Top 5 Youtube Comments That Are Annoying

7 Mar


Internet has become the new social hang-out. Many people spend most of their time browsing SNS. Youtube is one of those websites that receives a lot of traffic. I am one of those people who love to spend endless hours watching uploaded videos by both music artists and Youtube entertainers, like Nigahiga and IISuperwomanII.

But you all know that not everyone is mature enough to handle being on such a free website like Youtube. With a “comments’ section” and “reply” button freely available, people can say just about anything. Since just about anyone can have access to Youtube, you’ll find many people talking with one another, no matter the nation, history/background, ethnicity, gender, or age. These factors are also why discussions vary so much in their direction on Youtube.

Well, because of all of these random people on Youtube, there will be idiotic comments. I mean, Youtube is basically where “troll” and “spam” were born.

And as if trolls and spammers weren’t bad enough, some of the other most annoying comments may not be posted by spammers or trolls at all. Some of those annoying comments are by people who believe they are trying to strike up an engaging conversation, but fail miserably. Some of the most annoying comments are made by people who really just didn’t think a post through.

Now, I know all of us have posted something ignorant, something we didn’t really think about too deeply. But isn’t that kind of annoying to people?

With all of that being said, I’m just going to get straight to the point. There are FIVE types of Youtube comments that really ANNOY me (and possibly others).

1) “Well, this is my opinion, so stop talking to me.”/ “Well, that was their opinion, so why are you trying to convince them otherwise?”


Usually this comment is made after someone posted a comment that many people disagreed with. Often, the comment either seems ignorant to readers or is highly critical of whatever video they are watching. Very seldom is the comment a comment of praise. Thus, this comment possibly provokes a negative response from the public.

However, instead of giving more justifiable reasons as to why they did/didn’t like the video (you know, supporting evidence), they would rather retort with “That’s my opinion, so stop responding to me”. And if someone among their posse wants to support them, they’ll say, “Well, that was their opinion, so why are you trying to convince them otherwise?”

Let me let you in on a little common sense. When you post something negative, even if it’s “your opinion”, you should expect it to spark a debate. After all, isn’t that what a REPLY button is for? So people can respond to your comments. If you don’t want people to respond to you, stop posting comments! I look at Youtube “opinions” as persuasive speeches. Why do people post their opinions for the whole world to see it? Why do people feel this is necessary? We post opinions to share ideas with OTHER people, right? We are not sharing it with ourselves, otherwise we would keep it TO OURSELVES. So, if a poster like this is willing to tell OTHER PEOPLE their opinion, those same people will respond to it. If a person posts looking for attention to their ideas, they will get it one way or another. But they shouldn’t expect all responses to be positive.

You know what’s really interesting? Lately, people no longer think that they are RESPONSIBLE for the things that they say. People today feel that they can say just about ANYTHING without anyone responding back, as if there are no consequences for expressing “opinions”. It’s as if they think having an opinion is a good reason why no one should respond to them.  It’s as if they feel they are the only ones entitled to an opinion. But if you have an opinion, shouldn’t someone be able to express their “opinion” about your opinion? And yes, if what you said truly was ignorant, people have the right to prove you otherwise!


This is especially so because possibly what you said was so thoughtless, people might be trying to help you find the “light at the end of the tunnel”. People wouldn’t be responding to you if they didn’t know other sides of the story. Perhaps, in your observations of something, you missed the details that someone else picked up on. How else would you know the details you missed if people didn’t respond to your “opinions”? You would be left in ignorance. We learn by communicating and exchanging ideas with people. If you try to cut that off, guess what? You stay stupid.

Anyone is capable of changing their minds. It takes a mature person to admit they didn’t think a post through, and it takes maturity to actually consider what other people are saying. But again…A mixture of pride and immaturity keeps ignorance rampant on Youtube.

