F(x), The Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight

21 Feb



f(x) pinocchio group picture (1)

Yes, I did. I called them the Korean “Spice Girls”. That may irritate some of you, and I apologize if I have offended anyone. They are their own group. But I have no problem comparing them to the Spice Girls as a HUGE fan of the Spice Girls. I love F(x) for the very same reasons I love the Spice Girls. There are some things that they share, and it contributes to their success. Spice Girls was a successful all-girl group from the UK that became international. F(x) has the same appeal to me, and I think they have the same ability to make it internationally.

I also sometimes call them the female SHINee, but that’s a story for another day…

With f(x), I have officially been swept into the “Korean Wave”.

F(x) is a multi-cultural, multi-national, all-girl group formed by the “powerhouse” Korean label, SM Entertainment. The girls come from various backgrounds, and it contributes to their wide-range appeal. Victoria, the physically flexible leader of the group, and born Song Qian in English spelling, is from China. She is fluent in Chinese, and recently, Korean. Amber, the charming tomboy, is from California, USA, and she is of Taiwanese descent. She is also fluent in Chinese, as well as English, and recently Korean. Krystal, the sassy sister of Jessica from Girls’ Generation (SNSD), is also from California, USA, and is of Korean descent. She speaks fluent English, Chinese, and Korean. She has lived in Korea since she was six, so she’s more fluent in Korean than Amber. Sulli, the baby-faced, cutie-pie, born Choi Jinri, and Luna, born Park Sun-Young, the beautiful dancer and powerful vocalist, are both South Korean natives. They have all learned to speak Korean and Chinese. Some are still working on their English. All of the girls are also working on their Japanese.

With all of these languages fluctuating in this group, I wonder how they can even communicate! But the best part about having so many girls from different backgrounds is that they have a lot to share with each other and a lot to learn from one another. This improves their social skills, as it allows them to be aware of the various cultures they have to contend with if they expect to be international superstars. This also helps them to keep an open mind, which thus, helps them to adapt to new styles (both image and genre) and learn new skills quickly.

Aside from their multi-cultural backgrounds, the girls are also known for their distinct individual image styles, as well as their array of talents. Many of them not only have vocal abilities, but dancing, acting, and even rapping experience! Many play instruments as well. Amber and Sulli play guitar. Amber also plays the drums. Krystal plays piano. Amber and Luna are also known for having song-writing abilities, particularly with the song “Good-bye Summer” and “Medicine”. Victoria is known for her physical flexibility. In this way, they are also like the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls had a multitude of talents, including the rapping skills and flexibility (Mel B as the rapper and Mel C with the back flips)!

Their images are very distinct. From androgyny, to cute, to flirty, to trendy, they convey many different ways of being a girl. In this way, they are very much like the Spice Girls. F(x) even has their sporty spice (Amber) and a Baby Spice (Sulli)! In both groups, the oldest members are the leaders (F(x)’s Victoria and Spice Girls’ Geri). And they both have that one member that seems stuck-up or “Posh” to most people (Krystal and Posh Spice Victoria). Heck, they even both have members named Victoria! These distinct images allow each member to stand out, and it gives each member value in the group. Individual images allows the people viewing the music video and performances to distinguish the people they are watching and select the one that relates to them. This allows people to see each member as individuals. When all the girls look alike, the prettiest will stand out, and the individual beauty of each member is lost. Thank goodness F(x) doesn’t have to worry about that!

Also, just like the Spice Girls, they lost a member due to scandals and malicious news, as well as fans making one member feel less significant. Sulli left the group, but I still consider her a member. She didn’t leave on bad terms and she still says she’s friends with f(x). She even cheered for f(x)’s recent comeback. It was the same way with Geri. I have a feeling Sulli will return one day, just as Geri did.

The name of their group, F(x), is a play on their diversity. F(x) is a numerical symbol, which is why they are also often called The Function Girls. The “x” in parenthesis can represent any number, so the girls feel this fits their group because it conveys that they are a group that tries many styles and music options. In this basic f(x) case, the “x” also represents their female X chromosomes.

Just how Talented is f(x) Sulli?

Just how Talented is f(x) Victoria?

Just how Talented is f(x) Amber?

Just how talented is f(x) Luna? 

Just how talented is f(x) Krystal?

Their upbeat and friendly music also adds to their appeal. Their music relates to people of all ages, cultures, sub-cultures, and genders. It’s very lively, and it conveys the lively and friendly spirits of the girls themselves. Even though I am an English speaker, and an African American, I can easily relate to their songs. It helps that they have native English speakers singing and rapping in their songs. Those are the parts I understand best. This contributes to why I can relate to their music so well. I’m sure other people feel the same way. Their catchy and wholesome songs make their music likable to children, but sexy, expressive, and neutral enough to be liked by older people. Even men enjoy the songs, though I’m sure they enjoy the pretty girls, too.

F(x) is known for having music that is quirky, unconventional, and experimental. No one ever knows what to expect from them. This is why they are so much fun. Anticipation is high for them because people know whatever they do, it will be different from anything heard.

F(x) can pull off any sound and image. They can be cute, but still maintain a little edge. They can be edgy, but not explicit. They can be sexy, without being slutty. But if they were slutty, they would still display talent rather than letting themselves be completely objectified.

All of the above brings me back to the reason why I find them to be just like the Spice Girls, and why I can see them having an international appeal. However, I feel that F(x) has challenges that even the Spice Girls have yet to deal with, and it’s what makes F(x)’s experience very different than that of the ’90’s pop group.


Unlike F(x), the Spice Girls, as diverse as they were, all spoke the same language and came from the same place. F(x), though they are all Asian, have to deal with language and cultural barriers. Chinese manners are different from Korean manners, and they are both extremely different from American mannerisms. The members have to bridge cultural gaps often in order to understand one another. Sometimes, this can be a very lonely and isolated experience. I’m sure misunderstandings have occurred more often than not. It is also hard to promote themselves in foreign lands because of these cultural and language boundaries.

Because some of them aren’t Korean natives, it takes longer for them to write, compose, and memorize the music. This is probably why they have to wait so long to come out with singles and albums, and also why promotion is slower. This is also probably one of the reasons they only recently had a concert tour in 2016 (7 years after debut).

F(x) in Kenya, Africa!

F(x) in Kenya, Africa! Amber is killing me with the dress! XD She looks so…so…pretty!

But this is a good thing! This challenges the girls to learn the same languages, and encourages them to accept new ways of living, as was mentioned before. They are also not likely to fall into bias or stereotyping others, and can see people for who they really are.

Another challenge they have is their personality differences. This is what every group has to deal with. Having different backgrounds and cultures are hard enough to deal with, but there are two American girls with the same culture, and they have totally different personalities! Since most of the girls dorm together, I’m sure this is very challenging. And yet, the girls seem to enjoy each other’s company and seem to be relatively comfortable with one another, despite all of these differences. I think it’s because of Amber. She’s a social butterfly! She can put anyone at ease because she’s just so…herself

Which brings me to my next point. The K-pop scene is very different from the UK scene the Spice Girls are used to. This is somewhat due to culture differences. In Korea, in this day and age, most artists are in groups. Not only are most artists in groups, but most of them have “standard” music sounds and images. Most of the pop artists of Korea have similar-sounding music where dance is highlighted more than vocal abilities. Most of the promoted music is lively and upbeat, rather than meaningful and contemplative. This may not be the case at all if you buy the album, but you won’t see a music video that is too boring, that’s for sure.

What’s really obvious in the industry is the “standard” concepts. Almost all of the boys have cute haircuts, skinny jeans, and can dance. Most of all of the girls wear cute and trendy fashions that highlight the legs and thighs, though most don’t show cleavage. Cute and innocent concepts dominated the K-pop scene at one time, but many groups are also adopting more “sexy” images.

Another thing (which is obvious) is the fact that most of the female groups are…well, Korean. They will be easier to promote than f(x) and may have more music videos, albums every four months, and tours…which means more Korean fans for them. F(x) has to  move at a much slower rate because most of them are foreign. Yet, they still are a very popular group.

