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The Civil Equality Tests

29 Nov


Previously, I created a Bly Test and Socrates Test to improve gender relations, and create a more “equal” experience in media. These tests were based off of the Bechdel Test, a test known to create a more equal and fair female movie experience, but is very vague in it’s standards. You can click the links on “Bly Test” or “Socrates Test” to learn more about them…

But lately, the topic seems to be about race and ethnicity. Ever since the Michael Brown case, racial issues have resurfaced into a second “black-power” movement of sorts. Many of the issues center around racism. Though I believe the Michael Brown case had little to do with race, more on that here —>Michael Brown case issue<—, the topic of race was bound to show up sometime in this century. It has been boiling up for years.

Because it has shown up, I realized how tense relations between the many ethnic groups are. The issue is that neither side understands the other, and neither side wants to. The protests show that many ethnic groups, particularly the Caucasian and African American groups, do not trust each other. And yes, I say each other. Neither sides want to be caught up in a race issue, and yet both sides can’t seem to rise above the issue.

Racism still exists, true enough. There are white people out here who hate black people just because they are dark-skinned. There are white people who are closed-minded and think they are better than other ethnic groups. There are white people who believe the European way of doing things is, was, and always will be the superior way of living.

On the other hand, there are some black people who have a difficult “character” to deal with. Many prefer to solve their problems with aggression and violence. And many black people don’t trust any white people and so will find racism in every little thing. That could be challenging for a white person who really isn’t racist. Some black people don’t want to like white people, and want to live their life in hatred. Some have developed racist attitudes themselves (yes, it’s possible for a black person to be racist).

Yet, black issues, even without racism, are ignored. What is resurfacing is something that hasn’t been truly weeded out at the origin. Race issues have only been touched on the surface, but the deeper psychological scars haven’t been healed. Grandmothers are still alive to tell their stories. It still affects the children of today, if even in small ways. Yes, the slaves have been free for hundreds of years. Yes, the civil rights era was over 50 years ago. But were the issues truly resolved at the core? At the deep psychological core?

Because this issue still persists, and because the races still have tension, neither side will cross that dividing line of trust. The real issue lies within. How do we view each other? This issue is even more intense than the division between men and women.

In order to root out racism, one must have insight. Hatred is an internal thing that may not be visible. A superiority complex is something that is bred deep within. The true meaning of racism is to think one race is superior to another. This can be done from all sides. Sometimes, the affect is so deeply-rooted, we may not even realize it is there until we are tested.

This test is to check to see if all of us, we as people, have any hidden inner racist ideas, and to help us become more open-minded to other races. This may not be the overall answer, but it could be the start of healing racial tension.

I’m calling this test the “Civil Equality” Test. This test will push a more equal mind-set in people in a civil way by allowing people to reflect and think about other nationalities outside of their own. This will also rule out any self-hatred. For once, imagine being a different ethnicity for a day. How would you think? How would you feel? What would you do in your daily life? These are simple questions that a person with true understanding of another could answer.

This test may be controversial in nature, and I hate to step myself into racial issues. I like all people. I’m African American, and I’m obsessed with Asian culture. But as such, it’s even more important that I step into this issue.

One may argue that one race could never understand another race. But if we have that attitude, how can we ever resolve racial issues? How can we ever find peace among each other? We all live on this Earth, we can’t escape each other. Understanding is the key to ending war among people…Unless of course you enjoy and thrive on war…Then, you may have some other mental issues you have to work through…


This test works differently from the Bechdel Test, the Bly Test, and the Socrates Test. This test will pose a series of questions for each person to reflect on and answer. If you can answer ALL of these questions, then your mind is open to learning about other nationalities. This means you are NOT racist, because you don’t think your own ethnicity so superior that you are not willing to try to understand other ethnicity groups. If you can only answer half of these questions, you may be interested in other ethnic groups, but you only care about your own people and are only interested mostly in things that reflect you personally. You may have hidden prejudices or may ignore races you don’t feel fit in your world. If you can’t answer ANY of the questions, you have a hidden superiority complex and are a hidden RACIST. You might want to make friends or associate with different kinds of people so you can understand people outside of your small range of understanding…

So, here come the questions…Not that this should be the ONLY thing that decides whether a person is open to understanding others, but I think this test will be pretty basic. If you can pass this test, you have a start. Even a child could pass this test. So are you ready? Here goes.

1) What is Your Favorite Movie Where one African/Black descendant Male AND one Female Stars as a Main Character

Then name a music artist

Cartoons are included, by the way.

I will begin with this for starters, since this is my own ethnicity, and I will give an example, just to show you how this works. As an African American, I have plenty of knowledge on African American media, so obviously this would be the first to answer. It’s best to start with your own nationality to rule out self-hatred.

I know one African American woman who hates all black media. She never has a good reason why…I sense some self-hatred.

My favorite movie where black males starred are Friday, The Brothers, Bad Boys, Good Burger, and White Chicks. I enjoy all of the Madea movies. My favorite movie where a black female stars is The Princess and the Frog. I also enjoyed CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story and Akeelah and the Bee. I also love 2 Can Play that Game. I also loved Why do Fools Fall in Love and The Color Purple. I loved Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, starring Brandy. I also liked College Road Trip.

Favorite male music artists are Omarion, Usher, Ne-yo, Dru Hill, Chris Brown, Tony! Toni! Tone!, The Jacksons, Prince, Stevie Wonder, The Gap Band, and New Edition. Favorite female music artists are Rihanna, Tamia, Janet Jackson, Monica, Brandy, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, En Vogue, Toni Braxton, and TLC.

See how easy that was? You don’t have to name two, but if you can name more than one, you are really interested in thinking outside of your own realm. If you can name more than one in your own ethnicity, you do not suffer from self-hatred in any way, as you can relate to your own ethnic experience and are not ashamed to watch entertainment geared towards your own target audience.

2) What is Your Favorite Movie Where one Caucasian Male AND one Female Stars as a Main Character (name at least one that is Jewish, too)

Then name a music artist

I know there are plenty to choose from, but it’s still something to consider.

