f(x) Comeback “Red Light” Review

12 Jul

My f(x) Red Light Review: Overall Score of…

Generation Next

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It is f(x) summer on my blog in honor of f(x)’s latest comeback, Red Light! WOO HOO! So y’all know I had to buy this album, and y’all know I had to do my review!

Back in March, I did a review for Pink Tape. You can check that out, too, if you want to.

f(x) has been my K-pop obsession lately. There’s just something about them that strikes me as original among all the other artists.

Who is f(x)? Take a detour and click me!

f(x) Pink Tape Review

Why f(x) of all K-pop groups?

This is all really exciting for me because this is my first comeback where I witness the whole f(x) “comeback scene”. After all, I’ve only been a fan of f(x) since February, so I was really excited to hear what f(x) had…

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