U.S. Nylon Covers Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and F(x)’s Krystal: Korea’s Fashion Queens

14 Jun

Generation Next

bazaar-jess-krystal-1-main Korea’s Olsen Twins-They look so much alike here!

The Jung sisters, as they are called lately, have been a popular topic since news spread that they had a little project in the works: their new reality show, which began airing on June 3, 2014. It is airing on the OnStyle Network, and captures the natural lives of the two sisters.

The Jung sisters have been so much of a hot topic that both Nylon’s Korean and U.S. reporters have covered their story, along with snapping some beautiful pictures for the cover of the magazine and for inside viewing as well.

In the interview with Nylon, the Jung sisters mentioned how they have a reputation for being “arrogant” and “blunt”. I do recognize this reputation. Jessica and Krystal are both often called “Ice Princesses”, and not just because Krystal knows how to ice skate!

During an ice skating variety…

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