Which Disney Animated Heroine Are YOU? By the Venus Signs (PART 2)

22 Sep


Disney is one of the most well-known companies in the world. They have produced some of the most lovable characters through engaging stories that have touched the hearts of people of all backgrounds, nations, genders, and ages. Their animated characters are especially among the world’s favorites.

Disney’s female heroines are distinct among Disney’s vast array of characters. Through the female characters, the history and popularity of Disney is shown. They have produced an array of heroines for young girls to relate to.

This is why I thought it would be interesting to observe the characters in relation to astrology.

The question is, Which character are YOU most like?

How can you tell which one? By observing your Venus sign of course!

These characters would be nothing without the voice actresses that brought them to life. The following characters’ “Venus signs” are chosen based on the actresses’ Venus signs, the people that lent their charm to these characters.

When it comes to astrology, most people know about the Sun signs, often called Zodiac signs. But there are 10 other important planetary signs in astrology, including the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. You probably know these planets as the rulers of certain signs. Really, each of these planets enter all 12 signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

If you already know all of this, skip down to Venus in

Where can you find these signs? Not as easily as you can find your Sun signs. You’d have to get your FREE natal chart online.

The following website can help you find your natal chart:

http://www.astro.com —-> This is to get a natal chart. Sign up for a free account! Go to free horoscopes at the top, press horoscope drawings, go to extended chart, press edit data in the small print on the left side. You may need your birth time, which you can get from your birth certificate or a parent, or for now, use 12 noon though this is not recommended. Then press the blue button.

When looking at this chart, you may begin to see all 10 of your signs.

There are also houses and aspects on this chart that make the difference with how your planets are expressed, but I won’t touch too much on that in this article.

This article is focusing on PLANET VENUS.

Of all the 10 planets on the natal wheel, why did I choose Venus?

Well, the Sun usually symbolizes the FATHER. The moon usually symbolizes the MOTHER.

Venus symbolizes the HEROINE, the female hero, how she sees her role in SOCIETY (since Venus often rules over the social scene), or the hero’s charms and likable qualities. These are the things that make Disney as popular as it is.

You may know that Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure. She is associated with material things, such as money, food, and fashion. But she’s much more than that. She represents our style of doing things and our relationship with the social world. Basically, our social status. For many women, she represents the KIND of woman each woman sees herself as. Whether it be the “tomboy”, the “fashionista”, the “loner”, Venus is there to define us SOCIALLY.

But Venus also rules who or WHAT we are attracted to, including DISNEY CHARACTERS.

Yes, our Venus signs are responsible for the characters we’re attracted to. This article will explore characters that were chosen by certain Venus signs. By observing the characters chosen by these actresses Venus signs, we can better understand which characters FIT with each person’s definition of themselves and their own CHARMS. Something drew them to these characters, and their Venus signs can give us insight as to why this happened.

Venus also rules over our charms and how we get people to like us. The Disney characters all have likable traits, but the voice actresses helped in bringing those charms to life, right? So their Venus signs had a hand in providing this charm.

In this article, you can discover which Disney character best expresses YOUR Venus sign.

This doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to like whatever characters you like. Everyone’s Venus sign means something to them as individuals. Still, it’s interesting to observe how certain characters reflect the charms of the people with certain Venus signs.

Also, you may learn something about yourself through the characters brought to life by a person who shared YOUR Venus sign.

For more information about your signs, houses, and aspects, try these links:

http://www.alwaysastrology.com A good place for all 10 of your signs, and rising sign
http://www.skyscript.co.uk/sunaspects.html A good place for aspects
http://astrology-numerology.com/astrology_houses.html A good place introducing house placements
http://www.horoscopeswithin.com/planetsinhouses.php A good place for planets in houses
Aspects are those little symbols to the right of the signs: a triangle (TRINE), a figure 8 (OPPOSITION), an asterisk (SEXTILE), mars symbol (CONJUNCT), and a square (SQUARE) are the important symbols. Houses are those 12 divisions, made by black lines, in the middle of that big wheel on the natal chart.


Venus in…

Venus in Libra

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Libra


Our Venus in Libras are the sweethearts of the zodiac! They are typically attractive, well-dressed, and regal. Our Venus in Libras have the strongest sense of justice, fairness, and peace, even more than any Libran placement in the natal chart.

Venus is at home in another one of the signs she rules, Libra. Again, this doesn’t mean that Libra is more charming and more attractive than everyone else is (that would depend on what each person is attracted to according to their OWN Venus), but Venus in Libras would LIKE to be attractive and charming among everyone. Libra is a sign about partnerships. The planet of love works well with a sign that wants to spread that love in a partnership. When Venus is in Libra, her charms shine in social situations. That allows Venus to display her charms even more than usual because now everyone notices it! Venus is the planet of pleasure and no sign wants to please others more than Libra! Libra is sweet, demure, quiet, elegant, and graceful. Venus is a peace-loving planet and finds comfort in this easy-going sign. Venus hates war and aggression, as well as too much action. In Libra, the sign of fairness, justice, and peace, she doesn’t have to worry about any of those things. She feels comfortable in this sign. Still, Libras are not always push-overs and will often fight for fairness and to maintain order and peace.

Venus in Libras are all about equality as well. They really help women become more equal to men and often judge beauty from the inside more often than from the outside. Venus is the planet of beauty, and Libra believes everyone can be beautiful, man or women, no matter the age or background. They make anything seem more attractive!

Of course, our Venus in Libras can be too easy-going. This can often make them lazy. They have active social lives, but when it comes to doing the harsh, practical work, they tend to put off the responsibilities on someone else or try to share these responsibilities.

Libra is an air sign and a cardinal sign. The air makes them communicative and social, but the cardinal makes them a leader. They usually take the lead in social affairs.

Libra is associated with the scales because of their fair and balanced nature.

Libra’s opposite sign is Aries.


One of our most notorious characters, Fauna the fairy from Sleeping Beauty, is played by a Venus in Libra. Is there any surprise? She is the mediator between her fellow fairies. She’s fair and considerate. She’s a sweetheart. Most of our Libras play the mediator amongst their friends. They hate arguing and confrontation. She is a peacemaker. She’s also more introspective and quieter than the others. She’s the only character in the whole show who considered the possibility that maybe there was some good in Maleficent. Fauna’s solution for stopping Maleficent was to “reason with her”. Our Venus in Libras are reasonable people. They can’t just imagine that people are just “bad” for no reason. Our Venus in Libras are even willing to make peace with their enemies! No wonder this is Venus’s home! Fauna is nice to everyone, and even defended Maleficent when Merryweather threatened to turn her into a hop toad. Our Venus in Libras are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Of course, like Fauna, they can be a little absent-minded and flighty as well.


Princess Dot from A Bug’s Life, is played by a Venus in Libra. She shares the same considerate and kind qualities as Fauna. Of all the ants in the colony, Dot was Flik’s only friend and supporter at one time. She was very considerate of Flik’s ideas and gave him a chance. In fact, she admired him! She was friendly and sweet and always a good friend. In this way, Dot was brave because she didn’t care what anyone thought of Flik and still remained his loyal friend.


Kairi from the Kingdom Hearts series was played by Hayden Penettiere, the same voice actress who played Dot, and she has Venus in Libra! Kairi is the main female heroine of the game series. Kairi is one of the seven princesses of light. This means she has a pure heart. Our Venus in Libras are quite “pure of heart.” They uphold a strict code of honor and usually believe in being on their best behavior and treating people the “way they want to be treated”. You know, fairness and equality and all that jazz? Venus in Libras firmly believe in that. Kairi is kind-hearted and caring. But Kairi has a brave, outspoken, and tomboyish side to her as well. She’s always hanging out with the boys and she’s not afraid to tell Sora about himself. She’s a bit fragile, but she never lets that stop her. Like most Venus in Libras, they often balance their masculine and feminine sides. They are fiercely protective of the ones they love, just as Kairi was, because again they believe in justice. She is very supportive of her friends. She’s also quiet attractive to the opposite sex. Both Sora and Riku fight for her attention! This is the way Venus likes it. Our Venus in Libras are quite charming, and they often attract many suitors because of their sweet and humble demeanor.


Of course, as was mentioned before, our Venus in Libra women are quite regal. Perdita from 101 Dalmatians is well-mannered and elegant and she is played by a Venus in Libra. She is sweet and kind, like all the other Venus in Libras, but she’s quite regal. She can be a bit firm when it comes to disciplining her puppies. Venus in Libras, again, believe in having “proper” behavior, and usually don’t like when anyone is rude or coarse. Perdita is quite poised and graceful. Still, trying to be proper takes work, which makes Perdita worrisome. Venus in Libras are quite graceful and how they appear in social situations is important to them. But this makes them worry about every little thing. They should learn to let loose just a bit. They don’t always have to appear perfect in public or be nice and polite to everyone. They should learn to loosen up socially and not be so concerned about others. Like Perdita, Venus in Libras hate conflict, but they always fight to protect the ones they love if they have to.


Another one of our regal Venus in Libras is the Grand Councilwoman from Lilo and Stitch. Our Venus in Libras are so interested in fairness and justice that they make excellent judges and lawyers. They do well with government. The Grand councilwomen is the leader of the United Galactic Federation. She is known as a just and fair leader. She has a firm presence about herself, and she may seem judgmental, but she is reasonable. The Grand Councilwoman is just like Perdita in the fact that she is fair but firm. She can be strict about keeping order. Our Venus in Libras like balance and harmony. They need a sense of order around them to keep the peace. They don’t like stressful or tense situations, so they tend to be averse to rebellious or radical behavior. She can be quite formal. Still, she is an understanding person. Our Venus in Libras, again, carry a regal presence and uphold a strict order about themselves. It’s a good thing they are reasonable, though. This makes Venus in Libras excellent leaders. In this way, they are truly a cardinal sign. They are wise and fair.


Our Venus in Libras’ wisdom is one of their most common qualities. Baylene from Dinosaur, played by a Venus in Libra, is an older dinosaur who is kind and wise. Of course, like most Venus in Libras, she is social and does best with people like herself. Baylene felt a sense of loneliness because she was the last of her kind of dinosaur. Our Venus in Libras go throughout life looking for kindred spirits to share their life with, someone who “gets” them. They often feel lonely when they can’t find the right partner or the perfect friends to hang out with. This is really the root as to why they treat people so kindly. They just want friends and to be loved. Still, our Venus in Libras should learn that they have strength as an individual and they should learn to believe in themselves. They also should learn that sometimes some of the best friends they can have may not be exactly like they expect. If they learn this, they may find out that some of their closest friends are right under their noses. Still, our Venus in Libras have a hard time when they are alone. They need friends, family, lovers, or somebody to share their life with.


