How Well Do You Know the Bratz? Quiz

28 Jul

Bratz Quiz has been updated! Can you answer all of the questions correctly?

Generation Next

The Bratz have returned to the scene this year, and it brought me back down memory lane. I have been going back through my lovely Bratz memories, my amazing doll years.

In honor of the Bratz return, I’ve done a little review: Bratz Are Back Again in 2015: What Happened to the Bratz?

I’ve also been down memory lane before: Memory Lane: Bratz as Popstars and Rockstars

I had Bratz when I was a tween. We didn’t have the generic toys, you know, the princesses and baby dolls. We had cool, hipster toys.

I used to be a super huge fan of Bratz. I was one of the more fortunate individuals because I had my own computer back then. I would look up everything regarding Bratz. And I mean everything!

I actually learned about Bratz before their debut. I remember when their website was under construction. At first, I thought…

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