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Kingdom Hearts III Due for Release 2018! + D23 New World and Trailer

15 Jul

Last month, Square-Enix dropped a random trailer at one of the Kingdom Hearts Orchestras.

Yes Kingdom Hearts fans! Yes! This game will be released next year, 2018! We don’t know if it’s a worldwide release or the Japanese release date (as they’ve broken up release dates before), but we know something is coming out as soon as next year!

People, we have waited more than 10 long years for this game to drop. It has been 15 years since Kingdom Hearts I dropped, 12 years since Kingdom Hearts II was released, and years between the side games. We’ve been ready for this. A lot of us are older now (but we’re still into this game). We have more responsibilities, and can’t really focus on this game as much anymore. However, we also now have the money to buy this game. We just need it in our hands.

Tetsuya Nomura showed up at D23 Expo this year, all cool and collected like his character Riku, and expressed how much pressure he felt after the Kingdom Hearts III Orchestra. He felt how much we’ve been anticipating this. We were tired of all the teasing trailers with no release date. Even though we still don’t actually have a date, and things could be moved back, we know they are aiming for 2018.

The “brand new world” happens to be a Pixar classic and fan favorite. Many Kingdom Hearts fans have asked if we could enter a Pixar world. Toy Story, I know, was among the most asked for. It translates really well into this game. So far, most of my dreams are coming true.

All I need is confirmation from Utada Hikaru that she is returning to help with the theme song, and I am good to go.

New things I noticed:

  1. You can actually have more than THREE party members! In the original trailer, we saw that we had three. In this trailer, we had FOUR!
  2. New Keyblade transformations and attacks!
  3. New keyblade!
  4. This Toy Story seems to take place after the first movie since we see the aliens from Pizza planet in Andy’s room. We don’t see Jessie or Bullseye (yet).
  5. We are fighting Heartless and Nobodies in this game.

So, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about D23 and what you think about it coming out next year! Do you think it might be rushed because of the hype? Or are you just happy the game is coming? Let me know!

To see a timeline of all the Kingdom Hearts games, click here.

Check out a video regarding Kingdom Hearts 3 HATE already!


Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Coming December 2016 + Complete Kingdom Hearts Timeline Finished!

17 Sep

Wow, wow, wow.

We’ve gotten 1.5, 2.5, and now, finally, here comes Kingdom Hearts 2.8 FINAL CHAPTER PROLOGUE.  It’s not “3.5” because the games were released BEFORE Kingdom Hearts 3. Technically, 2.5 and 2.8 have games that are being released and games that were already released AFTER Kingdom Hearts 2 but not after KH3…Making them 2.5 and 2.8. Anyway…

This is exciting news for fans!

2.8 consists of the following games:

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Final Mix 

Kingdom Hearts X (unchained) Back Story

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Volume 0.2 Fragmentary Passage

For those of you confused with all the games, I’ll run down the list of games and the timeline at the end of this article…

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is the FINAL. This is the final part of the story. That means this is basically heading towards the end of the story. This may be one of the last Kingdom Hearts games we get before Kingdom Hearts III, the final game.

For many people, all three games on 2.8 are all-new games. I’ve been reading the comments’ sections on Youtube, and I hear people saying, “Tetsuya Nomura has made three all-new side games instead of focusing on Kingdom Hearts 3?” That just goes to show you how behind people are on the Kingdom Hearts news. I knew that I had to announce this to keep everyone here up-to-date.

Am I a little worried that it’s coming out in 2016 INSTEAD of Kingdom Hearts III? Yes, I am. Like many other people, I’ve been waiting for Kingdom Hearts III for more than 10 years. I’m in my 20s, still waiting for the third installment…So, I’m sure Kingdom Hearts III will NOT be released in 2016, which is a bummer, because I’ve really been looking forward to it. And I feel my biological time ticking…

On the other hand, I’m not really old. I don’t want to feel it. And I do want to live my life looking forward to things. If Kingdom Hearts is over, it will feel like a part of my life has left me. I’ve been waiting for this game and playing this game for so long, it has really become a part of my fond memories. I feel a certain connection to this game series. It gives me so many good memories. I remember when I first got the first game. My uncle bought it for me. It was the game that I always wanted the most (next to Tekken Tag). I couldn’t afford it then. But he went out of his way to get it. It didn’t go to waste.

