The Lone Ranger-Movie Review

4 Jul


Cowboys, Indians, gun fights, bows and arrows, horses, damsels in distress, crooked sheriff (sort of), outlaws, and bank robberies…what else makes up a good Western flick? What a great 4th of July treat. While America is honoring it’s birth, this movie brings out a bit of American history. Perfect timing, as there’s not much competition this weekend. But since everyone is with family on the 4th, I can’t see this booming as soon as one would expect.

Once again, Jerry Bruckheimer teamed up with Disney to turn a classic cliche (like the pirates) into a modern masterpiece. Cowboys and pirates have always remained themes that could charm a young boy’s heart (unless you count today’s boys…it’s some super hero or some guy with some ultra rad gun). This movie definitely lives up to Pirates of the Caribbean (Bruckheimer’s blow-up movie), and also doesn’t fail the lone ranger series that all old-time fans loved and cherished for decades.

While all the old cliches of cowboys are in there (like in Pirates), it’s not forced and made to feel like a re-telling of a worn out story. Neither is it overwhelmingly stuffed with unnecessary scenes. Still, there is plenty of room for plot twists that might seem a bit predictable, but adds to the humor and overall charm of this cowboy and Indians movie. And there are plot twists that maybe aren’t so predictable.To add, it is a long movie. So just when you think it’s over, just when you think the bad guys have finally lost, nope, plan fails, time for a new angle.

Just like in Pirates there was plenty of sword fighting, in this movie there is plenty of gun fighting. Plenty of bloody scenes…probably even more than in Pirates. I wouldn’t say it’s rated R bloody; it’s not forced.

Johnny Depp did a great job as the Comanche pal, Tonto. I was afraid he would remind me of Jack. And he did, and I began to see it as a good thing. As a character, always expect the unexpected from the roles that he chooses.

There were no slights to this movie. It’s long, (almost 3 hours), but worth every dime. More movies should be longer so that everything won’t feel so rushed or stuffed. The quality of this movie was superb, and actually the best movie I’ve seen since Hunger Games. There was a heavy plot, interesting story, interesting characters, everything ran smoothly, kept everyone’s attention throughout, and very true to the original Lone Ranger without over-doing it (they even had the theme music).

Please don’t listen to the critics. There are so used to movies today, they can’t see a good movie when it hits them. See this movie for yourself.

I recommend you see this movie. It gets 9 stars out of 10.


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