hollywood, we have to have something to offer others besides a Black face, and contrary to popular belief, we do not have to do it by imitating White people. Most people in the modern world are looking for new and original story-telling; with an interest in diversity, why are we not taking advantage of this to hop on new ideas and introduce our culture to the world in a fresh, new way? To add, while “Black-washing” makes some of us feel seen in the moment, will it have the same long-lasting cultural impact, especially in regards to how we see ourselves? Of course, we can forgive Hollywood executives when they cast Black people as fictional characters, right? These type of characters are usually imagined and so changing their skin color is a matter of taking creative liberties to be more inclusive. This motive is not something I would scorn and sometimes the intentions are good. However, Black-washing gets murkier when we start to see White historical figures being Black-washed as well. I’m going to examine a good example of this sort of Black-washing: the stage production Hamilton (2015). The Hamilton cast is filled with extremely talented black actors that capture the characters in quite an entertaining and charming way. I admit that I enjoyed watching it on stage and the talent was inspirational to say the least. To be honest, I even have forgotten that the characters they were portraying were White historical figures. And that is sort of the problem. These White people, while they shaped he USA in many ways, were also slave owners and they could care less about Black people in their lifetime. So while the cast does a celebratory job of playing these roles, they still are playing White slave owners and colonists. Putting a Black face on these kinds of figures makes us sympathize with them more, I suppose. Yet, it makes us ignore what the actual person did because we see a Black face. We begin to fictionalize the real person because the stage production presented them as Black (even if what they did to Black people was questionable).  So the question is, who gets to be celebrated in history, and should Black people be celebrated only when they are acting as white people, especially white people that participated in our oppression? Understandably, I do believe that there has been a good reason historically for Black-washing. After all, as mentioned before, Black people were excluded from Hollywood after years of racism, and so we would often create movies or spaces that were made to mimic that of White entertainment just to be seen or represented. This was probably the only way Black people could gain visibility back in the past. However, we are living in the 21st century. I think it is time we progressed past the need for Black-washing. We are one of the most visible minorities on-screen to date. Why do we still hold on to this old idea that the only way to have Black representation is by casting ourselves as White? In my honest opinion, while I’m always happy to see Black people like myself on screen, I think Black-washing is lazy. It is a lazy way to give people “diversity” without actually giving them a unique story to call their own. There is a perception in Hollywood that black people cannot carry a movie by themselves without the help of White people. There is also the perception that people won’t go see Black-led movies unless the story is already familiar (or in other words Eurocentric). Whiteness is often treated as the “default” and therefore more acceptable and digestible. Black Panther (2018) was one of the movies to challenge these ideas. Black Panther, while known by most fans of the Marvel comics, was not as well-known among casual movie goers. In this movie, we see an African king of Wakanda and a true Black superhero who protects his own people, without the need of White intervention or European involvement.  In this sense, the movie adaptation introduced an all-new story because it was the first adaptation of its kind. This made a bigger difference in the legacy of Black entertainment when we compare it to the White “knock-offs” that Black-washing had to offer. To add, what we also see from Black Panther is culture. Black culture.

The Ugly: The Absence Of Black Culture

There are different ways to Black-wash. Black-washing can come in the form of a Black reimagination of an established property. What I do like about some movies with this approach is that it gives an opportunity to tell a similar story but with a unique “Black” point-of-view, inculcating the rich culture, music, and fashion that comes from the Black community. Take Disney’s The Princess And The Frog (2009), for example. While it can be seen as a “Black-washed” version of its predecessor (a fairy tale of European origin), it has its own way of telling the story that makes it feel unique from the batch of fairy tale movies. It also caters to the sentiments and experiences of Black people. Just for understanding, this is not to say the movie is perfect (there are various flaws with the movie, starting with the creative decision to showcase the Black princess as a frog for most of the movie). However, you can tell that the creators took an interest in Black culture and wanted to inculcate some of our rich heritage into the movie. Unlike Hamilton, this movie celebrates Blackness rather than Whiteness, even if inspired from a European tale. I feel the same way with The Wiz (1978), the Black adaptation of The Wizard Of Oz, where Oz is designed to resemble that of Black urban neighborhoods, music, and culture. In a sense, we as Black people can both relate to it and see ourselves being represented more authentically. Unfortunately, many movies today are missing the nuances of our culture in them because they are simply casting Black people to play White people. Movies that Black-wash without the nuances of our culture often feel hollow. They give me nothing to look back and be proud of except the fact that the person playing in the role is Black. Trust me, there will be plenty more feats where the “first Black actor” is playing the “first Black something”. This will get old really soon. Furthermore, when are we going to start embracing stories from Black communities and culture? I want more movies like The Black Panther (2018). I want to see our culture celebrated, our kings or queens honored, our “fairy-tales” or folk tales visible. When are we going to get an Anansi The Spider movie? What about Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters? There’s so many more Black stories that we need only Google search to find them. I think about the show Bridgerton (2020-Present). It is a great show with a very diverse cast of characters. However, while the show is progressive in its approach, having as many diverse faces as possible, the styles and attitudes are meant to mimic that of the Regency era in White European society. While this story is based on historical facts (albeit controversially), and it is being produced through a Black-owned entertainment company (even if the writers of the show are mostly white), that doesn’t take away the fact that the inspiration of this show and most shows and movies are always focused on Europe. Why so Eurocentric? Many of these actors will be praised only when they are acting in roles that reflect European culture or aristocracy while movies that reflect other cultures are often criticized as being somehow “stereotypical” or less “universal” to audiences. Ultimately, it feels as if we are more eager to praise this form of cultural assimilation rather than embrace cultural diversity and liberation. In a story like Bridgerton, we can pretend that people of color were equal to that of White people in those societies. We can ignore the racist history behind people of color at court, how they had to cut off family ties to be seen as more “White” in society, and dismiss their culture to assimilate to a European way of life. We can more easily see Black people in power when the backdrop is European because Whiteness and European values represent power in our minds. We can even ignore the atrocities that occur even within the story of Bridgerton towards people of color, such as when Daphne (a white woman) decides to force Simon, a black man, to have intercourse with her to get what she wants and gets away with it, especially in the book, which the series adaptation is based on.  Amongst the beautiful scenery and European-style costumes, we can pretend that this is what true diversity looks like. Hollywood champions diversity when it comes to casting, but many of the White producers and directors there don’t actually have enough interest in diversity to delve into a culture that is not their own. No, they should not be able to use the excuse that they don’t know enough about other cultures because the opportunity is there to hire advisors or even have some of the actors give advice. Yet, Black-washing gives them the easiest way out because they believe that black people are desperate and accepting of their scraps. The truth is that many of the major producers in Hollywood are not interested in expanding their interest. Black-washing is simply another way for them to brush the issue under the rug, with very little effort to include diversity, especially when many of them are reluctant to recruit creative thinkers from even a small number of people from underrepresented groups behind the scenes. Despite a major increase of Black people in media, what has been staggering is the amount of Black showrunners. Black screenwriters and directors are also very few. In 2017 alone, only 5.1% of showrunners were reported to be Black. Many of the Black people that are on-set sometimes don’t even honestly get a say in how the characters are created, not even when it comes to the creation of Black people in fiction. As Cord Jefferson, writer of The Good Place (2016-2020), put it: “Something that happens a lot when it comes to diversity in Hollywood ― and everywhere else ― is that people will just populate the room with people of color or queer people or women but not really respect those people’s voices or pay attention to what they’re saying. It feels like you’re diversity decoration a little bit, as opposed to a valuable member of the team.” Executives mistakenly believe that simply having a “racial-neutral” cast or staff is the best way to add more diversity. As we can see, that only addresses the problem of diversity superficially. When I see a movie that Black-washes in this sort of “color-blind” way, I become very skeptical of the intentions. I do recognize that some producers or casting directors simply want to show talent without discrimination, but this method makes it seem as if they do not actually care who they cast in the role. This is why we get diverse-looking characters, but an absence of diverse story-telling. Abbott Elementary, a TV series that focuses on a predominately Black school and its teachers, manages to highlight Black characters in a way Black people, especially educators, can relate because of its authenticity. To date, Abbott Elementary has the best comedy ratings on ABC since Modern Family, even in a time when streaming services dominate traditional cable TV. What makes the show fantastic is that it is not “color-blind”. It is an original story with the intent of showcasing what it is like to work with Black children in a low-income area. Despite the fact that the show does not focus on White people (even with a handful of White people in the show), it still manages to relate to people of various backgrounds. The show didn’t have to be a Black version of an established “White” series nor did the show have to focus on White culture’s influence on Black people. Instead, what makes this show appealing is that it is an authentic Black story, and because the cast is predominately Black, we don’t have to rely on “token” Black voices to get a full picture of what being Black is like. Through the characters of this show, we can see a variety of attitudes and feelings that can relate to anyone who is a teacher or has ever taught in a low-income school. The show also doesn’t have to shy away from Black culture in order to avoid stereotyping. Instead, it approaches stereotypes in a nuanced way, allowing for Black audiences to recognize themselves while relating to a variety of characters who approach these topics differently. While the show draws inspiration from the other mocumentary-style comedies before it, viewers can feel the intention was to tell a Black story. The best part is it is written by a Black person (Quinta Brunson). This is what I’m hoping will happen in the future when companies are dealing with Black movies and shows. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being inspired from European stories nor do I think it is wrong to cast more people of color. However, I think we need to do better when it comes to recognizing Black people outside of the face alone, taking on the opportunity to also show respect for where we come from and exploring that experience to make more authentic Black content. As far as acting as historical figures, we don’t have to be honored in White history in order to prove that we are a part of history. Believe it or not, Black people have our own history outside of the White European diaspora. We have had kingdoms. We have had Gods. We have had heroes and villains. But how will other generations know or understand this if all they have to see is a White interpretation of Blackness or culturally assimilated Blackness? Black-washing in Hollywood might give us temporary excitement and representation, but will it give us something to look back on that will make us proud to be who we are for a lifetime? I honestly do not think so. I want to know what you all think. Do you think “Black-washing” is beneficial or is the concept regressive? Do you think it actually exists or is it just all in our heads? Sincerely, Guest writer @VenusLove

Which Disney Animated Heroine Are YOU? By the Venus Signs

22 Sep


Disney is one of the most well-known companies in the world. They have produced some of the most lovable characters through engaging stories that have touched the hearts of people of all backgrounds, nations, genders, and ages. Their animated characters are especially among the world’s favorites.

Disney’s female heroines are distinct among Disney’s vast array of characters. Through the female characters, the history and popularity of Disney is shown. They have produced an array of heroines for young girls to relate to.

This is why I thought it would be interesting to observe the characters in relation to astrology.

The question is, Which character are YOU most like?

How can you tell which one? By observing your Venus sign of course!

These characters would be nothing without the voice actresses that brought them to life. The following characters’ “Venus signs” are chosen based on the actresses’ Venus signs, the people that lent their charm to these characters.

When it comes to astrology, most people know about the Sun signs, often called Zodiac signs. But there are 10 other important planetary signs in astrology, including the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. You probably know these planets as the rulers of certain signs. Really, each of these planets enter all 12 signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

If you already know this, you can skip down to Venus in

Where can you find these signs? Not as easily as you can find your Sun signs. You’d have to get your FREE natal chart online.

The following website can help you find your natal chart:

http://www.astro.com —-> This is to get a natal chart. Sign up for a free account! Go to free horoscopes at the top, press horoscope drawings, go to extended chart, press edit data in the small print on the left side. You may need your birth time, which you can get from your birth certificate or a parent, or for now, use 12 noon though this is not recommended. Then press the blue button.

