Reminder of Talent: Susan Boyle

16 May

I was taking a look at this video for the first time. I first heard of Susan Boyle on a news article on Yahoo, and heard her music, and she blew me away. BUT I’ve never seen the show that made her a star. I’m not a big fan of reality shows. However, this one peeked my interest.

This video showed everything that is missing in the industry and everything that is wrong with it. Susan Boyle has EXTRAORDINARY talent. My Acting II college teacher would give her an A+, and she’s picky when it comes to singing and trying to get my class and I to sing the notes perfectly.

But did you see how the people doubted her? How they sneered at her? Why? Because she doesn’t look good. This is the problem with the music industry today. How can someone judge how well someone SINGS by how they dress or looks? A dress can’t make you carry a note. Beauty can’t help you sing a song. And yet, less than talented people every year become famous SINGERS because they look good.

Why isn’t this woman in the place of Britney Spears? It’s not fair. Britney shouldn’t be a multi-millionaire. This woman should. Well, Britney can dance. But still, she doesn’t have NEARLY as much talent as this woman. I don’t get why the industry is even still called the Music industry. Talent is a foreign or non-existent word in the Music Industry. In fact, music is an obsolete word. It’s just noise, played over and over again, so it can be catchy enough to grab kids into buying it’s stupidity.

I think this woman is a perfect example of someone who should be famous today but isn’t. You know what, I think she’s not famous because she actually has talent. Oh yes, talent is boring today. I have a feeling that people want to hear someone who sucks. Yep, they do.

I hope that in the future, many will recognize her inner beauty, and come to grasp her talent. I hope people will start paying their money to see someone WITH a voice instead of someone without  one. Why do they even spend money on someone when anyone can do what they’re doing? Like Ke$sha for instance. People spend so much money to see her perform when any wild person can imitate all of her songs in a matter of minutes. Her songs are perfect for a talentless person who wants to sing in a talent show because ANYONE can sing it.

Well people enjoy the video. Who knows, you might learn something from it. She’s truly an inspiration to everyone.


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