My favorite movie where a Caucasian male stars is Pirates of the Caribbean and all of the Harry Potter series. I also love Stepbrothers and Bedtime Stories. My favorite movie where a Caucasian female stars is A Series of Unfortunate Events. I also enjoyed Hunger Games and Tomb Raider. I also loved The Golden Compass. I absolutely love Annie, Psycho, and all of the American Girl movies.

My favorite male Caucasian artists are Panic!At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, A7X, Justin Timberlake, Adam Lambert, Backstreet Boys, Jesse McCartney, ColdPlay, Robin Thicke, Eminem. My favorite female Caucasian artists are Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Lillix, Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga, Pink, Adele, Demi Lovato, Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Amy Lee, Hayley Williams, and Miley Cyrus.

3) What is Your Favorite Movie Where one Hispanic/Latino Male AND one Female Stars as a Main Character

Then name a music artist.

My favorite movie where a Hispanic/Latino male stars is The Legend of Zorro. But I’m afraid I don’t watch enough of Spanish media. 😦 I need to open my mind more…

My favorite movie where a Hispanic/Latino female stars is Gotta Kick It Up and the Cheetah Girls series. I also loved The Princess Protection Program.

I ought to be ashamed of myself. I should have more knowledge of Spanish media. 😦 You see how honest you have to be with yourself? It takes a lot of courage to have insight.

Perhaps others can recommend some movies where Spanish-speaking individuals star, and excuse my ignorance.

My favorite male Hispanic/Latino music artists are Daddy Yankee, Fat Joe, Miguel, Enrique Iglesias, and Mario Vazquez. My favorite female music artists are J.Lo, Prima J., Selena, Paula DeAnda, Nina Sky, and Adrienne Bailon.

4) What is Your Favorite Movie Where one Asian Male AND one Female Stars as a Main Character

Then name a music artist.

My favorite movies where Asian males starred are Prince of Tennis Chinese live action, Detective Conan live action, Mushishi live action, Fashion King, and Rush Hour. My favorite movies where Asian females starred are When Love Walked In, Mulan, and To The Beautiful You.

My favorite male music artists are Gackt, Shinee, Suju-Henry, Got7, Se7en, Show Luo, Bi-Rain, Jo Kwon, George Nozuka, and Mike Shinoda. My favorite female music artists are BoA, Utada Hikaru, f(x), Keiko Lee, Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Jade Valerie, Kristine Sa, and Jolin Tsai.

5) What is Your Favorite Movie Where one Middle Eastern/Indian/Islamic/ Israeli Male AND one Female stars as a Main character

Then name a music artist.

My favorite movie where a Middle Eastern stars is Million Dollar Arm. Unfortunately, I don’t know too many movies with women starring as leads. 😦 I need to open my mind here.

My favorite male artist is Tarkan. My favorite female artists are Tina Sugandh, Natacha Atlas, Nawal Al Zoghbi, M.I.A, Super Woman and Humble the Poet, and Samira Said.

6) What is Your Favorite Movie where one Indigenous/Native Male AND one FEMALE stars as a Main Character 

Then name a music artist

My favorite movie where a female stars is Pocahontas. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many that I know here, either. I really need to learn more about other cultures.

My favorite female music artist is Lucy Idlout. I don’t know any Native/Indigenous male artists, unfortunately. 😦

So, you see? This one simple examination can reveal how open-minded a person really is. It can also reveal how open-minded media is in representing all kinds of people. Hopefully this sort of test opens people’s minds. Just doing it myself made me realize where I was lacking.

You can bring these questions to other categories, such as literature and television shows. Then you may really be able to open your minds. It’s also healthy to know about at least one historical figure that’s of a different nationality other than your birth nationality. When we can open our minds, and learn about others, we become less racist in our own minds. After all, racism begins as a mentality.


Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the test. If you’re not too shy, perhaps you can share with me some of your favorite movies with different ethnic groups.



U.S. Nylon Covers Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and F(x)’s Krystal: Korea’s Fashion Queens

14 Jun


The Jung sisters, as they are called lately, have been a popular topic since news spread that they had a little project in the works: their new reality show, which began airing on June 3, 2014. It is airing on the OnStyle Network, and captures the natural lives of the two sisters.

The Jung sisters have been so much of a hot topic that both Nylon’s Korean and U.S. reporters have covered their story, along with snapping some beautiful pictures for the cover of the magazine and for inside viewing as well.

In the interview with Nylon, the Jung sisters mentioned how they have a reputation for being “arrogant” and “blunt”. I do recognize this reputation. Jessica and Krystal are both often called “Ice Princesses”, and not just because Krystal knows how to ice skate!

During an ice skating variety show, Krystal was attacked for being a little “blunt” with the ice skating director that was trying to help her improve her ice skating. Krystal is also often taken the wrong way because she rarely smiles. Her reason: She hates her smile. Jessica has also been called a little “scary” because of her decisive and take-charge personality (People tend to think F(x) Amber is a little scared of Jessica).


I will admit that Krystal and Jessica always try to be themselves. Their dorky, lovable selves. And thus, they sometimes end up coming across completely normal. Sometimes, normal isn’t always putting on a smile, being friendly, or stating opinions people agree with. I, myself, am not always smiling. I have days where I just don’t want to care. But, of course, I try to be polite to people, even if I don’t know them. Fortunately for myself, I don’t have to deal with people day in, day out. They DO. I can see how this can be a challenge.

Due to this reputation, the sisters decided to give a reality show a shot to show people how “sincere” they really are.

There are more juicy details translated for everyone here: Jung sisters with Nylon

At the end of the day however, one can only respect the Jung sisters. They do their jobs well.