When looking at this chart, you may begin to see all 10 of your signs.

There are also houses and aspects on this chart that make the difference as to how your planets are expressed, but I won’t touch too much on that in this article.

This article is focusing on PLANET VENUS.

Of all the 10 planets on the natal wheel, why did I choose Venus?

Well, the Sun usually symbolizes the FATHER. The moon usually symbolizes the MOTHER.

Venus symbolizes the HEROINE (or the villain), the female hero, how she sees her role in SOCIETY (since Venus often rules over the social scene), or the hero’s charms and likable qualities. These are the things that make Disney as popular as it is.

You may know that Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure. She is associated with material things, such as money, food, and fashion. But she’s much more than that. She represents our style of doing things and our relationship with the social world. Basically, our social status. For many women, she represents the KIND of woman each woman sees herself as. Whether it be the “tomboy”, the “fashionista”, the “loner”, Venus is there to define us SOCIALLY.

But Venus also rules who or WHAT we are attracted to, including DISNEY CHARACTERS.

Yes, our Venus signs are responsible for the characters we’re attracted to. This article will explore characters that were chosen by certain Venus signs. By observing the characters chosen by these actresses’ Venus signs, we can better understand which characters FIT with each person’s definition of themselves and their own CHARMS. Something drew them to these characters, and their Venus signs can give us insight as to why this happened.

Venus also rules over our charms and how we get people to like us. The Disney characters all have likable traits, but the voice actresses helped in bringing those charms to life, right? So their Venus signs had a hand in providing this charm.

In this article, you can discover which Disney character best expresses YOUR Venus sign.

This doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to like whatever characters you like. Everyone’s Venus sign means something to them as individuals. Still, it’s interesting to observe how certain characters reflect the charms of the people with certain Venus signs.

Also, you may learn something about yourself through the characters brought to life by a person who shares YOUR Venus sign.

For more information about your signs or how to find your Venus sign, I’ve created a guide:

Introduction to the Signs, Houses, and Aspects

So let’s begin!

Venus in…

Venus in Aries

Venus in Taurus

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Leo

Venus in Virgo

PART TWO for the REST!

Venus in Aries

Aries symbol

Looking at the Disney characters that attracted our Venus in Aries women to them, it’s safe to say our Venus in Aries women certainly love excitement! Whether it’s exciting situations or exciting people, they live life fast! Everything seems to move quickly for them, in life or love! This makes them seem a little rebellious at times because they are not afraid to shake things up for the sake of their own freedom to be an individual.

Venus first enters its sign of detriment. What does this mean for women with Venus in Aries? Does this mean these women are less feminine than all the others? Does this mean they aren’t as lovable as other signs? Does this mean they aren’t interested in finding love? Does this mean they aren’t beautiful? Does this mean they can’t charm a crowd?

No! Not at all! It’s important to remember that this still means VENUS is entering Aries. The difference is rather the kind of charm Venus carries when she enters Aries. And this charm is certainly different from the way she’s used to expressing herself. Venus is soft, quiet, and peaceful. Rather than being dramatic, exciting, brave, and bold, she prefers to take it easy, lay around, eat, and enjoy life. “Beauty” for her may not be dramatic fashions and extreme girlishness. Depictions often show Aphrodite in rather plain fashions, if any at all! She’s actually rather subtle in her approach to fashion. She’s generally soft in every way.

But what does Venus find for the first time when she enters Aries? Well, the time of her life! When Venus meets Aries, ruled by the planet Mars, her opposite, her life definitely gets more dramatic than what she’s used to. Yet, for once in her quiet, subtle life, she can find the excitement within herself, treat beauty like an adventure, and find love in the most unexpected ways.

Venus and Aries are typically nothing alike, which is why she feels so uncomfortable. Aries is bold, courageous, and confident. Venus is subtle, soft, and moderate. Aries is independent, Venus isn’t. Aries loves itself first and foremost. They may seem a bit selfish. Venus is extremely considerate and tends to bend to others’ will more often than not. Aries loves adventures, Venus prefers to relax. Aries is ruled by the planet of war; Venus is the planet of peace and love. See? Very different!

Let’s elaborate on the fact that Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war. “War” can make a person courageous, assertive, daring, wild, and tough. These qualities are bestowed upon our Venus in Aries ladies. Their Mars signs influence how their Venus in Aries will be expressed. Mars can be in any one of the 12 signs in the zodiac but keep in mind that Mars is still the planet of war. If Mars is in its strongest placements, Capricorn, Aries, and Scorpio, Venus in Aries qualities will be apparent right away. If Mars is in its weakest placements, Cancer, Libra, and Taurus, Venus in Aries qualities won’t be apparent right away. If Mars is in any of the other signs, it’s a toss-up half the time.

Venus in Aries women might relate more to their Mars signs, so they should find the Venus sign Disney character that matches their own Mars sign, too, for more information!

Women with this placement see themselves as brave, daring, spunky, and bold. Most of them are independent and love freedom. They’d rather play characters that are noticed in some way.

Aries is a fire sign and is a cardinal sign, making them the ultimate leaders.

Aries is associated with the Ram because they charge head-first into everything.

Aries’s opposite sign is Libra.


Certainly when we look at Cinderella, our first character brought to life by a Venus in Aries, we get the clearest understanding of what Venus is experiencing in this sign. It looks like our Venus in Aries ladies are highly attracted to her. In both the 1950 film and the 2015 film, the actresses had Venus in Aries.

This may surprise some who understand Cinderella to be a passive or extremely feminine character, and believe Venus in Aries’s general key words conflict with this persona. Often Cinderella has come to be seen as the epitome of femininity (this may have something to do with her Mars sign)!

Still, there is no denying that Cinderella is the perfect fit for our Venus in Aries ladies! For starters, our Venus in Aries women are comfortable being the center of attention. Cinderella is known for entering a ball dramatically, all eyes on her, in a dramatically glamorous ball gown. Our Venus in Aries ladies are the alpha in any social situation, something Venus shies away from. This may be why so many Venus in Aries women are attracted to her character.

And romance happens fast for Cinderella! Venus is the planet of love, and in the fast moving sign of Aries, we can safely say they invented “love at first sight”. In the 1950’s Cinderella, prior to the ball, she dreamed of dancing with a man she never met before. After just one dance, Cinderella was in love! Wow, did things take off fast! And this certainly made the rest of the story dramatic. The prince had to travel throughout the land trying to find her after she left the ball because she didn’t even get a chance to introduce herself to him! This caused quite a stir throughout the land.

And isn’t it ironic that Cinderella lost her shoe in the first place? Likely from moving too fast, no doubt! Impulsive Cinderella only had until Midnight to enjoy her time with the prince she never met, and so she had to move things along rather quickly! Still, this head-over-heels story is why it has stood the test of time.

We have to applaud the voice actress behind her character. She brought some feisty qualities to Cinderella, too. There wasn’t a moment Cinderella didn’t have a cocky and sarcastic remark.

Cinderella had to be very strong to have dealt with her sisters, too, and she must have had a lot of energy if she could keep up with all of her chores. Also, she was certainly bold enough to break her step-mother’s rules prohibiting her to attend the ball, despite the consequences.

anita radcliffe

Anita Radcliffe from 101 Dalmatians was involved in quite an exciting romance story herself. She seems rather interested in them, anyway. She met her husband on the most exciting circumstances. Their relationship helped 101 Dalmatians flourish!


Many of our Venus in Aries characters certainly love their freedom! Disney’s Rapunzel from the movie Tangled is a great example of that! Rapunzel is a free-spirited girl at heart, wanting to explore life outside of her tower. Her charm is her energetic and bold energy. She’s a bit wild looking, with her long hair flowing wherever it wants to (before it was roughly cut) and her feet bare. Our Venus in Aries ladies, no matter how girly, may have that wild side to them. Sometimes, they can be selfish. They are often caught between what they want and what others think is best for them. It’s because what they want doesn’t require other people but they still need love in their lives. This can make them “at war” with themselves. In the end, Venus in Aries always feel the need to rebel. This is where their freedom-loving streak comes into play. This is what makes them bold. She’s not shy when it comes to meeting new people. While Flynn was afraid of the fierce-looking men at the pub, Rapunzel boldly warmed herself into their hearts. She is quite the party animal, even capturing the hearts of the people in her kingdom with her upbeat personality. Aries can be innocent charmers. They sometimes don’t even realize who they are talking to or how they are making others fall in love with them. They just dive in and hope for the best. They are courageous with their hearts. Thus, they attract some of the most exciting people, just as she attracted Flynn, the bandit, into her life.


Our Venus in Aries certainly love their thieves as much as they do their freedom! Princess Jasmine fell for Aladdin, the “street rat”, so she’s attracted to exciting people as well. The way to her heart was DEFINITELY through an exciting magic carpet ride! Jasmine loved her freedom and independence, like most Venus in Aries women, and often boldly snuck out of the palace to get that freedom. We loved Jasmine because she was feisty and daring and spoke up for herself. She wanted the freedom choose her own marriage partner. Our Venus in Aries women are decisive and “take-charge” in nature. They want to decide their own life. If having tamed a tiger into a pet doesn’t show convince you of how daring she is, you never will be convinced! I also want to note that Jasmine also brought in that Aries sexy trait (being ruled by Mars, the planet of sex), and was able to seduce many suitors with her forward, seductive approach rather than a subtle sexiness common in most women. Venus in Aries has that affect on people because they are so open and honest. Jasmine was all about honesty and being straight-forward, especially in relationships. Lastly, doesn’t Jasmine look absolutely stunning in red, Aries’s color?

Terk from Tarzan

Our Venus in Aries ladies are not all romance and ball gowns. There are many Venus in Aries that do feel qualms with what is typically feminine, thus why Venus feels very different in this sign. Venus prefers to fit in to keep the peace. Aries always stands out! Venus in Aries challenges what most people usually think of as beautiful and feminine. Venus in Aries women mostly prefer to let their actions speak, not their faces or wardrobes. Terk from Tarzan, played by a Venus in Aries, is an example of our more tomboyish Venus in Aries females. Many female characters in Disney have been tomboys, but we can definitely say that Terk is the most tomboyish female character Disney has ever designed. Terk was truly one of the boys. Funny, brash, blunt, and rough-around-the-edges, she is not typically what most would call “feminine”. Venus isn’t used to being in such a brash and outspoken sign! This reflects the social view of women as well. The world isn’t always ready for females to act so funny, brash, and tough. That’s why these women make such a difference for all the other women. Even Tarzan admired Terk when he was  a boy! Men can’t help but admire these women, even if they are a bit intimidating. Terk was definitely unlike ANY female characters ever in Disney. In this way, Aries is always original. Terk was not a romantic type of female and was quite independent, even as an adult ape. Wearing a dress? Maybe not her thing. Getting involved in mischief? Definitely her thing! But you know what? That’s her charm! Rosie O’Donnell, fellow Venus in Aries, made this fun character possible! Who says women can’t be comedians?


Fawn from the Tinkerbell movie series, our lovely Animal Fairy, is also considered to be one of the most tomboyish fairies. She’s very similar to Tinkerbell herself. Fawn is beautiful and yet quite “rascally” as the Disney wiki put it. She’s playful and isn’t afraid of the tough-and-rough games either. She also loves to play pranks so we know she’s one of our braver and more daring female characters. Our Venus in Aries ladies are certainly mischievous. But that’s what we love about them!


