The Modern-day Princess of Soul

17 Jan

Janelle Monae---Princess of Soul Today!

Janelle Monae! Really feels good to say that name!

Really she deserves more recognition than that. Aside from today’s (America’s particularly) crap of wack music, that sells out sex, mainstream, and autotunes (selling out for some odd reason)….not to mention a fashion that is equivalent to “Gaga”, this lady has her own style, her own sound, and a good one at that. She not only has talent, but an original and impressive performance and look. She is artistic in all sense of the word. This is an example of a great artist. And they’re so many in the UK! I was recently scoping out more music on amazon’s UK section (since I’ve given up on America) and just found so many great artists worth mentioning! This singer was introduced to me by someone who is from the UK, tophatal, another fellow blogger. And this singer is amazing! I started listening to her and couldn’t stop! Check her out!

1) She can sing. How many people can do that anymore? How many do without autotune aids?

2) She has real instrumentalists in the background, people who really use real instruments, with their own talents. Not some computer designed beats, the work of cheap people and sell outs.

3) She is original in style and presentation. Her videos don’t have to be super New age or “gaga” or sexed up to be beautiful works of art. Whoever is in charge of producing her videos and whoever is her fashion designer, they need an award of honor. She has a unique style that is incomparable. She takes fashion risks, but it’s perfect for what kind of image and feeling she wants to express.

4) Her live performances are spectacular and she sounds just like she does on the CD.

5) Her lyrics are meaningful, and she truly seems to believe in them. She sings with emotion, making you understand where the music is coming from. She’s just not spurtting out nonsense just because she knows the masses will listen to anything catchy, even if it makes no utter sense, has no meaning to the person singing it, and it’s not something that everyone can sing or imitate. That’s true blue style.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that people don’t like good music anymore. She’s not that popular. Wanna know why? Because she’s good. It used to be the other way around. If you couldn’t sing or didn’t have any talent, you didn’t make the cut. But now, it’s the truly talented ones that don’t make the cut. What is this music industry looking for? A face and body to sell. I’m telling you, the music industry is now the modeling industry. What’s the point of there being music when most of the people are selling their looks and not their talent?

I say support this girl. Her album ‘Archandroid’ is already out. You definitely should give it a listen.

I have to thank Tophatal for introducing me to such talent! I’m now a big fan! If you ever want an example of how music should be done, take the cue from her, she knows how to bring that music and that talent out!

Anybody can be called a singer, but very few people get the privilege of being an artist.


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