Music Downloads are Not worth the price today…that’s why people get it free

1 Jun

David Bowie. Blondie. Aerosmith. Michael Jackson. Aretha Franklin. Kiss. Tina Turner. Bee Gees. The Beatles. Elvis. James Brown. Marvin Gaye. Ray Charles. Beach Boys. Black Sabbath. Led Zeppelin. Rod Stewart.

These are just some legends that I can name off of the top of my head. Anybody wonder why these singers and performers became “legendary”?

I thought about this topic when two people were arguing online about whether people and/or companies should make a big deal about illegal downloads or not. Stay with me here. I agree that downloading mp3s illegally is wrong, because hey, if I was an artist, putting my hard work, or if I was any hard working person, I would want to get paid for my services, correct? Well, unless I’m a volunteer, but even then, I’d have to make a living somehow right?

But at the same time, are these “singers” and performers putting “hard work” behind their music? The same hard work that should go into music? If your music isn’t worth buying, then why would I purchase someone’s music who isn’t worth the price? Why would anyone? If you’re making music using a cheaper method, people are going to want cheaper prices for your services. Then again, you can say the music equipment became cheaper because people stopped purchasing the music and downloading illegally, but to me, the only way to go back to getting people to spend money on music is to blow people away with the music.

Fair criticism to me is not saying a particular genre sucks, as that’s personal taste. To me, it should be fairly judged, giving all genres the same criteria. Isn’t that how real jobs are?

Now these tips are not to become famous. Fame lasts for a few seconds. Look at Antoine Dodson. I’m talking about legendary music, music that is deserving of respect.

Here are some ways:

1. Lyrical Ability

I feel this is of utmost importance. According to  , lyrics are poetry, correct? And it has the form and QUALITY of music, and should have the poet’s thoughts and feelings. If this is so, this is the basis of every song. Even if someone isn’t particularly a notable singer, or isn’t particularly good with playing instruments, the lyrics should bring the listener away. No matter the genre, this should matter.

a) If you write your own lyrics, that’s a plus. Very few people today write their own lyrics, even some of the legends above. So THAT is a plus. That means you have some musical talent. When people write their own lyrics, the emotion shows. Emotion has an effect on people, physically and mentally. It relates to people. When stirring those emotions, it tends to draw people for generations, not just for one generation, many generations. Written lyrics also tell you who the person truly is, how they think, and it allows others to trust your words (even if you aren’t truly an honest person). Have any of you ever seen a performer sing after writing lyrics? They tend to cry with the song, or their body tends to move with it’s rhythm as if they song is their memory. THAT’S true poetry. Four modern examples I can name right off is Sarah McLaughlan, Jessie J, Lady Sovereign and Utada. To be honest, British and Canadian music tends to have the most quality. Lillix, Natasha and Daniel Bedingfield, Corinne Bailey Ray, Amy Winehouse, Within Temptation, Cree Summer, Nelly Furtado and many others.

b) If you do NOT write your lyrics, at least your lyrics should have meaning to you. You should agree with the lyrics, and the lyrics should be representative of your thoughts and feelings. Of course, the music isn’t as meaningful if it isn’t coming from you, so it should come from you in some way. It’s more important to be you than to be famous if you want to make quality music. “Acting” like a pop star gets you nowhere. It happened with BoA. And when she finally came out with an album in which she announced she wrote most of the lyrics, most of her “fans” refused to believe it was her, and it became one of her worst-selling albums. Why? Because people were used to her low-quality, generic pop music, not music that actually had original music sound, lyrical ability, and more emotion. And people love generic. Generic music relates to people for a minute because more than likely it’s mainstream and what the public wants. But it will only last until the public hangs on to another generic singer. A legendary singer lasts forever, generic only lasts a few seconds.

c) If you don’t write your lyrics OR your lyrics don’t really represent you, then you’re about to fall in the “I just want to be famous” category because you have no lyrical talent. However, at least have music that makes sense. One example of poor lyrics is a song from Ark Music Factory, or a girl who is associated with them named Jenna Rose. Jenna Rose’s song makes no utter sense. It’s a very catchy song. And for anyone who mentally tunes things out, they would ignore the lyrics. But for me to spend money, it’s truly unacceptable. I doubt this girl wrote her lyrics, and if she did, she’s imitating someone. The whole song is about these celebrities and other girls copying her style. But one particular verse makes no utter sense.

