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If You’re an Aries…

20 Mar
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‘Tis the season of Aries! The Sun enters Aries around March 20th and ends with Aries around April 20th. Now, is the time to be aware of this energy! The Sun will not just affect those who have Sun in Aries (those who have the Aries “Zodiac Sign” though. It will influence everyone with Aries in their Natal Chart.

Reader, to begin, it’s best to know what Planets you might have in Aries. In order to find out where the Sign of Aries is resting, you will need to get a natal chart.

Where To Get A Natal Chart

The best natal charts can be found at

On the left-hand side of the screen, there are three bars next to the word “Horoscopes”. Click the three bars to reveal a drop-down menu. Click the drop-down menu under “Horoscope Drawings & Data”. In that drop-down menu, click “Extended Chart Selection”. Click “Enter Birth Data” (For visitors who do not yet have a user profile). Enter your information. In order to find your house placements, you will need to know what time you were born. If you don’t know that yet, you can put in “Unknown”, but you will only see your Planets in Signs.

After entering your data, you will come to another page. The Chart Type should say “Natal Chart Wheel” and Chart Drawing Style should be “Web Default Style”. Then, click the green button that says “Show The Chart”.

How To Read A Natal Chart

Right now, it might look very confusing if you’ve never seen one. To get a basic understanding as to how to read a Natal Chart, review my article Introduction to Astrology.

Aries in Astrology

For everyone else, let’s review a bit about Aries.


Positive Attributes: adventurous, energetic, pioneering, courageous, selfish, brave, independent, assertive, confident, outgoing, bold, vital

Negative Attributes: quick-tempered, impulsive, impatient, hate to be restricted, aggressive, competitive

Key Phrase: I AM, ASSERT

Associations: Bold colors, like red, the head, brain, and eyes

Planetary Ruler: Mars

Exalted Ruler: Sun

Detriment: Venus

Fall: Saturn

Mode: Cardinal

Element: Fire

Symbol: The Ram

House Ruled: 1st House

One of the main reasons many people shy away from astrology is because they are intimidated by their negative attributes. No one likes to feel like a bad person, I get it. However, as imperfect humans, we will all have the potential for some negative behaviors, even if we don’t let it manifest. Astrology is a practice that helps people become more aware of both our positive potential and negative ones so that we can channel our energies for the good. Without awareness and knowledge, we leave ourselves blind to our potential, and we let our negativity flow without realizing it.

The principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites. We can’t have positive attributes without the negative.

Another reason many people dismiss Astrology has to do with them not really relating to the qualities they read about regarding their “Zodiac Sign”. This is why a complete Natal Chart tells the whole story. It’s also quite possible that only a few of the qualities manifest in you because other energies (Houses, Aspects, Ruling Planets, etc.) curb your tendencies, giving the complete picture. It could be possible that those around you carry these energies more than you do. Maybe, others around you may see these qualities in you, even if you might not see it in yourself.

It takes a deep look at oneself to understand where these energies are coming from. Only you can interpret where it fits in your own life.

Though there isn’t one cookie-cutter way to interpret a Natal Chart, this article will give a general explanation of what it’s like to have “Aries” in the Natal Chart.

Planets in Signs

Sun in Aries

Moon in Aries

Mercury in Aries

Venus in Aries

Mars in Aries

Jupiter in Aries

Saturn in Aries

Uranus in Aries

Neptune in Aries

Pluto in Aries

Signs on the Houses

Aries on the 1st House (Aries Rising)

Aries on the 2nd House

Aries on the 3rd House

Aries on the 4th House

Aries on the 5th House

Aries on the 6th House

Aries on the 7th House

Aries on the 8th House

Aries on the 9th House

Aries on the 10th House

Aries on the 11th House

Aries on the 12th House

Sun in Aries

The Sun-self, ego, identity, individuality, confidence, creativity, expression, life, main concerns, consciousness, vitality, psychic and physical energy, stamina, the will, integrity, power, the basic drive for significance, rulers and authority figures, the father, the husband, masculine yang.

Those with Sun in Aries tend to be the people known as having “the zodiac sign of Aries”. They are typically born between March 20th and April 20th. A natal chart would be able to properly calculate their Sun sign, though.

Sun in Aries are typically known as adventurous and confident people. People who know them well find them to be energetic and outgoing.

These individuals are also quite assertive. Whatever it is they want out of life, they go for it. They don’t really rely on too many other people to get where they want to go, making them super independent. They don’t let anyone stop them either, and are always ready to fight for their freedom.

Even if they don’t always feel confident, adventurous, or energetic all the time, they will never let their weaknesses show. These individuals pride themselves on being able to overcome all obstacles and being able to take care of themselves without others’ assistance. It’s hard for them to admit when they are struggling.

On the shadow side, less evolved Sun in Aries natives are known to be quite selfish, quick-tempered, aggressive, and impulsive. They can be competitive, too. This is mostly when they want to get ahead in life. They might step on a few toes while going after what it is they want.

These individuals have a pretty good idea of who they are, unlike most people who are still figuring it out. To be honest, they just don’t think too hard or too deeply about who they are. They don’t really listen to other people’s opinions of them, and they seldom let their past experiences define their current ones.

Sun in Aries natives are extremely expressive. Their bold confidence comes out in everything they do. They are not quiet types and it’s hard to ignore them. This open sense of expression spills over into anything they create. Their raw courageous energy allows them to be pioneers in any creative field they take on.

Sun in Aries live life fast. They are always into new things, off to some new adventure. Sun in Aries natives aim to be pioneers. They want to do things in life that allow them to challenge themselves and others. They always want to be known as the “first person to ever”, and when they aren’t, they seek to distinguish themselves in some way from others in their chosen professions.

There isn’t too much they are afraid of, so when opportunities come their way, they take them. The less evolved tend to get impatient when the best things in life don’t come to them as quickly as they would like. They don’t like being told no. It only challenges them to find a way to get what they want.

This fast-paced life could mean the less evolved would seldom stop to smell the roses or appreciate the little things around them. And living life too fast could mean a short lifespan if they aren’t careful. Being too impulsive could have them stumbling in unfavorable situations.

Perhaps their impulsive decisions don’t really bother them at all, but less evolved Sun in Aries natives may also struggle to consider how others around them could be affected by their decisions. Overall, if others can’t keep up with their lifestyle, the Sun in Aries will leave them in the dust.

Sun in Aries should make sure to take care of their head, brain, eyes, and face to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Their father figure, father’s side of the family, the dominant parent, or the one who they saw taking the lead in their lives and guiding them (teachers, guidance counselors, community leaders, etc.) instilled in them a sense of independence. The father figure, present or figurative presence, taught them that they have only themselves to depend on. They taught the Sun in Aries native that they have the power to do anything they want, and encouraged them not to be afraid of anyone or anything. That’s how they grew to be the strong and fearless individuals they became. Their parental figure taught them to embrace who they are. Sun in Aries natives might instill the same values in their own children as a result.

On the shadow side, they may have experienced a father figure that was impatient with them or didn’t seem to want to be bothered with children, preferring their own independence. This would force the Sun in Aries to rely on themselves and take the lead without the help of their father. They may have felt they were always in a fight with their father.

At worst, Sun in Aries natives may have experienced a father who acted aggressively or competitively towards them. It only made these natives stronger, more headstrong, and able to withstand anything. Sun in Aries natives have to be careful not to continue these generational curses when they become parents.

Sun in Aries natives may have inherited some traits related to their father’s head: the face, the eyes, the hair, and/or the brain.

Sun in Aries natives will only respect authority figures who leave them alone. They really don’t like to be told what to do and prefer to have as much independence as possible. They might admire and respect authority figures who lead with a strong and decisive mind, but they may not always follow every single rule just because it’s there. Authority figures have to present rules in the form of fun challenges in order to get a Sun in Aries native to even try to follow it. In the end, within a set of rules, Sun in Aries have to feel free for the most part.

On the shadow side, less evolved Sun in Aries natives may always find themselves in trouble with the law, for better or worst.

Individuals with this position may not have much issue with navigating a patriarchal society. Men with this position assert themselves into leadership roles, allowing them to lead the pack of men. They have enough confidence to deal with any challenge thrown at them, and enough stamina to climb their way to the top of any ladder. Yet, they don’t have a group or herd mentality, not necessarily wanting to be like other men.

On the shadow side, the less evolved may find themselves constantly at war with men due to behaving impulsively, aggressively, and even selfishly at times. Sometimes, their confrontational nature allows them to challenge the patriarchal system itself, even if they are so good at navigating it.

Sun in Aries women might be able to navigate patriarchal societies well, too, but they may be vilified for it instead of praised. It’s likely they are more capable of getting things done than most of the men around them. They are not scared of men, and are even willing to stand up to them when necessary. This can be intimidating to a lot of men. These women may find it hard to find good long-term partners, since they find most men to be too weak for them.

As husbands, men with this position will be a lot of fun for their partners. They will always have something new to offer their partnership, whether it’s a new project or new vacation destination spot. When it comes to taking the lead of the household, they have no problem with that. They make confident and sure leaders, which makes everyone in the household feel more confident in them.

These men have a lot of energy for their families. They tend to be proactive when taking action on behalf of the family. This could include completing tasks around the house, playing with children, and still having energy for date nights.

They don’t follow the guidebooks when it comes to husbandry. They perform as husbands in their own unique and authentic way. They only ask that their partners accept who they are.

These natives can’t stay with a partner long-term if they can’t have their own time or hobbies. They don’t like to be smothered by a partner, and they don’t care to do everything together with their partner. They struggle with other headstrong partners who try to tell them what to do. If they find their partner doing more than they are able to, they may get competitive with their partner.

The shadow side is the less evolved may get impatient with their partner or get aggressive. Their bad temper can spill over into their relationships, too, if they aren’t careful.

Despite the amount of energy they could potentially pour in a relationship, the other shadow side is that the less evolved can be selfish. Their own personal needs and desires often come first. Then, after they get what they want, they will share.

Their famous impulsive streak could also get them into trouble in long-term partnerships. Their actions could affect the entire family. And no matter how confident and sure they might be about a decision in the moment, less evolved Sun in Aries natives sometimes forgets to look at the long-term benefits or consequences.

Women with this position may project their own Sun in Aries qualities off on their long-term partners. In truth, they may be the ones who “wear the pants” in the family. Sun in Aries women have a hard time submitting to a partner’s every demand, or any demands for that matter. At minimum, they may just be fiercely independent, needing time to build their own personal lives outside of the family structure. Sun in Aries women will only take a step back if her partner is as confident and assertive as she is. Their partners have to be willing to get things done. Still, Sun in Aries women can’t be controlled, so any ideas their partners try to establish has to benefit the Sun in Aries woman in some way.

The Sun in exalted in Aries. Sun in Aries natives have a strong sense of self, confidence, and a lot of vitality to go with it, which makes it ideal for the Sun (the ego).

If Sun in Aries natives wear red, they will feel and come across more confident, especially if they wear red hats, sunglasses, make-up, earrings, face tattoos, or red hair. Review The Sun in Aries house and aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed.

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Moon in Aries

The Moon-emotions, moods, reactions, intuition, instincts, receptivity, change, the unconscious, habits, feelings of belonging or alienation, containment, material substance, the past, heredity, family, domestic life, nurture, mothers, wife, children, female yin, the masses, soul development

Moon in Aries natives are brave when it comes to their emotions and feelings. They are not afraid to express themselves and they find it easy to acknowledge exactly how they feel in the moment. When they are feeling happy, everyone will know it. When they feel sad, it will usually turn to anger. The less evolved may react impulsively to these types of emotions and they may get aggressive. Their sadness and anger doesn’t usually last too long, though.

The shadow side is they may be selfish when dealing with emotions. They may only care about how they feel in a given moment. They may not consider how others feel nor how their feelings could affect others. The less evolved may have the attitude that others should stop being so sensitive, even though they can’t handle too much honesty, either, not without getting angry.

They don’t really think too deeply about their feelings, and they are quite impatient with having to observe themselves too much. Unfortunately, they may not be patient with others’ feelings, either. They don’t mind being there when people need to let out their feelings in the moment, but they don’t like when people dwell on the same emotions for long periods of time. They personally don’t hold on to the same old feelings themselves, and get frustrated when the past keeps coming up. They prefer to move on from things.

However, sometimes Moon in Aries natives may need to dwell on their feelings and they need to think about the past in order to properly deal with the present and the future. This will help them develop their soul. They can’t truly be over something or truly let go of something until they understand why they experienced certain things in life and how they can properly handle these types of situations in a healthy manner in the future. Moon in Aries natives hate therapy because it makes them feel weak, but sometimes it’s needed. They will only truly be strong, confident, and independent in the mind, body, and spirit when they deal with these emotions.

It doesn’t help that Moon in Aries natives struggle to be receptive to others’ perspectives. They are actually quite sensitive when presented with helpful hints and even constructive criticism. It’s enough to make them react angrily. At minimum, they may impatiently brush off people’s advice. The less evolved don’t handle opposition well at all. However, they tend to be more receptive when criticism or suggestions are offered in the form of playful banter or if they are told they can’t overcome these weaknesses presented. That challenge might anger them, but it will motivate them to make necessary changes in their lives.

On a positive note, Moon in Aries natives deal with emotional change better than most people. When life comes at them fast, they might get knocked down initially, but they get back up and keep moving. They try not to let things in life affect their emotions. They try to stay positive and upbeat, no matter what. At minimum, they try to keep a brave face.

These natives are not emotionally dependent. When they are upset, they try to deal with things on their own. They don’t often share when they are having a bad day, but when they do, they aren’t seeking advice. They know exactly what they want to do about it. If they don’t find an outlet for these emotions, they will explode, and it can affect their head, brain, eyes, and face.

The best way to improve their mood is to utilize their famous energy. Going for runs, boxing it out at a gym, and doing flips can really improve any negative moods they may experience. The color red can be a mood changer for them. Wearing a red hat, sunglasses, make-up, earrings, face tattoos, or red hair could make them feel better. A nice head massage, facials, or getting their hair styled or cut in general could also relax them.

Moon in Aries natives seek to establish a sense of security within themselves, by themselves. They often don’t show their insecurities and don’t seek that security in another person. In fact, feeling insecure makes them insecure. They don’t tend to have the same insecurities others have. When they do find themselves feeling insecure, though, they may get frustrated with themselves and others. They may get competitive and impulsive in their reactions.

For the Moon in Aries natives to maintain a sense of emotional security, they need their independence and they need to be able to get all that they want in life. If they feel restricted in any way or if there is too much competition for the things they desire, they will fight their way out of it and through it to maintain security. If they can’t, that’s when the negative reactions will occur.

Moon in Aries natives rely on their instincts for information, and they follow their intuition without hesitation. They hardly ever ignore their gut feelings, allowing them to take a chance on people, places, and things. This could mean they jump impulsively into situations that don’t always turn out right, but somehow, Moon in Aries natives always seem to gain something from every situation.

Their mother, mother’s side of the family, or figurative mother figure, their caretakers, or the ones spending the most time with them encouraged their child to be bold, adventurous, and expressive. Moon in Aries natives probably felt they could be themselves around this motherly figure. Their mother figure made them feel confident, even when they doubted themselves. Mother may have shown her Moon in Aries child that it was possible to be both a mother and have her own identity. Moon in Aries natives might support or encourage their own children much the same way they were supported or encouraged.

On the shadow side, mother may have seemed a little selfish, putting her needs ahead of her children’s needs. She may have been impulsive, perhaps spending too wildly or living life on the edge, or at minimum just jumping into one project to another without much thought. She may have been impatient with the native, possibly finding children to stand in the way of her independence. At worst, she may have been aggressive or competitive towards the native.

Moon in Aries natives may have inherited traits from their mother’s head: hair, face, eyes, and/or brain.

The home and family life was probably fast-paced in some way. The Moon in Aries native probably hardly ever had time to settle down and relax. The Moon in Aries native may have had to fend for themselves. The home may have felt like people were competing or fighting for resources at times. Someone may have always been left out if they didn’t fight for what they wanted. When this native establishes their own home, they may not be used to a completely quiet home with no activity.

It’s likely that Moon in Aries natives may pick up some of the habits from their past family life without realizing it, since it was so ingrained in them from birth. When it comes to breaking old habits or dealing with new situations they aren’t used to, Moon in Aries natives tend to do better than most people. Many of them don’t always want to follow or do what they’ve always done. They are proactive when it comes to breaking habits or leaving situations behind that don’t benefit them. The problem is when an old habit or situation does benefit them, they don’t like being told what to do and they hate when people give them advice. It will be hard for them to get along with people that remind them of their habits. They will really struggle to be around people who don’t understand their nature, background, or culture.

Moon in Aries natives are just as likely to forget their heritage as much as they fight to protect it. In some instances, Moon in Aries natives may not show much interest in traditions or cultural practices, especially the ones that tie them down or restrict them in some way. They may be more interested in starting new traditions themselves. On the other hand, when it comes to the parts of their heritage that they enjoy or benefit from personally in some way, they may be the most enthusiastic participant. They don’t often let anyone get away with insulting their heritage, no matter any personal feelings they may have about it.

When it comes to navigating the world of the “feminine” or the “matriarch’s” side of things, which tends to consist of caretaking roles within the home, Moon in Aries natives have strengths and weaknesses.

Moon in Aries natives are independent, very capable of taking care of themselves and their personal affairs. When taking care of others, they pour a lot of energy into any caretaking roles they manage. This could make them great in the medical field, where their ability to act quickly to care for people would come in handy. Women with this position may especially try to stay active in their caretaking roles, especially if they have children.

On the shadow side, Moon in Aries natives don’t like to be tied down to domestic roles. At minimum, they don’t want to be defined by these roles. Men may not experience this difficulty as severely, but women will feel that society puts too much pressure on them to give up their identities after becoming mothers or wives. That will make a Moon in Aries native resentful.

Men with this position may project their Moon qualities onto their long-term partners. These men themselves have hidden active caretaking natures that they may not be aware of.

The Moon in Aries men likely are the ones who can manage taking care of themselves just fine, cooking and cleaning when alone, but struggle when expanding on their family. They’re bold and courageous enough to start a family, but they struggle with the consequences of maintaining this promise for life. They may prefer to be the breadwinner so they can stay as far away from the trap that is called the “home life” as possible. Their favorite chores are the ones where they can stay active. They don’t mind cleaning the home or mowing the lawn, but it will be hard to get them to sit still and sing a baby to sleep.

The less evolved Moon in Aries men may be selfish as partners, since they may hardly want to help with the domestic chores at all. When they do help, they may get impatient or frustrated. If they have children, they tend to perform domestic duties better as their children age, making it easier for them to delegate responsibilities.

Moon in Aries women should also be careful not to be selfish towards their children. The less evolved would neglect their children in favor of chasing their own ambitions and dreams, equally displaying impatience with their children. It’s perfectly fine to try to strike a balance between self-identity and family, but that may require assistance, and Moon in Aries natives don’t like asking for help. When thinking of children, though, it’s no longer about the Moon in Aries natives’ feelings on the matter, and that can be hard for the less evolved Moon in Aries native to understand.

The Moon tells us how we deal with the masses. Moon in Aries natives tend to have a brave face when they have to confront large crowds of people. Their confidence can move and inspire a crowd to follow their lead in anything they take on. Their boldness and “don’t-care” attitude can both shock a crowd and spark admiration. The shadow side is the less evolved could find themselves in constant battle with the masses or the public due to their abrupt nature. It’s likely they may constantly have quarrels or disagreements with people, and they may even get aggressive in public.

Lucky for them, they seldom feel alienated when people stop talking to them. These independent souls are fine being alone. Still, everyone needs someone, at least some family, a partner, and/or close friends. These natives are best off around people who enjoy excitement, are confident, and just as outgoing and independent as they are. More than likely, they won’t have much trouble finding kindred spirits, due to being so outgoing.

Review The Moon in Aries house placement and aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed.

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Mercury in Aries

Mercury-intellect, logic, the rational mind, reason, thinking, thought process, perception, senses, memory, mentality, symbolization, communication, language, writing, skills, versatility, movement, nerves, travel, transportation, creating associations, siblings

Mercury in Aries natives are adventurous thinkers. They are known for their bold and pioneering thoughts and ideas. When they form an idea, they act on it, too, making it a reality. Though they aren’t very realistic, they have their own ways of making things happen by simply speaking up and being heard. They are not timid, so people tend to know what it is they want.

Mercury in Aries natives are not shy about sharing their remarkable ideas with others. These individuals are confident about their intellect and won’t let anyone make them feel dumb about it either. They know they have a good mind, even when others doubt them. They often are marked as geniuses long after they’ve come up with an idea because it takes time for others to catch up to them mentally. They are independent thinkers, hardly being influenced by others and not liking to be limited in the way they think. If they change their minds on anything, it’s because of their own will based on their own personal experiences.

Mercury in Aries natives have a thirst for adventures, so they often seek new experiences. This makes them very versatile mentally. They aren’t just open to change, they prefer it. However, they don’t make changes to follow the trends or the crowd. They change to make their lives more fulfilling.

On the shadow side, though, they may take disagreements as a personal attack on their intellect. The less evolved Mercury in Aries native doesn’t accept anyone else’s ideas and may even get aggressive, competitive, and argumentative with people whenever they say something different. They may begin to focus on having the mental advantage over a person and lose sight of why the idea is important to share in the first place.

They have a lot of mental energy, and often engage in many mental activities. They may do well in debates, quiz shows, and mental sports.

They have sharp healthy senses, and they rely on their instincts for information. They pick up on information quickly as a result. The less evolved may not think too long or deeply about the information, neither do they see the need to present evidence to others regarding what they feel they know. The less evolved may jump to the wrong conclusions or fail to see situations clearly.

Mercury in Aries natives learn and remember information that stands out to them most. Mercury in Aries natives prefer to learn on their own as much as possible. They are self-taught individuals who rely on others as little as possible to gain information. They prefer to be “hands-on”. Anyone teaching them would have to make the information sound like a fun challenge. They prefer teachers or instructors that are energetic and confident. They can’t take a monotone or timid teacher; they would have a hard time staying interested enough to learn.

Mercury in Aries natives may develop many different types of skills in life due to their willingness to teach themselves and their confidence working with their own hands. On the other hand, the less evolved Mercury in Aries may not have the patience or discipline to master any set of skills they learn.

Mercury in Aries natives have a direct and abrupt way of communicating. They say exactly what’s on their minds. They don’t need a whole lot of people to talk to, but when given an audience, they don’t hesitate. They are very expressive. They are usually not afraid to strike up conversations, which could make them great as roving reporters. They are loud and outspoken, and would probably do well as public speakers, too. They don’t have much patience for writing long novels. They might pick up the project, but if it takes too long, they will move on. These natives often tend to communicate with their head and eyes as much as with their words. They do not have a poker face.

On the shadow side, less evolved Mercury in Aries natives might be selfish communicators. They might take over conversations, interrupt people, or may have trouble listening to others talk for too long. They may be rude and use expletives to express themselves, no matter who is around. They don’t hold back, either, and don’t think they should have to.

These natives easily connect with people. They are not timid or shy, so it’s easy for them to strike up conversations with anyone. They may have some difficulty maintaining consistent contact with all of their new associates, though. They also tend to be too blunt, and that can sever their ties with people. This might be fine between friends, but it doesn’t tend to go over as well in a professional environment.

Mercury reveals information about siblings or people who are considered to be like siblings. Mercury in Aries natives may have a lot of fun with their adventurous and high-spirited siblings. The Mercury in Aries native may have spent a lot of their active moments with their siblings, possibly playing sports, competitive games, or going on family vacations. Their siblings were the ones giving them dares and testing their courage growing up.

On the shadow side, it’s possible Mercury in Aries natives have a tough time getting along with their siblings. There are probably many disagreements, possibly started by the Mercury in Aries native themselves without them realizing it. This position is notorious for sibling rivalries. The siblings were probably all competing for resources or the family’s attention.

Mercury in Aries natives without siblings tend to do pretty well alone. They end up getting much of what they want without as much of a hassle. Of course, they may suffer from a boring and quiet home, so they may seek out the action in the neighborhood. These natives might have issues with some selfish tendencies, due to getting their way most of the time.

Mercury in Aries natives move fast through life. They walk swiftly, enjoy active sports, and walk everywhere “head-first”. Due to being so impatient and impulsive in their movements, they may be a bit clumsy or they may accidentally knock others out of their way. They may literally step on people’s toes.

These natives don’t like to sit still too long and don’t like to wait in long lines. That makes them nervous. They like to keep moving. They are the types of individuals who like to move independently, too, even if they have personal disabilities. In that case, they may be frustrated when people treat them like they are fragile.

Mercury in Aries natives love fast cars, fast trains, and jet planes. They prefer to get through their community at a fast pace and in a brand new model or form of transport. These natives more than likely found a way around their community by themselves at a very early age. For them, transportation is independence and freedom. The older they get, the more independent they will want to be. It’s likely they will prefer their own personal vehicle to riding public transportation, since they don’t have to wait for it to arrive. They may enjoy biking, skating, or running, too.

Wearing the color red could help them feel more confident in their communication and could get what they want across with more clarity.

Review Mercury in Aries house placement and aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed.

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Venus in Aries

Venus-values, love and love journey, partnership, bonding energy, relatedness, sensuality, social urges, merging, harmony, intake, receptiveness, money, pleasure, beauty, attraction, personal magnetism, creation, art, music, women and femininity, sisters, mother’s love, luck

Venus in Aries natives love and value adventure. They love trying new things. They love to be active. Venus in Aries natives also love to be around people who are adventurous, exciting, and where the action is.

Venus in Aries natives also love and value their independence. They don’t really need a whole lot friends and they don’t often like being tied down or defined by their relationships. Even at work, they may prefer to work independently.

Still, these natives are very outgoing. It’s easy for them to make friends, find partners, and work with colleagues because they are assertive when meeting new people. They tend to put on a brave face when in a social gathering, and they tend to be the alpha in any room. They are hard to ignore.

However, the less evolved Venus in Aries native may have difficulty maintaining close friendships and relationships over time, especially if they feel trapped or restricted in some way. The less evolved Venus in Aries native may also exhibit a selfish streak where they think mostly about their own benefit in a partnership and others may come second to that.

When in love, Venus in Aries natives often fall fast. They jump into the relationship based on the rush of that crush. They tend to pour a lot of energy into their relationships, keeping the bond active. They can be a lot of fun on any romantic date.

They love competition. They might feel more motivated to pursue someone if there is some competition. They may like to compete with their partners for fun, maybe playing a game or a sport. As long as they aren’t competing for dominance within a household, this should be fine.

However, the shadow side is the less evolved get bored just as easily. It’s hard for them to keep the same momentum they had on the first couple of dates. They get especially like this if the relationship gets too comfortable or domestic. They need to be able to spice things up to stay connected with someone else. Unfortunately, real relationships and life aren’t always that exciting or romantic, and that can be hard for the Venus in Aries native to understand. Being in a too-stable relationship could bring out some of their negative qualities like impatience, anger, and aggression.

The best part about Venus in Aries natives is that when a relationship isn’t working for them, they are the first to drop it before it goes too far. They know what they want in a relationship, and they tend to make it clear from the beginning what they expect (if others are paying attention). One of their other redeeming qualities is their resilience. When someone breaks up with them, they might be sad about it for awhile, but they move on quickly.

When it comes to the pursuit of sensual sexual pleasure, Venus in Aries natives are very sexy individuals. They ooze hotness with everything that they do. Venus in Aries natives are very assertive when trying to get what they want in the bedroom. They like when things begin in the heat of the moment, which can be anywhere and everywhere. They make very adventurous sex partners as a result. They might like it a little rough, rowdy, or messy. They tend to be brave and are not much intimidated by the idea of sex.

On the shadow side, they may be a little impulsive sexually, and they aren’t beyond a one-night-stand. This may not be an issue if they stay protected and if the other person understands fully what is happening. Less evolved Venus in Aries natives may confuse love with sex. There are some Venus in Aries natives in general that just prefer sexual partners to romantic ones, which can confuse a lot of people searching for more from Venus in Aries natives. It’s also not as socially acceptable in some cultures to be all about sex in a relationship. As long as both parties agree to the sexual relationship, it could work. But Venus in Aries may seldom find people who do not expect some level of responsibility, and that can be a hard pill for them to swallow.

The less evolved Venus in Aries natives may also have a tendency to be selfish in even a sexual relationship, only caring about achieving their own satisfaction and not really concerned with their partners’ wishes and desires.

Venus in Aries natives’ true love journey is one of self-love. Though they may have been told this before, it’s something that they need to remind themselves of. When these natives truly love themselves, they won’t need their partner to make their lives more exciting. Life itself can be an adventure, and they will learn to bring that energy to the partnership instead of expecting it from the partner. They should also learn that people evolve and change throughout life, which can be exciting in itself. This can help them maintain longer-lasting partnerships over time.

The shadow side is their “self-love” journey can turn to vanity, where they are more in love with themselves than others. As long as they keep a healthy love of themselves, their natural confidence will shine through. This doesn’t mean they are more important than others. It means they love themselves enough to know they don’t need others to make them feel amazing, loved, and attractive. They are now ready to do that for the one they love.

Socially, Venus in Aries natives are nonconformists at heart. Others might try to make them feel bad about who they are because they don’t often seem to fit in the social norms of society. Due to their boldness, love of freedom, and active pursuit of pleasure, they don’t tend to follow the social conventions. They may exhibit poor manners, too, or might not seem too refined. Typically, Venus in Aries natives try not to care what people think, but what people think matters to a certain degree. Venus in Aries natives may find that they miss out on certain things in life because they are so different. At minimum, they might feel they have to work harder than most people to get what they want because they choose to be themselves.

This might make them ping-pong between self-confidence and doubt at times, which they hate. Going against the grain certainly makes life more difficult. If they truly learn to love and accept themselves, though, on a deeper level, they will grow to be independent of others’ opinions of them in a healthy way and they can inspire others to follow their lead. After all, social conventions are fickle and fleeting. Venus in Aries natives have the potential to create the new normal.

Venus in Aries natives are not the most harmonious people in the bunch. They are not fans of compromise. Compromise requires them to do a bit of what others want them to do, and they don’t like to be told what to do. They want all of what they want, not some of it. They do not like the word “no”. It’s a challenge to them. In the pursuit of survival, this can be an asset. In relationships, this can be detrimental.

When Venus in Aries natives do seek a compromise, they may try to fight it out, compete in some capacity, or make dares to see who wins (though they won’t like being the loser).

On a positive note, the highly evolved Venus in Aries natives are active diplomats. They usually let go of disputes after awhile, as long as the other person is willing to meet them in the middle. They are also the first to encourage two people fighting to get over it and squash the issue, too.

Venus rules over how we spend money (or how we use resources in general to get what we want) and what pleasurable activities or items we might spend it on. Venus in Aries natives can’t resist anything they are drawn to. When given the money, they tend to be impulsive shoppers. When they really want something, they may not like saving up their money and waiting for the opportunity. They would rather buy it now and worry about the consequences later. They see shopping as a competition of sorts; if they don’t buy it now, someone else will get it.

They know how to find the resources needed to get what they want. They tend to be proactive. They may also just ask to get it. They are not afraid to fight for whatever it is they want.

Venus in Aries are likely to spend their money on fun and/or adventurous outings. They may buy items that keep them ahead of the pack in some way. They like to have new, fresh items, yet they are not concerned with following trends. They tend to be drawn to things that are cutting-edge, bold, and reflects their individuality to some degree.

Their favorite types of food may be anything spicy or well-seasoned. They enjoy liquids that recharge their energy, like an energy drink, or have an acid to them, like soda. They are not the types of people who have patience for cooking meals for long periods of time every day. They may prefer quick or instant meals, or eating out. Cooking has to be fun in order for them to do it more often. They might enjoy cooking parties or trying new experiments in their kitchen to make it more eventful.

Despite their impatience with meal preparation, Venus in Aries natives like trying new foods, and they are brave when it comes to trying just about anything. If they had or have the resources, they would prefer to eat a new food or at a new restaurant every day.

Their favorite music might be anything that makes them feel confident and active. They may also enjoy new genres or new wave music. They greatly value pioneering artists, ones with a bold and unique style. They may have their own individualistic taste in music, not really caring what everyone else is listening to. They tend to spot a hot artist before everyone else has even caught on.

The Rising Sign might rule what people wear on a day-to-day basis, but Venus rules that special style pulled out for special occasions, the one that influences our sense of fashion. Venus in Aries natives never stay tied down to one style. They are interested in the boldest, most cutting-edge fashion out there. Some may be highly interested in fashion, and they could be competitive, wanting to be ahead of the curb at every turn and only wearing the unattainable outfits. At minimum, they are very individualistic in their style, preferring their own put-together look to the latest fashion trends.

On the other hand, some Venus in Aries natives might not have too much patience for fashion, particularly if they have to dress proper in some way or if fashion restricts them to some capacity. They can only get excited about fashion if they can wear it when they want to, where, and how they want to. Some of them might not take too much time stylizing themselves, not liking to sit still too long to apply make-up, get their hair styled or cut, or finishing the tedious task of creating an outfit. If they can find a short-cut to looking fabulous in a short amount of time, they will use that method.

Venus in Aries natives’ most important accessory is their confidence in whatever they are wearing. They don’t care what others think, and that makes their style all the more attractive. Other major “accessories” are their courage and spirit of adventure. They can see the potential fashion in just about anything.

When Venus in Aries natives are ready to step out in their best, they tend to dress from head to toe, emphasis on the head. People know they are serious when they get their hair styled or cut, put on fresh make-up or shave, and add some accessories or jewelry to highlight their face. They know that a hat always adds an extra flair to any bold look. Venus in Aries natives tend to naturally have attractive facial and head features. Their preferred color may be anything on the red spectrum, and they tend to look really good in it. They attract the things and the people they desire when they wear red.

With anything they create personally, there is usually just as much of an individual, bold, and pioneering stamp on it as with their fashion. These natives are independent artists who like to break the art rules. The may find themselves at odds with the elites as a result.

Venus is usually associated with a social femininity. The thing about social femininity is that it is always evolving as an idea. For the most part, social femininity has traditionally meant having social graces (however the majority of society is leaning), being pleasant, and being physically attractive.

Before femininity evolves, Venus in Aries women are usually the odd ones out. They are often the reason the definition of femininity ends up evolving. They challenge the social norms by their sheer attitude and behavior alone. They are typically strong-willed ladies who are too independent to follow social norms. Therefore, these women have a difficult time being the socially graceful and pleasant people others expect them to be.

Many Venus in Aries women are attractive. Many of them cater to their appearances because they do want a social advantage. Some may even seem hyper-feminine and/or even vain. But the way they explore their femininity is in a bold, extravagant, and even slightly competitive way. Those qualities are not typically deemed feminine.

Other Venus in Aries women may be called “tomboys” by society because they are active, energetic, aggressive, or adventurous in some way. It’s not hard to find these women hanging around the boys. They may often find that people see them as “one of the guys”. Some of their interests may not be extremely feminine. Even their attitudes on sex may be bizarre for what people think is typical of a woman.

Overall, these women seek to define femininity on their own terms and won’t let others tell them that kind of woman they are and are meant to be.

Gay or sexually fluid men, as well as gender-fluid or nonbinary individuals, may also embrace their feminine side. These Venus in Aries individuals may explore a bold and hyperfeminine type of femininity. Many of these natives aren’t afraid of society’s opinions of them and will fight to protect their right to be as feminine as they want to be. They may be flamboyant, but their willingness to challenge the status quo gives them many admirers.

On the shadow side, there are a few gay men who hate everything feminine, which may be the reason they are not drawn to women in the first place. They may try very hard to avoid being feminine, and may not even be drawn to feminine men themselves.

Heterosexual men with Venus in Aries may project their Venus qualities off on the women around them (the women they are attracted to particularly). Venus in Aries men tend to be attracted to women who are fun, courageous, energetic, and outgoing. They like the woman all eyes are on. They are a sucker for a pretty face and beautiful hair. The less evolved would take women only at face value.

These men like to take the lead in romantic affairs, so they may initially like girls who are softer and more dependent on them. However, Venus in Aries men may not realize it, but they would find dating to be easier if they approached women who are independent to some degree. They can’t be restricted, so they can’t handle dependency. They might hope to have the traditional stay-at-home types at times, since it can make them feel dominant, but these women will require more of them and they will be forced to shoulder most of the weight of the relationship because their partner will rely on them to be more responsible in the relationship. They will be forced to be more realistic, serious, and tied down to a very stable and steady relationship. This might seem appealing at first, but in the long run, they will find it suffocating.

These men may also find it easier to date women who are confident. They may be intimidated by these women at first, since many Venus in Aries men want to dominate, but they will find more insecure women even more difficult to handle. After all, women who lack confidence tend to be more easily jealous and clingy.

On the shadow side, Venus in Aries men may attract women to them that don’t want anything serious with them. They may attract women that are too independent for a steady relationship. They may also find themselves drawing in women who are competitive and aggressive with them. If they understand that their own nature is bringing these qualities out of the women in their lives, with them expecting women to be who they really are, they would be better able to find women who meet their needs and don’t display the negative qualities they may experience.

These men may not be the most mannerable with women. Many of them might treat women like they do anyone else. They tend to treat everyone else rather straight-forwardly, and sometimes the less evolved can be brusque and even rude. Women who are looking for a more traditional “respect” of women may find these men to lack chivalry. They do have a ruggedness boyishness about them, even appearing awkward when they do try to be polite and mannerable, and possibly they can be a tad bit on the rough side. Still, many of them are genial. For the most part, women won’t have to worry about them putting on a fake persona just to please women. They are honest.

Venus can reveal a lot of information about the women and girls in our personal lives. After all, they are the first examples of femininity many people experience. If Venus in Aries natives have any sisters or anyone like sisters around them, those sisters were probably high-strung, independent-minded, and spirited. It’s likely they were feisty, and society wasn’t ready for them. This toughness may have rubbed off on the Venus in Aries native, especially if they are a woman. Life is never boring around the Venus in Aries native’s sisters. On the shadow side, their sisters may have also been aggressive or competitive towards the Venus in Aries native.

If the Venus in Aries native didn’t have sisters, they may have had brothers who were a huge influence on them. For women, it could explain why they are tomboyish. It’s also possible that Venus in Aries natives had very feminine brothers, too, which blurred the lines of social femininity.

Mother or anyone who presented themselves as a mother figure in the Venus in Aries native’s life may have been a firecracker. It’s likely their mother displayed a lot of tough love on the native. She pushed her Venus in Aries child to be the best version of themselves. She never took “no” for an answer when she asked anything of her child. When she expected something of the native, she demanded it. She often made it hard for the native as her way of showing she loved them. She wanted her children to grow up independent and self-reliant.

She may have been an active participant in the native’s life and may have cheered on her Venus in Aries child whenever they had recitals, after school club competitions, and more. On the shadow side, it may have seemed that failure wasn’t an option. Mother may have only seemed happy when her child was successful, but hard when her Venus in Aries child struggled.

It’s likely mother struggled to dote upon her child, give many hugs, or say mushy words like “I love you”. That wasn’t her style. Instead, their mother was the type to take her Venus in Aries child to exciting and fun places to show how much she appreciated them. Even as an adult, Venus in Aries natives may find that their mother may show she loves them by going along with all of their activities and adventures.

Mother may have been hyper-feminine or she may have been a bit tomboyish in the way she presented herself. Possibly, she was a bit of both. Mother may have swung between being a competitive dresser, seeking to be the alpha in every room, to being the one wearing flats because she’s too impatient to try to walk in heels all night.

Both Venus and Jupiter are benefic planets that bring luck and good fortune. Venus is the lesser benefic of the two, but it does promise a certain ease with things in life. For Venus in Aries natives, with more confidence and courage, things will become easier in life for them. If they tap into their energy and assert their position, they will get more of what they want. If they approach life with an adventurous spirit, they will find it to be most rewarding for them in the long run. They revel in competition, and have a way of coming out on top.

Venus is considered to be in detriment in Aries. Venus is the planet of love and harmony. The Aries nature is quite combative and competitive, making love and harmony difficult things to achieve in the Venus in Aries native’s life. Unfortunately, society requires a certain level of peace and tranquility. Venus in Aries natives may worry that they can’t conform enough to society to create that sense of “peace”. Yet, Venus must enter Aries, which means she must be challenged. Society can’t always stay the same. It may be different, but sometimes people have to challenge society in order to keep the peace for everyone.

Review Venus in Aries house placement and aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed.

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Mars in Aries

Mars-stamina, vigor, ambition, drive, force, power, aggression, temper, conflict, war, survival, courage, action, competition, sports, mechanical ability, sexuality, individuality, independence in relationships, desire, passion, ego, self-projection, masculinity, men, yang, brothers, father

Mars in Aries natives have tremendous drive. They have a lot of energy and confidence to do anything. Whatever it is they want out of life, they will stop at nothing until they achieve it. They don’t like to lose. In everything they do, they like to come out in first place.

Mars in Aries natives are energetic, so they are full of vigor and stamina. They can endure a lot. There isn’t much they are afraid of, and fear only challenges them to succeed even more.

On the shadow side, less evolved Mars in Aries natives don’t have much patience. They want what they want, and they want it now. Many of them may get into fights or arguments when people stand in their way. They are impulsive, recklessly jumping into situations without much thought.

Less evolved Mars in Aries natives might have the initial drive to get into something, but they aren’t always in it for the long haul. They bore of things rather easily. They might dump their responsibilities on others if they feel too restricted. And, unfortunately, many will selfishly not care.

Mars in Aries natives have a quick temper. They get easily frustrated. They hate sitting still too long, waiting in long lines, people trying to stop them from doing something, people stepping on their shoes, even if it’s an accident, among other triggers. When they get angry, they have an explosive temper. The less evolved will react based on this anger, getting into physical altercations, committing violent acts, using intimidation, or impulsively getting revenge in some form or fashion without giving the consequences much thought. The more evolved individuals will take to the gym and let off some steam. At best, they will just have an edge about them, but the more evolved individuals will not take their frustrations out on people.

Mars in Aries natives are bred for war. It’s likely they are not afraid to take up arms and fight to protect themselves. They have enough courage to stand up even when facing an enemy stronger than they are. These natives often jump into fights, and they risk their lives doing so.

Mars in Aries natives have strong survival instincts. In fact, they have pioneering spirits and a sense of adventure. It would not be hard for them to have to rough it out in the woods. They are not afraid of wild animals and they are independent enough to comfortably live away from civilization. On the shadow side, the less evolved of these natives do not prepare in advance for these situations. They might also challenge animals that truly can do them harm, and they could end up being the loser. Despite this, their courage is one of their most admirable traits. These natives also will not go down without a fight. They are not afraid to get aggressive if it’s needed, which puts them out on top in many survival situations.

Mars in Aries natives are very active people and are often where the action is. More than likely, they are causing things to happen. Once they have made a decision, they are quick to act upon their decisions, not hesitating once they have decided. They are swift with their actions, too. They act fast, never hesitating. On the shadow side, they don’t give much of their actions much careful consideration. They might do things that really affect others. But people never have to wonder what they will do. Typically, things are usually done by them before others even have a chance to stop them.

Mars in Aries make excellent athletes as well as other types of competitors. Their energy, courage, and competitive spirit pour out in these situations. They thrive when actively playing or sport or in competition. They are driven to win. They are confident and sure of themselves, which could intimdate weaker-willed opponents. The less evolved Mars in Aries may get a little too competitive. They may be too rough, might do whatever it takes to win, even cheat, or they may be quick to anger every time their opponent gets the upper hand. They can be sore losers. The more evolved Mars in Aries natives will see every loss as a challenge that they have to overcome, and will feel even more motivated and excited for the next game.

Mars in Aries natives might have a knack for mechanics. These natives are courageous enough not to be intimidated by powerful machines that could explode, and they are confident they can perform any job. In fact, the rush of these type of challenge could be what pulls them in. These natives are also really active, so it could keep them busy. Their shadow side is they are not patient enough to learn all they need to know when dealing with mechanical machinery, which could make it extra dangerous. They might learn on their own how to build or put things together, which would be by trial and error.

Mars rules over sexuality, particularly the sex drive or the desire for sex. Mars in Aries natives don’t need motivation. Their adventurous and brave spirit translates to their sexual activities. They always have a desire for sex because it allows them to release their energy and have fun. The less evolved see it as a way to dominate someone. This can only be healthy if both parties agree to this kind of sexual activity.

When they want sex, they are assertive about it. They have no qualms asking for it. They also like sex to be free, without much restrictions or rules (unless they are fun challenges). Unfortunately, the less evolved don’t like being told “no”. In this case, they may get impatient and even aggressive to get their way. The less evolved can also be really selfish sexually, only concerned about what they want and not what their partner wants. The less evolved might be impulsive, jumping into a sexual encounter without thinking much about the consequences. Last, they are sexually independent, so they can have sex without looking for a serious relationship. They don’t need to have sex with the same person over and over. That might not be a problem if all parties understand this. It’s likely less evolved Mars in Aries natives don’t take the time to make sure everyone understands where they stand.

Mars in Aries natives are competitive sexually. Though they hate to be told “no”, many of them might see it as a challenge they have to overcome and might think they can convince their partner to say “yes”. When more people want the object of their desire, they tend to be more motivated to pursue this individual. They are not intimidated by the competition and are confident in themselves. They know exactly what they want and how to get it, which can be very sexy and alluring to the right people.

As mentioned before Mars in Aries natives are highly independent. Many of them live fine without a partner overall. Even within a relationship, they have to be able to do whatever it is they want to do. It’s best they find a very supportive partner because they are not likely to compromise without a fight.

Mars in Aries natives are like this when they desire anything in life, not just sex. They go after whatever it is they want, and they are passionate souls. They are not afraid to ask for whatever it is they want in life and they see the word “no” as a challenge.

Both the Sun and the Mars rule the ego. The Sun’s “ego” represents the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity. The Mars side of the ego is the one many people are most familiar with; it’s the sense of self-importance or self-worth. Mars in Aries natives have a very strong sense of their own self-importance. To be honest, they probably never had to think much about it. These natives are very confident within themselves, so they feel they deserve a seat at any table. On the shadow side, some of the less evolved do have very strong egos, so they may come across a bit cocky.

Mars rules over the social masculine side of life. Though ideas on social masculinity are constantly evolving, it traditionally has been associated with strength, power, and sex drive.

Heterosexual Mars in Aries men are the pinnacle of masculinity. Yet, this means they are also non-conformists. They are brave, full of energy, and assertive, allowing them to be very powerful individuals amongst other men. On the other hand, they don’t care to follow social conventions. They won’t let society decide what their masculinity looks like; they decide what masculinity looks like, and that’s what makes them most masculine of all. These confident men know who they are and they won’t let anyone tell them who or what to be without a fight.

Gay or sexually fluid women, as well as gender-fluid or nonbinary individuals, may also embrace their masculine side. These individuals may tap into their strengths and powers more often as they no longer feel they have to rely on a heterosexual man to do this. Society definitely won’t be ready for these individuals, but they are not afraid to challenge the status quo. It’s likely these individuals may be deemed a threat by society because they refuse to conform to society’s expectations, and are willing to fight for their independence.

Heterosexual cis women may have a tendency to project these energies off on men, especially the men they are attracted to. They may be drawn to uber masculine men, the “alpha” types. Their idea of a masculine man is someone who is confident, full of vitality and energy, strong, and takes the lead. They are drawn to men that are brave. They prefer men who know who they are outside of others and aren’t easily influenced. They may feel it’s the man’s job to take initiative, and they may expect him to take the active role in most affairs.

While these women may believe they are attracted to dominant men, these women have a dominant streak, too. To some degree, they need their independence and moment to lead, so they can’t be the ultra-traditional woman in the relationship, either. They might like a man who is decisive and assertive, but this doesn’t mean they want him to assert himself over her. To some degree, these women must be in charge of their own lives. It could be challenging for these women to find a man who equals her strength, let alone surpasses it.

