American Girl: Girl of the Year 2014: Isabelle

1 Nov

Photos of the new Girl of the Year have been leaked on the Internet. Her name has been revealed to be Isabelle Palmer. She is also going to have a movie to complete her collection.

american girl isabelle

My opinion on the Girl of the Year 2014? Do you really want to hear it?

She’s pretty, she’s blonde, she’s coming out with a movie, she dances, she’s modern and she wears pink. She’s sure to sell to this generation of girls.

On the flip side, she’s boring, unoriginal, common, expected, and well…disappointing.

Not that American Girl is crawling with blonde dolls all the time, but at least her hair style could have been unique (though she does come with an attachable pink hair piece). But possibly unique hairstyles don’t sell to young girls, who want a doll that looks “pretty”.

She is said to have hazel eyes. Not that all former dolls had hazel eyes, but it seems like a trend in American Girl lately. Hazel eyes must be selling well…

I’m a bit disappointed that the name Isabelle wasn’t spared for a historical doll, but at least the mystery surrounding that is over.

The outfit is trendy and cute, but not spectacular. Of course, we have to wait for accessories to spruce it all up. Honestly, wouldn’t it be nice if she had an accessory like glasses? With Molly retiring, I think it would be great for a new American Girl to have glasses. Who will make the “weird” girls feel normal?

To me, she looks like she can pass for a My American Girl doll…she’s not interesting enough to have her own line and collection. She just reminds me of Lanie or Kailey with a different outfit. But hey, how many Girl of the Years can you do without repeating a look? I still want my short haired, curly top red head with the green eyes…and now I have a fascination with glasses…Even a bi-racial girl of African American and Italian descent would appeal to my interest. Just something different…

To add, her story is very short of interesting. She’s another dancer Girl of the Year, like Marisol. Though her collection might actually include ballet items, disappointingly unlike Marisol, I feel she is just another Marisol. I don’t feel convinced to buy her, but I will surely buy her items to go with Marisol’s collection. While her story might be empowering and inspirational for little girls, it’s not really all that unique. It really feels slapped together, ya know?

It has also been revealed that she just doesn’t dance ballet but modern dance too…great, now she’s REALLY like Marisol!

Book summaries

Book 1  GOTY 2014 is excited about starting her first year at the Anna Hart School of the Arts! But she can’t help comparing herself to her older sister, Jade, who attends the same school and is an amazing ballerina. GOTY 2014′s other classmates are equally talented, and she starts wondering whether she really belongs at her new school. She earns a role in the fall festival, but she struggles during rehearsals. Can GOTY 2014 learn how to focus less on those around her and more on her own dancing? With help from her sister and her friends, GOTY 2014 may discover a unique talent that she can truly call her own.

Book 2 As GOTY 2014 rehearses her ballet routine for The Nutcracker, she wonders if she’ll ever master her pirouettes, especially with her classmate Renata pointing out her every mistake. She tries focusing on the other parts of the production she enjoys: exploring the costume and props room and helping out with costumes for some of the younger dancers. But when Jade, her big sister who also attends Anna Hart School of the Arts, becomes moody and withdrawn, GOTY 2014 taps into her design skills to try to find a solution for Jade. In the meantime, can GOTY 2014 find the confidence to tune out Renata and perfect her own performance, too?

Book 3 GOTY 14 is doing great at the Anna Hart School of the Arts–her dancing idol Jackie Sanchez even invites her to go on tour! GOTY 2014 jumps on board, but she quickly finds that the traveling show has its challenges, not the least of which is bossy Renata who was invited to come, too. When the dance show suddenly starts falling apart, GOTY 2014 tries to help Jackie pull it back together–and begins to learn more about a mentor who encouraged Jackie to dance as a young girl. As GOTY taps into her talents to try to save the show, she not only discovers who inspired Jackie, but also how she, herself, can inspire those around her.

Sadly, I’m not impressed. I was so impressed with Saige, I expected much better of next year! Saige is the one that should have had three books, if you ask me. Or even Jess, as I felt her stories were the most interesting, and had the most unique setting. Well, it has been revealed she is from our nation’s capital Washington, DC.

