16 of the Most Powerfully Unique Girl Groups Ever In History

23 Dec

I’ve been rummaging through my collection of female group artists, and the list seems endlessly repetitive. But ever so briefly, a female group stands out in the line-up, and I can’t help but feel relieved. This article is inspired from the most Powerfully Unique Female Groups of all time. This is not about fame, but about the impact each group has made on the industry. Take a trip down memory lane as we review some of the world’s most empowering women: From the U.K., to the USA, from Japan to Korea, the Group capitals of the world! Covering the genres: Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, Country-Bluegrass, and much more!

Generation Next

girl band

There have been dozens of music groups formed around the world, and there will continue to be music groups out there for centuries to come. Each new act brings in a new wave of interest, and music groups bring us more than one entertainer at a time.  The early heart of the USA began with bands and groups. With the rise of interest in bands, the U.K. made it a phenomenon. Just recently, Japan and Korea have brought that phenomenon to the modern age.

Read my article on Hallyu.

Girl groups tend to be of particular interest, as mostly women dominate the music industry today. Since the 1910’s, the days of vaudeville, females have always managed to grab attention to themselves in catchy musical numbers. Groups were the easiest way to do this, as harmonizing in sync was always a challenge. Those who did it right easily impressed an…

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