So, I kind of also don’t want the series to end too quickly. It’s bitter-sweet.


Dream Drop Distance Final Mix


Dream Drop Distance has been out since 2012. So, this game isn’t new. This is the re-mastered version. So, no, Nomura wasn’t wasting his time making a whole new game.

Fans who played Dream Drop Distance asked if it would be included in Final Mix form like the other games, so this is how we got it. I’m personally happy about it.

All you people who never got to play this game will finally get to.

Kingdom Hearts X (Unchained) Back Cover


The cinematic that appears in 2.8 covers the story behind Kingdom Hearts X Unchained, the online game released in 2013 and the North American app that came out April 2016.

For those of you who think Kingdom Hearts X Unchained is new, I’m here to tell you it’s not. This game has been out ONLINE for FREE since 2013. Yes, it was in Japanese. At first, it was only meant to be for the Japanese audience, the audience Nomura knew would appreciate it more. Some people around the world realized how important it was after playing the Japanese version, so they asked for an English release.

But some westerners are complaining about it.

I hear some people saying, “Aw, this game isn’t relevant”. If you’d been smoking the words of Nomura, you should know by now that every game he says is “irrelevant” turns out to be important!

This game explains what Eraqus and Xehanort were talking about in the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer! This game also has an interesting story. This game even has a new world: Daybreak Town! It may even appear in KHIII! Sure, the gameplay is sketchy (It’s a lot like Chain of Memories on the SP, with the same bad graphics and everything).

Still, I recommend people play the KHX game before watching the cinematic and even diving into KHIII.

Don’t think that you can just watch the cinematic and it will cover everything. Again, the 2.8 version is just the cinematic version that covers the backstory of the fore-tellers from Kingdom Hearts X Unchained and not the actual complete Kingdom Hearts X Unchained game. That’s disappointing for me because I really liked the story in X (Unchained), though I know other westerners didn’t.

This cinematic X Unchained Back Cover is a whole new piece to the puzzle to add to the already complex story line.

Kingdom Hearts fans should really take the time out to explore the game and the back story, even if it doesn’t seem relevant or cool.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Volume o.2~Fragmentary Passage~


This is a BRAND NEW game. If you all unlocked the “Secret Episode” at the end of Birth By Sleep, you might remember that it had the same title as this one. They are NOT the same thing. The one in Birth By Sleep was 0.1. From what I hear, this is Volume 2 of that “secret episode”.

This game is going to be the most closely connected to Kingdom Hearts III.

It follows the story of Aqua after Birth By Sleep. So if you haven’t played Birth By Sleep, I suggest you play it. It is available on 2.5 for those of you who don’t have a PSP (though PSPs are running cheap now). There is also a remastered edition that combines 1.5 and 2.5 in one game.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is going to be around US $60.00. I know it’s pricey, but think about it. You’re getting THREE games in ONE. Technically, two games and a cinematic version, but still that’s a lot of software. And usually ONE game is almost that price! It’s a pretty good deal. One of the games are brand new, too! This is also the FINAL PROLOGUE. That means no more additions to the story after this. THIS IS IT. It’s worth it guys. At least, I think so.

Kingdom Hearts Timeline

With all of the side stories, the story has had many additions. It has gotten a bit confusing for most people, especially if many of you haven’t played some of the games yet. Many people have asked, “In what order should I play the games? In which order do the games fit into the story?”

Well, on Kingdom Hearts’s main website, they happen to help fans out with a timeline. Still, the timeline isn’t very descriptive (so they won’t spoil everything) and is currently missing not showing how each game fits in.

