BoA News: Hurricane Venus and Television and Movie promos!

12 Aug

There’s so much going on with BoA now. She just released her first Korean album in 5 years entitle Hurricane Venus on August 5, 2010, and now she is going to be in a Korean drama called Athena, credits to Boajjang, one of BoA\’s fansites . She is also going to star in a movie in the US in 2011, which is from the same creators as Step Up and Save the Last Dance. So that means BoA will be showing off her hot dance moves! YAY for us! So far, Hurricane Venus has received positive reviews, though I think it’s because most people are biased anyway and will like her being in Korea period. Of course, I’m a bigger fan of her in Japan because she just doesn’t seem as mainstream. She also takes more chances, which I like. I also like her performances better. But this is my opinion. I still do enjoy Hurricane Venus however.

Oh, and BTW: There will be an SM Town tour in America! yay!


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