How to Have a Royal Wedding

29 Apr

One of the most eventful moments of time, besides the World Cup, is the royal wedding. Many people still remember the wedding of Princess Diana, one of the most beautiful and loved princesses of all time. BUT this year, we have a new princess: Kate Middleton. She is poised, elegant, and certainly a fine example of a princess bride. Many people can learn from this wedding, especially about how to throw a fabulous wedding. Of course, everyone doesn’t have the money or means for it to be as glamorous as this one was. Still, there are certain things that made this the perfect wedding even without  all of the glamor.

1) It started on time. From the moment the procession began, the movement from limo to Westminster Abbey, and onward, it began and ended in a timely fashion. If everyone planned to watch it, whatever time it began in your particular country, no one had to worry about whether it was on time or not.

2) A unique thing to add to a wedding would be dress code. Many of the women wore hats and the men mostly wore uniforms. Add a simple, yet elegant touch to every wardrobe to make the wedding unique.

3) Carriage ride to the wedding. Of course, the bride also took a limo. However, the carriage ride is one of the most unique ways to have a royal wedding.

4) Special family church or building of importance to your family should more than likely be the choice as it makes the wedding more sentimental and shows the seriousness in the matrimony. Outdoor weddings are fun, but indoor weddings ensure that everyone will not be bothered by outdoor nuisances, such as insects or bad weather.

5) Walk with children not after them or before them. It shows that the bride loves children and is willing to start a family. Have little ring bearers wear matching uniforms to the older gentlemen.

So these are just some of the things I noticed about the wedding that was very important and to me represented a real ROYAL wedding.

Let’s take a look at a blast into the past princess weddings, starting with Princess Elizabeth and then onto Princess Diana.

Princess Elizabeth

Princess Diana

Such beautiful weddings in history!

Now going back to the invitation list…Guess who wasn’t on the wedding list? Mr. and Mrs. Obama. I wonder why…Many Americans are offended by this, if you haven’t noticed. The very symbol of the United States, the president, was not extended an invitation. How does that make many Americans feel? Well, some black Americans, of course, pulled the race card, just as the world expected them too. However, many regular Americans were offended, both conservative and liberals, felt this was a stab at America. Why isn’t the American president not wanted at one of the most important events around the world? Especially considering how many Americans tuned in to see such a fine and glorious wedding? What does this tell the world? Many don’t think it’s a race factor, because they saw a black couple in the audience, sitting close to the front of the wedding. Many just feel that Obama didn’t feel like going. It’s difficult to say.

Post your comments about the wedding! What are some things you noticed about the wedding that impressed you or that you would want in your wedding? What do you feel about the Obama’s absence at the wedding?


3 Responses to “How to Have a Royal Wedding”

  1. tophatal 2011/04/29 at 21:16 #

    And now that the House of Windsor has finally realized that it’s the 21st century I can only surmise that they’ll actually realize that the sanctimonious image that they’ve tried to portray is now so out of touch !

    The monarchy in the UK has outlived its usefulness and is now nothing more than a ceremonial and archaic relic !

    And I’m speaking as an expat Brit now residing here in the US .

    tophatal ………………


    • generationnext 2011/04/29 at 21:45 #

      And you of all people with experience with both countries would understand that. Monarchy is basically a thing of the past for most nations. Most have moved on to Republics or Communism. Even though it’s the American “dream” for every nation to be democratic.

      This image is to maintain it’s tourist attraction rites. 😉


      • tophatal 2011/04/29 at 22:27 #

        And I think that the Afghanis and Iraqis would like to thank the US for their contributions in now bring them a form of democracy that the vast majority know the countries in question are incapable of .

        The US State Dept and administration are completely clueless !

        As for the attraction rites with the numerous places of interests around the city of London the last thing the city needs is a staged spectacle that most won’t remember six months from now given the present dire straits and economy there .

        Dear ol’ Blighty is the drab cousin to its favorite ally across the Atlantic Ocean .

        PM David Cameron can now take time have his tea and scones while trying to dig the country out of the mess that he his party ( Conservatives ) and the opposition (Labor) created over the past two and a half decades with their dumb a_s policies !

        You see that’s something that both the US and Britain shares and that’s politicians who’ve about as much intelligence as mentally challenged quadriplegic .

        tophatal ………………


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