Girls’ Generation, the 9-member, all-girl group, sits heavenly on their thrones as the reigning queens and goddesses of modern K-pop. Girls’ Generation is the first K-pop group to have American artists reach major stardom. They have sparked the female dance-pop group craze. They have a cute, feminine, and innocently sexy concept that many K-pop groups have imitated. They popularized the “Jegi-kicking dance” in Korea. Girls’ Generation shows the world Korea’s beauty through almost a dozen girls. Trust me, they have a lot of male fans. This group is considered one of the pioneers of the Hallyu Wave in Korea. They were the first female K-pop group to receive Western attention, possibly, thanks to their English-speaking members. Girls’ Generation is a very beautiful girl group, but they also have lovely voices and significant dancing abilities.

F(x), on the other hand, is a 5-member, all-female group (now 4), currently known for being quirky and experimental. F(x) is the group that music critics rave over. F(x) is an edgier group and is often compared to the boys’ groups rather than the girls.  F(x) is heavily known for their boyish charms, their unusual concepts, and unique sound. Their music is distinctly different, but highly expressive, and often, personal. They are also known to be less focused on beauty, and more focused on expressing their talents, even though they have beautiful girls in their group. F(x) is a multi-talented group. Some members are super flexible and can perform flips! Others play piano, Krystal being one of them, and others play guitar! There are even some song-writers and composers in the group. They are less sexualized and more…individualistic. You’ll never see them dressed alike. F(x) is also known for their powerful charisma. F(x) was SM’s first major multinational female group (3/5 members aren’t from Korea, and 2/5 aren’t of Korean heritage).

Despite their significant differences, both groups have garnered a huge international following, and have set many trends in the K-pop industry. To add, both were once backed by the “powerhouse” label SM Entertainment, so they are from sister groups.

The Jung sisters themselves have garnered a lot of attention for their beauty, as both girls have amazing petite figures and lovely facial features. But they have also gained attention for their amazing, yet equally different, fashion senses.

Nylon covered their distinctly different styles well.










Showbiz Korea also highlighted what they observed about the two girls’ fashion styles, and it also brings to light some pretty interesting points about the styles of their individual groups as well.

The video above interestingly points out the differences between the sisters, so I thought it’d be interesting to note what I’ve observed on their respective natal charts.

Jessica has her fashion planet, Venus, in the sensual, naturally beautiful sign of Taurus. Venus is at home in Taurus, and at it’s most powerful. It’s no wonder Jessica is considered an icon of feminine fashion. Venus is the main feminine planet. She rules over love and beauty.

Taurus loves beauty, but they also like comfort, being an earth sign and all. This is probably why Jessica likes to dress casually. Earth-tone colors suit Tauruses. Soft colors, like pink, also suits Tauruses. They have a down-to-earth charm.

They love pleasures of all kinds: good food, soft fabrics, lovely smells, anything that appeals to the senses. They never deny themselves pleasure, so they may shop a lot.

They know what looks good and what doesn’t. This means that they have excellent taste. They can be a little demanding, and a little too superficial, but they are always honest and sincere.

Venus in Taurus is usually very attractive to the opposite sex, especially because they are charming.

Venus in Taurus loves peace and security. Money and possessions are important to them. Jessica is probably more about beauty, cosmetics, and fashion than her sister is.

Taurus is usually classic, preferring the tried-and-true to the outrageous and new. They like fine materials, and won’t spend money on anything cheap-looking.

Archetypes of Venus in Taurus: the caretaker, sweet pea, Eve (of Adam & Eve), Aphrodite, pin-up, beauty queen, trophy wife, silent screen actress, banker’s daughter, millionaire heiress, earth mama, nature lover, queen, matriarch

Krystal has her Venus in Taurus’s opposite sign, Scorpio, the mysterious, sexy sign ruled by Mars, Venus’ opposite planet, and Pluto. Venus is naturally uncomfortable in the sign of Scorpio. Venus loves peace, but Scorpio brings out the risk-taker in a person. Krystal has a chic, edgy fashion that combines her boyish nature with her girlish nature. This is very risky, as people aren’t always sure how to take the combination. Mars is a masculine planet, so it’s natural for Scorpios to gender-bend! Scorpio is directly opposite Taurus, so Jessica and Krystal really are opposites in style!

Scorpio is a powerful sign, and everywhere Venus in Scorpio walks, they make an impact. When it comes to fashion, they usually care less about what others think and care more about expressing who they really are inside. Because Scorpios usually have nothing to hide, they don’t mind showing skin, but in a subtle way, as they are also quite secretive and private. This is why you may see Krystal in some sheer outfits, or in a see-through skirt like above.

Venus in Scorpios can be a little too blunt, and since they hate being phony, they aren’t always polite. But Scorpio’s charm is the fact that they are fearless, a true leader, and have extreme charisma. They literally draw people in like a magnet. They are true rebels who challenge the rules of society. Scorpios, no matter how pretty they look, always think there’s more to a person than what meets the eyes. They define beauty in a different way from most people.

Archetypes of Venus in Scorpio: the black widow, prostitute, phoenix, thorny red rose, belly dancer, erotic dancer, smoldering ashes, scorpion, seductress, celibate, psychologist, jealous one, fortress, the betrayer/betrayed, vampiress, alchemist, shaman, spy

Despite the girls’ differences in style and personality, they are very close. Nylon magazine pointed out their close relationship, and mentioned they were more like “friends than sisters”, even though Jessica is five years older than Krystal.

Well, with Jessica and Krystal’s reality show in full swing, and F(x)’s comeback around the corner, I wish the girls the best and hope for future success as they cater more to their international fan-bases.

So now, let’s enjoy a nice video: Chocolate Love, the LG commercials! Which is more you? The elegantly sexy members in the “white chocolate”, Girls’ Generation? Or the dangerously sexy members in the “dark chocolate”, F(x)?

To Read more about F(x) and Krystal, you can click the following links:

f(x) the Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight

Just how talented is f(x) Krystal?

Alice in Wonderland

16 May

Alice in Wonderland has become a popular part of today’s culture. It has developed into a “cult” film. There are many people interested in the story, and there’s a lot of merchandise that comes with it. I’ve seen clothing items, handbags, school supplies, toys, jewelry, posters, and many other items dedicated to this story. Teenagers had made it into somewhat of a sub-culture.