Our Venus in Aries ladies must be cautious about being like Namine from Kingdom hearts. Many of our Venus in Aries ladies may do selfish things to get people to love us. Namine rearranged Sora’s heart so that he would treat her like he did Kairi. Sometimes, Venus in Aries wants something so bad, they often don’t think about the consequences. Namine is typically considered the more “villainous” side of Kairi. Venus in Aries ladies are very much attracted to the edgier side of life. It wasn’t surprising that she was swept up in Organization 13’s schemes. They have very tense people for company and not all of their friends are healthy to be around for too long. Namine is quite known to be a rebellious force, often dropping situations that she feels aren’t right and suddenly taking matters into her own hands. There’s no denying that she had a leading force in many of the events throughout Kingdom Hearts. After all, she was responsible for Sora losing his memories.

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Venus in Taurus


Looking at the Disney characters that our Venus in Taurus women were attracted to, can we just say they are beautiful in every way a woman can be? Take a look at all the Disney characters that our Venus in Taurus characters brought to life, and you can’t deny how lovable they are. There is just something for everyone to relate to. There is something naturally beautiful and down-to-earth about our Venus in Taurus ladies. They tend to be well-rounded and can relate to any woman, no matter the era in time or country of origin.

Venus is at home in the sign that it rules, Taurus. Does this mean that Venus in Tauruses are better than everyone else? More attractive? More soft? More charming? More lovable? Richer? Maybe not to everyone, but they would LIKE to be. Venus is more concerned about her appearance, how many people like her, how many possessions she owns, and peace in this sign than she is in any other signs besides her other ruling sign, Libra. Venus in Tauruses aren’t literally “soft”. They can be hard, austere, and rather reserved, really. But they do like peace and are generally easy-going, which makes them prefer quiet and less dramatic activities. Venus feels one with Taurus because she’s the exact same way! She’s soft and quiet and modest, just like the earthy Taurus. This is the placement she calls “home”. She loves to indulge in pleasures, and in Taurus those pleasures are generally good food, nice possessions, and relaxation, a.k.a good sleep.

These women see themselves as all-woman. They are both strong, hard-working, but also fashionable and beautiful. They see themselves as down-to-earth with a love of the finer things in life.

Taurus is an earth sign and is fixed. Earth makes them practical and material, and fixed makes them powerfully firm and rooted. They are rooted deep down into the earth.

Taurus is associated with the Bull because the bull is generally a peace-loving, earthy animal that doesn’t like to be bothered.

Venus in Taurus’s opposite sign is Scorpio.

Sleeping Beauty asleep

Speaking of “good sleep”, our lovely “Sleeping Beauty” Aurora was originally played by a Venus in Taurus. She is definitely the image of Aphrodite. Aurora was bestowed lovely “gifts” on her at birth. She was born beautiful! She was given the gifts of beauty and song. And no wonder! Taurus rules the throat, so our Venus in Taurus ladies tend to be beautiful singers or they love to sing. The voice actress brought grace to Aurora’s voice as well. Aurora is described as gentle and loving and our Venus in Taurus ladies in their most evolved state tend to be some of the sweet peas in the zodiac. Venus is the planet of love and in Taurus, she wants to be loved! Still, Taurus is a practical and cautious sign. They take their time developing romance. Aurora was quite the hopeless romantic, but since she was taught not to speak to strangers by the three fairies, Aurora stops herself from diving too deep in her relationship with Philip. Venus in Tauruses like peace and want the least amount of drama as possible. Often times, this means they take their time when jumping into relationships. They tend to get comfortable with the here and now. But this may be ideal to men who may not want to move too fast! Isn’t the lovely Aurora the epitome of Venus? Kind, elegant, and sophisticated for age 16, she represents the elegance that our Venus in Taurus women want to exude. And nothing is better than 100 years of good sleep! Our Venus in Taurus ladies can be lazy and may want to be taken care of. Basically, Aurora’s biggest role in the movie was a great sleep after she pricked her finger on the spinning wheel. Man, Venus likes it here!


Our Venus in Tauruses certainly are sophisticated. Lady from Lady and the Tramp was also characterized by a Venus in Taurus. The actress brought her lovely charm to life. Lady is exactly as her name sounds. She is quite the lady. She’s wealthy, demure, and innocently lovely, just like our Venus in Taurus women. The Tramp fell for her when he saw how beautiful of a dog she was. Lady is from a well-to-do family and so carries a sense of “class” about her. Taurus rules possessions and this can often mean money or wealth. Our Venus in Tauruses are often attracted to roles where they can be wealthy and graceful, just as the voice actress was. Lady was shown a lot of love and lived quite a comfortable lifestyle, which made her into the lady she became. Lady has the cutest charm.


Fanny Robinson from Meet the Robinsons is our lovely, motherly Venus in Taurus. She is beautiful, sweet, kind, and talented; all of the charms of Venus! She can be serious though. She’s a Venus in Taurus, an earth sign, after all, and carries Taurus’s womanly charms. And what is her main occupation? Does it have to do with music? YES. Her occupation is a music conductor, and her goal in life is to teach frogs to sing. Do I have to mention again that Taurus rules the throat? Venus is happy in a sign that centers their goals on a pleasurable, artistic activity such as singing. This woman is described as charming, so Venus doesn’t even have to work too hard to give her any.

grandmother willow

Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas is Venus in Taurus’s other motherly figure. She’s wise, sweet, loving, and caring. Taurus is an earth sign, so it’s no surprise that the Venus in Taurus voice actress was attracted to a role that was a part of nature. Our Venus in Taurus ladies are truly natural. Some of the best gifts to them may come in the form of plants, especially flowers. Our Venus in Taurus ladies are also quite wise like Grandmother Willow because they are practical and take their time with things. They are quite sensible and often give good advice. In Grandmother Willow’s case, she gives true meaning to the phrase “down-to-earth”.


Neera from Dinosaur is an example of our Venus in Tauruses that are connected to nature. Neera, like most of our Venus in Taurus ladies, is strong. She believes in the survival of the strongest. But she’s still a loving and compassionate person and will stand by her friends loyally. Our Venus in Taurus’s are the most loyal people in the world.


Of course, not all of our Venus in Taurus ladies follow the typical “beauty” and “grace” standards that possibly Aurora and Lady exude. Still, all of our Venus in Taurus ladies are popular and easily charm the crowd. Modern-day Queen Elsa has taken the world by storm in Disney’s most popular movie of the decade, Frozen. Venus is definitely happy with a young woman like Elsa! Elsa strongly represents Venus at her finest. Elsa has come to represent many women, strong and powerful, docile and feminine, and this is just the way Venus likes it; she loves to be appealing to everybody. And we can thank the Venus in Taurus voice actress that lent her charm and powerful voice to Elsa! Unlike most Disney figures, Elsa seems more womanly rather than girlish, naïve, and innocent. The voice helps. I think I mentioned over and over that Taurus rules the throat, right? “Let it Go”, the solo that made Elsa one of Disney’s biggest female stars, showed off these amazing vocal abilities. One thing I want to emphasize is how popular Elsa is. Venus loves being liked and being popular. Elsa is a very popular character because she relates well to people, just like Venus! Sure, she isn’t your typical Aphrodite, but she’s Aphrodite nonetheless. Elsa carries the reserved and austere traits that earthy Taurus carries. Earth signs are generally a bit reserved and maybe a bit rigid. Venus likes this quiet and modest sign which is so in sync with her subtle and soft nature. Unlike her sister Anna, Elsa was cautious in love. It’s not surprising she doesn’t have a love interest. I think I mentioned that Tauruses like to take their time in relationships, right? Venus in Tauruses are quite practical when it comes to romance, fashion, beauty, and even friendships. They have this natural beauty that doesn’t require much effort. Of course, despite the fact that Elsa was generally practical and reserved, Elsa liked “letting go” every once in a while. Apparently, Elsa has great taste in fashion when she “let’s go”. Elsa did all she wanted when she felt free, and what she wanted was a beautiful, glittery gown, a magnificent ice palace, and creative ice minions to do things at her command. Doesn’t that sound like the luxury-loving Taurus we all know? That reserved look can’t fool us Elsa! Venus likes to be loved and accepted, which was all Elsa wanted, too. But when Venus in Tauruses feel like outcasts, they don’t do well. Elsa ran away when her powers were revealed. Tauruses hate tense situations and would rather leave everything behind for a more comfortable situation. Tauruses loyally hold on as long as they can, which was why Elsa hid her powers in the first place. She tried to fit in. Eventually, however, she had to let it go and take it easy in order to feel comfortable in her own skin. Venus is the planet that wants us to be at peace with ourselves and to value ourselves, and in Taurus, she feels at ease with herself. Our Venus in Taurus ladies can be stubborn when it comes to this. Elsa refused to be taken back to Arendelle even by her sister Anna. She sent an ice monster on Anna to ensure that she stayed in her ice palace! Venus in Tauruses must beware of being so consumed with their own needs that they ignore the needs of others.

nancy tremaine

Speaking of Elsa, Idina Menzel, the same voice actress from Frozen, lent not only her real self for the Enchanted movie but also animated herself! She played Nancy Tremaine. Sure, in Enchanted, Nancy was not the perfect fairy tale princess, but Nancy was a real woman who dreamed of a fairy tale. Our Venus in Tauruses aren’t the fluffy romantics, but they love to be wined and dined and treated like royalty. It’s no wonder Nancy married a prince! And what a woman that prince married! She was a real woman who worked a good job and did important things. Our Venus in Taurus ladies are both strong and beautiful.


And then we have the stubborn bulls. Yes, Taurus is infamous for their bull-like qualities. Taurus’s ruling planet is Venus, so these bulls are more rooted and stuck in their ways than any other planet in Taurus! It’s generally because these people are very comfortable with themselves. Go Go Tomago from Big hero 6 is an example of our stubborn bulls. She’s strong and stoic, very much like our strong, silent Venus in Taurus women. Go Go Tomago is cool, down-to-earth, and easy to relate to. Go Go Tomago is one tough cookie. See? Not all of our Venus in Taurus ladies are stereotypical. Some are tomboyish, too! Regardless of what they wear, however, Venus in Tauruses are always cool, calm, strong, and a bit reserved. Go Go, like Elsa, also took her time forming relationships. Venus in Tauruses generally seem a bit self-contained and don’t open up easily with people they don’t know well. But once you get to know them, they are generally sweet-hearts. So even though Venus is generally not always all over the tomboyish types, she can work with them if their personalities are more grounded and cool (rather than being around the brash and outspoken types of tomboys). This cool quality was Go Go’s most charming trait. And people can’t help but admire our cool Venus in Tauruses.


Mittens from Bolt is also one of our stubborn and sassy Venus in Tauruses. The story behind Mittens is an example of Venus in Taurus’s saddest moment. Venus in Tauruses are fiercely loyal. But sadly, everyone isn’t as dedicated as they are. Thus, they often end up betrayed with loyalties being one-sided. They are generally unassuming and forgiving, so it can take them by surprise when someone betrays them. Loyalty is a strong value among Venus in Tauruses, and once you betray them, they are never the same. She became hardened and surviving became her #1 priority. Being an earth sign, our Venus in Tauruses are quiet strong. Even when life knocks them down, they know how to survive. Of course, once you lose the trust of a Venus in Taurus, it is hard to gain it back, just like in Mittens’ case when it came to humans. Venus in Tauruses naturally find it hard to warm up to people. Mittens was even a little reluctant to become friends with Bolt. She is quite down-to-earth and states things as she sees them.

cruella de vil

A word of caution for our Venus in Taurus ladies: They must beware of turning into Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. One of our Venus in Taurus ladies brought this character to life, which is really cool. She’s one of Disney’s iconic villains! But this does bring up a point about Venus in Taurus. Venus in Tauruses love the finer things in life, and many of them become fashionistas, often owning all sorts of fashions (because they just like to own things, no matter how eclectic). Cruella de Vil rolled around in her De Vil car, smoking some fancy cigarette narghile. Venus rules beauty and pleasure, and in Taurus this sometimes takes the form of clothes, big houses, fancy cars, and anything they can indulge in. Our Venus in Tauruses must be careful of their greedy side. Cruella De Vil was so used to having fine authentic fur that she would stop at nothing to add rare animal fur to her collection. Most Venus in Tauruses love nature and wouldn’t usually want to hurt animals, especially cute little puppies, but some of our Venus in Taurus ladies are more concerned with the material world and maintaining their own luxurious lifestyles that they often don’t stop to think who they are hurting in the process. Sometimes their ideal lifestyles require a lot of maintenance. They would be wise to learn to be content with less and stay away from substances that may feel good but may be bad for them, i.e. smoking.