So, I’ll help you all out a tad bit more.

The stories came out in this order (all final mixes are mashed with their original stories):

Kingdom Hearts or 1.5 (PS2, PS3)

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories or 1.5 (Nintendo SP, PS 2, PS3)

Kingdom Hearts II or 2.5 (PS2, Ps3)

Kingdom Hearts Coded or 2.5 (mobile phone, Nintendo DS, PS3)

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days or 1.5 (Nintendo DS, PS 3)

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep or 2.5 (and parts of 2.8) (PSP, PS3, PS4)

~You can get 1.5+2.5 Remix Limited Edition, which combines all the above games together~

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance or 2.8 (Nintendo 3DS, PS4)

Kingdom Hearts (Unchained) X or 2.8 Backstory (online website, mobile phone, PS4)

Kingdom Hearts III (PS4, Xbox One)

Kingdom Hearts timeline.jpg

Kingdom hearts Timeline

The order in which the games came out don’t match up with the order in which each game OCCURRED. So, the story can get a bit confusing. The following may contain a few *SPOILERS*. The timeline above have all the games, but it may look confusing.


1) Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover tells the untold story of the fore-tellers, characters that eventually appeared in Kingdom Hearts X. A bit about the fore-tellers was explained in Kingdom Hearts X (Unchained). The 2.8 version, the Back Cover, is the fully fleshed-out story of the fore-tellers. It tells us more about the people involved in the infamous Keyblade War. 


2) Kingdom Hearts X (Unchained) technically takes place before Birth By Sleep. KHX Unchained takes place right before the infamous Keyblade War that caused our story to begin the way it has. This story focuses on the history of the whole Kingdom Hearts series. It’s not certain how long ago this game literally took place, but the history behind it took place before Birth By Sleep. It has also been upgraded to Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross].


3)Birth By Sleep happened sometime after Kingdom Hearts X Unchained, 10 years before Kingdom Hearts, and begins the Xehanort saga. It follows the lives of three keyblade wielders, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. These three people end up shaping events that occur later in the series.


4) Birth By Sleep Fragmentary Passage 0.2 obviously happens right after the “Secret episode” in Birth By Sleep, a little before Kingdom Hearts. However, events in the story eventually seem to align with what’s going on in Kingdom Hearts from behind the scenes.

kingdom hearts

5) Kingdom Hearts happened next. Sora becomes our main protagonist.

358 over 2 days

6) Now, you may see that 358/2 Days seems to begin smack-dab-in-between-towards-the-end-of Kingdom Hearts in one of the timelines ABOVE. This story began a bit after Sora stabbed his heart in the Hollow Bastion segment of Kingdom Hearts. This is when Roxas, Sora’s “Nobody”, was born and the reason 358/2 Days, his story, begins there. Roxas is the protagonist of 358/2 Days.

chain of memories

7) Chain of Memories happened RIGHT AFTER Kingdom Hearts and DURING 358/2 Days. Did you notice this in one of the timelines ABOVE? This is when it gets tricky. Remember, 358/2 Days began around the same time as the Hollow Bastion segment in Kingdom Hearts. The events Roxas experienced in 358/2 Days continued on while Sora was entering the Kingdom Hearts End of the World segment. 358/2 Days’s events continued to occur as Sora’s game, Kingdom Hearts, was ending.  358/2 Day’s events also took place while the next story, Chain of Memories, was occurring.

At the end of Kingdom Hearts’s credits, we see a cut-scene with Sora heading down a path. This path leads him straight into the game of Chain of Memories.

358/2 Days and Chain of Memories continued to happen simultaneously, adding to each other’s stories. So while Roxas was continuing to deal with his life in 358/2 Days, Sora was headed towards Chain of Memories. Riku, Sora’s best friend, also had his own story in Chain of Memories. His story began shortly after Sora’s. Even while Sora and Riku were dealing with life in Chain of Memories, Roxas’s story continued in 358/2 Days.