However, I can understand why they chose such a simple girl. It’s much easier to find an actress to fit this role than for someone who has features that are hard to match. And the modern movies are really what sell the Girls of the Year and bring the brand to the mainstream audience.

But hey, let me not bash her before I see her with my own eyes.


Just in! Her collection has also been leaked! Someone got a hold of the catalog! Thank Youtube!

Give me your opinion on the new Girl of the Year!


The DVD trailer has been released! Check it out! It looks pretty good. It’s due out July 22, 2014 according to amazon, just weeks away from Beforever. Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight will also air on Disney Channel August 9, 2014 7/6C pm.

Oh, by the way, Isabelle lovers, Isabelle is coming to a McDonald’s near you!




66 Responses to “American Girl: Girl of the Year 2014: Isabelle”

  1. Puppybowl fan 2013/11/01 at 23:17 #

    Her hairstyle is unique! If u looked closely at the last pic at doll diaries or at the book you would realize she has an attatchable headpiece that makes the ends of her hair look “dip dyed” in pink


    • generationnext 2013/11/02 at 03:27 #

      Yes but the actual hairstyle is unappealing. The attached hair pieces are cool, but the actual hair and color is…kind of boring. With the release of Caroline, I would expect them to go in a different direction this time with the hair color, and the style is just plain.

      Having the attachable hair piece just tells me she’ll have interesting accessories, as I see that as an accessory that “spruces” the doll up, rather than her hair style.


  2. Lorraine 2013/11/03 at 22:07 #

    She reminds me of McKenna. She has dirty blonde hair like her and she is wearing a sporty outfit. Isabelle’s outfit is really boring. I hope her accessories include something to make her “Meet outfit” pop. Love her shoes though, just hate her sweatpants.


    • generationnext 2013/11/06 at 14:05 #

      I agree! The shoes are cute, but the pants aren’t really something I’d run out to buy. I’m sure American Girl will make the pictures look more appealing than this one.

      Still, I’m a little disappointed in how ordinary she turned out to be…ordinary for American Girl’s standards.

      This makes me want to run out and get as much of Saige’s accessories as I can! I loved her!


  3. Ashley 2013/11/21 at 17:23 #

    I loved Saige as well, but was a little disappointed with how white-washed the movie and the very few pictures in her book were. Isabelle, however, is one major disappointment to me. There are already so many blonde dolls in the AG line-up, especially the girl of the year line-up. I was ready for another character of color, may-be a modern Native American. That would have been cool. To me Mattel is Barbie-ing up American Girl.


    • generationnext 2013/11/22 at 23:55 #

      Another Native American would be so awesome! People have such stereotypes when thinking of native americans. How about a modern girl who lives on the reservation? Unfortunately, girls of color haven’t sold well in the past. I guess they don’t want to risk it. I think they should.

      I never really got the chance to read both of Saige’s books, but the GOTY usually don’t have that many pictures to me.

      I really don’t care for any modern day movies except Chrissa. Even the historicals annoy me because I hate when things stray too far from the books. I’m just finicky like that. lol 😉

      But the Saige doll was great to me. That’s one plus she had over Isabelle.

      I think Mattel is suffering. When in doubt, even for their other doll lines, they’ve been known to make blondes.


  4. Reagan p 2013/11/25 at 01:18 #

    I wonder how much she will be


    • Robin 2013/12/21 at 00:57 #

      They usually seem to add $5 to the dolls every year, so she will probably be $115, since this year was $110.


      • generationnext 2013/12/27 at 18:34 #

        Wow, I just didn’t notice. Well, she’s not really worth that price for me yet. YET. For now, my next goal is historical.


  5. Chrissy Gould 2013/11/29 at 16:51 #

    I think that Isabelle is boring for us who have seen the older dolls! but think about the girls that like american girl, they are like 8, and they don’t remember kailey, or marisol!! American girl has had enough successes that they can repeat the ideas of dolls that sold well, because they know they will make money that way. Also, her collection could be very interesting, pink hair, that is new!! And she might have some really awesome ballet things that are a part of her collection. I think if we wait until. January, me might be surprised! But, I hope that the movie is not has pathetic has saiges movie was. My sister(10 years old) and I were watching it during a long car ride In The back seat, and she was embarrassed to be watching it. The actresses were horrible, and the story line was weak. So I really hope that isabelle will have a more interesting movie! with a stronger actress playing the lead role.


