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3 Reasons Why The 1st “Girls on Top” Line-Up, “GOT The Beat”, Is The Most Powerful Kpop Girl Group

21 Jan

On January 1, 2022, SM Entertainment hosted its traditional SM Town Live concert, SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS @ KWANGYA, via their Youtube channel. During the show, SME introduced their latest girl group project, Girls on Top, and debuted their latest sub-unit: GOT the Beat with a new song “Step Back” (produced by Yoo Young Jin and Dem Jointz, to name a few). Members of GOT were taken from many other major girl groups within the company (or from their own solo activities) and gathered to create the ultimate girl group.

SM Entertainment has found recent success with these “mix-’em-up” sub-units. In 2019, SM Entertainment debuted SuperM, a boy group sub-unit that consisted of Taemin (SHINee), Baekhyun and Kai (EXO), Taeyong and Mark (NCT 127), and Ten and Lucus (WayV).

By putting these members together, the fandoms united, and this created massive success for SuperM. Their self-titled EP, SuperM, reached number one on the Billboard charts upon release. They embarked on a live world tour, only being cut short because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Though all activities have had to be adjusted to fit online streaming, the idea of this massive sub-unit has come with massive rewards for the company and the group members.

It was only a matter of time before SM Entertainment tried this method with their girl idols. GOT appears to be that formula.

GOT (Girls on Top) will be a bit different from SuperM in the fact that it will rotate the members out, much the way SM Entertainment handles their group NCT.

But so far, the first line-up for GOT is getting the reputation of being the “Female Avengers of K-pop”. After the release of GOT The Beat’s stage video performance of “Step Back”, they were already being received as a very powerful girl group from SM Entertainment, and possibly the strongest one in the whole industry at the moment.

Here are 3 reasons why this group is considered so powerful:

1. The Members Are Considered The Best At Their Craft

Let’s just introduce this line-up of girls.

First off, BoA is in this line-up. Highly regarded as the “Queen of Kpop”, “Beat of Angel”, “Asia’s Star”, and now a creative director and choreographer at SM Entertainment, BoA debuted in the year 2000 at the age of 13, influencing the early Hallyu or Korean wave that brought Kpop to the international stage. She’s also respected for having allegedly saved SM Entertainment, one of the “Big 3” music labels in South Korea, when it was in financial crisis in the early naughts. Since her debut and near 22-year reign, she has become an adept solo artist, mastering both her dancing and vocal abilities.

She’s also had a major successful break-through career in Japan, becoming quite the J-pop artist as well. BoA is also multi-lingual (speaking Korean, Japanese, and English). Her various talents and world-trotting gifts make her an “all-around” presence in the group.

The respect SM Entertainment has for her is visible through the group’s name, “Girls on Top”, which pays homage to one of BoA’s most successful Kpop songs “Girls on Top“.

BoA may seem to have tried it all, but this is her first time navigating a girl group, showing that there’s still more on her bucket list. In her reality show, Keyword#BoA and in other shows, she’s confessed that she’s always wanted to be in a girl group, particularly Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and Red Velvet. Now, it appears like she took her opportunity, and she’s not disappointing anyone. BoA is proving that age is nothing but a number, and she inspires many of many ages to keep moving forward towards their dreams.

When the stage video dropped, it was pretty clear who had the potential to be the leader of the group, especially as some discovered she got the most out of the line distribution in this debut. Rightfully so, as she crawled so all those after her could walk and run. She is strong in many areas, so it’s easy for her to perform naturally with many members of this new group.

Next in the line-up, we have Taeyeon of Kpop’s iconic and legendary girl-group Girls’ Generation (SNSD), which debuted in 2007. Overall leader of the former NINE-MEMBER girl group, a group often literally called “The Nation’s [South Korea’s] Girl Group”, one of the first to break the “glass ceiling” (being the first girl group to chart for weeks on South Korea’s major charts and award shows), the first to sell millions of albums, and the first Kpop girl group to go on to achieve global success, Taeyeon contributed massively with her amazing vocal talent. To many, her vocal prowess remains unrivaled in Kpop. With her experience in such a large-member girl group, Taeyeon has learned how to make her personal talents and presence shine within minutes, and most fans of GOT learned quickly that they can’t get their eyes (and ears) off of her.

Since her debut in 2007 with her group, Taeyeon has mastered the art of vocal control and stage charisma. Being only slightly younger than BoA, and still being considered a Kpop “visual”, she’s also proving that age is nothing but a number.

Following Taeyeon from the legendary girl group Girls’ Generation (SNSD) is the group’s powerful lead rapper and dancer Hyoyeon. Debuting in 2007 with her initial girl group, she quickly became recognized as one of the few female Kpop acts that can “dance with the boys” (with the boys being more recognized for their powerful choreography). Hyoyeon has shown time and time again that she gives nothing less than 100% with anything she takes on. Her ability to give her all in a performance makes her rap verses flow naturally and her dancing fluid and precise. After all, this girl worked with Janet Jackson and was BoA’s silhouette dancer before her debut with SNSD!

