Obama Got Osama

3 May


Obama: yea nigga, I’m a find you. When niggas come around, bullets fly! yea boy! I been in da hood before, I know where that nigga be. I will FIND that nigga, cuz I’m a nigga. Simple as that. (sniff some clues) Oh, I know where that nigga is. He ain’t in no cave. He in the same place all drug dealas is: a million dollar mansion. Yep that’s where all the real niggaz is. (bust down doors of all mansions) (find biggest mansion) (Osama is eatin his peanut butter and jelly)

Osama: Oh…Sh-

Obama: Yea boy! We gotchu now boy! Shoot him! Shoot him! Yea nigga know where nigga reside! (Osama shot up)


Bush: So Obama how is your presidency going? It was a little bumpy towards the end for me, but I had really popular ideas in the beginning, one of them being tax cuts. What about you?

Obama: I got Osama, yea son! I got Osama. I knew where dat nigga was and his whole fam. Yea son

Bush: wait…you mean you put him in Guantanamo?

Obama: Naw, I killed that nigga, boy!

Bush: You idiot! You weren’t supposed to kill him! You were supposed to make sure he gave us the secrets to the oil! Oh man! You killed my boy! Oh, this country was going to be rich!

Obama: Oh yea, I forgot about that. But nigga had to die cuz he was taking my cousin’s drug ring nah wah I’m saying?

End of Scenario

Okay, that’s a story that was told to me by someone in my class. It’s pretty interesting that Obama was able to get a hold of Obama…I mean, Obama was able to get a hold of Osama…man they’re names are similar.

So tell me, do any of you think this will make Obama’s reelection polls skyrocket? I mean, his popularity was dwindling for a while because it seemed his ideas were a bit unpopular for awhile. But, this seemed to put a smile on many people’s faces. Some people have said one reason Obama was able to get Osama is because most black people know where all the criminals reside (stereotype). Some people said Obama knew where Osama was because Obama was born in a different country (speculation).

So do you think Obama will become more popular? Do you think this boosts his chances of reelection?

What do you think this will mean for national security? Do you think this will anger Osama followers?

Leave your comments and discuss!


3 Responses to “Obama Got Osama”

  1. tophatal 2011/05/03 at 12:11 #

    Obama may well given Bin Laden two to the head ” . But will Trump try and take credit for that as well ? That now should be your biggest concern . LOL, LOL,LOL !!!

    tophatal …………


    • generationnext 2011/05/04 at 17:49 #

      Ha and the fool has the nerve to try to run for president. Of course Trump will take credit. He’s a millionaire. 😉 lol And of course he has the answers to how to run the United States of America.


      • tophatal 2011/05/04 at 19:46 #

        Trump is no more a businessman than Lindsay Lohan could be considered not in need of any form of sobriety . Trump is merely adding to his already waning 15 minutes of exhaustive fame ! The dummies who end up taking this a_shole at his word that he actually has any political gumption and intellect are simply retarded !

        Sorry Osama you’re not ’bout to be Punk’d …. bitch ! Bite on this …………. 72 virgins await you and I hope that each already has been infected with gonorrhea ! ‘nough said !

        tophatal …………..


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