‘Why f(x)?’ (Out of Korea’s Three Most Unique Groups: 2ne1, Crayon Pop, F(x))?

21 Jun

F(x) has become my favorite Korean pop group for a little over four months now, since February. Many people wonder why I’ve only focused on f(x) and hardly any other K-pop groups. Here’s my story…

Before f(x), I was not very interested in K-pop. I thought it was the most annoying thing for music labels to poop out pop groups all the time. My introduction into K-pop was through BoA Kwon, but that was years ago in 2003, back when J-pop was still a thing. One day, all of these groups just started showing up out of nowhere. Many of them seemed like sad imitations of one another.

When I was first introduced to F(x), I was on http://www.boajjang.com . I was introduced, in fact, to 2ne1 and F(x) in 2012. Someone was telling me about how different their music was. When I first heard both groups, they didn’t sound very different to me. I first heard 2ne1’s “I Love You” and then I heard F(x)’s “Electric Shock”.

“I Love You” didn’t sound any different from any other American artists I hear on the radio. “Electric Shock” sounded like the other K-pop boy bands…

But that was just it. When you place these two groups against the other female groups, you can get the sense why they are such a big deal in Korea.

No other K-pop girl group has an American sound like 2ne1. 2ne1 is not “cutesy” or catered to appease the eyes of men exclusively (though they do and have been known to show sex appeal, and are still feminine in their own way). 2ne1 has an edge about them that other K-pop girls don’t have. From their lyrics to their image, they focus on real-life situations, like in the song “Come Back Home”. They also sing a lot of hip-hop and they rap occasionally, too. Most of the popular groups sing pop music. CL has a very distinct voice as well. I don’t think hardly an K-pop boy groups sound like them, either…

I wouldn’t say F(x) has never had a sound like other K-pop girl groups, but often, it is hard to define them. What makes them distinct is that they are more like the boys, rather than the girls, especially when it comes to their difficult dances. Unlike most girl groups, including 2ne1, they are tomboyish. They hardly wear heels, tight-fitting clothing, or tight skirts. They are definitely not designed to appease the eyes, even though their members are attractive. They are always doing something that has never been done before. They are always trying “cutting edge” material. This makes them quirky and unconventional. It seems like they are always doing something different from everyone else. What won’t this group try? F(x) is also bubbling with unique talents. Another unique trait is that they are multi-national. They have different backgrounds. The only member from Seoul, Korea is Luna! Sulli is from a town outside of Seoul, and the other three are from different countries. And Amber Liu, one of their members, is very interesting as a person…

Both groups also have one quality that no other group has: they both are bursting with individuality. Their members hardly ever dress exactly alike. They have their own personalities, tastes, and identities. 2ne1’s charisma and charm is being a little edgy, powerful, and confident. F(x)’s charisma and charm is being lively, experimental, and fun.

2ne1 seems so much older than all the other girl groups. Adults over the age of 30 can take K-pop seriously after hearing 2ne1. The other girl groups act too innocent, like they are naive high school girls forever…The other girls bank on their youthful good looks to strike it big, but of course, beauty fades with age.

On the other hand, F(x) members seem like big kids, like they never grew up, in comparison to other female K-pop groups. They act like little boys, running around, jumping around, doing flips and back-bends! Victoria, the oldest, hardly seems to have aged! The other girl groups don’t even perform flips or back-bends. Some may feel like they are too old. Not Victoria! They also don’t bank on their beauty, but they just seem to be forever young and full of energy. They show no signs of slowing down, just like Madonna…

So with these two groups, I have nothing but respect. Both groups debuted the same year, 2ne1 being first. I respect 2ne1 and F(x) because of their ability to express themselves, because they create quality music, because of their unique talents, and because they actually have a personal hand in their music. Music appears to be an art-form for them, a way for these groups to express themselves, not just for them to entertain others or to strike it rich.

Crayon Pop is another unique group, but I don’t get the feeling that their music is very personal or expressive. I admire that they cover themselves up, are good for kids, and have catchy, happy music. I also admire that they their concept isn’t like everybody else in K-pop. Maybe Crayon Pop would fade in Japan. Aya championed that quirky-like concept there.