It’s ironic that, at this moment in time, she’s teaming up with someone she once shadowed. This just shows how much her status has come up in the world.

Like her fellow band-mate, she can’t help but steal the spotlight whenever she takes the stage. Her confidence and “girl-crush” aura make her a crowd favorite. There’s no way she can fade into the background. Her chemistry with her new band-mates also amazes people, showing just how adaptable she is, too.

She also brought the beauty and the “style” visually with this debut, especially standing out with her popping pinkish-red hair. Like with BoA and Taeyeon, what is age?

The girls of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) can rightfully be called “Queens”.

Moving along down the line-up is Wendy of the ever-popular Kpop girl group Red Velvet. This group became SM Entertainment’s answer to JYP’s Twice and YG’s Black Pink. Debuting in 2014 to both controversy and wildly popular admiration, Red Velvet has since carved out their own identity from former groups by experimenting with new sounds, images, and styles. They are now one of SM Entertainment’s biggest girl groups.

Wendy has particularly been a stand-out with her vocals. As lead vocalist of her own group, she instantly became recognized as SM Entertainment’s “strongest vocalist”. This amazingly talented vocalist even appeared on King of Mask Singer as “Space Beauty Maetel”. And everyone knows that anyone who joins that reality show has to sell their voice and nothing else.

But Wendy has shown that she’s very capable of selling all she’s got in this debut. Pretty and talented, Wendy doesn’t shy away from performing on par with her seniors, vocally or in dance. It helps to have practiced doing solo work. It’s the key to why Wendy can shine so brightly in this group full of so much talent. When she sang in this debut, people quickly noticed how easy it was for her to hit a F5 (vocal range). People also noticed how well she danced next to some of the best. Wendy appears to be refusing to be outshined in any area. Known for being bubbly, she’s been surprising everyone with how well she’s merging with the tougher GOT concept.

As with her group-mate, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi can’t seem to fade into the background either. While most people know this diva is talented, with this debut, she has shown that her dancing, singing, and rapping chops make her a dominating force in her own group and in her new sub-unit, pulling out all-around gifts to spread to every area, similar to BoA. When Seulgi performs, it appears as if she’s been around as long as her seniors, which shows just how amazingly talented she is.

Seulgi has everything all the other girls have in one whole body, which is why she’s considered SM Entertainment’s “secret weapon” and the “ace”. She manages to maintain her own powerful identity within a group setting, merging well with the others and, yet, taking center stage effortlessly at the same time. She’s never out-of-step.

Finally, we have members from the newest and super popular Kpop sensation Aespa, which debuted in 2020. Aespa has been known to have a unique identity in SM, bringing the trap and hip-hop vibes, usually a staple of YG artists, along with some futuristic touches (such as having virtual “avatars” perform with them) to the label. From debut, they have seen significant music show success, constant streaming on platforms like Youtube and Spotify, and have charted on the Billboard 200.

Since pre-debut, everyone knew Karina was born to be a star. From being invited to perform with her senior (SHINee’s Taemin) and having the honor of appearing in a Tucson car performance ad (usually reserved for veterans), she’s already shown that she’s a big-dog in the Kpop industry already, and she’s only been full-throttle in the industry for a little over a year. Before debut, many could see her potential as a soloist, so it’s no surprise that she can so easily slip out of one group to another (from Aespa to GOT) within just one year of debut.

Karina has shown that she’s a powerful dancer, strong rapper, and obviously visually stunning, standing stronger than most of her peers and some of her seniors. Recently, she’s also shown to even have very good vocals as well! She’s quite a quad-threat. It’s no wonder she was selected to be first in line during the stage performance.

Winter is another story. Pre-debut, SM Entertainment hid her special talents behind her gorgeous and stunning visuals in her teaser videos. Yet, when Winter stepped onto her debut stage, she shocked everyone with her powerful vocals, rapping skills, and dancing abilities.

Being underestimated, everything fell in her favor due to the shock factor. It made her extremely popular and a fan favorite. Within her short time within the Kpop industry, she has also gained significant status. It’s amazing that she has been able to elevate to the point she is performing with all of the other queens in GOT. And she fits oh-so-well. Her shared “bridge” with BoA and Wendy in the “Step Back” song has had everyone talking, and it’s seriously got everyone wondering what she has next up her sleeve.

With these seven members, this sub-unit is definitely a strong forceful wind blowing in the industry.

2. FOUR Generations

GOT (Girls on Top)

Many sub-units have been formed from many labels, but very few can gather FOUR GENERATIONS of Kpop idols, let alone the most talented of them. The Refund Sisters may have been the only other one, and that was, to most, just three generations.

Many Kpop agencies haven’t even been around as long as SM Entertainment, who, quite frankly, is said to have pioneered the “Kpop-idol formula“. The agencies that were formed in the early days of the industry are either gone, having been dissolved by the industry, or all of their older idols have completely left their agencies, disbanding or retiring.