Anastasia from Cinderella is another one of our more fashion-oriented Venus in Taurus characters. She is used to a wealthy life and often orders others around and has high demands. Again, our Venus in Tauruses must learn to be content without material things sometimes and they must overcome their lazier streaks. Still, Anastasia is more of the romantic between herself and her sister. It’s clear she just  wants to be loved. She also shows more of an interest in music, like most of our Venus in Tauruses.

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Venus in Gemini


Looking at the Disney characters our Venus in Gemini voice actresses chose to represent, we can conclude that they are various and love to try new things. While all of them vary in personality, the one trait they have in common is their strong curiosity. Our Geminis want to explore life and love. Our Venus in Geminis may often seem flighty, but they are actually really intelligent and resourceful! They definitely know how to make us all laugh.

Venus does not see Gemini as the most comfortable position for herself, but she has some things in common with Gemini. For starters, both are social and airy. Venus loves Gemini’s easy-going nature. Still, Geminis are quite independent and they aren’t known for being quiet. Pleasure for a Venus in Gemini usually comes in the form of trying new things and socializing. Venus is down for socializing, but a little uneasy when trying everything.

Women with this placement see themselves as fun, flirty, young, and vibrant. They see themselves as funny as well as intelligent.

Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury, the planet of communication. Communicating can come in various forms and so can lend various qualities. It can make them sociable, smart, funny, and thoughtful. Their Mercury signs influence how their Venus in Gemini is expressed. Mercury signs are very dependent on Sun signs. They can only be one place in front of the sun sign, identical to the sun sign, or one sign after. For instance, if the Sun is in Aries, Mercury can only be in Pisces, Aries, or Taurus, which is the sign before the sun, the sign identical to the sun, and the sign after the sun.

Again, Venus is also highly dependent on the Sun sign. It can only be two signs before the sun sign, identical to the sun sign, or two signs after.

So both planets are not too far away from the Sun.

If Mercury is in Gemini, Virgo, and some say Aquarius (though it’s not possible while Venus is in Gemini), Venus in Gemini qualities will be apparent right away. If Mercury is in Sagittarius (which isn’t possible while Venus is in Gemini), Pisces, and some say Leo, Venus in Gemini qualities won’t be apparent right away. The other signs are between the two half of the time.

No matter what sign Mercury is in, keep in mind that it is still the planet of communication.

Gemini is an air sign and is mutable. This makes them the most adaptable and most open-minded sign of all the signs.

Gemini is associated with the Twins because they have two sides to them.

Gemini’s opposite sign is Sagittarius.

princess anna

Princess Anna, one of the popular characters from the movie Frozen, is definitely fun, lively, and funny. She’s quirky and curious. In contrast with her sister, Anna was sociable and always wanted to dance at parties and meet new people. Gemini is the sign of communication and our Venus in Gemini ladies love to socialize and party which gives them the opportunity to mingle. They are anything but boring! Venus in Geminis are open to change when it comes to love. This makes them good friends to make, albeit a bit too easy-going and flighty in love. They are quite flirty and they can be fanciful romantics. Anna was yearning for change in the castle and easily allowed Hans into her life. She too quickly trusted him, but he turned out to be foul. Venus in Geminis should be careful about being to light and airy with people and should set more boundaries. But we like our fanciful Geminis! They make everything much more light, free, and exciting. While Elsa keeps up-tight and to herself, Anna lets loose and opens up to people. She’s also a good sister. Geminis are often associated with siblings, cousins, and extended family, and Anna is definitely a good sister to Elsa. She never judged her even when Elsa froze all of Arendelle. Venus in Geminis don’t hold grudges anyway. When Elsa ran away, Anna went after her. Our Venus in Geminis are independent and brave. Anna has her own mind and decided to find her sister, meeting a few helpful friends along the way. Venus in Geminis are the best at making friends!

minnie mouse

Our main Disney girl, the Queen of everything Disney, Minnie Mouse shares qualities with Venus in Geminis. Minnie’s main voice actress brings many of her sweet and intelligent qualities to life. Venus in Geminis like variety and Minnie Mouse is the mouse that transcends time because she has tried everything! What hasn’t Minnie Mouse been into? She’s quite fun-loving and intelligent and she has many hobbies. She’s another one of our hopeless romantics, and is very devoted to Mickey Mouse. She’s often seen with her best friend Daisy, so it’s clear that she’s never alone! Our Venus in Geminis hate to be alone. It’s so much more interesting to be around people, where all of the juicy stuff happens. Minnie is often described as feisty and she’s quite outspoken. Our Venus in Geminis love to talk and this often means telling things as they see it, even if it hurts.


Clarabelle Cow is another close friend of Minnie’s and carries some of the strongest Gemini traits. She’s the most sociable character in the Disney world! She loves to attend social events. She also loves shopping and especially GOSSIP. Our Venus in Gemini loves all the juicy details going on in people’s lives. It’s one of the reasons they find socializing to be so much fun. They must be really careful not to destroy people’s lives or judge others based on gossip. Clarabelle often gossips about private matters that really upset Mickey and Minnie. But she’s generally well-mannered, though she’s also rather clumsy and quirky at the same time! Our quirky Venus in Geminis are so lovable.


Tinkerbell is definitely one of the more iconic characters played by a Venus in Gemini. It’s not shocking a Venus in Gemini was attracted to her character. Geminis are always associated with the sprite, a fairy that flits from place to place. Tinkerbell is a “Tinker” fairy. Tinkers, like Tinkerbell, are curious and inventive. Gemini is an air sign. This makes them a mental sign, so they are always thinking about the world around them and inventing (or fixing) interesting things. Tinkerbell is opinionated, sassy, hot-tempered, and independent. Venus in Geminis most certainly won’t hesitate to express themselves and tend to be changeable in that expression. They do not ever hold their tongues. Tink can get a little mischievous when she’s angry or jealous, especially in love. Tinkerbell was Peter Pan’s best friend, so she was strongly jealous of Wendy. She played many mean tricks on Wendy and let bad things happen to her. Venus in Geminis don’t get jealous often, but when they do, watch out! Venus in Geminis must be careful not to cause too much trouble when they are angry with the people they love. The newest voice actress brought her voice to life in the recent films, and now we understand Tink more. Again, communication is important in the Venus in Gemini’s life. When they can’t speak, they often find more innovative ways of communicating, as Tinkerbell found a new way of speaking when she met a human for the first time. We love Tinkerbell because she’s curious and wants to explore. At one time, Tinkerbell didn’t want to be a Tinker fairy because Tinker fairies never went into the human world. That wasn’t going to sit right with the curious Tinkerbell! She used her clever wits to find her way into the human world. Our Venus in Geminis are definitely smart and beautiful!


Speaking of smart and beautiful, Queen Kida from Atlantis the Lost Empire is both of those traits strongly wrapped in one. Venus in Geminis, like Kida, are highly intelligent and catch on quickly. Thus, many learn various skills. Kida was known to not only catch on to languages quickly but was also quite skilled in combat. She would usually kill outsiders on the spot! But she was quite curious about Atlantis’s past. Our Venus in Geminis can’t resist their curiosity. Kida is normally not friendly to outsiders, but when she found out Milo could speak her language, she became his friend. It’s easier for our Venus in Gemini ladies to warm up to others when they find something in common with another, especially when that person “speaks the same language”. Kida is said to be roughly about 8,000 years old! This says something about our Venus in Gemini ladies: They are forever young and beautiful, no matter how old they get!


Our Venus in Gemini ladies are quite the leaders in their own right. Not all are flighty, but they all remain curious. Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet is quick-witted, fast-talking, and highly educated. Our Venus in Gemini ladies are also quite sharp and size up people and situations quickly. Captain Amelia is lively and vivacious, taking full advantage of her feminine physique. Venus in Geminis are advantageous with lively spirits. They are generally infectious when in a crowd. “There you go, poetry” said Captain Amelia. Venus in Geminis are good at describing things and have a smooth way with words. Thus, they tend to be great at creative writing and poetry. They can write some beautiful stories! Venus in Geminis “love to chat” and often dominate conversations. But who wouldn’t want to listen? They always have something interesting to talk about! That’s their charm!


Eema from Dinosaur is also more serious than the average Venus in Gemini. Still, she was the most light-hearted character from Dinosaur. The heaviness of the story sometimes makes it hard to see the positive, but Eema always manages to bring a joke in the mix and lighten the mood.


As I said before, Venus in Geminis are excellent at sizing people and situations up, and no one does that better than the emotion Disgust in the movie Inside Out. She always keeps a careful eye on Riley, her human body, and is highly opinionated and extremely honest. I think I mentioned how honest our Venus in Gemini ladies are. Disgust is quite sassy and will speak her mind, no matter what. This makes her cynical and sarcastic at times, but also funny because we were all thinking what she’s saying! Venus in Geminis bring that sort of laughter to the table. Her voice actress made her come alive and we all could strongly relate to her character. Even if we are trying to be nice, let’s be real, some things just disgust us. Leaves room for some juicy gossip, don’t you think?


Our Venus in Geminis are often more than just intelligent. Let’s just say they can be down-right computerized, like the robot EVE from Wall-E. Our Venus in Geminis are always up-to-date with the latest gadgets and technology. Selfie? Probably invented by a Venus in Gemini. They know all the latest slang and know what new trend is occurring, being ruled by the planet of communication. This is the friend people always want around because they feel fresh all the time. Android phones were made for them. The friendly EVE is an example of how our Venus in Geminis can be beyond-this-world techies!


Our Venus in Geminis can be tricky. They have many nice qualities, but sometimes they can be a little mischievous. Our fast-flying fairy Vidia from the Tinkerbell series is brought to life by a Venus in Gemini. Vidia can be snarky, vindictive, and tricky. She and Tinkerbell are rivals, but clearly they have a lot more in common than they think! Our Venus in Geminis, again, must be very careful of being vindictive when they aren’t happy with someone. Still, our Venus in Geminis have a good heart and sometimes the pranks they play are to teach a good lesson to those who need it. This mischievous quality makes them good at planning surprise parties for their friends! But can they keep it secret I wonder? 😉 It’s ironic that she’s a fast-flying fairy. Gemini is an air sign, and there is no better sign that can bestow “airy” gifts than Gemini. Our Venus in Gemini humans don’t literally fly, but they do often get around quite fast from place to place, especially in their cars. If Venus in Geminis love any inventions, one of them would definitely be the car…


Another one of our tricky Venus in Gemini fairies is the Pirate Fairy from the Tinkerbell series, Zarina. Like all Venus in Geminis, her charm is her feisty personality and her curiosity. She was definitely a misunderstood genius. She was once a dust fairy and was intrigued by blue pixie dust. This led to her discovering more about pixie dust. Our genius Venus in Geminis are so curious, they often want to explore things, even when those things are dangerous for them. Our Venus in Geminis must be careful getting with the wrong crowd out of curiosity, as our little dust fairy friend did when she became a pirate. Though pirates typically steal and trick others, which our Venus in Gemini ladies should be careful of, being a female pirate certainly is cool.


