Racism in England Against Pakistanians and Indians

10 May

This is pathetic. These little boys need belt whippings immediately. I would like to see these kids try to make it in a different country.

I get so tired of ignorant English-speaking (and when I say English-speaking people, I mean the US too) people who treat immigrants or people from immigrant families like dirt.  English people think of themselves as being superior. And they are always the first to cry, “Why are you here when you can’t speak the language?” (Even though many of Pakistanian and Indian blood were born in England and America). English speaking people (including Americans) can barely speak their OWN language, much rather try to tell a foreigner how to speak. Many of them speak broken English that NO ONE can understand. I went up to a supposedly English speaking person, and the first thing they say is, “You Ain’t.” Wow. Really good English.

Also, these people make these claims on lands. PAH! This is everyone’s land, and anyone can live anywhere they want to. That’s how the Native Americans used to think, and they are right. And when you think about it that way, who says where Pakistanians and Indians belong? Who makes these rules?

And judging how many English have moved across the border in the past, colonizing lands that didn’t “belong” to them, wiping nations out so they can own lands…they really need to shut up.

And of course, this isn’t directed to ALL English people. I know there are probably some English people who have sense and intelligence. But for those of you who think this behavior is acceptable, you really need a rude awakening. Justice needs to be served.

All of this behavior was spurred on by stereotypes about Pakistanians and Indians, things that aren’t even true of all of them. Just like all English people aren’t racist, all Pakistanians are not a like. You should meet each person for who they are, and then decide how the person is. But you can’t judge one person through a group of people, especially out of millions of people.

Next article will be on this video…


5 Responses to “Racism in England Against Pakistanians and Indians”

  1. Alan aka tophatal 2012/05/11 at 16:59 #

    And you don’t think it happens here in the US (now reside here in the US) also ? I’m English by way of West Indian parentage and heritage . I served in the British military and I have traveled to various parts of the world . Without a doubt the US makes a mockery of the fact …. that this is said to be the land of ” the free ” !

    Asians, of all persuasions are harassed here on a daily basis . Never mind the fact that you have minorities still being victimized by law enforcement officers , while being racially profiled . See the mounting incidents that have taken place, with places of worship specifically mosques being vandalized here in the US by avowed racists and the bigots who call themselves members of the religious right and Christians .

    Then , refer to the vile speeches of Fred Phelps and and his namesake Fred Jones , both pastors whose actions are heinous ! Less we forget also , Phelps and lame a_s followers, disrespect the fallen US servicemen and servicewomen who’ve fought valiantly in both Afghanistan and Iraq by portraying them as f_gs and homosexuals and then decry this nation as one who simply accepts that lifestyle . Jones and Phelps are a_s wipes of the highest order !


    • generationnext 2012/05/15 at 13:50 #

      Did I not put the US in the article? Including Americans…

      I should know about the racism in the US against minorities, I am one (African American). And I think it’s just as disgusting here, as it is in any place. America is another English speaking country that thinks it is superior. When I was saying English speaking, I meant any country that speaks English, not just England. Maybe I should make that clear.


      • Alan aka tophatal 2012/05/15 at 14:03 #

        And your title your title ? Misleading !

        Racism exists the whole world over . It’s not just synonymous to English speaking countries as it still remains a plague on society.


      • generationnext 2012/05/15 at 14:12 #

        I just wanted to focus on the particular video that I found interesting. But trust me, I have so many articles on racism in America, it’s no joke. But I don’t title all my articles about racism in America (or any other country) any differently, so I won’t do it with England either. It’s fair.

        This will bring awareness to this issue, just like my other articles bring awareness to other issues within my own country and other countries as well.

        I also haven’t been to those other countries to truly know the extent of racism. It would be judging a land I know nothing about. But I have experienced English-speaking countries first-hand, and I have felt the problem that I’m seeing in the video.


  2. Alan aka tophatal 2012/05/15 at 15:28 #

    I’ve traveled extensively because of my time served in the British military (Royal Marines) and I’ve seen it up close and personal first hand . It’s not a pretty sight at all .

    Consider the the practices now perpetrated under Sharia law as a tenet of Islam , where out and out racism is brazenly used ? . But nowhere in the Koran is any such tenet ordained . And it’s certainly no different with some of the most “conservative of the so called religious zealots who call themselves Christians .


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