Japanese Drama Day-Iguana no Musume and Kimi wa Pet

15 Jun

Two Excellent Dramas to watch:

1. The Daughter of Iguana (Iguana no Musume)

This drama is about a girl named Rika who was born to a mother who found her daughter to look like an ugly iguana since birth. Having convinced herself that she is ugly and unlovable, Rika struggles throughout the drama to open up, find happiness, and love herself.

A really good drama. For all of you people who watched it my comment is below:
Is it just me or are the people in this drama poor drivers? Or either the doctors are just not very advanced? Or these people really don’t look both ways before they cross the street? Or these people trip an AWFUL lot? Or the ground in this drama must be slippery?…So anyway, yea, just an inside thing I thought about after watching this drama.

This is not for people who are looking for a good laugh or some intense action/adventure. But it’s appropriate for all age groups.

2. You’re My Pet (Kimi wa Pet)

Ah, a breath of fresh air from the original drama, right?

This one is about a highly successful business woman who struggles to find love in a man’s world. She has personality quirks that most men wouldn’t find attractive, such as smoking, watching wrestling, and reading shonen manga. One day, she finds a man outside her door who is homeless. She decides to adopt him as her human pet. This drama is the wild and crazy life that she gains after this encounter.

Like, how awesome is it to have a hot guy, young, and fun as your pet? Ha ha.

These dramas are very good. Check them out!


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