f(x)’s Amber Opens Up About Herself on Mnet’s 4Gaji Show (4 Things Show, Naked 4 Show) , Season 2: Episode 7

26 Feb

Amber’s appearance on Mnet’s 4Gaji has been circling everywhere across the internet. Many K-poppers get the chance to get inside the mind and heart of K-pop star Amber of f(x). Amber’s album just dropped more than a week ago, and already she has received attention for her “hidden” vocal abilities, her popularity within the music video “Shake That Brass”, and her very personal and intimate feelings in the song “Beautiful”. To promote the album, Amber has been performing on Korean music programs, has become involved in fan signing, and has allowed shows like After School Club and 4Gaji to understand the meaning behind her album even more.

Ailee, Got7’s Jackson, Miss A’s Min, Crayon Pop’s Ellin and Eric Nam, some of Amber’s closest friends, also reveal hidden secrets about the artist on the 4gaji show. Amber also shows us her new Music Video for her song “Beautiful”.

Check out the episode below if you missed it February 24!



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