    • generationnext 2013/12/01 at 01:46 #

      I doubt the movie will have strong actresses as most are new and children. We can’t expect it on the level of Kit Kittredge. I felt the girl who played Saige was awful. lol

      I also think the accessories will spruce the doll up. But since my closet already has dolls like her, I will not be purchasing her. However, I do believe kids will like her. She’s wearing pink and she likes ballet. That appeals to kids. I just wish American Girl would touch on serious issues when dealing with GOTY like they did Chrissa. But I guess that’s hoping for too much.

      I am also waiting for January to decide. American Girl always makes the pics more appealing.


  6. Laurn 2013/12/01 at 02:01 #

    I agree that hazel eyes are a bit overused, but i do think that her hair will be someone you can see if you look closely she seems to have a side part that is on the far right of her head, and i think that will give her more versatile hair possiblities..I am getting tired of the classic fscemold..i’d like to see something like the sonali mold on light skin or the josefina on dark ecc and i think they should hav more dolls with the marie-grace mold..but maybe shes just like kaya with her own mold idk….i just am getting sick of mattel slowly making all the dolls into barbies…


    • generationnext 2013/12/01 at 02:34 #

      I was also hoping for a different face mold. I think MG’s face mold wasn’t that popular…

      I really have to observe the hair a little more. When she comes out, I might find her hair to be a little more interesting. Didn’t notice the part.

      I was just looking for something different this time. Maybe it’s just me. But I’m positive kids will love her.


      • dollmom 2013/12/15 at 05:37 #

        I personally dislike MG’s face mold and so does my daughter. They should scrap that one. But I totally agree that they should keep trying. I’d rather see some I don’t like once in a while than the same over and over and over again. Unfortunately, we came to AG the year of McKenna so we missed Kanani, who I think is really pretty. I would have liked Jess too.
        But they are a business, so they are always going to go with what will sell. Girls new to AG will love her I’m sure, but my daughter has 3 dolls, Mckenna, Saige, and a My American Girl and she didn’t think Isabella was anything special when she saw the pics. I think alot of people are disappointed and think she’s a little boring. pretty blonde ballerinas? Didnt Mattel have a hit with the Barbie in the Pink Shoes Movie and Doll this year? Hmm, maybe they are doing it on purpose, tying it all in….


      • generationnext 2013/12/19 at 22:34 #

        I agree, they are still a business at the end of the day.

        Mattel has been having plenty of success with Barbie this year. I also see more people complaining about Isabelle than saying positive things. But the official pictures aren’t out yet, who knows. People may change their minds when they see her on American Girl with all the accessories put together.


  7. Dancergirl16 2013/12/02 at 03:05 #

    I suppose it depends on the viewpoint. As a ballet dancer for 13 years and going, I am very pumped for this doll. I understand Marisol was a dancer, but she focused more on folklarico or whatever. This doll is an actual ballerina who is in the Nutcracker and is more like the dancer Im accustomed to. Although I am not fond of AG forgetting historical character movies, and doing Girl of the Year movies, I will most definetly enjoy her movie. When I cant dance, I watch dance! The main reason why Im excited for Isabelle is because of her story. I feel I can finally truly connect with an American Girl character. I feel the same as Isabelle a lot. That I can never measure up to everyone else. But we shouldnt focus on what everyone else is doing. My teacher always tells me, “It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing, it matters what you’re doing. If everyone were to know their parts, and focus on them instead of looking to someone else for directions, our dances would be amazingly smoother!” I think this is a great tip for anyone, dancer and non dancer alike. I can’t wait to see what accessory she has! I hope she has a ballet bar and some Nutcracker costumes!
    Btw, in my class anyway, pink and red seem to be popular hair dye colors. And just the ends, so her hair extension is quite accurate! I will be buying her for my bday and getting the movoe at the AG store and taking it to my cousin. She will love Isabelle, especially since she has blonde hair like her! My cousin sad, “I wanna be a ballerina just like my cousin!” 🙂 That made my day!