The story is quite fascinating. Many people can’t decipher the reality or inspiration behind the story. Nothing makes sense-but that’s the point, right? It’s very “mental”.

Most people are most familiar with the Walt Disney film that came out in 1950’s titled Alice in Wonderland. What most people don’t realize it that film was the most inaccurate portrayal of Alice in Wonderland out of all of the portrayals. But because most people are familiar with this one, it is often considered the main story. Whenever a new movie comes out that is more accurate, I hear people saying, “Oh, I hate it. It’s nothing like the original.” The “original” they are usually referring to is Disney’s version.


But did you know that Disney’s version was based off of Lewis Carroll (real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) AND his second novel Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871)?


Disney chopped up both stories and stuck them in one movie, combining the queens together, even combining some characters with the Mad Hatter, and omitting the scariest antagonist in the story, the Jabberwocky. The story made the “Jabberwocky” poem a popular part of poetic literature and modern culture, even though it’s purely, well, nonsense. I think there’s even a rock band named Jabberwocky. See why this is a “cult” film now?

The most accurate live-action portrayal of both books was the two-part 1985 film Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. It was made-for-tv, and it had a huge all-star cast.

Though the graphics are boo boo, the costumes are bogus, and the musical numbers are distracting, this film brought out all of the elements of Lewis Carroll’s novels, so the story was good. Once you watch this version, you can really see just how whimsical the TRUE story is. I just wish Disney had done true justice to the story. There are some characters I would’ve liked to see animated or re-done with modern graphics.

So, take a look at the 1985 version of the film and let me know what YOU think!

If you like Disney, here is a sneak peek at Disney’s next live-action film, Cinderella! Watch the trailer! Set to come out March 2015!


Attack On Titan, Airing Every Saturday on Toonami!

4 May

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The Korean Wave “Hallyu”

17 Apr

I first heard the coined term on an article about f(x) being the first K-pop act to perform at Texas’s SXSW South By Southwest.

f(x) the Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight

f(x) Brings the Korean Wave to Texas

I know you’re wondering why I suddenly have this inspiration to create an article about the Korean Wave. Well, the other day (as in last week), I was watching Crayon Pop’s song “Uh-ee” and “Bar Bar Bar” when I heard the news that Lady Gaga wants to have Crayon Pop open for her Live Concert Tour. If anyone knows Crayon Pop, they are an all-female K-pop group that went viral awhile back due to their quirky dance moves, bike helmets, and wholesome attire entirely. They are definitely unique, and they seem like they would be Lady Gaga’s taste.

But just hearing how even Lady Gaga is into Korean pop music got me thinking: Just how many people listen to K-pop?

So, I did some research on this subject.

The “Korean Wave” reminds me of the Tulip Era in Turkey in the 18th Century…for all of you historians who are interested…


What is the Korean Wave?


It is a sudden “wave” of interest in South Korean “pop” culture. Yes, not just any Korean culture, but “modern” and “popular” Korean culture. And it has developed into a sub-culture with some cult followers in the mix…

The term “Korean Wave”, also called Hallyu, was said to have been coined by Beijing journalists who noticed a growing interest in South Korean culture in China. More and more Chinese people were exporting Korean merchandise, and supporting Korean music and film.

The Korean Wave shows a huge thrust toward entertainment media mostly, but many foreigners are more aware of the lifestyle in Korea as a result, such as the food (I learned about Kimchi), fashion, language, and even literature. The only thing excluded from this category is history, but that may come soon with the rising popularity of Korean dramas.

Due to increase internet availability and usage around the world, and the Technological Revolution of the early 21st Century, K-pop and Korean dramas are more available to people all over the world! So, Korean pop culture is spreading quicker and easier.

The Korean government hopes they can use this “wave” of interest to gain “soft power”. Not the kind of power where you take over other nations, but the kind that introduces Korean beauty, culture, and art to the rest of the world. They hope to make peace through this “wave”.


Where Did the Korean Wave Come From?

After World War II, Japan put a limit on entertainment that came in and out of the country. Once Japan lifted restrictions on international imports (and exports) in the 1980’s, entertainment could be distributed more freely worldwide. This brought about a “Japanese Wave” that was at a much smaller scale than the Korean Wave (mostly due to the fact that internet was a newer concept and not available everywhere around the world), but still, relatively large.

With the “Japanese Wave” came an increased interest in Japanese animation and comics called mangas. Japanese cartoons were fed to children in the 1990’s (I was one of those children). My first Japanese anime cartoon was Sailor Moon. Every day before school, I watched this show! Of course, at that time, the show was butchered so much because they wanted the animes to “relate to American children”. Later, Cartoon Network’s popularity increased as more and more people had access to cable channels in the late 1990’s.

Then came the Pokemon phenomenon, the first major Japanese animation to make millions in the West. It even had a very successful theatrical release! Pokemon is still being aired today.

Cartoon Network began to band together with the popular American animation company Funimation, a company that translated Japanese anime to make it more understandable to American audiences. Toonami, a segment of the day that mostly aired anime, was born afterwards. My next favorite anime to watch on that segment was Dragon Ball Z. This was the start of Japanese influence seeping into the minds of children.

There was also an increased interest in Japanese role-playing games. Sony, a Japanese company, made Playstation and Playstation 2, which made characters come alive on the television screen. The graphics were more real-looking than they had ever been before on any console, controls were easy to use, and Japanese game-makers began to sell their games to the world using this console.

Square-Enix was one such company. They are known for making the popular Final Fantasy series as well as the phenomenon Kingdom Hearts.

Japanese anime brought a wave of interest from the generation exposed to it. Interest in animes like Inuyasha and video games like Kingdom Hearts led to a growing interest in J-pop music (as you can hear an artist at the end of every anime or video game, particularly the legend Ayumi Hamasaki), Japanese food (teriyaki and goyza), Japanese language (Kawaii, Sugoi), fashion (cosplays and lolita came out of this wave), holidays, festivals (like Hinamatsuri), and destinations (like Osaka and Tokyo).