Crayon Pop is quirky and colorful, but I don’t sense the kind of art I see with the other two groups. Their music is also no different from the music we heard in Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” days. If you listen to their complete albums without watching the video, it wouldn’t be different from how Girls’ Generation sounded during their debut days.

Their members have never composed or written music for their group. Their vocal abilities are hidden, if they have any, and the musical instruments they can play…I’m not too sure. Their dancing abilities are anything short of spectacular. They just simply have a unique concept and sound, but no particular talents to back all of that up. I don’t sense that they are true music artists. I only sense entertainers. However, their image is quite creative and artistic…


Look at all of these popular K-pop groups:

I can’t tell the difference between any of these groups sometimes. All I know is Girls’ Generation was first, but when they all perform together, I often forget which one is Girls’ Generation…

Only fans care to know the difference. Girls’ Generation was unique at the time of their debut, but their concept was easy to imitate. The sexy, cute concept can be done by any girls who look good. It’s been done for years around the globe, since Britney Spears…Since Cyndi Lauper…

Now let’s compare them to the three unique female groups in K-pop


Crayon Pop


Of  course, they’ve all had one song on trend, but they did it with their own distinct flair:

So, why haven’t I taken off with 2ne1 like I have f(x)?

Many people say I’m biased. But that isn’t very logical. I have many good reasons why I love f(x). But if f(x) were to disappoint me, no, I wouldn’t support them. I’m the kind of person that expects quality when I put money on the line. I wouldn’t buy orange juice if it had low quality and tasted bad, so why should it be any different for music? I won’t buy the albums of any group with money just because I like their personalities, or because they are under a particular label, or because I always have, especially if I believed their music sucked. I might like f(x)’s charm, but there’s a lot more than that to a group when listening to an album. We can only see these “charms” when we watch a video or see a live performance. Their charm is enough for me to buy a ticket to see them live.

But what do we hear when we’re not watching a video or performance? That’s what I care about. And what I want to hear is effort and hard-work, even if the music isn’t my taste. So no, I’m anything but biased. To call me biased is to say I’m prejudiced. To say I’m prejudiced is to say I have a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or experience…which isn’t the case.

What sold me on f(x) was Pink Tape. As I said, I didn’t really care for f(x) that much a couple of years ago. But when I heard their music on that album, I gave the other albums from them a chance. The music videos show their performance quality, but doesn’t nearly convey the potential of this group like when you hear their complete albums. I heard potential.

To add, their sound was always distinct. More on that later…

Even though their personalities don’t guarantee that I will buy their albums, I do enjoy watching variety shows, dramas, and Instagram videos of them because they do have a lot of personality…

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2ne1 on the other hand simply sounds too American.

Maybe in Korea, 2ne1 is something different, but around the world, they are nothing different in Europe or America. Their image stands out in Korea, but if you listen to their albums, their music isn’t different from music that’s trending now. Their image isn’t even very unique in comparison to artists around the world, except for the fact that they are Asian girls doing it. Their lyrics are usual, except in Korea, and there’s nothing particularly interesting or noteworthy about their lyrics. However, they are the only female K-pop group that may not mind using profanity. But their albums don’t tell me a story. I can see any Western artist singing the same songs they sing.

The reason I latched on to global music in the first place was because I was sick of auto-tune, synchronization, and other vocal processors piercing it’s way into music. While I admire 2ne1’s ability to create music that is personal and expressive, and not just a catchy, up-beat song that could be designed by a 10-year old, I can’t hear the beauty of their voices behind all of that auto-tune. Their talents are buried beneath electronics. CL and Bom have amazing vocal abilities that I would like to hear in softer sounds that don’t transform into hip-hop beats…

F(x) has just enough auto-tune, not too much, and mostly on Electric Shock alone. 2ne1’s album Crush is buried in that auto-tune, as well as other albums, and it makes my head hurt. Though they do have other amazing songs that don’t have auto-tune, most of their music has it. It has the same affect on me that Nikki Minaj’s music has. It’s not garbage at all, it’s very artistic, and there’s nothing wrong with auto-tune…sometimes. But I would like to see some variety. I would say that is 2ne1’s weakness. They lack the ability to adapt to different genres and concepts.