Let’s not forget that Libra is a Venusian sign. They love luxury and often wish to live life like a princess. This also adds to their regal presence. But sometimes, this can make them seem a bit spoiled and princess-like. Charlotte La Bouff from Princess in the Frog was played by a Venus in Libra. She’s quite glamorous and is used to being doted upon. Our Venus in Libras are generally humble, but they can be lazy, like our pleasure-loving Venus. Many Venus in Libras are not really into slave labor and would rather live the high social life with a luxurious lifestyle. This can make them a bit superficial and vain. Libra is an air sign, which can make them look at things from a logical point of view. Sometimes, Venus in Libras are often impressed by how things look and often miss things that may not look as good but may be better for them. Venus in Libras never try to center on themselves. When they are acting like divas, it’s because they want to be treated fairly. When they feel they aren’t being treated fairly, they tend to get demanding. Sometimes, their idea of “fair” isn’t always exactly fair. They are known to keep score. They feel if they give in a certain way, they should be given in the same way. Sometimes, people give in their own small ways. Libras should learn to appreciate the little things a person does for them. Still, no matter how vain, superficial, or flighty they are, they still make great friends. Charlotte was very generous and was never selfish when it came to Tiana. Even though it was always Charlotte’s dream to marry a prince, she gave up Naveen so that Tiana could marry her true love. Our Venus in Libras are like that when it comes to their friends. Sometimes, they often give up the people they are in love with so someone else can be happy! It was a very unselfish act. She was happy for her friend and showed no jealousy or hatred because of it. Charlotte befriended Tiana no matter how they differed in social class or race. Our Venus in Libras are superficial when it comes to clothes and status only pertaining to their own life and how they want to live, but they never judge others because of it. They would be wiser to be a little more realistic when it comes to relationships. Venus is at home in Libra, and they are fancifully romantic, loving all the puppy-love moments of love. Sometimes, they are captivated by stories or movies that show the ideal romantic scenario. But life isn’t like the movies or like books. Charlotte had to learn that as well. She had to learn that true love was not finding the perfect handsome prince, but finding someone who she could share her life with, someone who would care for her. Maybe someone who she’d least expected. In this way, Venus in Libras should learn not to miss up the perfect lover that may not seem so perfect. Not every perfect prince is handsome and rich. Some of those knights in shining armor can be the nerdy guy you never given a chance. Pick and choose love practically and wisely. I also want to mention how comical Venus in Libras are. They are social, so they generally know how to draw people in. Humor is just one of those things that can really attract a crowd.


Of course, I do want to re-emphasize that some Venus in Libras can be too superficial and too luxury-loving. They want to be careful of ending up like Madame Medusa from The Rescuers. Madame Medusa is known to be greedy and obsessed with a lady’s “best friend”: diamonds. Madame Medusa can be intelligent, but she can be flighty as well, giving her a comical nature. Of course, our Venus in Libras are good at the art of manipulation as well. Like Medusa, when they really want something, they are good at seducing others to achieve their aims. They must be careful not to use their charms to get their way. They must also learn to be content with the simple things in life, even if those things aren’t luxurious.


Not all of our Venus in Libras are flighty and luxury-loving. There are plenty of Venus in Libras that are content with what they have and plenty of Venus in Libras are superbly intelligent. Peach from Finding Nemo was smart and wise. She was one of the only sea creatures in the tank that could understand the human language. Libra is an air sign after all, so communication is their specialty. She’s also kind and caring, making sure that Nemo is safe in the movie. Venus in Libras are wise and they think things through. This helps them give the right advice to protect the ones they love.


Not all of our Venus in Libra women are superficial. Audrey Ramirez from Atlantis the Lost Empire was more of our tomboyish characters played by one of our Venus in Libras, like Kairi. She’s like our strong Venus in Libras who balance their feminine sides and their masculine sides. Many of our Venus in Libra women identify themselves as feminists. They believe in equality. Audrey’s father wanted sons to help him work in his shop as a mechanic and at least one of his sons to be a boxing champion. Instead, he had two daughters. Neither daughter let their gender stop them. Audrey learned to work with mechanical machinery and her sister became a boxing champion. Venus loves this sign, the sign that brings peace among the genders!

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Venus in Scorpio


Our Venus in Scorpios are the world’s truest rebels! When observing Venus in Scorpio characters, it’s clear to see that Venus in Scorpios are different from others. They aren’t afraid to stand out and go against the norm. Venus in Scorpios are the least superficial sign Venus has ever entered. Never judge a Venus in Scorpio by their appearance! Still, trusting a Venus in Scorpio entirely can be foolish. It’s seems they are a bit attracted to the dark side…

Venus enters another detrimental sign when she moves into Scorpio. This means Venus is also uncomfortable in this sign. Does this mean the people with this placement are cursed? Does this mean they aren’t lovable, charming, or attractive? Not really. It is rather the kind of charm, love, and affection they show that makes them different from Venus’s preferred style. Venus cares a lot about what other people think. She really needs to be loved all the time. Scorpio needs love as much as the next person, but Scorpio is not desperate to be liked by everyone. Scorpio rather is a loner and tends to have a love-hate relationship with people. They often feel like outcasts. It’s not that Venus in Scorpios want to hate people. But they love so hard, so deeply, that when that trust is lost, they feel they can’t trust anyone anymore. Still, they do want friends and romantic affairs at times. They love deeply and want friends that back them up 100%. They can’t take superficial or insincere people. They can’t tolerate flaky friends who don’t follow through. They need friends that will do anything for them, with the ultimate loyalty. Sometimes, Scorpio seems controlling in this way.

When Venus enters Scorpio, love-life becomes emotionally dramatic, if she has a love life at all! Most of our Disney characters portrayed by Venus in Scorpios don’t have lovers! Her charms are no longer focused on her appearance. Her friendships are everything but shallow. Venus is rather subtle and light, but in Scorpio…well, sometimes, she feels so overwhelmed with the emotions. Scorpio brings drama to the peace-loving Venus, and that makes her feel uneasy, but also gives her relationships and charms more depth.

Venus is a planet of peace. Scorpio is so focused on empowering themselves, they often cause a raucous to transform the way things are. Scorpio is about making a difference and achieving ultimate peace, on a deeper level. Venus is mostly concerned about superficial peace: “Just ignore the problems, and they’ll go away,” is Venus’s motto. When Venus comes face to face with Scorpio, however, that’s not going to happen.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and co-ruled by Mars. Mars can enter any of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Pluto is a generational planet. Its affects can be felt for 13 years or more. Basically, it can stay in one sign for a very long time before it enters another sign, for a decade or more even. For instance, Pluto was in Cancer during the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, and even WWII! That whole group of people was from the same generational influence. It’s important to check out the ruling planet’s signs for a clearer depiction. Their Mars and Pluto signs will influence their Venus in Scorpio’s expression.

Mars is the planet of war and Pluto is the planet of power. You do the math. What can war do to the mind? Make a person assertive, courageous, daring, wild, and tough. Mars can also make a person extremely sexy. What can power do to a person? Clearly, they will be powerful, in control, dominant, and commanding. These people mean business.

If Mars is in Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn, some Venus in Scorpio qualities will be evident right away. If Pluto is in Scorpio or Leo, other Venus in Scorpio qualities will be evident right away. If Mars is in Taurus, Cancer, or Libra, the Scorpion qualities will be less evident. If Pluto is in Taurus and some say Aquarius, then Scorpio qualities will also be less evident.

Scorpio is a water sign and a fixed sign. This makes them both emotional and rooted. When they feel a certain way, their feelings are so deep; it’s hard for them to change it.

Scorpio is associated with the Scorpion because the stinger symbolizes their ability to pierce through the surface of things.

Scorpio’s opposite sign is Taurus.

I want to begin by re-emphasizing the fact that Venus in Scorpios really don’t like superficiality. No, I mean it, they really don’t. This is one reason why Venus and Scorpio clash so much. Venus is, well, very superficial. She cares how she appears to others and, though she is reasonable, she prefers pretty people to unpleasant-looking people. When Venus enters Scorpio, however, she learns not to always judge how great things are from the outside, but learns to appreciate the layered individuals people are on the inside. She learns to really get to know people really well. She learns not to like people just because they are “nice”, but because they each have something inside of themselves that is special. If we really get to know people on a deep level, we will definitely find things about each person we’ve never known before. That pretty, prefect girl we knew in school could’ve been abused and an orphan. That nerdy guy who seems obsessed with anime could be a billionaire. Maybe he also likes surfing and basketball…When we get to know people on a deeper level, we recognize that there is so much more to people than from what is visually obvious. This is why Venus must enter Scorpio. She may not like it here (It is a very serious and intense placement), but she will greatly benefit from it.


Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame is an example of Venus benefiting from Scorpio. Yes, she is played by an actress with Venus in Scorpio! Esmeralda exuded all of the Venus in Scorpio qualities. She is strong and powerful. She was different from everyone else in Paris. She was a part of a marginalized group of people at the time, the Romani Gypsies. Scorpios definitely focus on the underdogs. They believe there is a charm with those who are ignored. Beauty is definitely different for them than for everybody else! Esmeralda was determined to empower her people and fight the “system” in any way she could. Like most Mars-ruled signs, she was courageous enough to stand up for her beliefs, even when she was standing up against some truly powerful people! She risked her life. The most memorable part of her character was her friendship with Quasi Modo. Unlike other people in Paris, Esmeralda didn’t treat him like a monster. She saw him as a kind person and with beauty that was skin-deep. Frollo was the monster to her. She certainly looked beyond looks when it came to making friends. Though she did fall in love with the handsome Phoebus, it wasn’t just because he was handsome. She saw that he was “different” from the other soldiers in the fact that was kind and understanding. Esmeralda was quite beautiful herself and extremely seductive. Three men were fighting to have her in the movie! Our Venus in Scorpios have a strong, animal magnetism. They have strong seductive powers. This makes them sexy. It is hard for many people to resist them. Scorpios aren’t afraid of their sexuality. They are so bold, and yet, so mysterious. Not many people knew much about Esmeralda’s past or where she lived. And yet, Esmeralda wasn’t just a pretty face. Many scenes show her talking to God and caring for the down-trodden. She was definitely a layered individual, and she saw the layers in others.

