Apps Are Taking Over the Gaming Universe!

16 Sep

Ipads-shouldn't everyone have these? I don't...

Ipads-shouldn’t everyone have these? I don’t…

Apple is a multi-million dollar American electronics company that gained widespread success for designing the computers, iphones, and ipads everyone knows today in the second decade of the 21st Century.

Apple is a company that has been sweeping the nation into the future with it’s state-of-the-art touch screen functions, entertainment availability, and it’s ‘apps’.

I have only owned one product from Apple in my lifetime, and that was the ipod. Many of my friends own iphones, ipads, and many of their other devices, and I just look at it as another phone or computer. It never used to effect my entertainment life. I was always perfectly content with my laptop computer and my regular old phone. Apple products were always too expensive for my tastes, and too fragile to last. To add, as soon as one comes out, another one of their products comes out to replace it. Why chase it all down?

Hey, I’m not judging anyone who enjoys Apple products. Some people have a hobby of collecting their products. And some people just have the money to spend on these products. I’m not an upgrade queen, but I’m not condemning anyone who is.

And yet, I have to say, there is one thing I’m about fed up with: the App function.

Aside from the fact that it adds to the generation of “lazy words”, it has literally taken over the gaming world. The gaming world has always been an important part of my entertainment world. If I needed a little down-time, I knew that I could always rely on going to a good-old fashion website, press one of their games, and just enjoy myself online, to my hearts content. I also could indulge myself for hours on my console games. I never felt like I needed any of Apple products.

But then, suddenly, all of the games I used to enjoy became unavailable. Why? They became solely available as an “App”. This would mean that in order to play this game or enjoy this program, one would have to buy an iphone or an ipad to enjoy it.

I personally believe that soon “Apps” will replace regular console games. One reason being is because that’s what all the kids are playing. I work at a school, and all the children talk about is “Temple Run” and “Angry Birds”, but no mention of hardly any console games. Second reason is that so many people use their iphones or ipads everywhere they go, and these items don’t have to be plugged up (if charged) to any television or outlet to work. “Games on the go”; It’s very appealing. People can play on the toilet, at the job when bored or on lunch, or to pass time, though personally, I think this is why so many workers are inattentive and lazy. It’s no wonder so many gaming companies are trying to make hand-held consoles. Third, “Apps” are cheaper than console games.

And yet it’s so annoying for those of us who don’t want to pay an expensive iphone bill to play a fun game.

Going out to buy an ipad is no different than going out to buy the latest console. The only difference is “App” games take over more than just console gaming, but  PC gaming. It takes over all gaming options.

I understand change is inevitable, but I think there should be more options for playing these Apple games. Possibly, there should be a way to play these programs on regular computers, or a way to purchase these games through a program that is made exclusively for Apple games. A program similar to itunes. With iphones, many people don’t use itunes quite as much anymore. But some people still use it, and so a program for those who would like to play app only games would be an excellent idea.

To add, if you have two kids fighting over one ipad to play a game, why not have that same program available for any computer through an Apple Program so that other children can play? They could still make a profit.

So, as you can tell, I’m just coming to grips with the fact that Apps are the future of gaming, and possibly soon, if I expect to enjoy games in the future, I might have to spend some money on an Apple product.

iphones-for only the cool people!

iphones-for only the cool people!


2 Responses to “Apps Are Taking Over the Gaming Universe!”

  1. maham 2013/09/22 at 15:41 #

    Oh God, these apps are so annoying….At first I thought Bratz were releasing a new Action Heroez video game, but it turned out to be an “app”. I was literally torn apart.
    I just hope Kingdom Hearts is’nt the next one to tear us all apart.


    • generationnext 2013/09/26 at 22:16 #

      yes, plz don’t bring kh to the app universe. I will be sick! As much as i’ve been looking forward to kh3, I’d be too sad if it ended up on an app.

      Action Heroez would’ve been an awesome game for Xbox one or ps4


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