The “SMH” Files Part I

25 Jul

This article is talking about three videos that just made me smh.

This video is really an eye opener for most people. But for me, I work in a school as a substitute. I see exactly what this monitor is going through daily. One of the kids I worked with was so bad, I had to drag him to the principle’s office. He was running around the school and I had to chase him. He scratched me up, fighting me so that I wouldn’t take him to the principle. He talked about my mother, how ugly I was, and he tore up the room. The toy I took away from him, he picked that up during his tantrum. This boy was eight years old. We’ve written him up several times and he is sent back to our classroom the next day. One of the boys we wrote up was suspended but was allowed to go to the talent show! What kind of punishment is that?

The Jr. High is the worst. The kids are just maniacs and want to fight over every little thing. This bus monitor is going through her daily routine of harrassment. But I guess on this one particular day, she was crying, and some punk kid decided to film it and post it on youtube. Instead of getting laughs, these kids got hate mail. Jokes on you kids; you got the opposite of “likes”. The woman sparked so much media attention that people are raising money for her to go on vacation. Even though she’s really humble about it, I know she is ready to send out punishment.

Her wish was for the kids to apologize to her, and that they be suspended from the bus for a year. She also suggested they be denied the chance to play on sports after school. She received two letters of apology. Personally, the parents should’ve made the kids apologize in person instead of those typed up letters that obviously their parents dictated. In fact, I would’ve made those little worms scrub her house, the school, the bus, her butt, anything until they felt sorry for what they did.

She didn’t write them up because she didn’t feel their taunts were threatening, but they were insulting. And from my own personal experience and hers, she knew the school wouldn’t do anything about it because this all comes with the job. The school can’t do anything about write-ups all the time. Some days you have to try to control the area yourself. I know this from the classroom I was in. They told me that I can’t keep writing them up and that it’s my job to have some “classroom control”. Right. And a note: this is coming from the people who don’t work in the classroom. We had the principal come into our classroom and she just sat there and watched all the kids act bad. She didn’t do a thing! She didn’t do anything until one of the boys tore up her office.

I’m not going to lie. I was a kid once. And I used to think lame jokes were funny, and I used to laugh when kids made fun of a teacher. There was one particular teacher that was just scary…it’s a kid thing. But that doesn’t make it right. The woman’s job is hard enough, and these kids don’t even know the half of how hard a job like this can be. From their end, all they have to do is class work.

The thing is this woman didn’t even cuss them out, didn’t get enraged, didn’t snap, or smack the daylights out of them. She didn’t even bother them. For no reason at all, they just lashed out at her with mean jokes. She did nothing. She kept her head high. She tried her best to ignore them, which is what a mature person would do. She showed patience with these children. They better be glad it wasn’t someone else monitoring that bus, like James Holmes…

Some generalizations for you teens are coming. People are going to start grouping your whole generation as a group of idiots. Be prepared.

My only reservations about this whole ideal is the money being sent her way. Man, I should’ve brought my camera to film bad kids so I could get paid.

This was a true nigga moment. Probably like one of those moments off of the Boondocks show. People can’t say that the show was lying now or just being bias or written by racist people. This is the kind of thing that makes me ashamed to be black. And they played right into that black gangster stereptype too. People already think the black diet is kool-aid, chicken, and watermelon. Why verify it? And the worst part is guns were involved in solving this simple issue.

Like really, was it that serious? I can just imagine the scene: “I like rasberry, make mine rasberry nigga!” “Naw, mine got to be strawberry, you know I’ms allergic to dat rasberry”. “Nigga yo strawberry kool-aid taste like Sh**.” “What you say about my Kool-Aid? Oh nooooo yooouuuu didn’t say my kool-aid taste like Sh**”. Seriously black people, get it together. It’s KOOL-AID!  You can buy like three packs for dirt cheap and make your OWN.

I totally agree with this youtube user. Nanaluvstroubles is so untalented. Why does she have 15 million views and 30,000 subscribers? Really, youtube has now become a trainwreck of horrible videos that go viral and make people famous and paid. Seriously, just about anyone can get paid for ANYTHING. The sad part is I help in spreading these viral videos with some of my articles…This guy’s words are true. He’s not being a bully, he’s being honest. Just like sometimes when people say bad things about black people it’s not always racist…sometimes it’s TRUE.

In her defense, 1) It is called entertainment for a reason. And she is entertaining. Why should any entertainer get paid anything if that’s the case? Why do people watch basketball players play and pay money when they can play their own game? Why do we watch people act like idiots on television when we can make ourselves laugh. It’s called ENTERTAINMENT. And it’s truly a lie to say that in the past, everyone was talented. Just because it was classic doesn’t mean it was talented. People used to question why singers and movie stars got paid. And in those days, they didn’t get famous and paid. They were called “starving artists”. 2) It is hypocritical that this guy, who is obviously not displaying any talent at all is ALSO getting paid. And for what? To talk about another youtuber. Really talented.

However, like I said it is entertainment, and youtube is the place to get it for free (aside from an internet bill). Truly, none of the videos display a sense of “attention starvation” as much as the comments section.

Just some videos that I wanted to share that made me smh. If you guys like the “smh files” I’ll do more of them.


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