Chicken Little

Abby Mallard from Chicken Little may not be the “beauty” that Esmeralda is. Venus may not be okay with that. Abby is often called the “ugly duckling”. It’s no wonder a Venus in Scorpio was attracted to this role. While other Venus signs may have overlooked this role for more glamorous roles, a Venus in Scorpio voice actress saw the beauty in her. There is a lot more to Abby than meets the eye. Abby may have a speech impediment and may not look like what is expected of most “swans”. Still, Abby never lets the teasing of the other kids get her down. She remains strong and optimistic, despite what others say. Abby is not your typical love interest. She is tomboyish and a little quirky, but she’s a loyal friend who supported Chicken Little despite his reputation in the neighborhood.


The role of Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-it-Ralph also teaches viewers not to judge a book by its cover. And yes, a Venus in Scorpio voice actress brought her to life! Vanellope is the main character of her game Sugar Rush, but for the longest time she thought she was a glitch. Thus, she was treated like an outcast. No one would’ve ever expected that she was the REAL main character, and a princess at that! She certainly wasn’t your typical princess. Vanellope was tomboyish and spunky, definitely not graceful like what is usually expected of a princess. She didn’t walk around in a ball gown; she wore jeans and a hoodie! Venus in Scorpios often re-define roles. They are never what you’d expect. Despite what others in the game saw in her, she proved to be more important to the other players than they expected. There is so much more to Venus in Scorpios than meets the eye.


Our Venus in Scorpios are quite feisty and spunky, no matter the ethnic background or age. Grandmother Fa from Mulan was different from women in her time and village. Perhaps Mulan got her feistiness from her grandmother. Grandmother Fa wasn’t ever afraid to speak her mind, despite the supposed “woman’s place”. Even when Mulan was in front of the matchmakers, Grandmother Fa didn’t take it too seriously. And Grandmother Fa may have been old, but she knew a handsome man when she saw one! She was attracted to Shang and even offered to sign up for the next war in China!   Though she often teased Mulan for being a little reckless, she really cared about her. She prayed to the ancestors to protect Mulan. There really is a lot to Grandmother Fa than what meets the eye.


Ellie Mae from The Rescuers is another character with strong feistiness. She was courageous and brave to stand up to Madame Medusa. She helped save a little girl’s life, even though Madame Medusa had a gun and was shooting at her!


Jessie the Yodeling cowgirl carries the same feisty streak. Jessie, unlike the other characters in Toy Story, was strong-willed. Like most Venus in Scorpios, she knew how it felt to be an outcast. Her original owner, Emily grew up and threw her aside. Jessie also recognized that people were no longer interested in Woody’s Roundup. Children had replaced their fascination with cowboy toys with space toys. In this way, she had a pretty sad past. Still, she remained energetic and strong.


Of course, a bolt load of our Venus in Scorpios have a strong dark side to them. Being ruled by the planet of the Underworld, Pluto, Venus in Scorpios have two sides to them; One side is strong-willed and a good leader, the other is dark, sinister, and vengeful. This power can be used for good or evil. Venus in Scorpios must be careful of being drawn into this extremely dark area. Venus in Scorpio’s need for revenge is very strong. When you mess with them, they can be ruthless when vindicating themselves. The Mistress of all evil was played by a Venus in Scorpio. We all know who that was. Maleficent! Maleficent from the original Sleeping Beauty was always quite the loner. She was not a socialite and actually hated parties. Still, she was offended when she wasn’t invited to Princess Aurora’s christening. Our Venus in Scorpios can be that way. Many times they hate superficial parties, but they don’t like deliberately being left out of one either. Maleficent was told by Merryweather that “she wasn’t wanted.” Most of our Venus in Scorpios are often treated like outcasts. Some try to fight oppressive systems, like Esmeralda did. Others…Well, get revenge. Maleficent cast a spell on Aurora that would kill her on her 16th birthday. We don’t know if Maleficent was evil before casting a spell on Aurora, but we can clearly see that sometimes she abuses her power. When we observe how she treats her minions, we see she doesn’t have much mercy in that regard. It’s clear, though, that this “evil” streak has become Maleficent’s charm! She became a favorite of many Disney fans and has gathered a cult following. Leave it to a Venus in Scorpio to make bad look good! Perhaps it’s because, maybe, fans can see her side of the story. I mean, she was the one not invited to the christening, after all. Venus in Scorpios have very unique tastes. We can see this in the way Maleficent “decorates” her castle. It’s quite dark and isolated, which fits a loner such as herself.


Queen Narissa from Enchanted takes after Maleficent and is also played by a Venus in Scorpio. She carries the same traits that Maleficent does. Though she isn’t animated the whole movie, when she was animated, she was evil! Queen Narissa ruled over Andalasia. She was always worried about losing her power once her step-son married and became king. Our Venus in Scorpios attract power to them, but again, they must be careful of abusing this power. Sometimes, they are so possessive of this power, they will stop at nothing to keep it. Venus in Scorpios should learn to be a little more objective. Sometimes, if they look beyond their own desires, they may be able to better understand people who aren’t like them. They need to allow other people to follow their dreams, even if those dreams may seem to interfere with their plans. Their life lesson is usually one of letting things go.


Some other villains were brought to life by Venus in Scorpios. Lady Tremaine from Cinderella had the same voice actress as Maleficent. In her case, she was bitter and jealous of Cinderella. What most people recognize about Lady Tremaine is that she treated Cinderella harshly. She made Cinderella work and serve the household. She was controlling and abused her authority. Venus in Scorpios, again, need to learn to let go of things once in a while. You may wonder why she acted this way towards Cinderella. Well, Lady Tremaine was quite jealous of Cinderella’s relationship with her father and probably resentful of Cinderella’s former life with her mother. Our Venus in Scorpios are known to have jealous and possessive streaks. They don’t like to share lovers with anyone. More than likely, she didn’t like that her new husband had a wife before her! Lady Tremaine revealed the ruthless side to Venus in Scorpios. Many times, because they feel like the outcasts, they tend to bully others and try to make them feel that way, too. It’s not the best way to combat jealous feelings, but it was Lady Tremaine’s way of empowering herself. She was also jealous of Cinderella’s beauty. Her daughters weren’t very attractive and so she hated Cinderella for “upstaging” her daughters. Venus in Scorpios can be so fiercely protective and loyal, they will loathe anyone who even “seems” to hurt the people they love, even it’s just because you look better! Venus in Scorpios also often loathe the pretty and popular people as well.


Contrary to most descriptions of Venus in Scorpio, there are some Venus in Scorpios who are vain, conceited, and think too much about their appearances. A Venus in Scorpio portrayed Georgette from Oliver and Company. She generally thinks entirely too much of herself. Though she shows no great emotional attachment to her family, she doesn’t like when Oliver starts getting more attention than she does from Jenny. She was a prize-winning doll with her own room. She was used to being pampered, spoiled, and used to other male dogs basking in her presence. It’s true that our Venus in Scorpios have a magnetic appearance, but let’s remember some humility along the way, okay? While some of our Venus in Scorpios are good at being humble, many of our Venus in Scorpios, again, can’t handle their magnetic powers. It’s always good for them to keep a friend around that can bring them down to earth, though they tend to be loners. Venus in Scorpios can be so focused on power and keeping that power, they forget they are not the center of the universe. Please be mindful of this tendency. They also must be careful of being possessive of things they assume they “own”. That includes people, places, and things…This can make them over-dominating and selfish. Still, like all Venus in Scorpios, you can’t judge them from first meeting. Though Georgette seemed spoiled in the beginning, she turned out to be a nice and helpful little companion to Oliver. It would be wise that they stay with the right people.

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Venus in Sagittarius


After reviewing all the characters played by Venus in Sagittariuses, I’ve noticed that they are hilarious! But they have one of the strongest senses of heroism. Venus in Sags’ main reason for leaning towards heroism is because they really want to do something that is “larger than life”. They really want to do something important in the world.

Adventures were made for them! And they are tough, too. They are certainly not push-overs. They are quite independent. You won’t find too many of these characters with handsome princes holding them down!

They have a fascination with foreign cultures and lands. In this sense, there is always an opportunity for them to expand. They tend to be proud and good at what they do. In this way, they can give great advice. But they are also reflective. They think about and ponder over things. They always start with the “woman in the mirror”.

The most important thing about them is that experience ALWAYS helps them grow into more attractive individuals. Venus in Sags may not seem to see their potential in the present, but after experiencing life, their charms begin to show in the most positive ways. Their charms are never-ending. Every new experience adds to their charms.

Venus doesn’t feel the most comfortable in the fire sign of Sagittarius, but she has some things in common with the sign. For starters, Sagittarius is ruled by a greater “benefic” or positive planet. Venus is a benefic planet. Sagittariuses like to live the fine life, and Venus loves pleasure. Sagittariuses have a strong sense of morality and they believe in fairness. Venus also has a strong sense of fairness and justice because she wants peace and love. Both Venus and Sagittariuses care a lot about their appearances.

But there are differences. Sagittarius is freedom-loving, independent, and adventurous. Venus is quiet and prefers to be around people so she can express everything she stands for: love. Sagittarius, like all the other fire signs, is a leader. Venus prefers to take a back seat or to accommodate. Sagittarius can never take a back seat. Sagittarius can be dramatic, loud, and blunt. Venus covers everything with tact and grace.  Sagittariuses can be rugged; Venus is refined.

When Venus enters Sagittarius, she begins to see the good in herself and to love life! She begins to want to experience the “fullness” of love and relationships! She wants to indulge in pleasures! She wants to experience the best that life has to offer. She begins to find greater meaning to the words “Love and Pleasure” and not just your usual everyday thinking on it. She begins to want to explore love, beauty, and pleasure.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the greater benefic planet. Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, and beliefs. When someone feels lucky, it makes them positive about life. It can also make them take chances other people would otherwise miss up. When someone expands their minds, they become much more broad-minded than everyone else. They end up experiencing things others don’t. What can beliefs do to a person? Well, it can make them strongly opinionated and preachy. But it also gives them meaning and purpose in life.

Jupiter can enter into any of the 12 signs of the zodiac. It’s a social planet, so it can travel through one sign for a year or more. It’s important to observe Venus in Sagittariuses’ Jupiter signs for a clearer picture. Their Jupiter signs will influence their Venus in Sagittarius’s expression.

If Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Pisces, or Cancer, Venus in Sagittarius qualities will be apparent right away. If Jupiter is in Gemini, Virgo, or Capricorn, Jupiter qualities will be less evident.

Sagittarius is a fire sign and a mutable sign. This makes them adventurous leaders who surge ahead but never stay tied to anything.

Sagittarius is associated with the Centaur because of their human side clashing with their wild, freedom-loving sides.