These women may at times attract men that are selfish, quick-tempered, aggressive, and hard to pin down. Mars in Aries women have to recognize the qualities they have within themselves that’s drawing them to these types of men. Once they realize they are projecting their own energies, expecting men to be something they really are, they will be better able to find men who exhibit more positive qualities.

These women may be very tough on men. They have high expectations of men, and they don’t play games (unless the games are fun). Any man who is interested in them must win them over.

It’s likely they get into quite a bit of disagreements with men because they are straight-forward with them and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Some men may even see them as a threat. These women may instigate some of these conflicts, sometimes as a test to see who is “man enough”. These women should be careful not to be too pushy or too rude when addressing men, especially when talking about their masculinity. That’s a sensitive spot for some men, and they would be wise to be more considerate of this.

The upside is these women are not push-overs. This woman won’t let a man just have his way with her.

Mars can reveal the types of men and boys that have been in people’s personal lives. If the native has any brothers, it’s likely their brothers were rowdy, energetic, active, and outgoing. They may have been a lot of fun. It’s possible Mars in Aries natives may have felt that their brothers were very confident and brave. The brothers may have been the ones the native would run to for protection. On the shadow side, Mars in Aries natives may have felt challenged by their brothers, and they may have felt they always had to compete with them. It’s possible they may have felt their brothers were selfish in some way, too. The brothers may have been aggressive with the native as well.

The father or someone behaving as the father figure may have been a dominant man. The father figure may have exhibited a sense of adventure, was possibly extremely active, and very independent. He may have been bold or brave.

On the shadow side, the father figure may have pushed the native too hard in many ways, only expecting his children to be winners, not losers. He may have been impatient, even aggressive, towards the native. At worst, it’s likely children weren’t enough to tie him down, so their father may not have a bond with their mother and the Mars in Aries native, or he has too many “baby mamas” to keep up, all from impulsive sexual activity.

Aries is associated with the color red. Mars in Aries natives would look much tougher in the color red. They will seem bolder, much more athletic, and/or more masculine. They might also appear sexier, in a very direct way. This would especially be the case if they wear red somewhere on their head or surrounding their face.

Mars rules over the sign of Aries. These natives embody all the qualities needed to handle everything the planet stands for: war, drive, and sex. Mars is a lesser malefic planet because, if used recklessly, the energies of Mars can be catastrophic. Mars in Aries natives utilize Mars to its fullest, for better or worse.

Review Mars in Aries house placement and aspects.

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Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter-spirit, optimism, luck and good fortune, compensation, abundance, material abundance vs waste and extravagance, expansion, space, travel, wanderer, dilettante, wisdom, growth, philosophy, understanding, higher learning, vision, convictions, religion, assimilation, integration into society

Jupiter is a social sign, so a whole peer group (usually born one to three years apart) may share the same Jupiter sign.

Jupiter in Aries natives are spirited individuals. They are energetic and upbeat, full of confidence. They have a courageous and adventurous spirit that pours out into everything they do.

These natives can be quite optimistic. Their confidence makes them positive about the future and their courage helps them face any challenge with a grin.

Jupiter and Venus are both benefic planets, but Jupiter is the greater benefic, promising overall good luck, fortune, and happiness. Jupiter in Aries natives will gain quite a bit of good luck, fortune, and even compensation just from being assertive and brave. They are able to jump on opportunities most people would think too hard about, and it seems to work in their favor most of the time. They don’t really have to fear taking chances. These natives might always seem to be having fun, and can make fun of any situation, even dark situations.

When luck and good fortune arrives at their door, it usually comes to them quickly; they don’t usually have to wait too long to reap the benefits of their actions. It’s not likely they would sit still and wait for opportunities anyway. They are typically always on a voyage, seeking to find whatever it is they want in life. They open their own doors and break the glass ceiling to get where they want to in life.

Of course, the shadow side to this is some of the best things in life come to those who wait. Jupiter in Aries natives might overlook even better opportunities while leaping onto the first one to be handed to them. They also might be a bit aggressive when trying to snag opportunities, and that can reverse their good fortune.

In fact, being impatient, impulsive, and combative can reverse all of the good that comes to them in general. The universe will keep reminding them to be grateful for what has come to them and never take for granted what they have. The less evolved Jupiter in Aries natives will always take people and things for granted until it is too late.

Jupiter in Aries natives have an abundance of energy. They have an abundance of gusto and moxie. They never seem to be short of any of it. They are extremely independent and usually crave a lot of freedom in their lives. These natives have an extreme need to be themselves. The less evolved would waste this energy and bravery on meaningless pursuits that lead nowhere. They tend to be impulsive in the way they exercise their energy and courage, and this can lead to them wasting their time and resources on dead-end projects.

They need a whole lot of space to be independent and free of restrictions. When they search for domains or homes, they may need their own personal room to themselves. In relationships, they may require a lot of time away from their partners or at least a healthy distance where they can develop themselves as a separate individual.

They are likely to use any space they gain to expand their energy and activity further. They may turn spaces into gyms or fitness areas. They may turn them into activity centers, spaces where they can stay busy doing something fun.

It’s likely they will enjoy travel, and may be most interested in traveling to uncharted territory or places that promise an open field for new experiences and adventures. These brave natives are likely to travel a lot in their lives. They might even try traveling into space if they find the opportunity.

Jupiter in Aries natives might wander around looking for where the action and excitement is. They crave adventure. It’s likely they will show an interest in a lot of things on their journey, and may even become passionate about some of them. However, they bore of things quickly, and may show interest in something else right after.

It will be important for Jupiter in Aries natives to integrate some activities in their lives to keep themselves busy and to remind themselves that their life has meaning and purpose.

Through their adventurous life experiences, Jupiter in Aries natives will grow into even braver and independent people. They will learn that they have the power to do great things in life by just believing in themselves. It’s likely this will be built into their life philosophy and they can share this thinking with those that need it. They may believe that there is nothing that can stop anyone from achieving anything as long as the individual wants it bad enough. They may also have the philosophy that sometimes people must fight for what they want. These natives could be excellent coaches that encourage people to believe in themselves. They would be good at helping people build confidence. They would be good at encouraging people to fight for the resources they need.

The evolved Jupiter in Aries natives tend to take a philosophical approach to subjects regarding self-development and how to get ahead in life despite disadvantages.

The less evolved may not wish to share this resource, seeing it as their own advantage. Possibly, some of them may not have the patience to try to convince weaker souls of this philosophy. If Jupiter in Aries natives take the time to share the keys to their success, they will actually gain more out of life than they ever imagined.

When it comes to understanding other people and situations, Jupiter in Aries natives struggle, especially the less evolved. It’s likely they relate most situations to themselves, and they lack the patience to understand people who are different. On the other hand, the more evolved natives tend to be interested in new things and enjoy when their mind is challenged. They may seek out people who are different just to have that experience of something new.

When it comes to understanding higher subjects, ones on a higher educational and philosophical level, the less evolved natives don’t really ever sit down to study or question the world around them unless it influences them personally. They are too busy living in the moment and care more about information they can use now. The more evolved natives challenge the way we’ve all been taught about the world, our existence, and the reasons we are all here. They seek to discover more meaning in their lives, to learn more about the things that expand outside of their every day existence, seeing it as an adventure.

Despite not really thinking too far ahead into the future, most of the evolved Jupiter in Aries natives are pioneering visionaries, bringing bold ideas and philosophies into the world. Many of them see their dreams as being shortly within reach, so their visions never just stay in their heads for very long. They usually act upon their visions and try to make them a reality.

When it comes to their beliefs, Jupiter in Aries natives don’t typically hold too close to old-fashioned beliefs. They form their own belief system based off of their own personal experiences and who they feel they are as an individual. This separates them from the crowd.

They don’t like to be restricted to one set of beliefs, and need the freedom to change their minds if they want to. Yet, when they do form beliefs, they are very passionate about them. Jupiter in Aries natives are open with their beliefs and not afraid to express themselves. They will fight on behalf of their beliefs, too. They may get a bit overworked when confronted with people who believe differently from them. The less evolved would be quick to anger, too.

Jupiter in Aries natives may be active with a religion, but they will still not let religion define them or control them. It’s possible they will gravitate towards religions that will support their need for independence. They may be passionate preachers when they do grab hold of a religion and actively follow it.

Jupiter in Aries natives believe in themselves most of all, so many of them may not see the need to get involved with religion at all. They may not really feel any other entity can control their lives but themselves. Those that do still hold on to religion believe that the Divine is always on their side. The reason many of them can feel so confident and take so many chances in life is because they believe they will always be alright. In this case, they will draw towards religions that make them feel divine themselves, like they can do anything. It isn’t likely that they will care to dive too much deeper than that when it comes to religion. As long as the religion can support them as they go about their daily lives, they really don’t care to study the deeper truths around it.

Jupiter in Aries natives are not the types to naturally assimilate into societies, especially new ones that are not like their own. Though they may be interested in traveling to other countries, it’s likely they will not stop being themselves. They are usually the leaders amongst their peer group, they stand out proudly, and this challenges others, especially in societies that don’t respect individualism.

If they could do things on their own, without too many people, they would. However, they do have to live and work in society to some degree. Most Jupiter in Aries natives believe in “separate but equal” treatment, but if they don’t feel treated equally, they will fight to have their own or to have a seat at someone else’s table. These natives will constantly fight to belong in society and to be treated like everyone else, or even better than everyone else. Yet, they will also fight to be seen as a distinct human being, too. It’s likely they may be involved in civil rights fights, especially if they feel personally affected.

If they are not personally affected by inequalities, it’s likely they will not care too much for integration into society. The less evolved will only care about their own advantage. The more evolved will always support the freedoms and independence of all people, seeing how one person’s restrictions can eventually become restrictions on them, too. It’s likely they would prefer to visit and live in areas where their inviduality is appreciated.

Aries is associated with the color red. When Jupiter in Aries natives wear red, it can make them feel more positive and appear more cheerful. They may draw in the opportunities they desire just by wearing the color. They would also draw in opportunities by decorating their head or face, especially with red make-up or accessories.

Review Jupiter in Aries house placement and aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed.

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Saturn in Aries

Saturn-structure, form, consolidation, restrictions, limitations, contractions, collective law, authority, the father, parents, school, teachers, concentration, challenge, tests, reality, delays but not denials, time, old age, responsibilities and obligations, discipline, fear, protection, karma, life lessons, pessimism, ambition

Saturn is a social sign, so a whole peer group (usually born one to three years apart) may share the same Saturn sign.

Saturn in Aries natives are active when it comes to trying to build some structure or form in their lives. When things get too chaotic, they are quick to come up with decisive solutions to get organized and adjusted.

Saturn in Aries natives prefer when things are as simple as possible. Many of them are willing to get rid of the things and people that make their lives too complicated and cluttered. After all, like any Aries, they are independent. Too much clutter can weigh them down.

On the shadow side, Saturn in Aries natives may be a bit too impulsive and impatient to truly have their affairs fully organized and established. They’d rather throw everything out and start over than actually organize things or establish true structures and boundaries. They may end up throwing out things (and people) they might need in the future.

Many of them are very good at starting a structured plan or initiating the building of an organized plan, some of them just struggle to complete or continue with the same structure or system of organization.

Saturn in Aries natives hate restrictions of all kinds, but they know sometimes it’s necessary. They are often the types to push the boundaries as far as they can and see what they can get away with. If things have to be limited, they’d rather have a say in those restrictions. Even in contractual agreements, they need plans where they can bow out at any time, and they need to have some say in how the contract goes. It’s likely they would aim for leadership roles just so they can do just that.

Saturn in Aries natives might be interested in being politicians since it can allow them to have a say in the laws they should be following. Still, the less evolved Saturn in Aries natives might think they are even above their own rules and laws, like it doesn’t apply to them also.

Saturn rules over authority, similar to the Sun. The Sun rules over the leaders executing creative ideas. Saturn rules over the disciplinarians, executing consequences. Saturn in Aries natives do not handle authority well, especially when it comes to those who are handling the law and discipline. They don’t like being told what to do, and they especially don’t like when others try to make them face the consequences of their actions. It’s likely these natives would fight against authority figures a lot in their lives.

No one would ever find Saturn in Aries natives blindly following rules they don’t believe in. They aren’t afraid to challenge their leaders and question them. Society needs people like Saturn in Aries, otherwise even leaders can overstep their boundaries.

The shadow side to this is Saturn in Aries natives may question all the rules that restrict them. Society also needs some regulations and enforcement in order to keep a society functioning. Less evolved Saturn in Aries natives may not even think that hard about it. They may seldom come up with better plans on how society can be more organized. They just know they don’t want to follow the rules.

Saturn in Aries natives can better follow the rules and laws if they are still allowed some measure of or room for independence. If there are loopholes or loose guidelines, Saturn in Aries natives will take advantage of it.

As authority figures themselves, Saturn in Aries natives are likely to let people get away with things a bit more than other officials, just as they would want. They don’t have the patience for the paperwork anyway. However, on the shadow side, if the less evolved are crossed in any way, especially in a physical or verbal altercation, they react impulsively. They are likely to execute harsh punishments that hardly seem fair or usual.

The first authority figures in most people’s lives are their parents. For many cultures, the father is handed the role of disciplinarian. Still, both parents are responsible for the disciplining and structure in their child’s life.

Saturn in Aries natives may have felt that their parents were proactive when it came to establishing structure. Rules and guidelines were put in place quickly. Routines happened fast in the household, and parents may have constantly rushed or hurried the Saturn in Aries native through chores, morning rituals, and other tasks. Consequences were swift and decisive.

On the shadow side, because rules were established so quickly, it may have left the Saturn in Aries native on edge, not knowing really the details of the rules or guidelines they are meant to follow. This made it easier to break the rules, and probably caused the breakdown of some household structures.

Some Saturn in Aries natives may not have remembered having any rules, routines, or structures in the household at all. Everything might have been different daily, with parents appearing to “wing it” every day.

It’s also possible the parents didn’t always follow through with long-term discipline. They weren’t likely to keep up with who was grounded for a month. The best discipline for the Saturn in Aries native’s parents was something that could occur right then and there.

For some, this may have been a parent yelling at them or whipping them. At worst, it could have been violence. For some, the parent may have just showed momentary frustration, but may have let the native get away with things for the most part.

Saturn in Aries natives may adopt the same parenting style as their parents.

Another major authority figure in most people’s lives are teachers, especially in school. Saturn in Aries natives may have done best with teachers who channeled their high-spirited energy and understood them. They probably struggled with classroom routines, especially ones that were too strict. Many Saturn in Aries natives may have been very active in the classroom, enthusiastically taking on the challenge of succeeding and excelling. The less supported Saturn in Aries natives may have been impatient with school and possibly hated being told what to do by their teacher.

Saturn in Aries natives are better able to concentrate and focus when they can be active at the same time. They have a hard time sitting still; they would lose focus easier that way. Test-taking may have been best when it was hands-on. It may have been difficult for the native to sit for a long drawn-out test. Many of these natives may have rushed through them.

Saturn in Aries natives do love a challenge or test if it’s fun. For the most part, they may see life as one big adventurous challenge and test. Still, when it comes to life’s heavier challenges, ones that are not easy to solve, less evolved Saturn in Aries natives may not handle them too well. Serious challenges in life may feel burdensome to them. They may feel trapped, frustrated, and quick to anger. The more evolved natives will keep trying to find a way to overcome even life’s toughest battles. These natives are all fighters, and truthfully, they bounce back from challenges faster than most people.

Some people might not consider Saturn in Aries natives to be very realistic, but these natives have a way of making things that seem impossible form into something real. Their assertive natures always manage to get them what they want, and their confidence and courage allows them to get started with projects that might intimidate others.

Saturn in Aries natives handle realism with a sense of bravery or courage. They aren’t afraid of the real world, and many of them can handle harsh realities that would make most people crumble. On the shadow side, some of them might be quick to anger and aggression if they have to really face a “harsh reality” personally. Still, many of them are able to pick up and keep moving despite the pressures and hardships.

It’s true that some of these natives might bite off more than they can chew, since they don’t think thoroughly enough about their plans. Still, most people are willing to help them along because they make confident and inspiring leaders.

Time is not a friend of theirs. When it comes to appointments, they have no problems arriving early and on time. They just hate that they have to show up when someone tells them to. They would prefer walk-ins where they can come into a place any time they want to. It’s likely that when Saturn in Aries natives have appointments they tend to make them as soon as possible to get them out of the way. On the shadow side, they may not think of the delays or things that can stand in their way. The less evolved don’t give themselves enough preparation or time. Sometimes, they end up missing items or hurting themselves in their rush to get places. The more evolved are always prepared way in advanced for anything so they can get things done quickly.

They don’t like delays at all. Whether they’re waiting for packages or waiting for test results, it frustrates them. They tend to expect everything to come on time. The less evolved would blow up if what they want doesn’t arrive right away. They tend to be impatient.

Time impacts them in other ways. Saturn in Aries are typically not afraid of getting older when they are younger. They plan to keep moving in life as if they are young, refusing to let anything stop them.

But actual old age is another thing entirely. As they age, they may get frustrated by their body’s limitations. They may be extremely frustrated with an ageist society. It’s likely they will champion causes that support the independence of older people later in life. Despite their body’s limitations, these natives will hardly ever seem to slow down, no matter how old they get.

When they are younger, they may not give much thought to the elderly. The less evolved might probably be impatient with the elderly, not realizing they will be that way one day. They might not believe they will ever be that way, but they will.

As they age, unlike most elderly people, they will tend to follow the rules even less. For them, being an adult means doing whatever they want to do. That was probably what they looked forward to most when they were kids. When they are adults, they won’t like anyone telling them what to do as they will feel like they are being treated like a child.

Most Saturn in Aries natives are quick to take responsibility for their actions. They face responsibilities and obligations head-on. They try not to run away from responsibilities and may feel that it’s cowardly to do so.

On the other hand, the less evolved Saturn in Aries natives will only take responsibility when they have no other choice. Otherwise, they will try to get out of anything they can. These natives may feel restricted by responsibilities and obligations, causing them to be irritatable and aggressive when taking care of business. The only people they like to be responsible for is themselves. Things can get really messy when the less evolved become responsible for other people.

The less evolved may have an even more difficult time owning up to their own mistakes and messes. It’s harder for them to take reponsibility for things when they are reminded by other people that it’s their fault.

Many of them may take on too many responsibilites and obligations, thinking they can handle more than they really are able, which causes later frustrations.

For the most part though, Saturn in Aries are very capable of handling themselves. Most people do not have to help them pay their bills, keep appointments, or take care of their house affairs. They know how to get things done, and they get things done as quickly as possible. They never wait to the last minute.

There is only one thing they feel they are most responsible for: themselves. From a very early age, these natives learned that they mostly have a responsibility and obligation to themselves first and foremost. Everyone else comes afterwards. This makes them strong in the face of peer pressure, and it makes them very capable of taking care of themselves, without much help. They won’t do what everyone else is doing to fit in, and they won’t bend their knees for people who are not beneficial to them. They don’t go running to their parents when they are in a crisis. They try to figure things out on their own.

On the shadow side, some of the less evolved may fail to take responsibility for their family, friends, community, neighbors, and with how they interact with others. They may do the bare minimum in this area, expecting others to learn to be responsible for themselves, just as they had to. They might not be the best person to run when people really need personal long-term care or assistance, especially of a mental or emotional nature. They expect people to tough it out, have courage, and figure things out on their own. They don’t coddle anyone.

Saturn in Aries natives can discipline themselves when they really want to achieve something. How long they can discipline themselves is another story. Eventually, they hope to meet their goals or see progress. If they can’t see any progress or results after disciplining themselves for a long time, they will drop whatever it is they were working towards or find another quicker way of getting what it is they want.

Saturn in Aries natives are hardly afraid of anything, but if there is one thing they do fear, it is those who have more power than they do and can take away their independence or freedom at any time. If most people react with fight or flight, Saturn in Aries would choose to fight when they are afraid. They don’t let fear intimidate them; they let it motivate them. Of course, the less evolved react impulsively to their fears instead of having well-organized plans to overcome them. Their fears may mostly activate when they are confronted with authority figures.

Saturn in Aries natives may also sometimes feel the consequences of taking action, believe it or not, due to their fear of authority figures stripping them of their freedom. At the same time, they would also fear not taking action fast enough when in a situation. This would lead to a lot of self-doubt in their abilities, and they don’t like feeling less than confident.

To ensure their protection, Saturn in Aries natives’ natural instincts are to fight. The less evolved don’t think much about protecting themselves until they have to. They don’t prepare for anything ahead of time. The more evolved are always ready to defend themselves. Many Saturn in Aries natives like to keep weapons around for protection, but others may just have plans on how they can quickly handle a situation in case of an emergency using existing resources. Whether they stick to these plans in an actual emergency varies from situation to situation for them.

Saturn in Aries natives’ lessons in life are to learn to curb their impatient, impulsive, and selfish tendencies so they can truly achieve what they want in life. If they don’t learn to do this, they will face some severe consequences throughout their lives. They have to manage being assertive without being aggressive, being bold without being disrespectful, and being confident without being egotistical. This balance can be hard to achieve for them, and they may hate that they even have to curb any tendencies at all. If they don’t do so, life will force them to, no matter how hard they try to fight it. It’s a harsh reality for everyone. But Saturn distributes the harsh realities that we all have to face, even the Saturn in Aries native.

Saturn in Aries natives might have moments where they are down, but they hardly stay down for long. They are not naturally pessimistic people, even when society is constantly reminding them of the negative. They have more confidence in the future than most people. They tend to make plans to ensure they have a good future (even if there are still some kinks; they aren’t thinking about it). Saturn in Aries natives face each situation bravely, and this makes them resilient. Even when things seem like they will turn out wrong, Saturn in Aries natives are confident everything will turn out alright eventually, and they work to make it happen.

Saturn in Aries natives can be extremely ambitious people. They have enough energy and a competitive spirit to climb to the top of any field they choose. Saturn in Aries natives aren’t interested in long-range plans, though. They will jump on any opportunity if it comes their way, but they won’t slave away trying to achieve one goal. They will try to find an easier way if they can or find someone who can hand them what they desire.

Aries is associated with the color red. When Saturn in Aries natives wear this color, they will come across more mature, slimmer, and more serious. They also seem to mean business when they cater to their head or face.

Saturn falls in the sign of Aries. Saturn in Aries natives struggle to maintain the systems of order and structure that is needed to keep their lives and society functioning. This might produce quite a bit of challenges in the Saturn in Aries native’s life. But Saturn has to enter Aries. Society needs them to challenge existing structures in order to make more effective ones. Saturn in Aries teaches us all to be more resilient in the face of obstacles and to demand what we want when we need it, despite the barriers.

Saturn is a greater malefic planet because it forces us to face harsh realities, to grow up, and is typically not a lot of fun. Still, everyone has to get serious some time throughout life in order to ensure happiness in other areas in the long run.

Review Saturn in Aries house placement and aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed.

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Uranus in Aries

Uranus-originality, individualism, independence, freedom, eccentricity, unpredictable change, social reform, transformation, rebellion, rebels, upheaval, revolution, humanitarianism, joining the collective consciousness and the group mind, renewal, breakthroughs, intuition, genius, science, inventions, electricity

Uranus is a generational planet, therefore, this planet will reflect an entire generation of people. Currently, those with Uranus in Aries were born between 1927 and 1935, as well as 2010 and 2019. The older generation was known as THE GREATEST GENERATION, the tail end of it, and THE SILENT GENERATION. The new generation is known as late GENERATION Zers or GENERATION ALPHA. That says a lot about Aries as a sign and how it influences them already, since Aries is an alpha sign.

As Generation Alpha is very young, no one can determine who they currently are as they haven’t developed yet, but we can analyze what this position may mean for them as they age.

Uranus in Aries natives are superbly original people. Growing up, everyone and everything around them encouraged them to be different, to stand out, to be themselves. These natives are champions of individualism. They decide what their society looks like, not the other way around.

They stand out from other generations because they bring a fresh adventurous spirit to everything. The status quo bores them. It’s likely they are pioneers, or seek to be first, in every field. They seem fearless and have more confidence than those older than them, and even possibly those younger than them.

On the shadow side, this generation may also be called selfish and impatient, wanting things quickly and wanting things done their own way. It’s possible technology was advanced enough when they were growing up that they got things quicker than former generations and they had more things catered to them personally, where they could customize everything to suit them.

Uranus in Aries natives more than likely grew up around independence and freedom movements that really rocked their world. As a result, they became hyper-independent and freedom-oriented. They may fight anything that tries to restrict them in any way. They also don’t want to be forced to think and behave like everyone else.

Uranus in Aries natives grew up at a time when everyone was encouraged to do whatever necessary to be heard to make themselves known, to get their way, and to express themselves. As a result, their bold sense of self can appear eccentric to former generations. They will not be easily publicly shamed, so they may do and say things that most people would find inappropriate. Aries is a sexual sign, and it’s likely this generation will not have many restraints or shame in comparison to former generations. This may make them seem unusual, and maybe even a threat. This generation may leap into things without much thought, which could work for or against them. They will not follow the rules of society quite as easily as former generations, and they may challenge elders and instituitions, making it difficult to control this population.

Uranus in Aries natives grew up seeing explosive and aggressive change happening all around them, out of their control, and in every area of life. Everyone around them was challenging old institutions and ways of doing things, and change couldn’t seem to happen without a fight. In order to survive, Uranus in Aries became the kind of natives that learned to fight for their place in the world. Instead of being afraid, they learned to become a part of the change, and seek to make a few changes of their own. On the shadow side, these changes made them into competitive people. There was a fight going on everywhere around them, and they knew they would get left behind if they didn’t develop competitive and aggressive traits.

When these natives make these changes on their own, the less evolved of the generation may do it without much thought to the consequences or afteraffects. For any other Aries placement, this may just impact them as individuals. For less evolved Uranus in Aries natives, however, their reckless actions impact entire societies. While it leaves room for new things to come out of it, it can leave many societies destroyed until the next generation can come and establish order.

The more evolved Uranus in Aries natives will make changes the moment it impacts them. They will not always necessarily tear down structures, but they will make sure that change happens swiftly when necessary, before there is any damage that can occur. These natives will be able to quickly pick themselves up, even after everything around them has changed. Change won’t stop their momentum in any way.

The changes these natives will be fighting for will be regarding their independence. They will be apart of the freedom movements they saw growing up. They will be asserting their right to be, their right to exist. They will also get tired of the old rules that barred them from experiencing life to its fullest. It’s likely they will challenge social rules that are stuffy or rigid.

When they are through with society, mostly everyone will have a seat at the table, which could completely transform society and the way social norms are. Society will look entirely new, different from the way it used to, once this generation has any control of it. Of course, what they may not realize is this will make society more competitive. When everyone has access to the same things, everyone will be fighting for resources. It’s not likely this generation would have thought that far in advance to see how resources could be distributed fairly.

Uranus in Aries natives are natural rebels. They are courageous enough to stand up to those more powerful than they are, and independent enough to challenge societal norms. On the shadow side, they may be “rebels without a cause”, just rebelling for the sake of it.

These natives have a fighting spirit that gives them the heart of a revolutionary. When it is time to rebel against something, they are always ready to fight or die trying. Growing up, it’s likely they experienced severe violent disruptions in their lives, possibly war. Most of the disruptions were conflicts between opposing forces. It’s likely they will learn to spark revolutionary wars if they don’t get what they want. They will not lean towards peace and negotiation very often, and it may even be seen as cowardice. Moderates will be seen as enemies or even possibly a threat to progress.

Typically, these natives aren’t necessarily humanitarians, but their actions usually end up benefitting everyone anyway. While they don’t really concern themselves with everyone’s general welfare, if it impacts them, they will do something about it, paving the way for others to have the same rights they have. It’s always better to have more people on their side than not. Collectively, their generation will be on the same page anyway, so they may have a large group of people looking to make the same impact.

It’s hard for them to join the collective group mind though. In this case, it may be difficult for them to organize or join groups that champion the same causes. Their “support groups” might form out of nowhere, when they aren’t even trying to form one. Possibly, they may form instant passionate mobs instead.

Many times, they don’t care if they have to stand for a cause alone. This bravery usually sparks admiration and followers. Still, they will hardly ever want to be tied to one set of ideas, and don’t want to be a “sheep”. It’s likely they won’t be tied to any one organization or movement. They are their own movement.

While there have been revolutions and freedom movements before, Uranus in Aries natives will always bring fresh new ways to be more free and independent. In fact, they will always bring a fresh new perspective to everything.

Uranus in Aries natives may have grown up at a time when there were many new breakthroughs socially, politically, and scientifically. As mentioned before, technology became faster. Technology changed more swiftly, too, so upgrades happened more frequently. They grew up with brand new technology, never seen before. As a result, Uranus in Aries natives will grow into people who will always want the newest technology, and they will always look for ways to make life easier and for things to move faster. They may work in fields where they pioneer new technological or scientific methods unseen or never done before, all so they can have things even more conveniently. Even if it’s not their profession, these natives will always be looking for the most convenient methods of getting things done.

Uranus in Aries natives can imagine things that don’t even exist yet. This makes them bold inventors and geniuses. They love to think of the impossible, and they have the courage to make it a reality. Their electric enthusiasm for all things new and thirst for adventurous experiences keeps everyone on their toes, wondering what they will think of next.

Aries is associated with the color red. It’s likely this generation will find new ways to wear and use red. Red will represent change, and it may be integrated into any flags or symbolic items representing freedom. This generation may be marked by the red they wear. This generation may also express their sense of freedom or rebellion by changing their face or hair in some way.

Review Uranus in Aries house placement and aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed.

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Neptune in Aries

Neptune-dreams, imagination, vision, creativity, illusions, delusions, fog, deception, spirituality, psychic, and mystical capability, transcendence, loss of distinction, oneness, sensitivity, suffering, bondage, obligation, addictions drugs, alcohol, beyond the individual

Uranus is a generational planet, therefore, this planet will reflect an entire generation of people. Neptune was last in Aries between 1861 to 1875, an undefined generation that grew up during global Industrialization. The next time Neptune enters Aries it will be around 2025 or 2026. They may be a part of GENERATION ALPHA or they may be an entirely new generation. As this generation isn’t even born yet, no one can truly determine who they are. However, this study will analyze their potential as these children age. It will be in the present tense.

Neptune in Aries natives are caught up in dreams of the impossible. When they dream, they dream big. Many of them dream of exciting action and adventure, conquering quests and winning awards. They have an active imagination.

Other generations might find them to be wholly unrealistic in their plans, but they are confident that their dreams will become something. They tend to actively pursue the things they dream of, regardless of what other people may think or say. These visionary natives follow their intuition, and often they end up pioneering new creative methods and artistic pieces simply pulled from their imagination.

On the shadow side, the less evolved Neptune in Aries natives’ visions are short-sighted. Many times, they might only dream of reaching a goal, but once they reach it, they realize they’ve failed to see what should happen next. This may frustrate them in the long run, but reminding them that this could happen would frustrate them even more, and might even anger them. They are the types who at least want to try. Still, they don’t anticipate failure too often as a result because they don’t even like to be reminded of it.

The less evolved would also be impatient when it comes to their dreams. They want these dreams to occur now. They may make snap decisions, actively going after one simple dream and impulsively finding themselves in less ideal situations. For the most part, though, all Neptune in Aries natives hardly ever let anyone or anything break their spirits. They can bounce back from a disappointment faster than other people, and still find another way to follow their dreams.

Neptune rules those entities that influence people. Whether we believe it or not, we are always influenced by everything we read, watch, see, hear, and more. If we deny this, we become even more controlled by the forces that influence us. By acknowledging it, we can take the good influence and weed out the bad ones. It’s likely Neptune in Aries grew up with a lot of media that encouraged them to boldly follow their dreams. They grew up with media that encouraged them to express themselves. The media influenced them to take action when necessary.

They probably watched a lot of action media, entertainment surrounding pioneers, war, gladiators, athletes, sports, and other exciting pursuits. The media may have been upbeat, with a lot of competition, or rivalries. The media may have also been drowned with violence, war, aggressions, struggles, and conflicts. Men or masculine qualities may have taken center stage in many of the media these natives consumed.

When Neptune in Aries natives were growing up, fashion and trends leaned on the bold and individualistic. Neptune in Aries natives may be less concerned with following the trends and more concerned with developing their own personal style. Ironically, not escaping Neptune’s influence, “personal style” would still be the trend. It’s possible this generation will see a wave of trend-setters and pioneering fashion designers sprout out.

It’s likely Neptune in Aries natives would want to create art or media that similar to what they grew up with. Their content may be bold and daring, challenging the norms and influencing others to action. Neptune in Aries natives love the start a creative project, but they lose interest over time if the creative pursuit can’t be complete fast enough.

Neptune in Aries natives were probably more able to consume media rapidly in comparison to older generations. They may have had more freedom or independence in the way they were able to select the media they consumed. As a result, it’s likely they were influenced by things in a vacuum. Their minds formed one school of thought, based on personal experiences that were supported by the media they consumed. As a result, they fly through ideas quickly, not stopping to marinate or sit through anything to ponder the greater meaning or the truth behind what they are consuming.

The Neptune in Aries natives can become emboldened by the ideas they consume from the media and other outer influences. It’s likely they would be more influenced to take action than former generations. It would not be hard to convince them to mobilize for a cause.

On the shadow side of this, Neptune in Aries natives may take outer influential information at face value. As mentioned before, they don’t often dig deeper to see if what they are hearing is the truth. The less evolved may not even realize they are being influenced by these outer entities, and may even outright deny that they can ever be influenced by anything.

The upside is these natives are independent thinkers. They might initially be swept up in an idea that influenced them, but they aren’t afraid to drop an idea or cause that doesn’t benefit them in the long run. If they find deception, they are the first to make the loudest noise and rally others behind them.

Jupiter rules over religion, while Neptune rules over Sprituality. Religion is a specific set of organized beliefs and practices shared by a community or group. Spirituality is an individual practice, having to do with a sense of peace and purpose, helping to develop beliefs around the meaning of life and our connection with others and the universe. Neptune in Aries natives might not always concern themselves with the spiritual, since the fly through life unconcerned with it for the most part. They live in the moment, not really pondering too much about their place in this vast universe.

However, at some time in our lives, people will be confronted with the greater meaning of their existence. Neptune in Aries natives will probably be most confronted with the question of who they truly are, what they really want out of life, and what their true purpose in life is. As they grow and develop, they may experience several identiy crises as they meet unexplained roadblocks when trying to achieve things in their lives. It’s likely every disappointment, failure, or loss will have them try to understand these fundamental truths. On the shadow side, less evolved Neptune in Aries natives may need a bump on the head, a shocking revelation, or a near-death experience to really awaken their spirituality.

On the bright side, all Neptune in Aries natives will face this spiritual journey with courage and confidence once they have tapped into it. They are typically not afraid of the unknown, and may even possibly see it as the greatest adventure. Every loss of identity will be a chance for them to reinvent themselves into someone new, which can be exciting.

Psychic and mystic abiliies help people trascend the material and selfish world and get us in touch with a greater power in the universe. It makes people humble, so everyone can realize they are all one small part of something greater. Psychic abilities helps humanity get in touch with what is truly real. They allow people to develop receptivity and sympathy. It is an ability that helps people stretch beyond the usual small and protective ego, and it helps people become truly courageous. Out of that wide, and sometimes painful, stretching of an ego people are able to find ethical opportunities special to them.

Neptune in Aries natives have a difficult time developing their psychic and mystical potential. They often can’t sit still long enough to ponder what’s happening around them on another plane beyond their material existence. In order to tape into their psychic abilities, they have to develop the ability to meditate and observe nature. Many Neptune in Aries natives may not even think that hard about nature. It’s also hard for them to understand the things they don’t see right in front of them.

On the other hand, psychic abilities may come to them like a flash of lightning: suddenly and unexpectedly. When they do tap into these abilities, it’s like their superpower. They are not afraid of these powers, so they are likely to make full use of them. On the shadow side, some Neptune in Aries natives may use these abilities for selfish gain.

It is hard for them to release the ego. That would require them to step out of themselves and embrace the world around them. Only then, will they truly be able to transcend their every day dead-end existence. The less evolved Neptune in Aries live their whole lives caught in the moment, in monentary bliss.

The more evolved Neptune in Aries more than likely had a wake-up call that forced them to step back and see what society looks like outside of their personal lens.

When they were growing up, it’s likely that humanity showed a sensitivity towards subjects surrounding manhood or masculinity, action and war, pioneering, colonization, and starting new things, and/or sensitive towards ideas of boldness and bravery, and what it truly means. On the shadow side, people probably became less sensitive than before (when Neptune was in Pisces), more than likely tired of trying not to hurt everyone’s feelings. More and more people probably became more outspoken, causing feelings to get hurt, and it could have started wars of sorts. Neptune in Aries natives may carry these sensitivities (or lack thereof, depending on their evolution) with them as they age.

Without sensitivity, no one cares for the suffering. It’s likely if there was suffering, those who suffered had to fight to be heard, but there was a lot of push-back from people who were actually too sensitive to listen (possibly feeling blamed for the suffering). Neptune in Aries natives may have been caught up in this conflict of sensitivities growing up. Neptune in Aries natives became the kind of people that may feel that if people are suffering, it will be important for them to speak up and be heard. They may not be afraid to face the wrongdoings of society onto people. If they are among the suffering, they will fight for themselves and others suffering until justice is served. They will be willing to be the martyr of the cause.

Some of them may develop the attitude that if people are suffering they should help themselves out of the situation. What they may not really understand is that no one can truly help themselves on their own. If they are not of the suffering, they may not want to pay attention. In this sense, on a higher thinking level, this would actually make them more sensitive than former generations, since they are not able to even face what is happening. They will not want to feel responsible or held accountable for any suffering, and they may prefer to escape into a mindset that absolves them of responsibility for other people.

Once evolved, which Neptune reminds us all to face evolution at some time in our lives, Neptune in Aries natives will see that there is a fine line between confidence and insecurity, courage and fear, leading and following, identity and lack thereof, restrictions and freedom. They will learn that people become courageous when they are most afraid. They will learn that people grow their confidence after periods of insecurity. They will learn that no one truly leads, and that everyone follows someone at some point. They will learn that people aren’t all what they say they are, and that a bit of who we are is formed based on our own experiences and the people that have subtle influence on us. They will understand that the more we try restrict something, the more people will fight for freedom; yet, the less restrictions we have, the less free we truly are as individuals.

They may develop the idea that freedom and independence is a human right, not one that can be established by man. They may be advocates involved in freedom movements. They may feel that confidence is something that all of humanity should feel and discover, and they may be involved in trying to build esteem in others. They may feel compassion for people in dangerous and violent situations, possibly victims of war or violence, and may seek to help these people in some way. It’s likely that these natives will act and react much quicker than other natives. When they feel something, they respond quickly, sometimes even impulsively, but well-meaning nontheless.

These natives will feel obligated to be involved in movements that help people. They won’t be able to stand by while people suffer violence, restrictions barring them from freedom, and the theft of identity. They will be vocal and moved to action, and they will be loud about it.

Neptune rules over escape and ways we escape. The healthier ways of escaping could be watching a movie, listening to music, being active in some way, or getting creative. Without moderation, less healthy ways would include drugs, alcohol, sex, and/or reckless behavior.

If less evolved, Neptune in Aries natives are likely to be more involved in reckless forms of escape. They will live life on the edge to feel that temporary high. They may indulge in several dangerous activities just to escape life’s daily grind, stress, and sorrows.

The more evolved Neptune in Aries natives may enjoy staying active, possibly escaping into a sport or physical activity. Even this can be dangerous if not done in moderation, but it can also be a healthy outlet. They might get involved in other fun activities such as bowling, card games, attending amusement parks, and more.

These natives might also enjoy going to good parties and hanging out with friends. They are generally outgoing people that are the first to light the fire to forget all of their woes and troubles. As long as they try to avoid the reckless things that can happen at wild parties, this should be a great outlet for them.

Meditation is always good, and Neptune in Aries could benefit from it. It could help them build more confidence, make them stronger, and make them more courageous when facing anything. They might not like meditation while sitting still. There are many ways to meditate, and they might benefit from a meditation practice that involves them to move their bodies.

They will definitely enjoy sex. This could be a healthy way to escape as long as they find consenting partners and as long as they don’t become addicted to it.

Speaking of addictions, Neptune rules over that, too. Neptune in Aries natives are more likely to be addicted to the rush of things. This makes them more inclined to be addicted to sports, dangerous stunts and activities, gambling, dares, partying, sex, and other free-spirited activities. The less evolved Neptune in Aries natives won’t have enough insight to recognize when they are getting addicted to something, and may not listen when others try to tell them. In fact, it can anger them to be reminded of an addiction. At worst, trying to pry them out of it can lead to violence. The more evolved Neptune in Aries natives will not let even addiction control them. They will be more proactive when it comes to breaking an addiction, especially if the addiction appears to hinder them in some way. They tend to be more self-motivated.

Neptune reminds us to look beyond the individual, and that might be a bit of a challenge for Neptune in Aries natives at first. But if Neptune in Aries natives can step outside of their own personal existence and look out into the world, they’d realize they have a lot of gifts to offer it. They are natural leaders that have a lot of energy, confidence, and courage that all of humanity can benefit from.

Aries is associated with the color red. The color red may become a trend while this generation is growing up. It will be seen on all the famous movie stars, musicians, influencers, and socialites when they were growing up. When this generation wears it, which they may be subtly influenced by, they may be marked as “wearing this era of clothing”. At the time it’s popular, the natives wearing this color will be on-trend. Once the trend fades out, it will be seen as nostalgic. This generation may have also noticed that hair and faces became the focus of trends, and the natives with this position may be subtly influenced by this trend, too.

Review Neptune in Aries house placement and aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed.

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Pluto in Aries

Pluto-power, power sources, transformation, major change, life, death, underworld, transition, cycles, healing, regeneration, phoenix, alchemy, obsession, compulsion, sex, humiliation, the breakdown of psychological blocks preventing evolutionary growth

Pluto is a generational planet, and the greatest one at that. This planet will reflect an entire generation, if not two generations, of people. There are conversations about Pluto’s status as a “planet”. Regardless of its true essence, this small body is super powerful when it passes through the constellations in the sky.

The last time Pluto was in Aries was between 1822 to 1852. The next time Pluto enters Aries it will be 2066. Though the future generation has lightyears until they get here, information is infinite and cyclic. If any planet is to remind us of this, it’s Pluto. Therefore, this article will still appear in the present tense.

Pluto in Aries natives are very powerful people. For them, the key to their personal power is their tremendous energy, extreme need for independence, and their wild courageousness. These are things they will not let get taken from them easily. It’s likely they will end up in power struggles for their freedom if it were to be challenged in any way.

Power can be a double-edged sword if not used wisely. Pluto in Aries should be careful not to use their powers for selfish gain alone, to intimidate people, or to destroy everything in their path that they don’t agree with.

Growing up, those in power around these natives were more than likely to be close to war heroes. They got the positions they received by conquering the weak. It’s likely those in power exhibited a level of courage and assertiveness that made them admirable. There may have been a lot of “firsts” with those in power. People who weren’t once in power took action and fought to get there, paving the way for others to be there. On the shadow side, some of those in power may have used excessive force and violent aggression to get their way, causing extreme distrust with authority figures from the public. Those in power may have seemed selfish, only caring about their own needs and not the needs of all the people they are leading.

As a result, Pluto in Aries natives will grow up believing in only themselves to get things done. Most of them will not really listen to those in power too much, unless it’s of some benefit to them. It’s likely many of them will end up in power struggles with those in power, and they may even seek to remove the current figures. Many of them may seek to be in positions of power themselves. They may seek to be the first in their chosen professions just to be able to make the changes they want to see happen rather than waiting for other powerful figures to do things. There may be serious competition among this generation, with everyone wanting to be some important figure.

The less evolved Pluto in Aries may become the ugly selfish and aggressive powerful figures they hate so much. They may succeed at overthrowing those in the system, but these less evolved natives may do so rather impulsively and destructively. It would end up difficult to heal from for the next generation, and it’s likely Pluto in Aries natives may not have thought about that before passionately fighting the powers that be.

Pluto in Aries natives will see a world transforming into something entirely new. There will be people challenging the old ways of doing things. People will see tradition challenged, and many people may find their time-honored traditions lost. It won’t come without a fight though, and many people may have been willing to lose and may have lost their lives trying to keep hold of the old ways.

But Pluto teaches us that change is inevitable. No one can truly fight it. The victors will more than likely be the ones who seek to rebuild a new society while Pluto is in Aries.

Pluto makes us face the deeper subjects of life and death. Sometimes literally, many times figuratively. When people lose their traditions, there is a feeling of “death”. It’s as if an old friend is gone. People may feel lost, not sure where to go from there, once the old ways of doing things are no longer around.

Many people may feel that their identities are lost as well. Everything they thought they were will be challenged, forcing them to reevaluate who they even are in this world. In the end though, people will come out with a better understanding of their identity.

Pluto in Aries natives will grow up unafraid of these major changes. Instead of cowering in fear, they will seek to be apart of the change. After all, a brand new world gives them the opportunity to be the leaders in shaping it. They themselves will continue to challenge tradition even more and make even more breakthroughs for themselves.

Pluto in Aries natives may have had to see people struggle to make a new world while they were growing up, but they will grow up with a true understanding of freedom that former generations didn’t really have. Freedom comes with a cost, a price, but true freedom allows people to have an individual hand in building the world they want to live in.

After the struggle, there will be healing. After the war, Pluto in Aries natives may have the power to decide who they are, without society defining them. Pluto in Aries may have the power to do anything they want to do, even deciding the laws they have to follow without one person in power telling them what to do. Pluto in Aries natives can establish their own traditions without worrying about the compulsive need to follow old ones. Pluto in Aries natives can live a modern life without feeling controlled by the past.

Pluto reminds us that everything is a cycle. Things may be gone for now, but they will return. Pluto in Aries natives may not be interested in the old returning once they are into something new, but even new things eventually become old. The once-old things will eventually feel fresh again. By the time modern life becomes old, Pluto in Aries natives may embrace some of the even older traditions, hoping it will inspire something new in their current lives.

Pluto rules a literal death. Pluto in Aries natives do not fear death. Many of them risk their lives for whatever it is they want. Perhaps many of them have never had to think too deeply about their lives and what it means, where they may truly be going, etc. They may see death as another great adventure. They may be confident about life and the world after. After all, not knowing something about the afterlife is a chance to find out when the time comes. To add, for many of them, their lives are worth risking. If they can’t live the way they want, they may be willing to risk their lives to fight for that freedom. They care more about the quality of their life than the quantity.

When they experience death around them, figuratively and literally, Pluto in Aries natives will bounce back faster than most other generations. Many of them act and react fast when they exerience death. They are quick to try to find a way to reconstruct their lives and keep it moving as if nothing has happened. They will believe they should not let themselves sit too long in their sorrow so that it robs them of a chance to live their own lives.

Pluto rules over alchemy. The true definition of alchemy is that it was a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy whose aims were the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for diseases, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life.

In our modern society, this translates as turning what seems like something worthless or ugly into something valuable.

This alchemy in modern society could also be finding a true solution to problems, fixing everything at its origin, including the cure for life-threatening diseases.

It can also refer to building our legacies, keeping ourselves alive even beyond death. It can still also mean finding a way to live longer in a literal and physical sense.

Pluto in Aries natives will definitely be the generation to be the most active at transforming things in the world that once seemed worthless into something new. In fact, they may see the value in things long before other generations have a chance to keep up. Though the less evolved natives may take things at face value, not digging deeper to find the true hidden value in many things, they will be the first to offer the makeover or glow-up once they do find something that needs to be fixed, reimagined, or reexamined.

When it comes to finding the true solution to problems, Pluto in Aries natives are assertive and decisive. They are looking for quick solutions and immediate action. This is possibly because they grew up in a world where they couldn’t wait.

Unfortunately, there isn’t often a band-aid that can solve all internal issues. The less evolved Pluto in Aries natives may be too impatient to dive into the deeper issues in society. Worst, they may see many of the deeper issues presented as weak complaints that stop modern progress. They will not let the past define them as much as other generations, so they may not be able to understand “cause-and-effect”.