Bratz tokyo

An interest in Japanese culture, thus, led to an interest in all modern Asian culture.

This is where Korea comes in.

Korean Dramas and Manga

Korean film producers banked on this rising interest in Mangas and Animes. Korean drama adaptations of these animes spurred a fascination for Korean dramas in general. One of the biggest dramas a part of the “Korean Wave” is the drama Boys Over Flowers, based off of the popular Japanese manga series Hana Yori Dango. Meteor Garden, a Chinese version made in Taiwan in 1999, was the first live adaptation of the popular manga series. It was big in all of Asia. Since most southeastern Asian countries speak Chinese, other people were exposed to the drama. The Korean Boys Over Flowers had come out a decade later in 2009, updating the original adaptation and giving a modern feeling. Other Asian countries remembered Meteor Garden and heard about the new adaptation, which exposed many people to Korean culture.

Winter Sonata was Korea’s own major masterpiece, and it equaled the success of  Meteor Garden. This drama was said to have been the drama that launched the “Korean Wave”.

These Korean dramas were popular because of two factors as quoted from Wikipedia:

  • Emotional engagement of the audience with particular emphasis on forging an emotional bond with the protagonist
  • Explicit attention to female sexual desires — Departing from conventional dramas that tend to eroticize the female body, these dramas market the sexual attraction of the male actors, giving women a certain freedom of sexual expression.

 SM Entertainment

“Powerhouse” label SM Entertainment brought Korean music to the world for the first time. H.O.T. was the first all-boy Korean group to perform a sold-out Concert outside of Korea. This group particularly targeted teenagers and were the first of their kind. They were the pioneers of what we know as the “idol group trend”. They were meant to bring K-pop to the younger generation. Their debut was in 1996.

Then came BoA Kwon, the reigning Princess of K-Pop. BoA was the first Korean artist to sell over a million copies of her albums outside of Korea. She was Korea’s first international superstar. She was an extremely young artist, and the youngest artist to debut at the time of her debut (2000 at age 14).

My first taste of K-pop was also through BoA. I was first introduced to BoA after my favorite doll brand, Bratz, did a collaboration with BoA and Howie D (Backstreet Boys) back in 2003. It was my second taste of foreign music (my first was Utada Hikaru from the Kingdom Hearts series, but she sounded so “American”, I didn’t realize she was a Japanese superstar at the time).

I started looking up more about BoA. That’s when I found out she sang the ending song to the popular anime, Inuyasha, which also made BoA more popular. That’s when I realized just how popular BoA was in Japan.

Then I found out she wasn’t Japanese. Little did I know, at the time, I was a part of a movement that shaped the next generation.

She is still the only Korean artist to have six consecutive hits in Japan, and is considered a household name in many Asian countries.

Soon, other K-pop artists from SM began to pop their way to stardom.

The groups I remember distinctly popping up was TVXQ (DBSK), Super Junior, SHINee, and Girls’ Generation. With the Youtube phenomenon, these groups spread Korean pop music internationally. Many of those groups had international members in them. The male groups broke Asian stereotypes around the world, and gave Asian men a “beautiful face” in the Western world.

At the time, SHINee was the most unique. SHINee embraced their more “feminine features” and made it more attractive to girls! They also started the new generation of dance-pop music with complex dance moves. After their debut, the other artists started imitating their style. Originally K-pop boys showed more edge, but SHINee softened their blows, wearing eyeliner, long hair, and shaking their butts in “Ring ding dong”.

Girls Generation brought Asian beauties to international audiences, and paved the way for the female “idol group” trend.

My biggest sweep into the Korean Wave was with the group f(x). Amber was Korea’s first androgynous pop star! Ever since, I’ve been an adamant follower of K-pop “idol groups” rather than Japanese, and recently, C-pop (Chinese pop). I’m just so darn addicted to that group! Once you get swept into the ocean of K-pop, with your favorite K-pop artist, it’s hard to swim back to shore…rather, it’s hard to want to.

The rising popularity of these groups contributed to the “group” trend that is known in Korea today…

Adding these idols to K-dramas spreads Hallyu further.

Psy and Gangnam Style

Psy made K-pop a global phenomenon in 2012 to 2013 with his smash Youtube hit “Gangnam Style”, an upbeat, electro-dance pop/rap song, put to funny, satirical lyrics, and choreographed with humorous “galloping” dance moves. Psy made a statement in Korea, and brought Korea to everyone’s backyard. He was the first viral artist to have over a billion views! He broke a world record!

Unlike most idols, he wasn’t slim-trim, with a “Justin Bieber” haircut, skinny jeans, and hot dance moves. He was an “average” guy. His music also made a statement. He pointed out satirically about the lavish lifestyle in Gangnam, a district in Seoul, Korea, the center of Korean pop culture. This appealed to audiences worldwide.

Psy also put his label, YG, on the map. Korea hopes to use his fandom as a sign of diplomacy and “soft power”.

What Makes the Korean Wave Unique from other “Asian Waves”?

The Korean phenomenon wasn’t the first international fascination with Asian culture. Asian persuasion has been around since the growing popularity of Kung Fu films in the 1970’s and 1980’s, which put Chinese cinema on the map and popularized Chinese culture and history in many parts of the world. The growing popularity of Japanese culture dominated the 1990’s.

But what makes the “Korean Wave” unique is that it is getting popular in an era that is influenced by the “Digital Revolution”. It is spreading at a much faster rate and on a more universal scale than the other two phenomenons.

It’s also unique in the fact that Koreans are popular for their “modern” culture, and not stereotyped, historical depictions of them that may no longer ring true (like all Asian men learning martial arts). Koreans are looked at as more of an advancing society, as their modern culture is more popular than their ancient one, and that’s what makes this “wave” special.

Finally, what makes the “Korean Wave” unique from the other two “Waves” is the fact that the “Korean Wave” shows a huge support from the female audience. Kung Fu movies and the “Japanese Wave” mostly had male audiences wrapped around their fingers. Though, as a female, I’ve been into all the waves at one time…

This also helps to change the world’s views on Asian culture. It helps to diminish biases, prejudices, and stereotypes. It creates mutual understanding and peace between nations.