Why do I like f(x) so much? Click me to find out why…

F(x), however, is a powerful group. When placed against other K-pop groups, they tend to come out on top. Their complicated choreography and amazing vocal abilities make them shine. It’s very hard for them to be imitated, that’s for sure.

Let’s also add that F(x) is the only female K-pop group that has an androgynous member in it. This makes their group quite distinct as well. Now I’m about to put Amber on BLAST.

Amber Liu IN the SPOTLIGHT



All About Amber

Amber is the charming tomboy of the F(x) group, as was mentioned before. She enjoys playing basketball (she was on a basketball team when she was in high school), she enjoys running track, and she also enjoys skateboarding. She also has a black belt in Taekwondo.

Amber also enjoys sketching. Once she gets a pen and paper, she becomes absorbed.

Amber is super intelligent, and the best of all the girls at math. She is also into the Rubik’s Cube game.

Amber is obsessed with hats, too! She can’t cook, but she likes to read cooking books. Ironic.

Amber also loves Pokemon. She freaked out when she thought her mom gave away her cards. I would too. It’s hard to gather Pokemon cards! I should know…puffftttt…


Amber is charming, charismatic, witty, funny, and friendly. She has a wide network of connections and people who want to collaborate with her. She is confident, cool, and easy-going. People just naturally gravitate towards her. It’s not just the bold looks, but the personality when it comes to Amber. This contributes to her popularity, especially to international artists and fans, who relate to her.

Amber is different from the other girls. She’s not extremely polite, she loves to prank people, and she’s mischievous. Amber is very confident. She is usually not as shy as the others when it comes to speaking to the fans. She is also brave. Her laugh is infectious, and she usually claps her hands, or hooks a hand over her mouth, as she laughs hard and easily. The other girls, I’ve noticed, have adapted this habit, too.

However, Amber has a shy side, as Krystal points out.

Amber is also very protective of those that she loves.

Amber is from Los Angeles, California. She is used to sunny weather and casual people (hence, why it’s called the Sunshine State). Amber is very family-oriented. She has her mom, dad, and older sister, Jackie. Surprisingly, no brothers. She went on a six-month hiatus due to a leg injury (which btw, drove fans crazy). Due to the length of time she spent away, most people assumed she was homesick. Amber hopes one day to make it bigger in America so she can be closer to home.

Before Amber became a pop star, she was interested in K-pop groups TVXQ and Super Junior. Her mother states in an interview that Amber had their posters all on her walls. Amber was first spotted by SM in an audition in LA. She originally auditioned with her friend, but she ended up being chosen alone, along with another boy.

Amber is a Christian and her mother plays a lead role in their church.

Amber’s sister, Jackie, also told us some interesting things about Amber:

Amber often refers to herself as “Llama”. This is coming from a fan who said she looked like one, according to Amazing F(x).

Despite Amber’s natural charm, and love of her hometown and family, Amber wasn’t very popular in school. As Jessie J would say, “Who’s Laughing Now?”


Fav Color : Red
Fav Song : SHINee’s “Nuna is very Pretty” / Taking back Sunday “What’s it Feel Like To Be A Ghost”
Fav Bands : Linkin Park, Taking Back Sunday
Likes : Cookies, Chips, Chocolate, Sweets, Oh Yes (A Korean cake snack), Hats
Famous Close Friends : Nicole from Kara, Ailee, Min from Miss A (Now many others)
Wants to meet : Fly to the Sky
Usual Apparel : Hip Hop style, t-shirt and baggy pants
Roommate : Luna
Acts Feminine : When she eats
Favorite Pet : Rabbit and her dog Jack Jack
If she had a superpower: Telekinesis
Desktop Wallpaper : Childhood Photos
Stress Reliever : Screaming

Random Facts-
*Used to be a vegetarian
*Thinks the right side of her face looks boyish and her left side looks cute
*Has the smallest face in F(x)
*Knows how to sew
*is one of the oldest members in F(x)
*In her childhood, Amber was in church band.
*likes cat more than dog.
*works out when she gets stressed out
*has insomnia.
*The costume that Amber wore on ‘Sorry Sorry’ performance was given by DongHae
*likes wearing inappropriate clothing
“that brooklyn shit”

Amber, a K-POP STAR

Amber, at home in LA, is just another girl, but as a Korean popstar, she’s a completely different person.

Amber is charming, true enough, but Amber has also been tagged as “Sexy Amber”. Amber is one of the very few tomboys blessed with this title. Let’s review why, shall we?






amber 1










Fx Amber




images (1) Amber 2



rapper-amber-liu-celebrity-hip-hop-singing This-is-why-she-s-the-best-amber-liu-33064496-498-720 tumblr_m68mtg1slz1rqaa6eo1_r1_500 wallpaper_for_ipod___amber_liu_02_by_solita_san-d5wtmy4



2e4maa1 1kswiss6 images (3)

Do you get the picture? If you don’t, here. Have some more…

Yea, that’s right. I just Amberfied you. You should know how sexy she is to fans by now.

It’s hard for many to imagine that such a “sexy tomboy” could perform such girly dance moves  in music videos and onstage. But guess what? She does. And it works! Amber takes her cuteness to a whole different level, and at the same time, she makes the signature moves look sexy in her own unique way. This is also due to the fact that she is an excellent dancer. So she can master even the girliest of moves and make it look like a combination of her masculine edge and her feminine touch. I think getting involved with F(x) helps her express the feminine side she may not have been able to express to her fullest at home in her town of LA, what, with so many tomboys running around, influencing each other…

But in Korea, she stands out and makes a statement. She makes F(x) a unique-looking group. This also contributes to Amber’s popularity. Amber redefines beauty in the Korean Pop Industry, and paves the way for other tomboys to make their mark. She encourages individuality and freedom of self-expression. She also shows all girls that anyone can be beautiful, sexy, cute, and a pop star, even if they don’t look like a perfect girly model. As a model in many magazines, she gives girls more options than the frilly and trendy, and encourages girls to explore their options and open their minds. She gives this sort of message, “You can be a tomboy and still be hot”.

And trust me, Amber knows she looks good.

Another thing that stands out about her appearance is the provocative shirts she tends to wear…


I don’t think many Korean girls are as provocative as she is, aside from showing a little leg action.

She is certainly a rare beauty. At first, she didn’t feel she would fit in and was worried that her image wouldn’t be accepted. Boy, was she wrong.

Amber and Girls

Amber has a huge fanbase full of girls! Probably as many girls love her as they do SHINee and Super Junior. And it isn’t just because she’s talented…

Amber’s “boyish” charm works on even the most heterosexual women. In all of the comments’ sections on Youtube dedicated to F(x), all you hear is “She’s Sexy”, “I love Amber”, “Why she make me feel lesbian?” She has many girls questioning their sexuality. In fact, a fan girl once confessed her love to Amber! Before her debut in Korea, a girl in America asked her out before she even became a K-pop star!

youtube comments

youtube comment

Amber is a very handsome girl. Every girl’s dream, right? Charm and good looks. She almost seems like the perfect guy… only she’s a girl.

fx amber sexy

Everybody wants to date Amber. Everybody wants to be her best friend. She’s just easy to like, you know? Even I can’t help but follow her life closely, as if she’s my hero or something. Well, she kind of is…

Girls like her because she’s a good role model. She inspires girls. They admire her as well as love her.

All of the F(x) girls are well-liked and popular. I think, initially, SM expected Krystal to be the most popular, considering her sister is in Girls’ Generation. And hey, she really is popular! Krystal is very sexy, cool, and has amazing vocal abilities. So the expectation was rewarded. But by crowd response, it’s easy to see who the favorite is…

And Amber isn’t just a favorite among female fans, but she has earned the love and respect of other female idols, including the other members of F(x), who have voted her the most charming member in the group.



Below are two playlists of her time spent with famous female idols!

Amber seems very appreciative of her female fans and their support, as she has mentioned in her biography. It’s because of the girls that Amber can feel like a queen.

Amber and Boys

While you might think Amber only has a female fanbase, the boys will tell you otherwise.

The other girls in K-pop groups are arguably “pretty” on screen, with their short skirts and long hair, as feminine is somehow considered “prettier”. Those girls are especially prettier to men who don’t know them well beyond what they can see. You might hear some male fans call them “hot” in the comments’ sections of youtube.