Growing up, Pluto in Aries natives may have experienced a sudden violent outbreak of diseases in society that needed immediate care. There may have been a rush to produce a cure quickly. As a result, they will have grown up with new medicine, vaccinations, and other health remedies. They will have more cures for diseases than ever before. There may have been some kinks, considering the medicine and vaccinations were new, causing many people to both want to try it and fearing it at the same time. Still, they will see that people were forced to be medicated, with a sense of urgency or in a state of emergency, having to overcome any doubts or fears.

Pluto in Aries natives will grow up not fearing advanced or new medicine. They will learn to fight to stay alive. They will learn through experience that new medicine was created for a reason: to save their lives. Whenever there is new medicine or vaccinations, they will be the first in line to try it.

Pluto in Aries natives will probably be involved with supporting or even contributing to the advancement of new medical breakthroughs themselves when they are of age. It’s likely they will rush to be the first to create medicine and cures for major diseases, especially ones that affect mobility.

It’s likely they will want to live near-infinitely, as long as possible, so they can achieve and enjoy everything that life has to offer. As mentioned before, they will fight for their lives (though ironically, die trying). Of course, their only fear is becoming bored with life the longer they live it. Still, they would rather decide when their lives should end (hopefully figuratively, more than literally) than have it cut short by a force they couldn’t control.

Pluto in Aries natives may seek to extend their presence long after they are gone. They will want everyone to know who they are, and will not be easily forgotten. Whether winning a world title or taking the fashion industry by story, it’s likely this generation will be known for being pioneers, trend-setters, for advancing society into the modern world, and for being bold and courageous fighters for whatever causes they believed in. They may want to leave their own individual stamp somewhere in history no matter what they do in life. There may be a renewed interest in time capsules.

Pluto taps into other taboo or dark subjects such as obsession, compulsions, sex, and humiliation.

To other generations, Pluto in Aries natives may seem to be obsessed with freedom, self-expression, and being “first” in everything. They may consume their whole lives with the topic. Growing up, people seemed to be talking about it all the time, emphasizing the importance of it, so Pluto in Aries will continue the fight. Unfortunately, there may be too much pressure for everyone as they all compete for the most attention and recognition.

This generation may develop a compulsive urge to break the rules all the time. If you tell them not to push a button, it will make them want to do it even more. This could make the generation extremely bold for little to no reason other than it’s new, different, challenges norms, and forces people to recognize their need to be independent. Population control will not work on them; they will need to decide that for themselves. Maybe life will force them to control themselves, especially the less evolved who may have to learn the hard way.

When it comes to sex, Pluto rules over sex as a means of power. This power can be over others, but mostly it’s catered to the self. Pluto in Aries natives will feel like they have the ultimate power over their own sexuality. It’s not likely they will let others control their sexuality in any way. They will be rule-breakers sexually, which will make more conservative generations extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes, it will feel like they are forcing their sexuality on others. They might be deliberately making others uncomfortable, seeking to challenge people’s minds, but for the most part, they just want to be free to express themselves and may not understand why they have to hide their sexuality to begin with.

On the shadow side, the less evolved may be literally trying to force their sexuality on others, and may get angry or even violently aggressive if people do not comply or agree with their sexual expression or advances. There may be power struggles sexually as a result.

Pluto rules over humiliation. Humiliation is the abasement of pride, which creates mortification or leads to a state of being humbled or reduced to lowliness or submission. It is an emotion felt by a person whose social status, either by force or willingly, has just decreased.

Pluto is a very humbling planet, but it will take Pluto in Aries some hard lessons to learn that. Pluto in Aries natives may seek to humble others, especially those in power, and they will seek to humiliate and shame powerful people swiftly and quickly. The less evolved will not see that they can be in that position at any time. It’s likely that Pluto in Aries natives will be humbled by life itself. They simply have to experience public shame to understand it, to be humbled by their insignificance to the greater universe. If they are careful, they will not leave a lasting stain in history, so future generations won’t look back and shake their heads in shame.

Thankfully, Pluto in Aries natives bounce back from humiliation quicker than most people. They don’t care too much about society’s opinions, so they live in the moment and take whatever opportunities for growth they can get from it.

Pluto reminds us to break down the psychological blocks that revent us from evolving. Often in this article, “less evolved” was mentioned. Unlike other positions, Pluto in Aries natives are faced with all of the issues that prevent them from evolving, and they may not like it. On the other hand, they may not be afraid to face their weaknesses head-on.

The root reason why they are so obsessed with freedom, self-expression, and getting ahead in life is fear. That may be a hard pill to swallow for them, but the truth often is. Pluto in Aries natives do think differently from former generations, and they fear that this difference will make others attack them and stop them from living their lives to the fullest. They also fear not being able to achieve something in life before their life is over.

Even deeper, they actually want what all the others have. They are tempted by the world’s spoils. They actually benefit from the weaknesses of others. It allows them to take those spoils for themselves. This will stop them from making changes in their lives and in society, if they let it. It will only end in disaster. In truth, people are all the same and want the same things. They don’t have to be enemies. Much more can be achieved in life by all reaching a common goal that benefits everybody.

Deep down, Pluto in Aries natives do feel their mortality, and they do know that life is short. They want to be able to experience everything fully before they just can’t anymore. This is why they want to change tradition so badly. Tradition was the reason people couldn’t live the life they wanted. It may have even stopped people from living a fully happy life. Pluto in Aries witnessed this growing up, and they don’t want it to happen to them.

When Pluto in Aries natives realize that fear is at the root of their actions, they will be able to master this fear and channel their best qualities out into the public. No longer will they have to start wild and crazy wars to get what they want. No longer will they have to flash themselves out in the public to be seen. They will understand what they truly want, and will be able to make changes that cater exactly to their real needs.

This sense of evolution will be felt in all of society. In truth, Pluto reminds us that we can’t afford to be less evolved. Pluto in Aries natives will be forced to channel their sense of courage towards matters that truly give them the freedom and independence they really desire, not succumbing to the temptation of aggression. They will realize it leads nowhere, and Pluo in Aries will get more frustrated going nowhere.

Confidence will eliminate their need to get aggressive. When they are truly confident in what they believe in, all they have to do is take swift action to make things happen in a way that benefits everyone. All they need is to express their demands and share their plan of action. When others sense their confidence, they will follow them, seeing them as true leaders.

Pluto in Aries generation will appear more powerful in red. It’s possible that this generation will wear red to exercise their power. Military uniforms may be redesigned with red, red may become the go-to color for political figures and bosses from this generation, and people may wear red to represent resistance. The head and face may also be decorated to emphasize power.

Review Pluto in Aries house placement and aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed.

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Aries on the 1st House (Rising Sign)

1st House-beginnings, infancy, your name, title, appearance, physical body, mannerisms, facial expressions, body language, first impressions, how others see us, words used to describe you, self-expression, outer expression, self-image as projected to others, personality, self, ego, identity, mask, outlook on life, attitude, awareness, subjective self-awareness, consciousness, the way you operate, querent

Individuals with Aries on their 1st House Cusp (that line pointing to Aries on the left of the natal chart wheel) are said to have “Aries Rising”. This is because when they were born, particularly the time they were born, Aries was “rising” on their chart.

This Rising reveals a fresh start. The native with this placement was born ready to take on the world. It’s possible when they were born, things happened fast. They may have come sooner than expected. They were not patient babies. They wanted to get out into the world as soon as they could. They may have been born happy and cheerful, or grumpy and a bit feisty.

As infants, they seemed a little bit more courageous than other babies. They had some gusto about them. They appeared energetic, brave, and adventurous, possibly always into something new. For the most part, these babies were quite cheerful.

Even as babies, they seemed more independent than other children. They were probably content being off on their own. Despite this, they were probably not as shy as other babies, and could engage with people much earlier than most their age.

These babies probably didn’t like barriers set up, and they may have tried to push the boundaries a bit.

On the shadow side, it’s possible they had quite the little temper, even as infants. When they were angry, they let it show. There may have been some selfish tendencies as well. They may have wanted all of the attention from their parents, competing with others for it, or they may have always wanted their way. It’s also possible they were impulsive, always putting themselves in danger. Of course, all babies start with less evolved tendencies, and most are manageable at this age.

The 1st house actually says a lot about people’s names and their title in life. This name is normally given first by their parents, and sometimes it can be based on the first traits a parent sees in their child when they are born. Later, other people could bestow names and titles on these natives based on their behavior. Aries Rising individuals carry a name that helps them stand out from the crowd, leading the pack and making them one-of-a-kind. It’s likely that anything they are called will represent their fiery, adventurous, and energetic natures. They may get a few nicknames that also tease them for their impatient and competitive streaks as well.

The 1st house represents appearance. Aries Rising individuals look like they are “go-getters”. Their go-to outfits for every day tend to swing between bold, individualistic, statement pieces and thrown-on garments that won’t stand in their way. They inculcate quite a bit of red tones into their wardrobe, and it’s possible their head or face is distinct in some way as well. They may wear accessories, like sunglasses, earrings, or hats, have their hair catered to, and/or may have make-up on all the time.

These natives have very distinct faces and heads. Their bodies give off an athletic figure even if they’ve never played sports. They do tend to be active in some way which helps them.

They have abrupt mannerisms, are direct, and full of energy in every room they enter. Their facial expressions tend to be animated, and when happy they may display a cocky but confident grin that shows the world they are ready for it.

On the shadow side, some people may feel they come across a bit rude and aggressive. This is because they are generally fast-paced, sometimes not realizing who they are offending or tripping over as they go through life. They have a little edge about them, too. They are impatient at times, which can be difficult for some people to deal with. Overall, though, they aren’t usually malicious.

When people first meet them, people will either see them as energetic, confident, and bold individuals, or aggressive, competitive, and quick-tempered. They are also quite outgoing, maybe the life of the party. They may possibly be described all of those ways. Aries Rising natives put on a brave face where ever they go so no one will mess with them. This is the mask they wear to protect everything else in their natal chart.

Aries Rising natives have a generally upbeat outlook on life. They generally see life as one great adventure and they are not afraid to live it. Most of them have little reason to fear anything. Of course, they may go through moments where they are frustrated by some of life’s setbacks, which contributes to their edgy attitude at times. But in the end, most of them feel they have the strength to pull through anything life throws at them.

These natives move through life rather naively. It isn’t that they are easy to take advantage of, but they aren’t aware of themselves all the time. They might act quickly before really processing how they might come across to others. They act first, think later.

They do have a keen idea as to the person they are, and so they aren’t easily influenced by other people. Very few Aries Rising natives are phony or fake, so it’s not likely they will change who they are to fit in either.

Aries Rising natives operate quickly and independently, trying to do as much as they can solo. They don’t really seem to need a whole lot of people helping them along and they do well by themselves. They often start life looking out for themselves, and they continue to as they age. They are assertive, going after what they want without hesitation. They have enough vitality and vigor to keep them going.

Aries Rising natives are destined for great things in life. It’s likely they could conquer the world if they wanted to. More than likely, everyone else will catch them as the leader or champions of something. They will have many experiences in life, making their lives seem exciting, and simply because they are able to take the chances everyone else is too afraid to.

The 1st house is often considered to be similar to Aries in many ways, which means these natives express themselves in a way that’s beneficial. This makes the Aries Rising natives most comfortable in their position and they usually gain a lot out of life as a result.

Review Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc.) in the 1st house as well as their aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed as well.

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Aries on the 2nd House

2nd House-values, valuables, value systems, ethics, inner and outer resources, how we value our personal resources, property, possessions, attitude towards possessions, earning ability, work, money, stocks and bonds, freedom, environment, daily routines, self-worth, self-esteem, what you add to your identity

Aries on the 2nd house can be found on the natal wheel on the natal chart. It starts where the line with the “2” after it is pointing to Aries.

Individuals with Aries on their 2nd house value strength, stamina, vitality, and their independence. As long as they are physically able to do the things they want to do, there is nothing that can stop them. If they were to be disabled in any way, it would seriously affect them. Still, it’s not likely they will sit still even then. They will still do as much as they can.

2nd House Aries natives don’t have a strict code of ethics. They often seem to believe things can be right if they are allowed to get away with it. It feels wrong if they aren’t allowed to do what they want to do. In the one case they are strict, it will revolve around their freedom. They do not believe people should be restricted from anything, and they may involve themselves with fights of that nature.

These individuals have quite a bit of personal resources at their disposal. They are confident and assertive, which gets them ahead in life. They are full of energy, which keeps them going doing anything they want. They are also outgoing, which gets them connected with people that can help them advance. Their independence allows them to work and build things for themselves. Their courage allows them to take risks and pick up opportunities others may miss.

2nd House Aries natives take fully value and take advantage of their resources, not wasting a drop. They don’t hesitate to tap into their resources for assistance. Their only sin is not stopping to appreciate or give thanks for the gifts they have. At some moment, they have to realize that resources don’t come that easily and for free for every body, and that it’s a privilege to have these resources. If they aren’t able to do that, their resources will dry up faster than they expected.

2nd House Aries natives are likely to own a lot of different property or items in their lives, but they aren’t likely to want to be tied down to any of it. They may enjoy brand new things, items or property that have a bold style to it, and items or property that show off every obstacle they’ve overcome. It’s likely their homes are full of trophies, certificates, and other medals of honor. They may enjoy photos of themselves to remind them of how fabulous they are. They may keep athletic equipment around or items that can help them survive through anything. They may own quite a bit of items in the color red. They may also own items that cater to their head, like pillows, hats, accessories, etc.

If they gain enough money, they may seek to own some properties that encourage them to stay active, like a fitness center or coliseum of some sort. At minimum, they may carve out their own gym inside their personal propery (i.e. their homes) or some other activity center that they enjoy and can keep them busy.

Still, as mentioned before, they don’t like being tied down by too many things. Having items isn’t as important as what they can do with them. If their items and property are weighing them down, they will quickly shed them off and not look back. They don’t tend to hold on to old things anyway, preferring to replace the old with the new. They don’t think that deeply about items and they can handle living with less. They are survivalists that may even pick up a minimalist attitude some time in life.

2nd house Aries natives have the ability to earn quite a bit of money simply because they have the energy and vitality to work hard, as well as the courage to connect with others and find the right opportunities. Their weaknesses are they don’t have much staying power, so money might not necessarily be steady or constant. They are also impulsive spenders, buying based on what they see, and are not really huge savers. They live in the moment with their money, not trying to think about tomorrow.

2nd house Aries natives are not afraid to work, and it’s likely they started working and earning money early in life. 2nd House Aries individuals might work in fields where their energy and assertive drive could be of use, which is in many fields. They could work in athletic or active fields due to their vitality. They could work as a salesperson sense they are outgoing and confident people. They can work in a creative field, especially one that promises independence. 2nd House Aries natives may work best in a field where they can work independently, and they may find more opportunities to earn money.

On the shadow side, 2nd house Aries natives should be careful not to get caught up in “get-rich-quick” schemes. Pyramid Schemes might latch on to them since these natives often want to earn money quickly. They might be impatient with the process of waiting for their paycheck to get the things they want and need. They might especially hate relying on other people to pay them and would probably prefer to be paid directly.

2nd House Aries may be interested in the stocks and bonds game, especially since they are risk-takers. They might be interested in investing in some new product or shelling out a loan. If they invest in the right stocks and bonds, this could turn out well for them. They could make a fortune. However, there is always a risk. Though 2nd House Aries may have not cared about the risk initially, investing too much could cost them their livlihood.

On the plus side, 2nd House Aries natives seem to bounce back from financial woes faster than others. They always seem to know how to find a way to make money. They should just be careful they don’t make all that money back through dangerous or illegal work. That energy can be channeled towards something productive.

The 2nd House doesn’t just reflect how people earn money. It reflects how people earn anything, even others’ approval, blessing, forgiveness, or other opportunities in life. 2nd House Aries natives typically want to earn everything quickly or as independently as possible. They seek ways to get what they desire right away, without hesitation, and without having to be too pleasant with others. They don’t often concern themselves with earning others’ approval too much. The shadow side of this is they may rarely apologize or try to earn forgiveness beyond an apology.

Still, in life, we all have to appeal to people in some way to get farther. It’s likely these natives will not try too hard to impress people, though. They will try to find people that are already interested in them and get on well with them from first impression. Even in this case, these natives still might have to try to earn something from other people. They might not like trying this for too long, and might try to find shortcuts, but if they see it as a worthwhile challenge, they might put in the effort.

The 2nd House rules freedom, though many may not know this. There is a fascinating connection that resources have to freedom. The more money people have, the more freedom they gain. The more resources people have, the more they can do. No one knows this better than a 2nd House Aries native. As mentioned before, they probably sought to earn money early in life, and part of this was to gain some form of independence and freedom. It’s likely these natives will always feel free to do as they please, or will die trying to.

2nd House Aries natives maintain an active enviornment at all times. They don’t like to be bored or idle. Their daily routine or daily schedule is filled with activities that keep them busy all day until it’s time to sleep. Most of the time, though, the activities don’t often last longer than 30 minutes, maybe pushing it to an hour if the event is fun.

These natives aren’t typically rooted by one set routine though. They like to try something new everyday, and they thrive on an exciting change of plans.

Most 2nd House Aries natives are confident, exhibiting high self-esteem and self-worth. They value themselves and see themselves as very important. It is hard to tear them down with words.

Still, no one is perfectly confident all the time. As long as 2nd House Aries natives maintain their youthful vitality and an able body, they believe in themselves and think highly of themselves. But as soon as those things begin to fade, more than likely with age, they might start to lose their sense of self-worth, especially if they become too dependent on others.

Thankfully, these natives won’t be brought down without a fight. It’s likely they will find a way to build their self-esteem once their confidence begins to simmer down. They need the right challenge to light that spark again. Once that happens, nothing can bring them down.

Review Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc.) in the 2nd house as well as their aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed as well.

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Aries on the 3rd house

3rd house-communication, speaking, writing, early education environment, learning, teaching, motor skills, earliest memories, children your age, siblings, interactions with siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors, community, short trip

Aries on the 3rd house can be found on the natal wheel on the natal chart. It starts where the line with the “3” after it is pointing to Aries.

When Aries is on the cusp of the 3rd house, the individuals with this position have a straight-forward way of thinking. Their minds focus on what is in front of them, and the subject of their thoughts are usually on themselves and what is affecting their personal lives.

These natives prefer to think about the newest activity or form of excitement they are into. Their minds are focused on what they are doing for the day. They may be thinking about some new ideas they’ve been forming and trying to apply it somewhere in their lives.

Individuals with 3rd house Aries are quick-witted and can grasp basic concepts faster than most. This is because they are always alert to new information around them. As a result, they have quick solutions to every problem available at their disposal. Their weakness is they don’t stay on one topic for very long. Once they grasp new information, they move on to the next thing.

3rd house Aries natives are often communicating what they have been doing lately. Most people know what activity or exciting new thing they are into. They don’t concern themselves with others’ lives. While this can make them seem self-centered in conversations at times, it also means they seldom get caught up in gossip.

When they talk with people, they seem excited about the subject, speaking with a lot of energy. They are also often the loudest person in the room, not really caring who hears them. These natives are excellent conversation starters because they are not afraid to strike up conversations. But they don’t need a whole lot of people to talk to.

3rd house Aries natives may prefer to say what they need to say right away without delay. They may prefer freelance writing, vlogging, video chat, and other independent forms of communication that can bring information to others quickly and as open as they would like. They might enjoy expressing themselves, so they may do it often. They may light up when they start talking, with their face full of their personal energy. The subject of these talks may be on their exciting daily lives. They may be doing exciting and daring things on camera right in front of an audience.

When speaking or writing, they may keep the color red around them to help them while communicating (whether it’s a red drinking mug, red pen, red cap, or wearing the color red).

Without technology, they may prefer to talk to most people in person so they can say what they want to say without delay. These natives get impatient and frustrated when there is too much delay in communication. They may not like when technology crashes or when someone postpones a meeting with them to talk.

The 3rd house Aries individuals’ early educational environment may have been extremely active. The classroom was probably bursting with activity, and something exciting was always happening. The teacher probably made each subject seem like a fun challenge.

It’s also likely their teachers may have been loud and commanding, like an army general. Their teachers may have been impatient with them and may have expected the native to think on their toes. The teachers probably gave them direct and simple information without much detail or depth. As a result, Aries on the 3rd house natives probably got the gist of most information on a very basic level, but never really retained or mastered any of it unless they could apply it directly. If they couldn’t understand the teacher, these natives had to learn much on their own because they knew they couldn’t ask their teacher for help.

Some 3rd house Aries natives may have struggled to get along with teachers and possibly some of the other students. This may have been because they were competitive, possibly even aggressive, when learning. It’s possible they may have gotten into a few fights at school, causing them to miss out on some parts of their lessons.

The best part is these natives are usually able to catch up quickly, no matter what their grades look like. It’s possible they got into fights out of boredom. 3rd house Aries natives might start trouble if they aren’t challenged enough in class. They may have been impatient with classwork and even homework, which caused much of their classroom frustrations.

Some of them may start trouble if they feel too restricted in their movements as well. It’s also possible that their early classroom environment didn’t have too many rules to begin with, which was why it affected them when rules were suddenly enforced. The classroom was probably rowdy and noisy otherwise.

If Aries on the 3rd house natives ever decide to become teachers themselves, it’s likely they will also be the types to let loose on a few rules in their own classrooms. They will probably try to establish a fun classroom enviornment. They may prefer the independence and freedom to decide what they teach their children as well. They may clash with those who try to control their classrooms.

They may be very direct and straightforward, giving information in a way that doesn’t sugar-coat the truth. At times, this can make them provocative, even for very young students, and possibly a bit edgy. Still, most students know exactly what the information is in simplest terms. They usually present information in a way that’s very simple and easy to understand. It helps that they add a bit excitement to each teaching moment, too.

They have to be careful not to be too impatient with their own students. They may try to push their students to be actively curious and quick learners, teaching them to think for themselves and be independent learners. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like they do, and these natives may struggle to accomodate to different learning styles.

3rd house Aries natives may have developed their motor skills early in life. These natives probably sought to do things on their own, so they learned to talk, walk, write, read, ride a bike, drive a car, and to perform other important motor skills very quickly. It’s likely they tried to teach themselves at one point. Some may have gotten into accidents if they were too impulsive trying to learn for themselves. Whenever they have to learn a new motor skill, they are still eager to jump on it. In any case, it eases boredom, too, and channels their energy.

3rd house Aries natives’ earliest memories probably involved the most fun moments in their lives. They remember their successes, the trophies they won, their serious competitions, and the new experiences they had. They may also remember when they clashed with people or got seriously angry.

When it came to the children around their age, 3rd house Aries natives probably spent a lot of active time with them. It’s possible they were involved with school and community activities, which put them around a lot of kids their own age. They probably were involved in competitions with these kids, maybe in sports or field days.

3rd house Aries natives may have actively played with their siblings and other relatives. They were probably the bold one, daring their siblings and cousins to do wild and crazy things, or their siblings and cousins may have been the ones daring the native. They may have competed with their siblings in some way to be the first to do something or to get the most attention from the adults around them. They may have been a lot of fun, but maybe a bit too intense or aggressive. It’s possible their siblings and cousins played rough, causing arguments and fights to break out.

Even as they got older, these natives may continue to do exciting activities with their siblings and other relatives, maybe go on vacations, throw wild and fun parties, or play and watch games. They have to be careful not to get into fights with them at these family events, though.

3rd house Aries natives might have a lot of friends. They may seem to be really popular due to their outgoing schedule and ability to talk to people. Most people want to know them because they seem to be able to do a lot of things on their own at a very early age, which can be appealing.

Their friends are probably just as active as they are. It’s possible their friends may push them to do a lot. Still, 3rd house Aries natives are independent and not easily influenced by their peers. They are likely to lead the pack than follow. They may be at the center of their friendship circle, making the loudest noise and deciding all of the activities. They probably clash with other headstrong friends.

3rd house Aries natives may know a lot of people in their community. Their neighbors may be very familiar with them, for better or worse. These natives could be active members of the community, or they could be the troublemakers.

It’s possible the community itself is filled with people who are active, but also maybe the neighborhood is full of troublemakers. 3rd house Aries natives may have grown up in dangerous neighborhoods, making them much tougher than most people. It’s likely they braved it, being the one to stand up to the bullies. They may continue to bring this energy into any neighborhood they move into.

They may prefer to live in and visit urban cities where there is a lot of activity. They like to be where the action is. They can also get around rather independently, quickly, and easily this way.

When they make short trips, they would probably use the most convenient forms of travel. Their neighborhood growing up may have had very convenient ways of getting around, and they may seek neighborhoods like this as adults.

They are probably always combing the neighborhood, looking for something to do. They should try to go the opposite way of a local fight, though, no matter how tempting it is to watch and get involved. Most of the time, they are willing to make a short trip to the local sporting events, live concerts, and other exciting events. They are more than likely the lead promoters in everything that is happening around them. Overall, their presence is felt as leaders of the community.

Review Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc) in the 3rd house as well as their aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed as well.

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Aries on the 4th House

4th house-home (physical shelter and real estate), property, personal security, private life, hidden things, early childhood development, childhood, emotional foundation, psychological foundation, memories from moving out of the home and into a new one, subconscious patterns, parents, family, roots, the past (nostalgia, photographs, traditions), heritage (surname, religious and cultural traditions, recipes, beliefs, etc.), family members who knew you in younger-shaping years, nurturing, caregivers, protectors, endings, latter part of life, soul’s intention

Aries on the 4th house can be found on the natal wheel on a natal chart. It starts where the line with the “4” after it is pointing to Aries.

Individuals with Aries on the 4th house tend to keep a very active home life. It’s likely their home has many things to do inside. They are never bored at home, and being inside their home is as fun as being outdoors. Their physical home may be bold, whether in the decorative style or in the way it is built. They may add some red to spice things up. It’s likely they are drawn to new homes with the most cutting-edge decor and appliances. They enjoy conveniences, especially in the kitchen, so they can prepare everything faster. They may also keep mirrors or facial tools around the house to stay well-groomed.

These natives are usually the ones in charge of the home. They decide where everyone lives and what goes on there. They tend to “wear the pants” no matter what gender they are. They may be a bit too assertive, which could cause fights.

It’s not likely these natives would be tied down to their homes, no matter how amazing they are. These natives may still prefer to be outside doing things, even if just in their yard. They may also not like staying in one home too long, which can have them moving when they get too bored of a home or when it isn’t good enough for them anymore. Even if they stay with one a home, it’s likely they can make a home anywhere else at the same time. These natives are survivalists, and can camp out in the wilderness if they wanted to.

These natives may hope to own their own home rather than lease or rent. They like freedom and independence too much, and don’t like having to answer to anybody. What they may like about renting is they have less responsibilities, but they don’t like following tenant rules.

These risk-taking natives may be interested in the property and real estate business. It’s likely they would jump in eagerly, buying up the latest and most innovative properties they can find. They may equally have to try and get it off of their hands just as quickly, which can be a hassle.

They may be interested in designing their own properties. They might make great architects. It’s likely they would design buildings that end up introducing a new method or building model never seen before. This is because they want their buildings to be distinct any way.

4th house Aries natives don’t concern themselves much with their personal security. These courageous and outgoing people are typically an open book. They may seem like a target for those trying to get their personal information, but 3rd house Aries natives are fighters. If anyone does try to steal their private and personal information or items, they will not let it slip out without a fight. With a cocky confidence, they dare anyone to try.

Sometimes, it may seem like these natives don’t have much of a private life. They openly let guests into their homes and they don’t have much to hide. In the privacy of their homes, they feel much more confident and energetic than anywhere else. They feel free to truly be themselves. They might let it all hang out. This can make being at home a very liberating experience for them, and they may look forward to going home every day as a result.

If they have anything to hide, it’s usually the items that can help them get ahead in life or places and things that allow them personal freedom from the restrictions of the world. They might have private party places, activity centers, stables, boats, pools, and/or other active places.

They may hide their personal activities from others. They may not always share what they are doing all the time, possibly for fear of restriction or fear of being imitated before they want to be.

In their early childhood, the 4th house Aries natives may have lived a pretty active life. The home may have been new, on the edge of the wilderness and surrounded around adventure, or filled with many activities. Their childhood may have been filled with adventure and fun.

The environment may have also been competitive in some way, with everyone competing to take center stage at every moment. It was probably seldom a quiet environment. There may not have been much structure or discipline in the home, allowing the native the freedom to be as rowdy as they wanted to be. Whenever restrictions had to be put in place, the native was probably affected by it tremendously, noticing the difference.

They may have been allowed to be themselves at home for the most part, which is why they grew up to see the home as a place for their personal freedom.

The native may have been encouraged to be independent. They were probably taught to care for themselves and their home very early in life. It’s likely they were allowed to try and do a lot of different things within their home.

It’s also possible that they got lost in the shuffle, so they had to learn how to do things on their own.

From their early home life, these natives developed a sense of independence, confidence, and assertive drive that helped them get along in life very well. It’s possible that when they first moved out, they were super excited to chart off on their own and begin their own personal adventure. They probably remember leaving the home fondly, remembering the excitement in the air. They were probably at their busiest, which they loved. It’s likely they were ready to establish their home early in life.

4th house Aries natives probably had parents that seemed courageous in some way. It’s likely the parents were literal pioneers, charting out new paths for others. The parents were probably adventurous and full of energy, always getting the native involved with some new fun activity. They appeared confident and sure of themselves. It’s likely they were assertive about anything they wanted in life. They may have been independent-minded, not following the mold. It’s possible the parents didn’t even spend much time with one another, each having their own lives.

On the shadow side, the parents may have been impatient with the native. The native may have felt their parents didn’t care about them or ignored them. At worst, they may have been aggressive, fighting with each other or the native. It’s possible the native couldn’t get along with their parents, which was why they were interested in moving out quickly.

It’s possible the native wasn’t patient with their own parents’ restrictions, and wanted to start their own home to be free of their rules. The parents’ ways of living in the home may have been harsh in some way, causing the native to find them difficult to deal with. There may have also just been too much competition for the parents’ attention, so the native may seek to leave that kind of scene rather soon.

The family is probably known to be filled with feisty and headstrong individuals. The native finds their family members to be upbeat, full of energy, loud, and rambunctious. Their family members were probably rather independent, not really needing to be around each other and not really being influenced by each other too much. Independence was probably established early on, and each member of the family was okay when one left the nest.

It’s possible the family bickered or grew impatient with one another. Everyone in the immediate family may have seemed to be competing for everything. Fights may have broken out among the family often. For the most part, though, many of them were forgotten.

When or if they start their own family, they may bring that feistiness from their own family to their new one. This would put them at the head of most family affairs. They should be careful not to demand their own way all the time, and may need to work on learning compromise.

They are not likely to be the quiet one in their own family. They may also be rather independent in their family role. They may not let their family define them.

Some of them may not even start a literal family at all to maintain their independence.

4th house Aries natives aren’t much concerned with their roots. It’s possible their family may have been independent of their original roots, maybe even moving to a new country or new destination, and established new roots. As a result, the 4th house Aries native may continue to establish their own roots, not really caring much about their personal history or old heritage. They may only care about their most current and modern history, the one that they grew to know and love.

If they do bring anything from their past, it would be that spirit of independence. If they were to ever dig deeper into their past, they may find that they come from a history of pioneers, settlers, explorers, freedom fighters, leaders, and other active and remarkable individuals.

These natives aren’t likely to get nostalgic for the past easily, but they may think back fondly over all of the “firsts” in their lives. They may not always keep every momento, but the ones they do keep remind them of every moment they did something for the first time or every moment they conquered a fear.

4th house Aries natives only continue traditions if they were fun. The one tradition they may always bring with them is their family tradition of breaking tradition. It’s possible their family encouraged them to add a new spin to an old ritual. They may seek to do something new for every traditional moment or event. They might try to do something new for every holiday. They may create new holidays or celebrate holidays unheard of. They may seek to make new traditions from the ones their family established. They may just be the first to carry on the traditions their parents first established, especially if their parents came from a different country or area, making them the first generation to make it a tradition.

There is always a sense that 4th house Aries are independent from their heritage. They aren’t tied to their past like others may be, preferring to live in the present. While they may respect those who came before them, they look forward to making their own stamp in history.

On the flip side, it’s possible they may be active members of the family that gathers all of the history, especially the most exciting moments of it. They may be the most active participant of holidays, religious rituals, family recipes, and the continuation of beliefs. Even still, they will not want to be defined or tied to all of this as one sole identity. They can still see themselves as an individual, even among many people who share their heritage.

If it isn’t the native, it’s possibly the family. The family may actively participate in fun holidays and rituals, may be constantly cooking family recipes, and pushing their own beliefs. At the same time, the family may live in the present most of the time, sometimes may be even appearing independent of their heritage, especially if their heritage held them back in some way from freedom or independence.

4th house Aries natives may have a surname that indicates they are from a family of strong fighters. When this name is called out, people know that the native is energetic, upbeat, maybe a bit rowdy, but always full of spirit. People know this name for producing pioneers and leaders.

The 4th house can also reveal information about babysitters, caregivers, or other protectors. It’s likely Aries 4th house natives took care of themselves for the most part. They could have been the oldest, probably most responsible for babysitting. Or they may have had to take care of themselves more due to the parents not being able to get someone else to care for them.

If they did have babysitters or caregivers, it’s possible these individuals tried to keep them busy. They may have had their most fun outings with their babysitters or caregivers. On the shadow side, the babysitters or caregivers may have been impatient with the native, or even aggressive with the native. They may have struggled to control the native, causing frustration. The 4th house Aries native probably hated having a babysitter or caregiver, and probably tried to do everything themselves as much as possible. They may have even been proactive in helping their caregivers to prove they were capable.

Even as adults, these natives probably still hate being babied and cared for, even when they are sick and need it. They may experience nurses that get impatient with them at times, but mostly this may be because the native has a hard time settling down. Still, if caregivers like nurses and doctors ever get aggressive with them, it would be cause for concern and would explain why they would rather care for themselves.

When caring or protecting others, these natives also produce a sense of urgency in their manner. They do well in an emergency situation. They can be a lot of fun, and are upbeat and confident. However, they tend to be a little pushy with those in their care at times, making them come across impatient and forceful. They should be careful not to get aggressive with those they are left in charge of.

These natives probably prefer to protect themselves. They don’t often rely on others, not even law enforcement or firefighters, to protect them. This is possibly because they don’t often feel there’s anyone out there that truly can. They are seriously protective of their own family though. They will fight and die to protect their family.

This also extends to their country. 4th house Aries natives may be interested in joining the military or forming a militia to fight for their country. They may be fiercely patriotic if they enjoy living in their nation. If they don’t like the nation they live in, they may be the main freedom fighters, standing up against those that stifle their freedom. They may be labeled as troublemakers. This may have started with their family’s attitude towards their country. The family may have encouraged the native to fight for their rights.

These natives may come from a country where freedom and independence was encouraged. If not, they will seek to live in a country that does offer freedom. These natives aren’t tied to their nation of origin, and they can make a home in another country at any time. If they aren’t able to move, they will fight to make their own nation more free.

The 4th house rules endings. 4th house Aries natives treat every ending like a new beginning. They don’t fear endings. Whether ending a relationship, project, or leaving behind their home, they see each ending as potential for a fresh, new, adventurous start.

In the latter part of their life, in their old age, they may still be very active and adventurous. It’s not likely they will slow down, as if life has stopped just because they are older. They may be a bit frustrated that their bodies may hold them back, but it’s likely they will still exercise or stay as fit as they possibly can. These natives don’t fear age, and each new moment in their life is just a chance for life to get much better.

The 4th house rules over our soul’s intention. This means getting to the heart of what truly matters to us, outside of what others say we should care about. Overall, 4th house Aries natives will always truly care about their personal freedom. It is what matters most to them and will fundamentally be most important to them for the rest of their lives. The sooner they realize they will never truly be happy following the grain of society, the better.

Review Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc.) in the 4th house as well as their aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed as well.

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Aries on the 5th house

5th house-fun, play, amusements, pleasurable activities, recreation, entertainment, weekends, vacations, holidays, creativity, creative self-expression, art you make, sports, risk, speculations, romance, young romance, love affairs, love that you give, affairs of the heart, falling in love, lovers, love, creative pleasure-seeking sex drive, procreation, pregnancy, children (yours and you as a child)

Aries on the 5th house can be found on the natal wheel of a natal chart. It starts where the line with the “5” after it is pointing to Aries.

5th House Aries individuals love to have fun. The definition of fun in their book is true excitement and adventure. Nothing gets them fired up than a brand new experience. They love to see fresh new sights and meet new people. They especially love to be active.

Of course, everywhere they go, they tend to be the life of the party. They can make any boring place more fun because they are lively, energetic, and will always be themselves.

When getting ready to have fun, they may choose something red to take along, whether it is in an outfit, accessory, phone, or good luck charm. The color red translates as something that is fun. They may also have fun tending to their hair and face to prepare for the event (if they have the patience).

Some of them may be really creative with their hair and face, too. They may put on make-up as a hobby, all for fun. They may also style their hair in fun and creative ways.
They may get creative in many ways. They always love to get involved with new creative projects. They pour a lot of their energy into their creative projects, too. They seek to design original content, something never done before. This can make creativity a competitive hobby for them, but many of them enjoy trying to be the first to start a trend, so it doesn’t feel daunting. These natives tend to be independent creators, and may enjoy making things that have their own personal identity connected.

Their favorite way to be creative may not always be in a traditional sense. Sure, many of them may enjoy creative projects like painting, sculpting, and designing. But while many of them may like to think of the excitement of the finished project, they don’t often think of the patience or discipline it takes to complete those kinds of long-term projects. It’s likely they might have a lot of unfinished projects due to having so many great ideas they couldn’t follow through with.

They may prefer to be content creators for social media, where they can make content on their own time, do something new every time, and have control over the content. They may enjoy on-the-spot doodling, spray painting, or paint balling. They may like AI art or convenient ways to create art while they can get something creative done quickly and easily. They may prefer to splash on the paint instead of carefully putting everything on. If they are to paint or draw, they may prefer to be outdoors finding inspiration while exploring new experiences rather than sitting in-doors. They may enjoy decorating, styling, or craft activities where they can be both creative and active at the same time.

5th house Aries natives may fully enjoy sports and games, even if they are just watching. They are competitive (though they don’t really like to lose). They tend to be spirited during games, screaming and cheering the loudest. Their energy is infectious, and they can get everyone around them excited. Their favorite sports may be ones with a risk factor, like extreme sports, sports that deal with racing, like race-car driving, or sports that move at a fast and interactive pace. But these natives tend to be excited during all sporting events.

These natives enjoy amusements that allow them to test their courage. Aside from sports, they may enjoy amusement parks, wilderness exploration, and visiting activity centers that push them to be active, like arcades or indoor theme parks.

When they are having fun, they pour all of their energy into the amusement. On the shadow side, they tend to get a bit aggressive and boastful. They may be too loud, not considering other people around them. Anyone who tries to quiet them down will be ruining the fun. They hate any boring rules while having fun. The rules have to come in the form of challenges they can overcome, not restrictions that stop them from being as wild and crazy as they would like.

On weekends, or maybe for vacations and holidays, they like to “let their hair down”.
They look forward to it because it’s a chance for them to be completely free. They tend to plan some quick fun adventures and get involved with some action happening. Whatever they do on their time off, they like it to be completely suited to them, being completely in control. On the shadow side, they may not like having other people tag along unless those people can keep up with them. It’s likely they make plans without considering other people. All vacations have to go their way or they have to get something out of the deal in order to go.

As much fun as they have on the weekend and during holidays or vacations, they should be careful not to drain themselves too much. They might suffer from exhaustion and burn-out, not having enough energy for the more important tasks after the vacation is over.

5th house Aries natives are the ultimate risk-takers. Everywhere they do, they are open to trying new dares. In fact, they seek out experiences for the risk. They simply dare themselves to try new things they haven’t tried before. These natives are willing to blow money if it means they can have a good time. They truly believe they only live once.

They may enjoy gambling at casinos or getting involved in money-making contests, simply for the conquest more than the money. Still, they should be careful not to take too many risks with their finances (and in any other way). Otherwise, it can be detrimental to their survival in the long run.

The 5th house rules over romance and love affairs, typically the fun kind, the ones people may associate with young people. This type of romance doesn’t come with responsibility or obligation.

5th house Aries natives can fall in love much easier while being active, and they tend to fall head-over-heels for people in the moment. Their crushes may be someone that makes them feel totally alive. It’s likely it developed in the moment through some exciting activity or competition. They may have had crushes on schoolyard rivals.

They jump in and out of love affairs, simply for the thrill and excitement of having a partner. They can get caught up in a whirlwind of romantic adventures. Sometimes, they may just have a one-day partner for the fun of it. Sex is just another exciting part of the experience. The riskier, the better.

On the shadow side, they might get so caught up in the thrill of it, they may not think about the long-term consequences. They may not really know their partners that well before having sex. They may forget to protect themselves, or believe they can handle the consequences.

The 5th house also rules pregnancy, particularly the first one. Pregnancy might initially feel like an exciting new chapter in these natives’ lives. They may like the high and excitement of being pregnant or expecting their first child, of having someone growing inside their body or the body of their partner, someone that they created. The whole experience might also give them more attention, which would make them happy.

They should be careful to take care of this creation as it grows. They won’t be able to do all the reckless things they may have done before being pregnant. While they might have been excited about the baby, they don’t like being tied down to anything, and that’s exactly what a baby may feel like at times. For women especially, pregnancy can be a debilitating experience. It’s likely they won’t want to be held down just because they are pregnant, but they might have to settle down for the sake of the baby, which would frustrate them. The men with this placement may struggle to take responsibility after awhile, especially if caring for their pregnant partner stifles their freedom too much.

These natives might also want to maintain independence, so they might not necessarily be married to all of their sex partners. This can cause some complications for them in a marriage-based societ. After the high of the romance has died down, people might behave differently once they have to be responsible.

It’s likely these natives would appreciate birth control more than anyone. It allows them to be more free. In a more LGBTQ+-friendly society, they may also find they enjoy exploring other sexual options that won’t lead to any real long-term consequences, like pregnancy.

In many cases, some of these natives may prefer to avoid the baggage of sex altogether if it means stripping them of their freedom. Some of them may tease the idea of sex or try alternatives method, but not really go through with the tried-and-true options, just to avoid commitment and consequences. They don’t always get emotionally tied to their sexual partners, and that can confuse some people who do. Some of them may just be up-front with their partners, letting them know they aren’t looking for anything serious.

The 5th house Aries natives that are looking for something serious may always want to keep a little bit of that spark of excitment in their relationships. That’s how they keep the romance alive. Spontaneity keeps their relationships fresh and new, like they are falling in love for the first time all the time. They love to be swept away with their partners, as if they have no cares in the world.

The 5th house tells us a lot about the children in our lives, revealing information about us as children, the children that we bring into our lives, and how we treat children in general. 5th house Aries natives probably remember being spirited and energetic children. They probably remember being adventurous, wanting to test their courage constantly and willing to take on dares. They may have enjoyed adventure stories or games. They may have been active in some way, possibly playing sports or involved in a lot of activities. They were probably very brave children, standing up to bullies or doing things most kids wouldn’t.

It’s possible they could have been impatient and restless as children as well. They may have hated following rules, both within their household and in society. They may have been competitive, and possibly a little rowdy and rough.

Their own first child may be even braver than they were. They may find that their child exudes a sense of confidence as well. Their oldest child may be a role model for other children and siblings. They may find that their child is always into something new, and may be very successful at a lot of things. They may be winners, making the native very proud. Their child may be adventurous and interesting in exploring their enviornment.

On the shadow side, their child may have fits of anger and aggression. Some may get into fights. They may be impatient, not wanting to sit still and not really wanting to follow too many rules. They may be difficult to discipline.

5th house Aries natives may be a lot of fun when around children in general. They may enjoy playing fun games when around children, and children will find them exciting.

On the other hand, 5th house Aries may not have much patience for children. They may find themselves to be too independent for children. Some may decide not to have children to avoid having dependents. They should be careful not to be aggressive with children. This could cause tension with children, and they may feel like they can’t ever get along with them.

For the most part, though, most of them may like being around children more than adults. Children aren’t as judgmental, and these free-spirited natives may be able to relive their own youth through children.

Review Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc.) in the 5th house as well as their aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed as well.

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Aries on the 6th House

6th house-health (mental and physical), attitudes towards health, fitness, nutrition, injuries, ailments, taking care of yourself and others, hygiene, self-improvement, daily errands, chores, cleanliness, organization, personal projects and responsibilities, pets, habits, unconscious mind, work, service, duty, work you choose to do, work routine, job environment, employment, productivity, subordinates

6th house Aries natives might learn that the key to their personal health is exercise, and that may be their main focus. It’s good for their mental health, too. Staying active in any way would keep them in good spirits, boosting their confidence and giving them energy. Many of them might involve themselves in sports.

While 6th house Aries natives might not have the patience to cater to their health in long drawn-out meditative sessions, they can focus on healing their spirits if they can be active at the same time, perhaps doing yoga or going on exciting retreats. Even in therapy sessions, they would do well if there are fun activities involved.

Therapy could be good for them because they are outgoing and not shy when talking about themselves. They may go for several short therapy sessions over long ones.

When it comes to their attitudes regarding health, these natives tend to be a bit careless. They take way too many risks with their health, and they brush off most concerns from others. Even when active, they may overdo it at times. Many of them don’t want to lose their confident and positive spirit having to think about health, but it needs to happen.

On the other hand, these natives are able to take charge of their health and be proactive at getting better, without reminders from anyone else. They seek out a better quality of life because they do want to maintain their strength.

6th house Aries love to stay fit. It’s likely they will take on any sort of fitness activity. It’s hard for them to develop a daily routine for it, though, unless something new comes out of it every day. They might start a fitness program with vigor, but if it slows them down or takes too long, they fall off of it. They don’t like to be restricted to just one routine either, so they aren’t likely to enroll in something they can’t get out of at any time. They are best doing quick exercises every day and blowing off some steam. Running track, boxing, swimming, and/or bike riding might be ideal for them to release pent-up aggression and energy. They can set up their own personal space for this.
They are independent, so they don’t really need to have people around them in order to be motivated.

6th house Aries natives are pretty danger-prone though. They are pretty impulsive and a bit too fast-moving when doing daily things. They don’t stop and take their time to prepare. They might injure themselves a lot trying to get everything done quickly. They might also find themselves getting sick all the time due to carelessness. They are willing to brave ailments and injuries, though. Their mental health may suffer when they feel physically ill.

They don’t take care of themselves like they should. Many of them are impatient with meals, preferring quick meals to healthy ones, and they don’t get enough rest. They don’t like being injured or sick, weak in any way. When they are, they get frustrated and impatient. They may even get aggressive. They might do something reckless to get better quicker.

Yet, as stated before, these natives are very capable of taking charge of their health. When they are sick, they quickly do something about it. They don’t hesitate to notice signs of their body weakening. Of course, they don’t want to be tied to a hospital stay, surrounded around bossy physicians. They may try to self-medicate. In an emergency, they are capable of handling their own injuries right away. Still, they should make sure to find some experts they trust so they can heal properly.

6th house Aries natives are proactive when it comes to their hygiene. They wake up with a start to make sure they are well-groomed and cared for. They hardly ever go a day without taking care of their personal health, and they don’t often need assistance or daily reminders. They have a lot of energy for it, and it probably wears them out trying to do it all at once. They probably started caring for their hygiene much sooner than most children did. It’s possible they were expected to care for themselves most of their lives.

On the other hand, they might be rather impatient with it. They may not care to take time to put on anything fancy, and they may appear to go for simple hairstyles. They find easy-to-wear but (hopefully) clean items to throw on. They try to shower quickly, brush their teeth fast, and grab something quick for breakfast. If they slowed down a bit, they wouldn’t end up hurting themselves so much. They also wouldn’t miss a few spots and forget items they need.