Chain of Memories ended with Sora falling asleep. In 358/2 Days, Roxas was still awake while Sora was asleep in Chain of Memories. He was being affected by Sora’s slumber.


8) Kingdom Hearts II continues where 358/2 Days left off. Kingdom Hearts II begins with Roxas, who has now forgotten who he was after certain events that took place in 358/2 Days. After six days with Roxas in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, Sora wakes up from his long slumber (the long slumber he fell into in Chain of Memories). The rest of Kingdom Hearts II is played with Sora as the main protagonist.coded

9) Notice that Coded comes up next, but then there’s this weird insertion above and between Coded and Dream Drop Distance labeled “KHII” in one of the timelines ABOVE. This is another tricky one. At the end of the Kingdom Hearts II credits, Sora gets a letter with King Mickey’s seal. We might think that this letter has to do with the next game, Coded. It doesn’t. This letter has to do with Dream Drop Distance. So why is Coded next? Well, right after the events in KHII, besides the cut-scene AFTER the credits, Sora returns to a pretty normal life at his home, Destiny Islands, for a while, which isn’t really shown. While Sora has returned to his normal life, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy have returned to Disney Castle. Coded takes place at this point, right before Sora gets the letter at the end of KHII. 


10) After Coded, the cut-scene at the end of KHII becomes relevant. Sora gets the letter. It’s a letter for both Sora and his best friend Riku. The letter leads Sora and Riku to the events in Dream Drop Distance.



11) Finally, after DDD, Kingdom Hearts III ends the series.

I hope my timeline helped any confused souls. If you decide to play all the games over or if you’re playing them all for the first time, you can decide to play them in order of release or in order of timeline. Whichever you feel will help you grasp the story more. I think it would be helpful to play them in order of timeline so that it won’t feel so jumpy and so you won’t lose track of what’s been going on. But it’s your decision.

If any of these games sound new to you, that could be the reason you are so confused about everything that’s been happening. Don’t worry, the whole confusing story will be over soon. So just hang tight until then.

Leave me a comment in the comments’ section and tell me what you think about the new release! Check back for more updates!

Are You Getting A “Page Not Found” or “Sorry, No Posts Match Your Criteria” Message?

24 Jan

I regrettably have some bad news for those people who were hoping to read certain articles only to find that some articles are not working. I accidentally deleted a whole slew of interesting articles. And yes, I am sick! All of that hard work, gone down the drain.

I will try to make up for some of the articles, such as the

GOT7 Ideal Types

Which I had just promised two Got7 fans, fadebubble and pearlgem

f(x) Ideal Types and Charms

Unfortunately, I may not be able to write it exactly like I once did. 😦 But I will try my best to make an article that is similar to the ones that I lost.

The others are not replaceable as they were written so long ago, I no longer even have the draft for them.

Yes, this makes maneuvering difficult. I apologize for the let down and I will try to restore whatever I can.

There are still plenty of other articles that may appease your interests. If not, I’m weally, weally, sowy. 😦

-From the Writer, GenerationNext

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 + Kingdom Hearts 3 HINTS REVEALED in the new E3 Trailer!

28 Jun


For all of you Kingdom Hearts lovers, three weeks ago, E3 released a trailer for Kingdom Heart‘s second “remix” called Kingdom Hearts 2.5, which has arrived in stores December 12, 2014.

But wait, it doesn’t STOP there.