But what you don’t see is many boys hanging out with them or spending time with the other girls. As pretty as they are, there is a sense of reserve about them, and it doesn’t make men feel comfortable. The men that are used to seeing those girls will no longer be interested. F(x) is a very charming group. There is something more beyond their physical beauty.

Amber is a breath of fresh air. Amber invites men to take a peak at her inner beauty, which inside, is a hidden gem. Every man who meets Amber personally (and not behind a computer screen) falls in love with her. Amber is always invited to join the boys onstage or collaborate with them, and I can’t begin to tell you how many men have said they have enjoyed having her around.

While some people may think she’s only looked at as “one of the guys”, I don’t think this tweet between Donghae and Henry sounds the same as two men fighting over a “homeboy”…


Amber is so liked by the boys that the great majority of couple “shipping” happens with the men! Ironically…

Henry is especially a favorite among fans. She seems to spend an awful lot of time with him. They even backed Amber’s sister Jackie into rooting for “Henber”.


Amber in an apartment with 4 guys…Man, some girls would die to be her in this case…

Even Henry’s family is aware of the shipping…Henry’s uncle Tweeted this below:


And who can forget the time Amber and Henry went to go see a “romantic Korean drama” My Love By My Side the day after Henry’s birthday? Huh?

But Henry isn’t the only one fond of Amber. All of EXO knows, respects, and loves Amber. Xuimin seems particularly fond of Amber, and tends to get jealous when she seems too close to someone else! None of the boys seem to be paying much attention to the other F(x) members…

Amber has always been fond of Super Junior, even before she became a K-pop star. But Donghae is also very fond of her. He constructed this little sign for her…

fx amber sexy (1)

And a certain SHINee member was pretty darn close with Amber when they were sight-seeing…

Key from SHINee is very fond of Amber. In fact, all of the SHINee members seem to like Amber one way or another!


When they see Amber in the room, all the boys rush to greet her! She’s everyone’s best friend!

Amber gets all the hugs…

F.T. Island is also quite close and playful with Amber. They both want Amber’s attention. Jaejin’s favorite part of F(x)’s song “Hot Summer” is Amber’s part.

DMTN’s Daniel considers Amber his best friend.

And Amber is probably the only member who got more than a dozen roses for her birthday! She is just literally loved by all!

Soryong from Tasty likes Amber, too! In fact, he thinks they should be married…

Jackson from Got7 really wanted to win Amber’s heart. He chose her as the girl he liked best! Even though Amber likes Bam Bam best…

Jackber: Got7's Jackson and f(x)'s Amber

Jackber: Got7’s Jackson and f(x)’s Amber

Amber WAS SOOO loving Bam Bam! And went as far as to say to the other guys, “I hate you.” He seems to like her, too.

Bamber: Got7's BamBam and f(x)'s Amber

Bamber: Got7’s BamBam and f(x)’s Amber

And OMG! Is that Amber kissing BtoB’s Yook Sungjae! Even though, yes, it’s in a very funny parody of a Korean drama…

Eric Nam is one of Amber’s best friends, which was pretty evident on an episode of One Fine Day. She also sang a romantic duet with him called “I Just Wanna”. Eric even jokingly says Amber keeps asking him out.


Amber is also especially close to Nu’est’s Aron. She thinks he’s “cute”.

Amber is even considered beautiful to some radio announcers. Some may have gotten the impression that she literally looks like an ugly boy. But they soon discover that Amber is really beautiful, just the way she is!

While I will admit the other girls get the cheers and stares from male fans, Amber gets the proposals! Men literally want to marry this woman!

And okay, there are male fans who also CHEER for Amber, too…I can’t fool you.


From looking at all of the above, I can say Amber has a very neutral charm that catches people’s attention wherever she goes!


Amber is quite an asset to F(x). She has so many talents! Her talents are very unique, aside from her image.

She is one of the few female K-pop stars with great rapping abilities. There are very few females in the Korean Music world who are respected for their rapping, and they certainly don’t get to rap in K-pop groups. This is also what makes F(x)’s music so distinct. There is usually a rap segment from Amber, unlike other bubblegum songs you might hear.

But Amber isn’t all MC rapping. She has an amazing voice! That “deeper-than-the-average-Asian-girl” voice of hers sounds like an angel when she sings. I think the reason she gets so little moments to sing in the F(x) songs is because most Koreans can’t believe her voice matches with her image. Or maybe it’s because her Korean isn’t as good as the other members.

Honestly, she sings better than some other K-pop singers in the industry, so I hope to hear her sing more.

She also has amazing song-writing abilities. She wrote the song “Good-bye Summer”, “Beautiful Stranger”, and worked on a collaboration with Luna for Immortal Song 2. Her album Beautiful showcased her talents as a composer, vocalist, and songwriter.

Amber is also an impressive dancer.

Amber also acts as an interpreter for F(x) in westernized countries. She has mad social skills and confidence. This helps her to better communicate with people on the international level.

Because Amber’s appearance isn’t openly emphasized, or objectified, her talents are most highlighted in the group. This is also why she is able to maneuver about in the K-pop music industry and make so many connections. In fact, all the f(x) girls agreed that Amber has the most connections of them all. When the only thing people can see is how you look, people have a hard time seeing who you really are, and the inner star will have a hard time shining. This doesn’t happen in Amber’s case. This is why so many people, especially westerners, like that she remains true to herself.

The one advice her mother gave her was to be herself, and I think it was very good advice.

Amber has a lot of personality. Her demeanor is quite boyish, but lively. She is entertaining to watch. She has so many videos posted online. She is just fascinating. She even has her own Youtube channel!

Amber also has a knack for bringing people together and making others feel relaxed. This is why she has made so many friends. Amber is never without someone to hang with. This girl stays busy with all kinds of people.

Amber is definitely a valuable member. Without her, F(x) would be lost.

Amber’s Personal Challenges

Obviously Amber’s biggest challenge is standing strong in her boyish image in a world that isn’t quite used to it, a world that doesn’t appreciate it, and an industry that doesn’t cater to her image. Amber doesn’t look like the average girl, and even if she did, her boyishness can’t be ignored. In a radio interview, she was told that boyish women in Korea were rare. This is due to the fact that the gender worlds are so very divided in that country. I think this is another reason why so many men like her. She’s different. Most don’t often get too close with women unless they are interested in dating or marriage. But Amber makes them feel comfortable.

Yet, despite all of the support Amber gets, despite the smile she plasters on her face, it has been hard for her to deal with the harshness of Korean conservatism.

Many television hosts are always hinting that she looks like a man and she is often confused for a boy. She doesn’t seem shocked by their reactions. However, she also didn’t seem to realize how much her image would stand out. In America, it’s normal to see tomboys. We’ve had many in the music industry. We don’t always confuse them for boys. Also, Amber’s voice is deeper than most girls in Korea. In America, many women have deeper or raspier voices. Look at P!nk. These are just some of the qualities that Amber has that don’t quite fit well with K-pop standards for femininity. Amber writes the following:

“I was born on September 18, 1992. My hometown is Los Angeles in the United States and I have an older sister. SM Entertainment’s 2007 global audition was where I was cast for the agency. I had originally auditioned with a Korean friend but she didn’t make it. M.C. Max’s “Oh Heart, Please Stop Now” and K.Will’s “Left Heart” are the songs I sang at the audition. I read and wrote a little bit of Korean before but I studied the lyrics more from some fan sites where they had translations so I could understand the songs better.

I had liked Linkin Park since young so I copied Mike Shinoda a lot and I had a lot of friends who liked to rap so I grew up practicing free-styling. When I first heard Korean music I used to listen to a lot of R&B like Wheesung’s. These days I listen to Yoon Mirae, Tiger JK and Epik High. I’ve never talked to Yoon Mirae before but I’m a big fan.