One of our most popular characters brought to life by a Venus in Sagittarius was Mulan. Our Venus in Sagittariuses are attracted to foreign lands and cultures. They are fascinated by ancient stories of adventure! Mulan’s story is certainly exciting. Like most Sagittariuses, Mulan wanted to find her purpose in life. Many Venus in Sagittariuses reflect on “higher minded” things such as that. They truly want to know their spiritual calling in life. Speaking of spiritual, it’s not unusual that one of Mulan’s best friends WAS a spiritual creature! Venus rules over our associations and friends, so some Venus in Sagittariuses may have close friends that reflect their beliefs in some way or friends who join them on their wild adventures.

Mulan wasn’t like the other people around her. She was honest with herself. She wasn’t a “perfect bride”. But Mulan found her purpose. She was strongly against her father joining the army because of his age and other injuries he’d gotten from another war. Mulan was strong about her beliefs. She was blunt and outspoken about it. Of course, sometimes, Venus in Sagittariuses don’t know their place, like Mulan. They often speak without thinking about the feelings of those they’re talking to. Still, she took action. She took her father’s place in the army. This was pretty brave and heroic of her! She was willing to experience a whole new kind of life: the life of a soldier. This experience shaped Mulan and made her into the person she became. Sagittariuses learn and grow through experiences. These adventures aren’t just passing frenzies for them. These adventures are a part of their education on life. Throughout it all, Mulan learned something about herself. She learned that she was someone who wanted to protect her family and her homeland. She learned she was a hero. And through it all, Mulan found out that she could be the perfect bride to someone. Venus is the planet of love. Interestingly enough, Venus in Sagittariuses like relationships with people they can learn from or learn with. Mulan fell in love with her mentor and trainer, Shang. Mulan had been through a lot with him. Her experiences with him made her love for him grow stronger. Her experiences made her more attractive to Shang as well! This happens often with Venus in Sagittariuses. When they learn and grow as people, they continue to get more and more attractive! Mulan had some serious moments, but she was funny, too. Her interpretation of a “manly soldier” was definitely humorous!


Violet Parr from The Incredibles is a lot like Mulan. She didn’t always fit in either. But underneath it all, Violet was a super hero. Again, our Venus in Sagittariuses are always attracted to heroic types. Violet had an ability that most teens didn’t have: invisibility. It’s hard enough being noticed as a teen, right? Violet may seem the opposite of optimistic sometimes (this has a lot to do with her ruling planet Jupiter’s sign). They don’t want to be sad all the time, but sometimes, Sagittariuses seem grouchy and withdrawn, despite their reputation for being positive all the time. Why? Well, sometimes they feel trapped and that makes them unhappy. They may be positive about the future and they may have a zest for life, but if they can’t live their life the way they want to, they often feel trapped. Mulan had the same problem. Violet wanted more freedom from responsibilities. She wanted to be noticed by her crush. She WANTED more confidence. She WANTED to explore her abilities and to express herself openly. She wanted more than a mundane, boring life. Her family prohibited her from using this power openly, and this made her withdraw from life and lose confidence in herself. But like most Venus in Sags, she found her true purpose in life. Violet grew as a person from the experiences she had. Her Jupiter sign supplied the “kind” of experience, but these experiences benefited her Venus in Sag and helped her be a more attractive person nonetheless. Venus, again, is the planet of attraction. Violet’s charms blossomed when she was able to free herself from family restrictions and when she was able to be herself. She became a more positive and confident person. After helping to save the world, who wouldn’t be? Violet always had a sharp sense of humor, but that humor blossomed, along with her personality, with more experiences in the world. Her world became so much broader than “high school”.


We’ve had other heroic Venus in Sagittariuses. I want to emphasize that this sense of heroism comes from their ability to “tough” things out. It really seems like it’s their duty to help save things, and they won’t let anyone stop them. Maggie from Home on the Range was brought to life by a Venus in Sag. She was one tough cow! I do want to mention that sometimes our Venus in Sag’s love of “the finest things in life” and their amazing lucky streaks can make them proud and a little vain. They must be careful not to be over-confident and too reliant on their good fortune. Maggie was a prize-winning show cow who was forced to move to a small farm. She had a hard time showing humility and following the lead cow on her new farm. Still, she had a heroic streak. When she learned that her new owner was going to have to sell her farm, she thought of a plan to save it! Maggie used her prize-winning abilities to help save her new farm. Maggie was quite the leader. Some of her greatest charms were being fun and funny! She livened up her new farm. It was very easy for her to win the hearts of the other farm animals. Our Venus in Sags are like that.


Mrs. Calloway, Maggie’s rival from Home on the Range, was also brought to life by a Venus in Sag. She was another tough cow. Mrs. Calloway also helped save the farm. Our Venus in Sags are certainly heroic! Mrs. Calloway was the lead cow on their farm. As a fire sign, it’s not uncommon to find them in leadership positions. Mrs. Calloway spoke her mind which was why she clashed with the equally outspoken Maggie. Sometimes, this got them into fights. Venus in Sags must be careful of being too blunt. But you can always count on Venus in Sags to speak out about something they feel is unfair or at least use that bravery to capture “bad guys”, as Mrs. Calloway did. Mrs. Calloway may have been outspoken, but she was very good at guiding her farm and giving good advice.


Our Venus in Sags tend to be good at giving good advice. They may not always have book knowledge, but they always have “street knowledge”. Rita from Oliver and Company could guide Oliver on the streets from experience alone. She was an expert, like most of our Venus in Sags. She helped her gang stay positive and encouraged them to keep their dreams alive. In this way, she acted as a good teacher and mentor to Oliver. Our Venus in Sags would make great teachers! They are broad-minded. Living on the streets made Rita tougher. Again, our Venus in Sags are no punks. She was the only female in Dodger’s gang and often had to fend off some mean street dogs. Venus in Sags are no strangers to toughening it out in situations. I think this is why they seems so optimistic and positive. They never let anything stop them or hold them down. And like most of our Venus in Sags, Rita was DEFINITELY funny.


Bo Peep from Toy Story was also good at giving advice. Though Bo Peep was generally cool and kind, she never hesitated to speak her mind. Still, she always boosted Woody’s confidence when he needed. Venus in Sags are very good at boosting others’ confidence because they are generally positive.

mrs. potts

Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast was the same way. Our Venus in Sags must have an affinity for porclein. Mrs. Potts was generally positive and saw the good in the Beast. She was very wise. Though she was kind and caring, like most Venus in Sags, she was not afraid to speak her mind, even to the Beast, the Prince of the castle! Mrs. Potts showed that she was very understanding. Venus in Sags are generally broad-minded and tend to understand things most people ignore.


Iridessa from the Tinkerbell series also adds to our list of heroic Venus in Sags. And she’s played by one of the queens of comedy, Raven Symone! So we know that one of Iridessa’s charms is her humor! Iridessa is a light fairy. That role is very suitable for our Venus in Sagittarius’s optimism and positivity. They often see themselves as “enlightened”. They see themselves as people who “light the way” for others with their ideas. And they do tend to be the brightest light in every room they go in. They have such extravagant personalities and such infectious laughs; people can’t help but notice them! Iridessa likes to look at the positive side of things, even if she is a bit of a worry-wart. She may not be the bravest of all the fairies, but she’s always faithful to her friends. Venus in Sags find friendship to be very important. In fact, they tend to put their friends on a pedestal. Iridessa’s brave streak always comes out when she’s trying to help Tinkerbell.


I can’t emphasize enough the humor of Venus in Sagittariuses. It’s seriously one of their greatest charms! Chicha, the wife of Pacha, from The Emperor’s New Groove was played by a Venus in Sagittarius. She’s definitely one funny woman! Her sarcasm and wit is second-to-none. She’s quite clever. But just because she’s funny, and pregnant throughout the movie, doesn’t mean she’s a push-over. Chicha definitely proved how tough and smart she was when Yzma visited her home, pretending to be a family member. Our Venus in Sags are not people to mess with!


Yes, our Venus in Sags’ charm is their humor, but they should be careful of becoming cynical and cackling “Hyenas”. Being blunt isn’t always attractive. Shenzi, the lead Hyena from The Lion King, played by the Venus in Sag Whoopi Goldberg, is definitely funny, but she hides bad intentions behind her humor. She’s a good leader, but she didn’t always lead the other weaker minded hyenas down the right path. She only really wanted to better provide for her clan of Hyenas. Luckily, towards the end of the movie, she recollected herself and stood up to Scar, the main villain of the story. She was always outspoken. When used correctly, she was able to tell Scar the situation of the Hyenas under his rulership. Again, our Venus in Sags are tough, but they should be careful they don’t become bullies while standing up for what they believe in. They tend to want what they want, when they want it. They should be careful that they consider other people when they make plans.


Our Venus in Sags are “reflective” but they should be careful not to spend too much time looking at themselves in a mirror. The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was brought to life by a Venus in Sag. You can look in the mirror like Mulan to find out who you are on the inside, or look in the mirror only to see your superficial reflection. Our Venus in Sags are sometimes known to be vain. Many Venus in Sags have a tendency to over-exaggerate things. So when they look good in ANY way, some of them tend to over-do it a bit. They do love attention to their appearance. They want to feel good about themselves. They want the best in life, and that often includes having the best appearance. Still, they should learn that being beautiful is not being physically better than others. Really, this need to be better than others stems from a deep insecurity. Venus in Sags should recognize this insecurity whenever they feel the need to only focus on their appearances or on anything else they feel will make them superior. Many Venus in Sags often feel less attractive than others. Perhaps they have been made to feel inferior physically. Because Sag does rule “bigger and better”, many Venus in Sags tend to have a little more weight than others. They love to indulge in their senses! But they generally tend to look better with weight than without it! Sometimes, though, this can make them feel insecure. In The Evil Queen’s case, she was jealous of Snow White’s beauty because she was probably getting older and felt insecure. This happens. But the Queen was so caught up in outer appearances that she missed why Snow White was considered so beautiful. It wasn’t just because she had a pretty physical appearance. It was also because Snow White was a pleasant person on the inside. Venus in Sags should work on developing their characters, like they usually do, because that is when they truly blossom into beautiful people. The appearance is important to a certain degree, but it shouldn’t be the only asset a person has. If you over-emphasize what you look like, there won’t be any time to develop amazing qualities to go with those gorgeous looks. Vanity just doesn’t come in the form of physical appearances either. It can also come in the form of material possessions and even successes. It’s great to be successful and wealthy, but don’t lose your sense of humility along the way. This is when your insecurities will show more.