The upside is that 2ne1 has the most distinct vocals of everyone.

2ne1 has limited themselves to one concept, so it’s hard for them to feel fresh and new every comeback. Imagine 2ne1 trying a cute concept or an overtly sexy concept or a youthful concept. It just wouldn’t work. So, they don’t display the kind of creative freedom that can help them become a “new group” every year. They specifically design their music to appeal to one audience: the hip-hop audience, rather than widen themselves out. It’s very exclusive taste.

Though 2ne1 is individual, they all seem to have three things in common: femininity, sexiness, and edge. F(x) is even more individual in this regard. Some are feminine, some are not, some are edgy, some are not…some are cute, some are sexy…but all can’t be combined in one category, though I think all f(x) members are casual to some degree.

On another note, I am not fond of the “conceited diva” display in 2ne1’s music. It’s so prevalent in American hip-hop music, it’s sickening. Songs like “I Am the Best” and “Can’t Nobody” show 2ne1 as a group of women who think too highly of themselves. Thus, they don’t convey that “personal touch” with fans, that sense of humility that puts them on the same level as everyone else. F(x) always seems to reach out to fans and talk to them. They feel like some girls-next-door. 2ne1 seems to be throwing a party only for the “cool crowd”. Their music sends out a sort of “challenge” that excludes shy people, cowards, and wimps. F(x) seems to be throwing a party for everyone. That’s just the feeling I get when I see the two groups perform. I’m not fond of 2ne1’s message all the time, but this isn’t a reason I wouldn’t support their music. It’s just something about their message that irritates me…

On the other hand, an irritant that does influence my decision-making  is when I feel the group has some members that are destined to fade eventually. I feel like CL and Minzy outshine the other members. It’s hard to guess what unique talents the other two girls have. How does Dara or Bom add to the group? It’s not enough just to sing and dance. Because all of them know how to sing, the best or most unique singer will stand out, so that’s not enough. What particular dancing abilities do they have that the other two don’t have? What instruments do they play, and how does that influence their music? What draws the crowd to the other two girls?

Bom is an amazing vocalist, but lately, it appears CL can do that job all on her own just fine. In fact, I’m feeling a “solo artist” coming out of CL, which may weaken the unity of the group.

I feel like Dara and Bom don’t get enough attention, and it’s not fair. I sometimes feel like the group can move on strong without them, and I’d be fine, and I don’t like that feeling.

I’ve seen a few compilations of them singing live, and poor Dara isn’t even given songs that bring out the best of her vocals.

Their performance value is also mediocre. While the singing side is usually pretty good live, the dance factor is average. Their choreography is simple and not very impressive. I somewhat think it would just be better if they didn’t even have choreography. But because they do, I can’t help but analyze it, and the performance quality is low in that area. They have the kind of music that doesn’t need dancing.

Their outfits are usually really cool, though. But it looks like without the outfits, and the fancy lights, everything would be a little confusing and disarranged…

Their songs are great, but I can buy an album, watch a video, and enjoy. I really wouldn’t want to spend money to see them perform unless the tickets were dirt cheap.

What I didn’t like about the performance above is that it was set up in a way that made it obvious they were trying to put Minzy and CL as central focus points. Bom and Dara didn’t come out until later in the song…

Despite the message they send, no matter what I think of their performances, they express their thoughts clearly, artistically, and sincerely, unlike other groups. They are still artists. They let their identity as a group shine.

Even though I sound critical, this isn’t to say that their music isn’t my taste.  I do like some songs from them, and I even like some songs from the artists above. I’m African American and grew up on hip-hop, so if anything, my bias would lean to 2ne1, just because they sing hip-hop. But this is my analysis of an artistic group, whether I like them or not.

