A Walk Down Memory Lane: Bratz Music

28 Apr

I seriously LOVE Bratz music! #bratz

Their music is seriously GOOD. It sounds professional. Even if people don’t necessarily like the dolls, many people enjoy their music. Their album, Bratz Rock Angelz, even made it on  Billboard 100’s list!

Their music is better than most songs geared towards children. Even teens and adults can enjoy their music. Monster High is cool as a doll line, but their music is a little cheesy. No offense. 😛

So, I’m going to post all of the Bratz songs I’ve collected on this article! Have a listen!


List of Bratz Singles and Albums:

Show Me What You Got featuring BoA Kwon and Howie D (Backstreet Boys)

Look Around featuring Verbal (M-flo) and Christina Milian

Bein Who We Are

Rock Angelz

Genie Magic

Forever Diamondz

Fashion Pixiez

Girlz Really Rock

The Movie OST

*There are also songs that you can hear on the Bratz movies! Almost all of the albums above have a movie to go along with it! There are also songs that appear on the Bratz Kidz and Bratz Babyz movies as well.

Bratz Yasmin

Yasmin’s nickname is Pretty Princess because she’s pretty and because she royally rules. She’s also called Pretty Princess because she takes the coolest common clothes and turns them into royal perfection. Yasmin’s fashion passion focuses on bohemian and retro fashions, in autumn or earth tone colors, and with exotic textures and patterns. However, occasionally, Yasmin likes to wear vibrant colors, too. She considers her look to be “free-spirited”. Her favorite color is Honey Yellow. She’s all about blending different styles into one graceful look. Her style has a feminine touch to it. She is known for her gorgeous and unique natural beauty: her sandy-red brunette hair, natural tan, brown eyes, and the beauty mark under her left eye. She is considered to be of Iranian-Jewish and Hispanic/Latina origins.

She’s considered “a girl with substance”. She’s known for being quiet, shy, and mysterious with a regal air and an open mind. She may not express herself verbally very well, but she’s full of ideas inside. Sometimes, Yasmin is so quiet, she’s hard to read. She has a difficult time standing up for herself and she can be sneaky. Yasmin is a sensitive and soulful individual. She is very earthy. She is the most natural (wearing less makeup and seldom dyeing her hair) out of all of her friends. She has also shown interest in plants and animals. Yasmin loves music. She seems particularly interested in singing and playing her own instruments. She also enjoys writing. She has written music but also enjoys journalistic writing as well. Because Yasmin is so quiet, she’s observant which helps her see things others miss. This observant trait assists her as a journalist. She’s also interested in writing plays and stories as well. She enjoys playing the ukulele and the guitar as well as making flower crowns. She also enjoys attending festivals, especially music festivals.

All of the Bratz girls have performed as music artists. Yasmin has personally experimented with pop, pop rock, hip-hop, soul, funk, Arabic-Bollywood style, and R&B genres. Yasmin is considered the best vocalist of the girls. Her vocals are powerful yet graceful, and they add soul to every song she sings. Her music showcases her strong and open-minded personality. She has stated that her favorite genre of music is anything alternative, like alternative rap, alternative pop, and alternative rock.  She also enjoys pop rock and acoustic rock. She seems to enjoy upbeat pop and rap music as well. Some of the artists that she likes include Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj. She seems to be interested in artists that are open-minded and experimental. Her favorite stage color is Neon Yellow. Yasmin’s signature stage move is pulling up fans on stage to serenade them.

Bratz Sasha

Sasha’s nickname is “Bunny Boo” because she loves the hip-hop thing and “hops to her own beat”. Sasha’s fashion passion comes from the streets: she combines the old school with the new. She’s always on the hunt for a new look. She’s also interested in anything experimental and avant-garde. Sasha is considered the most passionate about fashion of all the girls. Sasha often makes a “statement” with her fashion. She’s often seen wearing bold colors and hairstyles, especially gold. She likes to be flashy but classy. Sasha is known physically for her dark brown skin, golden brown hair, and green eyes. She’s considered attractive. She is of African American descent.

Sasha is also called “Bunny Boo” because she always gets the scene “hopping”. Sasha is lively with a good sense of humor, and she loves to party. She’s known for having a big, loud, and strong personality. Her dreams are as big as her personality, as she wants all that life has to offer. She is confident and sassy. She knows who she is, what she wants, and how to get it! She’s not afraid of confrontation. She’s determined and is considered a natural leader. Sasha is always ready to defend her friends. Sometimes, she can be quick-tempered, straight-forward, a perfectionist, and a little selfish. She often feels misunderstood. But her friends know she means well. Despite her shortcomings, Sasha is down-to-earth and an honest friend. She is super smart as well. She’s interested in politics, history, and other social studies. Sasha is interested in music and fashion. She also enjoys the performance arts such as dancing and acting. She aspires to be a music producer with her own fashion line! Sasha knows how to play the drums and DJs on the side. Sasha also enjoys making Youtube videos showcasing her makeup skills as well.

