About the Generation Next Blog

21 May

As I’ve been seeing lately, I have people who aren’t familiar with this blog or it’s goal. It’s a fairly new blog compared to others so I thought I would tell you what you can expect from this blog, how I write in the blog, and why I began this blog. I really should’ve done this in the beginning, but at the time I had something else I wanted to say.

What you can expect from this blog:

I personally love to talk about culture and politics. I will be expanding on the categories above, including World Issues, Music, Television, Movies, Video Games, Toys, Sports, and more. I grew up in a generation where pop culture reached an all-time high. Television, movies, and music were at it’s peak in graphics, variety, and quality. You can expect me to talk about these subjects.

How I write in this blog:

I write in the Expository and Persuasive style, mostly Persuasive Writing. I also use the “loose sentence” structure a lot. I try to write from exactly what I see and how I see it. Sometimes it can be about things I love, but with everything I try to find the pros and cons even in the things I love. When I dislike something, I also try to be fair and have the pros and cons, in the hopes that the reader will see two sides of the spectrum. I believe in being fair. Or rather balanced.

If I strongly believe in something, you might see it spawn a post more than once. If the news just grabs my attention, I won’t have the aggressive words my “opinionated” blogs are known for having.

Furthermore, I am a “champion” of the underdogs. I always think about the underdogs when I create my blogs. It’s the underdogs that I want to give a voice to. Particularly in the music industry. I don’t like it when fans of one artist talk about other artists. If they do, expect to see a post defending that talked about artist.

However, I listen to all and every comment and try to respond to all comments, whether I agree with them or not. Some comments can be persuasive, and I’m not ashamed to admit that some people have been right. I make edits all the time to my blogs to ensure that I mean what I say. I am not a perfect writer, of course.

Why I began this blog:

I am sure most of you aren’t interested in knowing this part. If you aren’t, you can browse over other interesting topics you might like. If you are interested, here I go. I began this blog when I realized that on my animejournal and live journal accounts no one seemed to hear me. I felt a bit powerless, or rather voiceless. I had suffered so many deaths that year, and was beginning to feel as if no one could hear me. I began this blog to voice my own concerns. I also began this blog when I saw a youtube video on the “old days” of television, music, and movies. When I saw it, my whole viewpoint of things changed. I wondered why the quality of these things weren’t around anymore? I began to try to find some fans of certain television shows, or music icons, and get their gist of things. Most of all of that encouraged me to write on this blog.

I’ve always been a writer. I’ve always written stories. To name a few, The Essence of…, The Lesson Learned, Bad Dreams, An Eye Witness, The Villain Gang, currently Treasure Hunt, The Legend of the Hutchinson Sisters, The Sassy 4 series, and The Tower. Some of it is fantasy, some of it is comedy, some of it is children’s, some of the stories are adventure stories, but that’s mostly my twin sister, but most of it is satire. The Essence of…is sci-fi and satire. Bad Dreams is sci-fi, horror, psychological, and satirical. An Eye Witness is drama and satire. The Villain Gang and The Sassy 4 series are comedy and children’s fiction. The Lesson Learned, with it’s spin-off series, The Legend of the Hutchinson Sisters, along with The Tower, are all fantasy, action, and adventure. Treasure Hunt is an action and adventure series. Note none have been published yet. One was edited by my college creative writing teacher. Possibly I’ll start blog posting my stories if anyone is interested. But these stories are also reflections of my type of writing and the things that encouraged me to do more.

I feel words are powerful. Most people say “Quit complaining about it on a blog and do something”, but I believe writing is “doing” something. Speaking out about something can spur others to action and make people think. Bringing attention to things you believe in can make a difference. So I continue to write, and I hope others continue to read, even if they disagree with everything I say. I encourage comments because I love nothing more than a good debate. I am really impressed with people who can persuade me otherwise. Thank you all who have commented for the support and I love you all. 🙂


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