Because this group is so artistic, we can only expect them to improve and become better and better. That’s more than I can say about most K-pop groups, who may remain stagnant or disappear or just end up copying everyone else successfully…2ne1 can only move upward.


However, my ultimate favorite is F(x). F(x) has the potential to be an all-around group for everyone around the world. To me, they make a complete well-packaged idol group. Here are my top 3 reasons why:

3). Image Impact

F(x) shows a strong sense of individuality with their image. They never wear the same outfits as one another. And their styles are very different from one another, too. Imagine androgynous Amber dressed like Sulli…Krystal dressed like Amber…etc…a bit awkward. Even if they DID wear the same styles, they have such distinct personalities, it’s hard to confuse them. Sulli’s cute face shown youth even when she was ‘boyish’ for To the Beautiful You. Amber was still boyish in a dress she wore in the show Hello f(x) for her African shoot. Their personalities shine through whatever they’re wearing.

This is not to say 2ne1 isn’t the same way. They also have a strong image impact. 2ne1 is hard to imitate in Korea…but maybe not in the rest of the world.

This does bring up an excellent point about f(x): they are willing to try just about anything. This is why f(x) has the ability to appeal to a wide-ranged audience. And f(x) has been known to pull off just about any concept, no matter how unusual or quirky. They are geniuses when it comes to trying new concepts. And yet, f(x) knows how to try new concepts without losing sight of who they are. I think it’s because they have five distinct personalities, and often have to cater their images to fit all five girls. Since all five girls have different tastes, this leaves their concepts open to change at any moment.

For instance, f(x) Amber was very sexy for the MV “Chocolate Love”. The style of the MV seems more suited to Krystal, but Amber brought her own little flair to it. She seemed different…but genius!

Their photos always look so artistic. Their photos draw me in, and I find myself pondering over what their photos mean. Pink Tape‘s booklet, and I’ll throw Electric Shock in there too, tell a story through the photos. They aren’t just pictures designed to appeal to the senses. Their photos reflect true art-work.

1) Why is it so important for the group to display individuality? Well, some people of the world think all East Asian people look alike. If you’re not around a particular race a lot, everyone will look alike. Some Asians from Japan told me they thought all Black people looked alike. They’ve never been around Black people. So, it’s understandable. But with a group that displays individuality, people aren’t left wondering who’s who. This can help them appeal to different cultures and nationalities.

Also, when some companies have girls who seem too much alike, they look at them as replaceable should a problem come up. We saw this happen with the Swedish group, Play, the African American group, Destiny’s Child, and the American multi-cultural group, Pussycat Dolls. When there is no sense of individuality aside from the hair and skin tone, those girls become replaceable in a company’s eyes. Why? Well, did anyone besides major fans care when Destiny’s Child went from four girls to three? No. Did anyone care when they replaced LaTavia and LaToya with Michelle? No. It didn’t effect their success because they only banked on catchy songs and Beyonce, the lead vocalist and most attractive member. I don’t care how talented they all were, individuality was important for the strength of that group. But they didn’t have it. So, the group moved on without them, and eventually, disbanded altogether, with the real star, Beyonce, moving on. The other girls were unsuccessful with solo debuts because people didn’t care about them. You see? In groups like that, one girl will outshine the others. And companies will deal less with a demanding pointless member than a demanding popular member.

When Amber went on hiatus in 2010, people had a conniption. It definitely hurt the group. They looked boring. It’s the same when any of the members are missing. The group couldn’t even sing certain songs without Luna. Who would hit those high notes? And “Chu” can’t even be performed without Victoria…Without Krystal, they lack sass. When Sulli isn’t there, they seem old. If they were to agree to break up as a group, they’d all still be successful with their own solo projects, and we still would see them as f(x). Each member has established themselves as individuals, so they could do well by themselves. But we’d be wishing they’d be a group again…

However, if just one person were to leave the group, the group could not simply just move on like Destiny’s Child, as was proven in 2010. So, they all add to the strength of this group.