It doesn’t often take these natives long to get ready in the morning. They are always in a rush, and they prefer to be ready before everyone else in the house. They like to get where they want to go as quickly as possible, no delay. They aren’t likely to make elaborate breakfast meals. They prefer something they can grab and eat on the way.

When it comes to their nutrition, as mentioned before, these natives prefer quick meals, even if they aren’t always healthy. Fast foods or restaurant foods are their favorites, and instant foods probably fill up their cupboards and refrigerators. Some instant meals can be healthy, like salads and fruit they can grab. Many of them may prefer to eat these foods raw, not bothering to cook them.

If 6th house Aries natives cook, it will have to be a fun project. They don’t like sitting and waiting for something to bake. They don’t like stirring for hours. They may enjoy sticking something in the oven and crockpots. After awhile, they get bored and want to do something else. They also get hungry rather quickly, and want to eat right away. It’s likely they will end up snacking to fill up the belly rather than waiting until a meal is complete.

They don’t necessarily care to focus on inculcating all of the food groups in their diet, neither do they care to develop a nutrition schedule. They eat when they are hungry, and they eat whatever they want to.

Still, these independent natives are very capable of taking care of themselves, so it’s likely they do know how to fix their own meals if they wanted to. It’s likely they learned how to care for themselves and prepare their own quick meals on their own at a very early age. Many of them are self-taught, learning to cook by reading or watching videos. They could become inventors in the kitchen, creating their own culinary masterpieces.

When it comes to improving themselves in any way, 6th house Aries natives might see it as an adventure. They seek to be better people all the time, stronger, more vital, more courageous, and more confident. Every moment they improve themselves, it makes them feel energized. Any little improvement in their daily life (whether exercising more, eating better, taking care of themselves mentally, making more friends, etc) is good for them.

Of course, they are better able to improve themselves on their own terms. They won’t let others push them to improve when they don’t want to. That can cause a serious argument, maybe even a fight. These natives usually don’t need others’ help to find the steps in the right direction. Most of them are very aware of their personal needs, and know how to find ways to improve themselves.

Still, outside advice isn’t all that bad, and it can be useful and helpful, too. They would get better a lot easier if they took others’ advice instead of trying to learn everything on their own all the time.

Without listening to the advice and guidance of others, 6th house Aries can fall into some pretty selfish habits. Their daily activities can really isolate people, and when they act impulsively, harming themselves, it can scare their loved ones. They might pick up some really dangerous and reckless habits, too, that can put others in harm’s way. They tend to do what they want to do, and no one can stop them. This means they will indulge in a bad habit no matter what people say.

Thankfully, 6th house Aries natives never stay with one habit for very long. They hate to be restricted, even to their own habits.

On a less serious note, 6th house Aries natives may also develop the habit of doing everthing quickly. They may not realize it, but they start their day quickly and go about all tasks quickly. While they are usually able to get everything done, whether it was completed thoroughly and correctly is another story. And these natives don’t like to be criticized for it. They get impatient and frustrated when this is pointed out.

When taking care of others, 6th house Aries natives are quick to come to the rescue. They act fast to illnesses, preparing meals, distributing medicines, and pulling out medical kits. Of course, they do best when active on their feet actively trying to make sure someone else gets better as quickly as possible. They tend to tackle illnesses right away and are not intimidated by sickness or injuries.

On the shadow side, it’s likely they may typically be too self-consumed to take care of someone for long periods of time, and they tend to get impatient when symptoms seem to last too long. They don’t like when people complain about ailments or illnesses. They won’t baby or nuture people. Their first response is to take action, and they expect others to do the same. If others feel sick, they will expect others to do something about it, like they would. They don’t typically tell anyone when they’re sick. Unfortunately, more sensitive people may be afraid to be in their care for fear of their brusque and blunt nature. These natives may especially be impatient with mental illnesses, something they can’t quickly fix. They may suggest others go to a professional rather than them just sitting and listening to someone’s woes.

When completing daily errands or chores, 6th house Aries natives like to get it done right away, and as quickly as possible. They don’t need motivation and are pretty proactive. They don’t have the patience for the long-drawn out detail it could take to complete a task thoroughly, but they have enough energy to at least complete a task every day or cover the most important parts. If they can find a quicker and easier way to get things done, they would utilize it.

They aren’t intimidated by daily challenges. As long as they can decide when to start and complete their tasks, they jump into their tasks with ease. When they complete these errands or chores, they always feel accomplished and it boosts their confidence. Many of them can complete their tasks independently, without much supervision or assistance. They prefer it that way anyway.

6th house Aries natives might be proactive when it comes to keeping clean, especially because they don’t like to be tied down by too much dust, items, and grime, but they aren’t clean-freaks. Some of them may neglect to keep a clean enviornment if they take on too much else in their daily lives. They may neglect to clean everything thoroughly, only scratching the surface when cleaning. They don’t like tedious cleaning or watching paint dry.

Modern conveniences help them out a lot, and, if they have the money, they’d rather pay someone to do it. Of course, if they can make a game out of cleaning or see it as an adventure, they might be more motivated to do more thorough cleaning. Of course, it has to be when they really want to do it. They can’t be forced to do it. Once they develop a routine for it, they may be active at doing it every day.

6th house Aries natives are the types to throw things away rather than clean it. If it gets too messed up, they don’t want to spend all day trying to get it clean or restored. They would prefer to get rid of the items and get new stuff. They stay organized by keeping things out of their way and out of their hair. They get rid of the items they don’t need or want, and keep what they do. Their impulsive nature has them picking up items they don’t need, and sometimes this can leave unwanted clutter. Thankfully, they usually prefer to keep disposable items where they don’t have to worry about maintenance.

When it comes to their own personal projects, they tend to be full of new ideas for new projects and they jump into them with full force and excitement. However, if they can’t be completed within a short span of time, they tend to drop the projects for a later time. They do best with daily short-term projects and other responsibilities.

Their ideal pets won’t require their attention all the time. They tend to like their independence and freedom, so they prefer pets that can survive without much care. They may like active pets that are fun to take care of and keep them active, too, like dogs and horses. These natives may be drawn to dangerous animals, due to the challenge and the risk involved, but they may be a bit too careless with these creatures. With any of their pets, they have to be careful not to get them riled up and turn them into weapons full of aggression. They also need to develop some patience when caring for other living beings.

When it comes to the kind of work 6th house Aries natives are interested in doing, no matter what, they have to have some form of independence. They don’t like to be overwatched and analyzed. They prefer work where they can be active, where time seems like it’s moving fast. They don’t do well in desk jobs unless there is a lot going on at the desk.

These natives are pretty outgoing at work. They are good at talking with people, and they seem to be the center of most work functions. They are leaders, bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives to every meeting.

These natives have to watch for some of their more toxic work behaviors. These natives can be competitive, seeking higher promotions or praise, and wanting to be first in their field. This isn’t always bad as long as they don’t push others out of the way. They can also be selfish, not really extending a hand to help others. Mostly, they just don’t notice when others are struggling, and maybe they feel like everyone should learn on their own, like they feel they had to. They might be aggressive with co-workers, simply because they are blunt, straight-forward, and a bit brusque. They may be a bit too impatient with people, causing frustration for all parties.

Co-workers might find them to be the brave one though. When it comes to taking on new roles or standing up to a boss, they don’t hesitate. They are assertive when taking new job opportunities or picking up new tasks. People might wonder where they get their energy from. On the other hand, 6th house Aries natives aren’t likely to put all of their energy into something if it leads nowhere. They need to be getting something out of it. They don’t find fulfillment in dead-end jobs.

6th house Aries natives have the energy to service others. They are active when it comes to finding solutions to problems, and they work well in an emergency situation. They are able to quickly get things accomplished and aren’t intimidated by challenging tasks.

They might feel it’s their duty to lead the group and be the first to complete a task. They might feel it’s their duty to make sure things get done. They would do well in military service.

On the shadow side, these natives aren’t really the types to want to cater to people for very long. They don’t like sweet-talking to customers, and they refuse to be disrespected on the job. Some service positions require a self-sacrificing attitude, and that just doesn’t work with 6th house Aries natives. It’s likely they may get confrontational with people they are servicing on the job. They don’t have patience for people, and they don’t like having to do everything someone else’s way.

They do things their way, and if someone doesn’t like it, they will be the first to tell someone they are servicing to go somewhere else. To some degree, though, we all have to cater to people in order to build a business and stay employed, and this may be hard for these natives to grasp.

Other co-workers may find them to be courageous for standing up to customers or those receiving their service. Still, their actions may be impulsive, and can make a whole business look bad.

When it comes to their work routine, 6th house Aries natives go for the routine that gets things done as quickly as possible. They may do the hard tasks first to get them out of the way, leaving the easier tasks for later, or they may do all of the easy stuff, and then have the difficult tasks saved for later. They may seem to rush through their tasks, not wanting to take too much time doing one thing. They are good with tasks that require a deadline, since they pour all of their drive into a task, not stopping for anyone or anything, and like to know when it will be over. They just may have to go back and make sure everything is truly completed before moving on. They don’t like to double-check their work.

They may find that because of the way they operate, they maintain quite an active and friendly work environment. Their energy and enthusiasm can rub off on others. They hardly ever are the boring one, and so work is hardly ever boring for anyone.

Sometimes, the environment might be hostile at times. Sometimes, this may be due to their own competitive, aggressive, and assertive attitude. Sometimes, they may be working in such a fast-paced and busy work environment, that it makes everyone more aggressive, competitive, and impatient. In this kind of environment, conflicts are bound to happen.

6th house Aries natives are proactive and assertive enough to impress their employers, but they might be considered troublemakers at times. It’s likely difficult for them to stay employed under someone else. They prefer to do things their own way, which can’t work when they are asked to complete a task the way the boss asked them to. Many of them may prefer to be self-employed, starting their own businesses rather than working under someone. It’s likely they’d want to be in charge of their own routine and work goals, which would be personal in nature. They would rather use their gifts to help themselves than use them to help someone else’s business flourish.

6th house Aries natives like to stay active, so it’s likely they are typically productive individuals. They don’t like to be idle. These natives have the most energy for a task, and they eagerly start earlier than everyone else.

Though they hardly take breaks, they still like to start and stop when they want to. They also aren’t patient enough to work towards a goal they can’t see right away.

If 6th house Aries ever were to be in a managerial position or in charge of others, they would mostly leave their subordinates alone. Those working under them who are more independent might appreciate their hands-off method. They might be confident in their subordinates’ abilities to get things done.

On the shadow side, they might get impatient with subordinates who don’t seem to catch on quickly. They don’t have patience for workers who aren’t proactive, and they might lose their temper with people who seem to be giving up or not staying focused. This can make the work environment difficult for those working under or with them, and they could lose their support.

As long as they are willing to maintain their upbeat attitude and believe in those under them, others would be more than willing to follow their lead.

Review Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc.) in the 6th house as well as their aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed as well.

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Aries on the 7th House

7th house-partnerships (best friends, collaborator, business partner), one to one relationships, alliances, relationships (courtship and dating), marriage (weddings and spousal unions), taking partner’s surname, awareness of others, unaware other people, mutuality, sharing, public relations, social contracts, legal matters, open enemies, adversaries, conflicts with others, aspects of yourself you despise in others, what’s not a part of your identity

Those who have Aries on the 7th house usually have Libra on the 1st house, or Libra Rising.

7th house Aries individuals may find that their partners (best friends, collaborator, business partner, romantic partner) tend to be way more upbeat and energetic than they feel they are. They may feel their partner is the confident one, encouraging them to do more in life. Their partner may appear more outgoing. They might find themselves on all of the most exciting adventures when around their partner.

It’s also possible that the natives themselves are more confident when with their partner. They may feel more energized and outgoing. They may initiate adventures when with their partner. Their partner may be the only one to see this side of them.

The partner may rely on the native for some excitement in their lives, and it’s possible the native makes their partner feel more confident in themselves. Their partner probably relies on the native to be the assertive and brave one in most affairs.

The partner may need a lot of independence from the native though, or the native may feel they don’t need a partner around them all the time. They may not let their partners tell them what to do, either.

On the shadow side, the partner may be selfish at times, or the native may be selfish with their partner. The partner may get impatient with the native, or maybe the native doesn’t have the patience to deal with a partner. Possibly, there may be a sense of competitiveness or rivalry, which may get aggressive at times, between the native and their partner.

For the most part, though, their allies are the ones that push them to be their best, give them the courage to go after whatever it is they want, and is their loudest cheerleader.

The 7th House reveals information about courtship and dating. 7th House Aries natives normally have quick courtships and dating rituals. Once they’ve found someone they are interested in, they tend to want to move to the next levels rather fast. Perhaps their partner seems pushy.

Sometimes, this pushy nature might be a bit much for those interested in them, or maybe the native may bend too often to the will of partners that push them to move to the next level too fast.

Many of these natives tend to be a bit impatient with the long-drawn-out dating practices, especially if they have to wait for a beautiful wedding and sex. They don’t tend to date long before forming an official union. It could be possible that their partner wants to make things official right away, too.

Their wedding proposals may happen quickly, instantaneous, so they may not have been well-thought-out. Many of them may prefer on-the-spot marriages, decided suddenly. They may have big plans initially, since they are outgoing, full of ideas, and love attention, but it may take too long to prepare. They would need someone else to handle the details, and they would need the finances to make it happen as quickly as they would like. They may plan an adventurous destination wedding, or maybe try to bungee jump to “I do”.

They might utilize the color red or reddish colors, like pink, for their wedding. They may focus on their hair and face the day of their wedding. The veil may be the most important piece.

It could be possible that their partner wants to hurry things along. For these natives, as long as they have a partner, they may not care to change their partner’s mind.

For many of them, they may not feel like their marriage or wedding requires others’ inclusion, even parents, sibling, and friends. The marriage and wedding is for them and their partner. Some people may find this approach selfish, since they may get married before telling everybody, but they remember that when all is settled, that is all that will matter to them.

It could be the case that the partner doesn’t really care to include everyone in their union ceremony, but the native balances it all out by reminding their partner that others matter.

7th house Aries natives are not likely to take on their partner’s surname easily unless there is some personal benefit. They may have a hyphen between their own family name and their partner’s, just to help them keep their personal identity. In some cultures, some people, most times the women, are required to take their partner’s surname. In the case, many of them are able to integrate surnames into their identity in a way where their personality still shines through.

It could be the other way around. It’s possible their partner isn’t willing to take on a new surname and would rather maintain their personal identity even within the relationship. Usually people with 7th House Aries have 1st House Libra, or Libra Rising. This could mean that they end up bending to the will of their partner more often than not, just to keep the peace.

Their partner’s surname may indicate that they are a dominant and bold couple. When their surname is called, people sense that they and their partner are exciting people to be around. Their surname may be distinct enough that when people call it, everyone knows who they are.

The 7th house reveals our awareness of others. 7th house Aries natives struggle to be aware of others around them. If people are not literally in their way, right in their face, interacting with them personally, they will forget they are there. On a deeper level, they may not really catch on to how people are viewing them or how other people are feeling. If it isn’t formed into words, they aren’t sure what’s happening with other people.

On the plus side, they are hardly in anyone else’s business. These individuals focus on themselves, and they let other people be themselves, too.

These natives may be a bit selfish at times. They struggle to share things with others, whether material resources or personal feelings. Many times, they want things for themselves. Unfortunately, in many of their partnerships and in situations with other people, they will have to share. They may get impatient with partners or other people that aren’t on the same page with them. They may develop a competitive spirit with those who want the same things instead of trying to find a common ground. They may need to work on compromise.

It may be that these natives find themselves surrounded around other people that seem a bit selfish. They may find that they are more considerate than other people are. They may find that while they are aware of everybody else, it seems other people forget about them, which could lead to pent-up frustration and anger eventually. They may just be too self-concious, trying to be too polite and mannerable, while witnessing everyone else let loose and be rude to one another.

They may feel that their partners have to make everything a competition when they are actually willing to share whatever benefits or gains they have. What they would need to do is stand up for themselves a little more, and that may not be in their natural character, since they fear losing partners.

7th House Aries natives may be outgoing, so they may be quite well-known with the public and may have many friends and allies. They tend to be assertive with people, and know how to form business partners and gather fans quickly.

However, these natives don’t abide by “social contracts” too often. A social contract is an agreement, either implicit or explicit, governing the behavior of individuals and organizations within a certain context such as a workplace, a culture, a nation or a social media site. 7th House Aries natives tend to do what they want to do, rather than what society tells them to do. They will push the boundaries to see what they can get away with.

They don’t often review the rules thoroughly enough before engaging in a social situation, especially on social media platforms. Privacy policies and rules of decorum bore them. It’s likely they may violate a lot of the social rules because they refuse to go over them.

Most times, they are usually fighting for a free space within the workplace, general culture, in their nation, and/or even online. They may not understand why people have to be so formal or polite all the time, and they may question why the rules exist at all. They want as much freedom to interact with people naturally as possible. They may have to endure some public shaming at times, but many times, their courage standing up to society does end up making life more free for everybody else.

It’s quite possible that they are very aware of the social rules in society, but they attract partners to them that don’t follow social contracts. They may pick their partners that way just because of their desire to break from their normal stuffy envionrnment.

At times, they may feel like they are the only one following these social rules while everyone else doesn’t seem to care. They may even feel like they are the only one being punished when they break a simple rule, while everyone else can get away with it.

When these natives have to deal with legal matters (marriage licenses, divorce court, traffic court, signing legal agreements, etc), they don’t read fine prints and they don’t care to go over every detail. In every legal matter, they demand their own rights in the situation, and they tend to want it given to them as simply and as quickly as possible. They might be too quick to sign off on an agreement if it sounds good, sometimes finding themselves in sticky situations. On the other hand, they may fail to legalize anything, not seeing the point because most times they will do what they want anyway.

These natives may have a lot of confidence in their ability to fight for what they want in legal matters. They can be confrontational when in a legal situation, especially a dispute. They will try to gain the most out of it, and aim to win.

When it comes to learning legal matters, like the rules of the road when driving, they are usually hands-on learners. They should be careful not to pick up too many speeding tickets while trying this method. They would learn the hard way how to follow these kinds of rules.

On the other hand, they may find that in legal matters, they try to make sure everyone gets something out of it, while the other party is only interested in themselves. They might feel cheated sometimes as a result, due to not having people around them that want to fight fair. They might feel that in legal disputes the other party pushes them to be more combative, even if it isn’t in their nature.

The 7th house says a lot about our open enemies and adversaries, and 7th House Aries natives may find that their enemies can be very direct and may even be dangerous. Their direct enemies are hostile, picking fights with them and always trying to compete with them.

Once someone becomes an enemy of 7th House Aries natives, these natives mark you as a villain for life. They are not the types to settle a dispute. If that is to be done, the native will expect the other person to make the first move. On the other hand, some 7th House Aries natives may try their hardest to compromise with their enemies, but their enemies appear to want to stay mad at them.

It’s possible these natives may have formed enemies due to their own impulsive, impatient, and selfish natures, causing the other party to despise them. Or it could be that the native seems to uphold the status quo, and seems to be too prim, proper, and perfect, causing animosity and rivalry from the other party. These enemies may have formed because the native refuses to follow social contracts or has a partner that doesn’t follow the social order of things.

Regardless, the 7th house reminds us that we are a mirror of society, and society is a reflection of us. We project a lot of who we are and what we have onto other people and things. But the reason we have those people and things in our life is because of who we are. 7th house Aries natives do have very brusque and abrupt personalities when dealing with people. They are fiesty, fiery, and assertive. And they are likely to clash with other people who are just as feisty and courageous as they are. They stand up to people, but they find people who stand up back to be a threat.

These natives want what they want right away. Because of this, they will dislike anyone who wants the same things and seems to get what they want much faster. They will also dislike people who deliberately take what they want selfishly, not considering other people who may want the same thing (though given the same circumstance, they may do the same).

It’s likely 7th House Aries may not like that they have these competitive and aggressive tendencies, and so others like this remind them of a personality trait they would like to hide.

Many of them may not even think that they really are these confident, bold, and energetic people. They may not even identify with these traits (unless there are planets in this house, or planets from this house form an aspect to planets in the 1st house). It may take some time and more interactions with others for them to realize that these qualities are apart of them, whether they realize it or not.

The 7th house is normally associated with Libra, Aries’s opposite sign. Natives with this position may find themselves struggling to reap the benefits from this house right away. Yet, them challenging the nature of this house may help them reap rewards others may not have thought was possible.

Review Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc.) in the 7th house as well as their aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed as well.

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Aries on the 8th House

8th house-intimacy, sex, marriage house, shared money, shared property, shared possessions, shared resources, joint resources, partner’s resources, bonding, attachments, depth interactions with others, taxes and finances, death, inheritances, letting go, endings, regeneration, healing, rebirth, growth and change, deeply felt peak experiences

The 8th house rules over all “taboo” subjects. One of the first subjects it covers is sex. It’s not the fun and fly-by-night sex experienced with the 5th house. It isn’t the drive for sex like the Mars, or the pleasure found with Venus. The 8th house sheds light on our true attitudes towards sex, the deep and intimate kind, after we’ve truly gotten to know someone, and/or what sex after marriage or an official union may look like. The 7th house rules the courtship and wedding rituals. The 8th house rules the marriage life.

When Aries is on the 8th house, these natives see sex as a fun adventure. They typically don’t care if it’s a societal taboo. They tend to be pretty open and honest about their interest in sex, and they are brave enough to dive in. They are pretty confident in matters pertaining to sex. They don’t understand why people have to be so formal about it.

They may be impatient when experiencing sex. They may not be the types to want to wait until marriage. They really don’t like sexual restrictions at all.

For these natives, the first time is the most impactful. They may seek to have this new experience all the time. Some of them may get bored with having one sex partner just because they crave that first rush of sex with a new partner. It would be up to them to make their relationship interesting enough, not someone else.

In a marriage, 8th House Aries natives pour their energy into this relationship. They are there to build their partner up when they are weak, and they take the lead in most marital affairs. Despite this, they must maintain some separate independence or sense of identity, even when married. They don’t let marriage define them or slow them down.

Once married, they might feel they should be free to do whatever they want in the partnership. This isn’t always the case, though. They still have to remember to compromise and communicate, which may be hard for them to remember if they don’t find a partner on the same page. They may exhibit some selfish tendencies, which doesn’t always work in a marriage.

This can get even tougher for 8th house Aries when they have to share resources, possessions, and property with their partner. If these natives have an abudance of things, they can be generous. If not, these natives are used to having their own things and doing things their own way. It may be difficult for them to share. They would rather go into a partnership where each has their own things. If they own something, they aren’t quick to put their partner’s name on it just because they are married. In some cases, this could work in helping them keep their identities, even when a marriage doesn’t work out. In other cases, this can be bad for a partner that’s financially dependent on them. It’s probably best these natives don’t marry someone that will end up financially dependent.

To some degree, in a marriage, people are dependent on one another, though. For example, when it comes to bank accounts and savings, a partner has a right to know where the money is going if they are living with the native. This might be hard for the 8th house Aries native to deal with in a marriage.

Even if these natives do share some things with their marriage partner, they may keep some things to themselves. Fortunately, 8th house Aries natives don’t keep attached to things for too long, not wanting to be burdened or restricted by items, either. Eventually, they might pass it along to their partners if they tire of it.

As bad as they are when they have resources, they would hate to have to be completely dependent on their partner one day. They don’t like hand-outs and hand-me-downs. They don’t like asking for someone else’s money to do the things they want to do, and they don’t like someone having the power to tell them “no”. It’s likely these natives will always find a way to keep money, possessions, and their own property around.

For these natives, marriage isn’t always traditional. They break a lot of marriage rules because they perform as a partner in their own unique way. They refuse to let society tell them what their own marriage should look like. Many of them might dare to explore LGBTQ+ marriages, polyamory, or other new ways of being married. They might explore interracial, intercultural, or interfaith dating. They may just operate differently even in a cookie-cutter relationship.

On the shadow side, these natives may break their vows trying to explore new ways to be married. It’s likely they rush into marriage rather quickly to establish the union, not initially afraid to be married, but they quickly tire of a boring married life. They would need to keep their own marriage interesting, and it would be best they try to take the time to find a partner who understands them. They might learn marriage lessons the hard way.

8th house Aries natives are quick to get intimate with people and form bonds, not just in marriage. Naturally outgoing, they don’t shy away from others. They spill their guts out, not seeing what there is to hide. They get a renewed sense of excitement and energy when they find themselves getting closer to someone.

Shyer souls may find their bonding methods to be a little pushy or forceful. For others, they just seem proactive when trying to get to know someone better.

With roommates or other people living with them, they are typically fun and outgoing. Yet, they are rather independent, wanting their own space and side of the room. Even with their roommates or flatmates, they don’t like sharing things. They barely like to share bathrooms, toilets, televisions, and food. It’s best their roommate has something to offer or contribute before they decide to return the favor. Even if they have to share everything, they need something to call their own.

As mentioned before, 8th house Aries don’t stay attached to people or things very long. They are not likely to stay with the same people all of their life, and they have an easier time letting people go and be their own person. They also don’t get attached to material things very much. While they might make a fuss about having their own things, they are quick to toss out those same items if they aren’t useful or wanted anymore.

The 8th house rules over taxes, as well as prizes, gifts, tax payments and refunds, bonuses, commissions, royalties, child support, alimony, mortgages, credit, loans and venture capitol. 8th house Aries natives may not concern themselves much with these financial things on a daily basis.

They might simply pay their taxes to keep government out of their hair and to get a refund. They may work independently, so commission might end up being a part of their main income.

If they have to pay alimony and/or child support, they may despise it, possibly fighting to lower the amount they have to pay. They might feel trapped in this situation, which would not be ideal for them. In this case, they may be a bit selfish, not considering the money is for their children and to make sure their ex-spouse isn’t a starving human being. On the other hand, this means they aren’t push-overs and won’t be taken advantage of.

If they are the ones gaining alimony and child support, they will fight for the highest amount they can gain. If they don’t tire of the time and effort it takes to get it, they will reap quite a bit.

They might benefit from credit, loans, mortgages, and the like, but they don’t like being indebted to anyone or anything. They don’t want to be bogged down with financial troubles. On the shadow side, some of them might be tempted to do “under the table” work where they can evade taxes or avoid having to associate with any bank. Most of them may just prefer to use cash for everything.

These natives may be drawn to venture capital due to the rush of the risk and the possibility of having connections to advance their business ventures. They may prefer to be invested in rather than be the one to invest. Still, standards are high, and there may be too many people to please for this free-spirited and independent native.

They may enjoy receiving gifts and cash prizes. These natives like to be independent financially, rather than depending on a paycheck. If they find a way to earn resources without having to work too hard for it, they may just pour all of their energy into it. In fact, they may even fight for it. They may just hate being forced to pay taxes on it later. They don’t often gift others in such a large way in return, though, unless they have extra things they want to give away.

Commissions and royalties might become a secondary income for them. These natives might be known for the “side hussle” since they don’t like relying too heavily on an employer to pay them. Much of the independent work they do will be commission-based or they may start a project, maybe author a book, and receive royalties from that. They are willing to quickly sell their work for some extra cash. They should be careful to read the fine print of all of their contracts before jumping into business deals.

When it comes to the financial side of things, these natives live in the moment. They may be a bit reckless with their finances as a result. Mostly, though, they would prefer to live their lives free of debt, so they try to avoid borrowing money, sticking to cold hard cash. For them, debt could just be a mindset thing. No matter what they owe, they never let it stop them from doing what they want to do in life, no matter the cost. It may not really worry them, as they seem to always find a way to get what they want.

The 8th house rules the taboo subject of death. 8th house Aries natives may not think much of death in their day to day lives, and possibly the subject isn’t too taboo for them. In fact, these natives might even find a thrill in things that are spooky or forbidden. They like to be scared.

When faced with death, they may suddenly produce a courageousness and boldness. They keep moving until their last breath. They keep fighting until they can’t fight anymore. When faced with a life or death situation, they spring into action, whether saving someone else’s life or saving their own skin.

They simply just live their lives as if they are unafraid of it. This may also be because they don’t think too hard about something that isn’t happening before them. When it does happen, it may come at them quickly and unexpectedly. Some of them are brave enough to believe they can survive anything, and some are foolish enough to test their mortality. Some of them may look forward to a fulfilling and rewarding afterlife, so they may not see the need to worry.

When dealing with others who are dead, 8th house Aries might feel the initial shock of it, especially because they tend to go about life not really anticipating it. But they quickly pick up the pieces and bounce back.

Of all people, they realize that life is short, which is why they focus so much on living for today and not worrying about anything.

8th house Aries natives have an easier time letting go than most people. They can process the loss of anything quickly, whether people, property, possession, or soul. They know if they spend too much time wallowing in it, they will forget to live for themselves. Sometimes, these natives realize much sooner than everyone else that the person and/or things they lost was for a reason, and it could have bogged them down for life. There is a sense of relief to let some people and things go, especially the people and things that weren’t good for the native.

Some people may find this approach selfish or insensitive, but they are better able to keep their sanity this way. They know that the end is only a chance for a new beginning, so they look forward to the new chapter in their lives.

They heal and become reborn rather quickly, and they do it with force. They actively seek these deeper and meaningful experiences to help them grow and change as people. A new start is energizing for them, and it makes them a more confident and self-assured individual.

The the 8th house rules over those deeply felt peak experinces in our lives, the experiences that impact us and make us take a look at life again. 8th house Aries natives may not experience life that deeply, but the experiences they do feel revolve around their “firsts”. When they do things for the first time, it always leaves an impression on them that they can never forget.

These experiences are especially felt if the native felt some thrill or rush of excitement. It may seriously impact them, making them feel totally and organically alive.

The color red might get them in touch with the deeper subjects of the 8th house. They may somehow carry the subjects of the 8th house n their face or hair through accessories or make-up.

Review Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc.) in the 7th house as well as their aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed as well.

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Aries on the 9th House

9th house-higher education, higher learning environment, higher learning students, teachers, study, humanities, spirituality, connection with the divine, philosophy, philosophy of life, the search for meaning, beliefs, religion, foreknowledge, morals and ethics, laws, ideas, opening mind to new perspectives, super conscious mind, mental exploration, long-distance travel, long trips, foreign travel, cultural exchange, foreigners, journeys, communication, second languages, in-laws, second marriages, step-children

9th house Aries individuals are energetic students. They have an enthusiasm for learning advanced subjects. They were probably most excited to attend college, trade school, religious training, or other higher learning institution. Not only was it a chance for them to dive into more challenging ways of thinking, but it also was a chance for them to be independent thinkers, mostly deciding for themselves what they think and believe.

9th house Aries do struggle to stay with one major or study for very long. They might master a program, go into a field of study, but then tire of it, wanting to do something else that challenges their mind. They are also too impatient to dive in too deeply into a subject. They typically want to know about advanced subjects in ways they can apply it to the here and now.

Their higher learning enviornment (college, trade school, religious training grounds like temples, or home study, study groups, etc) would more than likely be an exciting place for them. If at college or in another institution, they will have a lot of fun experiences, and it will be a place where they might feel more free to do what they want to do. They might take up dares and test their courage in some way. While learning, they will be fun to be around and very sociable. They will probably be the most active and involved in all school affairs.

In their own personal study, when learning higher subjects, they may enthusiastically comb through books and online websites to find what they want to know. Their personal study may be the only place they feel free to learn on their own.

On the other hand, they have to be careful of being too competitive in their higher learning enviornment. They may challenge people that don’t want to be challenge, which could cause fighting and arguments. They should also be careful not to be too reckless with their actions just because they have a little bit more freedom.

If they are learning on their own, in their own personal study, they might get frustrated if people interupt their studies. They might lose their temper.

9th house Aries natives might only get along with teachers that allow them to study on their own and think for themselves. For the most part, they might not get along with all of their teachers. They tend to be independent-minded, sometimes challenging their teachers. They might be way too assertive and quick-tempered.

It’s likely their higher learning instructors may have been the impatient ones with a quick temper. They may have encouraged a spirit of competition through challenges. They may have been pushy at times. At the same time, these instructors may have been a lot of fun, adventurous, and exciting to be around. The teacher may have been very unique in their teaching method or in the way they taught a subject.

There are also those 9th house Aries natives that don’t believe in or respect higher educational in a traditional sense. Some of them may not have the patience to finish a four-year college or institute or any long rigorous training. They may go for quick programs where they can master their field of study within months. They may prefer trade schools or training where they can be hands-on in their field of study. Some of them might not really seek higher education at all, feeling the basics was all they needed to know.

Even if they don’t attend a higher learning facility, these natives will always have the ability to think for themselves. It’s highly likely they will have their own personal study, and they are capable of being their own teacher. When they really want to learn something, they will seek the answers themselves.

As to what these natives may be interested in studying, they are likely to study a brand new subject or a subject that is helping society advance into the future. They love subjects that are introducing something new to the public. They might study something that deals with activity, like sports, or they may study something related to machinery or mechanics, associated with their ruling planet Mars. They may be interested in studying the brain. Some of them may be interested in subjects pertaining to the face and hair, like cosmetology or hair styling. They might study survival and organic living. They may eagerly jump into any subject that peaks their interest as long as they can master the subject just as quickly.

The 9th house rules over humanities. Humanities is an umbrella subjects that covers foreign languages, history, philosophy, language arts (literature, writing, oratory, rhetoric, poetry, etc.), performing arts (theater, music, dance, etc.), and visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, filmmaking, etc.), culinary art or cookery, law and religion. Basically, the 9th house makes us all cultured individuals.

9th House Aries natives may come in two types when it comes to this subject. Some of them may be active when it comes to picking up humanities, mostly because they may get exciting to try something new or discover something new about the world. They may especially get involved with it if they can explore it in an active learning environment. They are hands-on learners.

They are likely to engage in foreign language by speaking to people who speak another language.

They learn history by actually going to the locations where the history took place. They might be interested in pioneers, settlers, wars, freedom movements, spontaneous cultural movements, and/or the development of anything advanced or new.

They study philosophy based on their own personal life experiences, and they tend to lean towards revolutionary philosophers.

They prefer to explore bold and pioneering literature and other language arts. They may fully enjoy being involved with performing arts, maybe actually performing instead of watching others do it or just studying it in class.

They might be enthusiastic and adventurous visual artists, known for being pioneering painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, and the like.

They might be bold culinary artists, and they might study new recipes and food designs.

They tend to be interested in being an active participant in law and religion rather than studying someone else’s laws.

Some these natives aren’t likely to concern themselves with humanities at all. Many humanities subjects require patience and long-term deep thought. While they might dabble in the subjects, having some basic talents, they aren’t likely to master humanities in totality.

The 9th house rules over the search for meaning in our lives, and this covers spirituality, religion, and philosophy of life. 9th house Aries natives might not really think too hard about meaning in their lives. They stay very active, which keeps their lives meaningful. They may actively participate in something spiritual, or in their particular religion, which makes them feel like their life has purpose. These assertive natives make sure that they never waste time in life trying to find their place in the universe.

However, many of them may not think too deeply about these subjects, and if confronted with deeper truths, they may dismiss them. Ignorance can be bliss, and many of them would rather look at life with a positive lens than know all the mysteries of the universe. They don’t have the patience to think that deeply about these subjects, and they don’t plan to change their minds. Overall, they may not really see the point in pondering the meaning of life.

These natives’ main philosophy of life tends to lean towards ideas that encourage themselves and others “to live and let live”. They feel people should live life to the fullest, going after whatever they want, and not letting anyone or anything stop them. They may develop the mindset that life is an adventure, worth exploring.

They might believe in their own ideas of spirituality, but they don’t get tied down to one set of spiritual practices and they certainly don’t tie themselves down to religion. While some might be passionate about their spiritual or religious beliefs, they aren’t overtly devout or self-righteous. If they are to be drawn to a religion or spiritual practice, it has to offer them the ability to maintain their independence and freedom. While they might get into arguments and disputes with people trying to defend their religious and spiritual beliefs, they are also likely to get heated when anyone tries to force them to follow a set of spiritual or religious practices doggedly.

While they may jump on new information that can give them foreknowledge, or can help them predict the future, they won’t let it control their current life. In fact, they might let that foreknowledge influence their decision to live even harder for today.

When it comes to anything they believe, it tends to lean towards free-spirited modes of thinking. They are drawn to unique ideas that challenge society’s norms. They are not afraid to think differently from others. They love when their mind is challenged, and they like to challenge others to think.

The difference between ethics and morals is that one, the former, is guided by society, influencing laws and culture, while the other, the latter, is developed personally. When it comes to morals and ethics, 9th house Aries natives may not always be ethical, but they do have strong morals. These natives decide for themselves what’s right or wrong, outside of what society thinks. If they follow a system of ethics, it needs to fit with what they personally feel is morally right.

Their personal morals tend to lean towards any ideas that make themselves feel more free. If it makes them feel free and independent, it must be right. If it builds their confidence and makes them feel stronger or more alive, then it must be right. For them, freedom is a human right, and they might involve themselves in fights over this. When they believe something is right, they are willing to fight over it and may get into struggles on behalf of their morals. It’s possibly quite often their morals clash with the ethics of society.

They form their morals based on their own personal experiences in life, what is right before them.

The 9th house literally rules laws, which regulates the actions of people, enforcing penalties if they are broken. This forms our ethics and influences our culture. 9th house Aries may support and advocate for laws that keep them as free as possible. They don’t concern themselves with laws unless they have a personal hand in them. They don’t follow laws blindly, and are ready to challenge laws, especially ones that restrict them.

When dealing with judges or lawyers, they are typically bold and unafraid. They have the unique ability to stand up for themselves even in the face of those enforcing the law. They don’t really even need a lawyer to represent them, and are comfortable representing themselves.

Many of them may not have studied the laws around them that deeply to really know what they may or may not be breaking. They typically will do what they want anyway, and push the law as far as they can. For them, as long as nobody gets hurt, they should be left alone to govern themselves. This can make them appear like trouble-makers and rule-breakers.

These natives may be supportive of a free state of government, like democracies or republics. They are champions of free human rights.

As lawyers and judges themselves, they are quick, decisive, and independent-minded. They tend to take the lead in law-making affairs. They have a unique talent in these positions because they are so confident and outspoken. On the shadow side, they may be impatient with those they are overseeing and may not consider the feelings of those they are overseeing. They may be quick to anger, and they execute punishment against law harshly.

The 9th house rules all types of judgment in general. 9th house Aries natives may form judgments against people who are not as confident and bold as they are. They may have low tolerance for people who seem weak or slow. They tend to judge people who seem mousy, quiet, or those who seem to follow the rules too much.

When it comes to ideas, 9th house Aries natives focus on those fresh, new perspectives. They welcome new ways of thinking, and aren’t afraid to explore different mindsets. Still, if they do bring in new ideas, it has to be because they want to, not because others are forcing them to. While they are open to ideas that challenge their minds and the minds of others, they still maintain their own independence of thought. Some of them may be very concious or aware of what is happening around them due to their willingness to dive into these new perspectives, but they aren’t likely to think too deeply about them and don’t let it change their way of thinking or doing things. This means they may say and do things that seem rude or ignorant.

These natives are passionate about exploring different mental subjects at least once in their lifetime, it may be a one-time thing to knock off of their bucketlist. However, when it comes to thorough or deep mental exploration, they don’t really have the patience to sit down and meditate all day, every day. They are better able to explore the mind if they can be active while doing so.

The 9th house rules over long-distance travel, which can be cross-country journeys or visiting a foreign country. 9th House Aries natives tend to be adventurous souls who don’t sit around dreaming of traveling. They are out there exploring. People may be amazed at their courage when deciding to just up and travel anywhere and everywhere. Traveling may be a lot of fun for them.

These natives are not afraid of foreigners, not in a new country nor in their own. They tend to be outgoing and may talk to anyone different the same way they talk to anybody they know.

On the shadow side, they aren’t the types to study the different cultural norms that may be present in someone else’s society, so they may accidentally offend someone. It’s likely they learn cultural differences through trial-and-error.

There are some 9th house Aries that may see foreigners as a threat, especially if foreigners are competing for resources and jobs. They may be impatient with foreigners that don’t assimilate into society as fast as they think they should, and they may have a selfish attitude, thinking everyone has to assimilate to THEIR culture in the first place. The irony is they are not the first to assimilate when in someone else’s country. Some may try to even assert or force their own cultural norms onto others.

They may find themselves in disagreements with people of foreign backgrounds, and they may even experience some aggression, which could make them hostile towards foreigners and foreign influences.

They may form judgments around cultures that seem to restrict them and others in some way. They tend to believe in being themselves, no matter who is around, and so may dismiss others’ cultural practices that don’t gel with them. These natives would have a more difficult time developing cultural tolerance.

As mentioned before, 9th house Aries natives are the type to learn second languages on their own, mostly by speaking to people. As outging individuals, it’s likely they would learn quickly, too. They generally are confident speakers, not embarrassed if they get something wrong. Learning a new language might produce a sense of excitement for them, like charting new territory. It can actually literally help them go into new territory.

However, these natives may not have the patience to dedicate themselves to learning a second language if they don’t plan on using it. They may only care to learn just enough to get by. Some may only be interested in informal speech or even the vulgar aspects of a language. They may embrace new languages if they are easy to learn, which would be languages that aren’t too different from their own.

The 9th house rules communication, but not the daily forms we all do in our immediate environment, like the 3rd house. This communication is on a broader scale, represented by the media through publications, online blogs and articles, journalism, screenplays or scriptwriting, talk shows or variety shows, public or motivational speaking, social media content that’s published, and others like it. 9th house Aries natives may be interested in having their work published. In fact, they would rather publish information themselves than read or listen to someone else’s work. They have a lot of experiences in life, due to their adventurous nature, the confidence to make it happen, and they are open to talking about themselves.

They are not shy, so their content tends to be candid. They are straight-forward and raw. They can produce some of the boldest yet pioneering work ever.

They may find the motivation to write a book based on their passions. Sometimes, they release their anger and frustrations through their communication. They don’t like being restricted with what they want to say, so they may prefer to publish their work or distribute their work independently.

When trying to create a cover for distribution for their work, they may lean in on the color red. They like to be the front and center, so they make sure they can see their face on it. They are proud of what they create, and see no sense in hiding who is responsible for the work.

Many times, their work is full of their fiery tempers, which can cause backlash to those who are the target of the fury. It’s likely some of their works may be controversial.

The 9th house rules the in-laws, second marriages, and step-children. 9th house Aries natives may be enthusiastic about meeting in-laws, and they may find their in-laws take the lead in introducing themselves as well. They may have many adventurous and exciting experiences with these in-laws.

On the shadow side, the in-laws may be rather independent of the native and their partner, not really spending a lot of time with them. They may be impatient or aggressive with the 9th house Aries native, causing disagreements. It could be that the 9th house Aries native feels a bit frustrated with the in-laws, causing much of the disagreements.

The 9th house native may not really need the validation of the in-laws when it comes to the marriage, and can see themselves outside of their in-laws’ opinions. The real issue is 9th house Aries hate having to please people, and pleasing in-laws is the worst for them. They are very straight-forward and raw. Their in-laws may equally produce the same energy, and this may make them hurt each others’ feelings. The 9th house Aries native might feel like they have to compete for the affections of the in-laws as a result.

The shadow side effects may not appear as much with the first marriage, but it most certainly may appear with the second one.

With step-children, they may come into this relationship full-force. It’s likely they aren’t intimidated by the idea of extending their family. However, they may especially do well with older step-children that have some form of independence about them and don’t need a nurturing figure in their lives. 9th house Aries natives may be the step-parent that gives their step-child more freedom and independence than their other parents.

They do well with step-children that are active, confident, and love to have fun, no matter the age. The 9th house Aries native may be a lot of fun to be around, always offering new experiences and adventures.

These natives may clash with step-children that are weaker, more insecure, and dependent. The step-children that don’t warm up to them quickly may be seen as a threat. They may get impatient with them, and it’s likely there may be some tension. They should be careful not to get aggressive with their step-children and develop tolerance and patience. They can’t force their step-children to like them. Fortunately, it’s nothing communication can’t fix. 9th house Aries natives should tap into their proactivity to make sure they find a way to make this relationship work.

Review Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc.) in the 7th house as well as their aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed as well.

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Aries on the 10th House

10th house-goals, future goals and plans, professional ambitions, general ambition, action, career, profession, vocation, success, achievements, attainment, fame, recognition, public image, publicity, reputation, how we are seen in the world, ego, status, social hierarchy, authorities, authority figures, leaders, our relationship to those in power, judges, a parent, guides

10th House Aries individuals set their goals high and they go for it. Many of them desire an exciting and adventurous life, no matter what they choose to do. It’s likely they want to be leaders, so they would place themselves front and center to be seen. Many of them want to be important or famous, too, so everyone knows who they are.

10th House Aries natives know how to get what they want. They are confident and assertive. They also have a competitive drive, so they are not afraid of the competition. These natives are the types to get things done right away.

On the shadow side, they don’t stick with one goal or ambition for very long. If they find they aren’t getting anywhere with a goal or if it takes too long to achieve, they will move on. They might try to find a way to reach their goals quickly. If that can’t be done, they will drop it. They may leave a lot of unfinished business. Some of them may not have really planned their future at all, but they will hop on any opportunity they find coming their way.

They also get bored doing the same thing for their whole life. Once they have reached a goal, they are ready to move on to the next exciting new goal, sometimes dropping all of their responsibilities.

10th house Aries natives may make a career utilizing their energy and courage. They may be involved with sports or taking on dares for a living. They might be interested in risk-taking ventures, possibly getting into risky finances or sales. They have an entreprenueral spirit, so they may even start their own business. They may get involved in careers that are highly competitive, like the fashion industry or the film industry. They will find a career that will help them maintain some form of independence, like traveling for a living. They may be interested in being a leader, possibly as teachers or politicians.

Their professional life is normally active, and they put a lot of energy into it. They stay busy. Their professional life might get them connected with a lot of people, since these natives are so outgoing. These natives like to be able to engage in their professional life as freely as they want to, without anyone interfering.

10th House Aries natives are normally successful at whatever it is they aim for. They revel in a challenge, and won’t stop until they conquer. They tend to rise to the top quickly in their chosen field because they are so assertive and proactive. They don’t wait to be handed anything. They ask for what they want or find a way to make it happen themselves.

Many of these natives may have achieved feats unimaginable. Some of them may have discovered new things, or have been the first of their kind in their profession in some way. They tend to be trailblazers. They may have been world travelers or explored new territory. Even if they aren’t world-famous, they are well-known by those who work with them in their career. These natives make sure that they get the respect and recognition they deserve, which is why most people give them the credit.

10th House Aries natives may be well-known by the public for being bold leaders. They may have developed a reputation for being pioneers, paving the way for others. At the very least, they will be known for being extroverted and confident. Most people will find them to be brave and admirable.

It’s likely they will be known for the color red. It might be their public official go-to color. They may also have very distinct faces or everyone may know their face to some degree.

With all of their achievements, it would be easy for all of this to get to their head. 10th House Aries natives become more and more confident as they complete each step in their career life. However, many of them fail to check their ego at the door. Some of them may forget where they came from, separating themselves from their past. Many of them might gather the idea that they are invincible, or have an inflated sense of self-importance. It would be wise for them to surround themselves with grounded individuals that remind them to stay humble.

They should also watch how they behave in public. 10th house Aries natives don’t put on fancy airs just because they are in public. They aim to be themselves at all times. While this is partially why so many people are drawn to them, they might let their less desirable qualities hang out, which could undo all that they’ve worked for. Many of them may display aggressive and/or impulsive tendencies that can get them in trouble with the public. They might even perform publicity stunts. If they’ve gained their success selfishly in any way, it could come back to bite them, too.

When it comes to the social hierarchy, these natives want to be at the top. They want to be the leader, deciding what society should look like rather than following others. If they can’t climb the social heirarchy as fast as they would like, they reject it altogether. These natives are fighters, often fighting their way to have a seat at the table.