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Venus in Capricorn


There aren’t that many Venus in Capricorn female voice actresses in the Disney animated universe. Many of them are too busy helping to bring the live-action stories to life! This tells us a lot about Venus in Capricorns: They are really realistic. They are a little more mature than all the other Venus signs and their charming expressions extend beyond fairy tales and into the real world. Still, there are some Venus in Capricorns that have graced the screens of an animated movie.

Believe it or not, their biggest quality is that they are some of the kindest and most sympathetic people ever. This is because they are thoughtful and careful. They never jump to conclusions about people and they never assume they know a person. They really care about others and are always there to help people. However, they are quite the loners. You won’t see them with too many friends and definitely not any love interests. They are quite the independent sorts. But they make the best friends you could ever have. They look at “love” as a responsibility and they take it seriously.

When observing their characters, it’s clear to see they are very wise and mature. Even their youngest characters carry a sense of maturity. Ironically, most of the characters played by a Venus in Capricorn were children! Perhaps Venus in Capricorns have a certain connection with bringing young children to life. They seem to connect well with children and seem to seek to inspire them. The often play children with real child-like problems that relate to the real world.

Their best quality is that they remain cooler than most people. At their worst, they can be demanding.

Venus is not the most comfortable in Capricorn, but she has some things in common with this sign. Venus has triplicity in the earth signs. Venus believes in love. Capricorn is not a love-oriented sign, but when dealing with people, they are loyal and dependable. They never commit to anything unless they are ready. Venus loves luxury and pleasures. Capricorn is a sign that loves prestige and luxury as well. Venus is social; Capricorn is concerned about their public image and social status. Venus is soft and subtle; Capricorn isn’t loud and they are generally cool.

Still, there are differences. Again, Venus is soft. Capricorn can be hard. Venus is warm and affectionate; Capricorn prefers to show interest through devotion and commitment. Venus can be dependent because she’s lazy. Capricorn is definitely hard-working and they prefer to get things for themselves. It makes Capricorn feel guilty when it’s dependent. Venus isn’t anything like Mars; Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the planet of boundaries, limitations, restrictions, and law. Boundaries, Limitations, restrictions, and law all sound really limited, right? Capricorns often show a sense of reserve as a result. It always seems like someone or something is holding them back. Still, many of them put these boundaries on themselves. So, they often seem more mature than others. There are just certain things Capricorns won’t do. They decide most everything on their own terms. This makes them appear like they are in control. The Saturn signs of Venus in Capricorns will influence how their Venus qualities are expressed.

Saturn can enter into any of the 12 zodiac signs, but it’s a social planet. It stays within one sign for a year or more at times.

If Saturn is in Capricorn, Aquarius, or Libra, Venus in Capricorn qualities will be apparent right away. If Saturn is in Cancer, Leo, or Aries, Venus in Capricorn qualities won’t be as obvious.

Capricorn is an earth sign and a cardinal sign. They are leaders, but they only take the lead when it comes to the real world. They would rather be real role models instead of following a dream.

Capricorn is associated with the goat. This is because goats always looked old with their beards and because goats are known for climbing. Capricorns are known to want to climb high in life. They also always carry a sense of age because they focus on their careers early in life.

Our Venus in Capricorn characters are few, but amazing.


Silvermist, the water fairy from the Tinkerbell series, was brought to life by a Venus in Capricorn. She’s definitely the definition of cool. That’s why she wears blue! Venus in Capricorns always seem cool. Being ruled by the planet Saturn, they feel there is a limit to everything, including dramatic displays. They never get worked up over things. Silvermist is more mature than some of the other fairies, though, ironically, she’s the youngest (next to Tinkerbell). It’s natural for Capricorns to seem more mature when they’re younger. As they get older, they seem younger. Silvermist is graceful and patient. Again, our Venus in Capricorns are ruled by Saturn. They tend to be careful, even when walking! This makes them really graceful and poised. Our Venus in Capricorns remain calm in any situation. They are an earth sign after all! They are truly down-to-earth, just like Silvermist. Silvermist doesn’t usually fly off the handle when her friend Tinkerbell causes mischief. She always understands Tinkerbell. She’s a good listener and she’s always ready to give advice. Our Venus in Capricorns fancy themselves wise, so many of them like to give advice to their friends. Most importantly, Silvermist has a strong sense of loyalty. Venus in Capricorn’s best quality is their devotion to those they love. They see love almost as a responsibility. They believe that when they love someone, there are certain commitments they have to live up to. Despite Venus in Capricorn’s reputation for being “cold”, Silvermist is kind and sympathetic.


Speaking of mature, Mama Odie from the Princess and the Frog was also brought to life by a Venus in Capricorn. Mama Odie is a blind old woman, but a wise old woman. She’s a bit of a hermit. It’s true. Our Venus in Capricorns are mostly loners. Venus in Capricorns don’t mingle with too many people. Mama Odie was a voodoo lady of sorts. She didn’t have many friends, but she still observed and watched over things. She could see things that Tiana and Naveen could not see. She reminded them to “dig deeper”. Venus in Capricorn is the deepest of the earth signs, being the last of the earth signs. Their careful nature makes them think before they do anything. This makes them think deeper than most. Of course, they can be demanding. Mama Odie is used to bossing her snake Juju around.


Our Venus in Capricorns are quite sleek and professional along with their mature qualities. Holly Shiftwell from Cars 2 showed this. She was a female spy car. She was educated, sharp, and superbly intelligent. Our Venus in Capricorns are so smart, they can take on any profession, even one as daring and tricky as spy work. She didn’t even have much experience, but she was still a top-dog spy. Venus in Capricorns are experts at whatever fields they take on. They are also not someone to mess with. holly Shiftwell kept her weapons close by. Venus in Capricorns always keep their defenses up, so don’t even try to play games with them! But she’s probably one of the few Venus in Capricorns with a love interest. She could take care of herself, but having a humble guy like Mater around isn’t too bad either.


A great number of Venus in Capricorns act as children. But these children aren’t quite that ordinary. Many of them are very mature for their age. Penny from Bolt worked as a famous actress at a very early age. That’s a lot to take on for a child! Early in life, at age 13, she was employed and learned how to deal with real-world issues. She played an ordinary girl in these movies. Most Venus in Capricorns are “real” kind of people. They are very down-to-earth and they aren’t extremely fanciful. They would rather inspire people to do real things. They would rather be real role models. In this way, it’s easy for them to relate to many people. Though Penny was pretty ordinary, she was really kind and caring, just like many of our other Venus in Capricorns. At times, it may have seemed to Bolt that she didn’t really care about him. Though Penny loved Bolt, she had to briefly replace him in the movie she was acting in after he ran away. This wasn’t because she didn’t care about him. Penny did what she thought would be best for everyone. Still, a misunderstanding did occur and this often happens with Venus in Capricorns. Venus in Capricorns often seem to move on from lovers and friendships much easier than others. Sometimes, this can make Venus in Capricorns seem colder than they really are. They do know how to set aside their feelings for the well-being of others. But this doesn’t mean they’ll replace those they love in their hearts and this doesn’t mean they don’t care. In this way, they are often misunderstood. Really, Venus in Capricorns could be hurting on the inside deeply. They just try to pretend that everything is alright. They always try to remain strong and let others have their space. But they will fight as hard as they can for someone they love; just as long as they know the fight will be worth it in the end. Penny didn’t have that many friends though. Again, our Venus in Capricorns are quite the loners. They spend most of their time consumed in their goals. They would do better if they opened up to new people a little more.


It seems that Penny is a popular name among Venus in Capricorns. I think because it’s a name that describes a REAL girl rather than a fairy-tale princess. Venus in Capricorns are too down-to-earth for the phony glitz and glamour of other characters. Penny from The Rescuers is another young child who showed kindness but also bravery. She may have been a bit plain, but she was definitely smart. Penny’s goals were very simple, practical, and very mature for her age. She was an orphan who hoped to be adopted by a family. And who wouldn’t adopt the gutsy Penny? She stood up to Medusa at gun point! That’s pretty impressive for a six year old girl! It’s very true that our Venus in Capricorns are mature as children. Their charm is their maturity! I should say they are so smart for their age, they seem to understand things even adults can’t grasp. One major thing about Penny is that she didn’t have many friends and she wasn’t very confident in her appearance. In fact, she thought the reason no one would adopt her is because she wasn’t pretty enough! Sometimes, Capricorns are very hard on themselves. Much of their cautious behavior comes from insecurity and a fear of rejection. Penny was always worried about being good enough. This is probably why Venus in Capricorns prefer to be alone. Still, even if they choose to be alone, they should always remember that they are just as good as everyone else. One of the things they can do to bring more attention to themselves is to open themselves up to others and learn to trust people a little more. Venus in Capricorns are often so afraid of rejection that they end up rejecting others to protect themselves, retreating to the idea that they are unlovable and unwanted. This is the opposite of true. It does take time, but there is someone out in the world who thinks your qualities are special and amazing. There were certainly a lot of amazing qualities about Penny!


Our Venus in Capricorns have played obnoxious children as well. While most are mature and careful, many can act careless and spoiled. Many can seem the opposite of Penny and act more like Darla from Finding Nemo. Darla does reflect Venus in Capricorn qualities to a certain degree as well. It’s pretty clear that Darla doesn’t have many friends. For some Venus in Capricorns it could be because they keep themselves away from others. For other Venus in Capricorns, like Darla, it could be their demanding personalities. Darla from Finding Nemo was feared by both her uncle and the fish. She was quite careless when handling fish. Of course, she was just a kid. But the Venus in Capricorn who played her didn’t mind bringing this demanding character to life. This symbolically reflects how a few Venus in Capricorns express themselves at times. No matter how old they are, many tend to have very high demands from life. Most act very mature, but many want security so much (being ruled by the cautious, careful planet Saturn) they end up having high standards and end up demanding that the world complies with their standards. And when those standards aren’t met, they could end up acting like Darla when she couldn’t get her “fishy”.  She’s never intentionally been evil or cruel, but she has been careless when dealing with other living creatures. She’s also been a little selfish and bratty. Venus in Capricorns tend to be ambitious and sometimes they can be ruthless while going after what they want, often not caring who is hurt in the process. Venus in Capricorns should learn to think more about people while going after what they want. Sure, most are sympathetic and caring. But most won’t give up what they want to spare someone else’s feelings. They should learn to be a little more accommodating.


We did finally receive our first Venus in Capricorn princess. Moana is played by an actress with Venus in Capricorn! More than likely, Moana was appealing to the Venus in Capricorn because she is smart, brave, independent, and ambitious. Capricorn is a sign of independence and practicality. They don’t play games when it comes to reaching goals. Moana was determined to sail the waters and save her home. She didn’t let anything stop her. Like most Capricorns, she is very close to her elders. She lets her elders guide her and borrows wisdom from them. Capricorn is also an earth sign, so it isn’t surprising to see her strong connection with nature.

