BoA and f(x) @ Hong Kong Dome Festival

1 Jul

It’s that time of year again, and of course, f(x) and BoA performed at the festival like they do every year. This time, though, the girls are bringing some SM boys along.

Two of my favorite girls, in the same place! I’m still snooping for some f(x) and BoA interactions…

After years years of inactivity, BoA returns to the stage! Good job, BoA! The Queen has returned!

Even though that smoke was a little distracting, and I wish BoA sang live for “Hurricane Venus”, BoA did a really good job. I’m proud of her!

BoA’s Japanese comeback will be in SEPTEMBER for all of those people interested.

f(x) also returns to the stage with their songs. They seemed a bit tired, but they brought their energy to “Hot Summer”. I think they’re ready for some “RED LIGHT”!

f(x)’s comeback will be JULY 7, 2014 for all those people interested.



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