Since these natives aim to be leaders, it’s likely they will be in positions of authority. As authority figures, they will be known to be straight-forward and direct, not sugar-coating the truth. They are usually active in their role, inserting themselves in every asepect of whatever it is they are leading. They do have to watch for their quick temper and for power-tripping. They might get too aggressive with those under them. They might also be demanding, expecting things to operate quickly under their control. This could keep those under them on their toes, but they won’t keep followers for very long.

If these natives are not in power, it’s likely they would have a difficult time following orders. They are probably known to be very difficult troublemakers. They may constantly come into conflict with those in authority. The best way to get them to respect authority is to give them their independence or bestow some other small leadership role on them where they feel more in control. Even if these natives aren’t out there deliberately trying to usurp authority, they are always going to be their direct and blunt selves. They might offend people in power without even trying. Some people might consider them brave, since they don’t blindly follow the leader.

Perhaps the first form of authority in our lives is our parents. 10th House Aries natives saw their parents as successful leaders. Their parents were dominant, expecting the native to achieve big things. Their parents taught them to be brave and confident, to stand their ground in the face of competition or adversity, and to go after whatever they want instead of waiting for hand-outs. Their parents didn’t coddle them.

It’s possible their parents may have been a little dismissive of the native, maybe impatient and quick to anger. While they may have allowed the native independence, failure wasn’t an option. They may have pushed the native into the world harder than other parents would have.

As parents themselves, 10th house Aries natives may exhibit the same traits. Because they didn’t have it easy, they won’t make it easy for their children, either. They may expect their children to achieve the same greatness as early as they did. While they will see each of their children as individuals and give them a lot of freedom, it’s not likely they will consider their children’s weaknesses.

The 10th house rules over guides. Even if their parents aren’t the reason for their success, the guides in their lives helped them move forward. It’s likely these guides encouraged them to take action, to be proactive in getting what they wanted. Their guides made them feel braver and more confident. Their guides in life may have been a bit pushy, forceful, and harsh, but it’s the reason they’ve developed the tough skin they have to this day. It’s likely 10th House Aries individuals would be able to push someone else along in life much the same way. They may be a bit too consumed with their own career to really find the time to help someone else up, but if they take a look around them, and if anyone asks, they are willing to coach or train anyone to get to their level.

Review Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc) in the 7th house as well as their aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed as well.

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Aries on the 11th House

11th house-social causes, society, global awareness, humanitarian ideals, collective endeavors, groups, group associations, group involvement, community ties, alliances, harmony, friends, clubs, collective identity, behavior in a group dynamic, love received by fans, goals, hopes and wishes, leaving a legacy, circumstances beyond control

With Aries on the 11th house, these natives are likely to champion social causes that promote freedom. These natives maintain a spirit of independence, normally the ones overthrowing those who try to stop them. They are likely to challenge societal norms to make things more free. They stand apart from society, and make themselves an individual first.

They are not necessarily the most globally aware individuals. For the most part, they concern themselves with causes that affect them personally. They don’t really care if it’s happening to everyone else. That doesn’t motivate them.

Despite their mostly self-focused intentions, their ideals tend to help others without them realizing it. They are good at rallying others around with their energy, confidence, and assertiveness. They know how to promote their ideals very well and get others involved. There is a sense of urgency in the way they bring people together, too, which makes others feel like they have to be apart of their movements. Still, these natives don’t need to form a movement to push for what they want. They are the movement onto themselves.

When they form groups, it’s usually spontaneous. They are likely to belong to groups that are an asset to them and helps them move along even faster in reaching their goals. They are usually active members of the community and normally take the lead in getting something started. They have the confidence to make things happen and aren’t intimidated by the obstacles or adversaries. Their passion can lead to them forming angry mobs, though.

On the other hand, while they may be apart of the group, and even the leader of that group, these natives maintain their individualism. They don’t necessarily want to be tied and only identified by a group. They want people to still recognize them as a distinct human being, and they are the first to say there isn’t a monolithic experience. It’s likely they won’t stay with one movement for very long, especially if they get what they want out of it. They move on rather quickly, and this may disappoint some people.

An ally to the 11th house Aries individual is someone who sides with them all the way. Either people are for them or against them. They might seriously get confrontational with those who don’t believe in their causes (even though they don’t stick with a cause very long themselves). As allies themselves, they are passionate and energetic. They are loud cheerleaders if they believe in something, too. But if they don’t really gel with a cause or ideology, they may be very blunt and rude about it, not taking the time to understand someone else’s movement. At minimum, they just don’t concern themselves with others’ causes.

They are not the ones to go to for keeping peace. They usually have come to disrupt the flow of things, and this can be very challenging for a lot of people. For those on their side, this can be liberating, because they aren’t going to kiss anyone’s toes just to get what they want, which can help them get what they want faster. They don’t want to find a middle ground. They aren’t interested in compromise or negotiations. For them, not getting what they want all the way is a complete loss. They speak with their actions. They might not be “civil” in their disobedience.

While these traits are admirable, it will definitely will be met with resistance. It’s not likely they will think about the types of adversaries they will bring to them, which will be just as aggressive. While they might be willing to fight and die for their beliefs, they may not think about all of their followers’ lives who might be in the line of fire as well. If they don’t settle down and try to think a little more carefully, their causes will die with them.

11th House Aries natives keep very spirited friends around them. They are outgoing, so they tend to be popular. They are always off on some wild, fun, and crazy adventures with their friends.

Their friends are feisty, too. Together, these friends are powerful. They will fight and defend one another for the sake of the friendship. They are ready to battle for one another. Of course, with such strong personalities within one group, they are likely to also clash and have disagreements, too. It would be hard for them to reach a compromise and fix their friendship once this occurs, since no one wants to admit they are the one in the wrong.

11th house Aries natives tend to be independent, even among their friends. For the most part, their friends may appreciate this. Their friends may be independent, too. While they all may be friends, they don’t need to be up under each other and they may have their own things going on. 11th house Aries natives won’t try to force their friends to be like them, and they can only keep friends around them that allow them that kind of space, too.

11th house Aries natives might prefer to join clubs that keep them active, give them new and exciting experiences, and help them reach their goals. They are likely to join sports clubs, but they could just as easily join any club that maintains activity and always has something new going on. Whatever clubs they join, they need to be fun.

They also need to be an individual. They don’t like clubs that restrict them to unnecessary rules or force them to identify with the group in some fashion. They don’t like having to look, feel, think, and talk like other people. They would like to participate without losing their sense of self. Sure, they can take dares to get intiated into a club, but they aren’t going to follow long-term rules in order to maintain allegiance. They would also like to visit a club when they feel like it rather than have to commit and come the days scheduled by someone else. They would like to be involved in the scheduling in some way, and would need to be able to cancel when they want to.

It’s likely they may be interested in forming their own clubs, where they get to be the leader. In this case, they will be the ones intiating all of the fun adventures. They may get into the habit of wanting to do everything their own way, and they may feel challenged by members who deviate from their plans. It’s likely they will do what they want to do anyway, even if no one else is with them. It will be hard to compromise with other members of the club.

They may like having independent memberships, like with fitness, online, or mail-order clubs, where it’s mostly a club they can engage with on their own time and gain personal perks.

No matter what club or group they are apart of, they don’t have much of a collective identity. If they can’t be the leader of a collective group, they will be identified as who they are individually. Unfortunately, society has a way of categorizing people according to their associates. As far as 11th House Aries goes, society should expect to hear them always setting the story straight: they are their own person. If they are the leader of their group, they and their group will be known as people who are firestarters, seeking fun, adventure, and new experiences at every turn. They may also be known as loud and proud advocates for freedom.

The 11th house can tell us a lot about how we behave as “fans”. 11th house Aries natives tend to be very passionate and energetic fans. They are proactive, making sure they are front and center. They do want that attention from whatever or whoever they are supporting. They can be a lot of fun to be around when they are in fandom mode. They can get the whole crowd in the spirit.

In their attempt to get this attention, they may be a bit aggressive with other fans. Despite them being a part of the same fan group, they may have the tendency to see everyone as a threat or competition. They may be even worse with fans from rival teams, groups, or the like.

They might also be rather demanding as fans. They may demand tickets fast or they may pressure those they are supporting to produce faster than they are able to. They might threaten to withdraw their support if they can’t have what they want right away.

They also have to watch for impulsive behavior. They tend to be bold, so they may try some outrageous things to get closer to the people they are supporting. They should be careful to respect people’s boundaries. As long as they are able to get closer in a legal and safe way, they may have some amazing stories to share.

If they are ever to become a public influence, they may experience the same behaviors from their own fans. It’s likely the 11th house Aries natives may encourage this passionate response from their fans in some way. They have a way of energizing their fans and challenging them, too. They might have some fans who try to cross the line, though. It’s not likely 11th house Aries natives will respond well when this happens, so they should make clear their boundaries before it even happens.

Fan colors may be leaning on the color red. They may promote hats, earrings, make-up, or anything to do with the head as fan merchandise.

11th house Aries natives dream of adventure, fortune, and fame. At minimum, they dream big. They have big goals in life. The best part is they chase their dreams with all of their vigor, so they are likely to achieve quite a bit. If they can develop discipline and plan long-term, they can go very far.

The 11th house rules over circumstances beyond our control, whether good or bad. 11th house Aries natives may experience these circumstances suddenly, out of nowhere, and it may come at them aggressively. 11th house Aries are likely to regroup and bounce back from these unexpected occurrences, and they are likely to try and take charge of the situation. Some of these unexpected things could be rewards, like winning the lottery or a sweepstakes. 11th house Aries won’t turn any of that down. They don’t even think hard about it. For the less favorable unexpected events, 11th house Aries natives will still be quick to action and they may be at the front of those seeking to improve things for the better.

Review Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc.) in the 7th house as well as their aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed as well.

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Aries on the 12th House

12th house-hidden strength, inner self, unacknowledged or regressed parts of self, subconscious mind, what we keep hidden from ourselves, secrets, fears, limitations, frustrations, hidden enemies, past life, life before before birth, the past, endings, afterlife, healing, closure, rebirth, karma, self-undoing, spiritual life, spirituality, spiritual insights, spiritual icons, saviors, retreats from the world, prisons and asylum, parts of you that live on in the collective identity, collective consciousness, service to humanity, self-sacrifice, self transcendence, dreams

12th house Aries natives are surprisingly strong, confident, and energetic, but they may not realize it. They are able to pull out courage when they least expect it. These are the people that don’t know their own strength. They may not appear like these types of people, and even they may deny it. Then, suddenly, when the moment calls for it, a burst of these qualities may come flying out.

These natives are much more independent than they let on or even realize. They can do a lot by themselves, sometimes without telling anybody what they are doing. They are also rather assertive, but they go after what they want when no one is looking. Yet, when these natives get comfortable with someone, they can be really outgoing.

These natives have a lot of new ideas that they keep to themselves, and they may have the potential to be pioneers and leaders if they were aware of these gifts. It’s likely they’ve had ideas that have been taken from them and credited to other people, which is enough to frustrate any Aries.

They may feel like it’s hard to let go and be their true selves. To be honest, they would rather be free to be blunt, straight-forward, and open. One day, this need to be themselves will burst forward when people least expect it.

On the outside, though, many people may consider them quiet and composed. They may not seem very courageous (unless the Sun, Mars, or Jupiter is sitting in the 1st house or an Aries Rising, too). They might appear timid. Those individuals underestimating these natives would get a rude awakening once these strengths are tapped into.

On the shadow side of this placement, these natives might also have pent up aggression. They may not be as active as they would like, and they may allow certain things to happen in their lives, holding back from taking action. It could be some hidden force holding them back from action. This can cause a lot of frustration in their lives, and it can release like an explosion at any time.

They might also have other hidden selfish traits, like impatience, competitiveness, and the inclination to do impulsive things without others even noticing.

Deep down, they are rule-breakers that hate to be restricted. Having to hide all of this energy can take a toll on them until they decide they don’t care anymore.

Because they hide these bolder and more extroverted personality traits, it’s likely they may have secret or personal adventures that they haven’t shared with anyone. They may be living a secret adventurous lifestyle behind a cookie-cutter facade. They may long for adventure deep in their hearts, but feel foolish for having the thoughts. They may have secret societies that they lead or secret inventions or creative content they created. They may have a secret desire to be a leader. They may have had hidden tests of courage.

Thankfully, it’s hard for 12th house Aries natives to keep their secrets for very long. Their hidden life tends to come out spontaneously, explosively, and without warning. 12th house Aries natives hide these traits without realizing it, but once they become aware, they will not hold back.

Fear is usually at the root as to why we hold back anything from the world. The 12th house rules over these fears. It’s possible 12th house Aries truly believe they are afraid of everything. They are afraid to take risks. They are afraid to be themselves. They are afraid to let themselves go and be wild and free. They are afraid to try new things. They are afraid to appear too confident. They are afraid to stand up for themselves.

However, when 12th house Aries natives are afraid, they are always looking for ways to conquer their fears. They don’t like being scared, even when they truly are. When the moment comes where they have to face their fears, they take the opportunity.

The 12th house rules over limitations and frustrations. It’s possible 12th house Aries natives may feel held back from expressing their true selves. They may find limited opportunities to take action and express their courage. It’s possible they are sheltered in some way or in an enviornment that prohibits them from having new experiences. It may be difficult for them to be independent, not finding many opportunities to do things on their own.

12th house Aries natives may experience extreme frustration as a result because these limitations actually interfere with who they are. They may rebel out of nowhere, fed up with holding back. When they do, they may do impulsive and aggressive things to break free from these restraints. They can’t hold back for too long. Unfortunately, they may constantly have people pushing back against them, every time they try to break free. They might benefit best from finding freedom in their own calculated way. They don’t need to confront people to do what they want because no one is truly in charge of that. They just need to go out there and try to do whatever it is they want to. All they can do is try.

The 12th house does rule over hidden or secret enemies. They may not realize this, but those who want to do harm to them see them as a threat. They may find that there are people in the background or in the greater scheme of things trying to compete with them, too. They may have unexpected or hidden rivals.

There are hidden enemies trying to fight them, or aggressively trying to hold them back. These enemies may see these latent high-spirited traits and may seek to tame them. It’s likely these hidden enemies have selfish intentions, wanting to use the native in some way for their own gain. These hidden enemies may be ill-tempered, making them threatening.

It could be possible that the native made an enemy of these people without realizing it. Without being aware, they may have stepped on a few toes, causing anger from some party that hasn’t confronted them yet. It’s likely their hidden enemies don’t stay hidden for very long, though. Eventually, they will reveal themselves.

These hidden enemies might take the native for weak, but they will be surprised to find that the 12th house Aries native is much more bold and ferocious than they appear. Don’t mess with a 12th house Aries.

The 12 house rules the past life, life before we were born. When the 12th house Aries natives were conceived, they probably came unexpectedly to their parents. While developing the womb, parents seemed in high spirits, full of energy, and a lot may have been going on. It’s possible the parents maintained activity as usual, not letting the baby slow them down.

12th House Aries natives probably couldn’t wait to be born. There was a sense of impatience, and probably their mother felt those labor pains quickly and sharply. Their mother probably sensed they’d have a little fighter on their hands.

In a distant past life, it’s possible they were warriors, maybe firguratively or literally. They may have been adventurers and explorers. They may have also been cruel conquerers and dictators. They may remember being spirited and brave, only to be shut down some time in the past. As they’ve aged, they may have been pulled away from this bold approach to life, and only have vague memories of this past self.

For the most part, 12th house Aries natives try not to dwell on the past. They look forward to the future with confidence. While they may enjoy reflecting on happy and exciting memories, they know that everything ends for a reason. They are ready for a fresh new beginning.

The 12th house rules over all endings. 12th house Aries natives prefer when things end quickly, to get it out of the way and so they won’t spend time having to think about it. When things end in their lives, it happens quickly and straight-forwardly. In this way, they are quite brave. They are able to deal with the end of anything with confidence and excitement, ready to start a new chapter.

In this sense, whether it’s the end of a relationship, the passing of someone, the loss of a home or finances, or the end of a fun game, they don’t need much closure. They bounce back and heal quicker than others. The key to their healing is staying active and living their own lives to the fullest, not wasting time thinking about what they’ve lost. They always think about what’s next for them, and set off to create a new experience for themselves. In this sense, they are reborn much stronger, more confident, and more energized than before.

The 12th house rules over the afterlife. 12th house Aries don’t fear the afterlife. They may have quite a positive view of it. It’s likely they believe it will be a chance to become much more confident and brave. They might see themselves being more adventurous and exploring life even more after they are gone. They don’t necessarily prepare for this, but they aren’t dwelling on the sad parts of passing on. They hope that everyone else will be able to move on, too.

Even when they are gone, they will always be remembered for their bravery and courage. They will be remembered for paving the way for others in some way. They will be known for being leaders.

If they focus on their positive traits, positive things will come to them. The 12th house rules karma, as well as self-undoing. The 12th house Aries natives should be careful not to become the kind of people that are remembered for being cruel, competitive, and selfish. This would happen if they exhibited these qualities towards people. When they behave cruel, competitive, and selfish, other people will behave that way to them. They will not be able to get anything they want in life that way, and may find mre roadblocks than successes.

When they react poorly, it’s likely 12th house Aries will experience karma right away. The consequences will be severe and swift, just as the energy they produced. They should really be careful how they treat others in this world or life will force them to be apologetic.

They should also be careful of reckless and impulsive behaviors. It will definitely come back to bite them when they least expect it. Unfortunately, many 12th house Aries natives might learn this the hard way, since they are so impulsive.

The 12th house rules spirituality, our spiritual life and spiritual icons. These natives aren’t deeply involved in spiritual practices on a daily basis. They may be busy living their current lives. However, they have the unique ability of seeing the spirituality in the things they do every day. The fact that they wake up full of energy to start their day feels spiritual for them. They believe in the power of their own hands, and that keeps them moving forward. They don’t feel spiritual experiences, and may find themselves exploring some really exciting spiritual phenomenons.

Staying acting could lead to a more spiritual existence. When they are exercising or moving about, it’s easier for them to meditate and get in touch with their spiritual side. Getting actively involved with their personal religion can strengthen their faith in themselves and the universe.

They may enjoy yoga for this reason because they can both stay active and spiritual. They might enjoy martial arts, a way to release anger and make them feel more powerful, but also maintain balance in their lives.

When these natives do embrace a spiritual path, they actually become extremely active in this practice, even passionate. It could give them more confidence and courage. It could help them discover more about themselves and help them find out their mission in this life. They will be better able to face every day boldly, in the face.

Their most inspiring spiritual icons or figures may have been people who were brave in the face of danger or opposition. Yet, they came out on top because of their faith. They may hold onto spiritual icons (like a cross, beads, good luck charm, or some other spiritual item) for courage. It may symbolize bravery or action in some way, and every time they look at this item, it moves them forward.

12th house Aries natives may become spiritual icons themselves. It’s likely they will be known as those who were willing to risk their lives for their beliefs. They were probably willing to experience torture to protect others. They were probably there to rush to save lives, even in the most dangerous of situations.

These natives may be interested in super heroes, those figures that use their strength to protect others. They might see those in the military or those jumping on the front lines to help someone as heroes. Other brave people inspire them.

12th house Aries natives may benefit from a retreat, especially one that promises adventures and new experiences. This can become a very spiritual experience for them, helping them evolve to be better people. These individuals like being on their own, so traveling by themselves for vacation to a spiritual destination, like to a temple or old sacred ground can get them in touch with who they truly are. It can help them face the future with more courage as well. Even if they don’t visit any spiritual places in particular, wherever they go in life will become a source of spiritual inspiration. They need that alone time to fully recharge. It’s likely they will seek out these experiences actively in life anyway.

The 12th house also rules prisons and asylums, less ideal retreats from the world These natives will not like being forced into these institutions. It’s likely they won’t willingly go into them, and if forced into them, they will be aggressive and hostile. It’s likely they will be the ringleader in these confined spaces, and may be marked as troublemakers. They hate being restricted, so they may exhibit some aggression. This would only work well for them if they were placed in prison or an asylum wrongfully or unjustly. They will not take abuse in these facilities lightly, and will demand respect.

When they are released, they may fight for the rights of prisoners and mental health patients. It may take this personal experience for them to find the courage to stand up for these types of people. They will be active participants in making these facilities better for people. They might try to fight for others’ freedom, but they should only do this if those confined deserve it.

On a regular basis, these natives may not really merge much with the collective consciousness. Transcending the self might be a challenge. They may struggle to extend themselves and lend a hand to causes or in emergencies. This may be because of fear.

Yet, when faced with the situation personally, they might find immense courage. When in an emergency situation or when confronted with an issue, they take immediate action. People might see them as heroes, too, when they take this chance.

While they might get caught up in themselves, and have difficulty being assertive, they would benefit by using their inner courage and energy for others. There are a lot of people that need them to act. When they feel the urge, they should go for it. They have a lot of fresh ideas and passionate feelings to give out, and they should know that someone will appreciate it. These natives would do well serving in the military, since they are willing to act to protect themselves and others. They could serve in any freedom movement since it benefits themselves and others as well.

The 12th house rules our dreams, both figuratively and literally. 12th house Aries natives may dream big. They may dream of adventure, of fame and fortune, of a life of true freedom. They may dream of being leaders and pioneers.

When they rest their head at night, dreams may come to them rapidly and quickly. A lot may be happening in their dreams, which leave them excited and energized the next day. It’s likely their nightmares leave them frustrated, aggressive, and grumpy the next day.

They should pay attention to these dreams as they may give them new ideas. Their dreams may inspire them to be bold and to find new paths in life.

The 12th house rules is kind of opposite the 1st house. While we might openly exhibit traits of the 1st house and wear it on our person, we do just the opposite with everything in the 12th. The 12th house native may not wear red very often so they won’t attract attention to themselves (unless their Rising’s ruling planet is in Aries or if they have planets in the 1st house that encourage them to). If they do, they may only do this in the privacy of their home or they may be shy from any attention they get from wearing it (since it’s such a bold color, they are bound to be noticed). They may hide their face, maybe with their hair or with a hat. It’s possible they use make-up to hide their flaws. Accessories may be used for this purpose as well.

Review Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc) in the 7th house as well as their aspects. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars placements (sign, house, aspects) should be observed as well.

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Planets in the Houses and Planetary Aspects


What Does He Want You To See in Him? By the signs (Masculine Identity)

21 Mar

Mars Symbol Small

If you don’t understand much about zodiac signs and you are new to planetary signs, aspects, and houses, read the introduction here.

Mars is the planet of war, aggression, drive, assertion, energy, force, the sex drive, and male sexuality. He represents how we express our passionate natures and how we obtain anything we desire. Mars also represents drive, energy, and freedom. Mars is instinctive about survival. It can also represent frustration and aggression. Mars wants us to compete, to fight, and to climb over obstacles in life. He wants to accomplish something and be independent. He thrives on the rush of the moment. Really, he just wants to release some tension.

The sign he enters shows HOW we express our passion and drive. The house he enters shows WHERE we express our passion and drive. The aspects show how difficult or easy it is to use his energies in our life and how much of it we use.

Ever heard of the saying “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”?


In a man’s chart, Mars is his ruler. This is more of a socialized condition than anything. We have all of these planets in our charts and are capable of using anything for survival. But in our society, men tend to connect more with Mars than women do. Even though women are more active today, women still shy from most of the principles of Mars and women still expect men to be more active and driven than they are. Thus, Mars tends to tell men a lot about their own status as “men” and their identities in relation to their peers. Mars is considered one of the social planets, though not quite as sociable as Venus.

Mars also reveals what how men go after the women, what they do to impress the woman they want.

Why are men so associated with Martian sexuality (and not women)? Mars is supposed to be the planet that represents sex directly. But since women are more encouraged to channel their yearnings into romance, the actual act is far less important for them. Men, on the other hand, are taught something different. The article 5 Lies that Distort Male Sexuality by Jamie Utt and Men’s Sexual Response by David Delvin expresses that men are often taught to see sex as something for their own pleasure “rather than their partner’s”. Men are often encouraged to see sex as a conquest and to have as many partners as they can. Thus, relationships are seen more as a game or a battlefield. Their role is to try to be the conqueror. This is very similar to the principles associated with Mars.

Men are taught they have to be “in control” sexually. Men feel pushed to be adequate sexually. As a result, men are likely to take sexual risks to build their experience and confidence, regardless of the consequences. They are not shamed for exploring their sexuality to the fullest. On the other hand, a man who can’t have sex for whatever reason will feel a heavy burden. He will feel more pressure to perform and others will make him feel like a loser. Men will more than likely feel “unhappy with their partners” and “disaffected with life” if their partners are not having sex with them. A man will also usually feel “desolate” if the object of his affections reject his sexual advances.

Mars can be a very powerful planet for men, blessing them with freedom, strength, energy, and leadership abilities. But Mars can curse them with rivals and enemies, competition, aggression, violence, tension, and loneliness.

Readers may remember my article regarding men and Venus.

What Does He See in YOU? by the signs

Venus and Mars are two relationship planets in our charts. For most men, Venus is projected onto women. He may often expect women to express qualities he himself doesn’t feel “allowed” to express. Men with Mars in his ruling signs (Aries or Scorpio) or in his exalted placement (Capricorn) have a harder time living up to the principles of Venus and will project their energies more. Men with Mars in detriment (Taurus or Libra) and his falling placement (Cancer) have an easier time with Venus and don’t project as much.

In a man’s chart, Venus represents his feminine ideal, a woman he is drawn to and attracted to. This is the woman he thinks is sexy, good, and perfect.

So if men project Venus on women, how can Mars influence what they expect from women? This is a tricky question and yet simple at the same time. Though men are drawn to certain women because of feminine energies, they still feel they deserve to be catered to by even the most passive woman. Quite frankly, men aren’t so soft. A softer woman would have trouble keeping up with his sex drive, wouldn’t understand his activities, and wouldn’t have the energy to make themselves useful in his life. Venus is superficial. Sometimes, Mars helps us see beyond the superficial and understand what people do and how people really behave.

Women can benefit  from reading this article. This article is useful for women who have a hard time understanding the male mind and may feel confused when dating a man. They may notice that though a man may say he is attracted to her and would often talk about how special she is, he may expect her to treat him the total opposite! So, women may find men difficult to please in this way. Well, women, worry no more! If you look into his natal chart and observe his signs, aspects, and house placements, you will understand him better.

Because men project Venus, this can create some conflict with Mars, especially if there are harsh aspects between the two planets. A good example of this complicated love life would be shown through Michael Jackson’s music. He has Venus in Leo with his Mars in Taurus. Having Venus in Leo, it’s clear he was drawn to dynamic women in his lifetime. Many of the women he was drawn to (as well as those drawn to him) wanted to be a “star”, much like the sun-ruled Leo! In songs like “Dirty Diana” and “Billie Jean”, he mentions women wanting “fortune and fame”, seeking him out just to get media attention. Though he may later dislike these women, he’s initially drawn to them allowing them into his life in the first place. So why does he dislike her later? When thinking about this question, we first have to observe how he sees himself. In music videos like “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Bad”, we can tell that he’s really a peaceful guy like his fixed earthy Mars in Taurus suggests. He’s actually really affectionate and artistic. He doesn’t see himself as aggressive. He’s more easy-going and pleasant. MJ would rather use his music to impress a girl rather than any bold or assertive tactics. He’s really a loyal, stable man who hates drama! The problem is he keeps attracting drama to himself!

Michael Jackson’s Mars is how he wants to be seen, so it’s how he wants to be treated.

For MJ,  the “drama girl” is him projecting his own “dramatic nature”. He’s only perceiving these women as dramatic. But we can never truly know what’s going inside of a person. We aren’t them. Each person has their own natal charts that may reveal things we may not even expect from a person. The woman he perceives as dramatic and attention seeking may see herself as someone else entirely and may just be reacting to him!  Inside, he’s the one being drawn to the fame, attention, and drama. It’s his internal “Drama King” that has led him to people that bring drama to his life. This is probably why he’s the “King of Pop” in the first place!

In a gay man’s chart, he tends to balance both his masculine and feminine energies well in a relationship, considering he may not feel the need to be the dominant one or the submissive one. He may even use both energies interchangeably. Still, he may feel pressure to conform, like all the other men. Society will make him feel out-of-place if he’s not like other men. He may also feel he has to defend himself more, causing him to express more assertive and strong-willed tendencies. He may not project his Venus on a potential  partner, but he may end up projecting Venus on women in general or on close female friends.

In a woman’s chart, Mars tends to reflect the qualities she would rather project on men and reveals her idea of the “ideal” man. A gay woman is likely to own both her own Mars and Venus, but may not really consider Mars as important as Venus in relationships.

What Does SHE See in YOU? By the signs

What Does HE See in YOU? by the signs

What Does She Want You to See in Her? By the signs

Venus in a woman’s chart will reflect her social identity, what she expects from a relationship, and her own sexuality

So now that you know more about Mars in a man’s chart, we can learn how each man utilizes his own Martian gifts, how each man defines masculinity in his own terms, and his own sexuality through the signs.

*Some parts of the interpretations might be too much for those under the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.

Mars signs:

Mars in Aries

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Cancer

Mars in Leo

Mars in Virgo

Mars in Libra

Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Pisces

Mars in Aries


Male Identity: Mars first enters his own domain when he enters the sign of Aries. Aries is a cardinal fire sign. Here he is at his best, free to be as forceful and assertive as he would like to be. He can get the most accomplished here.

Some Mars in Aries men would like to be seen as strong, assertive, and passionate in the eyes of the object of their affection. They would like someone they’re interested in to see them as super masculine.

Other Mars in Aries men would like their love interests to see them for who they really are. These men like to let it all hang out and be themselves. They are not the most refined types and they are strongly independent. Many times, they aren’t really too serious about anything, not even relationships. They would want a partner to accept everything about them and have fun. So, in this case, no matter what their Venus, they can’t stay with people who restrict them in any way.

When trying to impress the object of his affection, Mars in Aries men are generally forward. They aren’t the types to put on airs. They will make you see how interested they are in you. They act confident, even when they don’t always feel confident.

Some may do daring stunts or fight for the object of their affection, all just to impress this person. They may join competitions or show off at a sporting event. When out with someone they like, they try to take initiative. They might be the ones to pay the bill, even when they weren’t asked to. They are the types to ask for a dance without waiting to see if their partner wants to. They act to make sure things go the way they want it to go.

His weakness is he can be selfish when pursuing the object of his affections. He may not be considerate about the time or place or the person’s circumstances. He may mostly choose dates that are filled with activities he wants to try. Generally, he isn’t accommodating, and would rather have a partner who is on the same page. This would allow him to freely take the lead. He’s also a risk taker and doesn’t often consider the comfort level or safety of the partner when trying things. When you go on a date with this person, be upfront about what you don’t like. Don’t passively go along with the program.

He also has a quick temper. He may not always be abusive (depending on aspects, anyone is capable), but when someone slights him or upsets him, he’s impulsive and often acts without thinking. This can be troublesome for some people.

He’s also competitive. He might compete with other men, even when it’s not warranted. Sometimes, he may feel the need to compete with his own partner, especially if his partner makes more money or is more successful than he is. He might not be comfortable with a partner that dominates him in any way, but sometimes he might enjoy the challenge or receiving attention and stuff for a change.

These men might be rather immature or unrefined at times. I mentioned this. They might say or do things that might seem rude or obnoxious. Generally, they aren’t oily at all.

Another weakness these men might have is their impatience, especially sexually. They want what they want when they want it. This could frustrate people who want to take it slow. And if you’re too slow, they will move on! Did I mention they can be selfish?

Any activities he may enjoy doing with someone has to be exciting and thrilling. They can’t sit still. He may enjoy motorcycling with a love interest, attending a sporting event with a love interest, or even skydiving with a love interest! These activities are sure to get him pumped for another date.

Sexually, these men are passionate. They jump right into sex if they can. They tend to have sex after just one date! However, they tend to be rather forceful, quick, and selfish in the bedroom. They might forget to please their partners and may be more concerned with pleasing themselves. They are generally looking for a partner that has the same drive anyway, so they would want someone who finds pleasure in the same things they do.

They get impatient when they have to wait for sex, though they might also like the challenge.

Celebrities: Steve Jobs,  Andre 3000, Russell Crowe, Clint Eastwood, Tobey Maguire, Michael Pitt, Prince, Paul Newman, Daniel Craig, Marquis de Sade, Russell Brand, Russell Crowe, Iggy Pop,  Malcolm McDowell, Zachary Quinto, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Confucius, Allen Iverson, Erik Satie, Nat King Cole, Kris Humphries, Larry Bird, Otis Redding, Mos Def, David Cross, Ron Jeremy, Rod Serling, Idi Amin, Dr. Seuss, H. R. Giger, Tony Goldwyn, Lee Scratch Perry, Jeb Bush, Bruno Mars, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Costner, Hayden Christensen, James McAvoy, David Letterman, Jay Sean, Sam Smith

Kpop Idols: G-Dragon (Big Bang), Baekhyun (EXO)

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Mars in Taurus


Male Identity: Mars enters the domain of Venus, his opposite planet, when he moves into Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Mars doesn’t feel very comfortable here. Mars is in detriment. Taurus is an easy-going energy. Mars is active and assertive. Taurus takes its time and finishes things on its own time. Mars wants everything done now. Venus is the planet of beauty and charm. Taurus lends the men with this placement attractive qualities. Mars would rather impress others with its actions.

Just because these men have a detrimental placement doesn’t mean they don’t aim to be masculine. In fact, some Mars in Taurus men want their love interests to see them as a traditionally strong man. They want to be the rock in their relationship.

Others want their love interests to see them as people who are affluent, practical, patient, and calm. They would like their love interests to find them attractive, charming, and appealing to all the senses. They particularly try to smell good.

In order to impress their love interests, these men generally like to shell out money or other resources they have. They pick up the tab. They also try to impress their love interests by looking their best, showing calm in a chaotic situation, and by picking and lifting heavy things (just to prove how strong they are).

They might show off a business they own or work for. They might take their love interests to the finest restaurants, just to show they have exquisite taste.

Taurus is ruled by the throat. These men might sing their love interest a song.

Their weakness is they are not open to trying new things. They might do the same things to try to impress their love interests. They might seem a bit conservative or rigid in many ways, too. They generally do what they’re comfortable with. Some people might find this boring.

They are also possessive. They might feel they own a lover when they’ve only gone on one date with someone. They get jealous rather easily.

They are also rather hesitant when approaching a love interest. They aren’t really “go-getters”. This isn’t to say they can’t be outgoing, but when it comes to getting what they want, they take their time. Some may lack confidence or may not be comfortable trying new things for fear of losing their security. Or they just don’t think that they should have to exert too much energy.

Sexually, they enjoy all the sensual pleasures. They like the touch, smells, sounds, and sights of a sexual experience. Venus plays a major role in this regard. He can only be turned on for sex if he’s attracted to his partner. He’s a patient man, and may not like to jump right in. He may enjoy a little pleasurable foreplay or teasing.

He also needs to be comfortable in order to enjoy sex. A comfortable bed or couch is preferable.

Look at his Venus sign to get an idea of what pleases him. Read the Mars sign on this page that is closest. For instance, if he has Venus in Gemini, find Mars in Gemini.

Generally, once he gets started, he can go all night if he wants to. He’s not a rough or experimental man, but he loves playing around with food, whipped cream, sensual baths, and petals of sweet-smelling roses.

Celebrities: Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Andy Warhol Bruce Willis, Mick Jagger, Robert de Niro, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Christian Bale, 50 Cent, Muhammad Ali, Chuck Norris, Fidel Castro, Tim Burton, Lenny Kravitz, Billie Joe Armstrong, Leon Trotsky, Babe Ruth, Stephen Colbert, Stanley Kubrick, Vince Vaughn, James Maslow

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Mars in Gemini


Male Identity: When Mars enters Gemini, he’s entering the domain owned by Mercury. There are many things Mars has in common with Gemini, and some things he’s not so comfortable with. Gemini is a mutable air sign. Gemini is a busy, busy energy. Mars likes to keep busy. But Gemini is so scattered it lacks focus. Mars likes to accomplish things and likes to focus on one thing at a time. Mars is very direct.

Mars in Gemini men typically want their love interests to see them as fun, charming, clever, intelligent, experienced, and socially aware. They want their love interests to find them funny and unique.

Mars in Gemini men impress their love interests first by flirting, talking with their love interest, and trying to charm them with their wit.

Next, they would try to be more adaptable to impress their love interests. They would rearrange their schedules and bend backwards to make time for their love interests. They would also try many different creative ways of getting their love interest’s attention.

To further impress their love interests, they would try to take their lovers out to all the newest and trendiest spots. They want to show their love interest how open-minded and cultured they are. They might introduce their lover to some fascinating locations they’ve been to, possibly a place their partner hasn’t been to, so they can seem like they’ve experienced a lot. They might show off how smart they are by fixing their love interest’s smartphone or by engaging in an intellectual conversation. They may show interest in a book or article their love interest is reading and they may share whatever it is they’re reading. And they really love to crack jokes. They might crack jokes all night.

Mostly, they try to show a mental interest in their partner. They want their partner to know that they are interested in the mind. That’s why they’re ruled by Mercury. Look at his Mercury sign to get an idea of his conversation. Read the Mars sign on this page that is closest. For instance, if he has Mercury in Cancer, find Mars in Cancer.

They try to impress their lovers in clever ways. They are likely to have little treasure hunts or leave notes leading to places they want to have dates. They send clever and interesting gifts. They want their love interests to be mentally engaged with them.

Because they are ruled by Mercury, they might like to move-that means dance! They might like to show off their dance moves or make their lovers laugh with the way they dance.

His weakness is he can be a little immature. They have a little boyishness about themselves all their lives. Not only do they like to crack jokes, they like to tease and play pranks. They can be mischievous. They also talk A LOT. In fact, they have nervous and wiry energy. They can’t sit still, they don’t listen long, and they talk, talk, talk.

Sexually, these men like to experiment. They are open sexually. They like to try new things. They generally want a partner who is open to new things too, otherwise they will seek multiple partners to satisfy their need for variety.

They generally don’t get too emotionally wrapped up in their sexual partners. Sex is just a fun activity for them. They aren’t the most passionate sex partners, but they’re a whole lot of fun. They generally enjoy quickies. They get bored if they do too much on the first night. They like to leave a little surprise for later.

CelebritiesTyler the Creator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, Martin Luther King Jr., Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Day Lewis, O.J. Simpson, John McEnroe, Bernie Madoff, Damon Wayans,  Louis Vuitton, Tom Brady, Joseph Fiennes, Nigel Barker, Jason Momoa, Eli Roth, Ghostface Killah, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ed Sheeran, Kendall Schmidt, Elton John, Robert Downey Jr., Big Sean

Kpop Idols: Kris Wu (EXO), Seungri (Big Bang), Daesung (Big Bang)

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Mars in Cancer


Male Identity: When Mars enters Cancer, he enters the sign ruled by the Moon. Mars falls in this sign. Cancer is a cardinal water sign. The Moon is the planet of emotions, most associated with women in general, the mother, the “motherland”, and our early home environment or our roots. Mars is a masculine planet, associated with independence, which separates him from his roots. These men often feel a pull. They want to be close to their families, to keep traditions strong, but they also want to be independent and be seen as their own man.

Mars in Cancer men want their love interests to see them in many different lights. Some may want their love interests to see them as strong and protective. They may want their love interests to feel safe around them.

Others may want their partners to see them as good providers and family men.

Other men with this placement may want their love interests to see them as sweet, thoughtful, and understanding.

Mars in Cancer men often try to impress the object of their affections in indirect ways. They try to be there for a love interest whenever they can. They conveniently keep themselves in the presence of their love interest. They try to be a listening ear or “best friend” to a love interest. They should be careful this doesn’t put them in the “friend zone”.

Mars in Cancer men generally try to protect their love interests in even the smallest ways. They walk on the dirtiest side of the sidewalk. When it’s raining, they give their jackets and umbrellas to their love interest. If there’s only two items of food left, they let their love interest have the last bite. They try to pay for everything on a date to show they can provide security.

They might try to protect their love interests in major ways as well. They might fight anyone who insults or harms their love interests in any way. They might avoid locations that can even put their love interest in danger.

They try to remember important things. They try to remember birthdays, anniversaries, or the names of all the members of their love interest’s family. They are likely to introduce their love interest to their own family.

His weakness is that he’s rather sensitive and clingy. He may seem a little insecure. He might follow a lover around like a shadow and may always be suspicious. Or he may just be super sensitive to any little jokes thrown his way. The Moon would reveal more about his emotional temperament. Look at his Moon sign to see more about his sensitivities. Find the Mars sign on this page that mirrors it best. For example, if he has Moon in Leo, find Mars in Leo.

He’s also incredibly shy. He might have a difficult time taking initiative in some ways. It’s hard for him to be DIRECT. He just doesn’t go for who he wants and waits to see if his crush is interested in him first.

Sexually, they enjoy sex more when they feel secure in a relationship. They literally have to have feelings for a person to really feel fulfilled in a sexual partnership. They may not necessarily have to wait for marriage, but they need to at least feel their partner is the one or they have to feel like the only one in their partner’s life.

They are generally moody sexually. They might enjoy different things according to their moods. Sometimes, they may be soft and gentle, albeit a bit traditional and conservative. They still might enjoy some romantic foreplay, like a nice bath or meal at home together beforehand. Other times, they may be rough and aggressive. It all depends. Overall, though, they prefer sex to be performed in a secure and comfortable environment, mostly at home.

Celebrities: Michael Phelps, Chris Brown, John Mayer, Keanu Reeves, Ashton Kutcher, Roger Federer, Ryan Reynolds, Pablo Picasso, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Shakespeare, Stephen King, Robin Williams, Al Capone, Notorious B.I.G., Ludacris, Noam Chomsky, Shawn Mendes, Nick Jonas, Kendrick Lamar, Busta Rhymes, 

Kpop Idols: Jr. (Got7), Suga/Agust D (BTS), Jin (BTS), Rap Monster (BTS), Chanyeol (EXO), Kyungsoo (EXO), Suho (EXO), Chen (EXO)

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Mars in Leo


Male Identity: When Mars enters Leo, he enters the Sun’s domain. Mars’s own sign, Aries, is exalted when the Sun enters it. This shows that Mars has a lot in common with Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign. Mars is a masculine planet and the Sun is considered a masculine planet. The Sun represents the father and manhood. Mars is the masculine principle. Yet, when two dominate forces combine, they are bound to bump heads eventually. Leo is all about “attention” and putting on a “show”. It wants lovers and admirers. It wants to be important. Mars is only concerned with accomplishing goals, overcoming obstacles, and getting what it wants. It’s a planet of action, not “displays” of action.

Mars in Leo men want to be seen as confident, generous, popular, attractive, affluent, and creative in the eyes of their love interest. They might also want their love interests to see them as strong dominant. Some may want to be seen as fun and adventurous.

If they could, they would want their love interests to see them as the ultimate man, anything and everything to anybody. They would want their love interests to always see the best in them, so they often seek to highlight their strengths rather than their weaknesses.

They might try to impress a love interest by bringing attention to themselves and their love in some way. They might sing to a lover, give open proposals, or carry loud signs stating their love. Whatever they do to impress a lover, they like to do it big! And with a whole bunch of people witnessing it all.

They generally like to give a lot to their love interests. They pay for everything. Heck, they may pay for everyone in the restaurant if they have the money like that! Some of them like to appear like they have that kind of money, even when they don’t.

They might take on dares or try to win competitions to impress their love interests.

They love to make their love interests laugh. They like to be the one to keep their love interests entertained.

They might throw large parties or have double dates with a large number of friends and fans just to show off how popular they are. They even want to show off how desirable they are. They may get a kick out of other women flirting with them and making a love interest jealous. They should be careful with this tendency.

These men like to be creative when trying to impress someone. They don’t want to imitate other men or fade in the background as just another guy. They want to stand out and be noticed by someone they like. Whatever it is they decide to do to impress someone they like, it will be unforgettable.

Their weakness is their ego. The Sun would tell you more about that. Look for the Mars sign that’s closest. For instance, if he has Sun in Virgo, look for Mars in Virgo.

While they like to do the most to impress someone, they tend to do things in front of people, not considering the feelings of the person they are trying to woo. It could be a stab to their ego to be turned down or rejected. And then, because they do everything so flashy, they end up embarrassed, too!

They also tend to get frustrated when they’re rejected after doing the most for a love interest. The love interest may not have asked them to go broke or embarrass themselves, but they still might feel salty towards the person they did all of that for. They can’t take outright rejection too well. They should try to be a little less flashy so they won’t feel the loss. They should also try to consider other people’s feelings. Not everyone cares for the flash.

Some people might get the impression that they do things for the show and that they aren’t really serious.

Sexually, these men can be fun, adventurous, and romantic. They generally want to have a good time and they want their partners to feel they had a good time, too. They like their egos stroked.

They may want to dominant though. Some of them want to give, and don’t leave any room for the other person. On the other hand, some may expect the partner to do everything like a humble servant. Some of them may be more concerned with their own satisfaction, they forget to make sure their partner is satisfied. But they don’t like to be talked about negatively, so they will try to satisfy as best they can.

Celebrities: Michael Jordan, George Clooney, Robert Redford, Frank Sinatra, James Franco, Channing Tatum, Quentin Tarantino, Derek Jeter, Ne-Yo, Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Duke Ellington, Anthony Kiedis, Ralph Fiennes, Ringo Starr, Leonard Cohen, Steven Tyler, Seal, Marlon Wayans, Lamar Odom, Conan O’Brien, Neil Young, Pedro Almodovar, Jim Henson, Joel Osteen, Bob Fosse, Dennis Rodman, Jon Stewart,

Kpop Idols: Youngjae (Got7), Tao (EXO)

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Mars in Virgo


Male Identity: Mars enters the other area belonging to Mercury when it enters Virgo. Virgo is a mutable earth sign. Mars has some things in common with the mutable sign, and some things he doesn’t really feel comfortable with. Virgo is a busy, hard-working sign. Mars likes to keep busy and get things accomplished. But Virgo is earthy, practical, and a little more cautious. Virgo is also scattered. Mars doesn’t hesitate to jump into things, regardless of the consequences. He’s also direct and focused.

Mars in Virgo men want to be seen as pleasing and efficient men. They want their partners to always be happy with them. They may expect themselves to be perfect. They would want their love interests to be easily satisfied because they feel pressure around high-maintenance individuals.

They might want their love interests to see them as hard-working, intelligent, resourceful, ingenious, and creative in some way. They want to be their love interest’s ideal.

They try to impress their love interests by being a humble servant. They will do ANYTHING for someone they are interested in. They will help you clean your house, take care of kids, do your homework, fix your car or bathroom sink (as they are “Mr. Fix-its), and they will even think with you and help you come to a decision.

They aren’t the flashy types. They might not propose to you on live television, but they will pick you up from work, take you out to dinner, and hand you a gift of roses.

These men tend to cater to every little detail when it comes to the things they want to do to impress someone. They plan each step carefully. They try to be creative in a simple way and thoughtful.  They try to show their love interests that they’re attentive and notice the little things about them. Mercury plays a role when it comes to what they actually pay attention to. Look at his Mercury sign and then find the Mars sign on this page that’s closes. For instance, if he’s Mercury in Libra, read Mars in Libra.

Their weakness is they’re perfectionists. Sometimes, they get so lost in the details, they forget the big picture. They might want everything to go so smoothly for a date they often forget why they created the date in the first place. They may focus so much on being the ideal lover they forget to highlight their own personal strengths and express who they really are.

They are also rather modest and shy. It’s hard for them to let go even on an easygoing date. They get nervous and often don’t know what to say or do in some situations, especially if there are things happening that they haven’t rehearsed or planned ahead of time. They may not go out of their way to be adventurous if they hadn’t planned to be.

Sexually, this men aim to please. They want their partner to be satisfied in every way. Just tell them what you want. They also appreciate a lover who takes initiative and aims to please them. They may never ask a lover to do this. They would hope a lover willingly wants to.