What are characteristics of those involved with the Korean Wave?

1) Lots and Lots of fan girls-Because of the increased female fan-base, men are more objectified in K-pop and K-dramas, and female sexuality is highlighted. This makes Asian men more desirable to women.

2) K-pop Group biases and fan wars-With the rising popularity of K-pop groups, you find tons of fans defending their favorite “idol” groups. My favorite is f(x) recently. They helped sweep me into this “Korean Wave”. But I hate fan wars.

3) K-Drama discussions-K-dramas can be so dramatic, you will find tons of message boards about them. Prepare to cry.

4) Eclectic clothing-Korean clothing can be trendy and sometimes downright eccentric.

5) A bunch of young college kids-While you might think mostly teenagers are into this wave, sources show that the biggest support comes from young adults in their 20’s. So, this is what the college kids are into. I sort…of…um…am apart of that demographic. :3

Well, that’s all for now folks! Leave me a comment let me know what you think about Korea’s growing popularity!

f(x) TV #2: Watch f(x) on Their Adventures as They Travel Across the Globe!

31 Mar

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Today is the final day of March, and the final day of f(x) month. Where did the first two months go? 😦 Thank you all so much for joining me and supporting my posts this month. Though it’s the final f(x) day on here, I will still be pushing promotion of this K-pop group throughout the year. You also can always go back to articles about f(x) in my archives.

f(x) Pink Tape Review 

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We won’t end today on a sad note. Grab some more popcorn from yesterday (and another pillow)! Today, I’m going to post some of f(x)’s amazing adventures around the world! They are quite entertaining! You will be introduced to the personalities of the group as well as their daily life as K-pop starz!

So, I hope you all enjoy!

Remember, throughout the year help us f(x) fans in trending #bfx2us and put your city or town behind it! Hopefully, with all of your help, f(x) will give us that Concert tour we’ve been dying for! 

Hello f(x)

Travel with f(x) to Kenya, Africa, and Thailand, Asia!

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Amazing f(x)

Travel with f(x) to New Zealand!

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f(x) in Japan

Watch Amber as the MC on We Got Married: Global Edition! This is the online spin-off to the original We Got Married (the one with Victoria in it)! Amber is always on MC mode no matter what. It’s just natural for her, even when she’s introducing herself during performances.

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f(x) TV #1: Watch f(x) as They Experience the USA!

30 Mar


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f(x) month is coming to a close. *cries* So, for the last two days of f(x) month, I’m going to be showing you some entertaining videos of some of f(x)’s adventures! So grab some popcorn, stuffed animals, and cozy under the blankets or on the couch.

Today, I’m going to be showing you f(x)’s adventures in the USA. Some really entertaining stuff here. I hope you enjoy! f(x) fighting!

And don’t forget to #bfx2us to twitter, facebook, instagram, and youtube. Thanks for supporting! 🙂

Look out for f(x) around the world!

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I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! #bfx2us

f(x) the Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight

f(x) Red light Review

f(x) Pink Tape Review

f(x) Summer on GN!

Which f(x) member are you? quiz

f(x)’s charm and Venus

f(x)’s Ideal Types by Sun and Mars

f(x) Around the World

f(x) in the USA

f(x) on Olleh: Korea’s most Unique Girl Group

Just how Talented is f(x) Sulli?

Just how Talented is f(x) Victoria?

Just how talented is f(x) Amber?

Just how talented is f(x) Krystal?

Just how talented is f(x) Luna?

GN’s Top 10 F(x) songs (so far)

Girls’ Generation vs F(x): Chocolate Love

Why does GN love f(x) so much?

Who is your f(x) bias?

Funny Reaction videos to f(x) “Red Light”

GN’s LEAST FAVORITE f(x) album?


USA’s Nylon writes about Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and F(x)’s Krystal, Jungsis!

F(x) Amber and Got7 on We Got Married Global! Which man wins Amber’s heart (Natal chart reading)?

F(x) Gets treated unfair by SM? And EXO is treated better?

Make Your Move, SM’s first American movie has songs from F(x) and Girls’ Generation in it!

F(x) Amber, a part of androgynous inspiration!

The Korean Wave

Venus signs and Love Stories, F(x) Amber Liu is mentioned

Music Core, f(x) mentioned

Jackie Liu, Amber Liu’s Sister, Gets Hurt by Fan

f(x)’s Amber in a parody Korean drama for A Song for you!

SM TOWN WORLD TOUR 2014! f(x) will perform!


Kids’ Choice Awards 2014 is Coming This Weekend!

28 Mar


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Go online and vote! The line-up this year is better than it’s been in years! Actors and Actresses who can actually act, comedians who are actually funny, musical artists worthy of the attention, and movies that each deserve a blimp! Check it out!

KCA has always been a big event for kids. It was the first awards’ show where kids could have a voice in choosing what’s popular according to entertainment geared toward them. Of course, many teens and adults also vote. He he Guilty…

Let’s walk down Memory Lane…

So much nostalgia, I can’t breathe…cough…cough…

Let’s hope the performances are good this year, and hopefully it’s exciting…just as it used to be.

KCA will be held tomorrow, March 29, 2014, 8/7c so stay tuned!

You can also vote for Teen Nick’s Your Choice Awards!


The winning show will air TONIGHT!

Fame, Entertainment Media, and Children: The Connection?

17 Sep


Children are people who range between the ages of 1 to 17. This is the age most influenced by entertainment. They are also more influential when it comes to entertainment too. The largest consumer demographic consists of children. Those of school age rely on television, music, and fashion to express themselves, and at the same time, rely on it to tell them about the world, as well as provide answers as to how to fit in their social groups. Businesses are quite aware of the power of children. Many famous stars today rose to fame by supporting children’s networks, programs, and other entertainment outlets. If most celebrities were to observe their large following, they would see that the vast majority of fans range from tween to teen.

