Kpop Star Sulli Has Returned To The Music Scene With A Deep Concept in Music Video “Goblin”

4 Jul

The former f(x) member left the Kpop scene in 2014 after news broke out she was dating. Since then, Sulli decided to focus on her acting career.

Throughout the years, Sulli has become more known for being a “free spirit” since leaving her group. She has been criticized by Korean netizens for wearing tops without a bra, eating ice cream the wrong way, and modeling for a controversial photographer, among other things.

Sulli has shown that the criticisms have worn her down on several occasions. On her reality show “Jinri Market”, Sulli addressed some of her personal struggles.

Now, Sulli is back with her own song, a song she wrote, that appears to address mental illness. Specifically, the song and music video target DID (Dissociative identity disorder-For more education, visit the channel DissociaDID).

Sulli brings her sweet vocals to a melancholy sound with eerie visuals in the music video “Goblin”-and everyone is here for it! With comparisons to Melanie Martinez, Sulli allows her own unique colors to shine through, despite everything she has gone through.

What a way to bounce back!

Sulli released her single of the same title with two other tracks titled “On The Moon” and “Dorothy.”

Check out her music video and song!

If you want to see more of Sulli’s work: Just How Talented is f(x)’s Sulli?

Sulli addresses some of the hate comments she’s been receiving on the show “The Night of Hate Comments” on the JTBC2 network. Check out episode 1!



4 Responses to “Kpop Star Sulli Has Returned To The Music Scene With A Deep Concept in Music Video “Goblin””

  1. 2019/10/21 at 12:55 #

    Sulli returned to music to release a solo album, “Goblin,” in June. The title song is about a person with dissociative disorder, which has also been called multiple personality disorder.


    • generationnext 2019/12/09 at 12:56 #

      Yes. Some people with this disorder prefer DID, but that depends on the individual who suffers from this.



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