Well, considering the four generations of Kpop, the active participants in GOT cover them all. BoA is from the first generation, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation (SNSD)) are from the second generation, Wendy and Seulgi (Red Velvet) are from the third generation, and Karina and Winter (Aespa) are from the fourth. This is already over 20 years of talent in one group, from 2000 to 2022!

Thus, this group, as it stands, is sure to bring to circle a large and diverse fanbase, one that has been both following the industry for years and the young blood. Already, newer Kpop fans are being introduced to older idols, and old-time Kpop fans are learning of the newer idols or are being reintroduced to them. This unit brings a unity to Kpop, especially because the fandom is largely divided as to which “era” of Kpop is superior.

In this group, all eras reign supreme!

3. All The Girls Are Well-Established

Finally, the reason this group is so perfect is because all of the ladies are well-established, so there’s no fight over who is getting more attention (or love from fans) than the other. Technically, each girl is a bias of some group of people, unlike what you might find in your typical Kpop group, where one girl appears to be more beloved than the others.

Many who have analyzed the line distribution have noticed that every line has been distributed as fairly as possible, allowing each girl to shine.

This could also mean that the company doesn’t believe that any one of the girls will be the main pull of this group. This is because all of the girls in this group are the pull. They have had major successes outside of GOT, have developed their own strong fandoms, and are moving into this project with a fresh outlook.

One of main causes of many fan wars (and even disbandment) has been attention disparity between members. In many other Kpop girl groups, it’s often obvious that one girl is favored. Usually, it’s noticeable when someone wears more unique outfits, gets more lines in a song, more screen-time in a music video or stage performance, and/or more side projects, like ads, than the other girls.

But in GOT, all of the usual “favorites” were combined in one group. Karina and Winter are the main “biases” in Aespa, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon are favored from SNSD, Wendy and Seulgi are favored from Red Velvet, and BoA is highly respected as a solo artist and Kpop veteran.

Thus, they’ve actually toned down on favoring the usuals, too. For example, while Karina appears to be favored in Aespa, often having the more interesting wardrobe and prettiest hair options, more lines in the song, and more visual presence, in GOT her hair is a normal dark color, with the more interesting colors given to Girls’ Generation’s members, BoA has the most lines of everyone in the song, and the visual beauty of the group is largely disputed (with many also complimenting Winter, Wendy, and Taeyeon for their feminine looks, too).

The same extremely talented individuals who always get praise for standing out also have their matches in this group. While Taeyeon, Wendy, and Winter each get praise for their powerful vocal dominance in their own groups, they are vocal equals in GOT, with BoA stepping down a peg, too, to let those ladies do their thing.

BoA also has to share the stage with her shadow Hyoyeon when it comes to dancing, and Karina and Seulgi deliver strong in that department as well.

Karina is a very powerful rapper in her group, and yet, Hyoyeon is able to keep up (and even dominate) the flow most of the time.

Together, many fans consider this the “best vocal line” in Kpop history due to there being six of seven vocalists in the group! It can equally be considered the “best dance line” as well, with over half of the members displaying significant body control in this choreography. Each member brings something to the table, and would be incomplete without everyone.


GOT the Beat on McCountdown “Special Stage” “Step Back”

While acknowledging that some talents shine equally in this group, it can hurt fans who want to believe their bias is superior. But it also leaves many people humbly and genuinely respecting the individual strengths of all of the ladies, leaving no one to find a weak link. No one can honestly leave disappointed with any of them, and suddenly, many fans may find themselves latching on to a different bias than the one they actually started with.

To be honest, this is possibly why most comments on them have been positive, with few fan wars sprouting out. There’s nothing to fight about when all of them appear amazing.


GOT the Beat “Special Stage” fancam view
GOT the Beat Winter (fancam)
GOT the Beat Karina (fancam)
GOT the Beat Seulgi (fancam)
GOT the Beat Wendy (fancam)
GOT the Beat Hyoyeon (fancam)
GOT the Beat Taeyeon (fancam)
GOT the Beat BoA (fancam)

Overall, this sub-unit will go far.

Unfortunately, they will be swapped out. It’s both bitter and sweet. On one hand, Kpop fans will get to see many of their other favorite idols get together and perform. On the other hand, could the next sub-unit really be as powerful as this four-generation group?

There’s still much to improve on. Many fans have found the lyrics of “Step Back” to be questionable, considering it sounds more like a “diss track” over a man than a “female-empowering” anthem, and there’s still no official music video released to really give the group justice. Before another sub-unit takes the stage, this powerful sub-unit should at least get another chance at making an even bigger mark, possibly with an EP, another comeback with fresh new lyrics, and a stylish music video. That may be asking for too much, but fans can only hope the potential here doesn’t go to waste.


#LastBrass Amber’s Final Stages For Shake That Brass-So Which Vocalist Was YOUR Favorite?

14 Mar


Amber is the charming “tomboy” of the f(x) group.

