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31 Mar

Hello, welcome reader to my blog. I go by ‘Gen Next” or “Sora Gen Next” on this blog. I am a 30-something-year-old African American blogger, gender-fluid (though I lean more towards being a woman), Pan-to-Gray sexual, fan of androgynous fashion, pro-polyamory, and fond of a child-free, unmarried existence. I enjoy history, I’m a big kid at heart, and fascinated with the cultures of the world. I also love mysteries and anything mysterious. I do not take sides politically. Though I’m more left-liberal in thinking nowadays, I do not like extremes and I do understand some conservative ways of thinking, based on my own experiences.

For several years, I worked with children, in the education system, customer service, and contract delivery.

This page is for all those concerned about the content on my page, what’s allowed (or not), and how you can navigate.

To assist in keeping the blog afloat, I kindly ask that visitors turn off their ad blocker.


It’s pretty simple to navigate throughout this blog. At the top, I have several categories that you can explore. ALL of my articles are placed in one of those categories. Under some categories are “sub-categories” that will pop up right underneath the main category. All you have to do is move your mouse (if you’re on a computer or notebook) or your finger over one of the main categories, and it will pop up.

At the very bottom of the page are my highest rated articles and my most recent posts.

I’ve had the blog since 2010, so there may be many articles under each category. I’m sorry if loading is slow. I do add music videos and pictures (sometimes too many).  I’ve learned from my experience on this blog to back everything I say up with sources. In case there is anyone who is confused, I make sure there are visuals. Of course, this may hurt those who have a difficult time with loading. I’m very sorry if this occurs. I’m trying to curb my tendency to go crazy with the visuals.

The website isn’t completely compatible with mobile phones, but most of the recent articles have been modified for mobile users.


I am really open to talking about anything. Again, they will be spread throughout the categories above. If you look at those categories, you can get a good idea of my favorite topics. The subjects I talk about can range from family-friendly to extremely adult (considering I’m an adult). The articles I feel are too much for children are password protected. Email me at

Am I neutral? Not all the time. When I first started this blog, I failed to respond to readers respectfully and I wasn’t very clear with my blog posts. I’m still very opinionated, but I try to respond in a firm, but respectful way. I have a low tolerance for ignorance, but I can be ignorant at times, too.

I try to see others’ points of view, but I will often talk about things others do not agree with. Still, I try to reason and listen to readers.

I talk about subjects for the whole family, but some of my articles can be controversial, especially regarding my African American background. I do not sugar-coat my view of “truth”, even if it hurts. I’m open to any discussions regarding my opinions and open to changing my opinions if more information about a subject is revealed. I’m learning to swallow my pride.

I try to spell check and correct my grammar. Sometimes, I miss things or my spell check acts strange. If you correct me in a polite fashion, I will appreciate it and fix my mistakes. I’ve gotten better at proof-reading, but there are still things I miss. Constructive criticism is welcome; destructive criticism will be dismissed by me.

If anyone has suggestions, you can comment to me on any article and I will respond as soon as I can.

I try not to use profanity on my blog. I see no need to use it to express myself. If you do see it, it definitely won’t be anything too vulgar.


I allow anyone to comment on my blog, no matter your age, gender, or cultural background. I am open to having discussions with many people. However, those under 13 should keep in mind that I speak to everyone the same on this blog. Saying “I’m just 10” will not excuse your comments. I will speak to you the same way I speak to everyone. I feel that it’s never too late to educate people and never too early, either. I feel it’s even more important to speak to children as if they are intelligent creatures capable of critical thinking. I do not protect children from the truth as I see it, though I try to speak respectfully to all readers.

I try to keep in mind ALL of my readers. When I see one comment, I will respond with everyone in mind.

I try to respond to everyone as quickly as I can. Of course, I have a life and can’t be at my blog 24 hours a day. I even take some days off. I will respond as soon as possible. If I look you over, just kindly comment and ask me to read your post.

I do not ban people for rude or vulgar comments. Though I try to respect others, I do not expect everyone to speak to me respectfully. I welcome all comments. I would rather get into an interesting debate or reason with someone or educate someone before ignoring or removing someone else’s ideas. After all, what does that do but make me seem insecure and unsure about my own ideas? Who knows what I can learn from others. Who knows what my readers can learn from the comments! I just don’t believe in silencing people for opinions I don’t agree with.

This doesn’t mean I will not respond in a negative way. You are free to express. I am, too.

The only thing that gets removed is unnecessary spam. I want to warn you that there are ways that people can accidentally post “spam”. Be careful with your “name” and any links you associate with it. If it goes under my spam filter, it may take awhile for me to review it and approve of it. Your post won’t be visible for awhile. Please choose your usernames carefully and be careful with the website links you add to it.

The only other thing that raises my antennae is when someone makes threats. I may not remove your post, but you will be put on a warning and alert, depending on the severity of the threat. I don’t tolerate stalking or open threats.

Otherwise, I hope you have a fun experience navigating my blog. Enjoy your stay. I’m long-winded at times, so if you hate reading for long periods of time, you might not like some of my articles. I’m working hard to cut down my articles. I often need to let out a lot and it comes out like a waterfall.

Have any questions? Feel free to comment here.

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