NAACP Accusing Tea Party of Racism with no evidence? Fishy to me…

14 Jul

NAACP accuses the Tea Party of Racism?

Wow, it’s come to this? The NAACP is so desperate to maintain it’s “business”  and spotlight attention that they are blaming just about anyone these days for racism. I mean, if someone is honest with them about how racism has decreased in the last 40 years or so, they’d be out of business and they would lose fame…

But come to think of it, lately as I’ve gone through some youtube accounts and even wordpress, when there is a mention of Black people, bias comments do fly off the handle. Take a look at the blog  58 Reasons to Hate America . Though clearly the whole site is filled with racial bigotry, political intolerance, and media hatred, people in the comments section expressed their true views…

So racism does exist. Not to mention, some people in the tea party have mentioned they hated black people. But today, I think a lot of white people hate us for many different reasons other than “because we have dark skin”. To me, it seems white people don’t understand our culture, as much as we don’t there’s. However, we understand it more because black people live in a nation that is dominated by English culture, wheras white people don’t have as much exposure to African American culture…

And yet more and more, the “black” culture continues to influence everyone around the world, especially in media, entertainment, and sports. Black people have shown their share of worth in setting music trends, fashion trends, and sports trends. So white people are starting to understand us.

So, there has to be another problem.

Simply, I’ve noticed the same problem most white people have today with blacks

1) Blacks always pull the race card with white people. Every white person isn’t racist today. In fact, most aren’t. Yea, some person may spurt out a negative comment to you, but more than likely they do it to every person, even if it is their own race. Obviously they just hate you, not your whole race.

2) Black people cause too many problems. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my neighborhood, but wherever I go, someone is always trying to fight someone, shoot someone, get a nasty attitude like the world owes them something, and even on the workforce, black people are lazy, the last to come into work, and the first to leave. And this is not just a stereotype this is throughout all of my experiences working with black people in my neighborhood. If they grew up in black neighborhoods, you might have a problem with them. They are always complaining on the job, never want to work harder and don’t challenge themselves, and they give up too easily. They are a stubborn and proud people. And that is the black culture. Every culture has it’s problem, but that is the problem with black people.

Advice: Find a black person who has a lot in common with you. Maybe, they grew up in a mixed community and are more understanding of cultures. Learn about their culture, and maybe they will learn about yours. Express your concerns with black people pulling the “race card” on you.

The real problem with humans as a whole is people who always want to stay around their “own kind”. I feel that neighborhoods should be more mixed. But many people always pile in with people who look like them.

The whole problem with today’s world is “image”. Looks are shaping all of America, whether it be in music, television, and politics. It’s no longer about what someone can do, but what someone looks like.

Of course, you won’t expect much racism in Generation “Scorpio” and Generation “Sagittarius”, the youngest generation ages 7-15. That’s the best thing about our younger generation, they never saw color when they cheered for Justin Bieber at the BET awards, neither did any race care when they got addicted to the Twilight franchise, especially seeing that Jake was supposed to be in the image of the Native Americans.

Let’s hope former Generation “Libra” can set aside their differences. The problem was that they grew up in the age of Tupac and race riots and the inspiration of Malcolm X and racial hatred that was revived from the 70s. They believe in “separate but equal”. But if they don’t set aside their differences, I predict a “race war”. In ever generation run by the “Cardinals”, there is a war. When the Civil War happened, it was the “Aries” generation that encouraged it and fought in it. During WWI and WWII, it was Generation “Cancer” who fought for their traditions and homeland.


7 Responses to “NAACP Accusing Tea Party of Racism with no evidence? Fishy to me…”

  1. tophatal 2010/07/14 at 21:29 #

    I’ll say this for the NAACP
    they’re beginning to make Jesse seem extremely soft.

    I wonder what they’d make of that Clayton Bigsby character ? Let’s see ?


    Let me know what you think ?


    Alan …………


    • generationnext 2010/07/15 at 21:13 #

      LOL most definitely. I don’t see them flocking that way.


      • tophatal 2010/07/15 at 22:28 #

        Members of the Tea Party purport to be none racist but yet several of their supporters were carrying placards of pictures with Adolf Hitler one side and a caricature of Obama on the other.

        Pardon me for asking but what did Hitler espouse as leader of the Third Reich ?

        Are they so naive or is it just their dumb a_s un-intelligence that’s said to be showing ?

        This much and more needs to be answered . As for the NAACP much like Jesse Jackson they’re merely now looking for a cause to hang their hat unto. They’ve not done anything of merit in a decade while their membership and fund raising has been on the decline.

        I’m glad that you found the Chappelle sketch funny. If that’s the case then you’ll love Paul Mooney.


        Alan ………. 🙂

        Alan ………. 🙂


      • generationnext 2010/07/17 at 08:53 #

        I’ve heard things about the Tea Party, but never have I seen them in person. I have seen them make some pretty bad pictures of Obama on their signs according to the news.

        LOL what is the video from? LOL He is giving all of these real answers on how black people are!


  2. tophatal 2010/07/14 at 21:34 #

    Let me know what you think as to the merits of the following ? Click on the link shown to read.

    Keep On Moving ………


    Darkness Once Again Falls Over The Game

    Alan ……….. 🙂


  3. tophatal 2010/07/14 at 21:36 #

    Again just click on the link to view.

    Keep On Moving ……


    Alan …………. 🙂


  4. tophatal 2010/07/17 at 18:48 #

    Mooney is one of the funniest men out there.


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