To learn more about f(x): f(x), the Korean Spice Girls + Amber Liu in the Spotlight

Back in February, f(x)’s Amber released her first solo music video “Shake That Brass” featuring Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. Soon after, Amber dropped her first solo album Beautiful. Amber has been getting a lot of attention for the music video as well as the album.

Shake That Brass MV-Unique in Kpop

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Amber’s Solo Album Drops

Amber’s Beautiful Album Review

The album showcased Amber’s “hidden” vocal abilities, as well as revealing personal sides to Amber’s personality, something fans never got the fullest extent of in her quintet group, f(x).

To see more of her talents: Just How Talented is f(x)’s Amber Liu?

The music video for “Shake That Brass” was known for it’s cameo appearances from other K-pop idols, revealing Amber’s social networking skills and popularity.

For the last three weeks, Amber has been performing “Shake That Brass” on several Korean music shows. Each stage has been a little different from the other. Though Amber featured with Taeyeon on the original track, she featured with other artists from SM Entertainment, YMC Entertainment, and Woollim Entertainment on stage.

So my question for you K-pop lovers is which feature did you like best?

This is not a question just to make any of the artists feel bad. All of the ladies who featured with Amber were amazingly talented, but they each had their own charm. I’m curious to know which performance impressed upon viewers the most, and I also want to know people’s opinions about each performance. Maybe you liked them all. Or maybe there was another artist that didn’t feature that you would have liked to see perform. Whatever it is, I want to know people’s opinions.

1) Amber featuring Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon, of all the performers, carried the most confidence. It was pretty obvious that she was used to performing. She has an amazing voice that was well-suited to the song. Amber personally asked Taeyeon to feature in the song.

Taeyeon struck that balance between shining in the spotlight and supporting Amber. In her performance, she didn’t take over the music video, but when her part came, she made sure it was her best. She carried a hint of elegance about her, but her soft, melodious voice added a lovable charm that fit well with the song. She had a queen-like presence in the video.

During promotions, Taeyeon only featured in the video. But after promotions, at SM Town Taiwan, Taeyeon happened to perform the song with amber for the first time on stage.

2) Amber featuring Red Velvet’s Wendy

Rookie Wendy featured with Amber and did pretty well! This is probably Wendy’s first feature. As Amber’s junior, she obviously did well not to outshine Amber. Wendy has a very strong voice. What I appreciated about this performance was the fact that Wendy suited the hip-hop imagery better than the other features. Even her outfit fit well with the theme. Her use of caps made her blend in well with Amber as well. Amber dresses comfortably,  so Wendy adding a bit of “tomboy” in her look made it perfect.

As someone who carries a young and fresh vibe, this kind of song invites rookie artists like Wendy. I applaud her courage. She stood in for one of the most popular idols in K-pop, Taeyeon. She challenged herself, hitting those notes within the song. She also seems to carry a little sass about her, giving it her own unique charm. The cherry on top is that she speaks fluent English…

3) Amber featuring f(x)’s Luna

Luna was the third person to feature on Amber’s stage. It’s clear to see from the number of performances with Amber that Luna was in demand by fans. This is natural, considering Luna is from Amber’s group. Luna felt the most natural. Luna was more in sync with Amber, and it was clear to tell they have performed together before. Luna’s bubbly and upbeat personality fit well with the song. Of course, Luna is a vocalist. Her vocals suited the song well.

At the end of these performances, there are interesting interactions between Luna and Amber. Their close relationship is clearly obvious. To add, Luna’s outfits are just as quirky as Amber’s, which added that f(x) flair.

Though Amber said she really wanted to work with new people this time, for f(x) fans, it was a dream come true to at least see two members from the group together on the same stage. f(x) comes out with ONE comeback a year after all.

Amber featuring Ailee

This was the one and only performance Amber had with Ailee, and yet it was a powerful one. Ailee made the song her own rather than following the “standard”. Ailee is known as the “Beyonce of Korea”, and her vocals were clearly shown in this performance.

To add, her chemistry with Amber was noticeable. She and Amber are best friends, according to Amber. Rather than seeming like Ailee was featuring in the performance, it almost seemed like a fun duo between friends. This performance is so impressive, it’s hard not to watch it more than once. Amber and Ailee seemed really excited to be performing together, and this performance seemed like it was the most fun.

Ailee’s asset is also the fact that she speaks English very well.

Amber featuring Lovelyz’s Kei

Kei is even more of a rookie than Wendy, but she took up the challenge. Kei is probably more similar to Taeyeon as far as performances. Lovelyz sort of reminds me of SNSD. They both give off an element of “sweet charm”. The difference is that Kei is even more adorable! Her performance with Amber was charming as well as entertaining. That ending bit though! So charismatic! And very energetic! Kei brings so much energy to this performance.

Kei gives it her all with her vocals. Kei helped in providing the entertainment for our final “Last Brass” week. She gave her cute, “lovely” addition to it. It really suited the upbeat song well. She felt like the perfect girl to attract a young and lively crowd.