Again, they may get so caught in the details of a perfect sexual night, they may forget the greater picture. They might be too focused on the foreplay and getting it down perfectly, they may not get to the act.

Celebrities: Mikhail Baryshnikov, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Ben Affleck, Charles Manson, Friedrich Nietzche, Trent Reznor, George Michael, Matt Damon, Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke, Eddie Vedder, Ernest Hemingway, Stevie Wonder, Jeff Bridges, Quincy Jones, Jerry Garcia, Wiz Khalifa, Evel Knievel, Idris Elba, Joe Jonas, Chris Hemsworth, Carlos Pena, Jr., Logan Henderson

Kpop Idols: Taemin (Shinee), BamBam (Got7)

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Mars in Libra


Male Identity: Mars enters another one of Venus’s signs, Libra-the cardinal air sign. Mars feels uncomfortable in this position. Mars is in detriment here. There are a lot of things about Libra that rubs Mars the wrong way. Though Libra is one of the extroverted, masculine signs, Libra is like Venus in the fact that it is passive-aggressive, balanced, and superficial. Mars has no time for indecision, moderation, and superficiality. Libra is considerate and thinks about things before taking action. Mars wants to come to quick decisions, go after whatever it wants with fierce intensity so that it can get what it wants faster, and doesn’t really care what anyone looks like while doing it. Libra cares about others; Mars is an independent energy. Libra baffles the planet Mars. Still, Libra is an energetic and positive placement, so Mars can have some fun along the way at times.

Mars in Libra men want their love interests to see them as charming, romantic, attractive, irresistible, fun, affluent, cultured or worldly, and intelligent. They want their lovers to be dazzled.

Generally, they aim to be a “ladies’ man”. They want their love interests to feel swept off of their feet.

They try to impress their love interests by tending to every romantic aspect they can think of. They buy the gifts, give the roses, send the cards, give the kisses and hugs, and they’re known for their chivalry.

They are the types to open the doors, pull out chairs, feed, and lift their love interests. They try to be the knight-in-shining-armor type. They pick their lovers up in a nice and clean vehicle (or even by horse and carriage). They try to look attractive, smell good, and wear a smile. They generally try to put their lovers at ease and win their lovers affections.

These men try to appear intelligent and well-mannered. They discuss sophisticated topics. They appreciate beauty and the arts. They may show off their knowledge in these areas. They might be artistic, musical, or a great dancer.

These men like for their love interests to see them as fun and adventurous. They might enjoy rock-climbing or horseback riding on the beach.

Their weakness is they have a difficult time taking initiative. They might be indecisive and may not know what to do around their love interests. They generally just do whatever their lover wants to do. If their lover is looking for them to make a decision, they will be disappointed. Their favorite thing to do is shrug and say “I don’t know. What about you?” They may try to take initiative but then second-guess many of their choices.

These men are really subtle in their approach. Somewhat, they may give the impression that they lack confidence because they don’t seem sure of themselves.

Another weakness of theirs is the fact that they are natural flirts. Though they are really romantic when they want to be, some people may feel like they treat all the girls the same. They may seem romantic and charming towards everyone, and it might make their love interest insecure. They may have too many obligations to people and may not know how to say “No” to other people’s advances.

Sexually, these men enjoy the sensual aspects of it all. They generally have to be attracted to someone they get sexually involved with, too. Venus plays a role in this. Analyze the Venus sign. Look at the Mars sign that’s closest. For instance, if his Venus is in Scorpio, look at Mars in Scorpio.

They may be adventurous and fun as well as romantic and sensual lovers. However, they aren’t usually too kinky and rough.

Celebrities: Alexander Skarsgard, Kobe Bryant, The Dalai Llama, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Bill Gates, Freddie Mercury, Eminem, Bill Clinton, Frank Ocean, Sigmund Freud, Nelson Mandela, Jean Reno, Zac Efron, Roman Polanski, Abraham Lincoln, Alfred Hitchcock, Winston Churchill, Jean-Michel Jarre, R. Kelly, Gore Vidal, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Rain, Jason Derulo

Kpop Idols: T.O.P (Big Bang), Mark (Got7), Yixing (EXO)

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Mars in Scorpio


Male Identity: Mars traditionally rules over Scorpio. It’s not surprising. Both have intense and passionate energies. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. On the outside, Scorpio is a quiet energy. Within, Scorpio boils with watery feelings that are channeled in a powerful way. Mars can certainly find an outlet for all of his intensity.

Mars in Scorpio men want their love interests to see them as powerful, resilient, wise, magnetic, passionate, and sexy. They don’t want to reveal too much about themselves until they trust the person they want, so they don’t mind being a little mysterious for awhile.

These individuals want their love interest to be wrapped in their spell.

They try to impress love interests by giving their all to the person, whether it be money, time, or energy. They are the types to do whatever it takes to win their love interest’s affections. They are not intimidated by rejection. They know who they want and they aim to get who they want. If it takes a soft romantic approach, they will do it. If it takes a forceful and assertive approach, they will do it. However, their favorite way of getting what they desire is in a quiet and secretive way. Generally, they aren’t the types to put on fancy airs. They feel out a person, get to know a person, and then go after them with everything they’ve got. They may have been observing who they want for a long time, long before anyone else knows.

They are willing to be a little vulnerable, but there still may be some things they keep close to them. If they really feel the person they want is truly to be trusted, they will let it all out.

Their weakness is their intensity. It does fuel their passionate drive. They never give up on trying obtain someone they want. But they do a little too much to try to get who they want. Some of them tend to go overboard, which can be a bit intimidating to others. They need to lighten up a little. Mars and Pluto show you more about his passion and depth. Look at the signs and find the Mars sign that’s closest on this page. For instance if he’s Mars and/or Pluto in Sagittarius, read Mars in Sagittarius.

They are also rather possessive. They may not give their love interest their space or freedom to think about who and what it is they want. Mars in Scorpio is known for giving ultimatums.

These men might also test their love interests, just to see how loyal or into them they really are. This can be frustrating and intimidating to people, too.

Sexually, Mars in Scorpio is famous for their magnetism and raw sexuality. They are passionate and really like to dive in deep into a sexual affair. Their style is not necessarily light, airy, and experimental, but they can be kinky. And they want everything a partner’s got.

They might explore too many sexual experiences within one night, and they may not leave enough for next time.

Some people may find their style to be too much, but those with the same passion will appreciate their sex drive.

Celebrities: Bruce Lee, Ryan Lochte, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Leonardo Dicaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, Marilyn Manson, Jude Law, Mel Gibson, Joseph Stalin, Charlie Sheen, Mark Zuckerberg, Benicio Del Toro, Usher, Jean-Paul Sartre, Karl Lagerfeld, Deepak Chopra, Bobby Brown, Martin Scorsese, Billy Idol, Howard Stern, Danny Devito, Mao Zedong, Bill Murray, Frank Zappa, Hunter S. Thompson, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dr. Phil, Ravi Shankar, Dylan McDermott, Richard Pryor, Terry Gilliam, Louis Tomlinson, Lloyd Polite, T.I.

Kpop Idols: Jungkook (BTS), Jimin (BTS), Kai (EXO)

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Mars in Sagittarius


Male Identity: Mars enters the placement ruled by Jupiter. Mars has a lot in common with Sagittarius. Mars likes freedom and independence. Sagittarius likes freedom and independence. But like most mutable signs, Sagittarius scatters its mutable fire in various directions. Sagittarius is too freedom-loving. Mars needs focus and drive, otherwise he gets into trouble. So, there are things Mars is comfortable with and some things he’s not comfortable with here.

Mars in Sagittarius men want their love interests to see them as fun, good-humored, adventurous, honest, open-minded, achievement-oriented, and philosophical. They are ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter will shed more light. Check his Jupiter sign and then find the Mars sign that’s most similar. For instance, if he’s Jupiter in Capricorn, find Mars in Capricorn.

They want their love interests to notice their “no strings attached” approach. They can’t really maintain a long-term relationship with someone who clips their wings, no matter their Venus sign.

Mars in Sagittarius men seek to impress the object of their affections by sharing their adventures with the person. They generally want to appear exciting to the person they want. They may take on dares.

Some of them want to make their love interest laugh. They might try to impress the person with their humor.

They may try to prove their honesty in some way. They may lay cards down on the table about something most people wouldn’t reveal in an attempt to appear “open and honest”.

They might try new restaurants or other new locations, especially if it’s cultural or has an ethnic theme, just to show how open-minded they are.

They like to appear like they’ve achieved or want to achieve something. They may share their goals and dreams. They may exaggerate their achievements a little as well.

They might spend a lot of money on someone they’re interested in. They will max out their credit cards if they really want someone. They should be careful not to be so careless and extravagant. Generally, they tend to be overly optimistic about what they could do to please a love interest and may go overboard to do so.

They might try to appear intelligent or philosophical. They may quote some of their favorite philosophers and books. They might want to show they are spiritual men and may quote verses from religious texts. They often want to appear knowledgeable about the world, like they have a higher understanding.

Their weaknesses are their carelessness and irresponsibility. They generally don’t take things as seriously as maybe the object of their affections may want them, too. They are also not responsible when it comes to remembering their commitments or promises. They tend to talk a good game, but they don’t always deliver everything they aim to.

And because they don’t like their wings clipped, they may go from romantic interest to romantic interest, not really caring who’s heart they’re breaking along the way. They should be careful playing with people’s hearts.

Sexually, these men can be adventurous and fun. Sex can be like a sport to them. They generally like to be open and want the experience to be memorable. Maintaining their fidelity and loyalty may be an issue sometimes, but trying to maintain their loyalty through sex would not work. They may not see sex as a sign of commitment.

On the flip side, some of them may be so into their religions, they may follow their religious principles regarding sex.

Celebrities: Jon Hamm, Joe Manganiello, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Lil Wayne,  Javier Bardem, Jules Verne, Gianni Versace, Guy Pearce, Michael C. Hall, H.P. Lovecraft, Elliot Smith, Dick Cheney, Arsenio Hall, Billy Dee Williams, John Cassavetes, George Takei, Charles Mingus, Louis CK, Liam Hemsworth, Stephen Colletti, Simon Baker Skrillex, Joe Nichols, Sean Paul, Louis Tomlinson, Ice Cube, Charlie Puth

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Mars in Capricorn


Male Identity: When Mars enters Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn, he enters his exalted position, his most effective state of being. This may shock people, considering Saturn is falling in Mars’s sign Aries and considering Capricorn is really not like Mars. It’s not that they have similar natures (that’s the role of Mars’s rulership signs). Mars is most EFFECTIVE in this sign, meaning he gets the most accomplished and finds the best channel for all of his energy. Usually, Mars is impulsive, passionate, and fast-paced in getting what he wants. In Capricorn, he can still be ambitious, but he’s able to channel his passionate energy towards goals and his career. He finds outlets for his anger instead of impulsively jumping into senseless fights he’s not prepared for. Capricorn allows Mars to be focused but slows down his pace a bit so that he can really accomplish MORE. But Capricorn doesn’t slow him down too much. Mars can still be a leader in this cardinal earth sign, but he’s more responsible with his actions. Capricorn disciplines Mars so that Mars can accomplish a great deal more. It may feel a little suffocating for Mars, but Mars won’t be disappointed. Mars has to make some sacrifices in this sign, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Mars in Capricorn men want to be taken seriously. They want the object of their affections to see them as dependable, responsible, ambitious, hard-working, and mature men. They want their love interests to see them as competent, cool, and in control.

When trying to impress their love interest, they are generally traditional and practical. They plan out what they are going to do and say before they ask someone out. Usually, they ask someone out formally, in a polite and respectful way.

They generally try to impress the object of their affections by showing off how dependable and responsible they are. They provide receipts of their labor. They like to show their love interest how many things they are responsible for. They might show off a home, car, business, or anything else that shows they can manage their lives well.

They might handle each situation in a mature fashion. They want their love interests to respect them, so they try not to fly off the handle in tense situations and they consider the safety of their partner. They will speak to protect their partner, but they won’t get in all-out brawls while they’re on a date.

Saturn, the planet of limitation and wisdom, is their ruler. Check his Saturn sign and find the Mars sign that’s similar. For instance, if he’s Saturn in Aquarius, read Mars in Aquarius.

They will be there for their love interest whenever their lover needs them. They try to be on time for dates and they try to make sure everything runs smoothly so that their date is comfortable.

They want their love interests to see that they have goals and that they aren’t just stuck in one position. They may discuss some of their goals and the steps they’re taking to reach them.

And they pay for everything! If they ask someone out, they will be the one to pull out the wallet. They aren’t unrealistic though. They buy within their budget and they will point out that they have limitations.

Their weakness is that they are a little too controlled and formal. They have a difficult time just letting loose and getting wild while around their love interest. They may expect everything to go exactly as they plan, and may get a little frustrated when things don’t. They have a bossy tendency as well, which sometimes makes them seem like a big brother or someone’s father.

Some people might find them to be a little formal and outdated in their approach. They aren’t necessarily spontaneous or creative people. They are simple and straightforward when asking someone out.

Sexually, they tend to like it raw and straightforward, like with everything they do. They don’t necessarily care about experimentation or kinks (though they might have some). They generally just like to get down to business.

Celebrities: Marvin Gaye, Brad Pitt, Aleister Crowley, Walt Disney, Bob Marley, Marlon Brando, Robert Pattinson, David Bowie, Rafael Nadal, George Harrison, Jim Carrey, Edgar Cayce, Ewan McGregor, Taylor Lautner, Woody Allen, Jake Gyllenhaal, Usain Bolt, Shia Labeouf, Tom Selleck, P-Diddy, Jerry Seinfeld, Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson,  John Wayne, Gavin DeGraw, Big Sean, Ross Lynch (R5), Drake Bell, John Legend, Mac Miller

Kpop Idols: JB (Got7), Yugyeom (Got7), V (BTS)

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Mars in Aquarius


Male Identity: Aquarius is a fixed air sign, ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Mars has a lot in common with Aquarius. Aquarius is an independent and free energy. Mars likes independence and freedom. But Aquarius is rooted and doesn’t have the passion or drive Mars is used to. Saturn cools Aquarius’s normally erratic nature.

Mars in Aquarius men want the object of their affections to see them as original, unique, intelligent, cool, and independent.

These men are generally friendly and outgoing, and they don’t like people to see them sad, brooding, or depressing.

They try to impress the object of their affections by coming up with surprises. They want whatever they do to be unique and innovative. They want to switch up what they do and do something forward thinking. They want a potential lover to be impressed by their ingenuity.

They also want potential lovers to be impressed by their intelligence. They often talk about high-profile and sophisticated subjects. They normally produce controversial opinions on these topics, just to show that they are independent thinkers.

They want to appear cool and fun. Sometimes, they might seem like they are above petty feelings and behavior. They try to remain detached from situations. They try not to act too jealous or possessive. They try to give their love interest their freedom. They remain hands-off. They try to have a good time with everything and may try to make things easy for a potential love interest.

Even though they have a few ways they try to impress a love interest, nothing is as important to them as being with someone they are already in sync with. They don’t like having to do too much to try to impress someone. Either the person is impressed with them or not. They really can’t deal with high-maintenance and judgmental people too long. Of course they want to see their crush smile, but if the person they’re interested in looks down on everything they do, they will move right on.

Mars in Aquarius men’s weakness is that they are a little too detached and independent. They don’t get too personally involved with people, even people they are interested in. They aren’t the types to sit down and listen to a long sob story.

They do their own thing and expect a love interest to do the same. They are ruled by Saturn, the planet of limits and detachment, and Uranus, the planet of change and independence. Check out those signs and find the Mars sign that’s similar on this page. For instance, if his Saturn and/or Uranus is in Pisces, read Mars in Pisces.

They are also not the most passionate individuals. They won’t do the most just to win someone’s heart and they have a hard time coming out of the head and into the body. They aren’t usually “hugs-and-kisses” types. Sometimes, their cool act can be frustrating.

But then again, these men are full of surprises. You just never know with them. They might bottle up so much passion inside that it explodes later.

Sexually, these men are open-minded, into experimentation, and kinky. They get motivated when they are trying something new and different. They are the types to get into sexting, filming, cross-dressing, and even role-playing. The only thing that may be missing is the passion and the close intimacy. Sex for them is another experiment, not truly a display of their love.

Celebrities: Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams, Leonardo Da Vinci, Drake, Gerard Butler, Serge Gainsbourg, Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, Cary Grant, Lance Armstrong, Gary Oldman, Axl Rose, Mark Wahlberg, Ang Lee, Jamie Foxx, Julian Assange, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Hefner, Snoop Dogg/Lion, Howard Hughes, Matt Dillon, Elijah Wood, Adrien Brody, George W. Bush, Akon, Sacha Baron Cohen, Justin Theroux, Tennessee Williams, Rush Limbaugh, Trey Songz, Karl Rove, Harry Styles, Silento,

Kpop Idols: Jonghyun (Shinee), Taeyang (Big Bang), J-Hope (BTS), Xiumin (EXO), LuHan (EXO)

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Mars in Pisces


Male Identity: Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Pisces is a mutable water sign. Mars likes Pisces’s freedom-loving energy (thanks to Jupiter), but he’s not too fond of Pisces’s passive nature. It has some things in common with the sign, but there are a lot of differences.

Mars in Pisces men want to be seen as self-sacrificing, creative, alluring, and the ideal man. They want their love interests to really accept them overall. They are willing to be anything and everything for win the affections of someone they want.

Mars in Pisces men try to impress their love interests by basically being a chameleon. Whatever their lover needs, they are there. If their love interest is crying, they’re there to be a listening ear and fight their love interest’s battles. If their love interest is stuck in the snow, they will come by to help shovel that person out. If their love interest needs them to be romantic, they get creative. If their love interest needs them to back off, they will.

Their weakness is that they’re not the most direct men in the world. They aren’t the types to just say what they want or take initiative. They generally react to their partner’s demands. This can make them a bit of a doormat.

They also have an issue with pretending to be something they’re not. They don’t try to lie or be fake, but they don’t like disappointing their love interests either. So, some of them may stretch the truth and may pretend to be their love interest’s ideal just to make that person happy. Sometimes, though, this may not make them happy in the long run. There’s a difference between acting as prince for a night to please a lover, while your lover knows who you really are, and pretending you’re a prince when you’re really a pauper.

Sexually, these men have quite the imagination. They can be creative and visionary. They enjoy role-playing a lot. They can be adventurous sex partners. They may be open to experimenting and they enjoy kinks. They can be romantic, sensual, and gentle with a lover. They can try and do it all.

However, some of them may have an idealistic view of sex. They might believe sex is like what they see on TV or online or from what their friends tell them. They are impressionable. They may get so caught up in fantasies about their sexual experiences and adventures that the real thing ends up far more disappointing. In this case, sometimes their expectations are too high. They might go through partners, looking to make their dreams or fantasies come true only to find out that there’s nothing real about a fantasy. They should try to see people for who they really are. It would be best they avoid media and gossip that distorts their image of sex so that they can go into a sexual relationship with few expectations.

They are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, so it would shed more light on this placement to look at those planets’ signs. Look for the Mars sign on this page that’s closest. For instance, if Jupiter and/or Neptune is in Scorpio, read Mars in Scorpio.

Celebrities: Che Guevara, Lebron James, Heath Ledger, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Keith Haring, Tom Hanks, Bob Dylan, Denzel Washington, Steve McQueen, David Beckham, Miles Davis, Josh Brolin, Christoph Waltz, Ian Curtis,  Socrates, Chris Isaak, Ray Liotta, LL Cool J, Vincent Gallo, Paco Rabanne, Desi Arnaz, Michael Cera, Phil Spector, Zack de la Rocha,  Ralph Nader, Art Tatum, Danny Boyle, Corey Haim, Enrique Iglesias, Tupac Shakur, Adam Levine, Machine Gun Kelly, J. Cole

Kpop Idols: Jackson (Got7), Sehun (EXO)

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Leave me a comment and let me know more about your Mars placement or the placement of your love interests!

Mars Symbol Small

What Does She Want YOU to See in HER? By the signs (Feminine Identity)

14 Mar

Venus sign

Venus-the planet of love and beauty

If you don’t understand much about zodiac signs and you are new to planetary signs, aspects, and houses, read the introduction here.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, justice, sex (aphrodisiacs and arousal), and peace. It is an air planet. It’s associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Venus wants us to live a pleasant life of ease. She represents all we appreciate and adore. The sign she enters shows HOW we express our love, adoration, and appreciation. The house she enters shows WHERE we express this love, adoration, and appreciation. The aspects show us how difficult or easy it is to use her energies in our lives and how much of it we use as a result.

Ever heard of the saying, “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus”?


In a woman’s chart, Venus is her ruler, while men are ruled by Mars. This is more socialized than anything. We have all the planets in our charts and are capable of using all of our energies.  But in our society, women tend to connect with Venus more than men do. Thus, the sign Venus is in tends to tell woman a lot about her own status as a “woman” and her identity in relation to her peers. Venus is a social planet, after all. Venus also reveals what women expect from relationships in general and her own sexuality, which is what I will be discussing in this article.

Why are women so associated with Venusian sexuality (and not men)? Mars has often been associated with sex as well. So why are women associated with Venus sexually? It has a lot to do with our society. More than men, women are often faced with situations that repress their sexual urges. Slut-shaming is very common. Women are also faced with other issues. I found a very interesting read on Psychology Today titled 5 Myths About Men’s Sexuality by Deborah Anapol. Even though the article mostly focuses on male sexuality, the author made some interesting points about women that relate to the idea that Venus is a woman’s sexual ruler. She discovered that “women are more socialized to channel their erotic yearnings into romantic fantasy”. Women are controlled and criticized when it comes to sexuality and their interest in a partner, especially one of the opposite sex. Because of “sex-negative conditioning and social judgments,” women are not able to explore their sexual potentials as widely or as easily as men. Until they are freed of these restrictions, subtlety will rule over directness. Love will rule over passion. Foreplay will be preferred over actual sexual intercourse.

The article 10 Things You Need to Know about Female Sexuality by Bella-Ellwood Clayton tells us that “[Women’s] desire to appear desirable exceeds desire itself…[Women] are too busy chasing beautiful to want to kiss beautifully.” Of course, she also recognizes that media and advertising does a lot to make women ashamed of their bodies and their “genitalia”. Therefore, women often focus more on “looking like they are having sex” rather than actually desiring to actually have it. They are so focused on being beautiful themselves that they feel uncomfortable seeing this beauty in their partners. This also relates to Venus having power over a woman’s sexuality rather than the sex planet Mars.

Venus has a real beautiful side to it, but she isn’t flawless. While Venus blesses women with charm, grace, beauty, and love, it curses them with a passive nature, vanity, and social conformity (stifling originality). Of course, there are some women who are exceptions to this rule.

Mars is another planet that rules sex, as I mentioned before, but it’s different for women than for men. Readers may remember my article regarding Women and Mars: What Does SHE see in YOU? By the signs

Venus and Mars are the two relationship planets in our charts. But for most women, Mars is projected onto men. She may often expect a man to live up to standards she herself doesn’t feel “allowed” to release. This will come in the form of the man she’s “attracted to”. From my experience, the stronger her Venus is, the more pressure she feels to conform. Therefore, women with Venus in her rulership signs (Taurus, Libra) or her exalted sign (Pisces) tend to project their Mars energy more in relationships and feel more uncomfortable expressing such “masculine” traits. Women with weaker Venus signs, such as Venus in detriment (Aries, Scorpio) or Venus in fall (Virgo), tend to be more comfortable with revealing sides to them that are deemed more “masculine”, though all women struggle with the need to conform. Aspects from Venus to Mars also make a woman more comfortable with her masculine energy.

Because women so often identify with Venus, any planets in your chart that are in Taurus or Libra will affect your feminine identity. If you have Sun in Taurus, for example, you may identify with the principles associated with the Sun.

So you may be wondering: If Mars rules the kind of man a woman is attracted to, why does Venus rule over what she expects out of love? This is the tricky question. It’s actually quite simple. Though women may be drawn to certain men because of their “masculine” energies, they often have certain codes for how even the “baddest” boy is supposed to treat a “lady”. In other words, even though women are attracted to the “bad, rough, and tough” Marsian energy, they still expect to be treated well by him, according to the “lady” she feels she is (which is ruled by her alter ego, Venus). So though she may naturally be drawn to a man’s approach (Mars sign), she may not feel he treats her well if he doesn’t respect or honor her the way she feels she deserves  (reflected by Venus).

Because women project Mars, often times this can create conflict with her Venus energy, especially if there are harsh aspects. A good example of this complicated love life would be singer-songwriter Taylor Swift’s love life (well, as she describes in her music). Taylor Swift has Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio. Having Mars in Scorpio, she’s naturally drawn to “Pluto and Mars” in a man, the edgy, bad boy types. It’s pretty evident when we listen to songs like “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “Style”. She describes a guy who “doesn’t care” and “she guessed she liked that”. In style, she describes the man as having a James Dean look in his eyes, long hair, slicked-back, white t-shirt…She seems to be drawn to men who sweep her in passionately, who give her a rush, men who have the ability to manipulate and control her psychologically. She likes this bad boy image.

So why would it hurt her for him to leave? Why would she be arguing with him? After all, you can’t expect a bad boy to be good, right? This is because of what she expects when she gets with him, which has a lot to do with the woman she is. It has something to do with her Venus in Aquarius. Unlike Scorpio, Aquarius is a mental air sign. Aquarius upholds humanitarian values, stays away from the depths and drama of messy emotions, abhors power and control, and tends to be social and friendly. When we hear the song, “You Belong With Me” or songs like “Style”, we see the woman SHE is: quirky, lovable, and a good girl. She likes her “tennis shoes” rather than “high heels”. Instead of being “cheer captain”, she’s on the bleachers. This good-girl-geek seems in total contrast to the bad boys she seems to be drawn to. She likes the bad boys, but expects to be treated like a “good girl” BY this bad boy.

What she may not know is the “bad boy” is her projection. It’s only how she PERCEIVES him. Honestly, we all can only “perceive” how others are. We can never know what’s truly going on inside a person. We aren’t them. And no matter how we see a person, they each have their own natal charts that may reveal things we may not totally expect from a person. She may see him as a “bad boy”, and his chart may reveal he’s nothing but a softy! So in all honesty, inside, SHE’S the one who’s drawn to the dark side! It’s her internal bad girl that is constantly drawn to the bad boy! She’s the one who desires to live life on the edge. But she has projected this energy onto the men in her life. That’s how Venus and Mars work in many womans’ chart.

There are other planets in signs that affect our relationships (as well as houses), but Venus is directly associated with our attraction to others, our love for things, and what we desire. Mars works with Venus, but Venus is especially important when it comes to women understanding their gender identity.

Moon is another planet that reveals a woman’s “feminine identity”. But Venus is the beauty and charm in women, Moon is the wife and mother in women. Venus is the girl, Moon is the woman. Venus is our identity when we’re among our peers and potential lovers. Moon is our mother’s identity or our identity as a “parent” or “wife” or long-term girlfriend. This is how we represent our family and how we see ourselves among our family and close friends. Mother’s influence often follows us wherever we go, so we carry her presence with us in public, too. We just don’t often realize it (or if our relationship with her is shaky, we don’t want to).

In a lesbian’s chart, she tends to balance both her masculine and feminine energies well in a relationship, considering she may not feel the need to be the submissive or assertive one in her relationship. It may vary according to her partner. Still, even lesbian women may feel the pressure to conform like all the other women. She may not project her Mars on a man she’s interested in, but she may end up projecting her Mars on men in general. She may even look for a female partner who has more masculine qualities if she really is out of touch with Mars.

In a man’s chart, Venus tends to reflect the qualities he would rather “project” and reveals his idea of the “ideal” woman.

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The Moon in a man’s chart also reflects his

Mars in a man’s chart will reflect his social identity and what he expects from a relationship, especially sexually.

Who is HE and What Does He Expect From YOUR Relationship? By the signs

This article can be the most enlightening for men who are looking for a lovely lady or for men who are particularly interested in a woman right now. This article can be very helpful. Many men have a hard time understand the female mind and often may feel confusion when trying to date women. They may notice that though some women claim to be attracted to certain qualities in a man, some women may wish for that man to treat her just the opposite of who he is! Therefore, he may feel women are difficult to please. Well, worry no more! If you look into her natal chart and observe her Venus and Mars signs, aspects, and house placements, you will understand her better.

For ladies, this article can help you understand yourself better in relation to society. This can help you exactly define what you are searching for in relationships. You may relate to the following explanations. This article might be enlightening for gay women as well.

Now that you know a little bit more about Venus and her partner Mars, we can learn how each sign utilizes Venus’s gifts and how women define themselves differently according to her Venus sign!

*Some parts of the interpretations might be too much for those under the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.

Venus signs

Venus in Aries

Venus in Taurus

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Leo

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Libra

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Aries

Fantasy hd, hq, wide screen wallpapers, pictures and images

Fantasy hd, hq, wide screen wallpapers, pictures and images

Feminine Identity: Venus first enters Mars’s domain, Aries, the sign of her detriment. Aries is a fire sign and cardinal. Venus and Mars are two of the relationship planets, but they are polar opposites. Mars has always been the planet associated with masculinity. Venus is the feminine principle. Mars is the planet of war; Venus is the planet of peace. Mars is active; Venus is passive. While being in the sign of Aries can be a little scary for her, it’s always exciting! Thus, when Venus is in Aries, these women don’t often mind doing things that are considered…well, unladylike! For them, men are not the only ones from Mars!

Some Venus in Aries women want to be seen as fun and sexy individuals. They want their love interest to feel an irresistible pull towards them. They want to stand out as the hottest female in every group. They might wear bold and bright colors to stand out. Red may be preferred. Their other preference might be the edgy color black. They might make sure they have their hair done or their faces made up so their love interest can see how pretty they look from first glance. They might show some skin so their love interest notices their assets right away. Most importantly, they wear confidence. They generally try to be the first one on the dance floor, just so their love interest notices them. They might also dance in a sexy way so their love interest wants them.

Other Venus in Aries women may want their love interests to see them as brave, confident, and independent. They might play hard to get or present some sort of challenge for a suitor. They might be daring flirts or they tease their love interests. They might show off their accomplishments. Some of them might take on challenges or dares to impress their love interests. They should be careful not to do something too reckless just to impress someone.

They might want their love interests to see them as passionate. They want their love interests to see that they will do anything for them, anything to win their affections. They will do whatever you ask if they really want you.

They attract people to them by taking initiative. They don’t really “attract” people so much as they “approach”. They really come on to a person they want. When they try to attract someone to them, they do it obviously. They aren’t false charmers. Most people know exactly who and what they want. They don’t play games. If you don’t know that they want you, you are pretending you don’t know. They make sure they are visible around their love interest. They often can’t contain their excitement. When they  like someone, they wear a smile around that person all the time. As a sign that rules the head and face, their love is written on their face. Plain as day.

They come on so strong because they want to make their love interests feel wanted and desired. They hope this will win their love interest over.

These women are not too shy to ask someone out. Most women expect the man to do it. These women don’t have time for those outdated rules! They know who they want and they go for it!

But if you’re the one asking them out, some of them won’t make it easy for you. Depending on their Mars sign, some will test you to see if you can handle them or to see how far you’re willing to go to prove yourself. Some of them are far too independent to be tied down and must really be convinced that the person trying to ask them out is the one.

The Venus in Aries woman’s weakness is selfishness. They often expect to be catered to, to be given all the time and attention, and to be doted upon or considered in every occasion, especially in a committed relationship or if they were asked out (rather than asked someone out, as they tend to do). They get impatient with people who don’t do what they want them to do. But they have a hard time meeting others’ expectations or accommodating to other people. They expect to just be accepted for who they are in every way and they don’t often believe it’s their role to have to do anything for someone else (unless they get something out of it). Some of them may be too demanding or aggressive for some people.

Despite the fact that many Venus in Aries women would rather approach a love interest, some of them may expect their love interest to notice them and take initiative. They may get impatient when the person doesn’t notice them quick enough! This could cause them to be frustrated and they may take it out on the person. They are famous for their temper. It would be better for them to just let their real feelings out.

Unfortunately, they can’t handle rejection. It might stab their ego for awhile. They often go through this because, unlike other women, they actually go after who they want instead of waiting until the guy notices them. But when you do the approaching, you have to face the rejections. Venus in Aries may face this dilemma all the time. They may avoid approaching to avoid rejection, but may be too impatient to wait for a response to their love. It complicates things for them.

They can be a bit aggressive and unrefined. They aren’t always ladylike. They aren’t into tradition. Even if they have some ladylike traits, they are free-spirited by nature. They may be accused of wearing the pants in their relationships.

They’re also rather bored easily. Most of them may expect their love interest to spice things up or keep it exciting. Others might openly flirt with other people. Some of them may grow tired of a settled relationship and may find themselves crushing on someone new.

In order to feel loved and happy, they need someone in their lives who keeps the romance going. They need someone who’s just as enthusiastic about the relationship as they are. They would expect their lovers to keep them on their toes constantly. Try new things, be bold, create a challenge for them, and they’re all yours.

But they don’t need their lovers clinging on to them. They need their independence. They need to be able to do their own thing sometimes. They often need the absence so they can desire their love interest or so their love can grow fonder. They need a partner that accepts that part of themselves. Their partner needs to have their own thing, too. They don’t like being controlled or monitored.

However, when you two do get back together, they want the relationship to be just as exciting and romantic as it was when you first met.

Sexually, these women often want the experience to be fun, passionate, and a little rough. They want to try new things, but they often don’t want to waste too much time getting into the act. They like it wild. They can do the act anywhere, but may get really excited if they’re in a dangerous location.

They may enjoy their heads carrassed. They may also like their hair pulled or tugged at. They love to kiss during the act.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war, action, sex. These ladies’ Mars sign will shed more light. Look at their Mars sign and then find the Venus sign on this page that’s closest. For example, if the lady has Mars in Taurus, read Venus in Taurus.

Celebrities:  Jennifer Aniston,  Mia Farrow,  Shakira, Sarah Palin, Christina Ricci, Lana Turner, Rosa Parks, Roberta Flack, Anna Pavlova, Rihanna, Elizabeth Taylor,  Eva Longoria, Queen Latifah, Carrie Underwood, Liza Minnelli, Emily Blunt, Chelsea Clinton, Chelsea Handler,  Jean Harlow, Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Keira Knightley, Rooney Mara, Mariah Carey, Marcia Cross, Doris Day, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Linda Goodman, Leona Lewis, Ashley Judd, Alessandra Ambrosio, Mandy Moore, Jayne Mansfield, Joan Crawford, Susan Boyle, Julia Stiles, Julie Christie, Ali MacGraw,  Rosie O’Donnell, Elizabeth Montgomery, Vivienne Westwood, Melissa Joan Hart, America Ferrera, Jessica Chastain, Alek Wek, Caroline Winberg, Jessica Hart, Verushka, Renée Zellweger, Audrey Hepburn, Lily Allen, Katharine Hepburn, Cate Blanchett, Sofia Coppola, Janet Jackson, Toyah Wilcox, Donatella Versace, Arielle Dombasle, Virginie Efira, Alison Goldfrapp, Audrina Patridge, Sophie Anderton, Andrea Corr, Bianca Jagger, Miranda Cosgrove, Natasha Richardson, Arissa Hill, Shirley Temple,  Marilyn Monroe, Bar Refaeli, Helena Bonham Carter, Priscilla Presley, Lea Thompson, Fairuza Balk, Annette Bening, Carey Mulligan, Mutya Buena, Annette Bening, Denise Van Outen, Anne Heche, Jewel

Kpop Idols: CL (2ne1), Lee Hyori, Sulli (f(x)), Mina (Twice), Dahyun (Twice), Lalisa (BlackPink), Yeri (Red Velvet), Yoona (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD)

Sun in Aquarius and Sun in Pisces with Venus in Aries

Sun in Aries with Venus in Aries

Sun in Pisces with Venus in Aries

Sun in Taurus with Venus in Aries

Sun in Gemini with Venus in Aries

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Venus in Taurus



Feminine Identity: Venus enters one of her homes when she comes into the second sign of Taurus, a fixed earth sign. Here, it may not be as exciting as her last domain, but she sure feels safe and comfortable here. Any partner who gets with a Venus in Taurus woman would feel the same. These women may or may not have tomboyish streaks, but they still hold themselves to traditional feminine values. They can be fighters when pushed, but they would rather not reveal this side. They prefer peace to chaos. These women are always moderate in their tendencies. Thus, most women admire them. While they are strong, hard-working, and practical, they don’t always feel like they have to be one of the guys to earn respect. They know how to get attention without stealing someone else’s shine.

Venus in Taurus women want to be seen by their love interests as beautiful and valuable. They want to be pleasing to the senses in all aspects. They want their love interests to see them as worth more than all the riches in the world. Thus, they hold themselves with a lot of dignity when in the presence of their love interest. They always show they have a lot to offer a lover, whether its with their money, cooking skills, or calm temperament. They might wear jeweled colors, like ruby red and emerald green, to show their value.

They may want their love interests to see them as feminine and traditional, especially amidst a changing world. They might have some traditionally feminine traits that they feel would be valuable to many people. They might go for soft and feminine colors, pastels like pink, to show their feminine and soft side. They may enjoy soft and sensual fabrics at times.

Don’t get it twisted though. They are practical and perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. They are money-savvy. But they would like their partner to add to the pot.

They may also want their love interests to see them as sensible and practical. They tend to be rather down-to-earth. They may go for earth-tone colors to show how practical and humble they are. Some of them may even dress practically

They tend to embellish all of their looks with jewelry, especially necklaces. Or they might show off their necks and collar bone area by keeping it bare. They tend to have a classic appeal when trying to impress someone they like. They don’t go overboard, and may only show a little skin. They may accentuate their bodies though. They may possibly show off their curves. But they try not to appear desperate.

These women want their love interests to see them in a calm state. They may be embarrassed if their love interest were to see them lose their cool or get angry.

They also want to look, smell, and sound their best when a love interest is around. They may not like their love interest visiting them when they’re sick.

They want their love interests to feel comfortable around them at all times.

Venus in Taurus women attract a potential love interest to them by being graceful and feminine. They try to tickle their love interest’s senses.

They tend to make physical offerings. They give massages, cook for you, buy or make little gifts, and spend a lot of time with someone they’re interested in. They’re known for their subtle flirting style. They give hugs and pecks on the cheek (the lips come after commitment). Taurus being ruled by the throat, they always make sure they watch their tone of voice around someone they’re interested in. They don’t want to scare anyone away. They might even sing to their love interests if they have a good singing voice.

They are always patient when they really like someone. They will wait forever for their love interest to come around. They may even be long-suffering when dealing with a potential love interest.

The Venus in Taurus woman’s weakness is her superficiality when dealing with people. She’s more drawn to people who do things physically for her. It’s not that she’s all about the money and good looks, but they are assets. She at least wants someone charming. She doesn’t really get too deep and meaningful when it comes to love. She’s relatively simple and may be confused by any sort of loving that happens beyond the physical and material realm.

She can also be difficult to please. If she’s not interested in anyone in particular, she will make potential suitors work for her love and she takes a long time choosing the right one. She will enjoy a couple of dinner dates before she decides. This might cost suitors a lot of money. She may not make a decision for many years! Most suitors might move on by the time she decides. She really needs to spend a lot of time with a person before deciding to date them for real. She’s also not likely to sleep around on the first date unless the person is really attractive and convincing. Some people might consider this a strength. More impatient suitors might consider this a weakness.

They might be daring in other aspects of life, but they are not the most experimental or adventurous person when it comes love. If it makes her uncomfortable, she will refuse to do it with a lover. She tends to stick to what she’s used to and can do the same thing every day. This doesn’t just apply to what she wants to do in public but also in the bedroom. If she’s never tried something or she’s tried something that failed her before, she will be hesitant to try it at all. In public, she prefers simple and traditional dates like dinner and a movie or just a walk and picnic in the park. Or maybe even just sitting at home or in a hotel doing nothing.

She likes for love interests to make her feel safe and secure. If you do want her to try something different, you need to make her feel at ease with it. She has to trust you. She has to feel relaxed. She won’t mind a nice motorcycle ride or trying a smoke, but don’t try any “fast and furious” type of garbage or drugging her drink. Show that you have some sense.

This woman is rather traditional. Even when she likes someone, she doesn’t like to be the one asking someone else out. She would rather her love interest notice her and ask her out. She tends to be cautious with love and definitely doesn’t want to face rejection. She would rather the other person take the chance. Some potential suitors might like that she’s willing to let them take initiative, but others might be confused as to what she really wants because she isn’t open. They might pick up the wrong signs. It’s not that she plays games, because she’s genuine and honest, she’s just subtle in her approach.

She’s traditional in another way: She prefers her partner to be the one paying all of the bills. If she has to reach in her pocket for any reason, that’s a turn off.

Last, these women can be possessive. They get jealous rather easily. They won’t like their love interests around other women. They might even get upset if they even THINK their love interest is around someone else. They like to be the only woman in their love interest’s lives. They don’t usually lose their cool in front of a love interest, but if you really want to excite the bull, surround yourself around female friends.

But they are not against stepping out of the relationship if they don’t feel their partner is pleasing them enough or giving them enough attention. The worst part is they may string a lover along while cheating because they don’t want to lose their security or start any drama.

Yet, you don’t want to please them too much. They tend to get comfortable. They get so comfortable they forget to give as much as they’re given. When they get used to something, they won’t know how to change their ways.

In order to feel happy and loved, Venus in Taurus women want to be treated like a valuable item. They want someone to care for them, be patient with them, and to protect them. They want a partner that makes them feel good and satisfies their desires. They want someone who is willing to spend money and time. They want someone to make them feel secure and special. They expect their lovers to be loyal. Fidelity is very important to them. They prefer a partner who has had few relationships to one that has had many. Though they love a skilled sex partner, they would prefer a man who has never had sex to a man who has slept with too many. They can’t stand a player.

Sexually, these women enjoy the sensual aspects of it all. They want to experience every touch, taste, sound, sight, and smell that could enhance their feeling of pleasure. They need the physical pleasures to actually get aroused. Usually, they are cautious when jumping into sex, so you have to make them feel secure and at ease. They will make you work or wait.

While they are generally basic and simple, not caring to jump into experimenting and such, they focus on ultimate pleasure. They take their time and enjoy foreplay. They prefer a comfortable environment to a rough one. If you really want to spice things up, foreplay dealing with a nice bath or playing around with food might be nice.

They like their neck and collar bone stroked or kissed.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Taurus is her home, so she blesses them with a lot of charm, beauty, and grace. They just have to be careful not to get vain and spoiled.

Celebrities: Juliette Binoche, Pasha Grishuk, Mercedes McNab, Chaka Khan, Fergie, Amanda Bynes, Jamie Lynn Spears, Iggy Azalea, Kathrine Sørland, Paloma Picasso, Leighton Meester, Carol White, Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, Grace Jones, Ann-Margret, Jessica Lange, Linda Evangelista, Miuccia Prada, Susannah Harker, Emily Beecham, Grace Phipps, Diana Hayden, Monica Keena, Lisa Marie Presley, Alanis Morissette, Anne Frank, Luo Zilin, Sophia Manzano, Sophie Lowe, Princess Diana, Debbie Harry, Cindy Lauper, Michele Lee, Liv Tyler, Ariana Grande, Carroll Baker, Ellen Barkin, Betty Compson, Ella Fitzgerald, Steffi Graf, Jessica Lange, Peggy Lee, Debbie Reynolds, Jane Russell, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Jhene Aiko, Jessie J

Kpop Idols: Irene (Red Velvet), Jessia (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD), Shinbi (GFriend)

Sun in Cancer with Venus in Taurus

Sun in Aries with Venus in Taurus

Sun in Gemini with Venus in Taurus

Sun in Taurus with Venus in Taurus

Sun in Pisces with Venus in Taurus

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Venus in Gemini


Feminine Identity: Venus enters Gemini third, the sign ruled by Mercury. Here, it’s not too far away from who she is, but some things are different. I wouldn’t say she feels completely comfortable here, but there are some things that are familiar. Gemini is an air and mutable sign. Venus is considered an air planet. Like Venus, Gemini is social and charming. But Gemini’s energy is too scattered for Venus to find a consistent love. Gemini is also too curious about everything that it never stops to settle down. Venus likes to relax sometimes. Gemini is too nervous to relax. Thus, these ladies are charming, but they hop around too much.

Venus in Gemini women want to be seen as fun, young, attractive, charming, and intelligent individuals by their love interests.

They usually wear bright and cheerful colors to give them a youthful and lively appearance. They might tease love interests by showing a little skin here and there. They tend to often show off their shoulders and arms mostly. They make sure their hands look well-manicured. They also pay attention to their lips. They try to appear kissable.

They are generally open to trying all new looks, and may pick a style depending on who they are going out with and depending on the occasion. They should be careful not to pretend to be something they aren’t to impress a love interest. Mostly, though, they tend to dress in the latest trends, which gives them a young vibe no matter how old they are. To most people, they always look young, which helps them find love timelessly.

They want love interests to know that they are open-minded and willing to try new things.

They want to appear witty and funny. They love to make their love interests laugh. They love to tease their love interests, too.

They may want love interests to see them as busy socialites with places to go and plenty of suitors waiting. In their own way, they feel this will convince slow suitors to pick up their feet. Really, plenty of suitors are usually waiting for these dynamic women. If you don’t scoop them up when you can, you will miss the boat.

Venus in Gemini women attract love interests to them by being talkative and flirty. They have an airy charm. They aren’t necessarily stupid though, even if they act ditzy. They generally have a smooth and adaptable way of talking to people, and this draws all kinds of lovers their way. They can change up their whole approach to attract the one they want to them. They also know how to work that body language. They tend to be good with languages of all kinds really.

These women try to stay open to things. They attract people to them by trying new things with their love interests.

They might try to show interest in the person. They typically try to get inside a person’s mind and see how they think. They are naturally curious.

Venus in Gemini women’s weakness is being scattered. They are so scattered all over the place, they have a difficult time giving the attention and time to their love interests. They are relatively independent and don’t really need a partner around them all the time. They tend to have so much going on at once, they are hard to pin down. It’s hard for them to be a domestic homebody.

They keep their options open, too. Some potential suitors may get frustrated with this. They tend to go on dates with two different guys at the same time until they decide which one they want. Everyone might not be okay with this. They don’t mean to play with people’s hearts, but sometimes they come across that way.

They’re also friendly with everyone. They tend to have a lot of people surrounding them from both sexes. This might make some people insecure. And they’re not going to let go of their friends just because it makes some suitor uncomfortable (especially if they haven’t decided if they really like the person yet).

They can be rather shallow. They tend to only care about things superficially and may not offer any depth. They might not be interested in anything too deep, intimate, personal, and meaningful either. They just want to laugh and have a good time. They don’t like when people act coy, “woke”, or dull.

They can be two-faced, too. They may let their friends influence them too much. They might be turned off from a suitor just because their friends don’t like them. Or they might only be interested in a suitor just because all of their friends are interested.

As mentioned before, they might pretend to be someone they aren’t just get with a love interest. Some of them might be a little fake.

They generally talk a lot, too. If you want to keep some aspects of your relationship private, it’s nearly impossible with this woman. She slips up all the time.

In order to keep the Venus in Gemini happy and feeling loved, you have to keep things interesting. She doesn’t want to be bored.

Not only do you have to mentally engage and entertain her, you have to communicate. She needs to be able to talk to her love interests at all times, no matter where you are or who you’re with. She needs to hear that she’s loved. Constantly make her feel attractive by complimenting her when she changes her looks up. Pay attention when she speaks and at least show some interest in what she’s saying.

You need to do some fun things with her. Invite her places. Show her off to all of your friends.

If you don’t cheat and lie, she won’t either. But if she catches you, best believe she will find someone much easier than you did.

Sexually, these women want to have a good time. They want someone who makes the experience fun for them. They are open to trying new things as long as it’s not too weird (and even if it is, just don’t film it).

They find pleasure with words. Pillow talk might be a favorite. They might also enjoy some tempting text messages or little romantic notes. Be clever and creative if you want them knocking down your door.