When I first came to Korea from the U.S. I felt like a complete stranger because the environment was completely different. I used to space out thinking ‘Why am I here?’ But Krystal helped me out a lot since her English is good and I gradually learned more Korean. Luna taught me how to sing and dance and Sulli, I got really really close with her, as if she’s my younger brother. Haha. (Sulli: Amber Oppa!) But my boyish image was something I wasn’t aware of. In the States I was… just normal. I was shocked when while I was a trainee, I went shopping with Krystal and her fans said they thought I was her boyfriend. But I have a lot of female fans and I am so thankful to them for liking me so much. I didn’t know they would be okay with someone with an image like mine.

Looking similar to Super Junior member Dong-hae is something I’ve heard frequently ever since I got here. These days people also say I look a lot like SHINee’s Jonghyun. Haha. So the three of us sometimes take photos together and call ourselves the “dinosaur family”.

Basketball in particular is something I really enjoy. I’d been on a basketball team since elementary school in the U.S. and I played basketball a lot with my girl friends too. I’m actually not that good at it (Sulli: No, you’re really good!) but in Korea, I’ve been playing with the male trainees at our agency. I like taekwondo too so I practice my moves when I get bored.

Creating a stage where there are no restrictions is my dream. And it doesn’t even have to be on a real stage, a street is fine. Just as long as it’s a place where everyone can join in and have fun!”

All I can say is that I applaud her courage. Amber could’ve easily given in to the pressure to be like everyone else. But Amber prefers to stay true to herself. I believe she was chosen for a reason. I believe SM was tired of the usual, and was looking for a new, fresh face to bring into the Korean industry. Her courage and confidence is what also makes her an inspiration to others.

My heart reaches out to Amber and her fight to be accepted by the Korean industry. I think slowly, but surely, Korea will begin to get used to this new female energy and others may begin to imitate. Until then, Amber can continue making an impact.

Amber’s second biggest challenge was convincing her father that being a Kpop star was a good career. Her father was of the “protective” sort. Korea is a faraway country and foreign to Amber. I guess he knew Amber wouldn’t fit in easily, due to her American customs and boyish demeanor. Her parents knew it would be a challenge for her. He also wanted her to focus on school. But her father has become more supportive, even encouraging people to buy her solo album.


Amber’s world isn’t without controversy. Giving herself to Korea, exploiting her image and her talents for others, and having the courage to strike out with boldness and confidence is what makes Amber a gem in the Korean industry.

But the world of the androgynous woman is never without controversy, even from the most liberal of countries.

Amber, a Lesbian?

I hear this question over and over again, usually following up behind the comments from gleeful fan girls. The sad truth is that a girl can’t dress or act like a boy without people questioning her sexuality. True, she has more fan girls than the other girls do. More women think she’s hotter than any female Korean pop star. This is due to her boyishness. But it’s sad that people don’t realize that lesbian women can be just as feminine as other women sometimes. A girl who dresses like a boy or acts like one is not EXACTLY indicating that she is gay. After all, there are men who dress “boyish” and are gay…

I guess since most people think only girlish girls can attract men, they just assume Amber will give up and be attracted to girls. Or they might think she has an identity issue, and that she wants to be a boy, and so she might like the same things that boys like. Or maybe they just assume that girls who dress like that are trying to attract girls. I have read Youtube comments of people stating, “She looks like a boy, she has to be a lesbian”. But this isn’t always the case. More often than not, Amber is pitched in the “gay” category before anyone has even done research or talked to Amber herself.


Amber has stated that she dresses like a boy, not because she hates being a girl, but because “male” clothing is “comfortable”, makes her unique, and she’s used to it because she plays a lot of sports.

We don’t know anything about her sexuality. But we do know she has stated to the public (and on her personal twitter and instagram) her ideal type AND we know that she has said she likes boys, according to an interview with Radio Star.

Amber recently revealed her crush on a fellow Real Man cast member. Amber joined a cast of women as a military recruit for the female version of Real Men. But one of the drill sergeants was very close to her ideal type. Amber “couldn’t get her eyes off of him”. Oh, yes, and the drill sergeant was a male. Later, we all learned that Amber “quietly” followed him on instagram…until she found out he was married and younger than her.

Amber reveals she may have a crush on fellow Real Men cast member


In several interviews, she has mentioned her preferences in a male, the ideal guy she is looking for. She also always adds at the end that she is “waiting”. Amber has even mentioned the man she felt would be a good marriage partner: Sehun!

Ailee has confirmed FOR Amber that she and Amber talk about boys together. Ailee also mentioned, along with Amber, that Amber has had a boyfriend before.

And she seemed entirely too interested in boy bands before she became a Kpop star. I didn’t hear any mention of GIRL BANDS hanging in her room in Go F(x).

Amber has only mentioned that she wants to be married in 20 years and have two children.

To add, when a girl asked Amber out, Amber turned her down. Not that this is any indication, but it’s something to think about. Amber mentioned on another interview that she had many lesbians who would ask her out, and she would say, “We’re cool, but I’m not interested”.

Twitter posts:

amber the boys

Or this…

amber fan girl

Or this????…

amber love

Or this?!?!?! (Eric Nam?)


Amber has also mentioned her ideal male type is Jang Hyuk before. Amber just could’ve said “I don’t have an ideal type”, like many other K-pop artists have said. But she didn’t.

Amber seemed pretty adamant about being Bam Bam’s bride in the NEXT We Got Married Global…She couldn’t stop hugging this dude…

And would a lesbian even WANT to be a K-pop artist in a sexually prejudiced society? Maybe, maybe not. It’s hard enough for Amber to be an American tomboy in Korea…

Any other ideas are assumptions, not facts. You can say all of this is saving face. It could be. Korea is a conservative society. It is hard for people with a gay background to be accepted as a public figure. But it’s the only thing she has mentioned regarding her interests.

It’s funny. If this had been any other K-pop idol, like Got7’s Jackson on Roommates, no one would even think to question whether his ideal type was “saving face”. But for some reason, no one seems to relate to anything Amber says regarding her ideal types…It’s fascinating. The issue of K-pop idols “saving face” ONLY comes up when Amber is involved. But I never hear this when other K-pop idols are expressing themselves…When it comes to feminine K-pop idols, no one brings up the idea of “open sexuality”, but people conveniently bring up the idea when the “tomboy” is involved.

People often think that there is a standard way for a lesbian to look and act, and that there is a standard way for a straight girl to look and act. From experience, there really is no standard way. Amber might be more straight than all of the K-pop idols walking! Or maybe not…But the point is that these things can’t be decided by appearance or behavior.

I mean, no one could predict that Raven Symone was gay (Because she’s always been super feminine). But she is.

Everyone thought Ella Chen was gay…before she got married to a male. And she is from a conservative country, so many thought she was saving face (some still think she is). But China’s conservatism didn’t stop Denise Ho from coming out as a lesbian…And she is still a major pop singer in China and also in Taiwan. She just won the 49th Golden Horse Award. Her latest album did really well in sales. And China is more conservative than Korea!

I will share my experience really quick. I have always been an extreme tomboy. I’ve always dressed boyish. But I absolutely can NEVER date a woman (trust issues). One of my friends is EXTREMELY feminine, but she is gay. People always assume I’m the one is who is gay. XD And because people assume this, they tell all of my crushes their assumptions, and those guys end up avoiding me. Then my friend, who dresses feminine, will get all of the guys asking her out!

So, the moral of the story is, you can’t assume someone’s sexuality based on the clothes someone wears or the way someone appears to act. The media is a filter. Amber gets a lot of attention for being “boyish” and often gives “fan service” to keep her fans around. But the reality may be quite different from what we all expect.

People are so superficial, that if Amber said she was straight A MILLION times on variety shows, people would still never believe her. But if she said she was gay EVEN ONCE on variety shows, people would believe it from jump…Even though either one could be a lie! I mean, variety shows are STILL shows, right?

On MVs where Amber is involved, you never hear in the comments’ section, “Is she straight?” People never assume she is straight, but people are quick to assume a “tomboy” is a lesbian…It’s a funny world. No one assumes any other idol’s sexuality.

Assuming someone’s sexuality based on what someone wears and the way they act is like assuming a woman is pregnant just because her belly is big. It could be rude if it is NOT TRUE and that person could lose confidence in themselves.

So, I believe people should be careful when making assumptions based on appearance and personality.

