My Review of f(x) @ SMTown IV in Taiwan: I Miss f(x) – #IMISSFX

21 Mar


This isn’t one of my informational articles. This isn’t an article that is truly objective at all. This isn’t a persuasive piece. This is simply me expressing a strong feeling and/or desire of mine.

SMTown IV Tour has recently made its way to Taiwan.

SMTown Live

I’ve been roaming online looking at all of the amazing pictures. Of course, I was searching for f(x). If you readers don’t know about f(x) (and my obsession with this group), take a detour:

f(x) the Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight

You should have seen the wide grin that spread on my face when pictures of four members, all with busy schedules, managed to show up on stage and perform a set of songs from their albums:  “Jet”, “Vacance”, “Hot Summer”, “Rum Pum Pum Pum”, and “Red Light”. Amber, one of those members, also performed her solo song “Shake That Brass” and this time with SNSD (Girls’ Generation)’s Taeyeon.

Looking at my favorite K-pop group idols on that stage, I had a bittersweet moment. It was such a happy time, and yet, I could feel that it wasn’t going to last. It was over as quick as it had begun. f(x) was on the same stage for the first time in months, and then, afterwards, back to their usual separate schedules.

And that’s when reality set in. And my feelings… I just felt something. Guess what? I miss f(x). And four is just not enough. I MISS ALL FIVE MEMBERS.

The thing that really gets me is the fact that I just became a true blue fan of f(x) February 2014 (though I’ve been knowing about them since 2011). Because I’ve just become a fan, I feel like I didn’t really get a chance to know the girls as much as I would’ve liked.

My dream is to one day either see f(x) live in concert or BoA live in concert.

I have no control of circumstances. Things always change, and the ladies in f(x) are no exception. I’m in my 20s and I understand that, as adults, we all have choices. I understand that Sulli had to go on hiatus. I do. But last year was my first time experiencing an f(x) comeback. Those few weeks of anticipation meant so much to me. f(x)’s music has gotten me through rough times. Their music has cheered me up when I was down and even mellowed me out when I was hyped up. f(x) got me interested in Korean music, dramas, and ultimately, Korean culture.

With all of that being said, I REALLY am hoping for an f(x) comeback with ALL FIVE MEMBERS this year. Even if it’s the last one ever, I really do hope that I at least get one more chance to enjoy the true full-out f(x) experience.

Last year, I really fell in love with this group. Anyone who is into K-pop knows what I’m talking about. In fact, most of you fans are probably experiencing that “group idol comeback” bliss right now.

I hold on to that little hope of seeing them again. Seeing them on stage gives me hope.

There are two things that could stand in the way:

1) Fans, particularly Korean Netizens, Regarding Sulli

Last year, fans made things so difficult for Sulli she had to step away from the limelight. When Sulli went on hiatus, the comments and malicious rumors intensified. Even now, people will still have something crazy to say. As I said last year, her hiatus has less to do with SM and her boyfriend, and more to do with the way fans reacted to the situation of her dating a man who is older than her. Really, at the end of it all, the fans are the profits and they are the reason SM makes decisions the way they do. I worry that fans will tear the group apart. They will drive Sulli away and it will leave a sour patch in the f(x) group.

I was so happy when I saw Sulli with Luna at the Opening of the SM COEX Artium. I was extremely happy when I heard Sulli attended one of Amber’s performances at Inkigayo. And I was happy that Sulli appeared in High Cut magazine looking stunning.

f(x) Sulli and Luna

Sulli visits Amber

sulli high cut

I feel like this group has so much potential. I’d hate to see their gifts go to waste because of ridiculous scandals and negativity.

Just how Talented is f(x) Sulli?

Just how Talented is f(x) Victoria?

Just how talented is f(x) Amber?

Just how talented is f(x) Krystal?

Just how talented is f(x) Luna?

2) Krystal’s sister is out of SNSD (Girls’ Generation). What’s next for Krystal?

Krystal and Jessica were both asked to join SM at the same time. Jessica was older, so she was trained much sooner. With Krystal and Jessica working under the same label, the sisters were closer and had an easier time working on projects together. With Jessica out of SM, and in such a swift way, would Krystal want to stay under this label?

The sisters, despite being related, have their own individual careers to worry about. Krystal has grown and developed herself as an individual outside of Jessica’s shadow. BUT she may not feel the same toward the label after what happened to her sister. I’m a little worried that Krystal will try to join her sister and leave the group.

I really, really hope that Krystal doesn’t leave too soon. 😦

I feel like I get involved in fandoms at all the worst times. :/ Back when the Spice Girls were popular, the moment I got into them, Geri left a few months after I became a fan. I became a huge fan of Avril Lavigne AFTER she toured my hometown. 😦 I almost won tickets to go see New Kids on the Block in my city. Too bad I didn’t learn about them until after the drawing…My tickets went to someone else.

Maybe I carry a shadow around me. Whenever I promote a group or artist, whenever I start to like something, it seems like I can never fully enjoy it.

I hope that this year will be a great year of K-pop for me. I really miss f(x). I want to see them on stage again, happy, showing off their skills, and giving us their “surprise” comebacks once more.

That’s all I wanted to say. I’m getting a bit sentimental here. 😥



2 Responses to “My Review of f(x) @ SMTown IV in Taiwan: I Miss f(x) – #IMISSFX”

  1. LoveForLuna 2015/08/13 at 18:56 #

    How do you feel about Sulli officially leaving f(x) and the fact there confirmed to have a comeback soon as f(4)?


    • generationnext 2015/08/14 at 20:12 #

      I’m honestly heartbroken. 😦 But considering that recently Amber Liu posted a tweet with Sulli’s name in it on twitter, f(x) and Sulli didn’t end on bad terms. Sm isn’t cutting her contract with SM and she is still working under them as an actress. F(x) is a very understanding group that is used to doing solo activities anyway, so I have no doubt that she will be back. And even if she doesn’t come back, it really wouldn’t feel any different considering they are always doing things solo. Still, I have a feeling she will be back. Just like what happened with Speed in Japan. 🙂 Time will tell.


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