    • generationnext 2013/12/08 at 18:26 #

      Honestly, Marisol didn’t focus on folklorico. Her whole story focused on ballet! The items were so misleading and inaccurate to the story it was ridiculous. Isabelle’s story of course will have a good message, and I’m going to watch the movie, I just hope the acting is better than in Saige’s movie.

      Actually I prefer modern movies over historical movies because I prefer the books for historical and it irritates me when the movies don’t follow the book outline. Just me.


      • dollmom 2013/12/15 at 05:27 #

        I had a really tough time stomaching the Saige movie, though me and my daughter loved Saige. The doll is beautiful and the collection original and fun. The story was nice too, especially the shy, “stage fright” issue, which my daughter personally related too.
        On a side note, I was told by an employee at American Girl in Tysons Corner Virginia that the girl who played Saige was just some cute little girl who was in one of the American Girl stores (not sure which one) and someone from the store approached her about trying out for the movie. She was not an actress. So obviously it was based on her looks. So I’d go easy on the kid. But whomever does the casting for the future movies, focusing on talent would be a big help. Basing on looks continues to send the message to our girls that thats what counts.
        And so far I agree that Isabelle is a disappointment in the looks and story line department. I prefer it when the girls have bigger issues to face. Now if the ballerina had to face body image issues, that would have been something, as my 6 year old daughter today just asked me if she was skinny like the girl on the cover of a SHAPE magazine……
        However, I am interested in Isabelle’s accessories, as my daughter has a My American Girl with brown eyes, freckles, and dirty blond wavy hair that she personally named “Lilly” and decided she was ballerina. My daughter at the age of 6 said Isabelle was just like her “Lilly” and wanted to know if we could just buy her accessories for “Lilly” So I’m not sure if even the young girls just new to American Girl are going to go for Isabelle. She’s only in 1st grade and she loved McKenna and Saige, but she doesn’t seem interested in Isabelle. Of course, we shall see once she is in the store!


      • generationnext 2013/12/19 at 22:30 #

        I believe body issues would be perfect for a topic! I work at a school and all the girls at that age are starting to compare their bodies with that of their friends. I even went through it at that age.

        I will also wait to see what the accessories look like as they may end up with my Marisol in the future.


  8. Eden 2013/12/12 at 21:44 #

    I might get her simply because I think she’s cute, I can change her name and interests.


    • dollmom 2013/12/15 at 05:43 #

      Of Course! We did that with Historical Doll Rebecca. My daughter wanted a doll with brown wavy hair and green eyes to look like me, and we couldn’t find one in the My American Girl line, so we bought Rebecca. We are of Italian American Heritage and are Roman Catholic, so we changed her name to Arianna, a girl living in Little Italy in NYC at the turn of the century! No offense to Rebecca of course, but we changed her to a character we could relate too.


      • generationnext 2013/12/19 at 22:35 #

        I always think that’s a good idea and encourages imagination in children. I personally used to like exchanging the dolls’ time periods, putting Addy in Molly’s clothes and pretending she was an AA girl in the 1940s, when I was a young girl.


    • generationnext 2013/12/19 at 22:25 #

      I think that’s a good idea. She doesn’t quite strike my attention, but I’m sure she’ll be attractive to others.


  9. Nicole 2013/12/13 at 08:44 #

    I don’t know, I think my blonde haired, hazel eyed ballet dancing daughter will be pretty excited about her. I get the color combo may be overused, but I think it’s a pretty common one. To me, if you are going for unique that’s the historical figures. Girl of the year should be something girls can identify with. So far we have 2 historical figures, so I told her just one more either Isabelle or Caroline (who she also has her eye on.)