Venus in Geminis have such tricky qualities, you must be warned to “sweeten” your people skills before you end up like Ursula, one of Disney’s most iconic villains from The Little Mermaid. Venus in Geminis love to socialize, but they often aren’t the most caring individuals. Ursula is manipulative, crafty, but very persuasive. When she wants something, she often strikes deals with people. But many of these deals leave the other party short while Ursula benefits most. Our Venus in Geminis must be careful of being manipulative when they want something, whether fashion, a love interest, or someone’s voice, and they should be careful that they are fair in their dealings with others. The irony is that Ursula took Ariel’s voice. Communication is the most valuable thing to Venus in Geminis, which was why Ursula wanted Ariel’s voice in exchange for turning Ariel into a human. Ursula is pretty advanced for a sea creature. She doesn’t just strike deals with people; she creates contracts which bind her deal-makers into hurtful situations. Venus in Geminis must always be careful not to strike unfair bargains when dealing with people. You’re so clever, use it for good. Despite Ursula’s flaws, she has a wicked sense of humor! Our Venus in Geminis are also really good with the pet names, especially with their close friends and lovers.


Those Venus in Geminis can certainly be tricky. Taffyta Muttonfudge from Wreck-It-Ralph is an example of this. She was good at appearing charming in front of players, but behind it all, harbored a mean spirit. Some of our Venus in Gemini friends are known for having “two-faces”. They must be careful that they aren’t wearing a two-faced attitude. Being phony isn’t flattering to anyone. The good part is that Taffyta was willing to admit her mistakes in the end. Being a mutable sign, Venus in Geminis are open to changing their attitudes.

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Venus in Cancer


Our Venus in Cancer voice actresses seem to be highly attracted to some of the most humble and hard-working characters in the Disney franchise! Our Venus in Cancer characters dream big for sure, but they never lose sight of those that have supported them. They are strongly family-oriented and protective. We just love our Venus in Cancer sweet-hearts. You’ll hardly see any of them venture towards the “dark” side for too long. They care too much for people.

Venus doesn’t feel the most comfortable in Cancer, but she has many things in common with Cancer. For starters, she’s comfort-loving just like Cancer is. They both love to pamper themselves. Cancer is “yin” energy and is therefore very quiet and subtle, just like Venus. However, while Venus is more superficial and judgmental, Cancer is a little more understanding and caring. They care less about their appearance and care more about their inner qualities. Cancer is a water sign, Venus is an air planet. Venus is social, Cancer is a bit introverted. Still, they are both strong feminine energies. Cancer is ruled by the greater feminine planet, the Moon, and Venus is the lower feminine planet.

These women see themselves as kind, compassionate, sensitive, interested in fairy tales, romantic, caring, and family-oriented. They definitely love their mothers. They feel a certain connection with being a mother.

Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the planet of emotions, certain qualities will be associated with these people. Emotions can bring many different traits out of a person. It can make a person sensitive, caring, and touched or moody, snappy, and irritable. Emotions can range from sadness, to happiness, anger, to fear. Thus, these people are multi-faceted in nature. Ironically, none of the female heroines from Inside Out were portrayed by anyone with this Venus sign. XD Venus in Cancers’ moon signs influence the expression of their Venus in Cancer. Moon signs can be in any one of the 12 signs in the zodiac. But keep in mind that Moon is still the emotions. Venus in Cancer’s Moon signs influence how their Venus sign qualities will be expressed.

Cancer is a water sign and a cardinal sign. The water makes them emotional but the cardinal lends them leadership.

Cancer is associated with the crab because they tend to hold strongly to things as if they have pincers.

Cancer’s opposite sign is Capricorn.


One of Disney’s most infamous princesses, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, happens to be portrayed by a Venus in Cancer personality. Our lovely Belle is one of Disney’s greatest dreamers. Belle loves to read because books often take her away on magical adventures. Belle is a modest girl, not worrying herself with mundane activities such as marriage and provincial living. She’s far too imaginative for that! Our Venus in Cancer ladies tend to be adventurous and tend to love reading books about far-off places. They aren’t interested in boring or dull lifestyles, despite the claim that they are boring homebodies. Though they don’t always want to be married to just anyone, they are dreamy romantics and do hope to find their prince charming. Still, they are also much more practical than people realize, and Belle used her intuition and good sense when turning down Gaston. Belle found her “prince charming” in unexpected ways. Venus in Cancers tend to attract others who are underdogs and perhaps unnoticed, like the Beast. In her life, she learned to look past appearances. Venus in Cancers are often looking for lovers who are kind-hearted and sweet. Though Belle didn’t see it there before, she eventually saw these qualities in the Beast. Our Venus in Cancers tend to care how people are on the inside, not the outside. They are anything but superficial, even if they do dress nice every once in a while. Venus in Cancers are rather self-contained and don’t like to draw too much attention to themselves. Belle didn’t really care for all the flattery she received from Gaston. She was looking for someone who cared about her and her papa. Belle is also very close to her only family, her father, and she was fiercely protective of him. In fact, he was the reason she met the Beast. When her father didn’t come home from a trip through the forest, Belle went after him and rescued him from the Beast. She became a prisoner in her father’s place. After being a prisoner of the Beast, she really got the adventure of a lifetime!

snow white

Snow White is another classic princess portrayed by a Venus in Cancer. Snow White is a tender-hearted young woman, just like our Venus in Cancers. That sweet voice made Snow White the apple of everyone’s eye! Snow White was hard-working, like most of our Venus in Cancers. Despite the fact that the queen was evil and forced Snow White to work, Snow White never once judged the queen and cleaned the castle as the queen asked. Even in rags, Snow White was naturally beautiful, inside and out. Our Venus in Cancers may look beautiful on the outside, but they have such kind hearts, they are beautiful on the inside as well. Venus in Cancers care about others and they often are shown caring for something. Snow White was very close with animals. She cared about them. Venus in Cancers often love little cute animals and babies. They just have an urge to care for something! When Snow White went to live with the Seven Dwarfs, she was a motherly figure in their lives. Since Cancer rules over the home and is ruled by the greater feminine planet, they are often associated with the figurative mother. When Snow White thought she’d stumbled into a cottage for little children, she thought it was so sad the place was a wreck and attributed it to the fact they had no mother. Even after she found out the dwarfs were little men, she cooked and cleaned for them. She took very good care of the dwarfs and they couldn’t help but love her for all she’d done for them. She even told them bedtime stories. Like most Venus in Cancers, Snow White was a big dreamer and they often tell wonderful stories. She dreamed of her prince coming to find her. Most may wonder why she never went after her prince. Well, maybe because she was too shy! When the prince first met her, she ran inside her castle. I’m sure she would’ve acted the same way had she gone searching for the prince. Our Venus in Cancers try to be brave, but they are really shy around people. Even when the dwarfs found her in their bed, she somewhat hid herself behind her covers. Aww, that’s what makes them even sweeter! Of course, Snow White can be too forgiving and too caring. She never judges people on the outside, which is why she allowed the evil queen (in disguise form) into her house, though she was clearly told not to let any strangers in. Cancers are hospitable and never turn away anyone who is suffering or needs their help. But sometimes, people take advantage of these generous individuals. They must be careful with who they trust and must learn to set limits.


Tiana, Disney’s other notorious princess from the Princess and the Frog, was also a big dreamer. Tiana dreamed of opening her own restaurant, a dream her father had. Tiana is clearly family-oriented, and most Venus in Cancers are. Her parents played an important role in her life. Tiana’s life centered on following her father’s dream, and what she learns is the importance of setting aside her ambitions in order to focus on the ones she loves. Despite her focus on work, she does enjoy humor, music, quality time with loved ones, and dancing. Our Venus in Cancers are very caring and often times consume their lives with helping others, but they know how to let loose every once in a while. Ironically, Tiana was interested in opening a restaurant. Cancer, the sign of domestic living, often produces individuals who enjoy the “homey” things in life, which includes cooking and eating. Venus in Cancers love food, especially meals that remind them of “home”.  Tiana’s best friend, Charlotte is treated like a sister. Venus in Cancers treat their closest friends like family. Venus in Cancers don’t size up friends based on race, social status, or appearance. Charlotte was a wealthy white girl, but Tiana didn’t mind. This makes Venus in Cancers the best friends to ever have in your corner. It’s fitting that Tiana wants to run a business. Cancer rules the sign of nurturing, but this doesn’t always mean this quality only applies to the home and family. Venus in Cancer natives are good at nurturing or helping anything grow, including a business. Just like Tiana, they tend to be quite successful, too.


Our Venus in Cancers really do love their families. “Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind.” You guessed it! Lilo from Lilo and Stitch carries the Venus in Cancer traits very well. Home and family were two very important things in Lilo’s life. She didn’t have much family. Her sister was the only person she had until Stitch came into her life. Stitch equally didn’t have much family. Lilo may seem a bit eccentric to outsiders. She’s not a socialite. After her parents died, she separated herself from other children. She’s highly sensitive; I’m sure our Venus in Cancers can relate. However, our loony Cancers do have a quirky sense of humor! And just like all Venus in Cancers, they never judge people from the outside. Lilo didn’t mind that stitch didn’t look or act normal. She loved him anyway. She added him to the family and was fiercely protective of him, even hopping aboard a space ship to save his life.


Merryweather is one of the good fairies from Sleeping Beauty who tried desperately to protect Briar Rose (Princess Aurora) from feeling the wrath of Maleficent. Maleficent put a curse on Aurora threatening to kill her on her sixteenth birthday. The fairies offered to take the princess to a cottage deep within the forest and they fiercely protect her, raising her to be weary of strangers and dressing her plainly to hide her charms. Merryweather was the feistiest of the three fairies. She may have seemed a bit grouchy (many of our Venus in Cancers come across that way), but she was the most protective of all the fairies. She was highly against Aurora mingling with strangers and made sure that Aurora was safe. In fact, if it weren’t for Merryweather, Aurora would’ve been dead for good after pricking her finger on the spinning wheel. Merryweather was the fairy that put the spell on Aurora that would allow someone she loved to kiss her to break Maleficent’s spell. Being a single parent is rough, but Merryweather and her fellow friend fairies took on the job of both caring and protecting Aurora. That was pretty brave of them! Merryweather may be the opinionated mother, but she definitely has a good heart. Her closest friend fairies were her closest family members. Don’t our Venus in Cancers love their friends dearly?


Our Venus in Cancers do have a hard shell, being the symbol of the crab. Just like Merryweather, Sergeant Calhoun from Wreck it Ralph is one tough cookie. Not all of our Venus in Cancer women take motherly roles in the most obvious ways. But Sergeant Calhoun certainly kept her protective instincts. Being a soldier, she fought to protect her land (game) by taking up arms. Our Cancers rule the motherland or homeland, and many of these women take up arms to protect those they love. Calhoun has had quite the emotional past and our Venus in Cancers’ pasts greatly affect who they are. Despite her “hard shell”, which our Cancers are known to have, she has a big heart. She was quite attracted to Felix because of his “innocence and kindness”. And apparently, she also has a romantic side. Our Venus in Cancers really do.

judy hopps

Our latest character, Judy Hopps from Zootopia, is another one who seems to have a hard shell, but is really sweet. She has a tremendous heart and a loony sense of humor. Her kindness is often mistaken for naivety, which is very true of our Venus in Cancers, but they are not dumb at all. They can be very sensitive and emotional, just like Miss Hopps, and when they are upset you will see their wrath. Like most of our Venus in Cancers, she is protective and will do whatever it takes to defend her city. This is why she was drawn to the police force in the first place! She really wants to help people and improve the world. Judy is still really dreamy and “starry-eyed”. Most of our Venus in Cancers want to see the good in the world. It can really hurt them when things don’t turn out as ideal as they planned. The past tends to affect them in the future. Whatever happened long ago, follows them. Much of her motivation to become a police “bunny” had to do with her own past of being bullied and not being seen as an “equal”.


Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6 is proof that our Venus in Cancers are very intelligent. She happens to be one of the characters portrayed by someone with Venus in Cancer. In Big Hero 6, she was the most supportive and sympathetic friend in the film. Like most Venus in Cancers, she was hospitable and made Hiro feel at home with his new group of friends. She wasn’t shy like other Cancers, but she carries the awkwardly quirky qualities well. She was the friend who cared about everyone and kept everyone smiling, no matter what happened. Our Venus in Cancers never fail to be the sweethearts in any bunch they’re in. Again, friendship is very important to Venus in Cancers, and they literally see them as family. Because they care so much about their family and friends, they will do anything to protect them. She bravely fought off the villain in her story to protect Hiro and all of her friends.periwinkle

Periwinkle, Tinkerbell’s fraternal twin sister, also inherits the Venus in Cancer qualities. She’s just as curious and adventurous as Tinkerbell is, though she’s a bit more mature. This fairy has shown herself to be a caring and loving twin sister. She’s warm and friendly, just like all of our other Venus in Cancer ladies. As a winter fairy, Periwinkle couldn’t really cross the border to see Tink. But like most of our Venus in Cancers, she was a big dreamer. She always dreamed of crossing the border.


Our Venus in Cancers should be careful of loving “home” a little too much the point they end up lazy. Wilhelmina Packard from Atlantis the Lost Empire was played by a Venus in Cancer. Venus in Cancers aren’t always the most active individuals. They DO work hard. That’s for certain. In fact, majority of the time, most people can find them consumed with their work. They usually need to nurture something, and work allows them to care about something other than themselves. But they aren’t really active types. Venus in Cancers should also be careful of forming good habits…and not bad ones. Being ruled by the moon, it’s easy for Cancers to form habit. Wilhelmina was a chain-smoker. Be careful of forming habits that may be bad for your health. Venus in Cancer like to indulge in things and cater to their own needs, even if these “needs” are just feeding bad habits.


Many of our Venus in Cancers are highly misjudged and misunderstood. This is strongly due to their complex emotional nature. They are changeable. But they are also a bit introverted and shy as well, which can lead people into thinking they are unfriendly, passive, or untrustworthy. This is the opposite of true. Like Xion, from the Kingdom Hearts series, they may seem a little mysterious and hard to read, but actually they are some of the friendliest people around! Xion, unlike other Nobodies, expresses emotions openly and she can be highly emotional when provoked. She loves being around her friends and, in fact, they are her only family. She deeply cares about others and even gave up her life to help Sora. That’s the kind of friend you’d have around if they were your friends! Memories are a key part of her life. Ironically, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, a planet that rules over memories. Xion wanted to seek out her memories to piece together who she was. Xion had a connection with seashells. Cancer is a water sign and seashells are usually found off of the beach. Venus in Cancers also collect things that remind them of cherished times as well. Our Venus in Cancers must truly follow their intuition and never let anyone make them feel invisible. Xion is that lost Nobody character, but she made herself memorable. Venus in Cancers have the ability to stick to people’s memories.


Venus in Cancers should be extra careful that they remain open-minded. Venus in Cancers are generally hospitable. They usually take the lead as “mothers” in any group, just like the Rose from Alice in Wonderland. Still, if they sense that something about someone else doesn’t “fit” with what they are familiar with, they tend to reject them. Some Venus in Cancers should remain open to people even if certain people don’t have the same beliefs or even if someone doesn’t respect the same things they do. Venus in Cancers are highly connected with their place of birth and so it’s hard for them to warm up to foreigners. They should bring their warm qualities even to people who don’t share their customs.

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Venus in Leo


From observing our Venus in Leos, there is nothing they can’t do! Ruled by the gracious Sun, they certainly know how to do things to bring attention to themselves! They are brave, adventurous, curious, forever young, sexy, and charismatic. They are “all woman”. This is due to their confidence. They have a strong will and when they set out to do something, they do it, letting nothing stop them! This gives them a commanding presence.

Venus doesn’t feel extremely comfortable in this fire sign, but she has some things in common with Leo. Unlike Leo, Venus doesn’t gel really well with the Sun (the Sun falls in the sign she rules, Libra). Leo loves attention and is dramatic. Venus prefers to be quiet and considerate, not bringing any more attention to herself than she gives to others. Leo can be demanding, Venus is yielding and soft. Leo is proud, confident, and independent. Venus is the opposite of independent. But Venus and Leos both care very much about their appearances. They both are luxury-loving and pleasure-seeking. They are both artistic and creative. And they are both romantic.

These women see themselves as the “queen”. They see themselves as creative, fun, funny, and the life of every party. They see themselves as strong and confident. They are attracted to the glamorous in life.

Venus in Leos are ruled by the Sun, the planet of Ego, so certain qualities will be associated with these people. The ego is the “I” or self of a person. This means that many of these people may be focused on themselves quite a bit. This doesn’t always mean they will be self-centered. But this does mean they will be focused on creating themselves, developing who they are, and finding out their own capabilities much of their life. They know what they want out of life and they stick to it. They are strongly individualistic and have unique personalities. These individuals will always seem to stand out and grab attention. Venus in Leos’ Sun signs will influence how these Venus signs will be expressed.

Venus is highly dependent on the Sun, as mentioned before, and even more so when she’s in Leo. The Sun signs influence how the Venus in Leo will be expressed (these are the only Venus signs where Sun signs, often called “zodiac signs” actually play a role). Venus in Leo is only capable of having five different Sun signs, so not everyone can enjoy Venus in Leo. Sun can only be two signs before Leo, Leo itself, or two signs after Leo in order for Venus to enter Leo. Why? Because that’s how the planets are positioned in space.

If the Sun is in Leo or Aries (which isn’t possible while Venus is in Leo), Venus in Leo qualities will be apparent right away. If the Sun was in Aquarius (which doesn’t happen while Venus is in Leo), Venus in Leo qualities wouldn’t be apparent right away. Sun naturally also is uncomfortable in Libra, BUT considering Leo is ruled by the Sun and Libra is ruled by Venus, if you happen to have Sun in Libra with Venus in Leo, you’d have a mutual reception. In other words, they are ruled by each others’ planets. Venus in Leo qualities thus may be more apparent than for other positions with Leo. Still, there may be moments where these individuals surprise you.

Leo is a fire sign, which makes them leaders, but they are fixed so they are powerfully rooted as well. They are leaders and that’s never going to change.

Leo is often associated with the Lion because they are generally confident leaders, ferocious, and dramatic, as well as pleasure-loving.

Leo’s opposite sign is Aquarius.

Alice in wonderland

Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, is portrayed by a Venus in Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which often reflects the inner child inside of us. Alice was a child! Alice’s charm was being a fun, friendly little girl. Our Venus in Leos never forget their inner child, so most of them always seem young no matter how old they get. Alice was curious and adventurous, just like most of our Venus in Leos. They are quite willful, too. Alice was determined to follow that White Rabbit, even when following him seemed to cause more trouble than it was worth. Our dear Alice brought much attention to herself as a result. She was quite gregarious which was why she met so many people. Our Venus in Leos are quite the socialites and are very popular. Of course, the world was created by Alice herself. This shows the amazing creativity our Leos have. When they put their minds to something, they can create completely new worlds. Many Venus in Leos thus make excellent writers, artists, film directors/producers/screenwriters, actresses, and fashion designers. They can really be anything they want to be! They really try to be brave in every situation and they always try to speak up for themselves. When the Queen of Hearts was being unreasonable with Alice, Alice spoke up and defended herself, despite the consequences. People often can’t help but admire Venus in Leos.

wendy darling

Wendy Darling from Peter Pan was another character originally portrayed by a Venus in Leo. In fact, it was the same voice actress as Alice’s. What both characters have in common is that they are children. Again, many of our Venus in Leos are attracted to youthful roles. It’s definitely because they never lose sight of that inner child. In fact, they may want to stay young forever, where life is fun and responsibility-free! Wendy is just like our pleasure-seeking Venus in Leos. They hate dull and ordinary things. They’d rather dream of fantastical worlds, create themselves, and just have fun with life. Wendy never wanted to grow up. She went to Neverland because she loved being a child. Still, Leos also want to be important and do important things. So even though they love staying a child, many can’t wait to grow up and become important people in the world. Thus, many of our Venus in Leos have a child-like side and a very mature side. Wendy loved Neverland, but she recognized when it was time for her to go home. Our Venus in Leos are quite dramatic, aren’t they? Both Alice and Wendy wanted to be in more fun and dramatic worlds, definitely anything but ordinary! Our Venus in Leos are truly unique. I’ve also noticed that many Venus in Leos see themselves as the mother of any group. This could be because they tend to be confident leaders, tend to give very good advice, and are quite bossy.


Of course, not all Venus in Leo actresses were attracted to children. Still, most Venus in Leos have a way with children. Giselle from Enchanted certainly did! She came from a world where wishes came true and happy endings were the norm. But coming to New York City, in an entirely different universe, proved challenging for her. She was used to more positive people, and reality can be a bit negative sometimes. Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun makes people happier and “sunnier”. Most Venus in Leos prefer to look at the positive side of life. And this brings so much attention to them! This makes them attractive. People often want to bask in their warm glow. Giselle was so positive that she got everyone in the park to sing along to her love musical! She made everyone smile. That’s Venus in Leos’ charm! She was even able to charm the more realistic Robert and his daughter with her warm magnanimous glow! Giselle is also extremely romantic. Our Venus in Leos are dramatically romantic and love to be wined, dined, and the center of someone’s attention. It’s important for Venus in Leos to feel special in someone’s life. Venus in Leos are also funny. You have to admit, Amy Adams added humor to the usual Disney stereotype. Venus in Leos have such colorful worlds they can make anyone’s life happier. This is why Giselle made the perfect mother for Robert’s daughter.


Speaking of humor, Rosetta from the Tinkerbell series carries the humorous wit and charm of the Venus in Leo who originally portrayed her, Kristin Chenoweth.  Rosetta is the oldest, so she somewhat takes the lead in giving advice, especially giving beauty tips! Our Venus in Leo individuals do love to look their best! Leo is a confident and proud sign. They have their dignity to uphold. So our Venus in Leo always make sure that they look fabulous. Rosetta is quite generous. She’s often the fairy that gives make-overs to her friends, animals, and even flowers. She is a flower fairy after all! Just like all of our Venus in Leo ladies, Rosetta is creative and is very good at creating beautiful flowers. Venus in Leo people are highly attracted to glamorous people and situations. Rosetta is the kind of character that can become smitten by a prince quite quickly! I did mention they are romantic, right? And of course, no matter how old our Venus in Leos are, they never look it! Rosetta is the oldest of her fairy friends, but fairies never age, so Rosetta doesn’t look it! Our Venus in Leos certainly have an interest with Neverland, don’t you agree?