  1. ABC, 123, that girl wore her jeans like me
  2. I bet she’s mad ‘cause I look fab
  3. Ha ha ha ha, jack my swag
  4. Sticks and stones may break my bones
  5. but mine look new and hers just look so o-old, so o-old, so old

Sticks and Stones? Wouldn’t that apply to her because she’s the one talking about all of the girls who dress like her? Please, this is unacceptable. This is what usually comes out of the mouth of someone who doesn’t write their lyrics or their lyrics mean nothing to them, they just know the lyrics are catchy. It’s amusing, that’s for sure. But not worth the money. I definitely wouldn’t buy her track or see her in concert.

2. Musical Ability

Maybe you don’t have the best of luck in putting words together, or maybe your voice stinks. Well, if you have any other musical abilities, that’s a plus too.

a) Maybe you are a mesmerizing dancer, though that doesn’t influence music sound quality. But maybe you can make music straight from stomping. It’s a plus if you can play an instrument, then you don’t need anyone to design generic music for you. You have true talent. This is also a part of showing that “emotion”. When you listen to a guitar, or drums, you can feel them, and they give the song richness in sound and quality. Maybe you play the sax. Maybe you play piano. Utada and Alicia Keys are examples of piano players, as well as Phil Collins and Elton John. Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton are two examples of famous guitarists. System of a Down has a pretty good drum player. Michael Jackson was the perfect dancer, but Justin Timberlake has moves for days too. But Michael had natural dancing ability that was self-taught.

b) Maybe you don’t particularly play your own instruments or can’t personally dance. That’s one step away to being thrown out of the “talented” category unless you have lyrics to fall on. Choreography is good, though generic, but if you try hard you can have a polished performance. The good thing about dancing is that is only for performance and music video purposes, correct? Unless your dancing makes musical sound, like Michael Jackson did if anyone remembers Jam, then your dancing won’t particularly save you in the song department. If you can’t play a musical instrument, at least hire a band. It will greatly increase your music quality and people won’t have to say “Hmm, they sound different live than on the CD”. Which I hear a lot. Most of it has to do with different musical tools used, and the more electronic the worse believe it or not. When a band is playing, people have to sing louder to resonate over the band. CDs tend to have lower vocals.

3. Vocal Ability

I chose this last because it is so controversial. Vocals range from genre to genre. And in musicals, vocals vary according to character. You can’t play Uncle Scrooge in a Christmas Carol and sound like a beautiful bird. I say that when using vocals,the other two (lyrics and sound) matter. The more you believe in a song, the more your vocals will bring out the meaning in your words, which is why lyrics and sound are so important. Just like if you say “Shut up!” to someone, how do you think your tone of voice would sound? Angry, no doubt? Or maybe you’re joking, and would include a slight laugh? Whatever the case, voice brings out the lyrics.

a) Always use your REAL voice. There used to be a time that people would be in arguments over whether people CAN sing or not, now you have to worry whether they are singing AT ALL, thanks to autotunes. Even if you can’t sing, take vocal training. The real voice expresses the REAL emotion. Auto-tuning not only DIMINISHES the quality, but it cheapens the song and disguises the vocal abilities and talents, and ANYONE can do that. It’s a cheap and lazy way to make a song. Even Antoine Dodson and Nigahiga can make a song with autotunes. It is the ruination of music. And according to astrologers, this generation DOES happen to be at a detriment in Neptune (which rules music, poetry, and movies). Go figure that. Don’t let anyone or anything sing for you. It is a sure signal that you are talentless or that you are too lazy to even try. Or again, “I just want to be famous”.

So, that’s all I feel a good song needs. A good song doesn’t need a pretty face or nice clothes. When listening to an mp3, do you see a face or nice clothes? No. When performing, however, it is important to have a good presentation.

So for all of you people who feel a famous artist is a good one, or a good-looking artist is one, tell me, what is talent? What is music?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Over and Out.


3 Responses to “Music Downloads are Not worth the price today…that’s why people get it free”

  1. tophatal 2011/06/01 at 13:40 #

    Stewart has a unique voice but I wouldn’t call him a great singer . A natural performer yes !

    There are very genuinely talented performers out there at present because the music scene has now become bubble gum pop without any real talent much less creativity . It’s all now a prop of gimmicks for the vast majority that some are determining as being pop superstars .

    tophatal ………….


    • generationnext 2011/06/01 at 18:24 #

      The main thing is that Rod Steward actually used his real voice, even if he wasn’t a great singer. Singing abilities range from the tone of the song and the lyrics.

      But these songs today, do they even sing? Ugh, it’s ridiculous.


      • tophatal 2011/06/01 at 18:34 #

        You have to remember that when Rod started out there was no such thing as the “auto-tune” . Simply look at the performances of so called artists such as “Gag Me” —-as I now refer to Gaga , Rihanna , Britney and Ciara plus a plethora of rappers out there ? No ingenuity whatsoever ! Utter bull#hit !

        Few artists out there are good enough to perform live using that their natural talent !


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