And then what will usually make this comment worse is when you call these people out on how ignorant they are being, and they respond, “Okay, it’s just Youtube, I don’t take internet that seriously.” Which is usually an indication that the person had no business posting a comment in the first place because they had no intention of being intelligent. They are thus letting the public know that the words that they post aren’t meant to be taken seriously, so basically they’re a troll. To me, it just means they suddenly realized how ignorant their comment was, but they didn’t know how to take responsibility for their ignorant comment. Thus, this was their best comeback.

2) “Well, if you don’t like the video, just don’t watch it.”/ “If you didn’t like the video, why did you watch it?”

stupid trolls

This is really one of the most annoying comments on Youtube. It is usually posted by a fan of the video in response to someone who criticized the video. The criticism might have been constructive or destructive, but the response the fan gave was not effective. Why isn’t this sort of comment effective?

Well, for starters, the comment is implying that “disliking” a video comes BEFORE watching a video. How would someone know they don’t like a video if they didn’t watch it first? A person is capable of learning about an artist and song that has just released, giving it a chance to see how it sounds, and then maybe, sometimes, discovering they don’t really like what they see or hear, right? Therefore, these are illogical responses.

Second, people have the right to comment and give criticism if they don’t like what they see or hear. Again, that is what a comments’ section is for. If you don’t agree with someone else’s negative comment, there are intelligent ways to combat it. But the above comments are not some of those ways.

3) “You are just a hater.”/ “You are just jealous.”

dumb pictures

“You are just a hater” is another ineffective response by a fan of a video, usually provided by females under the age of 16, but not exclusive to girls. Yea, there are people of all ages and genders who have responded this way.

Calling someone jealous isn’t always a bad response, especially if you are responding to someone who clearly is just hating or is really jealous of someone else’s success. But more often than not, most people are not commenting out of jealousy. I wouldn’t say everyone has a clear reason for hating something, but everyone has their own taste.

Just because someone criticizes something you like doesn’t mean they are just being a hater or are just jealous. In fact, it’s healthy to see both the pros and cons in everything. Being too negative shows a lack of maturity, but only seeing the good and never seeing the bad could show that person lacks discernment. So if someone says they don’t like something in a video, it doesn’t mean they are being a hater. They may have good solid reasons for why they didn’t like something.

The best response would be to ask why the person did not approve of the video and provide convincing arguments as to why they should reconsider their stand on the issue. If they refuse to see your side of the coin, then let them continue in their ignorance. But don’t stoop to that same level of ignorance with a comment like this.

4) “u is dum i cant beleiv this this why the world mess up”/You are contradicting yourself when you said you see blue as blue, but to some it is green”/”I said Attractive, Not Appealing, don’t put words in my mouth”

i see spelling errors

Don’t you hate those comments that try to call someone else dumb, and yet, the sentence structure definitely looks like a dummy wrote it?  If you are guilty of this, I have a word of advice: If you’re going to call someone dumb, you might want to start with educating yourself first on proper spelling and grammar…

In fact, all three of the above comments are people trying to point out the “dumb” in someone else, but obviously projecting their own issues.

I mean, I can’t say that I have the best grammar and spelling, but I at least try to make my sentences understandable.  And I hardly ever call anyone dumb on Youtube unless they try to attack me with comments like these. And then, I just can’t help myself. XD I’m sure other people feel the same way.

I can’t say that I’ve never contradicted myself, but I try not to use words out of their original context.

The third one is just…A lack of the person understanding how words with the same meaning are interchangeably used…

Therefore, these people irritate others.


This reminds me of a little song called “Word Crimes”…

The second comment emphasizes another language error. The comment “you contradicted yourself when you said you see blue as blue, but some see it as green”. People love to fling around the words “contradiction” and “hypocritical” (and people do not even often know the difference between THESE words). But most people do not have the slightest idea what these words imply, and therefore end up using them way out of context. In a comment like the above, for me to say I personally believe blue is blue is exactly what it means. But for me to say that “some may think it is green” is an implication that I’m speaking on behalf of ANOTHER. A contradiction is for me to make a statement that contradicts or denies another statement made or the current statement being made. To say that “someone else” may think the color is green is not denying the FACT that I think the color is blue. Therefore, it is NOT a contradiction. It is me understanding that others do not see the world the same way I do, and therefore, I’m keeping the possibility open to that fact. But I still think the color is blue. This is just one example of a comment like this. These comments show the ignorance of the person who is using the word ‘contradiction’. My advice is for people to always keep a dictionary handy.