Children today are exposed to entertainment now more than they’ve ever been. With technology, and internet access, children can find any entertainment they want-as well, as influence what’s trendy and popular today. Blogging and voting polls give children the power to use their “voice” to influence what’s trendy and what’s not. Networks are even airing Kids and Teens Choice Awards because the voice of teens are so powerful today.

The VMAs 2013 were obviously heavily influenced by kids. For over half the nominees, many of them were Disney Channel stars. To add, I could have sworn One Direction was nominated for almost every section…many of those supporting them being from the tween audience.

With children being so exposed to entertainment today, it’s easy to see how it can take over a mind as vulnerable as a child’s. Messages sent through these mediums shape a child’s life. At the same time, entertainment can tell us a lot about children’s mind-set today, as entertainment is really a reflection of the minds of the children and what’s cool to them, right?

Well, as I flip through children’s channels, purchase toys, and read children’s books, I notice that one theme is particularly strong among youth today: Fame. Particularly vulnerable to this are girls.

What is Entertainment Encouraging Our Children to Do?

Disney Channel, a children’s network that gets millions of views from kids everyday, encourages kids to follow “their dreams” through shows like Austin and Ally, A.N.T. Farm , and Hannah Montana. “Following One’s Dream” often involves being a singer, dancer, actress, or fashion designer. But not just any singer, dancer, actress, or fashion designer. A famous one. They also encourage children to even try all of them at once and become an “idol”.

Toys like Bratz often express themselves through fashion, music, and acting. All of the characters in the line strive to be famous at whatever they reach for. Even American Girl’s Girl of the Year Movie, Saige Paints the Sky, couldn’t resist adding music to it’s final scene.

With the rise of Youtube celebrities, ordinary kids realize how easy it is to get famous in today’s society: do something funny, controversial, or sing a catchy song.

Just about every role model for kids today are in the music industry. Children today want to imitate them, and they are told that it’s okay, that there’s nothing wrong with doing something “you love”. And just about every tween walking “loves” to be famous.

The USA is most influenced by entertainment. Test scores in this country have plummeted as compared to several years ago: and they didn’t even have the same technology! http://4brevard.com/choice/international-test-scores.htm

Is it because children spend too much time on entertainment? Or is it that too many children see a future in entertainment, and see no future in education? Especially because anyone can begin a career in these fields these days-even children as young as 5!

That’s the real question: Do children feel they have any other options in the world besides being a singer, model, fashion designer, dancer, or actor/actress? Or maybe a famous sports star?

Why don’t these networks and toy companies, those who have the power to influence children, utilize it to encourage children to be doctors, lawyers, astronauts?

It says something when the number one most searched topic on the internet was Miley Cyrus…while the USA was bubbling over about the Syrian War happening overseas. Are we too concerned with celebrity status, and do we encourage our children to become over-involved with fame?

Fame and it’s Controversies

There’s nothing wrong with singing, dancing, acting, or any performing arts. What could be a problem is fame. Sure, everyone wants respect, to be recognized, to be worshiped to a certain degree…but is that self-entitled behavior something we should encourage in children?

To add, the world of fame hasn’t proven to be too kind to humans. It especially hasn’t been kind to children. Children don’t often realize the reality of the world of “Fame”. People who are famous are popular, but they have no privacy. They have all the money, and yet many children are exposed to “all that money can buy”, including drugs. This gives them nothing to work for. This also makes life meaningless. When you’ve tried everything, what’s left? This can also lead to arrogant behavior.

To add, it’s hard to keep friends, or find love interests. You just can’t tell who loves you for you. Tons of fans…but no one who truly understands you or allows you to be you. Then you have to worry about family members begging you for money all the time.

Many people love you as long as you keep making movies, music, or books, but as soon as you plummet…usually, no one is left to help you pick up the pieces. Celebrities get old quickly, and there’s always a fresh new face to replace the old, especially when you really aren’t original. Justin Bieber is a prime example. Austin Mahone is an easy replacement. One Direction took over the Bieber craze. And Bieber took over the Jonas Brother craze. The cycle keeps moving, and sales fall in the hands of the freshest face. Generations grow up, and new kids arrive to claim what’s “trendy”. Many celebrities end up bankrupt.

While it seems they can do whatever they want, celebrities are constantly criticized for things that normal people get away with (like twerking at a party). Many get called ugly, stupid, boring, untalented, sell-outs, and many other negative comments. Professional critics and journalists are always watching you, waiting for you to mess up. Celebrities have to try and ignore all of this negativity because this was their choice. There is no room for mistakes. You almost have to be perfect, and walk on egg shells everywhere you go. Everywhere you go, you have to care what everyone thinks and feels and cater to them because everyone is a potential customer. As this is impossible, celebrities often end up offending somebody.

Many journalists print lies about celebrities, or exaggerate events. You have to watch everything you say. When people offend you, you have to show the utmost self-control. You can’t get angry like other normal people. It’s almost controversial to cry-people in the comments section might call you weak or a wimp, especially if you’re a guy. You’re forced to bottle everything up. No wonder so many celebrities are on depression pills!

Few get enough time to spend with friends or family. They are constantly traveling and working odd hours. When they get married, it’s hard to spend time with children or spouse. They are constantly tired.

They also have to watch what they eat and watch their weight. If they don’t, people will talk about them, and their business will be splashed all over the news. And acting as if others’ opinions don’t matter can be threatening to their career because every fan or potential fan counts if they plan on making money.

They travel so often, they often get jetlag. They are always in the air or on a bus.

Many feel they are trapped. Once you get famous, there is no turning back. Many who lose money, or decide that this “world” isn’t for them, can’t go find normal jobs because paparazzi will humiliate them and their “downgrade”. And many times, they buy expensive things, and end up owing money. Jobs with lower wages can’t compensate for what they’ve lost. While many celebrities get sponsored, and get many free things, when they lose popularity, many of these companies expect to be paid back every cent.

Celebrities are stuck with one reputation, and often times, it’s hard for them to try and change. People expect consistency, and as change is inevitable, this isn’t possible. Many celebrities change in a way that’s more appealing, but many change in a way that isn’t so likable.

