Sleeping with Sirens

12 Apr

On Sunday, I attended the concert Sleeping with Sirens with my younger cousin. I love rock, but I never heard of Sleeping with sirens (I like Queens, Aerosmith, Metallica, Avenged sevenfold, Korn…). But when I heard Sleeping with Sirens, they were pretty good! It seems like a teeny boy band, especially considering the number of fan girls who pushed and shoved me to get to the band’s lead singer (even though I was in the back…). But they weren’t that bad.

One blonde chick was just snapping on everyone around her, telling everyone to shut up singing because she wanted to hear the band (she’s saying this at a concert), and then she shoved everyone who was near her because everybody was squished together as it was standing room only. She was very interesting. She made my time very amusing. And her hand was marked on the left (which meant she was underage, maybe about 15). The lead singer is the heartthrob of the whole band. The whole time the opening bands were singing, the front of the stage was empty. Then as soon as the Sleeping with Sirens banner dropped, the girls swarmed to the front pushing and shoving. One guy was there on his crutches saying he was there for Abandon All ships, and the girls were just running him over. It was crazy, but normal.

There were four other bands there that I personally liked better. One was Abandon all Ships, Conditions, and Secrets. I really liked Secrets and Conditions. They were older and more my speed.
Well, I’m posting this just now because I’ve got “If You Can’t Hang” by Sleeping with Sirens stuck in my head. 😛


Abandon All Ships


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