Have Bratz Truly Come Back? New Bratz Edgy Line 2012!

10 Jul

Okay, so Bratz is releasing a new line of dolls, a new edgy line, called Totally Tattooed. Since they relaunched in 2010, many fans anticipated that the Bratz arrival would come in with a “bang”. And when Bratz fans meant “bang”, they meant “edge and style”. When the Bratz were released in 2001, there was one thing Bratz had that other dolls didn’t have: an edge. Bratz broke all kinds of rules with their daredevil fashions, bold slogan and name, and their sassy, pouty lips.

2004 and 2005 were their most rebellious years to date. And ever since, the expectations were high for Bratz to produce dolls that “moms hated”.

Well, lately, the Bratz have been a little…well, just less than edgy. People have been feeling a “Monster High” thing. The Bratz have been too ghoulish or too plain or too girly…everything but edgy.

Well finally the Bratz have come out with a line that screams edge. It has a Biker Babe look about it, as someone on Flickr pointed out. Check it out in stores!

Bratz Totally Tatooed


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