Amber Needs to be More Feminine?

Though most fans are genuinely supportive of Amber and her image, there are some who wish Amber would “dress more girly”. Many fans argue that her tomboy looks have been pushed too far by SM and they have a hard time believing Amber is happy looking so boyish, especially due to the narrow-minded views on women and sexuality. Many believe she had more of a feminine side before she came to SM, though this isn’t backed by evidence.

I think the girls who think Amber is unhappy with her image are more unhappy inside with it than she is. Most of the girls who push her to be feminine are really girly themselves, therefore, they feel uncomfortable with a girl like her on the scene, a girl who doesn’t seem to represent them. They struggle to relate to her appearance because their world is one of high heels and make-up: a world without natural beauty and little appreciation of one’s inner beauty. Actually, I think Amber likes being confused for a boy. It allows her to have two alter egos, to be creative. It gives her special attention…it’s mysterious. I think she likes to play around with it sometimes. Being confused for a boy isn’t bad. It can be fun.

Another reason why girls or boys may push her to wear more feminine attire is because they are personally attracted to her, and they are uncomfortable with that attraction. Women are uncomfortable with being attracted to a girl, and men are uncomfortable with being attracted to a girl that looks like a guy. It’s not Amber’s fault she’s attractive. She is neutrally attractive to people, but sometimes, this can be threatening. Men also feel threatened by her because she seems to attract all of their girlfriends to her. Women are also a little jealous of the amount of attention she receives from some of their favorite male Korean pop idols.

Amber on discrimination

Of course, there are also those who just have a natural curiosity with her feminine side.

Well, this is why I think Amber can never truly be extremely feminine:

1) It’s not about the hair and clothes. The whole demeanor is brassy and boyish. When Amber did wear a dress, it was very awkward. She walked like a boy and acted like one. She was pretty, but she is just a tomboy. So I don’t think dressing like a girl would make her any more girly. It’s different with Ella Chen from S.H.E. She always acted like a girl…

2) Most people say when she starts dating, she will change. But Amber has already dated a guy before and it didn’t seem to change her one bit. No, I believe the right one will accept who she is.

3) Amber actually has explored her feminine side in more ways than one, just not the way others want her to. In fact, being in F(x) is probably a very feminine experience. The dance moves are girly and the music is very feminine at times. Amber has also worn heels before and, in Africa, a dress! But she’s still not sure how to express that side, so it still comes across boyish, though her dress in Africa looked lovely on her..






Amber can look very hot and feminine to me…and yet…it really isn’t about the appearance, is it? Even still, that boyish appeal is strikingly evident.

Let’s all come to grips that this is who Amber is and that she’s beautiful the way she is. She doesn’t need a skirt or to grow her hair out really long. If we learn to accept this new form of beauty, we will truly have open minds. When we open our minds, we give ourselves more options in the world. Therefore, we have more to explore. This is what we want to teach the next generation.

LA Weekly, interviewed Amber about her tomboy look, and why she chose this image:

“I hear that I dress like a boy and that I should be more girly, which I can understand, but I just focus on what I want to do and enjoy my time with fans who love me for who I am,” Liu writes, diplomatically, in an email.

But Liu has not just integrated herself, she’s prospered, becoming a huge star in one of the most popular girl groups in K-pop and a global celebrity in her own right.

Liu, who recently turned 21, was raised in West Hills and is fluent in English and Mandarin. “I grew up playing a lot of sports, [and] thus tying up your hair and wearing comfortable clothing was a must,” she says, adding that she was particularly passionate about skateboarding. “I finally chopped off my ponytail at the end of middle school, and it was the best decision I made.”

Still, in high school bullies teased her and told her she looked like a man, sometimes making her cry.

Well, now she has millions of fans who love her! She is a true underdog story, just itching to relate to other outcasts.

Well, that’s my spin on F(x) and the lovely Amber Liu!


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    • generationnext 2014/04/10 at 09:00 #

      Thanks so much for visiting and reading. I’m trying to be more informative rather than a ranting butthole.


  3. Sophie 2014/06/01 at 17:06 #

    Sorry to break it to you, but as a lesbian who came from a christian background who also has a very tomboyish image — you have no idea what you’re talking about. This is true that many females who dress boyish are not necessarily homosexual. The same applies to many females who dress very feminine can also be homosexual. However, there are certain mannerisms that come equipped with a tomboy who might be homosexual, and Amber has them. I am NOT saying she is gay. However, the chances of her being gay or bisexual are much higher than her just being straight.

    Everything you just explained does not state that she is not attracted to girls. I didn’t come out of the closet until I was like 18. I am now 24 years of age, and I am STILL not out to my parents, even to some of my co-workers. I live in the STATES, imagine how it would be to live in South Korea (very homophobic country) WHILE being a celebrity. I tell people ALL the time what my ideal type of guy is. Just to save face.

    Also, I want to get married and have kids, as well. There’s this thing called artificial insemination. Please stop talking about things you do not know. You obviously know nothing about sexuality, and you obviously don’t know how hard it is to come out of the closet, and you obviously do not know all of the things we put up with, and suck up to in order to stay in the closet.

    If you do not think it’s okay for people to assume that someone is gay, then you should stop assuming that someone is straight. She has never bluntly stated “I am heterosexual”. Like I said, she could even be pansexual, or bisexual, etc.

    Now, my PERSONAL opinion, due to my gaydar (an accurate scientific phenomenon, in which homosexuals can identify other homosexuals), is that Amber Liu is bisexual, with a stronger attraction towards women. The things she says do not correlate with how she acts. The way she acts around men is extremely bromance, while when she’s around women, she teases them as if she were a guy, women treat her like a guy threatening to hit her if she doesn’t stop (playfully of course) she also acts very awkward around girls, buys things for them, and babies them extremely


    • generationnext 2014/06/01 at 19:09 #

      Hey, you are not the first lesbian to say that they found her to be gay according to their “gaydar”.

      I apologize for your experiences, but your experiences can’t define someone else’s.

      I believe in “innocent until proven guilty”. I am NOT assuming she likes men, I KNOW she does because there is plenty of evidence she does. Anything else is speculative.

      I never said she WAS straight, I said she SEEMS and APPEARS straight, and this is because there is no official statement that she has female preferences.

      There are plenty of FACTS that relate to her interest in men.

      Your gaydar is about as valid as my straight-dar. Some people who even claim to be “gay” or “bi-sexual” seem to be lying to save face and/or make more money.

      Amber is famous for her boyish looks. It’s natural for her to play into it. She knows that the LGBT community supports her, therefore she plays into their fantasies and desires. This is the same thing Adam Lambert did. Said he was “gay” and he was caught tongue-kissing a female. His excuse? “I love kissing girls.; I was feeling her energy”. Next thing I know he changes it up to bi-sexual, then “bi-curious”. It became clearly evident that he was playing on the LGBT card for money, similarly to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson when a “black issue” arises.

      I had a similar student in my high school. She was on the basketball team. The whole team was lesbian. To fit in with them, she claimed to be lesbian, but was caught looking at naked male pictures in her locker.

      While you and other lesbians may think being “playful” is an indication of love and/or lust, others may look at it as sisterly love that is no different from other women in K-pop. Amber is targeted for looking boyish, though other F(x) members have a higher likelihood of being lesbians (Sulli and Krystal being a “couple” calling each other husband and wife, Luna and Krystal kissing on the lips…etc) And there are plenty of K-pop artists who have kissed one another. It’s publicity. Let’s face the facts, Amber is no more playful than the other girls, she’s just tomboyish and dresses like a boy. She acts like a boy, so her interactions with female will fit accordingly.

      To other people, Amber acts sweet and shy around men, which to them, is more “love”. It all depends on your perception of “love”. She deliberately told Bam Bam to let her know and they could be married on We Got Married.

      The difference? We KNOW she likes boys, any other presumptions are based solely on your “gaydar” which to me is another word for assumption. Not factual.

      If I find evidence that proves contrary, I will make updates on my article, as I often do.