The third comment is just a lack of knowledge about both words. In cases like this, the comment is usually made by a person who is trying to prove that someone else is “trying to put words in their mouth”, BUT the comment fails to comprehend how the two words really mean the exact same thing! The words are interchangeable.

To be appealing is to arouse interest, and to be attractive is to also arouse interest…They are very similar in meaning and can be used interchangeably. To correct a statement like this is petty and will more than likely not help you prove your point any more than you have been trying to.

The moral of the story is: If you’re going to call someone else out on dumb statements, don’t be dumb yourself.

5) “this song sucks. why does it have so many views? Serious delusional fans”/ “this singer (youtuber) sucks how do they have more views than ‘xyz’?”/ “They suck and I don’t have to explain myself”


I do not hate when someone gives an opinion, especially when that opinion is enlightening with useful descriptive details and sources to back it up. That’s fine.

But it gets really annoying when these sort of posters think OTHER people should think the way they do, and when people don’t, these posters want to call those people “delusional”.

As I mentioned before, being too accepting of everything DOES show a lack of discernment. But exaggerating how bad someone or something is, while ignoring convincing arguments that prove contrary, also makes you delusional. Definition of delusional —>Delusional

People are especially more than likely to call these posters haters and jealous (like the comment above) when they don’t give a GOOD reason why something is written off as “sucking”. I hate when someone says, “This sucks” and that is it. Can you provide a little more information? And when I ask that, these posters often say, “I don’t have to explain myself on the internet.” Then why did you post at all? You could have kept two minutes you spent typing two words to yourself…People can’t take these statements seriously, and it’s more than likely considered trolling.

This kind of post is usually provided by a male, but it’s not exclusive to them. Where women usually can enjoy a variety of different artists and can have fun with videos, some males tend to be a little more rigid in their choices. They have a hard time just “having fun” with a video, and tend to be a little mad when they see someone famous (especially when that someone is not them) for something they feel is gimmicky. Why do some posters hate when someone uses gimmicks to get famous? Deep in their subconscious, these posters see themselves in the underdogs, the people who work hard but can’t seem to make it famous. And yet, what the poster doesn’t realize is that as long as they side with the underdog, they will never accept someone who is famous, even if it was their favorite singer once before. The reality is people do not like to see others living a life of fame and glory, while the people who put them there are still on the bottom. These posters have experienced this feeling. It’s easy to tell.

Usually, it’s even easier to tell these comments are made by a male because another comment will be tacked on it: “The only people who like this artist are teenage girls”. Boys are not usually included in this conclusion…And it is used as an insult towards girls…


As if calling someone delusional isn’t bad enough, these posters often go around comparing this video with “xyz’s” (who can be anybody) video, making their whole comment seem like a big joke. It makes it pretty obvious they are trying to promote another Youtube channel by tearing the video down. They make obvious haters and/or attention seekers.

“How does this video have this many views?” If you’re wondering why a video you hate has so many views, ask yourself how you got there…Yea, you just added to the view count, buddy. I’m sure other people got there the same way you did.


So that’s all I wanted to share with you people. I guess I needed to vent. 😛 Leave me a comment and let me know some of the Youtube comments that annoy you. Or have you been guilty of making comments like the ones I’ve mentioned above? XD Please share your stories!


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  1. meliketea 2017/04/15 at 07:17 #

    Made a youtube video about youtube comments that I find annoying. Would love for anyone to check it out, it has a grand total of 0 views, if that isn’t enticing enough I don’t know what is!


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