McKenna-The Newest American Girl-Girl of the Year 2012

21 Dec

Long time no see. 😉 I’ve been away for a while (literally) but now I’m back in action, this time focusing on the Girl of the year.

Well, I’m a little shocked her name is McKenna. It’s a very unusual name. Even though this name has been tradmarked for more than a year, I just didn’t expect it to be her name. But nevertheless, so far I love her personality. She is strong-willed, and a gymnast; two of my favorite themes. It will also make an interesting movie. I just hope the movie isn’t on a Tuesday again. I’m always busy that day! has posted her doll image. It is also on American Girl facebook. I will post it too. And an image of her book has also been shown.

These were the things I was looking for:

1) Short red haired curly top (like the original Agnes and Agatha from the Samantha series). First off, there aren’t enough red haired dolls, and most of them have either long hair or medium length. I would love a little red haired curly top bob. It would be a unique addition to the GOTY collection. They’ve only had one red head in the GOTY collection, and none of the red-head characters have had curly hair.


2) light green or brown eyes. For some reason, I’m looking for some bright green eyes mostly. Possibly to replace Felicity’s.


3) African American doll. Where is the African American girl in the GOTY? Yet, I’m not going to completely complain, as we’ve just been rewarded one in the Historical collection…


4) doll in red-There isn’t one GOTY whose signature color is red. I mean, I know the color can be a turn-off compared to the “softer” colors that tend to sell. I mean, red is a color that seems to scream “alarm” to most people and doesn’t always seem inviting. Even the colors blue and green tend to sell less. I guess it’s because they seem more “boyish” than the colors pink and purple. But the last red thing I’ve seen in American Girl was Felicity’s and Kit’s dresses. Samantha had that cranberry Christmas dress. The GOTY has no color red. It would add some variety.


5) Twins or doll in wheelchair-Because I’m an identical twin, I would love to read a story about twins. But if not, a story about someone who has to deal with a disability would be interesting. I can imagine the accessories! But kids aren’t interested in the disabled, so I’m not sure…

6) Sonali mold-I’ve only seen the mold once, it would be interesting to see it used again. Also, the Kaya mold too. It’s very interesting.

Things I want to avoid:

1) Hazel eyes-AGAIN! First off, Kanani had hazel eyes, Cecile had hazel eyes, Lanie had hazel eyes…it’s just too much. Too many hazel-eyed dolls all within the last couple of years.

2) blonde or brunnette girl-AGAIN! Lanie was enough. Kanani and Marie-Grace and Cecile was enough.

3)Josefina face mold-AGAIN! Rebecca and Cecile already had the mold, and Marie-Grace was similar.

4) doll in pink-I’m sorry, pink looks cheap to me. Some dolls look okay, but it’s too common.

Now after my examination of McKenna, to me the doll isn’t the best, but she also isn’t SUPER disappointing either.

Well, one thing I am happy about is her blue eyes. Not exactly what I wanted, but still not what I didn’t want. Her hair is interesting. It’s actually refreshing that she doesn’t have curly hair, even though I still want my red haired curly top. But we have had too many dolls with curly hair, so I can wait for the sake of variety. She isn’t African American, but because of Cecile, I can wait for that too. I’m a little disappointed in not having a doll dressed in red, but at least it isn’t pink. Her theme is sporty, yet again, but I can see gymnastics being an exciting movie theme.

I really don’t like that she has the Josefina mold. That is really disappointing. I was hoping for the classic mold. It just makes the girls look their age, and it gives a happy, cheerful look about the doll. I’m not sure about the hair color. At least it’s not too blonde or too brun. It almost seems like a good blend of blonde, red, and brunette. Not bad. that might be just the thing that gets me to love her is her hair.

But I have to see the doll up close to make my final decision. I’m not a big fan of the GOTY, but some dolls have won me over before, particularly Jess, considering there were no Asian characters in the American Girls at the time.

So what do you all think? Leave me a comment and let me know! Also be on the lookout for the McKenna movie trailer!