At the end of the trailer is a small segment that hints towards KINGDOM HEARTS III, the highly anticipated “trilogy” to the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

For those who don’t know what Kingdom Hearts is, it is the joint project between Square-Enix and Disney that turned out to be a major success. The game centers on a young teenage boy (who basically would be a grown man by now) named Sora who lost his island and his friends one day, due to a “strange” storm. During this storm, Sora gets a strange, long key. Sora is then swept away in this storm to a different world. While in this world, he teams up with Donald and Goofy who had been looking for the “Keyblade Master”. Sora discovers that he’s the Keyblade Master, and is chosen to restore the worlds back to normal. Sora sets off on a journey to find his friends and to save the world. Thus, the story continues…

The series takes Sora through several Disney worlds, where the player gets to interact with Disney characters and fight Disney villains. And no, they aren’t weak. The game is praised for being one of the few role-playing games that adapts well to next-gen graphics. The story is engaging, and other installments constantly add to the story, making the players anticipate what will happen next. “You Never Know What Happens Next” was the original slogan for Kingdom Hearts because unexpected things would happen that would take players off-guard. Kingdom Hearts was also praised for it’s “free-playing field”.

Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002. The sequel was released in 2005. Ever since, fans have been waiting for the third part. After 2005, to tie fans over, Square-Enix and Disney released “side stories” to help fill in gaps and add to the overall twisted story. But fans still wanted that part three.

Then, last summer, Square-Enix shocked the pants off of everyone when they released a teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts III. Ever since, there has been much anticipation.

Last year, Disney grew as a huge phenomenon thanks to the movie Frozen and Disney’s success with Marvel. There has been a surge of interest in Disney’s classical movies lately, and there are tons of speculations about what worlds to expect in the next installment.

There are rumors that it is scheduled to come out early 2015. I simply can’t wait that long!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! What new worlds do you want to be in the next KH game? I’m hoping for Chronicles of Narnia, but since Fox bought the rights, my hopes are dim.

I’m just hoping they focus on the Disney movies and not too much on Marvel. Marvel would just feel awkward. Marvel worlds wouldn’t be very interesting, either. Unless, they use Thor…He and Hercules at it? Okay, that sounds awesome.

There are still some Disney movies left undone that I think the two companies should focus on. I also hope I never see Aladdin again. It looks like Hercules will return…AGAIN. I honestly don’t want to see Hercules again.

My thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 2.5?

You can’t get any better than two major role-playing games and a theater mode all in one game. And it’s half of the price it would’ve cost for each game. Perfection.


Kids’ Choice Awards 2014 is Coming This Weekend!

28 Mar


Click the Link Below:

Go online and vote! The line-up this year is better than it’s been in years! Actors and Actresses who can actually act, comedians who are actually funny, musical artists worthy of the attention, and movies that each deserve a blimp! Check it out!

KCA has always been a big event for kids. It was the first awards’ show where kids could have a voice in choosing what’s popular according to entertainment geared toward them. Of course, many teens and adults also vote. He he Guilty…

Let’s walk down Memory Lane…

So much nostalgia, I can’t breathe…cough…cough…

Let’s hope the performances are good this year, and hopefully it’s exciting…just as it used to be.

KCA will be held tomorrow, March 29, 2014, 8/7c so stay tuned!

You can also vote for Teen Nick’s Your Choice Awards!

The winning show will air TONIGHT!

Hasbro’s Magic Jinn Toy

30 Aug
Magic Jinn toy boasts telling the future.

Magic Jinn toy boasts telling the future.

I recently saw the commercial for Hasbro’s toy Magic Jinn on Cartoon Network. This toy supposedly can tell you what you’re thinking. The commercial went something like this:

(Enters Creepy tent) “Are you thinking of a reptile?” You say “Yes”. The thing asks, “Does the reptile still exist?” The kid responds, “No.” And then he asks, “Is it a dinosaur?” Kids say, “Yes!”

Basically, these toys can read your mind. There’s some sort of divination involved with this toy. Is it just me, or does this toy seem a bit creepy, especially the voice?

I haven’t personally tried the toy myself to see if the toy is as psychic as it claims to be, but so far the commercial makes me shiver. This toy even has a 3D iphone game that goes along with him! The actual key to this toy is that it’s really a game. He asks questions that you answer, and thus he guesses what’s on your mind from the questions you answer. You have to try and outsmart him so that he doesn’t guess correctly. I’m really wondering how hard it is to outsmart him…from an adult perspective.