So now that the promotion weeks are coming to a close (hu hu 😥  ), I just have to ask: Which did you like? Give me reasons for why you liked that stage! Who would you have LIKED to see Amber perform with? I’ve heard a lot of people say f(x)’s Krystal…

f(x) Amber’s MV #ShakeThatBrass Stands Out Among Female Solo Artists in K-pop

12 Feb

Amber Liu solo

f(x)’s Amber has finally released her first solo music video and, so far, it caught the attention of fans from many different K-pop fandoms from many different labels.

If you don’t know who f(x) is, mosy on over to this link —> f(x), the Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight

If you don’t know much about f(x)’s Amber, mosy on over to this link —> Just How Talented Is f(x)’s Amber Liu?

And if you want to know more about Amber’s solo debut —> Amber’s Solo Debut Album Drops…

And if you want to hear my review of Amber’s solo album —> Amber’s Album “Beautiful” Review

Many Youtubers have stated how “unique” Amber’s video is in comparison to other K-pop MVs released by other female K-pop stars, especially in comparison to other female “group” idols who have gone solo.

The song and music video has generally received positive reception from both fans and newcomers.

There are SIX reasons why many people considered this mv unique and why it stood out:

1) Amber herself made the MV unique. She was not dressed in skimpy, overly sexual attire. She did not dance overtly sexy nor overtly cute, which is usually the case in K-pop, especially solo debuts. She was her genuine self, and nothing seemed forced. Amber is known as the “tomboy” of the f(x) group, but that is all the more reason the feeling of the MV was so different. She was seen wearing baggy, colorful clothing. Therefore, emphasis was put on the story-telling, the talents, and the overall happy feeling of the song. Her personality shined more than anything.

Amber Liu solo debut

2) Amber plays basketball in the MV. This may not seem like much, but how many K-pop females play sports in their music videos? Really, tell me, who ever did it before Amber? None of the other females. In K-pop, it’s very rare to find women who are sporty or tomboyish.

3) All of those cameo appearances, doe! There have been cameo appearances in other MVs (like from Sistar’s Touch My Body). But this MV is just packed full of K-pop idols! It will certainly draw in a crowd from many different fandoms. Amber seems to be living the dream she always wanted to live since her debut: “Creating a stage where there are no restrictions is my dream. And it doesn’t even have to be on a real stage, a street is fine. Just as long as it’s a place where everyone can join in and have fun!”

4) All of those cameo appearances, doe (again)! And from different labels, too! Has SM EVER allowed artists from different labels to feature in their videos? This is like giving promotion to their rivals, right? Either Amber has so much creative freedom, she can decide who and what she wants in her MV, or she’s just good at charming the pants off of the people at SM. This makes this MV stand out ten times more! I honestly saw some artists from JYP, B2M Entertainment, and plenty others. Amber brought K-pop together in a unique way. The atmosphere was friendly, and that’s appealing to fans.

5) The song is upbeat, fun, and fabulous for all ages, genders, and backgrounds. The song is absolutely catchy. There are also quite a few famous dances, such as the “Nae Nae”.

6) For those who weren’t prepared, YA FOUND OUT Amber speaks perfect English. Why? Because she’s from the USA, that’s why. So, she’s also one of the first female foreign artists from a group to go solo as well. This also makes the song stand out, especially for those who weren’t prepared for such perfect English…


1) Amber herself (of course)

2) Taeyeon (who featured and supplied her amazing voice and gorgeous looks)

3) g.o.d.’s Joon Park, who starts the song off playing his instrument wonky. Amber had to straighten him out.

4) Got7’s Jackson Wang…Dat face doe! XD Priceless! I mean, he is “Wild and Sexy”, after all…


Hyoyeon (SNSD)

Min and Jia (Miss A)

Brad (Busker Busker)

Woori (Rainbow)

Aron (NU’EST)

Rome (C-Clown)

Ellin (Crayon Pop)

Irene Kim (Model with pastel hair)

Ahn Young Mi (Comedian)

In Amber’s performances, the following ladies made an appearance:

Red Velvet’s Wendy (Woot! She finally gets a chance to showcase her own individual talents! Get it gurl!)

f(x)’s Luna ( 😉 I guess they heard the fans’ cries, since so many people asked for Amber to perform with one of her fellow members. Such a surprise!)

I feel that Amber’s solo is turning out to be exactly what fans were hoping for. Some fans have said they were hoping for more, but most people were pretty satisfied.

Check out how K-pop fans reacted to Amber’s “Shake That Brass”!

Amber’s other song, “Beautiful”, is also amazing, and many people should check it out.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you all think about Amber’s new solo debut!

Women Don’t Respect Men in Music; EXO Dating Scandal Affects Musical Ticket Sales

28 Jul

My inspiration for this post comes from another article I was reading about EXO. I’m not a huge fan of EXO, and I don’t talk much about EXO on my blog, but this article rubbed me the wrong way.