      However, I can’t let your experience define hers. I’m tomboyish, I dress like a boy, but I hate women. They nag too much, too super righteous, not fun enough, stiff, and judgmental. And they always have a lecture for everything. No youth in them. I prefer men. But looking at me, I get called “dyke” and asked if I’m lesbian all the time, but I’m not. People always ask if I’m in the closet because I’ve never had a boyfriend. But I’d rather be single than be with a woman. I’ve had two women ask me out, the answer will always be no, not because I think it’s wrong or anything, but simply because I hate the way women act. Never got along with my mother, even. I hated her.

      And my choice is to remain single until the right man comes along. But I can’t let that experience define Amber’s. All I can go by are confirmed statements.

      Anything else is up to the imagination.

      But I appreciate your comments, everyone helps me to clarify and make everything more informative for the public.

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  4. Sophie 2014/06/01 at 17:14 #

    1- she never stated that the person she dated was a boy or a girl.
    2- just because she rejected a girl doesn’t mean she doesn’t like other girls. This is a common misconception, you guys see a lesbian and you run away from her because “OMG she’s going to hit on me! she’s a girl!” just because someone is a lesbian does not mean she likes all fucking girls.
    3- that picture she posted on instagram is showing clear disgust for the organ in the pants. Are you blind?
    4- Krystal and Sulli OPENLY joke to the public AS IF NOTHING. They are clearly joking. Girls do this all of the time. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT THEY ARE WEARING! There are many lesbian girls who dress feminine. Just like there are many straight girls who dress boyish. No one is saying that Amber likes girls because of how she dresses, it’s because of how she acts around guys and girls. She will NEVER joke around like Krystal and Sulli jokes with another girl in public. It would be risking it too much. Krystal and Sulli have NOTHING to hide. However, Amber jokes in this way with guys, because she sees them as bros. When she’s around other girls, she’s very awkward and shy. Just how Krystal would be shy and awkward if she’s around a guy she likes. Please take a psychology course, or a social psychology course, and stop spewing your dumb and ignorant shit on the net. It’s embarrassing.


    • generationnext 2014/06/01 at 20:20 #

      1) In actual Korean, and based on what her sister Jackie said, it was a male. The translation isn’t correct, as the person said.

      2) That may be true, but she seems to like EVERY GUY. She desperately said yes to the African guy that asked her to marry him, and she didn’t EVEN KNOW HIM. She didn’t even know the camera was rolling. She may be particular about girls, but she doesn’t seem that particular about the boys…

      Most lesbians I know don’t say anything about their ideal types, no matter the country. They usually say, “I don’t have one”. Many K-pop artists have said they don’t have one, why wouldn’t she? Amber says she wants people to like her for who she is, so why lie to save face?

      Further, why would Amber even enter a market that doesn’t accept Lesbians if she were one? Why would she stand to be in that kind of country, in that kind of music industry, and go with it? She would never be happy in a country that basically bans lesbians. She would’ve been like Kris from EXO by now.

      3) Go on the actual instagram page, “No Perv Man” was her quote. Meaning she felt like she was being a pervert. Perhaps I should post what she said to make it more clear…

      4)EXACTLY MY POINT. There were many people who SAW Amber dressed like a boy from one music video and asked “Is she lesbian?” when they haven’t even seen interactions. This doesn’t go for people like you, but for people like that. And you know there are people like that. Don’t try to act blind. The moment people see her, she will be targeted as being lesbian. And you know it. Why don’t you bring her picture to random people and see what they think? I’m sure their instant reaction would be “Is she gay?” Not because of interactions but simply because she looks like a boy. It’s those individuals that make it bad for you. It’s odd that no one suspects any other girls, out of all the girls in Korea, America, and China of being lesbians, but the moment a tomboyish girl shows up, she’s suspected of liking girls. Out of all of the teasing girls do with one another, it is just taken as teasing with them, but with tomboyish Amber, it’s “real”. That’s an insult to feminine lesbians. Behavior is still superficial. So she doesn’t act girly, and acts boyish, that makes her lesbian? Buying things for girls, protecting them, being shy and awkward IS acting boyish. It’s the way I act. Even though that’s enough to charm the pants off of a lesbian, she may not necessarily be a lesbian.

      Krystal and Sulli are making waaaay too many jokes, but with Amber it’s love? Sounds contradictory to me. Look at how playful Sulli and Krystal are in Go F(x). Krystal has been caught trying to kiss Sulli on the lips. I think if women tease like that all the time, they also have latent lesbianism in them too. I wouldn’t tease like that as a straight female. They are just teasing, but Amber is serious? Don’t fall for all the hype you see on tv. FACTS can only prove it, heterosexual or lesbian or bi-sexual. If Krystal and Sulli have nothing to hide, why would Amber? Amber is considered sweet and shy around guys, too. So what? Love is a feeling, not perceived by suggestive physical behaviors. Those aren’t facts. We don’t know if Amber sees them as bros, but we do know she said she wants to marry Bam Bam, she wants to have children with a guy (which is a heterosexual act), and has specified her ideal guy, never leaving anything quiet. Versus, Krystal said outright she was uninterested in romance in F(x) Koala…that is suspicious. Couldn’t Amber have said that instead? But she didn’t. She elaborates on her ideals, and often says “She’s waiting”.

      The real question is, what would Amber lose by coming out? Her mother already accepts her boyish nature and wouldn’t be surprised by anything. Her father barely accepts her choice to be a K-pop star. So he won’t accept her no matter what. Her sister knows how she is and is her best friend. What would Amber lose if she came out? Nothing. Most of her fans already suspect she is lesbian, so she wouldn’t lose fans. If anything, it would spark Western attention. Korean girls LOVE Amber and HOPE she is lesbian, so she wouldn’t lose support in Korea. She gained more attention in Korea for being boyish, so why would it be any different if the boyish girl turned out to like girls?

      It wouldn’t. Amber is almost immune to scandals and can get away with what most of the other girls can’t because she debuted in controversy. Similarly to Madonna. When Britney kissed Madonna, Britney got more attention for it than Madonna because we knew Madonna was open-minded and would try anything once. Britney held a “narrow” reputation of being a part of most men’s “perverted” fantasies. Same with Miley Cyrus. As many African Americans twerk in videos, Miley gets attention for it. Why? Because she was considered America’s so-called “innocent”.

      Amber is not considered Korea’s “innocent” and is not without controversy already. So again, what would she lose by coming out? She’s a star, she’s getting paid, people love her for looking like a hot male.

      This is not your case or circumstance. You may have more to lose: the support of family, friends, and the judging eyes of colleagues who don’t love you like fans. Amber has nothing to lose. This is all a part of her appeal, and what makes her a star. Why would she hide her preferences? With K-dramas having so many lesbians? If anything, it would make her an international star.

      I have a bachelor’s in psychology and education, as well as early development. Any real psychologist (and not just someone with a psych background) knows you can’t diagnose a patient simply because of an objective perception. Many can and do miss the mark. It isn’t effective. Psychology is ineffective when it comes to watching interviews on a television screen, where people play the role of actor/actress all the time, whether they are acting straight to seem so-called “normal”, or gay to gain more revenue and public support and/or attention from the LGBT community and others who form modern society who honor “an open mind”. Observing her physical reactions to certain questions or comments would only work if I could talk to her in a closed, quiet room where she can’t receive any outside stimuli. The way you are using the reading of body language isn’t appropriate in the world of psychology.

      Earlier, you mentioned how I didn’t understand sexuality. But that’s not a rational statement. I’m a human. Every human is capable of having similar sexual preferences and behaviors if exposed to it. But we can’t focus on interactions. Raven Symone has come out as lesbian, and most gays with their “gaydar” were shocked. She always kissed guys because she is a good actress, but guess what were indications? She was never seen around guys, when people asked her what her ideal guy was, she always said she prefers not to discuss her love life, and she is never seen around men. Krystal shows these signs more often than not, and have said the exact things. The only difference is Krystal actually DOES flirt with girls. Amber was entirely too excited to be around Bam Bam to not like boys and/or male attention. I won’t rule out being bi, but outright lesbian? Don’t think so.

      I understand you are gay or bi-sexual and so when someone else thinks any little inkling of a person NOT being gay, you are quick to take offense because this subject is personal for you. But keep in mind that the emotions cloud the judgment, and you project your feelings onto another party.