The original Arabic word for Genie is “Jinn”. So I’m assuming he’s some spiritual creature toy…even scarier.

As creepy as this toy sounds, I’m itching with curiosity to see if I can outsmart this toy.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the toy. Do you think I should buy and try to outsmart it? Or leave it alone, it seems scary?

And how many of you already have the toy? Let me know more about it!

Playstation 4: Next Gen or Getting by on XBox One’s Failures?

6 Jul

Recently, I did an article on Microsoft’s XBox One, so check that out before you read.

This time, I’m tackling the PS4.

Sony has been one happy camper following the recent backlash Microsoft has been receiving for it’s XBox One. Due to MS’s problems, Sony has found a way to advertise their system by trying to promote the EXACT opposite thing of MS. Sony is sitting back, laughing. You can take this as Sony actually listening to gamers, or Sony looking at XBox One’s response from gamers, and trying to further discourage Xbox One purchases. It doesn’t matter, either way Sony knows what not to do. However, Sony needs to slow down. While Sony doesn’t have the restrictions that MS’s XBox One has, their console isn’t what I would call up-to-par either. Don’t get me wrong, Sony is more flexible as a company. When they didn’t have backwards compatibility on the PS3, they soon adapted it on the console, knowing it was one of the failures of their system. They should have learned from the Ps3 that backwards compatibility was their main issue (along with others). But Is PS4 the next gen answer? Or is it just lucky XBox One has so many rules? I would like to discuss the pros and cons.

1) Backwards Compatibility

The #1 issue that is plaguing so many people about both the new consoles is that there is no backwards compatibility on either one. Sony isn’t as bad as MS. You will be able to play PS 1 and 2 games, but PS3 games won’t be able to play on Ps4 until 2014, where it will only be available for download. This is because Sony plans on releasing games for Ps3 for the next 10 years. To ensure that people who just bought the PS3 gets to have the gaming experience, and to gain revenue while the PS4 slowly begins to sell, Ps3 will be their fall-back just in case. If you could play it on Ps4, that wouldn’t be possible. And as Ps4 slowly sells, they wouldn’t be gaining much from it.

This is neither a pro or a con.It isn’t a good thing. If this were truly the ultimate next gen system, it would have backwards compatibility. But considering they’re at least trying to make up for it (unlike MS), it’s not hurting the PS4 either.

2) Playstation Plus

Before, online play on the PS3 was free. Now, on the Ps4, if you want to play online, you have to pay a monthly subscription on the Playstation Plus. Playstation Plus was once an option for online gaming, now IT is mandatory. This to me is almost like MS’s mandatory “rules”, and says to me that gamers are restricted from the gaming experience more and more lately. Thankfully, it isn’t mandatory to have internet, because I wouldn’t be buying anything for online play. If it isn’t free with my console, forget it.

While it isn’t as bad as MS’s restrictions (such as internet being mandatory and still paying for XBox Live), I wouldn’t call it an IMPROVEMENT. The problem with these companies is they think “progress” is becoming more robotic and letting computer own and run everything. They think “progress” is making everything more accessible and making games more life-like. And they are a part of progress. But true progress is when you IMPROVE on a mistake or problem that your system formerly had. The answer is not changing it to fit another vision. If it’s not broken, why change it?

If PS4 was truly an improvement from Ps3, online gaming would be free. This is what makes Ps3’s online experience simpler than XBox’s. Now, Sony wants to make it’s own “Live”. Really dumb idea. Who told them this was going to work? MS?

To add, you can’t play multi-player games without plus either. This restriction is not good. This sucks. This is it for my Street Fighter and Tekken games.

This is a MAJOR con.