Allkpop Discusses Baekhyun Dating scandal

Apparently, when EXO’s Baekhyun and Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon began dating, it affected ticket sales for a musical Kyuhyun and Baekhyun were starring in, Singing in the Rain.

My response to this is to target EXO’s fan base.

A bunch of teenage-to-early-twenty somethings all decided not to watch a play and hear music of ONE member, because ANOTHER member is dating someone? Something is seriously wrong here!

1) Kyuhyun is NOT Baekhyun. What does another member’s dating scandal have to do with THIS member? That’s petty. This member has his own career, and should be able to develop himself as an independent artist. I understand Baekhyun is in the musical too, but there’s another EXO member who has been looking forward to this. Shouldn’t you continue to support ALL of EXO? I really dislike that “bias” thing people do in K-pop. It divides the group and shows favoritism. You’re not just letting Baekhyun down, but Kyuhyun! It’s bogus how Baekhyun’s life had to affect Kyuhyun’s life.

2) What does someone’s personal life or who they’re dating have to do with someone’s MUSIC? Why is that enough to take back a ticket when you are SUPPOSED to be there to see and hear the MUSICAL? Maybe because they didn’t buy the ticket to see the musical…

This is not only a poor reflection on EXO’s fan base, but this is disrespectful to EXO as artists. You know what this says? “EXO are only popular because they are a bunch of cute boys, but no one cares about their talents.” When this group gets old, no one will respect them, even if they are still talented. That’s sad.

Any record company or music critic overseas would SLAM them, calling them “pop boy-band wannabes”, because the fans have made it so obvious that the contributing factor to EXO’s success was because the females who supported them hoped to have the PROSPECTS of dating them. Not one of those “fans” respected EXO’s ART. That’s…embarrassing. That makes other people lose respect for this group. That puts this group below the more respected artists. This is why beauty is a curse.

Once upon a time, back when record companies first started producing music albums, music used to be about the MUSIC. Now, it’s just about the face in front of the music, and very seldom about the music. This is especially evident in Korea.

EXO’s FAN BASE and Women with Music

Sure, fans can spend money on anything that they want. It’s your money, I can’t control that. But you deserve every little shame you get coming your way if you took back your ticket over something so petty.

I’m sure there a few fans who appreciate EXO’s music and dancing skills, but there’s always that little dark side to a fandom.

These fans who did this were man-hunting, gold digging, “dirty dianas”, only interested in getting special attention from their idols. These women are desperate. Yes, this is common with any boy band. But that’s why it’s so disrespectful to music, to them as artists, and to a person’s personal life.

I’m sorry ladies, but he didn’t start a MUSIC career just to get girls’ numbers. He started a music career to showcase his TALENTS.

The problem with these young girls is that they live in a bubble. The reputation of women starts with the teenage mind. Women have a reputation of being “unrealistic”, “emotional”, “irrational”, “naive” or “too subjective”. Girls fantasize about idols ten times more than boys do. Girls carry unrealistic expectations in the real world, hardly seeing reality. This is why women don’t get respect in the business world. This is why men want to keep women far away from business. I was watching a reaction video the other day, which was geared toward f(x)’s Electric Shock (I know, it was an old video), and all the girl could comment on was on the clothes, the hair, and who was pretty. Nothing about the song, the arrangement, the message, nothing INTELLIGENT. It was the most shallow reaction I’ve ever heard. But sadly, she was not the only female to make reaction videos like that. Don’t get me wrong, looks can be interesting. But they are not the fundamental parts of a music artist. Women, especially teenagers, often seem to miss the fundamental parts. They are so naive when it comes to things, it’s no wonder boys seem to easily ‘take advantage of them’. These young girls put their ultimate trust in these idols, trusting their idols to love them obsessively. These are men they BARELY know.

The whole definition of idol shows the sheer ignorance of fans: any person regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion.


“Blind” is correct.  Biases stem from this blind admiration. Bias isn’t a flattering term, either. It’s a form of prejudice that results from lack of reasoning or experience.

So, most of these fans, who mostly consist of teens and young adults, have painted an illusion, and have decided to live in it. They are almost “chasing rainbows”. This illusion aspect causes them to cross into the mental realm of insanity, to the point many of the things they react to seem to make hardly any sense at all. This obsessive and passionate behavior leaves one to imagine they are already in a “relationship” with these people, therefore jealousy and possessiveness sets in, almost as if they are already “married” to the individual.

Most teens have yet to develop their careers as well, so most don’t have the clearest understanding of business or a working person. They don’t often realize how damaging their obsessions are to a music career and to another working person’s personal life. They often make demands that aren’t realistic, not considering the cost of things.

There is nothing wrong with being a little passionate sometimes or being caught in an illusion. It’s a healthy part of human expression. But it all depends on whether you are passionate over the right things and in the right way. It’s also helpful to return to the “real world” after the illusion is over.