They need someone that can get them out of their heads and into their bodies. They might be so focused on talking, they may not actually get down to the act. They might be thinking so much about what they want to do, they may not actually do it. A nice massage might be just the thing to release that nervous energy and tension.

These women like their shoulders and arms touched or kissed. They may like being kissed in general. They might enjoy holding hands during the act as well. They might like their hands kissed. They may enjoy playful touching. They enjoy anything oral.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and movement. Look for their Mercury sign and then find the Venus sign closest on this page. For instance, if their Mercury is in Cancer, read Venus in Cancer.

Celebrities: Jennifer Garner, Olivia Hussey, Bette Davis, Miranda Kerr , Cher,  Lena Dunham, Joanna Lumley,  Megan Fox, Tori Spelling, Uma Thurman, Carmen Electra, Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Joan Collins, Joan Rivers, Brooke Shields, Naomi Campbell, Riley Keough, Courtney Love, Kim Carnes, Eva Green, Jessica Simpson, Tulisa, Sandra Bullock, Jacqueline Kennedy,  Jennifer Lopez, Rachel Miner,  Clara Bow, Amelia Earhart,  Sheena Easton, Helen Mirren, Eva Peron, Isabella Rossellini, Mary Pickford, Jennifer Saunders, Wallis Simpson, Venus Williams, Adele, Lil’ Kim, Alessia Cara, Adele, Sofia Vergara, Normani Kordei (Fifth Harmony), Ally Brooke (Fifth Harmony), Lauren Jauregui (Fifth Harmony)

Kpop Idols: Chaeyoung (Twice), Sunny (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD),Eunha (GFriend), Hyuna (4 Minute)

Sun in Cancer with Venus in Gemini

Sun in Gemini with Venus in Gemini

Sun in Aries with Venus in Gemini

Sun in Leo with Venus in Gemini

Sun in Taurus with Venus in Gemini

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Venus in Cancer


Feminine Identity: Venus enters the sign of Cancer, the area belonging to the greater feminine luminary, the Moon. Cancer is a cardinal sign and a water sign. There are some things Venus is comfortable with while being in Cancer, and some things she’s not. Like the Moon, Venus is a planet that represents femininity. But unlike the Moon, Venus is far more social and superficial. She’s more about pleasure, romantic love, and beauty. The Moon focuses on the emotions and commitment, which can be the good, bad, or ugly. Moon reflects overall womanhood and motherhood. Venus would rather think about life in love…rather than the responsibilities of a family and emotional commitments. She’s the young, beautiful, untouched woman. Still, at least here she can find lasting partnerships and romance.

Venus in Cancer women want to be seen as sweet, feminine, and maternal by their love interests. They might wear sweet and feminine colors like pastels or white. They might enjoy some glitter or silver, too. But if they want to get a little dangerous, they go for eye-popping red. To show that they are capable of being nurturing mothers, they might accentuate their chest a little.

Usually, they aren’t gaudy or too provocative. They want to appear like good wives. They often think about how their attire will influence their future children, too. They want to be good role models.

They don’t really care about the design of their clothes. Most of them might be fine with just a simple top and jeans. They may like loose-fitting dresses. Still, they are artistic, so they may be drawn to certain colors and designs.

However they look on the outside, it’s underneath that they care about. When going out with a love interest, they make sure to choose the finest underwear and sleep attire. Lingerie makes them feel sexy.

Venus in Cancer women attract love interests to them by being a caring, understanding, and thoughtful person in their love interest’s life. They are the ones who are there whenever they’re asked to be, buy thoughtful gifts, and lend a shoulder to cry on. They always try to be understanding.

They try to remember birthdays, the names of their love interest’s family members, and other important information about that person.

They also try to appear like good wives and mothers. They might cook and clean for a love interest. They might show interest in babies or children. They might care for animals. They will always think about their love interest’s family. They usually get close with their love interest’s mother. They work hard to win the family’s approval.

They might also want potential love interests to see how practical and smart they are. These women are capable of providing for their families because they are business-savvy, know how to nurture a business, and know where to find money. They are creative as well. They may want to be admired for these qualities.

One of Venus in Cancer women’s weakness is that they expect others to intuit their feelings. It’s hard for them to just go after whatever it is they want, so they tend to leave indirect clues that they expect love interests to pick up on. If their love interest doesn’t get the hint, they get upset. They might expect others to be as intuitive as they are.

Venus in Cancer women are also rather shy. This can be an endearing quality in some ways, but it can be a limiting quality in other ways. Because they shy away from certain things, they aren’t the most experimental and adventurous lovers. They stick with what’s familiar to them when it comes to love.

These women can be unrealistic and impressionable when it comes to what they expect out of love. They might be extremely romantic or they may be influenced by movies and romance novels to be this way. They might expect partners to wait beneath their balcony windows and whisk them away on midnight excursions. They might be disappointed by lovers who lack imagination.

Venus in Cancer women can be sensitive and moody. They might get their feelings hurt rather easily, and they aren’t against being manipulative to get back at someone.

In order to feel loved and happy, Venus in Cancers need to be pampered and cared for. They need someone to treat them gently and sensitively. They need to feel understood. They also love some imagination and romance from time to time. They need a thoughtful lover that thinks about what they want without having to be told to.

Sexually, these women are all about intimacy and feeling a sense of closeness. Sex feels pleasurable for them when they are in love with their partner. Romantic foreplay would make the experience more memorable. They may not be avante-garde, but they may be open to trying new things if they really love a partner enough. Their feelings influence them.

They may enjoy their chest being played with or kissed. They might like being touched or held by their lower stomach. They mostly like to face their lover so they can feel a connection in that person’s eyes.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is the planet of emotions, the past, and nurturing femininity. Find out what her Moon sign is. Then find the Venus sign that’s closest on this page. For example, if she’s Moon in Leo, read Venus in Leo.

Celebrities: Grace Jones, Eva Peron, Nicole Brown Simpson, Amber Tamblyn, Juliette Lewis,  Natalie Portman, Elizabeth Hurley, Judy Garland, Josephine Baker, Courteney Cox, Angelina Jolie, Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen, Stevie Nicks, Leah Remini, Ginnifer Goodwin Aubrey Plaza, Anna Friel, Barbara Stanwyck, Meryl Streep, Kristi Yamaguchi, Phyllis George, Serinda Swan, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Brigitte Nielsen, Marianne Williamson, Khloe Kardashian,  Valentino Jourdan Dunn, Anna Paquin, Hilary Swank, Halle Berry, Brit Marling,  Camilla Parker Bowles, Geri Halliwell, Maureen O’Sullivan, Colleen Moore, Mae West,  Kim Cattrall,  Iman, Alice Dellal,  Devon Aoki, Elisabeth Moss, Cameron Diaz, Raquel Welch, Tom Ford, Iris Apfel, Tia & Tamera, Dinah Jane (Fifth Harmony), Jade Villalon/Valerie (Sweetbox), Nâdiya 

Kpop Idols: Luna (f(x)), Joy (Red Velvet), Yerin (GFriend), Hwasa (Mamamoo)

Sun in Leo with Venus in Cancer

Sun in Taurus with Venus in Cancer

Sun in Gemini with Venus in Cancer

Sun in Cancer with Venus in Cancer

Sun in Virgo with Venus in Cancer

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Venus in Leo


Feminine Identity: Venus enters the sign ruled by the Sun, Leo. Here, she meets fixed fire. Sun is naturally falling in one of Venus’s signs, Libra, so there are going to be some things Venus isn’t comfortable with in Leo. Still, there are things that Venus can handle here. For one, Leo is highly romantic. Venus is the planet of love. In Leo, Venus is able to enjoy love to the fullest. Our Venus in Leo ladies are very good at honoring Venus in their own special way. They are just a little more independent and can be self-centered.

Venus in Leo women want to be seen as faithful, generous, sweet, creative, popular, and attractive but also confident and independent.

If Venus in Leo women could have their way, they’d want their love interests to see them as any and everything any man would want! Venus in Leo women are all about putting their best out there. They want their love interest to see nothing but the best in them. They want their love interest to see their strengths.

Generally, when these women are around their love interests, they try not to show their sadness or anger. They want their love interests to see them smiling and having fun at all times.

They want to appear confident and independent. They don’t want to appear clingy. They want to show a love interest that they have a lot to offer. They want to show their accomplishments and what they could share with a love interest if they were to merge. They want to be considered “rare” and valuable.

When trying to attract their love interests, they might choose colors that help them stand out. They usually go for sunny or sunrise colors like red, orange, yellow, and gold. They might like soft pinks and purple as well. They may like to show or highlight their back and shoulder, which would make them seem confident. They might show a little bit of their chest as well. They do like to show some skin, but they have too much dignity to come out of the house looking tasteless and classless.

They try to attract their love interest to them by looking their best when they’re around them, by wearing confidence, by flirting, and by giving everything they’ve got.

They are very generous. They give of time, resources, energy, and effort when they like someone. They want their love interest to feel special. They can get really creative when it comes to trying to impress their love interest. They want to be unforgettable. They want their love interest to feel like royalty.

They generally like to make their love interest laugh. They try to be a ray of sunshine in their love interest’s life.

Venus in Leo’s weakness is that they have very high standards for love. They treat their lovers like royalty, but they also expect to be treated like queens. They usually want their way in a relationship. They want the relationship to go the way they want it to. They expect their partners to be romantic, chivalrous, sexy, attractive, confident, and accomplished-just as they feel they are. You have to get on their level in life.

They’re also popular and they know it! They can get any suitor they want to. Though they generally are faithful, they aren’t against flirting a little and dancing a little with someone else if they feel their partner isn’t giving them enough attention.

And they require a lot of attention. If they get a flat tire, you’d better be there to pick them up. If they are having a bad day, you’d better listen. If they’re bored, you’d better entertain them. They aren’t giving anything up for anyone who isn’t willing to jump and leap for them.

They get jealous rather easily as well. Don’t you dare even acknowledge that another woman is attractive. Though they love to be flattered and may innocently flirt with others, they can’t handle it when their partners do the same thing. They may only accept their partner stepping out if both parties agree to have more than one partner. This means Venus in Leo women will explore, too. It’s only fair.

They can be a little bossy and dominant. They are often more sure of themselves than some of their love interests, so they end up doing all the planning and telling their lovers what to do.

In order to feel loved and happy, these women have to feel like queens. They need their partners acting as both kings and servants. They need someone to take care of them, someone who is always there for them, someone who is always into them. They need attention and affection. Their partner should always notice when they style themselves up or when they need help. They need a partner that is creative and romantic. They need someone adventurous and fun. They need to be living their fullest life with a lover.

Though they want a servant, they also need a king. They need a partner that is proud of them and stands by them. They need a partner that takes the lead in most affairs and takes the reins from this women every once in a while. They want a partner that is confident and content.

Sexually, these women want to feel wanted. They want their partners to work to please them. They also want to have fun. They can be adventurous and a bit of an exhibitionist. Sex is usually a love-making experience for them. They would want all of their sex partners to be in love with them. They won’t tolerate their partner having too many other sex partners.

They might enjoy their backs being caressed and their chests being played with or kissed.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. Look at the Sun sign then find the Venus sign that’s closest on this page. For example, if her Sun is in Virgo, read Venus in Virgo.

Celebrities: Nicole Kidman, Crystal Renn, Paula Abdul, Kathleen Turner, Zoe Saldana, Leelee Sobieski, Diane Kruger, Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl Cole, Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Gina Lollobrigida, Selena Gomez, Linda Cardellini, Whitney Houston, Monica Lewinsky,  Madonna, Stephanie Seymour, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate O’Mara, Amy Adams, Kelis, Coco Chanel, Amy Winehouse, Greta Garbo, Salma Hayek, Lauren Bacall, Anna Karina, Faith Hill, LeAnn Rimes, Shirley Ann Manson, Sophie Dahl, Dita Von Teese, Olivia Newton-John, Gwyneth Paltrow, Monica Bellucci, Linda Hamilton, Lilly Singh, Chyna McClain, Michelle Branch

Kpop Idols: Tzuyu (Twice), Seohyun (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD), Umji (GFriend), Lee Hi, Jimin Park (15&)

Sun in Gemini with Venus in Leo

Sun in Cancer with Venus in Leo

Sun in Leo with Venus in Leo

Sun in Virgo with Venus in Leo

Sun in Libra with Venus in Leo

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Venus in Virgo


Feminine Identity: Venus enters Mercury’s other sign here, only this time it’s the mutable earthy Virgo. Here, Venus is in a difficult falling position. Mercury and Venus aren’t really opposite planets, but the natural nature of this earth sign makes it difficult for Venus to really blossom the way she would like. This doesn’t mean the women with this position aren’t feminine. Quite the contrary! Some of these women are quite prim, demure, and docile. They have very soft qualities at times. The real issue Venus has in this position has to deal with Virgo’s modesty. Really, Venus and Virgo have some things in common, considering she has triplicity in Virgo. They are both subtle and easy-going (Venus being a planet of pleasure and Virgo being a physical earth sign). They both believe in being fair and have a strong sense of righteousness. But the vanity of Venus is humbled in this sign. Venus is usually a pleasure-seeking, easy-going, mostly lazy goddess. She cares about material comforts as well as her appearance. She is also quite involved with love. Virgo is the sign of hard work. Virgo is practical and rejects idealistic romance. Virgo makes the person less interested in superficial looks and charms and prefers the real girl. This means that the women with this position may look fabulous, but they work hard to get there.

Some Venus in Virgo women want to be pleasing in the eyes of their love interest, no matter what that means. They want to be helpful, useful, attractive, self-sacrificing, sweet, modest, sexy-whatever will please their love interest. They work really hard to be the kind of girl their love interest can fall in love with.

Other Venus in Virgo women generally want to be seen as down-to-earth and smart. They don’t want their partners to have super high expectations of them. They would rather be their natural selves.

Many Venus in Virgo women swing between desires.

Some of them tend to want to look perfect when around someone they like. They attend to every aspect of their appearance until they can attract the right love interests to them.

They tend to choose form-flattering attire. They use natural but enhancing makeup. They don’t usually go for gaudy or colorful clothing, even if it is a bit revealing. They want most people to consider them stylish. They prefer professional and muted colors.

Other Venus in Virgo women try to be as natural and down-to-earth as possible in their appearance. They try not to put on airs. They just try to look decent and tend to their hygiene. They might want their natural beauty to shine through.

They don’t directly try to attract potential suitors to them. They are often too shy to openly flirt and they are apprehensive about love. They are modest and quiet about their feelings.

However, when they really are interested in a person, they will do anything for that person. You will notice their affections in the little things they do. They won’t outright tell you they like you. You have to pay attention.

They are the type of people to help their love interest with small errands and household tasks. They are really helpful and useful. They will be there to give advice, too.

They tease the people they like a lot, too. They tend to have a playfulness about them that’s endearing.

These people keep themselves together. When they feel unattractive, they work hard to improve themselves. They are constantly blossoming because they are always fixing themselves. They keep their bodies tight, their skin clear, their teeth in check, and their health in order. This makes them physically attractive to people.

One of Venus in Virgo women’s weakness could be that they are perfectionists. They are often very hard on themselves. Some of them have all sorts of insecurities, especially when it comes to their appearance. Many women with this placement get plastic surgery, go on diets, and try to fix themselves up in other ways to get that “perfect” look. They know logically what the beauty standards are. Many of them don’t believe in the “everyone is beautiful in their own way” philosophy. Really, all of their imperfections are what make them perfect. But it’s hard to convince them of this.

The ones that do believe everyone is beautiful in their own way had to work through many insecure moments in their lives to get to that point. This side of Venus in Virgo usually comes out much later in their lives.

They also expect perfection from suitors. They can be picky. The littlest thing can turn them off. If you really want them, you have to fix yourself to their liking. They won’t let just any person in their lives.

Venus in Virgo women are also not the most romantic individuals in the world. They are not the most imaginative. They might find some gestures to be corny or cheesy. They aren’t easily impressed by the flash or sappy gestures. They prefer someone to be real and down-to-earth in their approach.

In order to feel happy and loved, Venus in Virgo women need someone in their lives that accepts them, flaws and all. They need someone that can stick with them through everything. They want someone that appreciates them and acknowledges their efforts. They want someone who makes an effort to show their devotion as well. You don’t have to do it in fancy ways. It’s the little things that count. Just pick them up from work, offer to help them fix something, or spend some relaxing time with them. If they are having a bad day, be there to comfort them or provide a listening ear. Make life easier for them so they won’t have more stresses and worries. Help them pay some bills.

Sexually, Venus in Virgo women tend to be service-oriented. They perfect their craft until it becomes an art. They want their partners pleased and satisfied in all sexual areas. At the same time, they want a partner that is just as skilled to please them, too, even if they don’t always ask for what they want. Though they aren’t going to initiate any kinks, some of them can be kinky at times.

Their issue is they have a hard time seeing the big picture. They may get so focused on pleasing a partner, they forget to enjoy it or connect with their partner. They might also have a hard time getting out of their worries and stresses so they can be there mentally for sex. A good massage can cure this. Their partner would have to take some initiative.

They aren’t always shy, but if they don’t feel their best they won’t be aroused too easily. Their partners have to make them feel attractive and secure.

They might enjoy being touched in general while doing the act, but holding their waist might arouse them more.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and movement. Look at Mercury’s sign then find the Venus sign on this page that is closest. For instance, if Mercury is in Libra, read Venus in Libra.

Celebrities: Kylie Kardashian, Audrey Tautou, Lucille Ball, Mila Kunis, Cara Delevingne, Kate Beckinsale , Charlize Theron , Gillian Anderson , Demi Lovato , J. K. Rowling , Rosanna Arquette , Debra Messing , Alicia Witt , Charlotte Casiraghi , Sylvie Vartan , Melanie Griffith , Sarah Brightman , Lynda Carter, Pixie Geldof , Sophia Loren , Victoria Silvstedt , Evan Rachel Wood , Blake Lively , Ingrid Bergman , Amy Poehler , Luana Piovani, Pink , Rachael Ray , Stella McCartney , Brigitte Bardot , Kim Kardashian , Michelle Trachtenberg , Carrie Fisher , Sarah Ferguson , Catherine Deneuve , Kay Parker , Lourdes Ciccone-Leon , Heather Locklear , Gwen Stefani , Kate Winslet , Michelle Trachtenberg , Julie Andrews , Catherine Zeta-Jones , Nolwenn Leroy , Toni Braxton,  Joni Mitchell , Gabrielle Union , Alexa Chung,  Tara Reid , Tina Arena , Julia Roberts , Sylvia Plath , Lisa Scott-Lee, Julia Roberts, Anjelica Huston, Diana Rigg, Linda Ronstadt, Natalie Wood, Michelle Rodriguez, Mélissa Theuriau, Martha Stewart, Kylie Jenner

Kpop Idols: Tiffany (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD)

Sun in Cancer with Venus in Virgo

Sun in Leo with Venus in Virgo

Sun in Virgo with Venus in Virgo

Sun in Libra with Venus in Virgo

Sun in Scorpio with Venus in Virgo

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Venus in Libra


Feminine Identity: Venus enters her second home when she comes in contact with Libra, the air and cardinal sign. This means these women have a strong feminine identity, one that most women can’t help but admire and relate to. Libra is the sign of relationships. It’s easy for people to relate to them and therefore easy for them to form relationships with people. They are very charming. This is because they are polite, well-mannered, and considerate.

Venus in Libra women tend to want their love interests to see them as cool, sweet, intelligent, cultured, attractive, and charming-beautiful on the inside and out, mind, body, and spirit.

They want their love interests to see them as equal to them.

In order to appear calm and sophisticated, they might wear cool and soft colors like blue or pink. They tend to like clothes that bring out their best assets. This depends on their body shape, personality, and other natural assets. They know how to make their clothes work for them. They aren’t usually provocative though. They might showing some skin, but they are typically sophisticated, casual, and/or cool when dressing up. They never over-do it. They just dress up their usual.

They might want to emphasize their butt in some way, though. They might wear jeans, skirts, or shorts that give them a nice rump.

They don’t usually need to wear anything special. All they need is their charm.

Venus in Libra women attract love interests to them with their natural charms. Their ruler, Venus, gives them a natural sweet and cool temperament. Most people feel at ease in their presence. They generally try to be pleasant, polite, and open-minded when dealing with others, which makes them endearing. They use this charm to attract their love interest.

They try not to get impatient or frustrated with others, but they especially do not like to lose their temper in front of their crush. They want their love interest to mostly see them in a collected state.

They usually hate being alone, so they try to make friends with people. They are good at finding what they have in common with others. This makes them pretty popular and makes them gain others’ love quite easily. They especially try to find common ground with their love interest.

They are flirty, but they aren’t vulgar with it. They will acknowledge when someone looks good or when they like the way someone smells, but they will try not to be rude or step over any boundaries. Many people appreciate this about them.

They go out of their way to show their love for the person they’re interested in. They aren’t forceful, but they do tend to lavish affection, gifts, and other tokens of their love.

They try to fall in step with their love interest. They will attend events where their love interest is present.

The Venus in Libra woman’s weakness is that they are flirty with everyone. Sometimes, it’s hard to know who they are really interested in. They treat everyone equally. They act too cool to act desperate, but some people are left wondering about their feelings.

Venus in Libra women are also indecisive. Even when they have someone they like, they are always wondering whether they’re making the right choice. And if they have two really good suitors, they might date them both just to see if they can find the right one! They also don’t like to hurt people’s feelings, so they might give others a chance even if they know who they like.

Some of them want to be in a relationship so bad or they fear being alone so much, they settle with the first person that asks them out. They may not be sure if they like the person, but they just like the attention they’re getting from this person.

They might let their relationship define them. They might lose their own identity when with their partner. Sometimes, they end up sharing too much with their partner. If the relationship doesn’t work out, they end up losing half of the things they worked hard for. They often have a difficult time separating themselves from their partner in many ways. They should find some things they can keep for themselves and learn that it’s okay to do so.

Some Venus in Libra lack confidence. They may not feel they have what it takes to fight for the one they love. But the opposite is true! They have so much going for themselves! They just need to believe in themselves.

Venus in Libra women should avoid being superficial and judgmental. Though they’re generally pleasant around most people, deep within they tend to judge people based on their lifestyle, appearance, behavior, or mannerisms. If they let go of some of these judgments, they might be able to pick the right person for them.

In order for these women to feel happy and loved, they need to be treated as an equal. If they do something for someone, they need it returned. They don’t like double standards.

They want to feel wanted, loved, and cared for. They want someone to romance them. They want someone that buys them luxuries, takes them on dates, and tells them they are loved.

They want a partner they can do anything with. Do couple things with them. Make them feel special. Own them and acknowledge them in public.

Sexually, they just like the art of love-making and being with a partner. They love a little foreplay and romance before the act. They generally want to be pleased and they’re willing to please their partner. They may not be avant-garde in their approach, but they still have an adventurous and playful side. They can enjoy any sexual style as long as it’s not too painful or disgusting. They don’t like to get too dirty.

They might like to be held by their waist or they may enjoy their buttocks squeezed, held, or carressed during the act.

Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, gives them all the charm and beauty they need. They just have to be careful not to get too dependent on the ease Venus offers.

Celebrities: Jennie Eisenhower, Susan Saint James, Shelley Long, Beyonce Knowles, Jada Pinkett Smith, Rachel Bilson, Claudia Schiffer, Tai Babilonia, Florence Welch, Gloria Estefan, Shania Twain, Cheryl Tiegs, Hilary Duff, Susan Anton, Rita Hayworth, Elke Sommer, Grace Kelly, Vivien Leigh, Lisa Bonet, Kate Capshaw, Calista Flockhart, Anna Nicole Smith, Vera Fisher, Ciara, Emma Stone, Lorde, Rose McGowan, Hayden Panettiere, Shailene Woodley, Cassie, Jennifer Hudson, Miranda Lambert, Gloria Gaynor, Mya, Gloria Estefan, Rachael Leigh Cook, Bebe Rexha, Soko, Foxy Brown, Natalia Kills, Nikki Bella

Kpop Idols: Amber Liu (f(x)), Nayeon (Twice), Jungyeon (Twice), Momo (Twice), GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls)

Sun in Leo with Venus in Libra

Sun in Virgo with Venus in Libra

Sun in Libra with Venus in Libra

Sun in Scorpio with Venus in Libra

Sun in Sagittarius with Venus in Libra


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Venus in Scorpio


Feminine Identity: Venus enters another uncomfortable position when she enters the sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. That sign is Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. In the watery depths of Scorpio, Venus feels like she’s suffocating. Though Scorpio is subtle on the outside, Venus can’t help but feel there is something not-so-subtle going on underneath. Underneath the quiet Scorpio is a whole lot of passion and desire. Venus is not comfortable with such an extreme energy. She does everything in moderation. Scorpio, on the other hand, is an all or nothing sign. And when it comes to their own feminine identity, they are no different. They can be powerfully feminine or reject femininity altogether. If they are women who are powerfully feminine, they are all about female empowerment. These women may feel more content being single than being with a male partner. Some of them may be more interested in dating women. These women are fiercely independent, but they still enjoy all the things that make up a girl. In fact, they may feel that more people should honor femininity. These women may put a lot of emphasis on their own individual charms and beauty. They may reject the idea of women having to live up to “masculine standards” and may feel that men should do more to be like women. The ones that reject traditional femininity are out to prove they can just as powerful and strong as the boys.

Venus in Scorpio women want to be seen by their love interests as powerful, self-reliant, magnetic, sexy, wise, and intuitive individuals.

They both want to attract the right suitor towards them and scare away those that aren’t any good or can’t handle them.

While they want suitors to be attracted to them, they want suitors to like them for their strength, natural beauty, and brains. They aren’t superficial ladies. There’s always more than meets the eye, and they want suitors to know that.

While, they want suitors to be mesmerized by them, they want suitors to know they don’t need a lover to complete them. They are capable of taking care of themselves, just as a warning. Even if they know the love interest they want, they won’t let that person subdue them or stop them from getting all they want out of life.

Though they can be wrapped around a love interest’s fingers in many ways, they try not to let a love interest control them in every way. They don’t like feeling like they have to change everything they are for a love interest. They aren’t the types to want to appear desperate for a love interest, either. They know where it leads. So, they tend to tease and play hard to get sometimes.

And yet, deep down, these women are willing to change everything about themselves to gain their love interest’s affections. It’s because these women are the types to be willing to do anything for a love interest that they put up their defenses. They just don’t want their love interest to know that and use it to their advantage. It takes the right love interest to ignite their passion and desire to be and do anything for love.

Everyone wants to be attractive and loved. In order to give just enough sexiness and yet keep some power to themselves, these ladies tend to be drawn to clothing in black or dark red and maroons. They go through many style transformations. At one point in their lives, they might go for more form-fitting attire, only to add sharp accessories that instill some fear. They might wear loose-fitting clothing so they can leave something for the imagination. They might wear a little sheer just to tease a love interest. They might get their nails done and wear perfume, too. They can be gaudy and provocative at times, and then flip the script and be conservative. They tend to be like a spy, switching identities constantly.

Venus in Scorpio women attract love interests to them in very subtle ways. They aren’t open flirts. They aren’t overt at all. While everyone is asking a partner to dance or sitting down and flirting, Venus in Scorpio women are hanging back in the corner, watching and observing. They are lone wolves. Some might already be on the floor by themselves, eyeing the one they want and silently asking their love interest to come and get them.

They can be a little shy of too much attention, so they might not make themselves noticeable to their love interest. But if that person is observant enough, they can catch their seduction through their eyes. The eyes are the window to their emotions. That’s where they hide their deep well. Through their eyes, you can see their real feelings.

Venus in Scorpio women are the queens of staring. They know how to mesmerize love interests with a look. They tell a story and send signals with their eyes. They might even add a little magnetic smile there.

Their mysterious aura can be attractive to those who take the time to notice. They’re like a magician casting a person under their spell. And the fact that they are hard to catch is even more appealing.

They also tend to do a lot of research about the one they are interested in just so they can know what their love interests like and want. They observe, too. As a result, they know how to satisfy their love interest’s desires. By the time a love interest has noticed them, they would’ve known more about the love interest than that person knows themselves! The right one will find this intriguing. They are super intelligent and can work rings around a partner. This can be powerfully sexy. Their research helps them keep a love interest satisfied and content.

Despite the fact that Venus in Scorpio women hate to be desperate for love, they are willing to do anything to obtain the one they love. This is what makes their love so deep and meaningful. It’s because their emotions run so deep. They are willing to give their everything-money, time, energy, body, and soul. Some of them are even willing to die for the one they love. They will be cute, sweet, sexy, good wives, anything their love interest wants them to be if it means they can have the person’s love in return. Some people find their undying loyalty irresistible.

These women are passionate about anything and anyone they want. Their passion is evident in the way they do things. This can be alluring.

These women are also willing to break all social rules when it comes to love. Many people find this appealing. They don’t care what others think. They can get lost in a love.

The Venus in Scorpio woman’s weakness is her need to control how everything goes. She plans all of her moves carefully, but when things go astray, which it often does in love, she gets knocked off-balance. She may form love-hate relationships with lovers because she’s both in control and out of control when in love. She may want love to be the way she wants it to be, but the other person is another being with needs and desires as well.

There’s also some things she keeps close to her chest, things she’s not willing to give up, and things she’s not willing to accomodate on. But she may expect that from a partner.

As much as these women respect control, they can get lost in love and lose all of their control. They might lose their whole identities while in a relationship. This is why infidelity is the worst for them. If you leave them, they might feel as if they are losing everything. This can cause them to get vengeful.

They are known for not fully trusting others, not even the one they love. They don’t always stalk their lovers, but they might at times. Their jealousy can be nasty. They can be possessive and obsessive. They don’t let things go. If they even suspect their lovers of giving their time and devotion to someone else, it can get ugly. Remember I said they’d do anything for the one they love?

With harsh aspects and the right motivation, they will fight and kill for their lovers, too. They don’t like competition. And if their love interest gives the competition any attention, they will be resentful. They don’t even want their lover spending more time with family and work than with them, let alone another broad.

Then the amount of drama they need to be happy in a relationship can be overwhelming. They need a relationship to be deep, passionate, and meaningful. They expect their partner to make a lot of sacrifices for them. They are known for their ultimatums, which can make lovers feel like they’re in a binding contract rather than a loving relationship with a healthy moderate exchange.

Because they get so deeply involved in their relationships, it’s hard for their lovers to let loose and have a good time. This isn’t to say they can’t be fun partners, but they aren’t a “hook up” buddy, either. There are always strings attached with these ladies. You’re not just going to have your fun with them, move on, and come back later. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’d best lay all your cards on the table. Once you’re with them, though, you’re with them for life or you’re not with them at all. There’s no fooling around and playing games with this emotional water sign. No way. They will find a way to keep you or they will let you go and you’ll be dead to them.

In order to keep the Venus in Scorpio woman feeling happy and loved, you must be genuine. That’s it. While you would think it would be that simple, in order to prove you’re genuine you must be willing to sacrifice and share everything you have and are with this person. You must be willing to ride or die with them, just like they are willing to do the same for you. The ones that aren’t serious will cower away from this. The ones that are totally in love with Venus in Scorpio will find these demands to be easy.

She wants someone who’s willing to invest the time and effort it takes to keep her around. She wants love to have meaning. She wants it to transform her life. She needs someone deep, someone who isn’t superficial.

Sexually, these women are passionate. They don’t just give up their bodies to anyone, so when they do find the right lover, they let it all out. They enjoy skin to skin action. They might be experimental and a little kinky (they are willing to break all rules when it comes to sexuality), but they need to have a deep connection with their partner in order to be willing to do it at all. And when they do give and get it all, they need to know that they are the only one. Sex is their confirmation of their love. If their partner steps out on them, that’s ultimate betrayal. They might pretend to forgive you, but they will never forget. Best believe they will find some way to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

They should be careful not to use sex for power in their relationship or to keep a relationship going, though. Sex can’t buy love all the time.

They may enjoy their inner thighs rubbed or kissed during the experience. They may like to be held at the waist. They may like their toes kissed or rubbed, too. The may like their sexual organs teased in some way, too. They might like to return the favor to their partner.

Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars and is currently ruled by Pluto. Look for her Mars and Pluto signs. Then, find the Venus sign on this page that’s closest. For example, if she has Mars and/or Pluto in Sagittarius, read Venus in Sagittarius.

Celebrities: Lisa Scott-Lee, Nicole Richie Naomi Watts, Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, Sigourney Weaver, Demi Moore, Brittany Murphy, Winona Ryder, Jodie Foster, Anne Hathaway, Goldie Hawn, Chloe Sevigny, Carly Rae Jepsen, Gemma Ward, Jean Shrimpton, Kris Kardashian, Teri Hatcher, Katie Holmes, Milla Jovovich, Lara Stone, Felicity Huffman, Jane Birkin, Vanessa Hudgens, Nelly Furtado, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Silverman, Bette Midler, Lucy Pinder, Dionne Warwick, Ellie Goulding, Marianne Faithfull, Carla Bruni, Annie Lennox, Diane von Furstenberg, Holly Madison, Halsey

Kpop Idols: Krystal Jung (f(x)),  BoA, Jisoo (BlackPink), Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD), Yuju (GFriend)

Sun in Virgo with Venus in Scorpio

Sun in Libra with Venus in Scorpio

Sun in Scorpio with Venus in Scorpio

Sun in Sagittarius with Venus in Scorpio

Sun in Capricorn with Venus in Scorpio

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Venus in Sagittarius


Feminine Identity: When Venus enters Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign, she enters a lucky placement. She doesn’t feel entirely comfortable in Sagittarius, but there are a few things she has in common with the sign. For one, Venus is a benefic planet just like Sagittarius’s ruling planet Jupiter. This makes both energies positive and beneficial all the time. Neither can ever bring too much harm. Of course, too much of a good thing can cause some problems. Venus likes that Sagittarius provides a life of ease. They both want to have a good time. With all the luck she gets in this placement, why work? On the other hand, this combination can cause laziness and weight gain. Venus is also different from Sagittarius in many ways. She may not like the exaggerated nature of Sagittarius because it causes too much drama. She might also find Sagittarius to be blunt, fiery, and unrefined. She’s into balance and harmony. Sagittarius isn’t always interested in pretending they’re everybody’s friend. Last, while it’s easy for her to attract love in this sign, it’s hard to keep it consistent.

Venus in Sagittarius women want their love interests to see them as fun, good-humored, adventurous, positive, knowledgeable, and experienced individuals. They want their love interests to know they won’t tie them down.

They tend to want to be the ideal girl in their love interest’s eyes. They want to be sexy, cute, beautiful, sweet, quiet, talkative, independent and yet co-dependent, a friend, a good wife, a good mother and everything in between! While achieving all of this is difficult, if it’s not impossible, they will try it!

Some of them are religious, spiritual, and/or philosophical. They want their love interests to know they have morals and ethics. They generally try to be good to people, especially the one they love. This might tame the wild spirit of Sagittarius just a little more.

They can be generous with their love interests, showering affection and an abundance of resources to impress their love interests.

They also try to impress their love interests with their accomplishments. They want their love interests to know that if they get with them, they can share in their wealth.

These women might wear clothing that displays their success and wealth in some way. They might like wearing designer items when around someone they like. Or they might prefer casual clothes that are loose-fighting, like a loose-fighting dress that blows in the breeze or some dusty jeans. They might care less how they look in front of their love interest. Some might like to show some skin. They may especially like to show their legs. Short skirts and shorts might be preferred. Some of them tend to like colorful or eclectic fashions that display their humor and individuality. These ladies look good with or without weight, so they can gain or lose and still manage to look good!

Venus in Sagittarius women attract love interests to them through their sheer zest for life. They just appear like a lot of fun. They have a careless nature that makes them seem easy to be around. They always seem young, no matter how old, so they never lose suitors.

They are not usually shy. They are flirty and honest. They compliment their love interests and might invite them to dance. You’d better take them up on that offer when you can. These ladies tend to move on fast!

The ones that are shy can’t help but show their excitement all over their face. They are known for being a little too enthusiastic when their crush is around, so they’re pretty obvious.

A lot of suitors are attracted to them because they don’t seem demanding. They seem to keep lovers at arms-length and they seem up for a good time. They seem down for an open relationship. Even if they are looking for something stable, they seem to know how to keep things exciting and sexy even in committed relationships.

They know how to make people laugh. They always know how to make love interests smile, which is very appealing. And they tend to have dazzling smiles themselves.

The Venus in Sagittarius woman’s weakness is that she’s difficult to pin down. She might think you’re cute and all, but that doesn’t mean she’s always looking for anything serious.  Even sex is not enough to make her stay in a steady relationship. You’ve got to offer so much more than that. Even when in a steady relationship, she’s also always busy doing something. She’s outgoing and on-the-go. If you’re looking to make her into a domestic kitten, you’ll be disappointed. For her, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. She needs her space, independence, and freedom.

As easy-going as she looks, she’s far more difficult to please than she appears. It’s not that she can’t get all she wants herself, in fact she’d rather, but if you really want her to stay loyal and connected to you, you have to be an asset. You need to make a committed relationship beneficial and worth her while. You need to be dropping money. You need to be making love to her. You need to be going out of your way to take her on some of your adventures. And most importantly, you need to respect and accept her right to be herself.

It might seem that she expects perfection from a lover. She is idealistic and does want to be put on a pedestal. She wants to be treated like a trophy girl. You need to be proud of her and show her off. You need to show her how much you want her. That means you’ve got to travel the world over to please her.

She can be a little insensitive. She tends to be blunt to a fault and may seriously hurt a person’s feelings. She might jump into affairs and quickly cut them off, not caring who she hurts. She might dump people for lacking in some way, and she won’t be afraid to say it. Venus certainly doesn’t get along with this unrefined nature, so she might lose love interests because of her mouth.

Some of these women are careless in general. They might drink and drive, they might sleep around and have too many children, or they might go out clubbing all night, no matter who’s at home watching the kids. Of course, the whole natal chart would shed more light on this tendency. This happens with the less evolved types. This type might have a difficult time taking responsibility.

She has a hard time taking responsibility during arguments, too. If you come to her about something, about anything, her first reaction is to run, run, run. She doesn’t like negativity. She doesn’t want to talk about her feelings and how serious she needs to be. She wants to think about nothing but positive things when with someone she loves. She feels if a lover can’t make her happy all the time, then that person isn’t the one for her. This is a nearly impossible standard though.

She might be preachy or take the moral high road. She won’t act like a victim, but she may always think she’s right and everyone else is wrong, including her lover.

In order to keep this lady feeling happy and loved, she needs someone who makes her life better. She wants a partner that makes her feel more attractive, happier, and more confident. She wants someone who is positive, someone who is generous, and someone who accepts her. She needs to feel like a trophy in the eyes of her partner.

Sexually, these women are open-minded and adventurous. They enjoy the experience best when it’s fun. They like to try new things, but they don’t like when foreplay is too complicated. They don’t like to take too much time on foreplay. They eventually need the action.

They may like their legs held, kissed, or caressed during the act.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Look at the Jupiter sign and then find the Venus sign on this page that’s closest. For example, if Jupiter is in Capricorn, read Venus in Capricorn.

Celebrities:  Christa Päffgen ‘Nico’, Suzanne Somers, Bella Thorne, Dawn French, Keyshia Cole, Angela Lansbury, Margaret Thatcher, Kelly Osbourne, Kendall Kardashian, Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry,  Sasha Cohen, Nicollette Sheridan, Jean Seberg, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christina Aguilera, Alyssa Milano, Kim Basinger, Beatrice Dalle, Tina Turner, Judi Dench, Julie Delpy, Jane Fonda, Christina Applegate, Amanda Seyfried, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora Nigella Lawson, Donna Summer, Vanessa Paradis, Carolina Herrera, Georgia Jagger,  Christian Louboutin, Eliza Dushku, Francoise Hardy, Michelle Stanley, Diane Sawyer Anita Pallenberg, Farrah Fawcett, Emma Bunton, Melanie Safka, Jeanne Moreau, Rosamund Pike, Tatyana Ali, Raven Symone, Meghan Trainor, Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch

Kpop Idols: Dara (2ne1), Song Qian (Victoria of f(x)), Sana (Twice)

Sun in Libra with Venus in Sagittarius

Sun in Scorpio with Venus in Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius with Venus in Sagittarius

Sun in Capricorn with Venus in Sagittarius

Sun in Aquarius with Venus in Sagittarius

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Venus in Capricorn


Feminine Identity: Venus enters the cardinal earthy Capricorn. This sign is ruled by the cold and calculating planet Saturn. There are some things that Venus is comfortable with here, and some things she’s not too keen on. Saturn is exalted in Venus’s own sign, Libra. Therefore, Venus understands Saturn’s need for self-control, modesty, and relationship responsibility. She relates to Capricorn’s reserved nature. But Capricorn can be a little more firm about it. Venus is easy-going and not as serious as Capricorn is. She’s happy as long as a relationship is pleasurable. Capricorn wants to place rules and boundaries, which can make a relationship less pleasurable and ideal.

Venus in Capricorn women want their love interests to see them as ambitious, hard-working, down-to-earth, cool, dependable, mature, and loyal individuals.

They want their love interests to know that they can be good providers and will make good mates. They want their love interests to see they have a lot to offer. But they want the dirty dogs to know they also don’t play any games.

These women are mature and looking for real love. Even with someone they’re really attracted to, they set those boundaries.

Mostly, though, they are goal-oriented. When they set their sights on someone, they are determined to win that person’s affections.

In order to give them just the right class and just the right sexy, they aim for form-fitting attire in business, earthy, or sleek colors. They might be a fan of pencil skirts or bodycon dresses. These ladies like to stay in shape. They might choose attire that gives them a slimmer waist.

They may not show a lot of skin, but they make sure you know what’s going on underneath. Some do show a lot of skin if they’re feeling ambitious enough. They know what it takes to get their love interest to notice them. When they do show skin, they might like to show off their legs.

Leather always makes them feel sexy and in control.

They might whiten their teeth and make sure their skin is glowing before they get around their love interest. They might feel self-conscious if they wear braces unless braces are the new trend.

They like to look like they are worth it, so they might wear name brand attire or high-quality clothing and accessories.

Then there are others who are more simple.

Venus in Capricorn women attract love interests to them in traditional ways. They might flirt quietly and maturely. They might offer to cook dinner for a lover or they might buy or make their love interest a gift.

Love interests are drawn to them because they appear cool, calm, and in control. There’s a bossy sexiness about them. They seem to be able to manage a whole lot at the same time. The only thing they can’t control is their charisma.

These ladies like to take their time. They don’t like to rush. Those who appreciate that in a woman will love this about her.

These women seem like they have it all together. They are smart, practical, and wise. They are good with finances. They seem to have their scruples. When you get to know them, you realize they know what they’re doing.

Despite the fact that these women seem to be in control, these women cherish the simple things in life, and this makes them appear like simple lovers. While some Venus in Capricorns may intimidate suitors because they seem difficult to please and they seem to be self-reliant, others may be so appreciative of the little things in life that they may seem easy to please.

Because these women usually have their own money and other assets, they are willing to split the bill or treat their partner to some dinner sometimes. This can be attractive to a partner who wants to be taken care of.

These women aren’t attention-seekers when it comes to love. In fact, they can even be shy. Even if they love attention in other aspects of their lives, when around their crush they play it cool and keep their distance. They prefer to be approached, but if they want you, they will approach you in a smooth and straightforward way after they’ve carefully thought out what they want to say.

They don’t toy with people’s feelings. Eventually, they will let you know how they feel. They just need the right time to do so.

These women are classy. Despite what you might think, they have standards and they know how to behave on a date. This can be very attractive.

They are down-to-earth though. They know how to let go and have a little fun. They can be easy-going as well. They have a sense of humor, too.

The Venus in Capricorn woman’s weakness is that she’s got far more to offer than most of her suitors can compliment. Really, she doesn’t often need a partner accept for companionship. But her success can really be intimidating, especially because she often expects partners to offer even more than she has! She wants to be taken care of, but she can really take care of herself. It’s hard finding a partner that can truly meet her halfway. She may have to lower some of her expectations a bit. But trying to tell this stubborn lady to do that is more difficult than pulling teeth.

She’s also really distant. Despite the fact that she wants companionship, she’s rather reserved and traditional in some aspects. She’s always waiting for the right time to take the next step in her relationships. While this protects her from those who aren’t serious, it can also appear like she doesn’t trust the people she loves until they have really proven themselves.

She also might take love too seriously. She’s looking for someone loyal and dependable. She’s not really into airy affairs. If she does get in one, she has to get something out of it. When she’s serious, she is. This might dull the relationship a little bit, but she will definitely try to make sure it’s worth it.

They also take their time choosing lovers. They may be sure they love someone, but they may not always be sure that person is the one. They might run away from people who really care for them because of their insecurities or fears. They sometimes take too much time trying to decide when to tell someone their feelings or when to decide to choose a lover. By the time they’ve decided, their lovers might have moved right on. They need time. Lovers who are interested have to give them that time.

She might be known to use people for money or status. Most Venus in Capricorns are not like this, but there are some out there. They might get with people for the benefits or for business rather than love or pleasure. They are practical women and study the advantages of every situation. They have to be careful not to hurt people while climbing the ladder on someone else’s back.

Most of them would rather be with someone they’re in love with though.

She’s a realist. Sometimes, this makes it seem like she lacks imagination or that she’s negative. There are times where she might cut down others’ self-esteem or bring the mood down. A lot might sound good to her, but if your promises seem unrealistic, she’ll burst your bubble quickly. It’s best to be realistic about what you can do for her.

In order to keep the Venus in Capricorn woman feeling happy and loved, you must be serious about her. Take all the steps necessary in a courtship. Take her out on a couple of dinners. Spend time with her. Get to know her life and family. Be someone she can depend on.

Nothing makes her happier than tokens of commitment. If you can’t afford a ring right now, or if she’s not ready for marriage, do something to show her how much you want her and care about her.  You have to make her feel secure.

Sexually, these women are raw and straightforward. They like the experience to be simple and earthy. They have boundaries and rules, but they don’t mind a few kinks here and there. They like role-playing a lot.

They may like their legs rubbed, kissed, or caressed. They like skin-to-skin action in general.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries. Find the sign Saturn is in and then look for the Venus sign on this page that’s closest. For example, if Saturn is in Aquarius, read Venus in Aquarius.

Celebrities: Björk, Kerli, Tyra Banks, Daryl Hannah, Britney Spears, Anna Faris, Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson,  Kate Bosworth, Abbey Clancy,  January Jones, Faye Dunaway,  Dolly Parton, Helena Rubinstein, Isla Fisher, Cindy Crawford, Kesha, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lolo Ferrari, Julianne Moore, Portia de Rossi, Erykah Badu, Kristin Kreuk, Kate Bosworth, Axelle Red, Denise Richards, Holly Marie Combs, Diane Keaton, Lucy Liu, Betty White, JoJo, Brandy Norwood, Sarah Mclachlan, SZA, Molly Ringwald, Natasha Bedingfield, Jena Malone, Corinne Bailey Rae, Olivia Cooke, Karen Gillan, Susan Downey, Sara Evans, Rebel Wilson, Virginie Ledoyen, Yunjin Kim, Sasha Banks, Lucy Punch, Rachel McAdams, Diane Neal

Kpop Idols: Jihyo (Twice), Yuri (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD), Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD), Sowon (GFriend)

Sun in Scorpio with Venus in Capricorn

Sun in Sagittarius with Venus in Capricorn

Sun in Capricorn with Venus in Capricorn

Sun in Aquarius with Venus in Capricorn

Sun in Pisces with Venus in Capricorn

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Venus in Aquarius


Female Identity: Venus enters the erratic and changeable Aquarius, ruled by changeable Uranus and limiting Saturn. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. In this sign, there are some things that are similar to her nature. She’s an air planet; Aquarius is an air sign. Venus is about close social encounters; Aquarius is the sign of friendships and associations. Both Venus and Aquarius are about fairness and justice. But they have some differences. Venus is partner-oriented while Aquarius is independent. Venus is all about physical pleasures and gratification. Aquarius can live without the material and physical world. Venus likes when things are a little more predictable and pleasant. Aquarius sweeps in with its changes regardless of who’s ready for them.