3) Physical Look

This is where MS’s XBox One owns. Ps4’s system looks like they just added a layer to the Ps3 and called it Ps4. No improvements were made to the overall system. Nothing has really changed. While XBox has had plenty of changes and improvements (not all good), Ps4 has not changed from Ps3 really. Even though it has a streaming function, it can basically do the same things a PS3 could do. Or an XBox One could do. Or even a 360. It isn’t “OMG” amazing. It’s standard. At least the Wii U improved it’s controller with a touch screen pad. What has Ps3 brought to the table besides keeping gamer freedom that MS failed to do?

Even though the graphics are technically better, whether that shows up on-screen is left to be seen, and we know that history has shown Sony to fail in that regard.

This is a con.

4) Game Exclusives

It’s pretty obvious that more appealing games will be released on the One than the PS4. Sony hasn’t been releasing games that people can even take seriously. And so far, it doesn’t look like it will be any different this year. If PS4 could even suport games that people actually cared about, it would be better. This is a MAJOR con.

5) Downloadable Games

All PS4 games will be made for internet download, as most all consoles want to encourage online usage. They are trying to keep up with other media entertainment like movies, television, and music. But Sony has said they will continue to make hard copies. So if you want to buy at the store, re-sell, trade, share, or even display the game as part of your proud collection, you may. This is a MAJOR pro.

Looking at the PS4 for itself, especially comparing it to the PS3, it actually has more cons. But at least the difference isn’t as wide as XBox one’s to the 360. However, I wouldn’t yet call it “Next Gen”. With all the negativity going around about XBox One, people are ignoring the fact that the PS4 on it’s own is sub-par to anything with the name “next gen”. MS is a very good building that Sony can hide behind right now, but it doesn’t excuse their lack of quality in consoles and game exclusives. Sony is the longest console to exist, so I expect some bumps and bruises a long the way. But let’s try to actually improve the system next time, kay?

But hey, is next gen so important when you have freedom with your gaming console? Or is next gen very important because if it weren’t, you’d keep your old system? Those questions are left up to the consumer.

Kingdom Hearts III Trailer REVEALED!!!!

15 Jun

Look at my background and you know I’m a major Kingdom hearts fan. Unfortunately, I’ve been behind on my Coded and Dream Drop Distance game. But, after a LONG wait, the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been revealed! It’s still under development but so far it is SICK looking. Note: LOOKING. Remember KH II? It LOOKED cool, but reneged on the story development. Spike TV’s E3 show revealed it THIS WEEK!  How could I have missed that? Maybe because I hardly watch tv anymore…

If you don’t know what Kingdom Hearts is, you were probably born in 2007…Or you’re not a gaming fan.

The story combines the forces of Disney and Square-Enix. When it first came out, most people thought it was a joke, some crazy fan fic, and no one thought it would sell. This game showed how two very different companies can join forces and create a spectacular development. Kingdom Hearts was the first video game that brought to life several movies at once, and it still is. It had the coolest graphics back in the day.

It was a good idea because it brought in both fanbases. It was attractive to kids, and equally fun for adults, and nostalgic for Final Fantasy fans. It was breath of fresh air for the FF series.

The story follows a boy named Sora, and his friends Kairi and Riku, who wanted to travel worlds when one day their island was swallowed up, and Sora ended up in another world. There he meets Donald and Goofy as they search for their King Mickey. Sora realizes that he’s also separated from his friends, and so joins them to find his friends, traveling from Disney world after Disney world.

This trailer brings me back to my memory of when I first got this game.