    • dollmom 2013/12/15 at 05:53 #

      Yes, that is true. Girl of the Year has to be someone that many girls can relate to. But I think that even with the hair color the same, the style could have been a little more interesting. Glad to hear your daughter is going to love her! I’m excited to see the accessories and outfits. My daughter is pretty common in terms of coloring herself with light brown hair and blue eyes, but she seems to have an eye for dolls that are different from her. Maybe thats not that common though…
      How many dolls is too many?!!! and we have a 3 year old girl coming up the pipes. This house is going to be over run. Christmas this year is going to be #5 for the older girl and #1 for the little one…… We are getting Molly and Emily, as the little one has red hair. We wouldn’t have gotten her one this young, but Emily is being Archived. (maybe I’ll save it for next year?!) My older one doesn’t seem interested in Isabelle so far, but she does want Kit. The word NO is going to become popular… especially from my husband…. Personally, I want Caroline!


      • generationnext 2013/12/19 at 22:36 #

        You better hurry, Molly is already sold out as of December 3, and I’m sure Emily isn’t too far behind.


    • generationnext 2013/12/19 at 22:27 #

      I think it’s cute that your daughter looks just like her.

      For the sake of my pockets, I only buy GOTY if I feel the doll is unique, otherwise I pass and wait for something unique to pop up. I just don’t buy because it has the American Girl brand.

      But as I said, I’m sure other little girls will like her because she relates to girls.


  10. Dana King 2013/12/18 at 15:40 #

    *Such* a bummer…This doll is a hazel-eyed Lanie clone. This face mold is so overused, and it is my least favorite. The most recent characters Caroline and Saige both have it, you’d think AG would have put something else into rotation… I was hoping for the new Marie-Grace face mold for GOT’14. And I have been wishing for years for AG to use the Sonali face mold with medium skin tone and black or dark brown hair. My daughter has an Elizabeth doll that we’ve made-over as her mini, but she’d really like one that looks like her bestie who is Indian. None of the available MyAG dolls really look right for an Indian/Persian/Middle Eastern heritage girl, it’s a shame. I think those cultures would make for a great GOT storyline… I’m sad to think if/when AG ever fills this gap in the line my daughter will have outgrown dolls :^\


    • generationnext 2013/12/19 at 22:39 #

      Yes, Sonali’s mold was soo gorgeous. I also want more dolls with a Middle Eastern background.

      I’m also sad that by the time American Girl even thinks of the more original ideas, a new generation will be sweeping in.


  11. None 2013/12/26 at 17:23 #

    Of course ANOTHER WHITE GIRL! Why not have black girls hispanics and asians! This is why i hate American girl dolls.


    • generationnext 2013/12/27 at 17:59 #

      LOL Girl you aren’t lying. So what? America is only white? I think most dolls are white because most of the people buying American Girl are white, and when they make dolls of different ethnicity, they don’t sell as well, because most minority groups buy dolls that are inexpensive for their children, and dolls they are exposed to, like Monster High or Bratz dolls, or Barbie, or Disney Princess.

      However, I still think it would be nice to have some variety once in a while. :/ This doll is so…done before, ya know?


  12. Camilla 2013/12/26 at 21:55 #



  13. Kellbell 2013/12/28 at 03:20 #

    Personally , I’m excited about Isabelle! Her collection seems unique for the most part and I like her highlights! I agree with all of the other users about how Mattel is turning all of the ag dolls into barbies. That really annoys me! They all wear pink and have some form of blond hair. For example caroline Abbott, kit kittredge, marie grace, addy , you get what I mean… Anyways I think I’m going to get caroline! Yayyayayaya!


    • generationnext 2013/12/28 at 17:04 #

      I can’t knock her until I see her either. I know I may want the accessories, just not the doll.

      But to each it’s own.


    • Pretty red head 2013/12/31 at 23:22 #

      Kailey Gwen Lanie Caroline Kit Julie Kirsten Elizabeth and McKenna are blonde and there are over ten my american girls that are blonde and personally they just took McKenna and gave her Kananis eyes and added a hair peice and are trying to sell it

      I think american girl should have a black goty just to shake things up a little bit

      There has not been a girl of the year with tight curls or strawberry blonde hair

      And ballet is Marisols thing I am NOT getting Isabelle she is ten dollers more than any other doll because if a stupid hairpiece!!!!!!!! :/


      • generationnext 2014/01/02 at 06:48 #

        That ten dollar extra is annoying!

