F(x), The Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber in the Spotlight

1 Mar

Generation Next


f(x) pinocchio group picture (1)

Yes, I did. I called them the Korean “Spice Girls”. That may irritate some of you, and I apologize if I have offended anyone. They are their own group. But I have no problem comparing them to the Spice Girls as a HUGE fan of the Spice Girls. I love F(x) for the very same reasons I love the Spice Girls. There are some things that they share, and it contributes to their success. Spice Girls was a successful all-girl group from the UK that became international. F(x) has the same appeal to me, and I think they have the same ability to make it internationally.

F(x) is a multi-cultural, all-girl group formed by the “powerhouse” Korean label, SM Entertainment. The girls come from various backgrounds, and it contributes to their wide-range appeal. Victoria, the physically flexible leader of the group, and born Song Qian in English spelling, is from…

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2 Responses to “F(x), The Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber in the Spotlight”


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