When I was younger, I first saw the trailer on Disney Channel. I used to watch Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel. It came out when I was in 7th grade. I was 12 years old. I first saw the behind the scenes on Disney 411 (before it became Disney 365). It captivated me, but I hated asking for things in my household. Then as a flipped the channel to Cartoon Network, the commercial came on with the Utada Hikaru song playing. It was soooo catchy, and I saw all the Disney characters. Then it showed up on Toonami. Then more commercials. So many commercials that I memorized the commercial’s song. One day, my mother was EXTREMELY sick. My uncle came to visit. He asked what we (My sister and I) wanted to cheer us up. We were thinking, not sure. We just said, “uh, Kingdom Hearts?” At first, my uncle tricked us by saying he was just kidding and that he’s not getting us a game. We were disappointed but we put it at the back of our minds. That night, he came home with the game. I remember turning on the PS2. I remember putting in the game. I remember pressing START. I remember seeing that same opening, that song, that was in the commercial, and they had the lyrics in the booklet that came in the box. And since, my gaming world had changed. I was so obsessed with that game, I talked to all my friends about it, both girls and boys. At the time,  7th grade girls didn’t seem interested, and called me a loser. But it’s cool. I found out my freshman year of college, one of those girls became a MAJOR Kingdom Hearts fan after hearing me talk about it so much! In college, I tried to play it cool. “Oh no, I don’t play it as often because I’m so busy now.” When she looked disappointed, I got quiet. She said, “Well, now I’m a major fan.” I felt ridiculous for trying to be something I’m not. See? That’s a lesson kids: embrace yourself.

So, yea, get to the trailer already, right?

Most of you will be happy to know that this is will be released on the XBox 1. YAAAAYYY! The problem is everything has to be downloaded. What if the server crashes? Also, it will be released on the PS4. Didn’t I tell you they were waiting for a new gaming console? If you don’t remember my last article on DDD…PS4 is on my wishlist to myself.

But who wouldn’t prefer to play it on a new console? Hopefully, this means KH III is coming soon.

I hope I’m not too late on this. But I’m glad I spotted it!

Since I didn’t see the E3 myself, shucks, I will post a review from one of my favorite Youtube KH fans, Neogamespark.


Kingdom Hearts DREAM DROP DISTANCE @JumpFest 2012

23 Jan


21 Jan

We have gathered today for the memorial of this terrible internet tragedy. Megavideo and Megaupload have been shut down. I’m about to pass the tissues.

Okay, we all know that Megavideo and Megaupload have been posting up videos that may or may not have been illegal and violated copyright and infringement laws. But this is still sad for online users who relied on Megavideo to watch many films that aren’t offered in our country. Most every website has supported Megavideo and Megaupload from the beginning.

The LAW is on the side of entertainment. Isn’t it ironic? This just goes to show us how much power the entertainment industry has. This entertainment business is trying to convince us to buy their materials. What they can’t seem to realize is that they are doing the opposite of what they’re trying to accomplish. Instead of trying to persuade us to buy their materials, like with good quality productions and good advertising, they are going to try to FORCE us to buy their items. This may just be the thing that makes me say, “Hey, bye, bye entertainment industry.” The main promotion of artists today is through the internet, and through bills, like SOPA and PIPA, it will affect many artists, unbeknownst to the idiot record labels and Motion picture producers themselves. Are they crazy? The internet is a major marketing tool! They don’t even realize the power that they can gain through internet influence. Maybe it’s time for all the old farts to retire from those places, and get more up-to-speed management, people who know how to adapt to the ever-growing technological revolution.

Of course, internet users will not go down without a fight. We support the internet. To me, there’s nothing wrong with a website that makes movies and music accessible online. The problem the record labels and Motion Picture productions have is that they are NOT online yet. Megavideo and Megaupload just thought of the idea first. These dumb record label companies are banking on selling their “hard copy” materials and the movie productions want us to buy their “hard copy” DVDs. Well, it’s about time the companies start to update. How can you appeal to the people when you’re five steps behind the people?

The two bills SOPA and PIPA have really done it now. These bills haven’t even passed into laws, and have been shelved. But it seems like the U.S. government is retaliating against the people who protested against it’s passing. It’s a battle between the government and the internet users. This is a huge wave mass that I will tag as the THE CYBER REVOLUTION. It is the internet users revolt against the government and the fight has just begun.

The U.S. government feels that protecting us is best done by arresting the internet users that supply entertainment instead of protecting us from TRUE crimes.

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