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Venus in Aquarius


Looking at all the characters played by a Venus in Aquarius, it’s safe to say they are unusual. They definitely follow the beat of their own drums! They are quite wiry. There is always one time in these people’s lives where at least one person thinks they’re crazy because they just aren’t like everyone else. But they are not short of genius! They are just way ahead of their time in the way they think. They also notice things others simply don’t. They have interesting observational skills.

These women are also quite progressive. They are not against breaking social rules. Freedom is a very important key theme in their lives. Though they don’t need a love interest, they can be quite romantic.

Venus isn’t the most comfortable in Aquarius, but she has some things in common with this sign. Venus and Aquarius are both social. Venus is an air planet; Aquarius is an air sign. Venus believes in fairness and justice, peace and love. Aquarius is also about peace and fairness. They both have a need to make things fairer in the world.

But that’s where their similarities end. Aquarius is social, but in an objective sense. They care more about humanity than any intimate relationships. They are rather independent and freedom-loving. Venus is quite dependent on others. She needs to express love, and having more people around can allow her to do this. Venus is focused on superficial, mundane values like beauty and pleasure. Aquarius is concerned with world-wide social issues. Venus cares that she’s accepted in society. Aquarius can’t be held down and tied by societal norms for too long. They need to feel that they can be themselves.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the planet of boundaries, limitations, and law. Strange for a sign that’s so freedom-loving, right? Uranus is the planet of freedom, sudden changes, and the unexpected. What would the two planets come together to make? It would make them very complex individuals. Aquarius believes in fairness and justice, so they believe that there should be laws that protect the freedoms of individuals. At the same time, living by any rules is such a challenge because they believe in freedom. This often makes them hard to understand. This is probably why many people find them to be unusual.

How would sudden changes affect a person? It would make them prepared for the unexpected all the time. It would make them adaptable to the times. But it would make them feel like true security is impossible. You would never know what to expect from them. Just when you think you know them, the world around these people change. No one can truly define a Venus in Aquarius. Their Saturn and Uranus signs will influence their Venus in Aquarius expressions.

Saturn is a social planet that can move between any of the 12 zodiac signs while Venus is in Aquarius. However, it stays within one sign in a year or more. Uranus is a generational planet that can stay within a sign for 10 years or more. It can be within any of the 12 zodiac signs while Venus is in Aquarius.

With Uranus being a generational planet, it’s clear that Aquarius is more interested in humanity and global interests pertaining to their generation than anything else.

If Saturn is in Capricorn, Aquarius, or Libra, some Venus in Aquarius qualities will be more apparent. If Saturn is in Cancer, Leo, or Aries, some Venus in Aquarius qualities won’t be as apparent. If Uranus is in Aquarius or some say Scorpio, other Aquarius qualities will be extremely obvious. If Uranus is in Leo or some say Taurus, some Venus in Aquarius qualities won’t be that obvious.

Aquarius is an air sign and a fixed sign. They are full of many new ideas, but it’s very hard for them to adapt to other people’s ideas.

Aquarius is always considered the “water bearer” because they tend to “pour out knowledge” upon the world. A water bearer was always associated with a cloud because a clouds bear water and pour it out over the world.


When mentioning how much Venus in Aquariuses “march to the beat of their own drum”, the first Disney character that comes to mind is Merida from Brave. Merida was brought to life by someone who had Venus in Aquarius. Is this any surprise? The quirky, freedom-loving Merida definitely wouldn’t let social expectations define or confine her. Merida didn’t adapt well to being a “proper” princess after her father became king. Because of this, she often clashed with her mother. Merida believed in being her usual self. She never had the best table manners, she didn’t want to be married to anyone, and she loved to brush up on her archery skills. She may have come across a bit wild. But she wasn’t afraid to introduce new ideas. Still, Merida had to learn to compromise. Sometimes, Aquariuses see things their own way. It’s great to be progressive and it’s great to try to change things. But there isn’t always anything wrong with old ways either. It may benefit them to understand why certain traditions have existed. It would benefit them not to be reckless when trying to gain freedom, as Merida did when she made a deal with a witch to turn her mother into a bear. They often also need to stop trying to shake everything up just for the sake of getting their way. There is room for many different ideas, not just their own. When Merida learned to compromise with her mother, she and her mother were both able to get something out of it.


Maid Marian from Robin Hood was also quite different from other women of her time. She was enthralled with the brave and exciting Robin Hood. Venus rules the love interest. She wasn’t quite interested in a conventional life as Robin Hood had thought. She may have seemed that her head was in the clouds. Our Venus in Aquariuses are visionaries and often times they don’t seem very practical. Still, Venus in Aquariuses are never boring. Maid Marian loved to get out and play Badminton. She doesn’t mind getting a little messy and letting her youthful, lively spirit out even if she is a royal! She definitely isn’t your typical royal.


Princess Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron is another atypical royal. For a princess, she’s really spunky and strong-willed. She is quite headstrong and heroic. Instead of waiting for a prince to save her after being imprisoned, she was determined to solve her own problems. She really helped Taran on his journey. She doesn’t like being discriminated against because she’s a girl. That’s a usual thing for Venus in Aquariuses. They are far too independent and free-minded to be hemmed in by old-fashioned viewpoints. They can’t really fit into social standards that don’t encourage them to be themselves and take care of themselves. The truth is that Venus in Aquariuses don’t trust others that much to be too dependent on someone else for their entire well-being. Eilonwy always tried to rely on herself.

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Nala from The Lion King is another strong female character. She may be a royal, but like most lionesses, she’s an expert hunter, independent, and strong. This progressive Venus won’t let anyone take care of them! It’s ironic that Aquarius’s opposite sign is the Leo, the royal lion. When a Venus in Aquarius gets hold of this kind of role, there is a sense of humanity rather than traits of an animal, unlike what there might have been with an actual Leo. Nala is almost humanized. She’s made to relate to the viewers. The Venus in Aquarius who played this role made her really “human”. Venus in Aquariuses are really humble, no matter how popular or famous, and tend to see themselves as no better than anyone else. This gives them a very humane quality. Our Venus in Aquariuses are also highly attracted to their opposite sign and vice versa. They are complementary in many respects. Still, this Venus in Aquarius probably was attracted to Nala’s independent qualities more than anything, which very much connects with the sign of Aquarius. Another trait of Venus in Aquarius is their interest in their friends. For Venus in Aquariuses, friendship is often more important than romantic love. Still, if they were to choose a lover, it would be someone who was a close friend. They tend to fall in love with their childhood friends much more often than other Venuses.


Speaking of the strong-willed and independent, there is one character I just can’t ignore. Helen Parr, ElastiGirl from The Incredibles, was brought to life by a Venus in Aquarius. Our Venus in Aquariuses care much about humanity. It’s not unusual for them to play super heroes. Helen Parr, as a young woman, used to be an aggressive feminist, someone who wanted to make her mark in the super hero business, which was dominated by men, and someone who wouldn’t be tied down by marriage and housewifery. These traits describe Venus in Aquariuses so much! As youths, they tend to be strong about equality, progress, and breaking into fields that haven’t been tapped. Yet, they are complex and don’t even want to be labeled in that regard. Helen ended up breaking her strong values when she met Mr. Incredible. Such is the nature of an air sign! Soon after, though, the U.S. government stopped Super heroes from using their powers to save the day. That must have been hard for a freedom-loving woman like her! Many Venus in Aquariuses want to do something important in the world. Still, as long as they get to do something for someone, even if that includes their families, they enjoy it. Helen tried to live a “normal” life, but she was trying to raise a not-so-normal family! Though she put on a front of normality, she always secretly used her powers to make her housework easier. She just couldn’t get away from it. She just wasn’t like other people! She was special and she had to remember that. Sometimes, it gets hard for our Venus in Aquariuses because being different can make them feel like outcasts. They don’t like this because they really are social and want to belong, despite how different they seem. They really want to be accepted for their quirks just like they try to accept others. Of course, others aren’t nearly as tolerant. Sometimes, they may try to be normal just to appease people. But the best advice for them is that old idealistic saying, “Just be yourself”.


Jane Porter from Tarzan tends to carry the quirky Aquarius qualities well. Her voice actress has this position. First off, Jane wasn’t like other proper English women of her time. She had an urge to explore. She pushed boundaries that limited her socially and embarked on a daring voyage to discover more about the Gorillas. She was an intelligent, courageous, and open-minded woman. Our Venus in Aquariuses are some of the most intelligent people in the world. Their ideas are so progressive and way ahead of their times, even they can barely keep up! Jane Porter often seemed a little unusual, wiry, and maybe even a little crazy at times, especially when she’d first spotted Tarzan. Our Venus in Aquariuses don’t even have conventional love interests. She was in love with an ape-man. But there was more to Tarzan than just the fact that he lived in the jungle. She saw so much through his eyes. She felt his desire to learn about himself. Nothing is more attractive to a Venus in Aquarius than a person who wants knowledge. They tend to like to associate with smart individuals. Jane Porter’s brains-as well as her cute snort-laugh-are her amazing quirky charms! She even carries the lovable freedom-loving qualities well. You know, she enjoys swinging from vines and all.


If we really want to talk about quirky, let’s look at Dory from Finding Nemo, played by Ellen DeGeneres. She happens to have Venus in Aquarius! Is Dory as normal as we would expect? No. Venus in Aquariuses are experts at producing the unexpected. But she was a loyal and helpful friend to Marlin. Yes, she had short-term memory loss. Yes, she was flighty and ditzy. We have to remember that Venus in Aquariuses are still air signs. They are light and airy! Still, Dory was sociable and friendly, also like our Venus in Aquariuses. They aren’t judgmental about the friends they make either. Dory has made friends with a clown fish, sharks, and even whales ten times larger than her! She learned to communicate with many people. Venus in Aquariuses learn early on in life to accept people, no matter how different they are. So it’s not uncommon to see Venus in Aquariuses associating with people that seem totally opposite them in personality. Marlin was nothing like Dory, and yet they were good friends! Not love interests either. Just good friends. Venus in Aquariuses often prefer to be friends than lovers with people. Even when they are in a relationship, it has to feel like a good friendship. They don’t like to feel confined. Friendships make relationships feel much lighter for them. And they don’t really like being too intimate with people. This comes from a fear of being judged. Dory was good friends with Marlin, but not much was known about her family or where she came from. She probably couldn’t even remember where she lived! Many Venus in Aquariuses are similar symbolically. They would rather detach themselves with the past and think mostly about the future. “Just Keep Swimming” is the perfect motto for Venus in Aquariuses.


