“Hide yo Wife, Hide yo Kids, Hide yo Husbands, we gotta rapist in Huntsville”

9 Aug

Check out this video about a guy who climbed into this woman’s window.

And check out his reaction to his fame:


Wow. You know how they say they always get the most ghetto person when it comes to black people to be on TV. LOL But this guy is straight serious.

LADIES AND GENTS, THIS IS NOT A JOKE. This really happened. Some crazy guy climbed into this woman’s window and tried to rape her and got beat up by this gay guy.

People have gone crazy! They climbed all the way up a garbage can and into a window just to get some sex? Wow. Desperate times, calls for desperate measures…I suppose….

Out of everything that has happened to me over the past week, with two funerals, I don’t know how to respond to this…but it’s pretty funny and somewhat brightened my day, and halfway made me more aware of my surroundings.

OMG Again…


3 Responses to ““Hide yo Wife, Hide yo Kids, Hide yo Husbands, we gotta rapist in Huntsville””

  1. tophatal 2010/08/09 at 12:53 #

    As if there’s not enough of these idiots appearing on Springer without the Youtube phenomenon . But we so had another moron who doused a woman with his own semen outside a box store or apparent reason .


    • generationnext 2010/08/10 at 02:22 #

      Yea. Morons seem to run in the ghetto. And they make all the black people look bad.


  2. tophatal 2010/08/10 at 12:58 #

    You may or may not nd this disturbing but let me know what you think Just click on link shown to view .







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