Boy Meets World’s spin-off series…Girl Meets World!

29 Aug

Rowan Blanchard set to play Riley, and Sabrina Carpenter set to play Maya, her best friend in Girl Meets World

Rowan Blanchard set to play Riley, and Sabrina Carpenter set to play Maya, her best friend in Girl Meets World

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Disney Channel is working on a new series set to be released in 2014 called Girl Meets World which is meant to be a spin-off of Boy Meets World.

For those of you young ones who don’t know about Boy Meets World, it was a show that first aired in 1993 and ended in 2000. It originally focused on Cory Matthews and his growing pains as a tween boy. The show had seven seasons, and fans were able to see him grow from a young boy to a grown, married man.

The original cast is set to return in Girl Meets World!

What we know about the show so far is that the show focuses on Cory and Topnaga’s 13 year old, 7th grade, daughter and her tween life, similar to that of Boy Meets World. Cory, her father, is her 7th grade teacher…

Cory is Riley's father and 7th grade teacher. So ironic. lol

Cory is Riley’s father and 7th grade teacher. So ironic. lol

This could be exciting news for us #90skids. Could be, depending on several factors.


Already Rowan Blanchard, the actress who plays the lead role, says that the show will deal with the same themes as in Boy Meets World. That sounds great, because Boy Meets World focused on some deep issues like sex and drugs, which would bring Disney Channel in a whole new direction.

To add, she also said that the show doesn’t focus on a female singer, which is a relief, because those kinds of shows have been plaguing Disney Channel since the arrival of Hannah Montana several years ago. Almost every show has a female who can sing. Basically, if you acted on a show, you knew you were getting a record deal. Even the Disney Channel original movies have been plagued with music too, since Cheetah Girls and High School Musical.  Just Recently, Disney Channel aired their next multi-billion dollar, musical movie, Teen Beach. There really is a lack of variety among the Disney Channel shows and movies, and it’s refreshing to know that this show just might bring the variety and spice Disney channel needs. Potentially, this show can break the current music trends that have been moving about all network channels geared toward tween girls.


Another major pro is, of course, the return of the original cast of Boy Meets World, including newer characters from the show, like Angela. Many characters will also be making appearances, and if the show gets more ratings, all of the old characters may return. Just knowing that they will be in it might draw people to the show.

boy meets world

The new cast, 1999-2000

The old cast, 1993-2000

The old cast, 1993-2000

The old cast 1993

The old cast 1993

The same director will return as well, along with the producers, screenwriters, and everyone who worked on Boy Meets World. So hopefully, that gives fans of the original show reassurance that at least most of the elements will return.


While, it is exciting that the original cast will be back, let’s keep in mind that this is now a Disney Channel original show. Boy Meets World, although aired on Disney Channel, wasn’t a Disney channel original show. Therefore, the fear is that Disney Channel will hijack the show. Disney Channel shows are very tween-oriented, with slapstick humor, and lots of friendship themes, and light-hearted moods. The fear is that this show will be no different from current shows airing.

How tweet...don't ever remember friends hugging like this in Boy Meets World.

How tweet…don’t ever remember friends hugging like this in Boy Meets World.

My biggest groan is that it (again) is focusing on a FEMALE character. I really dislike the direction that Disney Channel is taking. Disney Channel used to be directed to all genders. Everyone could enjoy Disney Channel, which helped to bridge gender gaps. Now, Disney Channel seems exclusively for girls, and seems to alienate the male audience. Disney XD is hardly a good answer to that problem, as again, it separates the two genders. To add, they got rid of Toon Disney to make room for Disney XD, which had some pretty sick cartoons like Doug, Weekenders, Filmore, and Duck Tales.

Another problem with having all of these females run all over Disney Channel, is not only that males can’t relate, but males lose respect for the channel. More males complain about Disney Channel than females do. If the male shows on Disney XD combined with Disney channel shows, the channel would have so much variety and would draw all tweens to one major network.  Girl Meets World disappoints me in that it promotes the “female” direction Disney has taken.

Having so many shows directed to tween girls makes the humor sub-par and stereotyped. All the girls are into fashion, boys, music. There isn’t any variety among the females, like a boxer, or someone who’s into horses. The focus is driven into one category, and the humor is repetitive, sounding like the last show that aired on the network. Hopefully, they can find some new content and a new direction.

Also, let’s face it, most people will be watching it to see Cory and Topanga. The fear is that the two of them will outshine the lead character. Or that there won’t be enough Cory and Topanga to appease the fans.

Cory and Topanga, happily married.

Cory and Topanga, happily married.

The challenge is trying to appeal to the older audience (which was multi-gender) and trying to grab this new audience to the show. If they can successfully do both, I applaud them.

The cast on the Red Carpet!

The cast on the Red Carpet!

If they’re successful, #90skid! If not, #childhoodruined. I’m starting to feel old. Cory and Topanaga are parents?

So Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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