I’m Late But…#TheDress doe!

28 Feb

Yes, the internet is exploding about this DRESS. No one can seem to agree on the color of this one DRESS! And yes, I’m following this trend. I’m posting this post. How one DRESS can cause such an uproar is both sad and also fun! At least the news is positive, right?

The dress was originally posted by singer Caitlin McNeill who lives in Scotland. The picture was of a dress worn at her friend’s wedding. The dress was worn by the bride’s mother. She sent the picture to her daughter, the bride. The bride then showed the picture to her fiance. They suddenly disagreed with the color of the dress…It was posted on her fan page on Facebook, where the debate continued. Soon, celebrities like Taylor Swift and Anna Kendrick were trying to figure this out. Even K-pop star Amber Liu joined the debate!

Is this dress white and gold? Or Blue and Black?

To me, yes me, and many others, the dress looked white and gold. BUT it has been confirmed that #TheDress is BLUE AND BLACK. O.o Say what now?

How can this be happening? How can all of us see different colors? Are some of us really colorblind? Or was it the lighting? The shading? What is the answer?

Even experts have argued about why this strange phenomenon has occurred.

Wired , a news outlet with a “Science” section, even agrees that this image “hit some sort of perpetual boundary” in eye-vision science.

The science article from news outlet, Slate, really left an impression.

The brain lives in a bony shell. The completely light-tight nature of the skull renders this home a place of complete darkness. So the brain relies on the eyes to supply an image of the outside world, but there are many processing steps between the translation of light energy into electrical impulses that happens in the eye and the neural activity that corresponds to a conscious perception of the outside world. In other words, the brain is playing a game of telephone and—contrary to popular belief—our perception corresponds to the brain’s best guess of what is going on in the outside world, not necessarily to the way things actually are.

Because of this phenomenon, I only know one thing: This dress will probably be worth a lot. In fact, companies will try to start making their dresses like this! The dress actually is available in white and gold, red and black, and pink and black! The company that designed that dress, Roman Originals, is probably receiving all kinds of attention now. Scientists may even want to get hold of it to study it more. Would this be the new trend of wedding dresses for 2015?

Model Laura Coleman was the first to model THE DRESS and confirmed the color of THE DRESS. Because of the dress’s popularity, it’s now back in stock. XD


This got me thinking…What color are my dresses REALLY?

Come to think of it, I used to think Rapunzel’s dress from Tangled was pink…but everyone tells me it’s purple… Then again, when I look closer, it is both purple and pink…


Anyway, back to THE DRESS.

the dress 2

What does the above dress look like to you? You decide!

But this is how it really looks:

the dress

O.o I haven’t been this dizzy since the debate on whether snow is blue or white came up in my science classes back in high school…

Snow Debate

You might ask, “Why does it matter?” It doesn’t now, but who knows. The answers behind ‘what we see’ could lead to other discoveries. Who knows…

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Who knew one dress could be the trending topic among so many people? Who knew one dress could teach us so much more about science? XD SNS, Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.


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