March 21st Movie Weekend: Divergent or Muppets Most Wanted?

20 Mar

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Okay, so two very highly anticipated movies are coming out the SAME weekend: Divergent and Muppets Most Wanted.

Which to choose?

I want to know what people mostly want to see. That will be the movie I see this weekend, and the movie I will do a review on.

The Muppets series are old classics, and I hate missing classical movies. However, I’m afraid the movie will deviate from a masterpiece to a parody meant to crack a few laughs, but leave no lasting impression…that’s what I’m getting from the trailer.

I want to see Divergent, and it seems like it will be good, but I get antsy when I think of another tween-related franchise, especially one that reminds me too much of the “ever-beautiful” Hunger Games.

So which one would you rather see? I’m curious…



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