Adrian Von Ziegler and Brunuhville: Youtube’s Best Celtic Composers

23 Apr

I have always loved Celtic and Medieval music. It does really well for filming soundtracks, and just for some good authentic listening.

Brunuhville and Adrian Von Ziegler both make it to the top of my Celtic music lists. Their music is really touching. I can feel every sound running through me. I get the chills when I listen to their music. Beautiful, magical, and simply EPIC.

So have a listen. It’s quite a cultural experience. I, being the history and culture lover that I am, am always interested in world music on every scale.


2 Responses to “Adrian Von Ziegler and Brunuhville: Youtube’s Best Celtic Composers”

  1. celestialaeon 2018/04/10 at 09:01 #

    Adrian von Ziegler ❤ So beautiful! Also Brunuhville and Peter Gundry come to mind! Actually I publish fantasy / celtic music myself under Celestial Aeon Project with similar feel – would love to hear your thoughts! For example: – best wishes from Finland!

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    • generationnext 2018/04/29 at 14:35 #

      The album is amazing. It high quality work! It sounds like it was produced in a studio.


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