Venus in Aquariuses certainly are open-minded when it comes to making friends. They are open-minded about who they love in general. Kala from Tarzan adopted Tarzan into her family though he was a human and she was an ape. She didn’t care that they were different on the outside. She recognized that they were connected on the inside. Both of them lost family members by the claws of Sabor, the tiger, and she knew that Tarzan needed her help. She took up the challenge of raising him, despite what anyone thought about humans or about his appearance.


There are bad sides to having Venus in Aquarius (if you consider it “bad”) and it comes in the form of Disney villains. Our Venus in Aquariuses are generally independent. Because they don’t have many attachments to many people, many times they come across as uncaring and unfeeling unless they are trying to get what they want. It’s very common for Venus in Aquariuses to put up a false pretense that they care about others’ situations in a friendship or relationship only to reveal that they don’t really care. Mother Gothel from Tangled really made a show of pretending she cared about Rapunzel. She was good at it! Even to this day, it’s controversial among fans of the film whether she really cared about Rapunzel or just cared about keeping Rapunzel’s hair. Venus in Aquariuses feelings can be just that confusing in relationships. There is sometimes a sense of detachment with these individuals. When they want to do something for themselves, they need ultimate freedom and so don’t often want to think about others’ feelings when it comes to their decisions. They often don’t think about everyone who will be hurt in the process. Venus in Aquariuses are often so intelligent, they can be “dangerous manipulators”. Instead of using her knowledge about the magical flower to help an ailing world, Mother Gothel instead kept it to herself to ensure her own longevity. Venus in Aquariuses must try not to block others out of their inner world and they must be a little more caring and feeling on an intimate level. They must also learn to use their unusual ideas for good, lest it go to waste. Believe it or not, they also should be careful of being narcissistic. Though they don’t usually just focus on themselves in regards to humanity, when it comes to their own personal and intimate life, they tend to mostly focus on themselves and what they want to do. They tend to shut others out. Please tend to those around you and try to tolerate the feelings you find so “petty”.


Our Venus in Aquariuses certainly do have their own original tastes in clothes and beauty in general. They usually try to look very distinct. In this way, they would make excellent fashion designers. They’d prefer to wear their own branded material. Yzma from The Emperor’s new Groove is played by a Venus in Aquarius. Her sense of style is definitely uniquely her own. Having your own fashion sense like Yzma is pretty cool, but acting like Yzma is another thing entirely. Again, our Venus in Aquariuses should be super careful about their manipulative streak. Yzma pretended to be loyal to Kuzco. She pretended to care about his kingdom. But generally, she only cared about herself. She was very good at putting on the act, but really lacked any feelings towards others, including her own henchman Kronk. Again, Venus in Aquariuses should be wary that they aren’t unfeeling, cold, and manipulative as they try to achieve their aims. They need to let their intentions remain clear. They shouldn’t feel that their life never affects others because it does. They equally shouldn’t fall into an indifferent attitude where they don’t care about anyone’s personal life but their own.

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Venus in Pisces


One thing most people will learn by looking at the characters played by the Venus in Pisces is that they are mostly kind and sensitive. They generally care about others and constantly worry that others are happy and healthy. They are generally observant and they think before they act. This makes them quite graceful, but a bit reserved and shy. They try not to do anything they will regret later. They are beautiful, inside and out. Many of them love to primp and polish their looks. But somehow, this doesn’t make them shallow. They never judge others by appearances, even though they really do like to look nice.

They often see things that others don’t see. They tend to be very much in touch with the spirit world.

They have a deeply hidden romantic nature. Often times, it’s not easy for them to admit this. They are generally shy.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, the last sign she enters. I think after going through all the other signs, she finally gets it right after everything is over. She finally finds a higher meaning for her love. Pisces is often associated with the house of endings, the 12th house. This can mean the end of a relationship, the end of love. Or perhaps, love hasn’t even really truly begun, considering this sign is right before Venus enters Aries. In this sign, love carries a more spiritual meaning. Love is useful in more ways than one. It goes beyond the realm of the physical, intimate world and into the universal world and beyond it. Venus leaves her usual surroundings, one that is material and physically pleasurable, so this isn’t really the most comfortable position ever for Venus. But she finds something better, something more meaningful. She uses her love for more meaningful purposes than material things. She finds out more than ever about her favorite topic, love. She may not need love as much with this sign as she does with her ruling signs, but love is still a very important theme. It just takes a different form now.

Usually before we jump into love (in Aries), we’re dreaming about it, wondering about it. At this point, love is at its most ideal. We’re hoping for that perfect romance or friendship. We come up with our own ideal types. We become enthralled with someone that we have yet to talk to or yet to meet in the real world. We may have seen this type on a drama or sitcom. We may like this person as a celebrity. We become hopeless romantics, falling in love with an image of someone we’ve never met truly. We see a cool crowd that we would really one day like to be a part of because it looks like so much fun. We have yet to dive in and find out for ourselves (like we would when Venus is in Aries). We have yet to fall in love with that special somebody. But we have dreamed about that special somebody. This is the most amazing part of love for many people. This is when love doesn’t see hard, bad, or cruel. This is when we feel at our most beautiful, too. This is when we generally want to try all the styles that exist. We appreciate art, no matter how it looks to others. We want to try and find out who we are and how we would look to others. But we haven’t quite nailed what our real style is. We’re just “testing the waters”. This is Venus in Pisces. They express their love best at this moment. This is their favorite part.

And then Pisces also rules endings. After we break-up with someone for good, our life returns to the days before we first fell in love. We realize that we can never return, only move with the flow into the next love life. Only this time, it doesn’t feel the same. We are wiser now. We are also just as shy as we were when we first started thinking about love, but this time it’s because we no longer trust what we see. We begin to look for the person on the inside. We begin looking for people that love us for what’s on the inside. A true spiritual connection is what we’re searching for. Yet, we are still following an illusion. We are paranoid, continuously afraid we will make the same mistake. We begin to even see things that aren’t really there. Sometimes, we never trust love again, no matter how different a person seems. Sometimes, after a seriously chaotic relationship, we begin to see love as something boundless. We open our hearts to people we wouldn’t have before, seeing that love doesn’t just mean one thing. Many of these people show their love through compassion, through helping others less fortunate, from dedicating themselves to their children and families, from forming close friendships, and from showing this love through music and art. Love encompasses many things for these people.

This is the Venus in Pisces journey. Venus discovers that love can mean many things to many people. Love isn’t just one-dimensional. Love isn’t just physical. Love isn’t just a social norm. Love can be anything. Venus in Pisces thus understands the most that everyone has their own way of showing love and they can generally tolerate any Venus sign and adapt any Venus sign’s way of showing love! Through Pisces, Venus can learn to appreciate her “journey” through all the 12 signs. This is more than you can find when Venus is in her ruling signs, where love is a little more physical and simple. However, this does make Venus in Pisces complicated. It’s hard to know exactly what interests a Venus in Pisces. It’s hard to know what or who they truly love. They seem to love everybody and everything. These people can be frustrating in one-on-one relationships.

As far as charms and beauty go, they can adapt to any styles and charms. They are generally open-minded. Still, they prefer quieter styles to louder ones. They are still really shy. They just “go-with-the-flow”.

Venus and Pisces have quite a bit in common. Venus is soft and subtle; Pisces is soft and subtle. Venus loves beauty and appreciates the arts. Pisces does, too. Both are pretty inert. Neither does too much. They are both quiet and prefer peace and love to chaos and violence. But they have differences. Pisces is emotional, sentimental, and prefers the inside to the outside (though they can easily be persuaded by pretenses). Venus is all about how people and things appear. She’s reasonable, but she’s a sucker for beauty. She’s a little more logical than Pisces.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, optimism, and beliefs. This makes Pisces belief-stricken. They want to believe in something, they want to feel hopeful and positive about the world. This makes them the compassionate people they are. This makes them broad-minded. They are also ruled by Neptune. Neptune is the planet of illusions and dreams. This means that Venus in Pisces people may be a part of the illusion, where people see things in them they aren’t. Perhaps, they are responsible for these illusions through deceptive practices, like acting or magic or music. Or maybe these people are susceptible to the illusions they see around them, getting caught up in music, movies, books, or inspirational people that give them the dream they wish existed in the real world. This also makes them care about people. They really have an idealistic view of the world and they want everyone to be happy.

Jupiter is a social planet that can stay within one sign for a year or more. It can be in any of the 12 zodiac signs. Neptune is a generational planet that can stay within one sign for 10 years or more. It can be in any of the 12 zodiac signs as well…After a few years have passed.

If Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Pisces, or Cancer, some Venus in Pisces qualities will be more apparent. If Jupiter is in Gemini, Virgo, or Capricorn, some Venus in Pisces qualities won’t be as apparent. If Neptune is in Pisces, Cancer, or Leo, some Venus in Pisces qualities will be obvious. If Neptune is in Virgo, Capricorn, or Aquarius, some Venus in Pisces qualities won’t be as obvious.

Pisces is a water sign and a mutable sign. This means the emotions are important, but changeable according to the environment they’re in and according to the people they’re around. They are unpredictable.

Pisces is associated with the fish because they tend to “go with the flow”.

Pisces’s opposite sign is Virgo.


Our Venus in Pisces are generally caring. Being exalted by Venus, they tend to feel like the perfect women sometimes. They don’t want to stand out too much, and prefer to fit in with normal people sometimes. Duchess from The Aristocats was one such cat, brought to life by a Venus in Pisces. She was an aristocratic cat who lived a fine life. But like most Venus in Pisces, she preferred the underdogs. This is how she fell in step with O’Malley, an alley cat. This cat showed her a world beyond her privileged life. Venus in Pisces often fall in step with such people, especially when it comes to romantic affairs. They should be careful that they are realistic, though. Many of these “street” people are truly unsavory, but for Duchess, O’Malley was a helpful friend. Venus in Pisces won’t turn away anyone! They are truly the least judgmental of every sign. Different from Aquarius, Pisces don’t mind becoming intimate with people most would turn away. They tend to see the beauty inside of people rather than how someone appears on the outside. Still, they should be careful of being too trusting. When it came to Edgar, her butler, Duchess trusted him. Duchess never expected that he would get rid of the cats in order to gain the inheritance given to her and her kittens. Venus in Pisces individuals should be careful who they trust. They are often the victims of many crimes because of their innocence. They seem like easy targets for those who have bad intentions. After all, Duchess just seemed like an innocent cat. Venus in Pisces need to set boundaries and be a little more watchful of who they trust. Aside from that, Duchess was a caring, graceful, and ladylike feline. She seemed like the perfect kind of female for any man in her society. Any man’s dream, right? She obviously had a beau before she met O’Malley, considering she had kittens before she met him, and O’Malley was captured by her charming spell as well! This is definitely why Venus is exalted in Pisces. They certainly put out a “dream” that makes Venus look good. They actually could adapt well to society, whether it’s traditional or progressive. The pressure to be a “lady” isn’t much “pressure” for many people with Venus in Pisces. They prefer quiet activities anyway! Still, many also like freedom, so being strong and independent isn’t bad either. Duchess fit well in her society. She was into quiet activities. She was excellent at the arts. Most of our Venus in Pisces people have an appreciation for the arts. Duchess always taught her kittens painting and music. Duchess was also quite the romantic. Her voice was even dreamy!


