Amy Winehouse-Tribute for Queen of Modern Retro Pop

24 Jul

Oh baJesus! I miss one day of watching the news(yesterday) and get online today to find out that one of the most talented and most original singers out there has DIED. I can’t tell you how this breaks my heart. She was such a great performer, and so young. The sad part is majority of the world recognizes the star when it’s too late. This star had excellent lyrical abilities, great vocal opportunities, and a unique style in sound and looks that couldn’t be denied. I guess the music world just became too much for her.

So many singers are dying so young, especially the really talented, and only the strong survive the music world. It often seems like the more talent you have, the harder it is. It makes you wonder how some of them are able to push through life, and why others just fall to the ground and wave the flag. But observing media influence, drugs, alcohol, and tours, all of it weighs on the body physically. These “celebrities” are exposed to drugs, alcohol, and many other things that ruin their lives and bodies. They have money to throw away on things as useless as those.

On top of that, media brings out the worst in people. You can’t tell me that celebrities just ignore what the media says and always accepts it. It has to make them depressed, even the strongest of individuals. No one likes to be talked about and everyone wants to be respected. In the past, singers didn’t suffer through things like this. Entertainers were respected for what they could do, rather than their lifestyles. And I’m not talking about in the ’50s. I’m talking circa 1904-1920s. In those days, singers were paid to entertain and very little was known of their personal life, much like any other person who has a job. Today, a singer’s world is shared with the rest of the world. It’s a sad thing. Media is killing these celebrities one by one. Money really is the root of all evil today. Singers make more money as a result of all of the exposure, but they live short lives due to traumatic blows to their brains and bodies.

Then many of them are exhausted because of these demands from fans. Because they are loved by all, they have to travel to perform for all, from city to city, and they have to wear their bodies out performing in these cities. They very seldom get time to rest or time to themselves. It wears on the body. It tires them. Many of these singers turn out frail. Then they probably can’t eat a lot in order to keep a certain figure. It’s certainly not as glamorous as portrayed.

I mean, no one knows how she really died, but I can bet you that it’s got to be because of one of the above reasons.

But focusing on Amy. I was in love with Amy’s music the day I heard it. It was catchy, original, and just so retro. It had a flavor that is hard to imitate. It’s a shame to see that talent go. I keep my prayers with the family and I just hope that Amy will never be forgotten. This was just so devastating…I still can’t wrap my mind around it, it’s hard to believe that we will never hear that raspy voice bellow out those jazzy tunes. But maybe sometimes, it’s best for the infamous to leave behind the songs that people love and be remembered for what precious music they did leave behind, rather than further scar their names and image.

I feel that it’s a struggle for famous singers out here today. I want all of them to be safe and take care of themselves. It’s more important than meeting the demands of the world. And though it’s easier said than done, it’s my wish for them.

Amy has won several Grammys, and has achieved her highest success with Back to black. This is A Really good Article on Amy. Click the link.

And lets listen to two of her best songs: Rehab and Back to Black.

Enjoy everyone!


3 Responses to “Amy Winehouse-Tribute for Queen of Modern Retro Pop”

  1. tophatal 2011/07/25 at 16:02 #

    Not surprised or saddened by her death ! We simply all knew that something like this was in the offing to begin with ! She was being enabled rather than those around her coming to her aid . What’s surprising however is the fact that not one of Ruper Murdoch’s rancid tabloids in the UK hasn’t a picture of her laying prostrate on the floor of her apartment as that was their modus- operandi in terms of what they deemed to be legitimate journalism apart from the hacking of the voicemails of dead sexual victims and war veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan .

    tophatal ……….


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