College or Job blues? Which to choose?

23 Feb

Okay, so I’ve recently been struggling with a life decision. It’s weighing on my health and I’ve been seeking all kinds of advice. The last place I wanted to seek advice from is the internet…so I’m choosing my blog.

So here’s the thing…I’m living in a situation that is emotionally intense. I’m always nervous, and always walking on egg shells in my own home. I want out. But I’m not sure of the best course of action. I just don’t want marriage to be my only option out. I’m not interested in anyone and I want to get out of my situation on my own hard work.

So here are my two options: College or Job


Okay, so this is definitely my first option. Going to a good University and getting my piece of paper seems to be very important today. It’s hard enough to get a job in this economy, but to add many of them want people with experience or a little more education. I’ve already been to a 2 year college (it was very local and it was cheaper). However, I want to go to a 4 year college.

But I have several concerns about it. For starters, I’m thinking of going away and staying in the dorms. The problem is there is no money for it, and financial aid didn’t cover all of the expenses of the University I wanted to attend. I could take out a loan, but I’m afraid of having to pay it all back. What if I don’t find a job after graduating college? I’ll be stuck with a loan that will be hard to pay back. I’ve heard of several of my friends who got their Bachelor’s and Masters and still can’t find employment.

Now, I could go to a local University, but they don’t have on-campus living around my area (go figure) and I’m trying to get out of my situation. So that brings me to option 2. The local college I went to didn’t even give out loans…

The biggest pro with going to college is I can choose a career to build upon, and it can be something of my choice, something that I enjoy. I realized I don’t really want to go into the profession I originally went to the 2 year college for. I can start over, and do something I love. Also, with a degree, it would be less of a struggle to find a job (as I don’t have much work experience), and get paid a decent salary to sustain myself.


Now, this was my option 2. I could work full-time, save to move out (with the preparation of a credit report, as you can’t get anything without that), and live out on my own for the time being. I could re-enroll in a local college when on my own. The issue would be choosing hours in college while trying to work full time. This means no sleep, right? But I guess the sacrifice would be worth it at the end. My great-grandmother had to do it. So did many of my other friends and relatives. To add, some jobs give you benefits if you go back to school…and they even help you.

But also every person I know that worked and went to school had a harder time going back. Many of them dropped out of school. I don’t want to go to school just to drop right out. And let’s face it: School=respect.

I could just work very hard, and try my best to climb the ladder where I work. But that’s very hard to do. To add, I have insurance to pay on my car, and my cell phone bill to account for. I can’t rely on family to do that for me.

So it’s all very confusing. Advice is needed…my age…21 years.

What would be the best course of action guys? Any options on jobs that could be good for me in this case? Or any options on courses to study in college? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Anyone else going through the same thing? Leave a comment and share your experiences!


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