      The facts only specify that Amber likes boys. Period.

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      • Sophia Cordero Montaño 2015/02/17 at 14:26 #

        1 – LOL Who person said? And first of all, as a person still in the closet, why would I EVER say it’s a female. Of COURSE I’m going to say it’s a male if I’m still in the closet. However, the translation, please find it. I have a Korean friend who can translate it. Find me the video and I will tell you. But this is irrelevant to what I’m saying.

        2 – She likes EVERY GUY? LMFAO All of her guy friends, she treats them all like bros. The way she acts with girls shows she’s attracted to them. Let me ask you a question, how old are you? Do you really think Amber is that stupid to say “yes” to a marriage proposal of someone she does not even know at all? The guy who asked for marriage was JOKING and she was JOKING in her reply.

        Umm… EVERY HUMAN has an ideal type. What the fuck are you talking about the “lesbians” don’t have an ideal type. We don’t just hit up any girl and like every girl. We, like every other human being, (male or female) has preferences, likes and dislikes. You really are a child. Kid, I’m a 24 year old Psychology graduate with a focus in Human Sexuality, AGAIN. I will tell you AGAIN.
        Why would Amber lie and save face? Well, WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY LIE AND SAVE FACE? Do you have any idea what LGBTQ people go through? All LGBTQ people want to be loved for who they are, but they’re also scared. Kids get disowned by their parents, killed, beaten, bullied. You can’t really say that she will not have anything to lose because you know NOTHING of her relationships with her family and her company. You don’t know what they’ve said to her on the topic, what they might have preached at her church or how she personally feels about it. Put it this way (even though it’s highly unlikely) let’s say she really doesn’t have anything to lose – again, you don’t know how she personally feels about it. Both totally different experiences.

        But, let me tell you about another famous Korean who had tons of fans, and came out of the closet. A Korean actor came out of the closet, Kim Ji-hoo. He was extremely famous, and loved, and when he came out, all of that was taken away from him. He was bullied and hated to the point of killing himself. Why would Ellen Page save face? And A LOT of people suspected of her being gay. She knew that if she came out of the closet, it might have really not been a big deal (and it wasn’t. Everyone accepted her and loved her probably even more, and this was in the U.S.) Yet, she was still so afraid. She saved face for so freaking long, and even dated a man in order for people to believe she was straight! Guess what? She just recently came out as gay. People save face all of the time, and especially a young 14-25 year old girl, in a foreign country, without any family there to support her 24/7. And you don’t think she’s going to save face? Really? Come back down to reality.

        Why would Amber even enter a Market that doesn’t accept LGBTQ people if she were one? Really? I could honestly go all day on this.

        Why did the first woman boxer get into boxing? Why did the first woman who ever went to a University to get a fair education ever go to a University? Into the work force? Where they were discriminated against, mis-treated, molested, undermined… and so much more. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT!? WHY WOULD THEY PUT THEIRSELVES IN SUCH A HORRIBLE SITUATION WHERE THEY KNOW THEY’RE NOT WANTED THERE.

        Oh wait, I know. She loved boxing. She wanted an equal education. She did not want to be a stay at home mom, she wanted to start her own business… be the first business woman in the world… Why would Amber put herself in a foreign country, go through all the trouble of learning a foreign language, and even living in a place where she knows people don’t approve of certain things that she is and loves? Why? Oh, I know, because she loves what she does. She loves K-pop. It’s her dream, what she wanted to do. If she is gay, it’s not something anyone chooses to be, and no one is going to stop pursing their dreams because of it. They’re going to try and change things, and withstand the hardships. She could be the first LGBTQ K-POP idol that is out of the closet. Because believe me, there’s a lot of k-pop idols in the closet, statistically speaking. 1 in every 10 people is LGBTQ. Yeahp. That’s right. 1 in every 10 people is gay, so one of those SNSD girls is probably LGBTQ (lesbian, pansexual, queer, asexual, bisexual – it can be any).

        3 – No perv man. #trickeyemuseum  is exactly what she said. She doesn’t say she felt like she was being a perv. She was Looking away in disgust. And telling the man to not be a perve. Is what she meant. But I am not talking about the quote, I am talking about her face, but this is irrelevant. She was just joking and being a goofball like always.

        4 – Okay, well I am not saying she’s gay because of how she dresses. I am saying — assuming she might be some kind of LGBTQ (non-hetero) because of she carries herself. Her mannerisms, and how she interacts with both boys and girls.
        And I disagree that you might assume but just a picture. You can tell by some of her expressions, as well. There are many k-pop idols who have dressed tomboy and no one has suspected of them being LGBTQ. And no, behavior is not superficial. There are a lot of tomboys who act very tough, and you still do not suspect of them being LGBTQ. It’s certain mannerisms, that are not even boyish, they’re just these specific mannerisms that LGBTQ do. Like how another girl would act when you can tell they’re attracted to a girl they’re around, for example. It’s not something that I can define specifically. And again, it’s not about the fact that she buys stuff for her girl friends, or is shy and awkward, or is protective. Because, again, many straight girls do that with their close friends. It is other mannerisms that you can tell and that show that she’s attracted to the sex that she’s around. Like for example, they did a study once that explained how when women are attracted to a man, her voice will get more high pitched, and when a man is attracted to a woman, his voice gets deeper – small things like that. This is why, even though the GAYDAY idea sounds silly to you, it is a scientific fact.
        There’s articles everywhere,



        Other LGBTQ can intuitively have the sensitivity to detect social behaviors and mannerisms, such as body language, tone of voice when speaking to someone, etc.

        “Krystal and Sulli are making way too many jokes but with Amber it’s love” that’s not what I said. I said that, people who have nothing to hide feel comfortable with making jokes about certain things. Amber never really jokes in that manner with other girls, and when they try to, she gets really awkward about it. Also, when Sulli and Krystal do it, they easily do it in public because they have nothing to hide. There is nothing going on between Sulli and Krystal, so they feel comfortable publicly joking about it. Whenever Amber and Krystal have some kind of “lovey dovey” interaction, it’s not in a joking like manner – they do it very seriously and they usually do it away from the public, unless they’re caught on fancam. Basically, they’ve never done it in a joking manner, unlike the other members. I’m not saying it’s “love” because that’s silly. I’m saying that there might be a genuine serious attraction between them that isn’t just them joking around or doing fan service. Because, if they were just trying to do fan service, they would just do it all laughing and jokingly in public where everyone can see. No one ever said anything about love. We’re talking about doing interactions that show you’re attracted to each other, and sometimes these interactions are even subconscious like I explained above. People do these things without even realizing it.
        Okay. You really need to get your facts straight because you already mentioned before about how she was so quick to accept marriage proposal from some random dude. She’s also just joking with Bam Bam, You can tell when someone is joking and when someone is serious. She’s not going to say she’s going to marry Bam Bam without even being in a relationship with him. Like, I’ll say I’ll marry my best guy friend. Are we dating? Are we in a serious relationship? No, then I’m probably just joking around. And she said she wanted to have children in Amazing F(x), she didn’t say she wanted to have them with any particular sex. She just said she wanted kids. And, sorry to burst your bubble but, LGBTQ people have kids. And again, I specify my ideal type to my friends and family all of the time, and I’m still in the closet. That’s again, not important. Because almost everything she’s said about love is always ambiguous and vague, and ANY mention of MALE in her VERY FEW ANSWERS she’s given on the topic are also ambiguous and can easily be seen as saving face. How do you not understand this? No, it’s not suspicious. The fact that someone doesn’t have a particular interest in romance at the time, and the fact that someone else mentioned their ideal type when they were asked, has nothing to do with sexuality. Sometimes when I’m asked I say “I’m not interested in that right now” or I just give them a vague ideal type, as Amber has. You can give either answer and it does not mean that that is the truth or that that represents how you really feel vs how you act – which is Amber’s case.

