24 Mar

Forget the haters! “Don’t hate, love and tolerate”. These men will stand by what they like: My Little Pony. Yes, these men love ponies. 86% of My Little Pony’s fan base consists of heterosexual males! They watch the show every time it airs and they collect the toys. Older audiences appreciate it because of the sense of nostalgia for animated cartoons. It all started when Amid Amidi, a blogger from a cartoon blogging site known as Cartoon Brew, posted a blog that was supposedly AGAINST Hub network’s airing of My little Pony by Hasbro.  However, while the intention was to possibly halt it’s promotion, this blogger gave major attention to it in the process.  Soon after, the interest in My Little Pony spread after there was a huge debate about the fandom on the website 4chan. In the end, the show ended up bringing the debators together rather than apart. The title “Bronies” was formed from male followers who can now be found on PonyChan. GO BRONIES! Isn’t it great that, finally, men are into something that doesn’t involve war, murder, or crude behavior? It’s a positive activity, and brings out the best in men.

I’m a woman, but I support men who stand by what they like, no matter what society thinks is “normal” for a male. I feel that the new “Man’s Movement” is on the rise. Men are fighting to express themselves, to be themselves. They are calling it the “Brony Movement”.

And some women have the nerve to judge them. Women who don’t support this movement DO NOT support equal rights. If they do, they are major contradictions. Considering how hard it was for women to be treated fairly in the world of sports and technology (and the fight continues), how can women expect to earn the respect of men if THEY don’t allow men to enjoy things that have been “labeled” as a “girl thing”? There are even women who go so far as to say they “wouldn’t date a brony”. I hope those women live miserable lives. I hope they get treated just as unfairly as their outlook on life. Screw those women. The women that think this is wrong A) are snobs anyway and will get dumped in a few years anyhow because of their ridiculously unfair attitudes (which will translate in all of their relationships), B) feel threatened because male supporters are getting more media attention than the female supporters, or c) are “traditional” women, who never had jobs, have tons of children, never played on a sport, and spend most of their time at home cooking, shopping, and painting their nails…In that case, when they have to get jobs, I hope men find them totally unattractive.

On USA Today, I hear the story about a boy named Grayson Bruce who brings a My Little Pony book bag to school, and what does the principal suggest? He leave his book bag at home to avoid “bullying”…Huh? What? WHUH? I can’t believe that here, in the 21st Century, we still have these closed-minded people…

Wait, I can believe it. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Now, after much attention, the school wants to change their minds. Like that will change how rejected he felt. At age 7, as innocent as he is, he now thinks that what he likes is wrong, and will feel that his feelings are wrong, when they are normal! I know a boy who likes Barbies. When I asked him why he likes Barbie, he told me it’s because he likes pretty girls! That seems like a normal response to me. Why make him feel weird about it? Especially because it’s just a toy. I used to play with X-Men and Spider-man toys all the time, and I’m a woman. SO WHAT? I watched Dragon Ball Z and bought the WWE video game as a kid. I still watch both anime and wrestling. SO WHAT?

And people have the nerve to say that people should expect kids to bully this child and should understand why the school told him to keep it home! That’s what’s wrong with people. I bet the people saying it are bullies. Their children will probably grow up or have already grown up to be arseholes. Okay, I know a little girl at age 9 that had a My Little Pony book bag and was teased and beat up because the other girls thought it was babyish. I know a girl that was teased and beat up for having a PLAIN book bag when all the other girls had book bags with pictures on them. Everyone knows children who were bullied for being out of style. Should the principal tell the parents to buy their children more fashionable clothing?

But did the principal tell them to leave their book bags at home? No. Why? Because apparently IT DIDN’T MATTER.

Then people are saying the parents don’t have common sense! Of course the parents don’t want their child bullied, but at the same time, if all the other kids can bring bags that they like, why can’t their son.

I got an idea. Let’s solve that problem. How about every child bring a plain book bag to school. Fair. Now there are no children who can carry fun book bags, since people want to stupid about it.

Oh, you’re right, kids will always find ways to tease someone, even for the color of their skin or even because someone thinks they are ugly. Should the principal tell an ugly child to be home-schooled just because the child is a “target for bullying”?

People’s reasoning and logic is flawed.

Anyhoo, enjoy the Documentary that highlights our gentlemen who love My Little Pony.



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