2011-2012 Fashion Idea #2: Cyber Punk

1 Aug

This fashion idea, Cyberpunk, I discovered from researching Steampunk. It takes a more modern technological approach to punk. Unlike Steampunk, which borrows from the original technological age old, this one borrows from today’s technological age, and the way we see our future. We see ourselves similarly to how the Victorians saw themselves: as people on the turn of the Century, ready to advance. Quite fitting, as the new generation of teenagers are entering Aquarius in Neptune, which Aquarius rules the future and unusual fashion. Neptune rules escape and visual images. It also rules illusion. It also rules drugs or anything that helps us escape reality and how we want others to see our reality. Technology is their escape, and they want the world to visualize them as a technological generation. It’s why all of the music videos are seen at “clubs.” Aquarius rules the club. Nothing could’ve said it better than this caption:

Aquarius in Neptune

That’s why we see all of these movies that are competing to visualize the best technology. This generation escapes through it. Cyberpunk is a reflection of this generation and it’s standards. Also, while Steampunk encourages a Utopian dream, Cyberpunk is a bit Dystopian in it’s approach. Guess what? Aquarius rules the Utopian dream.


Archetypes from Movies, Video Games, and Shows: Ghost in the Shell, Tron: Legacy, The Matrix, Serial Experiments Lain, Paranoia Agent’s Soundtrack, Reboot, Dead Or Alive: Final, Sigma, Kingdom Hearts II’s The World That Never Was, Metropolis, NeoTokyo, Batman Beyond, Magnetic Rose, Ergo Proxy, Parasite Dolls, Spy Kids

I really love Cyberpunk Fashion. I wish I was a part of the generation when it comes to style. My generation was Neptune in Capricorn. I know, pretty boring, right? Well, at least we ruled the business suit.

Cyber Punk is slick, and really edgy. It gives you an Electronica feel to it. Think of being in a club, dimmed lights, and glow in the dark items everywhere and you’ve got Cyber punk. Or think of moving in leather battle gear, dark area, and neon lights charging up on your car. I get that same kind of strange mysterious feeling when I see it. It’s not the normal haunted house feeling, it’s like the extreme haunted smart house feeling. It’s hard to describe. But it rocks. Think of it this way: instead of wearing a lace shirt, wear a ripped black netted shirt. Instead of wearing aviator goggles, meant to bring out the fashion of driving an old-fashioned airplane, the goggles are made for someone meant to drive a turbo-speed jet plane, made for the future aviators. Wild neon hairdos, can add itself to the style, especially extreme colors either for the whole head or streaks. Under-bust corsets are good addition. They should be stretchable rather than Victorian, and strap and zip up most of the time.

Here’s some ideas

Cyber Punk Top

Complete Your Cyber Punk Look!

And for the men…

complete Your Cyber Punk Look!

Complete Your Cyber Punk Look!

Cyber punk is actually good for the summer to me! It has a red-hot feel to it. It’s perfect for going to a club, night-on-the-town, or even a concert. Hey, it’s even good for a Halloween costume. You can wow people when out with friends. It’s a fun and versatile style. I think it’s becoming quite common in almost any music video you see. You can use the style to decorate your house, or maybe use it as a party theme. make your house look like a club! Whatever you choose to do, it’s definitely, to me one of the hottest fashion scenes of this year and next year.


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