The fans consume their lives around music and artists. They have begun to “worship” these people. For them, it has become more than music. It has become a desire to be included in the artist’s life. This is where the heavy obsessive research comes from. Fans desire to know personal information: his favorite sock, his favorite food, his family, etc. And what is the need to know all of this? None of these tidbits have to do with MUSIC. So why? Is it so these young girls can get special attention and feel worshiped themselves? Is this some sort of social-status behavior? Do they hope an idol will focus on their knowledge of him, like God calling you of all people to do his will? Only, it’s in pop star form? That’s a little ridiculous.

They see perfection in an imperfect being. Young women who form these obsessive fantasies more than likely don’t value themselves. When people are looking to someone as an idol, it’s because they feel that their own lives are mediocre (whether they feel let down by the men in their community, let down by family or school, etc). They hate themselves, and so they reach out for something other than who they are. They end up living their own lives through the lives of another. When someone values themselves, they love their life too much to be concerned about someone else’s, and tend to let people live their own lives. If half of these girls had their own great boyfriends, they wouldn’t be expecting this man to be theirs.

When someone becomes this obsessive, they become a little possessive, and therefore aggressive. The fans end up forming abusive relationships with their favorite “idols”.

This was exactly the abusive fan-idol relationship I talked about on my last post. Click me to Read About That. There needs to be some reform in this industry. The idols become dependent on these fans for income so they take anything off of their “customers”. It’s like working as a waitress for a major restaurant. They often take crap from customers and are still expected to smile and be polite, no matter what. They are almost like puppets of female fans. And fans threaten them like this: “If you date so-and-so, I won’t buy any of your music, and you’ll be broke and hungry. No one will ever like you again…unless you do what I say and break up with HER!” That sounds like some crazy horror movie. It almost sounds like a “stick-up” from an old western film. If people are this crazy, there’s a whole lot of people we need to send to mental wards.

I hope those fans never return to EXO. This weeded out the FAKE fans and revealed the REAL fans, the fans who loved them for their music and not their bodies. I’m glad the fans who treated EXO like objects are gone. And they say SM treats its idols like robots. Just as I said on my last article, SM drives wherever the fans (money) goes. If anything, SM is only reflecting the fans’ demands.

And it’s not that women only focus on the looks, they focus on the members’ “television” personalities. Sometimes, through these variety shows and interviews, fans form “bonds” with these idols. Sometimes, they get TOO close with them, to the point they’ve attached themselves to a fantasy perception of this idol. Sometimes what we see on these interviews are PROFESSIONAL FACES. Many idols put on a pleasant face, their nicest, most charming qualities, and give it to the public. But that person isn’t showing their complete personality.

Women always want to be respected in everything, and are always the first to complain about being objectified. Perhaps it’s because women have so much experience objectifying themselves and others. A rat can smell a rat. This is some serious objectifying.

Men usually don’t respect women in sports, true enough, but how many women respect men in music? Women make up the largest consumers of music, especially in K-pop. These women don’t respect what men DO, they only respect how they LOOK doing it. It’s the less evolved form of woman.

The Jungian principle highlights this well. –> Click Me

To prove that women make up the largest consumer crowd in K-pop, I’m going to create a poll.

I’ll bet the majority of you who read this will be females.

Even though women objectify the other female idols in K-pop, too (only liking an artist because they are pretty), they don’t care to get angry if one of them is dating…unless they are dating a boy-band favorite.

More on Teen girls and Boy bands

I sadly read the comments from these fans of Baekhyun.

*”It’s not that I hate EXO and Baekhyun, I just don’t approve of his relationship with HER. And fans accept his relationship, they just don’t approve of it.”

Not approving of a relationship means you haven’t truly accepted it. And when you ask what their reasons are for not approving of this relationship, they have some of the dumbest reasons. It’s not like Taeyeon has shown herself to be a BAD person. What’s there not to approve of? Oh, I get it. You don’t approve of it because you’re jealous. But what does that have to do with the EXO member’s MUSICAL? What does that have to do with you being entertained by MUSIC? It doesn’t.

*”It was too soon for EXO to be dating. They just became idols, and they got so big halfway because of their female fans”.

Why is it too soon for EXO to be dating? Karmin debuted married! So? If it were about the music, who cares who they are dating? If they truly impressed you with their talents and skills, wouldn’t you be paying money to see that? If you’re paying money just to see them and not their music, that’s not only deceptive, but that sounds like you’ll have even less of a chance of gaining the love of your idol. Why would EXO want to be around someone who is pretending to like their music only to get closer to them? That’s no different from men who deceptively act sweet and charming just to get a girl, and yet girls always want to preach against that.