Bridget from The Wild was also one of our attractive Venus in Leos. She’s considered beautiful and funny. She’s easily pampered. Our Venus in Leos love luxury and to be pampered. Still, they want to be seen as independent and strong. She’s considered a “goddess”. Our Venus in Leos carry a lot of charisma which makes them attractive to many suitors. Though she acted like Benny was a nuisance, she really liked him. Our Venus in Leos may play hard to get, but deep down they love to be flattered and admired.


Rosie from A Bug’s Life carries the motherly and humorous qualities well, though in an unusual way. Rosie is the mother figure around the other bugs in her circus family and plays the mother figure among the ants as well.


But our Venus in Leo women are more than just motherly women and dreamy romantics, they are strong leaders. Again, they have a commanding presence. Our Venus in Leos are powerful women, often besting much of their competition at whatever they do. They prove to others that women are capable of being and doing anything they want! Colette Tatou from Ratatouille was the only female chef in her kitchen and she worked hard to prove she was capable. It’s not unusual to find our Venus in Leos in male-dominated fields. Being ruled by the greater masculine planet, the Sun, these women have so much confidence in themselves. They know they are capable of achieving great things when they put their minds to it. Colette herself is tough and assertive. Our Venus in Leos are known to be tough. They hardly let anything break them and don’t admire or respect weaknesses in others, either. Still, like Colette, they are helpful and generous, even with those who are weak. Colette was willing to help Linguini though he was clumsy in the kitchen. She even risked her career to help Linguini and Remy, a rat. She had to be extremely confident in her own abilities to do something like that!


Aqua from the Kingdom Hearts series is another example of our strong Venus in Leo females. Aqua was the only one of her friends to become a keyblade master, a title usually bestowed upon the men in the series. She beat Terra in a battle, proving that she was strong enough to overcome the darkness in her heart. Ironically, Leo rules the heart. Venus in Leos have strong, big hearts. Their will is unbeatable. They firmly believe in whatever it is they believe in and they stick by what they want. Aqua stuck to her own ideas about light and darkness. This strong will allowed her to help her friends and save the different worlds all throughout her story.

Tiff 10000x4184, 4 channel image

Our Venus in Leos are rare gems in the world. Their abilities and personalities are second to none. Maybe that’s why a Venus in Leo was so attracted to the role of a Porsche 911 Carrera named Sally Carrera from Cars. Sally is quite the exquisite car for her time. Sally was once a high-powered attorney, but she left that fast lane life and moved to Radiator Springs. She became an attorney in the small town and worked on preserving the town’s historical beauty (which actually is based off of the original Route 66 historical road). She plays quite a sophisticated role. She used her money to buy the Cozy Cone motel and restored it back to good condition. She definitely shows that females are capable of doing anything they put their minds to! Our Venus in Leos tend to take the lead in many projects like this. They always involve themselves with new ventures and never waste any of their talents or gifts. Ruled by the Sun, the planet of leadership and the role model, they definitely set the pattern for others to follow. I did mention our Venus in Leos are romantic, right? And they tend to be attracted to the celebrities, too! Venus in Leos love luxury, and a big celebrity partner promises a comfortable and glamorous lifestyle. Though Sally could hold her own financially, Lightening McQueen, a race car, did make her life a little more glamorous than it was.

the queen

It’s true that our Venus in Leos are leaders. In fact, they are born to be queens! The Queen from A Bug’s Life was played by a Venus in Leo. Unlike her daughter, she is more confident and relaxed in her role as Queen. She’s able to laugh at herself. Though she generally takes things lightly, and was relatively nice to Flik, there were certain things she couldn’t tolerate, such as deception. Venus in Leos hate liars!


Of course, not all of our Venus in Leos are extremely strong. Our Venus in Leos can be melodramatic just like they can be dramatically positive, especially if their Sun sign is in a water sign, considering Leo is ruled by the Sun (In Sadness’s case, her Sun sign has everything to do with this). Most of our Venus in Leos would like to be happy mostly, but sometimes they believe in openly expressing themselves and not hiding who they really are. That includes their feelings. Sadness from Inside Out was played by a Venus in Leo. Sadness really wants to prove her place among the other emotions, but it’s hard to understand her. Most people don’t understand how important it is for humans to be sad. Still, despite her sadness, she is compassionate, thoughtful, and kind, like most of our Venus in Leos.

daisy duck

Yet, despite our Venus in Leo’s good-natured hearts, our Venus in Leos can be type-A, executive personality types. This is mostly because they are confident they have the most efficient way to do everything. Still, they can be rather bossy and pushy with bad tempers. Daisy Duck is such a character. She was always a loyal, loving girlfriend, like most of our loyal Venus lionesses. But sometimes, she’s so high maintenance and demanding, she nags at Donald to try and change him into what she thinks he should be. Our Venus in Leos must be careful that they don’t set their standards so high. They must learn to ease up and not be so pushy. Daisy also loves the spotlight and is competitive. Our Venus in Leos definitely want to be the best. But they must be careful they don’t let that inner diva shine too brightly. Not everyone can handle their need for attention and many may feel more annoyed by their presence rather than appreciate it. Still, like Daisy, Venus in Leos are fashion-forward and fun-loving! They also really care about their friends and will do anything to help a friend in need.


Last thing to remember about our Venus in Leos are their seductive charisma. This seductive charisma can be sexy and entrancing. But if not channeled well, these seductive charms can be used manipulatively. Jessica Rabbit, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, happens to be one of our seductive Venus in Leos, but she used these powers well. She is sexy, voluptuous, and steamy hot. This woman may come across like a femme fatale, and she seemed like the woman responsible for her husband’s misfortune. But she was actually extremely loyal to him and cared about him. She liked him because he made her laugh, which is a sure way to a Venus in Leo’s heart! Our Venus in Leos tend to be highly attractive to the opposite sex because they radiate confidence and know how to bring attention to themselves. Jessica knew how to sing and dance to heat up a crowd! But our Venus in Leos, no matter how flirty or flattered they are by other suitors, would never cheat or step out on their relationships. They are decisive and know what they want. Still, who can deny their boiling charisma? They should be a little more careful about their “innocent” flirting. It can get them into a lot of trouble. Not everyone appreciates that.


Mirage, from The Incredibles, was portrayed by a Venus in Leo, and she was also quite seductive. But unlike Jessica Rabbit, she was the definition of femme fatale. She used her powers of persuasion to influence Mr. Incredible to return to his super hero work, which caused problems with his family. In this case, sometimes Venus in Leos can use their charisma and charms for evil if they aren’t careful. They must be careful not to take what is someone else’s and must be careful not to wreck people’s homes. They must be careful to avoid wanting power over others and they must learn to temper some of their luxury-loving sides just a bit. Venus in Leos may want to look attractive, but they must be careful that they focus on their inner qualities because those are just as beautiful as the qualities on the outside. And still, when they become aware of these charms, they should always try to remember not to use these qualities for selfish gain.

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Venus in Virgo


Our Venus in Virgo voice actresses can surprise you! They are independent thinkers, helpful, youthful, and intelligent! Because of this, they actually tend to make excellent leaders. Our Venus in Virgos can be interested in love sometimes, but they are fully capable of handling themselves!

Venus is entering its sign of fall when it enters Virgo. Again, like with Aries, this doesn’t mean they aren’t lovable, charming, attractive, or interested in love. However, this placement is very limiting for Venus. Virgo is not totally opposite Venus like Mars’s sign Aries. But Virgo is a practical earth sign and is ruled by Mercury. Therefore, Venus isn’t as glamorous when she’s in this sign. Venus is the planet of pleasure and love. Virgo is the Virgin. This doesn’t always take a sexual tone. It can often mean independent or unmarried, which can be equal to a prostitute or single mother. In any case, Virgo doesn’t really need a partner all the time. Virgo is hard-working and practical, wanting to efficiently do everything themselves because they are perfectionists. Venus is lazy and co-dependent. Virgo is picky which makes it hard for Venus to find a lover easily. Virgos are shy and particular, so they don’t open up to everyone, so it’s hard for the charms of Venus to show. Venus can be romantic and fanciful, but Virgo is always realistic when thinking about relationships, love, and pleasure. In fact, Virgos often sacrifice pleasure. They work hard to help others and find pleasure in the simplest of things. But like Venus, Virgos do want to be loved. Virgo is concerned about keeping a neat, understated appearance which Venus can appreciate. Virgo and Venus have a lot in common, but trying to get Venus to come out is much harder in this sign than with others. Venus in Virgos must learn to let their guards down and let loose on some of the demands on their invisible checklists.

Still, Venus must enter Virgo and Virgo has a lesson to teach the Goddess of Pleasure: the value of hard work. When Venus enters Virgo, she learns that her charms and good looks can’t get her everything in this world. Sometimes, charm is more appealing and worth it when someone has worked hard to improve on themselves and worked to develop those charms. Pleasures are more enjoyable when we have the satisfaction of knowing we worked for it. Relationships are not all about romance and physical, emotional, and mental satisfaction, but it is also a duty that requires both parties to work hard to make it work. When Venus enters Virgo, she begins to notice the little things a person does rather than the overt romantic things. She notices when her lover carries her items, helps with chores, or fixes something she needs fixed. She’s satisfied when her beau simply notices when she does the littlest things. Telling a Venus in Virgo that you like the way her eyes glitter in candlelight and how she wrinkles her nose when she smiles are detail-oriented comments that show her you’re paying attention to her and that you appreciate her. If she has that, she doesn’t really need a fancy date or someone with a lot of money. Still, when Venus in Virgo doesn’t feel those little things are noticed, her demands increase and she tends to be fussy about everything. Overall, though, she’s generally humble. The vain Venus can learn a lot from Virgo, the intelligent one, the one who is expert at the art of life and love.

Women with this placement see themselves as “real” women. They see themselves as intelligent. They see themselves as different from the “ideals” society places women under. These women see themselves as independent, as women who can take care of themselves, and as women who question things.

Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication. Communication can come in various forms, but overall it makes these individuals curious, talkative, analytical, intelligent, and funny. Mercury signs are very dependent on sun signs. The Mercury signs can only be one sign before the Sun sign, identical to the Sun sign, and one sign after. If the Sun is in Virgo, for example, Mercury can only be in Leo, Virgo, or Libra. Venus in Virgos’ Mercury signs will influence how they express their Venus sign.

Again, Venus is also dependent on the Sun, only being two places before the sun sign, identical to the sun sign, or two places after.

If Mercury is in Gemini (which isn’t possible while Venus is in Virgo) , Virgo, or some say Aquarius (which also isn’t possible while Venus is in Virgo), Venus in Virgo qualities will be more apparent. If Mercury is in Pisces (which isn’t possible while Venus is in Virgo), Sagittarius, and some say Leo, then Venus in Virgo qualities won’t be as apparent.

Virgo is an earth sign and is mutable. They are practical and material, but they are adaptable and changeable. This makes them efficient workers. They can work anywhere doing anything.

Virgo is often associated with the Virgin. This is because the Virgin has always been associated with pure, angel-like creatures and Virgos tend to expect things to be perfect in many ways, without any mistakes.

Virgo’s opposite sign is Pisces.


