Cowboys and Aliens Review…phew, I’m happy I didn’t say Indians

31 Jul

I’m sick of Marvel movies. Who else is with me on this? Another Marvel movie is out this weekend (Captain America), and after seeing it I’m just really not starting to see the difference between it and all the other ones. I’m bored with the average, archetypal, super hero thing. The only reason I was drawn to it was because, as you all know, I’m a major history fan, and so World War II movies need my support. *wink Wink nod nod*. I’m also a big Marvel fan and want to see all my favorites come to life, but geez. Transformers, thank God, isn’t Marvel, BUT it has a similar element.

Ah, but Cowboys and Aliens doesn’t fit that mode. Finally, a movie that is originally constructed and not “based of of a comic series’ or “toy brand”, but is based off of a novel…wait, that’s not creative. Oh well, I guess we can’t say that movies are originally constructed anymore. It seems like the only way people see movies today is if it’s based off of a book or toy brand. It can’t be helped, even I’m a victim. No one wants to read they would rather watch it come to life, right? RIGHT?

So back to Cowboys and Aliens. Cowboys are not your average super hero of today. Today, most super heroes are given high technologies and chemicals that give them super powers. And most of the men were originally “normal” men, or maybe wartime soldiers…but they’re all still pretty modern. This movie takes us back to the stereotypical 1870s. Think of the dusty West, open blue skies, boom towns, saloon fights, gunfights, cowboy intimidation-stare-downs, bandits, sassy cowgirls, sheriff, and Indians…and you’ve got yourself, ladies and gents, a cowboy movie. I miss the good old cowboy movies. Whatever happened to them? Oh right. They were “racist”.  Ah, but the twist to this movie, the twist: ALIENS. I know what you’re thinking. I was thinking it too. It’s the reason this movie isn’t number one in the box office. Everyone was expecting this movie to be like The Knowing, or one of those creepy alien movies that have these twisted unrealistic plots and meanings…confusing and a ridiculous combination.

No, no, no. As surprising as this may sound, this was an ACTION movie. These aliens were nothing more than your normal villains. Think of a cowboy and Indian movie, except replace the Indians with Aliens, and you see what I mean. There’s no boring explanation of where the aliens came from, and what culture they have, etc. Just like the cowboy movies of old right? No explaining where Indians came from, just pure fight, blood, guts, gore, and all-out weaponry.

The thing that I like about this movie is how they eased technology into the main cowboy’s hands. They didn’t make him an automatic user of it, or super knowledgeable about everything. In the past, people weren’t aware of those things. I like how they showed the contrast between the technologies and how either could be beneficial. Certain technologies that might seem abnormal to us in even this day and time, REALLY seemed out of this world in their time. I really liked that it was action packed. I wasn’t bored, that’s for certain. My younger cousin was mad that he couldn’t see Captain America, but during this movie, he acted like “Captain America who?”

This movie was original in it’s approach and it brought two extremes together, kind of like Disney and Final Fantasy with Kingdom Hearts. I recommend people go see it. Not that I discourage Captain America, but I think this movie is a breath of fresh air from the normal heroic movies we’ve been getting.


For all you Fashion lovers, I just want to say I’m feeling the western look this summer. Cowboy hats and stirrup boots, I think I want to try it. If you’re feeling the Captain America craze, get in your red, White, and Blue. just thought of it.


6 Responses to “Cowboys and Aliens Review…phew, I’m happy I didn’t say Indians”

  1. tophatal 2011/08/01 at 13:58 #

    Jon Favreau goes from directing both Iron Movies to this drivel that’s lacking a plot line but gives you all the CGI up the yazoo and more . No wonder Hollywood is now so bereft of creativity and god damn intelligence . And Spielberg co-produced this crap ? Why am I not surprised ? From ” Super 8″ which was way superior to this bs and he comes up with mish-mash of fecal matter ?

    tophatal ……….


    • generationnext 2011/08/14 at 21:47 #

      Spielberg is also clueless to how dangerous his sets can be. It seems like all of the movies are starting to be the same mach-up of each other.

      I always appreciate your comments tophatal.


      • tophatal 2011/08/15 at 18:01 #

        Famed character actor Vick Morrow died on the set of one of Spielberg’s movies having been decapitated by the blade of a helicopter that lost control .

        The thing is because he’s so lauded in Hollywood no one can see him as doing no wrong . And that’s in spite of really bad movies that his name has been recently associated with . Hollywood no longer deals in quality as it’s now simply driven by the bottom line . They’ll come and glad hand each other come Oscar night merely to seek empathy from the fans and public alike ! Let’s just see how magnanimous they are to the performers in “The Help” . Each of the lead characters are deserving of an Oscar nomination but I dare say that they’ll find a way to botch that as well !

        tophatal ……………..


  2. buy cheap nfl jerseys 2011/08/26 at 21:59 #

    After I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any way you’ll be able to remove me from that service? Thanks!


    • generationnext 2011/08/28 at 03:51 #

      I will try my best. i will probably have to remove your notify me. I apologize. I know that it has a habit of having your comment, even if five other people have commented, and also having their comments right afterwards. What does the whole email look like? And does it have you click the website when you press it?

      Again, I apologize. I will work on ASAP.


    • generationnext 2011/08/28 at 03:56 #

      What did you comment on? And where? that’s another question. if you’re talking about this comment, I would have to delete the comment, and you might have to start the comment over, unfortunately. I apologize for the inconvenience.


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