        What would Amber lose by coming out? Really. Well, I kind of already answered that above, when I talked about the suicidal thing. Not only does she come from a Christian household where homosexuality is condemned and seen as a sin, but she also is currently living in a country where it is also condemned. She could not only receive extreme hate from some fans, but also lose a lot of fans (and yes she would lose fans, because she has A LOT of fans who do not see her as gay or think that she is gay, more than you could imagine) lose her career, she has many friends who are Christian as well etc. SM Entertainment would NOT approve of this. Sure, they’re okay with her tomboyish image, because that is something that they’re making money off. But do you really think Korean parents will be okay with their kids listening to Amber if she ever came out of the closet as anything other than straight? It’s really not as simple as you think it is in your little mind That is a really dumb question that shows you know nothing about LGBTQ community, and some of your comments like “most lesbians I know don’t have a type” – your comments and questions are just very ignorant. And when I say ignorant, I do not mean stupid. I mean that you just have no knowledge of what you’re talking about at all. I suggest that whenever you get a chance, you take a Psychology of Human Sexuality class. I urge you to. Please. The LGBTQ life is not fun at all.

        But anyway, I am a tomboy, and if I came out as gay to my mom it would still shock her because again, tomboy does not mean you’re gay, and we both agree on this. So, I’m pretty sure her mom would probably also be shocked. Also, her dad only was not okay with her being a K-POP star at the beginning when she was first leaving to it. Guess who’s supporting her in her solo right now and who’s with her in South Korea? Yes, her dad. But I digress. Even if the possibility of maybe not a huge affect happening, it’s still a scary thing to come out of the closet. I know my mom is a Christian and she is very long and I know she would understand, but the whole idea of having that conversation with her is still very scary. Especially when the topic on love and such is a really uncomfortable topic for someone.

        K dramas have so many lesbians in them? The one Lesbian Korean drama they tried to release and air was BANNED because of the public outrage. Let’s be real now. The stigma in Korean with LGBTQ is not small, at. All. Read up, buddy. You’re not doing your research.

        I doubt you’re a psychologist, because you’ve said some really dumb comments and questions. No one here is diagnosing anything, because this is not an illness. Therefore, there is nothing to diagnose. I am talking about LGBTQ recognizing other LGBTQ, which scientifically has been proven. No need to sit in a room with Amber to notice this.

        What I mean by not understanding sexuality, I mean that you do not UNDERSTAND THE SCIENTIFIC TOPIC. Not that you cannot experience sexuality. Don’t mix the two. Also, Raven did NOT come out as a lesbian. She clearly stated that she does not want to be labeled “gay or lesbian” which takes into account that she might just want to be categorized as Queer/Questioning. And this is not always a certain thing. Like you said, she was an actress, we rarely saw her actually interact outside of her shows. And, I actually think Krystal might be bisexual, but that’s a totally different topic. I do not follow Krystal as much as Amber. And also, Amber is super goofy and excited around all of her guy friends. She gets awkward around her girl friends. The issue here is that Krystal probably flirts with girls jokingly and openly, because she knows that no one would ever suspect of her being gay. But the way Krystal also carries herself outside of performance, gives a vibe. But again, that’s for another topic.

        And no, I do not get offended about someone NOT being gay. I could honestly care less. I get offended when someone starts talking about things they don’t understand, and when someone OUTRIGHT says that a person is heterosexual by default. Yet, they get upset because I think the person might be gay. The whole point here is, if it’s okay for you to assume that someone is heterosexual, why can’t I assume that someone is gay? Isn’t it equally offensive to assume that someone is straight by default? I am not projecting anything, yet there you go again, ASUMMING that she is ABSOLUTELY AND BY FACT into guys. PERIOD. THAT is what bothers me. That the default for you is straight and you completely ignore the actual experience of LGBTQ, that you have proven you have zero knowledge or inkling of, through your absurd and ignorant comments and questions. The way you speak shows that you have zero knowledge of the topic of sexuality, gender expression and LGBTQ. Like, you just don’t know how it works, and the things they do to go about their everyday life.


      • generationnext 2015/02/17 at 18:02 #

        Here, she says she’s interested in guys, not girls. But she could say it a thousand times, and you wouldn’t believe it. But if she said she was gay even once, you would believe it even if it was on this same variety show.

        Here she confirms she dated a guy before. Amber wants to find a boyfriend. Ailee has confirmed that Amber has had a boyfriend FOR her. Ailee is the one who said they both talk about boys, and what does Ailee have to hide?

        One thing is certain, if you are going to make a claim about someone, you should back up what you say with facts and evidence to prove your theories. That is the main and only point. Again, as I mentioned before, we don’t know what her sexuality is. However, there is more concrete evidence to argue your theory than there is to support it.

        What you are doing is ASSUMING she is hiding, and relating it to your own experience of being a lesbian. I’m simply stating what I have noticed from videos and from her statements, true or not, that is what she gave, and it is objective information that is not based on my personal feelings or judgments on the matter. I honestly have no sexual affiliation and prefer to remain single for the rest of my life.

        The article you provided was not a scientific FACT but a scientific THEORY. They are two different things.

        I understand gender expression because I have been victim of it myself. However, again, I can’t let my own experiences interfere with logic. That being said, this is the evidence that was given, this is what we know. Everything else is a wild guess and can’t be used as a fact.

        I can’t diagnose Amber because I have not met her personally. When I said there has been lesbian material in Korea, I understand many have been banned. But my point is there are girls “teasing” one another ALL the time, and even guys, like with the new “lip” game idols are playing lately. And it’s perfectly acceptable, where in some countries that would not be. China is more conservative than Korea, and it didn’t stop Denise Ho from coming out. And she’s still an extremely successful artist in China.

        I understand that in Korea it is not that simple. However, I believe it could make her an international star. I don’t believe she has much to lose that she has not already lost. That is from my perspective. If China has become less judgmental when dealing with it’s artists, I’m sure Korea has as well. There are so many fans that already think she is lesbian. You are not the only one. However, I can only go by what she gives not what she “seems” to be.

        Of course, oppressed people push boundaries if they love something, but usually in the areas they are born in because they have no choice for survival. Amber is American. If she comes in another nation trying to push her own agendas and make her own difference, that would be offensive. It would be different if this was her own country. Women pushed for jobs during the Labor Movement within their own nations, why? Because many poor women were single and couldn’t provide for their families. They had no other alternatives. There were NO countries in the world that offered freedom. But if women could find one country that made them more free and powerful, they would move there (or stay in the country that gives them the most opportunity). Amber had plenty in the USA. Amber did not HAVE to move to Korea to follow her dream of pursuing a music career. She STILL does not have to tolerate it. There are plenty of lesbians today who refuse to support certain organizations or nations if it is oppressive or offensive to the LGBT community. Many lesbians refuse to travel to Russia because of the restrictions. Why would a lesbian support the country and not boycott it? Many from the LGBT boycotted BET for their oppressive behaviors. Even if someone who came from the LGBT community once dreamed of working for BET, they would not want to work for them anymore. It would be like supporting people who put you down.

        Though Amber’s mother is a Christian, there are a lot of things her mother has been alright with, like her being a K-pop star. And I ask you, if I’m so closed-minded about this, would you move to Korea and become a K-pop star, knowing how they see gay people? Is that a place you would like to live and work? I can’t see a lesbian wanting to move to a place like that, especially when they are already in a nation that gives them more freedom to be themselves. Many lesbians don’t even want to live in their own communities where such hatred exists. Why would a lesbian deliberately move to a place like this? That question rolls through my mind often.


      • generationnext 2015/03/01 at 19:35 #

        Amber reveals she may have a crush on fellow Real Men cast member

        Amber recently announced her crush on a male, so I think you missed the mark a bit…


      • generationnext 2015/03/01 at 20:18 #


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      Thank you so much for commenting and taking the time to read. 🙂


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      I’m glad you enjoy it. 🙂 Sorry it took so long for me to respond. Your post came up as spam. Please watch your link to your username.

      I do have some pointers for new bloggers:
      1) You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to make a decent blog. It just takes creativity. Know what you want to talk about and think over it thoroughly.
      2) Watch the way you word things and always clarify if there is confusion among comments. No need to respond to comments, even negative ones, in a angry way. Calmly clarify what you mean to say.
      3) Spell Check, Proofread, and Edit often.

      🙂 Good blogging!



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