One of our biggest Venus in Virgo characters is Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Bright, curious, and intelligent, Ariel wanted to see the human world. She was quite fascinated with human life and added many of their items in her grotto. You can call her grotto her personal study. Our Venus in Virgos love to learn, being ruled by planet Mercury, and they are interested in “gadgets and gizmos”. It’s also not surprising that Ariel wasn’t satisfied with her life in the ocean Virgos can be quite critical, so it’s not hard to imagine them seeking “perfection” elsewhere. This story ironically coincides with one of the actual stories behind Virgo! Click the link for more on the story —> http://venussigns.wix.com/zodiacsigns#!planets-in-virgo/c11x

Though Virgos are thinkers, they still tend to be rather naïve. Venus in Virgos often tend to live rather simply and tend to be attracted to a simple way of life. They don’t often have too much contact with others. They should be careful not to get mixed up with the wrong company as a result. It’s not ironic that a Venus in Virgo was attracted to a teen role. Mercury gives youth to the signs it rules over. Virgos tend to be attracted to the teen years because it’s the biggest stage when it comes to learning about the world and connecting with it. Not quite adults, not quite children, the teen years are a time to explore. The Venus in Virgo who liked this role said she chose it at the time because Ariel’s feelings were very real and related to real teenagers at the time. The Merpeople weren’t just Merpeople. They related to human life. Our Venus in Virgos are interested in reality, and mostly relate to things that seem realistic. Ariel had something very real about her, though she was a mermaid. This was her charm. Ariel was an independent thinker, and though she didn’t initially want to go to the surface for a love interest, she found a stronger resolve. See, our Venus in Virgos love just as strong as other people. Still, like Ariel they must be more confident in themselves. Ariel was in love with a human and she didn’t feel she would be able to win Eric as a mermaid. This caused her to make a deal with Ursula, the sea witch. Ironically, the fish creature has always been associated with Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces. But a Venus in Virgo chose the fish creature that stood out from the other mermaids. It was a character that longed for a more “human” existence rather than a longing for the sea. She had a desire to experience the “sensual pleasures” of the earth, and wasn’t quite pleased with underwater adventures. Virgo is an earthy sign, and they love to feel the “sand in their feet” and eat exquisite foods as much as any other earth sign. Venus in Pisces might have been more interested in the sea rather than a human existence! Still, it’s not unusual for signs on the axis to be attracted to their opposite signs.


Pocahontas is another example of Venus in Virgos. The Venus in Virgo voice actress was attracted to Pocahontas because she was inspired from a real figure. Of course, the story is not exactly as it was in history. But the situation was very real as experienced by many indigenous people of the time. Pocahontas, just like Ariel, was curious and intelligent. She was also highly attracted to someone who was so different from her. Pocahontas didn’t want to marry Kocuom. She was very particular about the person she wanted in her life. She was more drawn to John Smith, someone she could learn from and teach. Someone who had the same spirit of adventure she had. Pocahontas was an independent thinker, like so many of our Venus in Virgos. Is the river steady? No, it’s always changing and flowing! Virgo is a mutable sign, and they are always changing! Venus in Virgos tend to be drawn to nature. Pocahontas was always close to nature and let nature, like Grandmother Willow, guide her and give her wisdom. One thing to note about Pocahontas is that she had a woman-like quality about her, despite her interest in mischief. Our Venus in Virgos might seem a little naïve, but they are an earth sign. This makes them carry a bit of maturity about them.


Speaking of youth, Boo from Monsters Inc. was played by a Venus in Virgo. Considering she was just a small child, she didn’t have a completely fleshed out personality. But the Venus in Virgo trait of curiosity was still present! Boo was quite the curious and independent thing, stepping into a foreign world just like Pocahontas and Ariel! And Boo was quite feisty and strong, just like the other Venus in Virgos. Like most Venus in Virgos, she liked the people who were fun to be around and didn’t care that they were monsters. Venus in Virgos aren’t superficial. They prefer a real friend to an attractive friend. And they are true blue friends! No act, no phoniness. All real.


Jenny Foxworth from Oliver and Company, another youthful character, was also played by a Venus in Virgo. She carries the humble, caretaking qualities Virgo is known for. Virgo is a service-oriented sign, and she took good care of Oliver. She was worried and upset when he is taken from her. She didn’t have many friends and felt lonely without her parents. But when she had Oliver, she was a devoted friend. This is how Venus in Virgos are with anyone they love. Jenny isn’t just sweet, but she’s quite fashionable, too. Our Venus in Virgos have very elegant taste and they often like to look perfect.

fairy godmother

I think I should mention that Venus in Virgos tend to be attracted to our helpful little fairies. Venus in Virgos like to solve problems and they have plenty of advice to give. The Fairy Godmother from Cinderella was portrayed by a Venus in Virgo. She watched over Cinderella and came to her aid when Cinderella needed her most. Our Venus in Virgos make very useful and helpful friends. Whenever you’re in a pinch or it’s an emergency, Venus in Virgos will be there to fix everything and make it better. Don’t have a dress? Venus in Virgo will whip up something out of their closet or take an emergency trip to the store. Don’t have a ride? They’ll use their resources to get you there!

flora sleeping beauty

Flora from Sleeping Beauty is also a little helpful Venus in Virgo fairy. When Maleficent cast a spell on Princess Aurora, it was Flora’s idea to save Aurora by taking her deep into the forest and hide out as a normal human being taking care of a peasant child. This idea worked for 16 years. Our Venus in Virgos are superbly intelligent and resourceful! Flora was practical and used her good brain to live life without magic. She was the single mother, often depicted as the Virgin. She was very thorough in her idea. Also, as mentioned before, our Venus in Virgos tend to be good leaders.

the blue fairy

The Blue Fairy from Pinocchio was also a helpful fairy portrayed by a Venus in Virgo. She was kind enough to grant Gepetto’s wish to make Pinocchio into a real boy. But like most Venus in Virgos, she valued hard work. Pinocchio had to prove that he could be a good little boy. She brought Pinocchio to life and allowed Jiminy Cricket to be Pinocchio’s conscience. More than once, The Blue Fairy got Pinocchio out of a pinch. Her test may have seemed arduous, but in the end Pinocchio became a better person. The Blue Fairy was very good with bringing out the best in others. And the hard work of the characters was rewarded. The Blue Fairy was highly moral and she upheld strict standards of conduct. Some of our Venus in Virgos believe in doing what is right. They don’t often admire people who behave in crude and rude ways. They hope to meet friends and lovers who are generally good people, humble, and modest in their dealings with others.


Venus in Virgos are really helpful friends. Gypsy from A Bug’s Life was played by a Venus in Virgo and was very helpful to Flik, helping him to scare off the grasshoppers and protecting her husband, Manny. She was very hard-working, like most of our Venus in Virgos, and in fact, was the best act in the circus!


Despite what anyone says, and despite the fact Venus feels limited in the sign of Virgo, Venus in Virgos can be very attractive. They are often attracted to roles where they play teenagers and their charms tend to be similar to the charms of a teenager no matter how old they get. Roxanne from A Goofy Movie has the beautiful charms that our Venus in Virgos exude. Because they are perfectionists, they do demand a lot from themselves socially and physically. Roxanne was one of the most popular girls in the school and her best friend was Student body President.  She seems pitch perfect. She was quite kind and friendly, despite the fact that Max did very silly things to impress her. Like most of our Venus in Virgo ladies, it’s the little things they like in a person, and Roxanne liked Max for one of his quirkiest qualities: his goofy laugh.


Our Venus in Virgos can be sweet, demure, and humble, just like Grace from Home on the Range. She is happy-go-lucky and likes to stay positive. Venus in Virgos have no room for frowning and over-emotional, depressing scenes. She is the peacemaker among her friends. Some of our Venus in Virgos are often the reasonable ones among the raucous. They are good at finding solutions to problems, just like Grace. It’s not surprising that a Venus in Virgo person was attracted to a farm animal. Virgo is an earth sign after all! They are connected to the natural world. They like the simple things in life. And like most of our Venus in Virgos, they hold their own as single ladies. Grace didn’t need a man to help her win the farm. With the help of her fellow ladies, she was able to save her place of residence. Our Venus in Virgo ladies are truly independent!

Despite her ditzy manner, she was actually quite intelligent and practical. She was also not as easily manipulated as the other cows were.


Joy, the leader of the emotions in Inside Out was played by a Venus in Virgo, and she’s quite youthful. Our Venus in Virgos can be really strong, positive, and give good advice. They are mercurial. Therefore, they look at things from a logical point of view. Like most of our Venus in Virgos, they are helpful. Joy tries her best to make Riley happy, sometimes even sacrificing her own “happiness”. Of course, our Venus in Virgos should learn not to expect everything to go perfectly and should appreciate the little imperfections in a person’s life. Joy never wants Riley, her human self, to feel sad. Thus, she’s hard on the other emotions and especially treats Sadness like an outcast. From a logical point of view, she doesn’t understand the importance of Sadness. Sometimes, our Venus in Virgos can be so logical and so focused on the details of now, they miss the big picture. Joy had to learn to let go once in a while and not try to make everything so perfect. There is a place for the imperfect as well as the perfect…if we ever reach that point.


Our Venus in Virgos have flaws, but they are very aware of this. Still, I have a word of caution for them anyway. Our Venus in Virgos, as simple as they are, can end up being some of the most demanding perfectionists. Venus in Virgos don’t always demand luxuries, but when they do demand something, they want it immediately and they want things done “correctly”. The Queen of Hearts from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland was first portrayed by a Venus in Virgo. The Queen of Hearts wanted everything to go her way. There was no other way. Just like Joy, the Queen of Hearts is intolerant and bossy. Venus in Virgos must be careful not to act like they have all the answers and must learn to tolerate mistakes or imperfections without, well, cutting off other people’s heads!


Drizella from Cinderella was also portrayed by a Venus in Virgo. She’s another example of how far Venus in Virgos can go with their demanding streak. Venus in Virgos tend to be attracted to villains like her. She’s vain, snobby, and critical. She gave poor Cinderella an even harder time than her sister. Venus in Virgos must try not to pick people apart, especially people they don’t like too much.


Our Venus in Virgos must learn to let a little morality, compassion, and feelings into their wave of thinking. Joy wasn’t the only one with this problem. Helga Sinclair from Atlantis The Lost Empire would’ve done better if she’d followed her feelings rather than material things. Helga had very admirable qualities. She was a skilled coordinator and drill instructor. She is highly skilled in combat, excellent with firearms, and level-headed in a crisis, like most of our Venus in Virgos. This was no small attribute, considering the year was 1914! Most women of the time had no military experience. She definitely didn’t live life like the average woman in 1914! She was quite accomplished. Though she was married in 1907, she made indications that she became a widow in 1908. This made her a single working woman, which is quite admirable. Still, Helga had a no-nonsense approach to situations and was unapologetic for what she’d done to Atlantis. Though she showed some remorse towards the end, if she’d thought about the lives of the people around her, she wouldn’t have been involved in creating a disaster. Venus in Virgos must be careful not to become too militant when dealing with situations involving other people. They must ease up on being so commanding.


Larxene from Kingdom Hearts is another example of our commanding Venus in Virgos. Our Venus in Virgos must be careful not to exude her qualities, though she has her own charms. Larxene is the only female in Organization 13. Larxene can be quite sadistic. She’s generally mean just for the pleasure! Our Venus in Virgos tend to be very critical of people and sometimes they can be mean. If Venus in Virgos dislike someone or something, they tend to be extra sharp with what they say. Venus in Virgos must work more on their people skills and try to be polite even to people they don’t know well and even to people they’ve sized up as “bad company”. Venus in Virgos can be quite judgmental. It would help them to show a little more understanding and compassion. They must really work on putting themselves in someone else’s shoes.

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If there are any other characters I’m missing, let me know in the comments’ section below! I mostly focused on characters that appeared in ANIMATED FEATURE FILMS or VIDEO GAMES, nothing on Disney Channel. sorry. :/

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