Sure, this isn’t only a K-pop thing. Even in the country I live in, the USA, girls treat their favorite celebrities like objects. Look at how girls treat One Direction. Look at how badly people slam them when they even think about dating someone. However, the very difference between K-pop artists and American artists are what they expect from musical artists. In K-pop, the biggest artists are the ones that have an obsessive following. Most of the biggest artists are objectified. The Korean artists that aren’t so good-looking struggle to dominate the charts…Ironically…

In America, the first K-pop artist to break in was Psy. Not because he was attractive, not because he had a sweet personality, but Americans respected his wacky, satirical art. Though many of our youth enjoy hot celebrities as much as the next person, many average people are famous. Look at Adele, Susan Boyle, even Miley Cyrus! These artists are big for their art. This is probably why so many people want to make it big in the American industry. Artists have more creative freedom. Artists are less defined by their looks and more defined by their product. Sure, we get all up in people’s business. But there are so many artists with problems, dating scandals are minor. And even if someone acts like a retard, it’s not enough to stop people from buying their music if it’s good. Miley Cyrus isn’t the most morally conservative, but people still buy her hits if the music is good! Michael Jackson’s name was smeared, but his albums still make billions, even after his death.

This is not to say the USA was always like this. The 1990’s “bubblegum pop” era posed the same issues. Hot, young pop idols dominated the music industry. Boy bands marked the mid to late ’90s. But we left that scene behind, and for good reason: we were losing touch with what real art is even about.

There are those who think “This is their own fault for being idols. They seduce girls and then expect them not to be obsessed.”

Perhaps since these people think it’s their own fault for being idols, since that is the mindset, perhaps there shouldn’t be any idols at all. If it’s going to effect the livelihood of people, there shouldn’t be any idol professions. It should be music artists and nothing more. It’s not an important part of life anyhow, and since people treat it with such low respect, why bother existing as an idol at all? That’s barely an existence.

If this situation were the other way around, where a female idol was stalked and sent hate mail by a male, we would not see her as the one at fault. She would be a victim. We wouldn’t blame her for seducing men, would we? Our society treats women too precious. But we don’t give our boys that same respect. These boys do not intentionally seduce girls. EXO, of all the boy bands, hardly sing love songs at all! Whatever the boys sing about, they will always be objectified. And women will always seem them as the one at fault for whatever happens to them. We should start holding women responsible for some things. Women are not that naive and fragile not to know what they are doing. Teens are no longer little children. Since most of them want to be treated like adults, they need to start by being held accountable for their involvement in destroying these idols’ careers. They need to be taught the reality of the industry. If we want our children to grow up loving their job, and being in a creative field, we have to reform that field so that teens don’t grow up resenting everything they once loved.

“K-pop boy bands aren’t declaring love to anyone in particular in their music. It’s better than singing songs about war and killing. I feel that when you are in the entertainment business, you will make an impression on girls. Some boy bands do not sing about love, and yet still get treated like objects. It’s not toying with girls if they are singing the songs to someone they care about, but want to share it with others.

If this were the other way around, where teen girls were treated like objects by boys, there would be all kinds of organizations to change things, and you know it. Do you want to blame female idols after a male stalks and rapes their favorite idol? Oh, it’s her fault for toying with boys, preying on boys and their strong feelings? These girls have gone that far, stalking, sending hate mail, affecting the livelihood of these idols. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would try to rape them. The teen girls can’t project. Even if we do put some blame on entertainment, we can’t ignore the teens either. We also have to hold them accountable as well. This is how change happens.

This is their job, to express art through their music. What else can they do for a living? But it stops them from living a normal life because children AREN’T taught to respect artists.

I do blame parents for not taking entertainment seriously, or seeing how it affects these teens. I don’t feel there are enough programs that teach teens the reality of entertainment. But to some degree, a teen is no longer a child. And since teens nowadays want to be treated like adults, that means we as people have to hold them responsible for the actions they feel they are “in control” of. The artists are not innocent, people know this, but neither are the teen girls.

Does it make it any worse that half of the fans are in their early twenties and of college age, according to stats? That’s too old to be acting this crazy. There are certain things an adult should know.

Everything works on money. Everyone has to eat and make their living somehow. A teen doesn’t have that concept because they have their parents taking care of their every need. In a teen’s mind, they look at the world as being ideal. But an entertainer HAS to sell a product, otherwise they won’t EAT. This does not mean I believe an entertainer should do just about anything to earn money, but they have to sell something. A love song is hardly what makes boy bands sell. There are many boy bands, like Exo, that sing songs about themselves, and yet, it doesn’t really matter, does it? They can sing a song about the sky and girls will treat them like objects. In this case, are they “toying” with girls when they sing about the sky?

Teens think art should be purely art, and if someone makes a business out of it, the artist should expect to be treated like an object. This same mindset travels to all employment. But art is not purely art. People still have to survive. People want to make money doing something they love, but teens, with incomplete mindsets make that hard to do. The artist ends up doing something they love with consumers who treat them like crap. There has to be a balance somewhere. We want the teenagers to grow into creative adults who have the freedom to do what they love doing, but the reality is people can make you hate what you love. This can be better helped if consumers were taught to be realistic in their expectations.”

I hope that K-pop eventually comes to a point where its idols are respected more for their talents and skills and less for their charms and beauty.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you people think about this issue.

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