Many celebrities begin by being what their manager or producer makes them like Britney Spears and BoA Kwon, who were too young to know exactly what they wanted. When they got older, they both tried to express themselves more. This was hard for fans to adjust to, and it caused issues in their music sales for a moment until fans could be more comfortable with their new images.

To add, so many people want the same “dream”. Competition is high. And so many talent-less people often outshine the more talented. A talented actress could be overlooked by a prettier one. A wild singer (like Miley Cyrus) could get more airplay than a talented one (Ariana Grande). The world of fame isn’t always fair, like many of these shows teach children. Sometimes, you can be following the same dream for years…

Do we really want to train up our children to enter into a world where it might not guarantee happiness or TRUE fulfillment?

Why can’t we teach children that fulfillment could come from doing things for others, from service, from contributing to humanity and making a TRUE difference? Being a scientist, astronaut, banker, and other important careers can help children understand the value in service, hard work, education, innovation, and many other up-building qualities.

Fame Can Be Good, if for the Right Reasons

What happened to the days when people used to become famous celebrities because they made a difference in the world? Amelia Earhart became famous for being the first woman to fly a plane across the Atlantic Ocean. Mae Jemison was one of the first women, African American at that, to fly into space. The Wright Brothers flew the first plane. Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Martin Luther King led the march for civil rights. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. These people aren’t just famous, they are historical figures and role models. Because of them, many things are possible. They have a legacy that can’t ever be erased, unlike these famous “singers” who will easily be replaced by the newest, more entertaining face, no one can ever replace those historical figures. Those people deserved fame, and no one will mar their names because their personal life matters little to what they’ve accomplished.

So I conclude by saying that while there’s nothing wrong with the performing arts, using the performing arts to get famous is taking over the minds of children, and even some adults. Not enough children see the value in doing important things in the world anymore. It’s especially obvious that women are more consumers than inventors in the 21st Century. Many women aren’t making a difference in technology, science, or business…or few are getting recognized for it. Obviously, they get recognized in music because it’s a profession where a woman can shake her body and show off how beautiful she is. It shows that women still only get respect if they stay in professions that make them look good.

Even in the 21st Century, no one is trying to encourage children to truly bring in the future…without bringing entertainment with it. Entertainment is only for escape, but many businesses contribute to everyday functions of human beings in our “reality”. I feel that entertainment should tell the truth about fame, and try to encourage children to try many different things. I also feel they should encourage children to use the performing arts as a means of expression, not as a cheap way to get fame, glory, and respect.

Artists Snubbed from the Grammys?

11 Feb

The 55th Grammy awards has had quite a few twists and turns this year, starting with the “memo” for all people attending: a dress code standard. One of the biggest inspirations for that memo was Jennifer Lopez, but she isn’t the only or first to attend the Grammys looking revealing.

But what’s really killing the Grammys this year are the people on the OFF List. Several popular artists have been snubbed by the Grammys, especially in the pop genre. There are so many artists in the pop category that, of course, not everyone will make it. Still…This is the countdown for the artists snubbed by the Grammys:

5. Psy

Psy performing Gangnam Style

While Psy only has one major hit around the world (aside from his albums in Korea), it is still surprising that the major Korean success wasn’t even nominated…or didn’t even perform. Or anything. His song has been banging the walls and clubs everywhere. Too bad. He would’ve been the first Asian nomination. Not that he’s the most talented artist out there, but neither is Carly Rae Jepsen, 2 Chainz (yea I said it) and LMFAO and both were nominated for Grammys. And wait, LMFAO is a one-hit wonder type…maybe they are afraid of nominating Koreans. Then again, Psy never sold an album in America. Well, he will have more chances to prove himself. Psy is the type of guy who likes to have meaning in his music, despite what people may see superficially. His song Gangnam Style was about the upper class lifestyle versus the people suffering because of the economy. He wanted to make people happy. Hey, isn’t that what artists in the 1930s did?

I mean even MC Hammer was nominated for a Grammy!

4. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber-Believe?

He’s also not really an awesome artist altogether, but he is one of the biggest artists of the year. His latest songs have been a major improvement from “Baby” and yet…where is his nomination? “As Long as You Love Me”, “Beauty and the Beat”, “Boyfriend”? I guess the Grammys aren’t comfortable with his more mature or “manly” image he’s sporting now. What’s even more harsh is that Carly Rae Jepsen, the girl he promoted, is actually getting more cred than him. What? Nobody beliebes in him anymore?

The Grammys are really sexist. Majority of the pop artists nominated were WOMEN. This makes the Grammys depressing. No love for the males?

3. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Roman Reloaded

Okay, some people love her, some people hate her, but everyone knows she’s the biggest female rapper (or rapper in general) today. She’s featured in almost everyone’s songs, and her success has been second-to-none. Of course, I don’t remember the last song she made on her own that topped charts…

But that makes things even more shocking. You mean to tell me not one track she featured in was worthy of a Grammy? Wow. And yet 2 Chainz is up there: GARBAGE.

2. One Direction

No one direction? You want many directions?

Wow, really? I thought the Australian boy band sensation has been sweeping the world? I guess not so much as to scratch the Grammy surface.

1. Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera

Wow, so surprising that she wasn’t there.

Uh, what? “Moves Like Jagger” was the most played out song on the radio…and you mean to tell me that even THAT didn’t get nominated? Really? Maroon 5 and Christina are also some of the most talented artists out here. I would prefer Carly Rae Jepsen spot to have been taken by their song. But nooo. Cute little teen girls sell.

Well, my spin on this year’s Grammy’s is that Adele will control it this year. I mean, she does deserve it. Her presence has changed the music industry, making it harder for less conservative, and less talented artists to make major leaps and gain respect. She’s opened people’s world to good music (though she wasn’t the first talented artist out here, she was just more recognized). Her presence in the music industry is a WARNING to all you little kids who dream of being a popstar: If you’re not Adele, you won’t be able to make it easily anymore.

Or if you’re not a cute teenage girl.

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