        As far as the red head, I’m thinking more of a reddish color, the tight curls being a tight bob…not long hair.

        But yes, I would most def want an African American. But anything but this…

        So disappointing.


  14. Kim 2013/12/28 at 03:29 #

    My daughter is just starting to have an interest in American girl dolls. She is 7. I know she is going to love Isabelle. My daughter dances and ballet is her favorite. She also performed in the nutcracker. I can’t wait for her to find out about this new girl of the year. I am taking her to the Chicago store for the reveal.


    • generationnext 2013/12/28 at 17:04 #

      Aww, and there’s every American Girl for every girl. 7 years is a good age to begin.


  15. Heather 2013/12/28 at 16:54 #

    I have been waiting for 11 years for a curly red head with light skin and green, brown or hazel eyes! I mean really curly! Sadly there are no problem dolls like my daughter I keep hoping! An ice skater or basketball player or even chess player would be cool too!


    • generationnext 2013/12/28 at 17:03 #

      Me too! I want my curly top red head! You have the EXACT same doll wish I do! I really want to make my Agnes and Agatha twins…lol

      We had an ice skater doll though. Mia, Girl of the Year 2008.

      Chess player would be awesome! Imagine the accessories! Wow! Write that to American Girl! :O


      • Michelle 2013/12/28 at 21:06 #

        I agree, it looks like more of the same. I am very disappointed in AG. It really is time for the company to take a risk and introduce an African American doll as the girl of the year. I would love to add one to my collection and not have the same looking dolls on my shelves over and over. We are a diverse nation right?!


      • generationnext 2013/12/28 at 21:37 #

        Yes! Maybe even a girl who is part African American and another nationality! I would love a girl who is part Italian. I met a girl like that once and she was so nice and cultured. I think that’s celebrating America.

        We’ve had Japanese, Indian America, Mexican…we need something new now.

        The ballet theme would be more tolerable for me if she were a little more unique.


  16. isabelle grace davis 2013/12/30 at 04:40 #

    I love isabelle she is cool and the sweat pants are great they give her a different look telling you she’s not super fancy I’m definitally getting her beacause she’s a ballerina and I’m to plus my name is isabelle grace davis I did not like saige even though I’m in art and rodeos I kinda liked the movie but my little sis watched and she wants to be just like her since then she has gotten in trouble at school for yelling at kids


    • generationnext 2013/12/30 at 06:02 #

      Well, your little sis probably didn’t get the message of Saige’s movie. That’s something that has to be explained. What we saw is that Saige had negative consequences for her actions.

      I recognize that most people who buy Isabelle will be parents of young girls who are into ballet. But if you are just an adult doll collector, maybe she would be a little too uninteresting…

      Saige was also a little fancy. I think that’s why older fans liked her. Isabelle is a bit casual and comfortable, like most young people.


  17. Tanya Bolton 2013/12/30 at 05:31 #

    Completely agree with you. Unoriginal, boring and disappointing. I seriously am sad about this. My daughter is 11 and almost out if AG era. She is waiting to see this doll and I know without a shadow of a doubt she will NOT want her. Lets get a sporty girl with dark hair wearing her cleats! That would be a real American Girl. Blonde, pink and ballet again?? Boring!!


    • Tanya Bolton 2013/12/30 at 05:33 #

      Oh just read “red, curly hair” post-would love that too!!


      • generationnext 2013/12/30 at 06:05 #

        Yes! I am patiently waiting for that day. I’m pondering emailing American Girl my idea…


    • generationnext 2013/12/30 at 06:04 #

      Yes, and especially the older kids will not be really interested. The girls in my classroom weren’t…They showed more interest in Saige.

      I still want my red head curly top with glasses…or a girl of African American and Italian descent…just my dream, though. lol


  18. American Girlee 2013/12/30 at 06:57 # if link does not work go to american girl website, shop them enter Isabell


  19. crazy 2013/12/31 at 02:01 #

    I have mckenna,2 just like me dolls and sage,I thought Isabelle would be better!!!!!!