Another perk to having a strong sense of individuality is that any girl can relate to this group. If you’re girly, maybe you can relate to Victoria. If you’re not so girly, maybe you can relate to Amber. Without individuality, we don’t sense that the girls are different from one another, so we can only relate to the idea behind the group, and not the girls themselves.

This also makes them independent. They are so different from one another that they always end up learning some new talents and skills from one another.

2) Why is it good to have an adaptable image? Because when you limit yourself, you limit your abilities. As humans, we are evolving creatures that are meant to grow and learn. If the fans love a particular idol for only one image, it will be hard for that idol to grow and expand. It will be hard for the singer to try new things, therefore their creative expression would be limited. We wouldn’t see the group’s fullest potential. We would always be wondering, “How far can this group go”?

f(x) Sulli

f(x) Sulli



f(x) Amber!

f(x) Amber!

f(x) Amber!

Regardless of what they try, they are usually wearing something casual. F(x) isn’t as glam as the other K-pop idols. They are usually always in simple, sensible shoes, never spiked stilettos. They are usually always seen in sneakers in their music videos…or combat boots…or moon boots. Did you guys see one idol group above that wore sneakers in every video? Well, yes, Crayon Pop did, too. Girls’ Generation only wore sneakers in one video above, but the rest of their videos show them in heels. 4 Minute tried to imitate f(x)’s look in “Hot Issue”. But of course, they were missing the same boyish attitude. They ended up just adopting the sexy image in “Volume Up”. Now, they look more like the other groups. It’s easy to see that f(x) is the most tomboyish group of them all. And they can make tomboys look cute and sexy, without showing any flesh!

Yet, they can be a little gaudy and quirky in their appearance. They don’t care about fitting the trends, that’s for sure. But they always make an impact. Amber Liu inspires girls everywhere with her androgynous fashion. And yet, she’s still one of the hottest members in the group. Can you imagine that girl dancing girly and sexy moves? She does it. And she stays comfortable while she’s doing it. She often said skirts aren’t secure, and I agree, unless you want everyone looking at your ‘johnson’s’…

f(x) the Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight


F(x) also wears very little make-up. They are natural girls. And they are all naturally beautiful! Very few people think differently of them on-camera than they do off-camera. They show us sincerity when they show the world their real faces. To me, their image encourages “being yourself”. F(x)’s version of beauty is so different from everyone else’s.

This makes F(x) seem normal, and other girls can relate to them. They just don’t seem fake.

F(x)’s song “Step” is about them not being the type of girls who wear heels and make-up.

Showbiz Korea and Olleh also emphasized this.

And tell me, how many artists are like f(x) around the world? Compare their image to any artist. Give me a name. I’ve searched and I just can’t find a group like f(x) around the world. They are more similar to the Spice Girls, but they are even more casual than the Spice Girls, so not even.

2) Performance Value

F(x) always gives dynamite performances. F(x) is not like the other prissy groups. The other females are often looking too cute to do real dancing. F(x) always dances real choreography. Shinee praised their “epic and legendary” dance moves. F(x) has done some hard-core dances, matching the K-pop boys in choreography. “Chu” and “Lachata” show more than rolling around on the ground, flipping hair, and shaking butt. Most female dancers use those “cheating moves” that don’t require effort. Any female can roll around, flip their hair, and shake their butts. Women attempting F(x)’s “Chu”? Not likely.

F(x) is so good, they danced and sang LIVE in the slippery rain. I can only respect a group that does that!

F(x) can even take other people’s songs and nail it, like they did with 4 Minute’s “Mirror Mirror”.

They are usually never boring. They usually keep the crowd engaged. Their performances are usually very impressive.

One of the many reasons f(x) is able to make such an impact onstage is because they have so many unique talents and plenty of charm. Victoria’s flexibility makes her an asset. Luna’s powerful voice can hardly be matched. Amber has a lovely angelic voice, and can play the guitar and drums. Amber can also rap. Sulli can also play the guitar and the piano. Krystal can also play the piano, dances, and ice skates well. All of the members have their own unique talents.