Venus in Aquarius women want to be seen as unique, independent, cool, and intelligent individuals. They would want their love interests to see them as a best friend, as someone easy-going and easy to talk to.

These ladies don’t like to be boxed in, so they generally just want their love interests to see their fun sides. They want their love interest to know they are open-minded and quirky. They are someone who doesn’t mind being a little dorky and cute at times, sassy and sexy other times.

When around their love interest, what they wear all depends on their mood and what they like at the moment. Some of them tend to wear the newest trends. Others might have their own original style. They might enjoy bold and/or cool colors like electric blue, aqua, or turquoise. They might go for some neon, too. They might like to show a little skin sometimes, and other times they might not. They might generally like to show their legs or ankles. They might like sandals or ankle bracelets. Whatever they wear, they want their love interest to see them as someone who isn’t like any other girl they’ll ever meet.

Venus in Aquarius women attract love interests to themselves by being friendly, cute, a little flirty, and honest. They aren’t overt flirts because they don’t like being desperate, but they may give hugs and cute little love notes. They might even be a little spontaneous in their approach. They like to shock their love interests.

Love interests are attracted to them because they seem to be a little rebellious. They also seem really sweet and friendly.

People are really drawn to their intelligence. They care about world affairs and have their own independent thoughts and opinions on current events. They can be a lot of airy fun, but they are brilliant thinkers.

They make great conversationalists overall. They get close to their love interest by first conversing and becoming a good friend.

These ladies are experimental. This can be really attractive. They are unafraid to try the odd, eccentric, or unusual. They draw in quite a bit of suitors as a result.

The Venus in Aquarius woman’s weakness is that she’s impersonal and super independent. She doesn’t like being defined by her relationship and won’t let a partner hang on to her. She needs space. She needs her own thing. She won’t share everything with a partner and doesn’t need to know everything about her partner. This might make the partner feel as if they’re not in a real relationship but an actual friendship.

Venus in Aquarius women never want to feel owned by a partner, no matter who they’re dating. Some of them may not even want to be introduced as someone’s girlfriend and would rather introduce themselves as an individual. Some of them might think it’s perfectly fine for them to kiss someone just for fun, swing partners, or have sex outside of the relationship as long as they officially stay with their partner. Few do this, but if there are harsh aspects and the person isn’t evolved, it’s possible. Even if these women never step out of a relationship (because most of them are loyal, being a fixed sign and all), they don’t like feeling owned or possessed. That jealousy thing is not cute to them, either.

Venus in Aquarius women can be unusual. Some of them are just quirky, but others can be real oddballs. They might have radical viewpoints. They might be involved in some suspicious things. They might do eccentric or erratic things or have weird hobbies and interests. If they can find someone with the same interests in common, this may not be a problem.

You can always count on them to be non-traditional. If you’re expecting them to be a quiet little lady cooking in the kitchen, you’ve got another thing coming.

Speaking of radical viewpoints, they can be fierce about their beliefs. They might act like know-it-alls or they may act above certain petty behaviors. As open-minded as they usually are, there are some behaviors and personalities they just don’t like. And when they don’t like it, they look down on it.

In order to make them feel happy and loved, you simply have to accept them as they are. They don’t require too much. They enjoy sweet little gestures here and there, some spontaneous surprise dates, and kisses and hugs at times. But mostly, they need someone who will treat them like a good friend. They get scared when relationships get too serious or emotionally messy. Just keep it cool and calm for them. Be open-minded.

Sexually, these ladies can take pleasure in being a little experimental. They like to try new things and step outside of the box. They might identify with many different sexualities, so sex might be an interesting experience for both partners.

On the other hand, some of them might be completely asexual and may care to have a mental connection rather than a physical one. They may be above petty physical desires and may not like being in overly sexed love affairs. These are the types that don’t like being objectified too tough.

They do get so caught in the mind that they have a difficult time coming back down to the body. They have to be tempted to want to experience it at all.

When you do bring them down to earth, they like their legs and ankles kissed and caressed during the act.

Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn and currently ruled by Uranus. Find the Saturn and Uranus sign. Then look for the Venus sign that’s closest. For example, if Saturn and/or Uranus is in Pisces, read Venus in Pisces.

Celebrities:  Taylor Swift, Ashely Benson, Brenda Lee, Sheila E, Sade Adu, Viveca Lindfors, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge,  Melanie Chisholm, Helena Christensen, Sissy Spacek, Janis Joplin, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington,  Marlene Dietrich, Pixie Lott, Kim Novak, Lauren Conrad, Nora Zehetner, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Charlotte Rampling, Chloë Moretz, Sharon Tate, Minnie Driver, Mischa Barton, Mary Quant, Yoko Ono, Sheryl Crow, Ellen DeGeneres, Heather Graham, Sharon Stone, Kristin Davis, Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Ivana Trump, Heather Graham, Karolina Kurkova, Karen Carpenter, Vanessa Williams, Tea Leoni, Glenn Close, Olivia Wilde, Kelly Rowland, Nina Simone, Beth Ditto, Christine Keeler, Anna Hutchison, Ali Larter, Sheryl Crow, Elle MacPherson,  Aretha Franklin, Emily Osment, Paris Jackson, Teri Garr, Crystal Gayle, Amanda Peet, Kirstie Alley, Dido, Linda Blair, Alyson Hannigan, Shirley Jones, Gloria Swanson, Amy Lee, K. Michelle

Kpop Idols: Rosé (BlackPink), Seulgi (Red Velvet), Moonbyul (Mamamoo)

Sun in Sagittarius with Venus in Aquarius

Sun in Capricorn with Venus in Aquarius

Sun in Aquarius with Venus in Aquarius

Sun in Pisces with Venus in Aquarius

Sun in Aries with Venus in Aquarius

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Venus in Pisces


Female Identity: Venus enters Neptune’s and Jupiter’s sign, her exalted position, Pisces last. Here, she is at her best. She sheds her physical skin for something more spiritual (or rather translucent). Here, love is boundless (they tend to see friendship, family, and romantic love as equal forms of love and they have no qualms with homosexuality and asexuality, seeing both as acceptable as heterosexuality). Beauty is limitless. Friendship is forever. Anything else you can think of that transcends the boundaries of our usual thinking relates to Neptune and the sign of Pisces.  Venus can get a lot accomplished in the realm of dreams. Of course, she’s more at home with physical pleasures usually. Here, she’s reaching places she’s never reached before, but not without sacrifice. With Pisces being ruled by Jupiter, the other benefic planet, Venus sees that nothing but good can come from this sign. There is a strong moral and idealistic lean coming from planet Jupiter which makes love seem far more beautiful than it ever does in her own home. Of course, Jupiter is the planet of exaggeration…

Venus in Pisces women want their love interests to see them as sweet, feminine, easy-going, understanding, attractive, and as a soul mate. They want to be their love interest’s ideal girl. They want to make life easier for their love interests. They are willing to sacrifice a lot to make sure their love interests are happy.

They want their love interests to always see the good in them, to always be happy with them, to always accept them. They want to always be considered beautiful on the inside and out by a lover, no matter what happens or what obstacles come in the way. They even want their flaws to be accepted by a love interest.

In order to make their love interests happy, they might often shape-shift their appearance. They are amazing when it comes to the art of disguise. They are the best actors and queens of shape-shifting. They can recreate themselves into their lovers’ ideal. So, their image may change according to who they’re interested in.

If they are more confident in themselves, they may go for more feminine and soft colors. They might wear sensual and flowing fabrics. Some of them like to show skin, but many of them are too shy to expose too much. If their love interest really likes it, they will do it. But if they find that their love interest dislikes it, they will cover up more. They are adaptable. They might enjoy trying to figure out which look will work.

They may not care too much about their wardrobe, but their shoes will say everything. They might wear sexy shoes to attract the one they like. They will have pedicures more than likely. That’s how you’ll know they’re serious.

Venus in Pisces women attract love interests to them by being kind and sympathetic. They listen to their love interests. They quite often let the ones they love take the lead and seldom complain. They seem quiet, humble, and feminine, which is highly attractive to suitors.

They allow their love interests a lot of freedom. They don’t care if their love interests have a girlfriend or doesn’t love them in return. Their love is boundless. They tend to be the hopeless romantic at times and they often accept things from a relationship other women would not.

They are easygoing and content. They don’t have physical or material demands. They just want to have a good time and feel connected with their partner. They want to be held and kissed. They want to be told they are loved. That’s all they require. Most suitors are drawn to their simplicity.

These women have a soft and gentle allure. They appear delicate, like they need someone to help them and care for them. They also welcome all sorts of people with open arms, so they seem like a good person to go to for anything. They are willing to help and care for their love interests in return and they are seldom judgmental.

Venus in Pisces women are too shy to outwardly ask someone out. They might flirt shyly or they may be a little playful with someone they like. But actually confessing their feelings might be a little challenging. They might hope their love interest notices them.

The Venus in Pisces woman’s weakness is that she’s just not sure what she wants. She wants to be loved, but she’s often not sure who she really wants. If too many people ask her out at once, she might date them all, not really knowing how to push suitors away and maybe not really wanting to. She may like keeping her options open and having many suitors dote upon her.

She doesn’t state what she wants in a relationship either. This is because she doesn’t really know what she wants. She often lets her lovers walk all over her. She may be unhappy, but may not say anything. She may not know what to say. Later, she might become like a passive-aggressive or manipulative shark to get what she wants. All she would’ve needed to do was speak up. But because she’s afraid of disappointing her lover and arguing, she may be indirect and secretive.

She might even cheat behind her lover’s back.

This woman is also rather sensitive. She hates arguing, as was mentioned. She won’t like her flaws being thrown in her face. That’s sure to destroy the ideal love she wants. And it’s sure to make her want to run for the hills-or into the arms of someone else.

These women are also too idealistic in love. It can be bad for them and their partner. They tend to let in losers that aren’t good for them just to have love and that feeling of freedom. They really shy away from commitment because there’s too much responsibility and obligation involved. They also don’t like having to meet others’ expectations. That’s partially why they don’t state their demands. They don’t want people handing them a list of demands so they try not to do it to others.

This idealistic streak can be bad for their partners, too. They might expect their partners to be the perfect lovers, like the ones they read about in books or see on the movie screen. They might idolize their crush even. That can be hard to live up to.

These girls have a difficult time functioning alone. Though they can be independent and like their freedom, they suffer with break-ups more than others. It’s hard for them to bounce back. The problem is they tend to give too much of themselves away. They also become too emotionally dependent on their partner to the point they get lost after the relationship is over. They have to maintain some independence.

These ladies can be distant. They know how to distance themselves emotionally. They just don’t know how to hurt others’ feelings, which they have to do sometimes.

Last, these ladies are too quick to lose themselves in a partner. They are willing to change everything they are. They shouldn’t have to do all of that to please anybody. If the people in their lives can’t accept them for the beautiful, alluring, and compassionate people they are, they don’t need them!

In order to continue feeling loved and happy, these women need to be accepted, loved, and romanced. They want their fantasies to come true. They want to feel like they can escape the pressures of the world when with a love interest. They want to spend alone time with a lover. They want to be hugged and kissed. Show your affection.

Sexually, these ladies are open-minded but a little shy. They need someone to help them test the waters. Once they dive in though, they generally just get consumed by the experience. They have to be careful not to get addicted. They absolutely love sensual pleasures. They love losing their minds, bodies, and spirits for a while. Love-making could be an outlet for them.

They tend to like role-playing, experimenting, and kinks. They might have some fantasies they want fulfilled, but they might be too shy to initiate them. If they have a gentle and pleasing partner, they might be able to share their fantasies or their partner will ask.

Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter and currently ruled by Neptune. Find the signs of Jupiter and Neptune. Then find the Venus signs that are closest. For instance, if Jupiter and/or Neptune are in Aries, read Venus in Aries.

Celebrities: Zooey Deschanel, Michelle Obama, Shirley Bassey, Isabel Lucas, Alicia Keys, Natalie Imbruglia, Sasha Pivovarova, Agyness Deyn, Doutzen Kroes, Selita Ebanks, Geena Davis, Vanessa Redgrave, Drew Barrymore, Olivia Palermo, Ursula Andress, Rachel Weisz, Eva Herzigová, Laura Dern, Charlotte Church, Victoria Beckham, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Lucy Lawless, Maria Sharapova, Kate Hudson, Céline Dion, Reese Witherspoon, Kourtney Kardashian, Norah Jones, Claire Danes, Suri Cruise, Joss Stone, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jennifer Grey, Diana Ross, Penélope Cruz,  Kelly Clarkson, Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Pfeiffer, Barbra Streisand, Bettie Page, Andie Macdowell, Queen Elizabeth, Emma Roberts, Dove Cameron, Camila Cabello, Becky G

Kpop Idols:  Jennie (BlackPink), Wendy (Red Velvet), Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation/SoShi/SNSD), Solar (Mamamoo), Wheein (Mamamoo)

Sun in Capricorn with Venus in Pisces

Sun in Aquarius with Venus in Pisces

Sun in Pisces with Venus in Pisces

Sun in Aries with Venus in Pisces

Sun in Taurus with Venus in Pisces

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I hope you enjoyed this article. Sorry for the length. :/ But I hope you’re able to understand women and their feminine energy a little more. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Share your Venus sign!

Venus the goddess is everywhere there is love, peace after war, beauty and style, comfort and pleasure

Venus the goddess is everywhere there is love, peace after war, beauty and style, comfort and pleasure

Introduction To Astrology: The Signs, Aspects, and Houses

6 Mar

You may have heard of zodiac Signs. You may have gone through life asking people what their “Signs” are. You may know of the Signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. If you don’t know those Signs:

sign chart

The 12 signs of the zodiac

The 12 Signs of the zodiac

signs chart

Keywords for the Signs


sign symbols

sign symbols

What you may not know is that these “Zodiac Signs”, fit for your birthday, are one of 10 (and more) main “planetary” Signs you have in your natal chart. The zodiac Signs most people know are Sun Signs. Did you know that you also have Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto Signs? These planets enter each of the 12 zodiac Signs you’re most familiar with. So if you thought your sign was “Aquarius”, for example, remember that your Sun Sign is Aquarius. This means the Sun, the actual star in the sky, was moving into the constellation or the Sign of Aquarius. This is why you’re able to find your Sun sign just by knowing your birthday. The Sun stays in one sign for about a month. This is why these “Zodiac Signs” became really popular. The Sun is the center of the universe and is most visible to us. Therefore, it rules over “consciousness” astrologically. It’s no wonder we are most aware of this sign of all of them.



planet chart


Finding the other Signs can often confuse most people. In order to find the other Planetary Signs, you would have to find a natal chart. With modern technology, you can find a FREE natal chart online! Now people are able to learn more about their other Signs. The whole chart gives us a complete picture about ourselves. It’s not something to let rule over your life. It’s something that can help you reflect upon yourself. It gives you insight and tells your story in words. Natal charts don’t tell you exactly who you are, but they do reveal potential and tendencies that we may overlook in our personalities and lives. Only we know how the information can be applied in our lives. The charts just give us the visual to describe what is already there.

To get your FREE natal chart, my personal favorite website is

On the left-hand side of the screen, there are three bars next to the word “Horoscopes”. Click the three bars to reveal a drop-down menu. Click the drop-down menu under “Horoscope Drawings & Data”. In that drop-down menu, click “Extended Chart Selection”. Click “Enter Birth Data” (For visitors who do not yet have a user profile). Enter your information. In order to find your house placements, you will need to know what time you were born. If you don’t know that yet, you can put in “Unknown”, but you will only see your Planets in Signs.

After entering your data, you will come to another page. The Chart Type should say “Natal Chart Wheel” and Chart Drawing Style should be “Web Default Style”. Then, click the green button that says “Show The Chart”.

This is what your chart should look like.

chelsie's chart

After you have your natal chart, look at the box on the left-hand side. There is the symbol representing the planet, the name of the planet written out for you, and the sign to the right of it. On the big wheel, the different symbols on the chart show you the planets’ symbols as well as the sign it’s in. Let’s just focus in on the box to the left. First pick a planet, then to the right of the planet, look at the sign next to it.

Sun to Pluto are the most important for those just studying. They are the “planets” that rule over the 12 Signs. They have symbols next to them, too. When you see a planet next to a sign, it means this planet has entered this sign when you were born. So basically, you have a Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Mercury Sign, Venus Sign, etc.

All of the planets have their own meaning. All of the Signs have their own meaning. Let me help you understand what they mean. We combine their meanings to get the whole story. When a planet enters a sign, it is telling you “your needs” (planet) and “how you express yourself to get your needs met in that area” (sign). The planet is the “need”, the sign is “how you express the need so you can get the need met”. The chart is telling you things about your personality.

In order to begin to understand the rest of what you’re about to read, it’s important to get to know the Planets and Signs well. It takes practice.

To understand the gist of planetary meanings, the Charts Above titled “Ruling Planets”, “The Planets”, “Planets”, and “Planet” can tell you what the planets and luminaries mean in basic terms. Then move to the charts that elaborate on the Signs, which are also above, just below the planets. Combine the meaning of the planet and sign charts to get a better understanding of what the Planet in Sign means in full detail.  We are most familiar with the Sun, so I’ll start there.

If Sun is in Leo, let’s look at the meaning of the Luminary/Planet Sun and the meaning under the Sign of Leo. The Sun is the ego or expression, just using two key words on the charts above, right? Leo is creative and popular, using two words from the charts above. This means the individual expresses their “ego” and “expression” in a creative way. This may also mean their ego and expression are somehow related to being popular, too. This tells us that the Sun in Leo individual must have a very colorful persona, due to being so creative, and they love attention! Their ego and expression are tied to being popular and creative. The Sun is the “need” to express ourselves, our ego, our identity. Leo is “how” someone would express that need to get it met, and Leos would be pretty creative in order to express themselves and get noticed.

We all have a Sun Sign, and all need attention or to feel important to a certain degree. The Sun represents that side to all of us. But how we go about it makes all the difference, and that’s where the Signs come in.

Let’s look at some of the other Luminaries and Planetary bodies.

I’ll use Moon in Taurus as an example next. Moon is the planet of emotions, just picking a keyword from the chart here. Taurus is sensual and pleasure-seeking. So, this may mean that these individuals need something sensual and pleasure-seeking for emotional reasons or it is related to their feelings and emotions in some way.

Do you see how it works now? If not, leave me a comment.

Each sign is also ruled by one of these planets. The Charts Above show which Planet rules over each Sign. The Ruling Planet’s Sign has influence on other Signs ruled BY the planet. I’ll explain this a little more.

Sun rules over Leo

Moon rules over Cancer

Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo

Venus rules over Taurus and Libra

Mars rules over Aries and Scorpio (traditionally)

Jupiter rules over Sagittarius and Pisces (traditionally)

Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius (traditionally)

Uranus rules over Aquarius

Neptune rules over Pisces

Pluto rules over Scorpio

So even though each of these Planets enter a Sign, they each rule over a Sign, even when they haven’t entered in one. This means that particular Planet is so similar in meaning and expression to that particular Sign, the Planet influences any other Planets that enter the Sign similar to the Planet.

The Sun and Leo have a lot in common, for example. The Sun is about the ego and creativity. Leo is known as a sign that can be a little egocentric and VERY creative. So, no matter what planet is in Leo, the Sun, the ruling planet of Leo, will influence that planet. So imagine how powerful the expression will be when the Sun is IN the sign of its ruler! That person would have the Sun Sign of Leo, and we would call that position domicile.

So let me elaborate a little on what I said. For example, if your Mars is in Leo, you would look at the Sun, the ruling planet of Leo, and see the Sign Sun is in. In the chart above, they have Mars in Leo. Their Sun Sign is also in Leo. Sun in Leo influences Mars in Leo because that is Leo’s ruling planet, no matter what.

Another example, they have Moon in Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus. This person’s Venus is in Leo. So Venus in Leo influences Moon in Taurus. Sometimes, the person may connect with a Moon in Leo simply because their ruling planet, Venus, is in Leo.

Look for your venus and mars

Look for your Venus and Mars

Almost every Luminary and Planet has a Domicile position, an Exalted position, a Falling position, and a Detrimental position. These are called major Dignities and Debilities. There are other dignities, but these are the main ones. The outer generational planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are still undecided when it comes to Exaltation and Fall. There have been suggestions, but nothing definite.

Just because someone has one of these positions doesn’t mean that people are more blessed or more cursed than others. But it does give us insight as to how closely connected the individual sign is to the planet. It can also tell us whether we fall into society’s norms or deviate. Depending on the society, it could be an asset to be different. It’s something to study and reflect on for anybody.

dignities and debilities

Domiciles-Usually when the Planet is in the Sign it rules. In Chelsie’s chart above, for example, the Sun is in Leo and Pluto is in Scorpio. The Sun rules over Leo and Pluto rules over Scorpio, no matter where it is in the chart. However, when it enters its own sign, it is in its “own house”. Therefore, it operates freely and is a strong position for the planet. If thinking about an acting role in a movie or play, let’s say the planet is acting in a role it is used to playing. It could be like the individual who considers themselves nice and sweet in real life playing a kind and thoughtful person in a play or movie. These individuals are capable of fully expressing the planet’s energy naturally. This isn’t always a good thing, but it isn’t necessarily bad. The individual is unafraid to express the nature of the planet. The things that the planet represents aren’t a threat. For instance, the Sun in Leo above would be uninhibited when it comes to expressing the ego, their full creativity, or their dominance (though astrological aspects would alter their expression of course, so I’ll talk more about what aspects are later). Normally, they wouldn’t see too much wrong with being confident. Sun in Leos don’t fear the spotlight or taking on the role of leader, no matter what. People respect them because they put themselves out there, regardless of the consequences. They are comfortable with all eyes on them! Pluto in Scorpio would help the individual seek power in all its forms. They may not have any hang-ups with subjects that are taboo, unlike other generations. Pluto in Scorpios don’t fear the dark sides of life. In fact, that’s where they thrive! Despite the fact that the planet can operate freely, I’ve noticed that the benefits usually come in more intimate, long-lasting settings rather than on a mass level or in the public. Sun in Leos, for example, tend to be very good parents, family leaders, and role models, while commanding and demanding bosses and authority figures. Still, they are capable of channeling their energies in any way they like because they fully understand the nature of the planet.

Exalted-Usually when a Planet is at its most refined. It’s almost like the planet is an “honored guest”, treated really well and respected, but not quite “at home”. The planet has to be on its “best behavior” to remain friends with the energy. If using it in the context of a role the Planet is playing in a play, it’s over-dramatizing its role on stage. The planet is acting as a character it really likes, the role brings out their best acting abilities, and the planet fits the role. They look “the part”. It’s like the individual who considers themselves nice and sweet in real life playing a quiet and shy role. Being nice and kind doesn’t necessarily make an individual quiet and shy, but it won’t be difficult to see a nice and sweet person acting quiet, shy, or demure. They are often associated with one another. People often assume that quiet people are considerate and pleasant to be around because they don’t cause drama, but they are different. The expression isn’t completely natural, so it may be a little exaggerated. In the above chart, the Moon is exalted in Taurus. These individuals tend to have a pretty good handle on their emotions. They are warm, affectionate, and love the comforts of home, but they aren’t an emotional wreck because they know how to stay calm in most situations. Of course, again, aspects will affect their expression. Generally, they come from a comfortable background and don’t have too many problems. The planet isn’t challenging for them. This would make them seem to handle the planet better than the rulership sign. I’ve noticed that exalted placements tend to operate better on a mass level, rather than in intimate settings. For example, on the outside and in public situations, Moon in Taurus natives know how to stay calm during a global crisis situation and are very good at not letting their emotions hang out on their jobs. They are kind to their fellow workers, but a little reserved. They are patient and nurturing in professions that deal with caring for others outside of the family. However, on the intimate level, they can be very stubborn and hold too much in. When their emotions finally boil over, it’s hard to calm them down! Still, it is much easier for them to handle the planet than it is for most people. Emotions can get a little messy, but hardly when Moon is in Taurus. We would naturally expect emotions to be stable and practically expressed all the time, like it is when in Taurus. But so often, emotions aren’t that way.

Exalted Signs:

Sun in Aries

Moon in Taurus

Mercury in Virgo (some also say Aquarius)

Venus in Pisces

Mars in Capricorn

Jupiter in Cancer

Saturn in Libra

Uranus (undetermined but some speculate it to be exalted in Scorpio)

Neptune (undetermined but some speculate it to be exalted in Cancer or Leo)

Pluto (undetermined but some have speculated it to be in Aries, Leo, Pisces, and/or Virgo)

Fall-Usually when a Planet is less refined. It is as if the planet is an ignored guest and incapable of having as much influence as it would like. The planet would normally be in the opposite sign of the Exalted position. The Planet is in fear here. It is afraid to chart this new energy. It isn’t threatening here, but it is challenging. Think of this as the Planet playing a challenging role in a play. Think of an individual who is nice and sweet in real life playing the role of a strong-willed and independent person. They aren’t necessarily opposite roles, but it’s hard to see a nice and sweet person exercising too much force or dominance over others. It’s not the native’s fault. They may have found a way to be both nice and powerful, but it is challenging. For instance, Moon is falling in Scorpio, Taurus’s opposite sign. The Moon is just as watery and emotional as Scorpio, so it isn’t threatening to be here. But the Moon operates most effectively in the outside world when the emotions are stable and steady. Scorpio is the sign of chaos and power. Here, the Moon isn’t secure. The emotions are too intense and controlling, making the emotions go through so much drama and transforming periods in the native’s life. Sometimes, the drama is caused by others and not of their own doing. It could come from issues with the family that have nothing to do with the native. From my experience, however, Moon in Scorpios seem the worst because the position tends to affect the individuals in a mass or public situation. They aren’t as bad as they seem. Moon in Scorpios often hardly have anyone to share their feelings with (considering their emotions are so overwhelming), so they come across biting, power-hungry, secretive, defensive, and extreme towards the public, if they are open with their feelings at all. They may even seem cold and misunderstood. In an intimate setting, however, they do alright, if they can find someone they really trust. They are capable of deep healing and compassion. They are fiercely loyal and protective. They really just need support and the proper channel. The issues with a fall don’t have to be long-lasting and can be reversed. These individuals just have to overcome their fears. Moon in Scorpios, for instance, fear their own deep emotions. This contributes as to why they are so defensive. With someone acting as “psychologist” in their lives, they can be well on the road to deep healing and can help others who suffer.

If you understand the meaning of the Planets, and you really understand the meaning of the Signs, you can kind of understand how certain qualities seem to fit less smoothly with others. Considering what the Moon is all about, you can kind of see how Scorpio, just knowing what Scorpio is about, could be challenging.

Sun in Libra

Moon in Scorpio

Mercury in Pisces (some also say Leo)

Venus in Virgo

Mars in Cancer

Jupiter in Capricorn

Saturn in Aries

Uranus (undetermined, but some say Taurus)

Neptune (undetermined, but some say Capricorn or Aquarius)

Pluto (undetermined, but some say Libra, Aquarius, Pisces, and/or Virgo, but mostly Aquarius)

Detriment-Usually when the planet is in the sign opposite its ruling Sign. Instead of being at home, this Planet is in a place that is totally opposite. It’s, in fact, uncomfortable. Think of someone who is in the home of an enemy. Or think about someone who is used to clean homes and they are forced to stay in a messy home for awhile. Regardless, the planet feels a little out-of-place. In terms of acting on a stage, you can think about an actor acting in a role that is totally far-removed from the individual’s personality. Think of an individual who is nice and sweet in real life acting in a role as an evil, selfish person. It feels insincere. The individual might feel very uncomfortable in the role. When the Planet is in this Sign, it becomes threatened. Similarly, natives with the position often feel threatened, which leads to them worrying about the situation. For instance, Sun is in Detriment in Aquarius. These individuals may make excellent leaders and parental figures. However, they often worry about losing their independence and freedom. They both like the spotlight and fear the expectations coming from demanding individuals. They don’t fear the spotlight itself (which can happen when Sun is in Fall); they fear the negativity that comes with being in the spotlight. They tend to worry a little too much. From my experience, the effects of a Detriment happen more on an intimate level than on a mass or public scale. Using Sun in Aquarius, for example, they tend to make great leaders and bosses because they are altruistic and humane. They like working in teams and they are full of genius ideas on how to better humanity. But on the more personal level, they are distant, cold, and aloof. They hardly ever show the same care and compassion for their families that they do for the world. In fact, they tend to break free from their intimates. They are not as warm or inviting as they could be and sometimes it’s hard to rely on them. Of course, with enough insight, anyone is capable of reversing the effects of a Detriment. The issue is their problem can’t be overcome with a psychologist at hand, like in Moon in Scorpio’s case. They really are going to have to make sacrifices. It is just as they fear. Sometimes, they will have to give up their freedom and independence if they want to remain in the spotlight. They must learn that this isn’t always a bad thing. They will have to try a balancing act: maintaining distance when necessary, but allowing warmth to peep in through the clouds at least some of the time. This is a lesson for all Detrimental positions.

Sun in Aquarius

Moon in Capricorn

Mercury in Sagittarius and Pisces

Venus in Aries and Scorpio

Mars in Taurus and Libra

Jupiter in Gemini and Virgo

Saturn in Cancer and Leo

Uranus in Leo

Neptune in Virgo

Pluto in Taurus

Now, let’s study the Natal wheel a little more. That will be important when learning about the next important thing: houses.

On the right side of the chart, you might notice a big wheel with 12 black dividing lines, each labeled 1 through 12 towards the center of the wheel.

chelsie's chart (4)

Each line points to a Sign. You might see a bunch of symbols and red and blue lines in the middle of these black lines. The black lines are pointing to what are called the 12 Houses. There are 12 Zodiac Signs, and there are 12 Houses. In order to get the right reading for your 12 Houses, you need to know your birth time.

The Houses look like slices on a pizza. The “House” begins when the black line, with a small number in the center of the wheel underneath the line, is pointing to a Sign. The house ends when it reaches the next numbered line pointing to a Sign.

chelsie's chart (7)

Each Planet (represented by the symbols) fits into one of the twelve houses, which represents 12 parts of our outer life. The houses are similar to the 12 Signs. But while the Planets in a Sign show us HOW we express ourselves, Planets in the Houses show us WHERE we express ourselves in our outer world.

In the chart above, the symbol for Venus is in the House labeled 2. This means Venus in Leo is in the 2nd house. So though Venus is in Leo, it is in the 2nd House. Leo is HOW she expresses VENUS, and the 2nd house represents WHERE she expresses this planet. All of the houses have special meaning, just like the Planets and Signs do.

Venus in Leo in 2nd house

Venus in Leo in 2nd house

12 houses 3

12 houses.png

12 houses chart 2





Combine the meaning of the houses between all charts above so you readers can get the full picture of what the Houses mean in our lives. By combining the charts above, you can really get an in-depth picture of your outer and inner life.

The 12 houses are often symbolically related to the 12 Signs:

1st House-Aries

2nd House-Taurus

3rd House-Gemini

4th House-Cancer

5th House-Leo

6th House-Virgo

7th House-Libra

8th House-Scorpio

9th House-Sagittarius

10th House-Capricorn

11th House-Aquarius

12th House-Pisces

No, let’s talk about the Planets in the Houses.

The gist of the houses are

1st House-the Self

2nd House-money and possessions

3rd House-communication and local travel

4th House-home and family

5th House-pleasure, love affairs, children

6th House-work and duty

7th House-partners and negotiations

8th House-shared resources, sex, and the taboo

9th House-travel, higher education, and beliefs

10th House-career, reputation, and authority figures

11th House-friends, associations, hopes and dreams

12th House-hidden, subconscious, unconscious, fear, regret

Let’s use Chelsie’s Venus in Leo in 2nd House as an example to help you better understand the Planets in the Houses. Venus is the planet of pleasure, love, beauty, romance, femininity, and art, according to the chart about planets, right? Leo is creative and popular, dominating and forceful, as well as prideful, based on one of the charts about Signs. Other charts give a more traditional view, stating they are generous, warm-hearted, and enthusiastic as well. This means that HOW Chelsie expresses her femininity is through creative avenues. She’s also enthusiastic about her femininity. Artistically, she is creative and may be interested in performing arts, as it gives her popularity. She may be generous with her efforts and resources when it comes to art. She expresses her beauty, or rather adorns herself, in a creative way and may want others to notice how stylish she is. She’s generous though, and may not mind giving make-overs to others. She’s proud of her femininity, and may be more forceful and dominating in her expression, especially in love. Still, she’s warm-hearted and generous in love, too.

Now, all of this is inside the 2nd House. This means where she expresses her love of creative art and beauty, as well as her proud femininity, is in areas concerning the 2nd House. The charts above relate the 2nd House to money and values, possessions, daily routine, inner and outer resources, work, and other things. So, WHERE are we likely to see these qualities? In the way she makes money, in her system of values, reflected in her possessions or the stuff she buys. She is likely to buy creative stuff and items that give her popularity. She is probably more willing to make money doing something that reflects her creative artistry. She would possibly value her “proud femininity”, making her extra girly. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and Taurus is often associated with the 2nd house, so Venus is considered comfortable and strong in this house. The 2nd house also reveals work, her environment, and daily routine. She is likely to choose creative and artistic work, possibly has a very creative environment and decorates around herself a lot as well, and she has a daily routine that’s pretty pleasurable. Possibly, she gets a chance to show off her beautiful works of art all the time and has plenty of time to create things for herself. As far as outer resources, she may have many items of value, items that anyone could want, and she’s generous about giving them to those who need it. The chart owner is rich, by the way (I know them personally and they gave me permission to use their chart). This house could be hinting at that. Of course, each house relates individually to us. When we observe this in the context of inner resources, we can examine that she’s very talented within and is generous and warm with her attention to her talents, giving out only the best.

Do you sort of get the picture? If not, leave me a comment.

The Signs that the black lines are pointing to on the big wheel are called “Cusp” Signs. (Cusp Signs are not when your Sun Sign is between one or another because of the day you were born, if that’s what you heard.) Cusp Signs represent our overall expression or outlook of the houses in the outside world. The first black line with the “1” after it represents the start of the First House. The Sign that black line is pointing to is the Ascendant or Rising Sign.

Each house points to a Cusp Sign. In Chelsie’s chart above, her first line, the bold black line above the “1”, is pointing to the symbol for Cancer. This means her 1st House Cusp is Cancer. Often, again, this is called the Ascendant or Rising House because the 1st house represents our outer self to others, our physical appearance, our awareness, etc. With Chelsie having Cancer Rising, her “self” or how others see her is related to the qualities of Cancer. If we look back at the Sign charts in the beginning, we will see that Cancer qualities are related to being sensitive, friend-oriented, being practical, hating to argue, forgiving but never forgetting. It’s already related to the traditional qualities of being emotional and loving, as well as imaginative and intuitive. So, people tend to see Chelsie as sensitive and all about her friends. They see her as imaginative and intuitive. Her attitude towards life is guided by her emotions and she’s aware that she comes across quite sensitive. This is just a brief example. The 1st House is what we are aware of when it comes to ourselves.

The other houses follow a similar pattern.

Besides the houses, you may see red and blue lines on the chart. You may also see a few dotted lines on there, too. These lines are really from one Planet to another. Try to trace them and see for yourself. These lines represent Astrological Aspects.

chelsie's chart (6)

The lines can be hard to figure out. This is why you can also look at the symbols that represent these Aspects. These symbols are in the area beneath the Planets in Signs table to the left of the wheel. They are set up in columns and rows. You may see little red, blue, black, and even green symbols. The most important symbols are the red and blue symbols, much like the red and blue lines on the big wheel. The minor aspects, represented by little black and green symbols, are represented by barely visible dotted lines on the wheel, mixed in there with the red and blue lines. The minor ones will be easier once you get the basics.

chelsie's chart (3)

Aspects show the relationship one Planet has with another Planet. I mean, when you have so many Signs in your chart, wouldn’t it make sense that some energies in our lives get along well, while others don’t? The Aspects represent those energies within us that get along and which ones don’t, and so create a bit of stress or challenge for us.

There are five major aspects.

The blue symbols and lines on the wheel represent positive Aspects. It means that the two Planets connected get along in your life so well, you can find hidden talents within their relationship. The two positive Aspects are trines and sextiles.

When considering aspects, it’s kind of important to understand the SIGNS’ RELATIONSHIP to one another on the natal wheel, as they are listed. The Aspects are sort of determined by this relationship (mostly the degree is the indicator as to what aspect is forming, which are those little numbers listed next to the planets on the wheel and listed next to the Signs on the table on the natal chart, but normally understanding the Signs can help understand where these degrees lay on a natal chart without having to memorize the numbers).

There are 12 Signs, and the 12 Signs are often divided in many ways in order for astrologers to better understand the Signs and the Planets’ relationship with one another when they enter these Signs. The signs are usually divided by element, energy, and mode. This is important to consider to better understand Aspects.

Let me explain this a little. Let’s list the Signs in order to understand their element, energy, and mode.













Aries is always the first Sign when analyzing the Signs. Spring is considered the first season of the year in many parts of the year, and the Sun’s entrance in Aries begins on the Spring Equinox (the first day of Spring). In the past, the beginning of the year was around Spring, when the dead trees blossomed again. That is when the Sun, the luminary all the other Planets and Luminaries revolve around, enters the constellation of Aries. That’s why Aries is always first when listing and dividing the Signs. The others follow in the order listed above.


When dividing the Signs by elements, they are listed every four Signs, starting with Aries. So Aries starts off as Fire, Taurus is Earth, Gemini is Air, and Cancer is Water. Then the pattern starts over with the next Sign, with Leo being fire, Virgo is earth, Libra as air, and Scorpio as a water Sign. It continues. Fire Signs are usually opposite one Air Sign each, and Earth Signs are usually opposite one Water Sign each.

Fire (opposite Air): Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth (opposite Water): Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air (opposite Fire): Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water (opposite Earth): Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Opposite Signs








Energies YIN AND YANG are listed every other Sign. The principles of “Yin and Yang” refer to extroverted vs introverted energies. So Aries, the first Sign, is Yin. Taurus, the next Sign, is Yang. Gemini, the one after, is Yin. Cancer after that is Yang. And the pattern continues.

Yin: Fire and Air signs-Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Yang: Earth and Water signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces


Modes are decided every three Signs. The Signs are usually divided into threes. The three modes they represent are Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. These energies represent initiative, determination, and flexibility. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, therefore it is listed under the first mode and leads the Cardinal energy. Every three signs, another Cardinal is listed. So Aries, Taurus, Gemini starts the first three modes. Taurus is the first Fixed sign. Gemini is the first Mutable sign. Then, Cancer begins the next cycle of modes, with Cancer being the second Cardinal, and Leo and Virgo following as the next Fixed and Mutable signs, and the pattern continues.

Cardinal: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn (Cardinal represents leadership and initiative)

Fixed: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius (Fixed represents power, strength, and determination)

Mutable: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces (Mutable represents versatility, flexibility, and adaptability)

Now, let’s look at how this impacts the Aspects you might have.

When there is a Trine, usually one Planet’s Sign is in the same ELEMENT (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) as another Planet’s Sign on the Natal Wheel. For instance, if Venus is in Aries, it may trine Mars in Sagittarius (Aries and Sagittarius are both Fire Signs). This indicates that the two Planets flow smoothly or easily with one another. With Venus and Mars (considering the meaning of the Planets) having this Aspect, it can indicate that the romantic life flows smoothly with the sex life.

Basically, if one planet in one Sign connects with another of the same element, that means these energies don’t cause you much trouble in your life.

Planets in Aries, Sagittarius, Leo can trine each other

Planets in Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo can trine each other

Planets in Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius can trine each other

Planets in Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can trine each other

Trine Aries-Sagittarius

Trine Aries-Sagittarius

The trine’s symbol looks like a blue triangle and some of the blue lines on the Wheel may be trines.

trine symbol

When there is a sextile, usually one Planet’s Sign has the same ENERGY (Yin/Yang or extroverted and introverted) as another Planet’s Sign, but they aren’t of the same element (unlike the trine above), aren’t of opposite elements, and they aren’t the same mode (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable). If all the planets meet these same requirements, and form an Aspect, they could create a “star” on the Natal Wheel (that big Wheel on the Natal Chart). This is why it’s called a Sextile. This usually indicates that the two Planets mildly support one another. With Venus and Mars having this Aspect, it could indicate that the romantic life mildly supports the sex life.

Example: A planet in Aries would normally sextile a Planet in Gemini and Aquarius (since they are both Yin Signs with a different element (Gemini and Aquarius are Air Signs, Aries is a Fire Sign) and they are also of different modes (Gemini is Mutable and Aquarius is Fixed, while Aries is Cardinal)). So, even though Libra is also a Yin Sign (being an Air Sign), it is of the SAME mode as Aries (Cardinal). Even though Leo and Sagittarius are also both Yin Signs, they are of the same ELEMENT (Fire) as Aries. So Planets in Libra, Leo, and Sagittarius can’t easily form the Aspect of sextile with a Planet in Aries (unless the degree makes the planet really close to the next Sign).

None of the planets in Yang Signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces) can form a sextile with a Planet in Aries as they don’t share the same energy (Yin) as Aries.

Each Planet in a Sign can sextile Planets in about two different Signs.

Planets in Aries: Planets in Gemini, Aquarius

Planets in Taurus: Planets in Cancer, Pisces

Planets in Gemini: Planets in Aries, Leo

Planets in Cancer: Planets in Taurus, Virgo

Planets in Leo: Planets in Gemini, Libra

Planets in Virgo: Planets in Cancer, Scorpio

Planets in Libra: Planets in Leo, Sagittarius

Planets in Scorpio: Planets in Virgo, Capricorn

Planets in Sagittarius: Planets in Libra, Aquarius

Planets in Capricorn: Planets in Scorpio, Pisces

Planets in Aquarius: Planets in Sagittarius, Aries

Planets in Pisces: Planets in Capricorn, Taurus

sextile example

Notice the beginning of a star is taking shape. If Planets enter into these locations, they would form a star shape. It’s like a map.

Sextile’s symbol looks like an asterisk or star.

sextile symbol

The red lines and red symbols represent the more powerful Aspects. These Aspects represent struggle or powerful urges that are difficult to handle or channel. These Aspects are called Conjunct, Square, and Opposition.

A conjunct usually happens between two Planets are within the SAME Sign. The Planets in the same Sign are usually right next to each other on the Natal Wheel, and they are usually in the same House. For example, if Venus is in Aries, it may conjunct Mars in Aries. This indicates that the two Planets blend well together, almost feeling linked in the individual’s life. With Venus and Mars having this aspect, it can indicate that the romantic life almost gets confused for or mixed with the sex life and vice versa. If Moon and Venus have this Aspect, a want or desire gets confused and mixed with the emotional needs and vice versa.

conjunct example

Conjunct’s symbols looks a bit like the male or Mars symbol without an arrow.

conjunct symbol

A square usually happens between two Planets that are in Signs with the same MODE (Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed) but opposite ENERGIES (Yin/Yang). For example, if you have Venus in Aries, it may square Mars in Capricorn (both being Cardinal Signs, but Aries being Yang and Capricorn being Yin). This indicates that there is conflict between the two Planets. If all the planets are in Signs with these traits, it can form an Aspect, which could create a perfect “square” on the Natal Wheel (that big Wheel on the chart). That’s why it’s called a “square”. With Venus and Mars having this aspect, it could indicate that there seems to be some conflict between your romantic life and your sex life. This may be more like “inner conflict” rather than anything going wrong in your actual relationship, but for some people, inner turmoil can affect the outside.

Planets in Aries and Libra can square planets in Cancer and Capricorn

Planets in Taurus and Scorpio can square planets in Leo and Aquarius

Planets in Gemini and Sagittarius can square planets in Virgo and Pisces

Planets in Cancer and Capricorn can square planets in Aries and Libra

Planets in Leo and Aquarius can square planets in Taurus and Scorpio

Planets in Virgo and Pisces can square planets in Gemini and Sagittarius

square example

Notice the beginning of a square forming.

A square’s symbol looks like a square.

square symbol

Finally, there’s opposition. An opposition normally occurs when one Planet is in a Sign that is opposite another Planet’s Sign. Usually, the two Planets are positioned at opposite ends of the Natal Wheel. If you see this Aspect, you will see a red line connecting from one end of the Wheel to the other, east to west, north to south. This means the Planets are in opposite Signs. Opposite Signs are usually Signs with the same mode and energy, but opposite ELEMENTS (Air and Fire being opposites, Earth and Water being opposites), yet, are of the same ENERGY. For example, if Venus is in Aries, it may be in opposition to Mars in Libra (both being Cardinal and Yang energy, but Aries is a Fire Sign and Libra is an Air Sign). In this situation, one Planet is pulling the individual away from the other. They are interfering with one another. In this case, it can indicate that the romantic life seems to interfere with or pull the individual away from the sex life and vice versa. These people sometimes have a hard time finding a partner that can meet both needs.

opposition example

Notice the stars on this example are exactly across from each other. They are on opposite sides of the wheel. The stars would be the Planets in those opposite Signs.

An opposition’s symbol looks like a figure 8 or an infinity symbol or eye glasses.

opposition symbol

Now, if the planets meet the above conditions, they COULD form an Aspect. But often, even though Planets that meet even the above conditions won’t always form a strong enough Aspect to make a difference. The degree between the two Planets make the difference as to whether an aspect is actually reflected on your natal chart, or too wide to even take seriously, and so isn’t even present.

Aspects are reflected by the degrees or orbs between two planets.

Example: You see Sun in Leo has a degree of around “22, right? (Sorry, one is so blurry.) Well, the Moon in Taurus has around “22 as well. They are barely 1 degree or orb apart. This means they square on the Natal Chart almost exactly. This is a very powerful Aspect. The closer these numbers are to one another, the tighter the Aspect (which means it will affect this person noticeably). This person has Sun square Moon. In this case, their forceful and prideful ego (Sun in Leo) may create conflict with their pleasure-seeking emotions.

You can see this reflected on the Chart Wheel when you see the “red” line go from the Sun symbol to the Moon symbol. Aspects affect houses as well. For instance, Sun in Leo is in the 2nd House and Moon in Taurus is in the 11th house. This person may often find that their money and values (2nd house) conflict with friends, groups, and goals (11th house, as shown in the “house” chart above).

chelsie's chart (6)

Conjunctions can have an orb as wide as 9 degrees/orbs apart to be relative to an individual. It’s the same with Oppositions. Squaring planets usually are at least 8 degrees wide before people relate to them. Trines can be up to 5 degrees apart (though this is debatable), and sextiles are usually only felt by those people with the degrees or orbs that are really tight. Minor aspects are hardly felt, but if there is only 1 degree between them, they will be felt.

*The Aspects on most charts are sometimes too wide. The one I’m using doesn’t have a function to tighten Aspects, but the Chart we’re using is simpler to pull up on the website. On, under “Free Horoscopes, under “Drawings and Calculations”, right under the chart we clicked earlier, there is the “Extended Chart Selection”. With this one, there are setups for a more “extended” chart. There is an “Additional Objects” section at the bottom of the page. Under “Additional Objects”, there is one part that says “_% Reduce/Increase Orbs”. Most astrologers recommend reducing it down to 80%. This chart is more detailed, but may be confusing for you. Above, I explained how you can tell whether your Aspect is legit or not even in a chart without this function.*

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I hope this article helped make the Natal Chart a little more understandable. Maybe now, people won’t have such a narrow view of astrology. It’s more involved. Astrology is more than just a horoscope. For many who practice it, it’s a science, and even an art. For others it’s spiritual and psychologically healing. It can be eye-opening for those who attempt to master it. Many people become more psychologically aware of themselves, aware of the forces at work that influence their lives from birth onward.

Of course, we don’t need astrology to define us or decide our future. However, it has been of assistance for people when self-analysis was needed. It can serve as a guide to understanding yourself better. So, try to keep an open mind when approaching the subject.

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