  20. Pretty red head 2013/12/31 at 23:37 #

    Gwen Elizabeth Kailey Lanie Caroline Julie Kit McKenna Kirsten and over ten my american girls are blonde and hazel eyes are so commen and Isabelle’s. face mold is boring and so overused she looks like a McKenna with Kananis eyes

    I think ag should go for a doll that has black curly hair and glasses and a different interest like Volley ball or Hockey

    There has not yet been a doll with strawberry blonde hair or very curly hair as girl of the year

    A black girl of the year would be good to just to shake things up a little bit

    Isabelle and Marisol are too much alike they both have cats the both do ballet but Marisol was more unique and didn’t give up hope when her new town didn’t have a dance center but really if Isabelle has nothing better to do than compare herself to other dancers then there is seriously a problem

    I have Kanani McKenna And Saige and for once I have NO desire to get the girl of the year

    And the price went up to $120 on JUST HER because of a STUPID HAIRPEICE!!!!!!!


    • generationnext 2014/01/02 at 06:55 #

      Isabelle and Marisol both take modern dance and ballet! Their accessories are basically imitations! They both wear a lot of purple…it’s just sickening! Isabelle takes Jazz just like Marisol…what is the frickin difference?

      This was just slapped together. This showed no effort on the creator’s part. NONE whatsoever.


      • Pretty red head 2014/01/02 at 21:47 #

        marisol was the exact same thing as Isabelle but she was Spanish so she had darker skin and I loved that they both have the same collection basically I agree with you on the curly top red head. That would be unique. I am still going to read her books though . Another good idea for a goty would be a wavy black haired light skined girl with blue eyes who runs cross country


      • generationnext 2014/01/05 at 23:56 #

        I am reading the books too. The books seem to send a positive message. But I’m not wasting my time on the doll (or money rather).


      • Pretty red head 2014/01/02 at 21:48 #

        I hope Mattel is not turning American girl Into American Barbie


  21. Ashley 2014/01/06 at 06:05 #

    I do have to say, the only positive thing Isabelle’s collection has is that the outfits are mix and match, and relatively inexpensive. The downside is not only do I see parts of her collection hanging around AG long after she is gone, but I was really hoping for a costume from the nutcracker ballet to feature as a special item in Isabelle’s collection. Out of everything, the only thing that I really like is the jacket from Isabelle’s accessories. The entire collection is underwhelming leave me feeling like these are just items from the “just like you” line. I really feel that there is nothing special about this girl of the year. However, she will appeal to little girls new to AG, but not to very many collectors.


    • generationnext 2014/01/08 at 02:57 #

      I agree. I feel she will appeal to young girls. But to collectors…I pass. I find her to have a My American Girl appeal as well. I was also hoping for the Nutcracker, I was hoping for it for Marisol, and her too. Neither one had it.

      I also like the mix and match thing, and the hair accessory that is clip on highlights…but the doll isn’t a doll I’d run out and buy. Just some of the accessories. I also like the jacket, but it looks so much better on my Kit. Her bob just does wonders for it!

      I was also hoping for a mini stage playset. Maybe that’s hoping for too much…


      • Pretty red head 2014/01/09 at 21:11 #

        Everything for her says Isabelle so none of my dolls can really wear it 😦 but the only things that she has in her collection is her wrap sweater practice top and scrunch pants and I also like the dance skirt but that is four things out of a whole set.!!

        I also love her cat so that is five things but still


      • generationnext 2014/01/11 at 02:41 #

        I think Marisol looks good in some of the outfits, especially considering the fact that her outfits looked pretty similar to Isabelle. They both have a lot of purple in their collections, and they look like dancers. Her jacket also looks good on Kit. I saw a picture and fell in love, but her collection is not something I am dying over, I tell you that.

        Actually, I thought Saige had the best outfits out of all the Girls of the Year. But just my opinion.


      • Pretty red head 2014/01/12 at 15:57 #

        I loved sauces outfits!! The only saige outfit I didn’t like was the blue tunic. Kananis collection was good to 😉


      • generationnext 2014/01/12 at 16:35 #

        Oh yea I liked Kanani’s collection and the doll was gorgeous! Please give us more like that American Girl!



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