Miss Bianca from The Rescuers, played by the same voice actress as Duchess, was just like Duchess! She was quite the lady. She was beautiful, elegant, and graceful, just like Duchess. Doesn’t she look amazing in lilac and lavender? Pisces tend to rule over sea-like colors ranging from sea green to a soft purple. Again, Venus in Pisces carry a hint of grace and elegance about them because they tend to be quiet and demure. They don’t move too fast and don’t mind “lady-like” activities. Though Miss Bianca is a lady, she is very compassionate, kind, and definitely doesn’t judge others by their appearances. She’s a layered female mouse. She was interested in her appearance, but she was also brave, daring, and adventurous as well. Venus in Pisces can merge into any woman that would suit the moment. All of Miss Bianca’s qualities made her perfect for the Rescue Aid Society. Her duty was to help people. Venus in Pisces people, again, show their love by helping others. This makes them good friends to have. They are always there to rescue people from a crisis.


While many of our Venus in Pisces women seem really elegant and poised on the outside, many of them may deeply feel insecure inside. They are super sensitive to other people’s opinions and sensitive towards their environment in general. This can make them insecure when dealing with people. Queen Atta from A Bug’s Life may have been crowned the queen, but life wasn’t easy just because she was a royal. As the queen ant, she had to make sure the colony ran smoothly and that everyone stored enough food for the harvest. Queen Atta was never truly in charge of her own destiny. Therefore, being Queen was even more of a responsibility for her. She felt pressure from the other ants. She was always worried about what they thought about her. She was under scrutiny and it made her nervous and a perfectionist. Many of our Venus in Pisces women, behind their easy-going demeanor, are a bundle of nerves. They really don’t care about fitting in totally, but they hate drama and they hate causing tension between themselves and others. Sometimes, they are pushed around by others until they break as a result of their passive nature. They should learn to stand up for themselves a little more. They should also make sure that they are making their own choices and not the choices everyone else thinks is best for them. Queen Atta never thought that maybe being a queen wasn’t for her, but at the same time, she probably wouldn’t have deserted her position even if it weren’t suited to her personality. Venus in Pisces are too caring to leave others high and dry. Queen Atta knew that her mother was counting on her and she didn’t want to let the colony down, either. Venus in Pisces really are sweet-hearts. People can count on them to help. Still, they often set aside what they want and let others pressure them into situations they aren’t comfortable in. Venus in Pisces individuals need to set more boundaries. Eventually, Atta is able to help the colony move smoothly. With the help of her mother and her friendship with Flik, she was able to let loose a little. Venus in Pisces should always turn to those that love them whenever they are feeling stressed. They often need the insight of outsiders to help calm their nerves. Their imagination can run wild, both with good thoughts and bad. They need someone who is a little objective to help them out at times.


Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story also carries her nerves on her sleeve. She’s quite the worry-wart sometimes. However, she’s very kind and caring. She’s very supportive. Her husband never has problems with his wife! And she of course, like all Pisces, would take in anyone who was suffering. She adopted the three aliens her husband saved into her family! Venus in Pisces wouldn’t turn away anyone! And like many of the other Venus in Pisces ladies, she really cares about her appearance. She’s always looking around for an earring…or eye…that has popped off.


Our Venus in Pisces are certainly tender-hearted. Sally Finklestein from The Nightmare Before Christmas was played by a Venus in Pisces, and she was certainly kind and sweet. Like most of our Venus in Pisces individuals, she was a hopeless, dreamy romantic. She was in love with Jack Skellington, someone she felt had a desire to discover more in life just as she had. Venus in Pisces individuals are ruled by Jupiter, so they tend to have adventurous streaks. Their dreaming keeps them on never-ending adventures. Like all the other women in Halloween Town, she idolized Jack. This is normal for Venus in Pisces women. They tend to be in search for a “soul mate”, someone who feels and thinks the way they do. Often times, they gravitate to the beliefs a person has. Sally liked what Jack stood for and was wrapped up in it. For her, everything turned out alright. But many of our Venus in Pisces should still be a little more realistic when dealing with love. They often tend to be in love with idols, people they THINK they know. But many times, these are just illusions. People may profess to have certain beliefs, but there is always more to a person than what they believe. Still, Sally was pretty smart. She was too shy to tell Jack her feelings anyway, so she had plenty of time to get to know him.  She was quite a sensible character. Venus in Pisces people aren’t just about dreaming. They are really wise, too, and they give really good advice. They see the world broadly and know how to improve the world around them. Even though Sally has many strong qualities on the inside, she’s a bit fragile on the outside. Her body parts constantly have to be sewn on! She also doesn’t speak up for herself often. Venus in Pisces should express themselves more and develop a thicker skin. The fact that she is a ghoul shows Venus in Pisces people are in touch with the spirit world. The voice actress with this placement was clearly attracted to such a theme!


Of course, some Venus in Pisces individuals live mostly in their own worlds. Deb from Finding Nemo was played by a Venus in Pisces. First off, Deb was a fish. Pisces is the sign most associated with the fish. But Deb was stuck in a fish tank. Being stuck in a fish tank, she couldn’t really experience life in her natural home. She became delusional, thinking her reflection on the glass of the tank is her sister…a sister that may or may not exist. This is an example of a Venus in Pisces that is trapped. Venus in Pisces are really freedom-loving and prefer to be with other people like them. If Venus in Pisces feel trapped in a place they don’t want to be, they often tend to lose touch with reality much more. Many of them become wrapped up in their own worlds, coming up with fantastic illusions through stories, music, or other artistic outlets. However, they must be careful that they don’t form too close of a relationship with the characters in their imagination. Sometimes, they feel so alone and so trapped in the harsh world, they create their own worlds to escape from it all. These worlds often times feel very real to them. And this doesn’t mean they literally are as delusional as Deb (though some may be), but they may get caught up in sub-cultures that promote their visions. Many of these people make fan-fictions in their heads of themselves and their favorite idols. Many of them refer to these characters in their real life, looking at every situation in comparison to some character they came up with. This isn’t always a bad thing. But Venus in Pisces must remember that these people mostly exist in their own head. Another major problem is that Venus in Pisces individuals often see things in people that the people themselves may not relate to. Whether it’s a celebrity or animated character, Venus in Pisces will relate that person or character to something within their own lives, seeing things in these people that aren’t really there. Sometimes, the things they see in these people and in the world are simply just reflections of themselves.


Our Venus in Pisces don’t really carry “evil” traits, but this doesn’t mean they are completely innocent. Many of our Venus in Pisces characters can be strongly manipulative. They are also easily swept up with the wrong people. Megara from Hercules was played by a Venus in Pisces. Venus in Pisces are often thought of as “damsels-in-distress” because they often don’t have the will-power to stand up to people, leaving room open for others to protect and save them. Sometimes, Venus in Pisces just ACTS like the damsel-in-distress to get their way. They sometimes act like the victim for manipulative aims. Megara played up the Pisces damsel in distress role just for show. Hercules thought that Megara was a victim when he saw Megara wrestling with a huge water guardian. He even thought she was a victim of Hades’s schemes. In some ways, she was. But in many ways, she wasn’t. Megara sided with Hades, god of the Underworld, on her own free will, to get back at her boyfriend who’d left her for some other woman. Again, our Venus in Pisces sometimes end up losing trust in love. Often times, this is because they were too idealistic and too easily persuaded to get into relationships with people who never truly had their best interests. When this happens, sometimes they do some pretty scary things to get back at the people that have harmed them. Venus in Pisces does have a shark side. But usually they don’t take matters into their own hands directly. They usually get involved with others who indirectly help them achieve their aims. In Megara’s case, she got involved with the wrong person. She got involved with someone who brought disaster to the world. Megara may not have cared about her relationship with a villain like Hades at first, since he reflected her bitter feelings, but when she started falling in love again, she realized that Hades was no better than the boyfriend who’d left her. He was a bad influence on her. Megara was too easily persuaded by Hades’s offer to get revenge, just like she was too easily persuaded to get into a relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Venus in Pisces people must be careful of schemes that offer temporary happiness. It’s not that Venus in Pisces individuals just like the first good-looking, perfect person they see. It’s just that they are easily swept up in words that promise them their dreams will come true. They tend to be so desperate for happiness and peace in their lives; they will take up the next substance that makes them feel better, which could be just a book or song, but also includes drugs and alcohol, or another poor relationship with someone else. The worst part is that Megara was cautious when the right person came along! Venus in Pisces must really be careful of getting with the wrong people. They need to work on being a little more discriminating and they need to learn to size people up carefully. They must learn not to listen to what people say and focus on the good that a person does. Anyone can lie. In truth, appearances can sometimes tell you a little about a person, even if it doesn’t tell you everything. Luckily, Megara came to her senses. She ended up saving Hercules’s life and helped him restore his powers back. She showed that she was self-sacrificing. Venus in Pisces individuals, again, will do anything for the ones they love, even sacrifice their own lives!

I want to emphasize that Megara could “see things” that others couldn’t and that she was in touch with the spirit world. I mean, she was the only human associated with Hades, the god of the Underworld, and was clearly the only one who could see him. She also fell in love with a spirit, a GOD! Our Venus in Pisces tend to be drawn to the spirit world, even in relationships! Even if these “spirits” just take the form of illusions they see in celebrities or books. Megara fell in love with Hercules, a man that was basically worshiped and idolized by others both in Mount Olympus and on Earth.

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If you notice that I have missed any other Disney characters, let me know in the comments’ section! I’m mostly focusing on Disney animated films and video game characters. I’m not focusing on Disney Channel characters. Sorry about that. :/ Also, I’m not focusing on Direct-to-Video movies, either.


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