Meet Rebecca Rubin, A Confident and Inspiring Girl Growing Up During America’s Peak Immigration Period in 1914

27 May

I saw that all the other American Girls had promotional videos online except Rebecca. I’d asked and asked about her, but none came after 7 years. This time I decided to make my own video for her.

Rebecca’s stories have a special place in my heart. Not just because the immigrant story fascinates me in this period, but the fact that I relate to her struggles. No, I’m not a Russian-Jewish immigrant or from an immigrant family. However, I was raised in an alternative religion from the standard “American” one. I relate to feeling forced or coerced into celebrating holidays that were just considered commonplace in America, and sometimes it seems people often forget that many of our holidays have a religious tone to them, reminding the world that Christianity is the dominant religion in the USA.

However, the 1st Amendment states that, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The original settlers left Europe to escape religious tyranny, and they created this section because they knew they didn’t want to be forced to think like everyone else.

Yet, sometimes, Americans carry that same attitude they tried to leave back in Europe, expecting everyone in the nation to abide by their own personal religious and moral feelings.

This is why I believe Rebecca’s stories are so powerful.

This is partially why I believe American Girl has avoided a video for her. There is some much anti-antisemitism lately, so much hatred for Jewish families, so many retarded conspiracy theories about these people, that it seems like companies want to shy away from the depth of the story.

Or maybe Rebecca isn’t as popular. Still, possibly she isn’t as popular because people don’t want to hear that others live and believe differently from them. That’s pretty problematic in itself.

There are other American Girl promo videos for all to enjoy:


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