All of F(x)’s members do many different things solo, so they get time to showcase their individual talents.

They are also all popular as individuals. Not one outshines the other. F(x) Sulli is so cute and fresh-faced. K-drama fans support her most, since she began as an actress. Krystal is absolutely icy, mysterious, and attractive. SNSD fans side most with her, since she is the sister of SNSD’s Jessica. Amber is just down right charismatic all the way through. She gets the most support from English-speaking countries, especially America, and the LGBT community because of her bold, androgynous fashion and boyish attitude, her charming, American mannerisms, and her interest in rock music. Luna is dramatic onstage. Broadway experts and those of African descent respect her voice and support her. Victoria always has a smile on her face. She gets all the love and support from China, as well as from those who are experts in dance and acrobatics. Without even one member, the group feels so strange. The group can only be strong with all five girls.

And the one thing that’s noticeable is they always seem to be having fun. Even when they mess up in their performance, they laugh it off and just have fun. Anyone can tell that they enjoy being onstage and that they enjoy music. Thus, they energize us, and we can’t help but have fun, too. A real artist loves what they do.

This is why I don’t mind spending money to see them perform. I know I will have a good time.

Just how Talented is f(x) Sulli?

Just how Talented is f(x) Victoria?

Just how talented is f(x) Amber?

Just how talented is f(x) Krystal?

Just how talented is f(x) Luna?

Being multi-national is a perk. F(x) has performed songs of all kinds. They have performed in Korean, English, and Chinese. This helps them to appeal to many different types of people around the world.

Everyone wants to collaborate with this charming group. Amber has collaborated with too many artists, it’s hard to count!

There are no female groups around the world that dances and performs like f(x) does. Most are usually sexy or don’t dance at all hardly, like the Spice Girls.

1) Artistic Quality: Music and Presentation

Pink Tape proved to me that f(x) is a real, artistic group.

From the packaging for the album (styled as a box-version of a VHS tape) down to the music, f(x) produces nothing but the best quality. Pink Tape‘s covering was so detailed, I simply wanted to buy the box! It literally feels and looks like a VHS tape. So much care was done, it let’s me know that they know how to treat their fans well. This was so touching to me because I buy a lot of albums. Usually, the albums come in cheap, plastic coverings that get broken. My albums never looked like they would be protected. Usually, the most interesting thing about an album cover is the booklet inside. Not with f(x). The booklet is great, but the whole box package makes the physical copy more worth the price than a digital download.

To add, the music inside!

F(x) shows that they can draw inspiration from a variety of different sounds and concepts. Just like their photos, their music titles, lyrics, and concepts are always unique. Pink Tape had a collection of many different genres.

Pinocchio was no different actually!

We never know what to expect from f(x), so it’s always exciting to anticipate their comebacks. They keep their fans on their toes.

F(x) can be up-beat and happy, but f(x) can be meaningful and expressive. They have songs that touch them personally. Amber even wrote and composed songs for f(x)! That’s a true artist!

“Beautiful Good-bye” is about the girls having to leave everything they know to become K-pop idols, especially particularly the girls who had to move from a completely different country. “Dear Daddy” seemed directed to the girls’ fathers, seeming to point out all the things they wish they could fix to improve their relationship with their fathers.

“Good-bye Summer” and “Beautiful Stranger” are two songs Amber had a hand in. Amber wrote and composed “Good-bye Summer” with a friend of hers.

F(x)’s lyrics are always different from most artists’ lyrics around the world. They never try too hard to be edgy or catchy. Their lyrics are personal and mean something to them. That is what art is all about.

F(x) doesn’t use any profanity to express themselves, which shows respect and intelligence, and their music is something my younger cousin can listen to without thinking it’s a little lame…(Crayon Pop is clean but a little too child-friendly).

