TWO Anticipated Namco and Capcom Games for 2011? I think I’m going to Faint Like a Little School Girl

9 Feb

The Tekken series is a video game series created by Namco and was first released way back in 1994. Since then, well really since the game Tekken Tag, it’s been one of the biggest next gen fighting games of the 20th and 21st Century.It was one of the first fighting games to make use of 3-D style graphics. I did an article on one before, but I’m bringing it back up in this one.

Now, what has been going on in the Tekken Community lately? Two of the best Tekken games to come out in the history of Tekken (besides Tekken 3 in my personal opinion): Tekken Tag 2 and, of course, as announced earlier, Tekken vs Street Fighter. Which game do you think is going to be the best?

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

This game was basically anticipated RIGHT after the first Tekken Tag came out. If you aren’t familiar with the gameplay of Tekken, it’s gameplay is in the tournament style, one to one combat. You pick one character, and you fight the character someone else picked. What Tekken Tag did is they put it at two-to-two combative style. You can choose two characters, and fights against two others. When one character was dying, you could pick up with another character. This was so fun, that it was bound to have a sequel someday. It is one of the most asked for games by Tekken fans. This time it’s even better:

This game has some advantages  over Street Fighter vs Tekken.

1) More characters. Now that we have more characters in the Tekken series, it’s about time we got a Tekken Tag Tournament 2. With the large cast, no one was able to play all of the characters and learn all the moves. Tekken Tag ensures that you can play two characters at a time, which not only is fun, but a useful tool for fans who want to play their hand at all the characters.

2) Story-wise, it will revolve around more than one character. Tekken Tag Tournament the original didn’t enhance on this as much. Even though you got to choose one character, it didn’t emphasize the story after the fight. They had endings together, but in this game, the two characters are going to have a story together. This kind of story is what makes a Tekken fan’s day. It’s the interaction that is exciting.

3) Super Tag Team: What I mean is when you make a move, you can finish it off with another character with one of their finishing moves. The original Tekken Tag you fight with one character, that character leaves, and the characters stands there until you fight. Whereas in this game if you’re in the middle of the battle, you can bring out the second character, WHILE YOUR FIRST character is still around and create the finishing move that the other character left. Pretty sick. Imagine trying sustain your health/life bar now…going to be a pretty hard thing to do now. Only the strongest Tekken fighter will succeed.

4) This is the most anticipated game since 2000-2001! Fans have been screaming for another one. And finally they broke and gave the fans what they asked for.


1) Will the graphics be up to par? Okay, let’s admit that Tekken 6 didn’t really do it for the graphics. Tekken was always known as a next gen game, with next gen graphics in it’s favor, but recently, the games have been sub-par in the eyes of most fans.

2) Stages-Tekken 6 had a lackluster number of scenes and stages. It was also poor in the story mode portion, where they seemed to emphasize RPG style. The need to not only expand more on the stages, but make MORE stages.

Street Fighter Vs. Tekken and Tekken vs. Street Fighter

That was the Capcom version, the one that created Street Fighter. The Tekken vs Street Fighter one is coming later.

Why does this game have advantages over Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

1) It’s two of the biggest rival fighting games for goodness sakes! With all of the fans rumbling about which game or character is the greatest, now this game puts those words to action. This allows the two rivals to show off just how great they are. No more talk, forum vs forum, now they can take that talking to the game.

2) More characters and a variety of characters-Think of the character selection! The fighting styles!

3) The graphics and the double gameplay-If you prefer the comic-book style, you can have Street Fighter with it’s gameplay, as shown above. If you prefer the 3-D style, you can have Tekken and it’s gameplay. It’s pretty awesome man! It seems Street Fighter actually have 4 other games in the works, so…wow…

4) It has a “tag” element- Even in this game, just like Super Street Fighter, and Tekken Tag, you will be able to fight with two characters at a time! Again learning double moves. I’m not sure if there will be a double story element like Tekken Tag has though…

5) Stages and Music…we’re combining two games. That means combining stages and music. Both have two of the most awesome soundtracks and one of the best scenery and stages.


1) Fighting techniques-how are they going to combine the two? Obviously, it’s because of this people felt this combination would be difficult to imagine. But it’s coming. Will they reduce the command list? Or keep all the same fighting styles? We know that the Street Fighter X Tekken will cater more to Street Fighter, and hopefully Tekken x Street Fighter will cater more to Tekken as far as gameplay.

2) Will they downsize the character choices on this game? Now that it’s coming, the expectations are rising. This could possibly be the best fighting game of the year or the worst. If certain characters aren’t in the game, expect the fans of both series to be complaining heavily. I mean, you always expect rival companies to rival, but you know that when two of them come together they can make one almost perfect game. The pressure is on for these companies. Don’t mess this up.

So it’s up to you to decide. Which one do you look forward to the most?

Then we have Capcom vs Marvel 3. Already the other two Capcom vs Marvel games got fairly good feedback. Of course, people are expecting more characters and enhancements on the moves.

So this is a big year for fighting games. Look for these throughout 2011!


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