All of the Bratz girls have performed as music artists. Sasha has personally experimented with pop rock, rock and roll, new wave, glam rock, pop, R&B, Soul, funk, reggae, and hip-hop. Sasha has a strong voice with a slight rasp. Her vocals add power to every song she sings. She’s considered the second best vocalist among her friends. Her songs showcase her powerful, strong, down-to-earth, expressive, and unique personality traits. She has stated that her favorite genres are hip-hop and R&B, but she also shows interest in soul and rock and roll. Her two inspirations are Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez ( J-LO), two music divas who give dynamite performances. Her favorite stage color is plum purple. Her signature stage move is changing her look mid-performance.

Bratz Cloe

Cloe’s nickname is Angel because that’s what she is! Her friends gave her that nickname for many reasons. For starters, no matter what she wears, she always looks divine. Cloe’s fashion passion focuses on anything dramatic and trend-setting, which includes animal prints, shimmering or sparkly fabrics, and pastels like pink or blue. Despite her flair for dramatics, there’s a sporty and “rocker” element to her style. Cloe follows the trends much closer than the other girls, and she’s considered good at finding deals or sprucing up common fashions for on-trend looks. Cloe is considered naturally pretty. She is known for her blonde hair, blue eyes, and sometimes her freckles. She is the only one in the group who wears glasses. She is of Icelandic heritage.

Cloe’s friends also call her ‘Angel’ because she’s considered sweet and her head is always in the clouds. She’s quite the dreamy romantic in her group. She can be a little naïve, ditzy, and gullible, but she’s also considered playful, sweet, kind, and friendly. She’s also tough. She is seen as the leader of the pack. All the Bratz have shown an interest in sports, but she is the sportiest of her group. She has shown interest in many different types of sports. Soccer is her favorite sport, but she’s considered to be great at skating and skateboarding too. Though she can be klutzy, she’s graceful when doing any sporty activity. Cloe is highly creative. Cloe likes to see life through a different lens-which is why she likes cameras. She also likes to paint and draw, especially her fashion ideas. Cloe is interested in web design as well. Cloe is a drama queen, so she is naturally good at acting and seems interested in acting professionally. Cloe has been shown to play the acoustic guitar and keeps one in her room. Cloe is a socialite. She loves to hang out with her friends and loves social media.

All of the Bratz girls have performed as music artists. Cloe has personally experimented with pop and pop rock genres. She has lighter vocals than all of her friends, but her voice always showcases her charm and personality. Her music is characterized by its upbeat nature. Her music often showcases her fun, strong, and friendship-oriented personality. She has stated that she enjoys any artist topping the charts. She seems to be open to all genres of music, but mostly pop, pop rock, and American Country music. Artists she has shown the most interest in are Prima J, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, artists that were most relevant to Cloe’s world at the time she listed them. She’s into the latest music trends. Her favorite stage color is red. Her signature stage move is covering the front row with confetti.

Bratz Jade

Jade’s nickname is Kool Kat because she loves cats and because she’s cool! Her fashion passion focuses on anything on the cutting-edge of cool. Her style is extreme, head-turning, and far-out. Yet, she still maintains a “sizzling flair” and sporty edge. She likes anything new and quirky cool. Jade is known to be beautiful and the “ultimate fashionista”. She has a light complexion, light brown eyes, and jet-black hair which she experiments with. She is considered to be of mixed descent: Of Caucasian and East Asian (Chinese and Japanese) heritage.

Jade not only loves cats, but she’s inspired by the feline persuasion! She’s considered quick in mind with an even quicker wit. She’s also sassy and fierce. She is considered to be very intelligent and is always one step ahead in everything she does. She loves science, especially child psychology, chemistry, and nature, and one of her aspirations is to be a scientist. She has an extreme and far-out outlook on life. Her friends consider her personality to be just as quirky and extreme as her style. In fact, she’s kooky! She’s bold, confident, and adventurous. She can be a little unpredictable and sometimes her friends don’t understand her fashion sense, but she approaches everything with an open mind and open heart. She loves anything extreme, especially extreme sports. Skateboarding is her favorite extreme sport. Jade shows an extreme interest in anything that relates to fashion. She aspires to be a fashion designer and possibly start her own fashion blog. She’s worked for a fashion magazine before and is always searching for inspiration. Jade can play a bass and violin. Jade was originally meant to have suffered from an eating disorder in her early life (You Don’t Own Me: How Mattel v. MGA Entertainment Exposed Barbie’s Dark Side).

All of the Bratz girls have performed as music artists. Jade has personally experimented with pop, pop rock, punk pop, alternative rock, urban pop, R&B, hip-hop, disco, new wave, ska pop, among others. Because of her raspy voice, her vocals add edge to every song she sings. Of all her friends, she’s experimented with the most genres. Her songs showcase her unique, bold, resilient, hard-working, friendship-oriented, and fashionable personality traits. She has stated that her favorite music genres are electro-pop and punk rock. Still, she has shown interest in a variety of different pop artists such as Gwen Stefani, Jessie J, and Lady Gaga. Most of the artists she’s interested in have a stylish edge about them. Her favorite stage color is platinum silver. Her signature stage move is getting the crowd to dance.

Other Bratz 

The other Bratz that have had songs were Roxxi, Sheridan, Eitan, Fiana, and Anna.

There have also been songs from characters in the movies and tv shows. These characters include Madam Demidov from the movie Bratz Girlz Really Rock, the Dwarfs from Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales, and Alonce from the Bratz TV series.


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