They talk about unique situations. For instance, “No More” is about a girl who changes everything she is just to get a boyfriend, and even ditches her friends when she gets a boyfriend. She only talks to her friends when she’s single, then moves along when she finds a man. I don’t think there are any K-pop songs like that. Most K-pop songs are love songs and are meant to make the girls singing it look good. “Shadow” was a very unique love song as it almost represented a “stalker”. They focused on how the “shadow” is in love with it’s owner, and is the most loyal to the person. “Airplane” compares love to an airplane, how you fall in love quickly and soar, and how pain follows afterward as the plane descends. “Good-bye Summer” is about two high school lovers who never got to get together. The female is thus “friend-zoned”, and only left with her summer memories. “Pretty Girl” is about f(x) not being those hotsy-totsy girls.

Their lyrics are just very interesting and unique. Anyone can talk about a man they’re in love with. Anyone can talk about how hot they are. But these songs are deeper than that.

Who has the kind of lyrics f(x) has? Most artists around the world sing songs about how messed up they are, how the world is awful, how someone broke their heart, how in love they are, and how sexy they are. But f(x)? They sing songs about being pop stars and missing their families. They sing songs about being “friend-zoned”. They sing songs about being like an ignored “shadow”.  They sing songs about boy-obsessed friends who “diss” them. Give me a group that sings something like that?

You really have to listen to their albums to appreciate what I’m saying. They really do save their best songs for the album!

F(x) never rushes singles and albums. They take their time, and thus, they end up producing quality work.

All of their vocals may not be on Luna’s level, but their music always fits their voices, and all of them can carry a note. Pink Tape really brought out the best in their vocals.

Their music isn’t heavily steeped in auto-tune and EDM instrumentals. “Good-bye Summer” had acoustic instrumentals. It showed F(x)’s potential.

The way they use their instrumentals is also quite interesting. If you never heard any of them singing, or read any lyrics, each instrumental on their albums conveys the meaning of each song perfectly, like watching old pantomime cartoons, cartoons like Tom and Jerry. For instance, if you hear f(x)’s “Shadow”, the sound in the background seems to convey a silent shadow “stalking” a lover. To add, the vocals are soft as a whisper, showing how quiet and smooth this shadow is. You can almost picture what’s going on. Very, very artistic.

I’ve also noticed that each part of every song is designed to bring out the girls’ individual personalities. “Pinocchio (Danger)” is an example. When Krystal comes on the screen, the song is sassier. When Sulli enters, the tone of the song changes to a “cuter” sound. When Amber enters, it always sounds harsher and tougher. When Luna enters, the music lightens or softens to convey her vocal abilities. When Victoria enters, the music picks up the pace to highlight her epic dance skills. The sound is just artistic, what can I say.

F(x)’s songs may not be everyone’s taste, but most can’t deny their creativity and artistic visions.

So, that’s why f(x) is my favorite K-pop group and this is why I’ve mostly covered f(x). But this doesn’t mean other groups can’t possibly have the ability to impress me.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


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f(x) on Olleh: Korea’s most Unique Girl Group

Just how Talented is f(x) Sulli?

Just how Talented is f(x) Victoria?

Just how talented is f(x) Amber?

Just how talented is f(x) Krystal?

Just how talented is f(x) Luna?

GN’s Top 10 F(x) songs (so far)

Girls’ Generation vs F(x): Chocolate Love

Why does GN love f(x) so much?

Who is your f(x) bias?

Funny Reaction videos to f(x) “Red Light”

GN’s LEAST FAVORITE f(x) album?


USA’s Nylon writes about Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and F(x)’s Krystal, Jungsis!

F(x) Amber and Got7 on We Got Married Global! Which man wins Amber’s heart (Natal chart reading)?

F(x) Gets treated unfair by SM? And EXO is treated better?

Make Your Move, SM’s first American movie has songs from F(x) and Girls’ Generation in it!

F(x) Amber, a part of androgynous inspiration!

The Korean Wave

Venus signs and Love Stories, F(x) Amber Liu is mentioned

Music Core, f(x) mentioned

Jackie Liu, Amber Liu’s Sister, Gets Hurt by Fan

f(x)’s Amber in a parody Korean drama for A Song for you!

SM TOWN WORLD TOUR 2014! f(x) will perform!


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