11 Responses to “McKenna-The Newest American Girl-Girl of the Year 2012”

  1. Laurie 2011/12/22 at 00:26 #

    Thanks for posting. I agree with ALL of what you listed. Something unique for a GOTY would be much more enticing.

    We, too, would like to “meet” an American Girl with a disability (either wheelchair or braces of some sort) or have a multiple (twin).

    I really thought this would be the year AG would do something different.


    • Spatzie 2011/12/22 at 02:46 #

      I just read on YouTube that this is the Marie-Grace “heart-shaped” face mold, not Josefina’s mold.


      • generationnext 2011/12/22 at 03:24 #

        Some people consider the MG mold different. I consider it too similar unless a closer inspection. But true it does look like it might be the MG mold, which I’m also not too fond of.

        I was just hoping for the classic. I don’t know why. It’s just so cheerful, and I kind of associate gymnasts with being light on their feet…


    • generationnext 2011/12/22 at 03:30 #

      Yea, it’s not that she’s not pretty, just not unique. I think they were trying to be “safe” on what would sell. Especially because of the movie.

      Another thing is the striped top… that’s kind of bringing me back to Lanie.


  2. amy 2011/12/23 at 11:38 #

    This is interesting…we have a friend named McKenna, so my daughter will be excited! I have to comment – we have purchased Ivy for Christmas, and she doesn’t look particularly Asian. Her illustrations do, but the doll looks more Caucasian to me. Oh well. My daughter will still adore her. Thanks for the post!


    • generationnext 2011/12/23 at 19:27 #

      there’s no getting around it-it’s difficult for American Girl to make an Asian girl.

      When they made Jess, everybody hated her “awkward” mold, but when they made Ivy, she looked too caucasian. I guess they were the test run dolls. The only semi-Asian who was okay was Kanani, and many just classify her as “Hawaiian”.


  3. brett 2011/12/27 at 01:47 #

    McKenna has a friend who uses a wheelchair. And, for what it’s worth, my daughter is semi-obsessed with the berry wheelchair accessory from AG…so there is an interest. I do think it would be awesome if they put some more spotlight on disabilities as well. I’m excited for the movie. McKenna’s hair is to die for. Its gorgeous.


    • generationnext 2011/12/27 at 02:42 #

      We’re all hoping her best friend will be a doll. But there doesn’t seem to be any announcements about her yet, so we don’t know if there will actually be a wheelchair accessory. we’ll just have to wait and see.


      • Moomoo 2011/12/27 at 16:10 #

        Kanani Didn’t have Josefina’s face mold, She has Ivy’s facemold


  4. zumpie 2012/01/31 at 17:09 #

    I think she’s pretty, but past that there are like ninety-billion reasons that I’m significantly underwhelmed:

    1) her outfit – Circa 1982 Pat Benatar, anyone? Thought it was fugly then, think it’s fugly now.

    2) Once again total lack of originality: upper middle class? check (as a Pacific Northwestern, I find her parents owning a coffee house just beyond cliche and very 1995–not to mention, it wouldn’t even begin to support her gymnastics). Athletic and outdoorsy? check! Brady Bunch/overall Mary Sue-ish personality? check!

    3) Her dyslexia is painfully poorly researched and approached (it runs in my family and my daughter has it at a somewhat moderate level). While dyslexia does present differrently in almost everyone, it doesn’t just “suddenly appear” and tutoring (unless done using specific methods designed for dyslexics, which I doubt a 14 year old will be familiar with) doesn’t make a difference. Nor is it something that can be “overcome” by applying yourself.

    As a dyslexic, your mind literally works differently—things that are almost impossible for others are incredibly easy and innate for you—but painfully basic things (I still tie my shoes the “baby way” at 46) can be an immense struggle. The only accurate depiction here is that she’s a gifted athlete (Bruce Jenner, for example, is dyslexic).

    On the plus side, I hope this isn’t as simpy as rich girl Lanie and her great “I wanna go camping/get these weeds planted on time” drama. And I say that as someone who thinks Lanie and her outfit (which my daughter owns) are super cute



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